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Guestbook Entries - Jul 19 to Dec 31, 2000

Great site, been here before and I will be back. Thanks - Bruce Manning NJ3K - Port Allegany, PA Dec 28
Nice Ham Web Site! I didn't have much time today so I'll have to return. - Stan Finch(K4ESW) - Harriman, TN - Dec 28
Hi John Good to see your continued success. Besides my Emtech 20 meter QRP radio, I recently acquired a Swan 350C tube set. I modified a circuit so I'm able to turn the CW power down below QRP level and run off solar-charged batteries. The set works great and allows me access to other bands at very reasonable cost. I'm also very interested in CW keys, and use mostly a Vibroplex bug. VA3JEG - Jim Garratt Kleinburg, ON Dec 26
Very useful and interesting site ! Congrats ! Here also 100%QRP/CW - Rig QRP-Plus - ant. vertical upon gound (no radials) Vy 73 Doc - Ernst Grimm - Sao Jose, Brazil - Dec 24
John, Thanks for all the QSO's over the years. You always get through with your QRPp in fine style. You have a great site here. Keep up the great work and all the best in the new millenium. - Matt/K7BG - Power, MT - Dec 23
hi - wayne green ka5vfk - houston, tx - Dec 23
Brock Steele - Louisville, Ky - Dec 22
helpful site and well layed out. - kirk applegate, k8apl - columbus, oh - Dec 21
I want to find a simple oscillator for cw. I've read about the Pierce oscillator but can't find the schematic. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. - Josh Mathis KD7GVI - Medford, OR Dec 20
Hello John. - Juan Carlos CO8TW - Santiago de Cuba, Cuba - Dec 18
John: I have written a new novel (fiction: Sci-Fi/Mystery) "The Alaska Incident" that may be of interest to hams. The action begins at the HAARP site in Alaska. Wonder if you have any idea of any sites that might be willing to let me put a plug in for the book so that hams would have a shot at it? Thanks. (Info on me and the book on my website). Thanks a million. - Willis T. Bird W4WUL - Headland, AL - Dec 18
Vy fb Om Hpe cu 2xqrp 73 - Ezio i1EFC - Genova, ITALY - Dec 16
Nice Site! Hope to meet you on 40/80m nites or 20m days - James Pouncey R N W5RZB - Fort Smith, ar - Dec 14
Hi, I am getting interested in building a QRP rig. Been talking to Ben, KA8LLE. Used to work 95% cw but been on 40 phone the last while. I would sorta like a two band rig but can't decide what to get. Ben gave me your web site. 73 - Kelly Heinuch W8MO - Millersburg, OH - Dec 12
Hello John, Very nice web page. Congratulations on your more than 6 years of making at least one QRP contact per day. I just finished building my SMK-1 transceiver tonight and my TIC keyer calling CQ de WA7LNW/QRPp on 7.038....(time 0845 UTC). No answers yet, but lots of middle of the night activity on nearby frequencies. Keep up the good work here at your web site! Happy holidays from near Zion National Park, Utah. - Jack Reed, WA7LNW - Hurricane, UT - Dec 10
I am trying to choose a qrp kit to purchase and build, however have had trouble making contacts on 20 meters because of the high speed. I copy code bulleting from w1aw solid (18 wpm). However, I am going to try QRP soon. - Donald Kirby - North Beach, MD - Dec 8
Most impressed with your great site John. Please keep up the good work. Hope to meet you on the bands one day. CW is Alive and Well! - Jerry - m0ajm - Langley, England - Dec 8
Hello just wanted to say what a great site you have.I enjoy cw very much myself and find i hardly ever use voice anymore.Keep up the good work. Keith. - ku4wf - sarasota, fl - Dec 7
I've had my license for several years . Recently was upgraded to General. Trying to get back up and on line. Have been operating 2 meter and now wanting to get busy on HF. - George Bearfield KA8ZMH - Charleston, WV - Dec 6
