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Really nice Website you have here. I enjoyed browsing through it. It is very informative. Keep up the good work. 73 - Bob VE3CRM - Paris, ON - Dec 29
This is a great site. I could really use some software to track my band/country progress as shown on your page. Do you know of any? - W4IS - Statesboro, GA - Dec 29
Hello John, vy interesting Site which I will put on mi favorites fer further research when I finally get mi PC in jan. (E-mail will become PA3ARM@arrl.net then !!!!!!!) See mi E-mail sent separately. 73 - HARRY, PA3ARM - KRONENBERG, NETHERLANDS - Dec 27
Great site. Need more time to explore it. Like CW but no speed (brain works slow - must be native Georgia gene). - Frank O. Long, N3ZOC - Glen Burnie, MD - Dec 25
Great website John. Congratulations on your QRP working 73 - David. GI3OBO-EI2HP - Ireland - Dec 23
Great WEB Site! I am new to Hamming. Just got my call. Want to do QRP/CW - Marshall Patterson KG4QET - Concord, NC - Dec 23
Hi John,Missed you in the IQP this year!Also, my favorite winter contest is ARRL 160, though I voted for ARRL DX as a second choice. Merry Christmas! 73 - jim funk N9JF - liberty, il - Dec 22
John, Nice website. I hope to build a K2 early next year. Perhaps we'll have a QRP QSO someday. 73 - Dan, VK8AN - Darwin, Australia - Dec 18
Hello John. My first visit to your site - looks great. I am interested to know what your antenna set up is as I have the same problem as you. Got your name from Stan K4UK. will be in to visit you often. I am not qrp, but have a great deal of respect for those who are. I'd like to try it one day. Going to Florida and I might run into a problem with my big rig. So maybe you can suggests a qrp that will cut down the size of my shack !! - Peter K2MKX - Auburn, NY - Dec 17
Thanks for keeping up this website. - Fred K9KV - Virginia Beach, VA - Dec 17
Nice site, John. I sent you an email re: 160 and our QSO of 12.13.2001. 73 - Bryan Vaughan, AB4KX - White Bluff, TN - Dec 13
Wow! What a cool site. I always wanted to get a license. I never knew it was so easy. - Danny - San Bernardino, CA United States - Dec 12
Hi John, I got to your site due to Don AC5XK .It is pretty helpful Thanks - Mike Falcon KD5OZM - San Antonio, TX - Dec 12
John After visiting your site I see that your memory is better than mine when you recalled working each other in the past. I used to spend hours on 40 cw on the county hunter freq working the various /m and think I sent more than a few qsl cards through the service too. I only wish that they had the new small cheap all band rigs available back then that they do now, I may have been able to hand out some of the counties in my various travels. Nice chatting with you this A.M. on 30m and hope that we can do it again. 73 - Mark/WA8VNZ - Montrose, Mi - Dec 12
One of your ham buddy DU1KT is a close friend of mine in Manila.In case you hear him again on the air pls.tell him to email me asap.thanks. - Ronnie Estrada - San Jose, CA - Dec 11
Darn - you meet some of the nicest people on the net! Hi, John. We think about you often. Love, D & K - Dick and Karen McGraw / WELK/WBTQ/WBRB/WBUC/WVUC - Elkins, WV - Dec 11
Hi John, thanks so much for all the info on your website! I just got my tech license and did my first QSO yesterday. I had thought that CW required big antennas and lots of power, but your site dispells a lot of those myths. Because of this I now plan to upgrade and start doing QRP and homebrew stuff (soulds like fun!) by next year after I get tired of FM. :-) Thanks again for all this wonderful info! - Vince KG6IZL - San Diego, CA - Dec 10
As usual, a visit to the K3WWP page has inspired me - exponentially. Mni tnx, John! - Pat, KA3THS - Altoona, PA - Dec 8
I was born in kittanning,PA and lived in Ford City for a few years. Infact I still have relatives still living in Ford City. I still visit once in a while.Someday maybe I'll look u up hi,de -. ...-- -- --- -. 73's - ED N3MON - Tyrone, PA - Dec 5
I would like to work you, but I am not a strong cw operator. Maybe some time in the future. - Dale KB3FEI - New Castle, DE - Dec 5