nice page john,my picture and info is on the qrz.com - russ hewlett w3agi - s.daytona, fl - Dec 5
Congratulations your page, 73 - Jose PY1SCJ - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil - Dec 2
Had my tech plus ticket for three years. Never really got around to buying any equipment. Would like some advice about putting together a QRP station. Would this be a good idea for an inexperienced operator? Many say NO. - Ray Atkinson KB2QIK - Stanhope, NJ - Dec 1
Nice page John - Dick Arnold K8RJA - Clinton Twp, Mi - Nov 28
Excellent web page John. Thanks for the 80 meter QSO and your efforts to promote a tradition of our great hobby. 73 - Ken K2UPI - Bridgeport, NY - Nov 26
Hello: I'm chinese amateur,QTH:NingAn(grid:PN44RI) in the vicinity of Harbin City My name is Wu-GuiZhong,callsign:BA2Bi(Chinese personal amateur station classNo 1) I love Amateur radio,above all love QRP DX operation.Homebrew, But mine information Very poor for QRP! Can you help me? please send a few of idle....crystal...circuit diagram...printed circuit board...book...for QRP TRX Homebrew Will somebody help assist me?please Email to: 599@0451.com I'm english very poor! sorry 73! de Wu BA2Bi Please visit my web site at the URL:http://www.qsl.net/ba2bi NAME:Wu,GuiZhong QTH:LiJiaVillage Ning An City(Hei) 157401 P.R.China - BA2Bi - P.R.CHINA - Nov 23
Nice web site. Have enjoyed QRP for most of my ham years. I try to work the weakest QRP signals I can find. - Keith Johnson KB8FE - Medina, OH - Nov 19
Great site, very informative and well done. - Gary Symonds VA3NGS - Whitby, On - Nov 18
John, very good to work you! It was only after the QSO that I realized why your call sounded so familiar! Thanks for all the QSL help you have given me, and for a FB QSO...CUL es 73 - Thaire Bryant W2APF - North Easton, MA - Nov 14
Hi John, just looked up ur address on QRZ.com and followed to your web site. very impressed with your activities and QRP success. QRP renewed my interest and enables me to build practical equipment, which enhances it all the more 73's - Steve Whitton K9IS - Oshkosh, WI - Nov 8
arci # 6149 fists# 7318 cc#986 3 band was qrp was qrp ssb & cw i dont think my arci # is on the card i sent you but you have it here and just add it on the card. i look forward to qso agn with you soon. - lou ag4lb - lexington, ky - Nov 7
Very nice Site. Enjoyed roaming. I entered my first contest this weekend The SS and had lots of fun. I'll be back to visit agn 73s - Bud K5BNZ - Las Cruces, NM - Nov 7
Just starting out on QRP after 25 yrs. - Ian Walker - Auckland, New Zealand - November 6
Want to find out about studing to get my amature radio operators licience. Enjoyed your site. - Frank Marsack - Orange, TX - Nov 6
Hi John. many thanks for your "site" very interesting and my "only" HF mode is CW and I also teach CW and Practice on air with candidates for the test. I am Fists Nr 2219 cc100 etc etc hi!! I have not had the pleasure of working you yet, I heard you close with a QRP station at 1428 Fri 3rd Nov, I also like QRP, I turned down to 5 watts but you did not hear me, I turned the wick up to 80 watts but "no reply" think you must have nipped off pdq ? hi!! Any way John will look out fer u agn sn 73 fer nw and keep up the gud work bye - Peter Rosamond G4LHI - Huntingdon, UK - Nov 3
Been Licensed 39 years and never feel more like a Ham than when I'm running 4 watts of CW to a wire antenna. I love my OHR rigs but don't mind turning my FT-900 down to 4 Watts either. On SSB, 4 watts is a challenge too. - Dave K3FHP - Miami, FL - Nov 2
Nice site; Very informative. Nice to have worked you and hope to do so again. - Ed Zawacki KB1EKD - Pawtucket, RI - Oct 30