Hello, i've just discovered the qrp trafic. I use an OHR 400 with an Om made GP antenna multiband. It's absolutly fantastic. I'm looking today for an CW kit for 10m. See you soon on the air :-)) - Guillaume F8ARR - Bordeaux, France - Dec 3
great home page - john presotto vk4wx - redcliffe, australia - Dec 3
hey john,your web site is very informative if you will authorize it i would like to run a link from my web page to yours if you are ok with that i have a web page its address is www.qsl.net/kc5pyg i have a guestbook on my site so please sign in if you have time 73 - chris williams kc5pyg - san antonio, tx - Dec 1
I'm hoping to get on the air soon here in Belize. At present 30m operation is not allowed here, but I am trying to convince Government to open the band. QRP and CW will be my main interests, once I get on the air. (The Morning Show, Love FM) - Richard Merrill ex-K5OLW (tech) - Belmopan, Belize - Nov 29
John, this site is an amazing and useful resource. Thanks so much for the work you do! - Lloyd Lachow, N3WSH - Reisterstown, MD - Nov 27
Congrats on your FISTS platinum. I have begun working my first 100, so have a ways to go. You have a great web site and an inspiration to us fellow QRPers. 73 - Mike Serio KG4MTN - Nolensville, TN - Nov 27
Very impressive site and lots of useful information! Obviously a labor of love on your part. You might include some additional info on your compact antennas and what's worked best for you. Lots of us have the same challenge! - Barry, KA1JDD - Bethel, CT - Nov 26
Have no comment to make. Logged in for first time and just decided to sign your guest book. - w6mtz: Herb Greenwald - Pacifica, CA - Nov 25
I,m just getting into qrp and just bought a Yaesu 817 as my first all band qrp rig. - John Parks- N8QXE - Cleveland, OH - Nov 25
Keep up the good work - Carl Nelson, Ki0h - Mesa, AZ - Nov 21
Hello I am trying to find time to study morse code. I would like to go higher in rank in ham radio. my brother sent me this site how he found it is anybodys guess. anyway thanx for it and I will be looking at it often. - Charles Chandler kb3fsx - Williamsport, PA - Nov 21
Great Job!! - Ed w6cjw - San Francisco, CA - Nov 20
John, I really enjoy browsing through your webpage. Nice work - particularly the pull-down menues to the left! 73 - Matthias Vohwinkel, N8MV - Maitland, FL - Nov 20
I am x-radioman (RM1-P2) from 1958-67. Had a speed key ticket. I still tap out "bens best bent wire" with kitchen knife on counter pretty good. I thought the code was gone for good so just had to get my 2 cents in. I always wanted to be a ham but never pursued it. Had all the qualifications ie.Radioman "b" school in Navy. Spent a year on Adak, Alaska taking weather msgs from mostly Jap fishing boats all over Pacific and relaying to Frisco and then when Combined Fax weather msg came back sent out to all the the fishing boats via 468/500 kcs. called out on 500 to tell to go to 468 for msgs. Little lengthy here but brings back memories. Have a good day and good Thanksgiving and xmas. - John Hazeltine - Elkhorn, Wis - Nov 20
Great site. Good information. Thanks for your contribution to ham radio. 73's - Bill Bussey KC4W - Anderson, SC - Nov 19
Hi K3WWP, Just found your site and I am very interested in getting my HAM permit someday. I am disabled and have only one eye with only partial sight left in it. I think being able to communicate by CW would be one thing I want to do. Always looking for more info on being/becoming a HAM radio operator. Thanks - Don R. - Houston, Tx - Nov 19
Enjoyed your Website, and will look at it more. The best to you. 73's - Charles F. Patton - Bellevue, NE - Nov 19
John -- You have a very good and informative web site. Lot's of interesting reading, here. Hope to work you some day on CW if you'd be willing to put up with someone who goes 7-8 wpm at present time. I hang around 7046 KHz on 40 meters. Current equipment consist of a Knight T-50 50-watt CW transmitter with a 40/15 meter dipole about 30 feet up. Just started operating on HF. 73 - Steve Macko, KB9YKO - Northlake, IL - Nov 19
Great site - Licensed since the 50s active at present on 10M mobile. - w3huw - Baldwin, MD - Nov 19
Good web Site - Bernie WB0VHE - Fairfield Bay, AR - Nov 19