Enjoy QRP. Visit my web page with a QRP selection. - John "Bob" Orton WA6BOB - Chatsworth, CA - Oct 29
keep up the good work, cw for ever - brian vk4ic/2 - coffs harbour, australia - Oct 29
nice, 73's - Ludo Schoofs, ON7JW - Belgium - Oct 26
Hi John, Just came across your web page and wanted to say I really enjoyed it. I too operate 100% CW and QRP. I have an aunt and uncle who I believe live near you. KF3BV and AA3TH (formerly KF3BW). Joe and Beverly Beichner. They live in Knox, PA. I was born in Oil City, PA and moved to Southern California in 1964, at age 12. Ham since 1967. 73 / 72 and keep up the good work! - Mike Schettler WA6MER - Tarzana, CA - Oct 26
Great site John! Lots of info on QRP and CW - my two favorite aspects of the hobby. Hope to work you sometime. FISTS# 7392 - Alan Vigiard, K1SAV - Adams, MA - Oct 24
Interesting site. - Steve N4NDQ - Winchester, VA - Oct 23
I work CW QRP also. ciao 73 - Alvaro ik2ikw - Pisogne, Italy - Oct 22
Great site for newcomer interested in CW--Thank You! Especially liked the shack/rig pictures and CW tips. Hope I have the pleasure of working you one day. -JK - John (new ham) - Inman, SC - Oct 21
Just a 'newbie'at QRP but really enjoying it! - Bruce Shaw kg4dzu - Gibsonville, NC - Oct 20
Thanks for all the information on your web page. 73 - Thomas E. Clinton, KK4CD/AAV4GQ - Cassatt, SC - Oct 18
I really liked looking at your homebrew equipment. I have a SW DSW40. - Lasse Jaakola - N7LLG - Seattle, Wa - Oct 17
John,keep up the good work!! I am 100 percent cw and obsessed by dx!! age here is 34 and am working on my dxcc!! I now teach cw to new hams in our club and promote FISTS every chance I get! NR 5207!!!! 73 my friend and good DX!! - Vaughn Martin-AB7UW - Helena, MT - Oct 13
Hi John!!! Hi all QRP ops! 72 - Paul WA9PWP - Stoughton, WI - Oct 13
Hi John - Neat site, Many thanks for all the time and effort.. 73 - harry o'connell jr kb2mdo - roselle, nj - Oct 13
This is a wonderfu site. The best I've seen. I especially enjoyed the pictures of your shack. The QRP equipment info is of great interest to me as I am just getting back into ham radio after a long absence and I find QRP quite appealing. Your QRP experiences and stats are very encouraging. Thanks for a great site with lots of useful information. I'll be listening for K3WWP on 20 meters. 73 - Jack Spies - Dublin, OH - Oct 12
hi John, just checking your site out again, looks great and it should be number one on the net for ham radio hope to see you in the FISTS party this month! Keep up the good work for ham radio as we certainly need someone doing it these days! - Bud Peterson WA2BQI - Jamestown, NY - Oct 10
Hi John, Name hr is Steve (W7VI) Fist# 5492. Just built a Ten-Tec 30 Mtr QRP Rig. I am testing it with my inverted V. Would very much like to make a sched with u to see how it works . Made contact in near by stated but no East Coast. Tnx - Steve Roges - Reno, NV - Oct 7
been ham for over 26yrs. operate mostly on hf. have hw8 and stlii works grt. best 73 - doc mackenzie ve3xy - trenton, on - Oct 4
I have been enjoying your website for a few months now. You are doing an excellent job promoting QRP. I am very happy to see you prove that using minimal QRP works. Keep up the good work. 73 de Marty, N9SE PS: I really enjoyed your contest and DX stories. If you can think of anything else to write about, my wife and I would enjoy reading more! - Marty, N9SE - Sharpsville, IN - Oct 3
Nice site will visit again 73 - CA3MVK Victor - Santiago, CHILE - Oct 2
Nice to see your page. - Juan Carlos CO8TW - Santiago de Cuba, Cuba - Sep 30 07:23:20