Anyone interested in helping me active Ham license from the 1960's and maybe mentor me on the new technology? I live in the Boulder Colorado area. - David M. Stark (formarily K3CVH) - Boulder, CO - Nov 19
I'm not realy into cw but you have a great site, keeping up the practice of cw. - marvin hurlburt wb6wqy - sebastopol, ca - Nov 19
Yours is some fancy web page. - Don, W0ZN - Nov 19
Did not yet see if you have info on your antenna system. Interested in that. Will look further. 73 - Bob WA7YUL - Prescott, AZ - Nov 19
my comment is that i have no comment - bernie wehage wb3axp - deal island, md - Nov 19
Your site was found via the Langlist Newsletter - Tony W6SDQ - Santa Barbara, CA - Nov 19
Very nice site, hope to have one up soon. - Bill Tipton W4TAL - Midlothian, VA - Nov 18
Former Call was W2LGB spring of 1938. My age is 82 years and CW all the way. Not active now due to stroke. I'm amazed at the size and extent of your Home Page. God Bless you! - Charles Kurtz - Melbourne, Florida - Nov 18
Nice site, keep up the good word - Tom Alvord N3QXF - Clairton, PA - Nov 18
nice site OM - Wally W6LOY - Redondo Beach, CA - Nov 18
Nice web site. I've been a tech plus for many years now and just bought the books for General and Extra to get active again. The computer business keeps me occupied very much. - Bob Leslie - N4VPX - Fort Walton Beach, FL - Nov 18
Hallo John, i wish you good luck in cw and qrp. - Reiner, DL1FDY - Pohlheim, Hessen Germany - Nov 18
Very good website. - Bill Rimmer Sr. WD5HLF - Houston, TX - Nov 16
been gathering articles on qrp to take to fla. this winter. interested in 20 15 and 10 mtrs , transmitter only. - william bell w3rsr - springdale, pa. - Nov 16
Very well designed site John. Where I live presently it is difficult to operate. But after browsing your site and seeing what you've done with QRP, nothing is impossible! Keep up the good work. Doug Thompson - WA4LJJ - Corbin, Ky - Nov 9
Dear friend: Thanks for your information,I got many QRP enquipments' news here.and see you soon on the air! Warm regards from Bill Luo - BV3BW - Hsin-chu, Taiwan - Nov 8
I am a 'B' licence holder in the UK and I am interested in the five word per minute morse test which will enable me to get on to the High Frequency bands. I hope then to operate QRP using a vertical antenna because of lack of space. I should like to hear from you about the best advice on antennas. Thanks - John Butterfield GW7DWR - Llantwit Major, UK - Nov 4
wonderful site, nice links, useful info. terrific support for QRP. Look for you in the tests. - WC7S - Cheyenne, Wy - Nov 2
very interesting. I think i'll use my rigs 10 watts (if this is considered qrp) more often. - robert b. gooch K3OKR - glen burnie, Md - Nov 2
Great QRP website, John - Jim Potter KE4BF - Scottsboro, Al - Nov 1
I really like your web site. I read the propagation report nearly every day. The FISTS articles are very interesting also. You have about the clearest explanation of zero beat I've read. Info like that is very important to me as a relatively new ham. Keep up the good work. - Larry KG4IQF - Milner, GA - Oct 30
I LIKE YOUR WEB SIGHT. I'm glad to see you change the equipment and improve your shack. It has been about a year since I have signed your Guestbook . I have obtained my extra license, but have not got good enough with my CW to venture into the qrp world which I want to do very intensely. With Regards - Lewis R Armstrong AB0RA - Liberal, KS - Oct 28
Presently on 20 meters with MFJ 9020 Just ordered a K1 so hopefully soon on 30 & 40 meters. - KEN VE6KJL - St.Albert, AB - Oct 26
Very interesting web page.I will be back - Gene NY3C - Newark, De - Oct 23
Great Site just starting a CW QRP Station - John KC8AAR - Ashland, OH - Oct 18
Excelent web page - Ray Ravert-K3LTI - Milton, Pa. - Oct 14
Great site,keep up the good work. - Ernie KJ8E - Logan, WV - Oct 14
I can tell I'm going to be spending a bit of time on your site. I got my HF privileges earlier this year and have just ordered an FT817 (to replace a stolen dualband mobile rig.) The backpack QRP aspect of this hobby really intrigues me. . .if I can only understand all this antenna stuff! Thanks for putting up a great site. - Steve Dillen -- VE7DLN - Maple Ridge, BC - Oct 14
Just stoped by for a look, QRP is just a passing intrest right now, don't run any high power. I play with some ATV - mostley on RC - planes & Helo's up on 434 or so. I'm slowing getting a higer power station together for ATV. Between work & Family it should be done about the time I retire. HI HI. 73's, enjoyed browsing your site. - Dennis / WD9EYT - Godfrey, IL - Oct 13
Great Site. BTW RSGB(Great Britain) reckons the benefit of CW over SSB is 20db due to the signal to noise ratio needed. Without RFI is this too good to be true? - K Jones - Wolverhampton, UK - Oct 12
Great site John. Been here quite a few times but never got around to signing the guest book until now. Thanks for the FB QSO and for all the work you have put into this wonderful resourse. 72 - Kent Berglund KB9VZS - Bloomington, IN - Oct 12
1 st time here everything looks great - Allen D Alter KC8OTI - Fountain, MI - Oct 10
thanks for nice site and keep up the good work. i am looking for cw practice sites on web. 73's - sonny hill KA5NEX - corpus christi, tx - Oct 7
G-R_E_A_T site and invaluable information!!! Keep up the great work....terrific! - Carl Zelich, AA4MI - Chuluota, FL - Oct 7
Nice pages. Hope to work u sometime. - Jerry Gerard G0AED G-QRP 912 - Norfolk, England - Oct 6
Nice layout and hope to work u on air sometime Regards - Jerry Gerard G0AED - Norfolk, England - Oct 6
Nice site just checking it out Good dxing - Don Forshaw kb8rya - Mansfield, Oh - Oct 5
HI FROM NM - larry hahn kb5lxt - santa teresa, nm - Oct 2
Interested in wire antennas, but did not see any on your web site (check my FISTS Keynote columns in the CW section, my Homebrew section, and Station Pictures - js) - Michael Barnett VE3BSE - Brantford, ON - Oct 1
GOOD SITE.[ TNX for your time+effort] Lot,s of info and very useful for me. SWL since 1977 with 317 confirmed SSB. IOTA confirmed = 455 73s - PETER CAIN = BRS 36554 - NEWCASTLE, ENGLAND - Oct 1
Tks for this site. My best 73 - F5LTH - MARSEILLE, france - Sep 29
Liked it , very useful,I'm going for my licence over here,my club are a bit slow in telling me what I need to know, your site has helped,I'm sticking with the club tho, and pushing them as hard as I can.tnx 73 - colin mackenzie - Dundee, scotland - Sep 28
I want to make many more CW contacts at a higher speed, maintaining good readable CW. I would like to copy CW without having to write everything down on paper. This is my next project that I started yesterday. - Don KR3A - North Beach, MD - Sep 26
Best site I've run across especially for CW. I'm just now trying to get back into CW after being away from it for 20 years. - Donn Kuse, WB4ZWT - Haines City, FL - Sep 25
grate web site - Chris gm4yln/qrp - Edinburgh, Scotland - Sep 25
just found your web page and looking it over,fists #5182 73 - roy philip k8nqq - wilmington, nc - Sep 23
Nice web site, John. I am passing it on to a few of the local hams here on the island. As VE's, we will see that it gets in the hands of prospective hams. ....73 - Don Sealy - W8QKO - Hilton Head Island, SC - Sep 23
Enjoyed my visit to your web site. Keep up the good work. 73, - Dave Ruch, NF0J - Bloomington, MN - Sep 23
Great site! I have my Alinco DX-77 cranked down to 1 watt. Using a Butternutt HF6V verticle at ground level. It's taking me a lot longer than I thought to W.A.S.'s...HI!!!! I enjoyed the visit and will return often. 73 - Durell NL7DS - Fairbanks, AK - Sep 23
Great Site - Danial Sloane VE3TVB - Kitchener, on - Sep 21
Nice Site - Ed Baker K1BKR - New Bedford, MA - Sep 20
Hey there, nice website. I keep comming to look so now and then. 73 de Jasper CW 4 ever - pb2jj - Alphen a/d Rijn, Netherlands - Sep 18
I am a new ham 3/19/01 and have just started to learn code.and was wondering what is the easist way to learn code? i have borrowed a mfj pocket morse code tutor from a friend.KA5EMH and have some difficulties.and suggestions? 73's - Richard KD5NTL - Los Lunas, NM - Sep 17
Great web site. I used your list of QRP rigs to help make my choice of rigs. Thanks for all your work on this site. - Rick KB6MMS - CA - Sep 15
lOOKS LIKE A WORTHWHILE WEB PAGE TO EXPLORE. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND 73 FOR NOW . . - Randy Grunewald kb9keg - North Fond du Lac, WI - Sep 13