Excellent site. I think QRP is the amateur radio world I was looking for when I became a ham. I'm an Extra with no HF gear yet. Tests and licenses are a lot cheaper than radios. Now that I stumbled onto QRP it looks like I can finally get on the air on HF. Looking forward to it. - Keith Haris, N9KH - Bedford, IN - Sep 28
Very nice home page! Please information for modifikation my yeasu ft-7 rig. Vy 73 - Damir Miller, 9A3LN - Osijek, CROATIA - Sep 27
Truly a great, good looking site from what looks to be a dedicated CW operator H I ! ! ! I hope to pass my CW test in a few weeks - looking forward to get on HF; maybe we'll meet someday on the lower bands and have a - - . - . . . - - -!!! Until then: take care and enjoy our great hobby. 73 - ON1DRS - Franki - JO20AW, Belgium - Sep 25
Great presentation ~ Thanks - Russ Richardson AE4NY - Chamblee, GA - Sep 23
God Bless & 73s. - Alan Wojtkowiak AA9SH - Urbana, IN - Sep 22
Great page am interested in QRP a friend just built the DSW 20 his first contact a VE I hope to get yp some money soon to get a 20 metere kit 73 - Joe Gordon KC7TNT Fists#4213 CC# 864 - Phoenix, AZ - Sep 22
Hello John, nice webpage you have here You are WELCOME to visit my webpage, and I mean it, all people are WELCOME to take a look. - KP 106 - Odinn Thor - Reykjavik, ICELAND - Sep 21
I am new to the CW world. I am just getting to the point that it is pure enjoyment. Thanks for the tips and information on your site. 73s - John Stooksbury/ KW4JS - Kingston, TN - Sep 19
Very encouraging QRP site John, Thanks. I'm waiting for a PSK31/20 kit from SWL. I'll try to write a review for you. - Rick Burton KC4WBE - Pleasant Hill, OR - Sep 18
Who knows? Maybe I'll meet you on the air someday. I've made contacts around the world with <2Watts! - Norm Carmel VE3SIC - Brantford, On Canada - Sep 16
Our little homepage waits humbly also. Hi - arnold timm ka0tpz - Mpls, Mn - Sep 14
Thanks for the great data on QSLing. - Bob W1MMM - Stoughton, MA - Sep 14
FISTS #6563 - Bob Putman - Seabeck, WA - Sep 10
Hope to CU on the air. 73 - Terry Webb N0TW - Powell, OH - Sep 8
Congratulations on being named "Web Site of the Month." Even though, not being a ham, I don't understand everything, your site is interesting and informative. - Marge White - Lancaster, PA - Sep 5
First time visitor and will enjoy the QRP aspects which are my favorites as well. 73 - Tom Liska -- K9CJM - Wisconsin Rapids, WI - Sep 5
John, Thanks for the Email about knowing my Grandfather. I have forwarded the Email to my Mother so expect a reply from her about Emil. We will have to set up a sked sometime so you can have another member of the family in your log. Oh, there is also my oldest son Corey who is N3JTA a Tech Plus. 73 - Bob White WO3B - Shingle Springs, CA - Sep 5
Glad to see some info on QRP contesting. I have to use either QRP or low power during "tests" due to neighbors griping about TV tear up. Keep up the good work and put out some more tips on QRP/Low power testing. - Roger,N8XP - Eaton, OH - Sep 3
Just started looking at QRP sites as my interest grows. Yours is very very well done. Hope towork you soon. 73 - Ray KJ6AN - tracy, ca - Sep 3
Hi John, Great Site! I am just getting into HF and I too am mostly interested in CW and QRP really intrigues me. 73 - Bob Creigh KL0AE - Kapolei, HI - Sep 2
Nice site, sounds like you are really into radio and QRP. I'm about ready to get my Argonaut back on the air after a long layoff, working on the antenna now. - Mike Landmann, KA6DLN - Mechanicsville, MD - Aug 31
Your antennas inspire me. - Anna Hill KG8YL - Ann Arbor, MI - Aug 31
Best 73, and I hope a QRP dx with you ! - Arnaldo Bollani IK2NBU - Bergamo, Italy - Aug 31
I was CW only until 1999 when started using PSK31. - Jim W7ANF - Cave Creek, AZ - Aug 31
Hi John, Saw the link from contesting.com. Congrats on a perfect 5.0 rating there! We missed you in the FQP this year, especially after a fine performance in 1999! Now to surf around on your site. 73 - Dan - K1TO - Myakka City, FL - Aug 31
Like the new look! Havent done much QRP lately but I plan to get back into it with a homebrew rig. Keep up the good work and see you on 40 sometime, neighbor!! - Mike, KD0AR - Youngstown, OH - Aug 26
Nice site. Thoughtfully arranged. 73 - Jack/KC3M - Williamsport, PA - Aug 25
I need a printable morse code sheet with Q codes and any thing else i might need. thank you - Rob Kinney call:tba after i take the test! - Rio Linda, ca - Aug 25
Cool site! Remember: In days of old, When ops were bold, And sidebands not invented, The word would pass, By pounding brass, And all were well contented. CW rules forever! - Gerard Gi0RTN - Belfast, Northern Ireland - Aug 22
Hello John, Nice site and nice setup! I am looking for a primer or just a clue as to how to use split frequency and dual VFO's while DXing. Can you help? Thanks from Texas KC5ZCL - Kevin Frederick - Leander, Tx - Aug 21
Wow! - N7IV - Minot, ND - Aug 21
mi casa e tu casa. - Tony ww2w - brooklyn, ny - Aug 21
an excellent site!!!! - harish, VU3HRH - alwaye, India - Aug 20
Hi Jhon, great we site nice work with qrp in fists news letter. glad i could meet you on the web hope to cuagn on cw 73 - WA2BQI Bud Peterson - Jamestown, NY - Aug 18
Great site with lots of ties to various areas of ham radio activities. Thanks for all your work. - Edward J. Patton N2ING - Lake View, NY - Aug 11
Wow! What a helpful website! Thanks alot for making it available. I'm new to Ham radio and this really helps. I especially appreciate the part on CW procedure. You know, it's not obvious to a newcomer despite all the studying and testing for a license. Thanks again. - AC5XK Dogan ("Don") Perese - San Antonio, TX - Aug 11
Interesting and informative site. I have just recently gotten licensed and CW is my interest. QRP is what I am trying to learn about now. Thanks for the information on your site. - Bill Harper, N4JPH - Newport News, VA - Aug 10
My second trip to the guest book. Thanks again for great site. I also work cw or listen every day. Very relaxing with headphones and a cold root beer! - john N3ZSD - milford, nj - Aug 8
WOW, it's been over a year since i last saw your site. !!!!! keep the steak alive!!! 72 - RIck, WB6JBM/8 - cincinnati, oh - Aug 6
Nice web page. I didn't know I was working such an Amateur Radio Luminary on Field Day! I had lots of fun, and I am sure you did too. Thanks for the QSO. - Bob Beeman; K4BB - Roswell, GA - Aug 1
John-Thought about your "QSO per day." Made first CW contact since the winter tonight. It was so enjoyable maybe I can fine time each week for some CW QSO's? Tnx for continuing your great site! 73 - Jim W5JCS - Stillwater, OK - Jul 30
Enjoyed your site - Emerson C. Reed, Jr. N1TPY - No. Chelmsford, MA - Jul 29
Nice site,Like the CW and QRP action. - Kent Meinholdt WD5IBQ - Liberal, KS - Jul 27
Hello From Japan Stumbled across your home page. Pretty amazing collection of logs and other stuff. I`ve pulled you out of the mud on more than one occasion. Let me know if you want any logs - k8hvt/kp2 or 7j1aai from 2000 iaru. Hope to work you in the PAQP this year.73 - Hal Offutt W1NN, 7J1AAI, W3USA ex K8HVT - USA - Jul 27
Hi John, I enjoy your Key Note articles. This is a fun and informative site, thanks for the effort. 73 Chas 3186 - Charles n0rz - Liberal, Ks - Jul 26
Boy, this has been an interesting experience....Not to often does one find a ham from the old school...Using so many tools and amateur activities of the Tech era....This is refreshing Sincerely, - Lewis R. Armstrong KC0HKZ - Liberal, KS - Jul 25