Parabens pelo excelente Site. Gostei de todas as informacoes divulgadas. CW/QRP sempre. - Renato - PY2RLM - Sao Roque, Brazil - Sep 11
Great site! - Jim W3JRP - Schwenksville, PA - Sep 9
Nice job. I like your adition of qrp radio suppliers and their prices. 73 - Doug kb6zmq - fullerton, ca - Sep 8
Found you because of the ARRL article. Will keep you as a favorite. 73 - Steve Kw7n - Pocatello, ID - Sep 8
good site - chaitanya - hyderabad, india - Sep 8
Hi John, a really nice web page, very informative. I also operate QRP, although my string of contacts is not quite as long as yours -- have been licensed since Apr 2001, but have managed a few DX QSO's and a handful of states (haven't worked anyone in TN yet !!!) Hope to meet you on the air someday. Keep up the good work!!! 72 - Mike Serio KG4MTN - Nolensville, TN - Sep 7
Hello John, very nice website you have done. thinking seriously on getting involved with QRP. CW is my favourite mode.73's - Richard Sinclair VE3KHZ - Rodney, On - Sep 7
Nice site. I found myself in your logs a few times and all of them were during contests. :) 73 - Ian K8MM Former AA8UG, N8TFR - Oxford, mi - Sep 7
I've been off the air for 18 years. I am coming back and plan on working QRP/CW. Your site will be a big help in getting me started again. Thanks for gathering all this info in one spot. I'm sure I'll be a regular visitor. 73 - bud wa4cas - beaufort, sc - Sep 7
Thanks for the wonderful site!!! - WD0EFQ - Lakeville, MN - Sep 7
Real good and interesting web page - Lawrence "Paul" Swistek kd5pbj - meridian, ms - Sep 6
Great Page!! 73's - John Arnold, WA6YSY - Monterey, CA - Sep 5
Hi! I found your site during a search on how to contruct a simple antenna for a hand held. This is a very imformative site and will take advantage it! Great job and thanks in advance. - Alfred, KD5PRL - San Antonio, TX - Sep 5
Hello John, Surfed to your website via the ARRL link and was referred from the eQSL Message Board. I am an authenticated member of eQSL and also member of FISTS and G-QRP. I hope my website is as good as yours one day. 73 - Angie G0HGA - Stevenage, UK - Sep 5
Outstanding and very well done site. - Bill Lipfird NC4MI - Black Mountain, NC - Sep 5
I really enjoyed your web site and will be using it alot in the future to look up DX Calls. I am glad that the ARRL featured it on there Web Site. Best 73's - Timothy S. Ryman, K8IAT - Kendallville, IN - Sep 5
John, I arrived on your website thru a search engine entering "ham qsl" yours was 4th on the list! I checked out every single Section of the website. Fantastic!!! Your website rivals the mega-sites in my estimation. Congrats. You've got a permanent bookmark on my Browser. I especially enjoyed the Poll results, CW County Hunting History, the promotion of CW & QRP, QTH pix, and THE STREAK! I visited here a year or two ago, and you've been busy expanding, wow! Keep it up. - Van WC5D ex K3ZMI - Conroe, TX - Sep 4
Great site! Thanks for your efforts. I know it will very helpful in the future as well. 73! - WB2JEP Alan - Westmont, NJ - Sep 4
Nice site. CW lives. - Dave Metz KC8OBH - Detroit, MI - Sep 4
Excellent site and info. Will be visiting again. - Bob St. John, W8RSJ - Williamston, MI - Sep 4
Very interesting HP -- took lots of work, I am sure. Thank you. - Jiro Oi - KW6A - Brentwood, TN - Sep 3
Wonderful web page! - Chuck Wehner KB1GJU - Groton, CT - Sep 3
Linked to you from the ARRL site. Great web site you've got. I was an inactive ham for a few years when the internet got me by the tail . . . now I'm back into hamming a lot, and am trying to work at least one CW contact a day, to get the ol' fist back into shape. Keep up the good work / will look for you on the bands 73 - Rick Tyler WQ8Q - Cincinnati, OH - Sep 3
Thanks for the effort on this page, found info that I had been looking for for weeks. Will visit often I am sure. 73 to you and yours and see you on the bands. I run a 450 SAT and have been running it with power down to 5 to 8 watts and seem to be getting more QSO's than I ever did with 100 watts. Will look for you on the bands. - Ed McCulley KE4BIN - Curwensville, Pa - Sep 3
neat site - Rudolph Pourciau--AB5YI - greenwell springs, la - Sep 3
Great website. Thank you for promoting amateur radio. - Dave K3MUA - Pennsauken, NJ - Sep 3
Nice website, lots of good info. - John KD7KGX - Bellevue, WA - Sep 3
Very Nice web site. very informative. 73's - Richard J. Fiero II W5TFW / AAR6BT - Greenwell Springs, La - Sep 2
Nice site. I enjoyed the visit. - Robert, W7UY - Bedford, WY - Sep 2
Lots of info..One of the best sites i've visited.73 - Randy ve7rkc - Enderby, BC - Sep 2
Very nice site. Plenty of content for the QRP op. - Ken Hanks - Naugatuck, CT - Sep 2
Greetings: Getting back on the air after years delay * Licensed in 1948 and prefer CW always * Always QRP back in the 40's to 80's * 73 - Bernard Richard VE1ZE - Moncton, NB - Sep 2
Nice website! Lots of meat here. Will take me more than this morning to get through this one! Thanks for the effort. BTW, I am an old Pittsburgher, raised for my first 18 years 3 blocks from Kennywood Park and started in amateur radio as a young teen with the call KN3QYT, Later K3QYT, HL9KC, DL5BW, KZ5EC (Canal Zone), etc. Now that I am out of the Army (retired), I am back as KM4QQ. I was inactive and let my licenses laps in 1967. Back active in 1989. - Ed Butorajac, KM4QQ - Augusta, GA - Sep 2
Hi John, Got to your great site via the ARRL article. I am a new ham, just got my General level a couple of months ago. While studying for that I built a K1 and am now trying to get my CW up beyond 8 wpm to get on the air with it. (I plan to hike to a mountain top or two and see who I can reach). This is a great site, it'll take some time to fully explore it. See you on the air. - George Bruzenak KC0KLH - Monument, Co - Sep 2
I enjoy QRP as well and really enjoy field day QRP cw only. Hope we get a chance to meet on the air. Web site looks good, a lot of work VY 73 - Al Zimmerman K3WGR - Wernersville, PA - Sep 2
Do you have any idea as to the present status of the Vintage Radio Kit C.? several years ago they offered kits for CW onlyTx's and RX's Thankyou - Ed Hull KC8LDK - Shepherdstown, wv - Sep 2
GREAT SITE - Daniel T Shea N1OE - WESTFIELD, MA - Sep 2
Excelent page OM. Keep up the QRP. 73 - John B. Nesworthy Sr. AB4CU - Cocoa, FL - Sep 2
Very interesting web page. I found it through the ARRL site and the surfing article by WA1LOU. 73 - Jim Minor, N1GXQ - Houston, TX - Sep 1
Nice sight - Tom KE8VK - Ashtabula, OH - Sep 1
Your site is if much encouragment to me. I am a fairly new ham intersted in QRP. Still have not had my first QSO yet. Just got some radio equipment and trying to decide what type of antena system to use and still studying the code. And besides I am quite busy with other things. Thanks for the great info. - Raymond Hansen VA6RHA - lacombe, ab - Sep 1
Nice and useful Web site John. Congratulations. 73 - Mario C. Gutierrez WQ2F - Chappaqua, NY - Sep 1
I hope you and your viewers will attend the NNY hamfest at Lake Placid Oct 13. We will have a special event station on 40 and 20 that day with the callsign N2Y. We will be on SSB in the general part of the band. 73, Nice Site! - Hugh Inness-Brown , W2IB - Ogdensburg, NY - Sep 1
nice site - Steve Grouse, KA1ECL - Peoria, AZ - Sep 1
HI I love your web site, lots of things to think about I hope to work you on QRP someday, but first I need to get my speed above 8wpm, I'm stil trying, Good luck 73's - John KB3CVQ - Southampton, PA - Sep 1
Great Site! I bought an FT-817 and it's worked great - I'm amazed at what DX can be worked w/5W. I like DX and Contesting, when I have time. Also do RTTY. Going to try a couple QRP contests, maybe MI sprint. 73 - Joe W3AG - Pittsburgh, PA - Aug 31
I think your web site looks very nice.especially the c. w.I am an instructor, also an examiner. I will check this out more often now. where i'm just beginning to use my new computer,I have this in my favorites list. keep up the good work!! - weldon cromwell....ve3iln - scarborough, on - Aug 31
John, you have done an awsome job putting all this together. It's now on my desktop with a shortcut. Many Thanks - Bill Clark W5VW - Burns Flat, OK - Aug 29
Great page! Really will use the 1X1 call search here at the W5 Bureau. GOOD LUCK with QRP DXing 73 - Floyd N5FG - Wiggins, MS - Aug 29
IF YA' CAN'T WORK EM WITH 25, DO IT WITH 2 !! - Tom Jones KA8FSD - Dearborn, Mi - Aug 28
looking for qrp cw meeting places or slow code net to improve cw skills, qrp of course - Robin Staebler - Belfast, ME - Aug 24
I'm bookmarking this one. Thanks! - Bob Mackie - Aug 20
Nice web page, have it bookmarked, very useful to find out what is going on on the bands. Will check to see if we have worked each other. - Tim, N8LXR - Springfield, PA - Aug 20
Hello John, 1 question while qrping, what are the changes of anyone hearing you? My antenna is a G5rv with mfj-969 antenna tuner. - Tom Reed ve3uku - BRIGHTS GROVE, ON - Aug 17
Hi John, I am just getting back into active operating after several years. I have decided that I want to become good at CW and have an interest in QRP operation. Thanks for an informative web site. - Bohdan Berestiansky VA6BB - Calgary, AB - Aug 14
Vy fine, usefull site, congrats - Andy SP2LNY - Braniewo, Poland - Aug 14
good site.... - bruce hofer kc0efs - log lane village, co - Aug 12
Hi, Greetings from Finland. - Jari - Tampere, FINLAND - Aug 12
73's have a great day - RON DAUGHTRY KC5TWV - lubbock, tx - Aug 10
Good webpage you have here, .. Yes You Are --> WELCOME - 27 IDX 106 - Odinn - Reykjavik, ICELAND - Aug 9
Great site! I particularly liked the teen comments about why they liked CW. On said it left a scar on his brain! Now I know what my problem is. HI! - Lou W7DZN - Reno, NV - Aug 8
Great, Quick callsign check. Will spend more time checking all features. THANKS - John Hinton KU5Y - Log Cabin, TX - Aug 7
My first visit = I'm impressed - Chuck/KU4EV - Tarpon Springs, FL - Aug 6
HI John! Hey I've been off the internet for some time. Use to have a CW home page and had your page linked to it. Have new one started and deticated it to CW help for new/old hams. Wonder if it would be okay to link your nice page so others can see it also. Let me know, ur page is fb. 73's - Ron N7RD - Phoenix, AZ - Aug 6
Thanks for the nice qso on 7/31/01. Your site is the greatest. I'll be back regularlly. CW forever!!! - Mike Dunehoo KC5KHK - Orange Grove, TX - Aug 1
just warming up an old license that i have not used in 8 years. very rusty on the CW, but it won't take long to get back. tnxs 4 yr site,very informative. hope 2 b on the air in 3 to 5 months. always liked QRP and CW. have my own house now. time 2 build a station. dave. N9TNR tech w/code - dave roellig N9TNR - la crosse, wi - Jul 29
cw intercept op in asia 1966-1970--copied a boxcar full of cw traffic and chatter--never tired of code after 43 years 99.9% cw. - gerald steck---k5psh - bryan, tx - Jul 26
Interesting site. I've been a long time cw'er - prefer it over ssb. A friend of mine KG4JOA suggested I check out your site. I was his Elmer and he now has passed his code, so he's really looking forward to doing HF. Once he's rigged up his antenna, you'll be hearing a lot from him, and from me, for that matter. Again, a real nice site and much appreciated to us QRP'ers. Tnx & CUL - Bill Elliott: N4VUF - Scottsville, Va - Jul 26
Fists #7668 cc:#1054 - Martin Gehling WA5SOJ - Pierre Part, La - Jul 24
I always go to your site for the most comprehensive view of qsl addresses. It's nice to have a single site with so many qsl address options. - Greg Worthington, AG5W - Jul 22
Nice site! I happened across it in response to a search for "QSLL," which your site does a nice job of explaining (as well as numerous other things). Haven't browsed through all of your site, but I think I'll add a link to it from my DX club's site (nadxa.com). 73 - Jerry, NE7I - Flagstaff, AZ - Jul 22
KL7RHJ, Fists No. 7920 - William (Bill) Nelson - Kenai, AK - Jul 20
Enjoyed your Issue 5 2001 QRP article, John...well done and informative. - Steve Banks K0PQ - Lakewood, CO - Jul 19
Great site!!! - Nathan Noland - Florida - Jul 19
Hello John, fists # 3379. What are the qrp freq? interesting article in this months "The Keynote" - Tom Reed ve3uku - BRIGHTS GROVE, ON - Jul 18
Nice page CUL on QRP. 73's - Brian WA3NGU - Wapwallopen, Pa - Jul 18
I am A new ham and I am very interested in cw. I am taking my code and general in sept. - Sean Carroll KD7MSC - Las Vegas, NV - Jul 16
Great site... - John K2JHU - Melbourne Beach, FL - Jul 16
Very good web site - charles cole K3VFH - clearwater, FL - Jul 16
Great web site; thanks! - George, W0AV - Kansas City, MO - Jul 16
Nicely Done, 72 - Ed Vines KG6WU - Gilroy, CA - Jul 16
thanks for all the info. - william EI2FA - limerick, ireland - Jul 15
I got this site from a fellow ham N4ROA, Dan. I have just upgraded to gen. and Dan has got me interested more in cw than just learning enought to pass my 5wpm. so 73's for now - Chris Gillenwater KG4EIS - Gate City, VA - Jul 14
Glad to meet you John. I really have two cities, two States. I spend my winters in Calif, Summers in Oregon. Kids both ends. I read your column in fist. Best 73`s - Kenneth O Cone W6IEU - Hemet, Ca - Jul 13
just passed Element 2 & CW - thanks for help in getting started. I think online QSLs would be a very good idea. - Sandy Salter - Boston, MA - Jul 12
Forgot to mention, I found your site through M.E.G.S. Morse Enthusiasts Group Scotland. Worth adding to your Interesting lincs if it's not there allready. 73 Colin. - Dundee, Scotland - Jul 12
Thanks for the answer,appreciate it.It will be C.W.for me.I'm keen.Lately Ive been looking at Amsat.org.No reply necessisary to this,I'll be back! - Colin - dundee, Scotland - Jul 12
Nice site. Call in at mine when you're surfin' by! - Richard, G3CWI - UK - Jul 11
Very nice web site! If you visit Bulgaria, be my guest. Our city radio club own amazing antena field. 73! - Dimitry, LZ2FDI - Oreshak, Bulgaria - Jul 10
Nice material - Tom Martin K0TAM - St Peters, MO - Jul 7
Quite an ongoing feat!! - Frank, WA9CWX - Beloit, wi - Jul 4
Just surfin' the web and found your site -- I should be going to bed as I got a bust day tomorrow. Hope this has wrap-around. Just moved back to Ft Peck and am enjoying my "roots" as I was raised here. Am retired and am looking forward to getting on the air HF or whatever. Got a problem tho and that is several power lines in the area - one of which runs parellel to and right above my trailer. Will figure something out. B C N U 0:^)]---> - RONALD BONDY KB7GCX - Fort Peck, MT - Jun 29
thanks for the great work you are doing.I really enjoyed your web site. will return soon 73s - Raymond. st .pierre (n1xae) - woonsocket, RI - Jun 28
Enjoyed your page. Thanks John. - Rip W7RIP - Bozeman, MT - Jun 24
Just got my General license and am looking for an inexpensive, portable QRP rig. Your website has some good ideas..... - kb9zrx - Jun 24
73 - Ted K8NA - Troy, MI - Jun 19
Hi John, Site looks great as usual. Just picked up a FT-817 and boy what a neat rig. The nice thing about it is that you can't go above 5 watts with it so it eliminates the temptation to increase the power. Lots of contacts on 5 and 2.5 watts (CW of course !!). Great little rig. If you get a chance, check this one out. Sorry to hear of your recent loss. Best wishes and prayers to you. 73 - Scott Huber - W3BUG - Bel Air, MD - Jun 19
John, I like your webpage and check it often. Still learning to built rigs and antennas. I guess I need to learn to walk before I can run. I work QRP with a Yaesu 817 and enjoy making many CW contacts. Only been on the bands a little over 15 months and can only go about 18 to 20 wpm. You are a great inspiration! Please keep up the good work. 73GTN NM - Bill KG4FXG - Lawrenceville, GA - Jun 19
thanks for a great site. i am a qrper and just discovered it. you helped me locate the nova qrp club - i had no idea it existed! thanks es 73 - david dill - k9dsd - arlington, va - Jun 18
Happy to say hello, I'm only begining Radio ( new world to me ) Why didn't I notice it before.You have less restrictions and requirements than we do over here.Astronomy,and rocks are other interests of mine,Happy to talk about them. SWL-er with D.A.R.C. (dundee amateur radio club) - Colin MacKenzie / GM4AAF - Dundee, Scotland - Jun 18
Just starting CW.... Regards - Gerry VE2ZE - Lefebvre, Qc - Jun 17
great site. Like the pictures of the home brew stuff. I'm not active now but I too enjoyed CW with relatively low power. I used a ten tec century 21 that was 20 yrs ago, I was in high school. Hope to see you on the air. 73 - paul ka9cub - waxahachie, tx - Jun 16
i just passed my ham radio test and i'm 10 years old i passed Technician and with 5 words per min. Me and 17 other kids in my class passed to. But only 4 people passed code (encluding me).I just got my Radio and next fall i'm going to start community service. My teacher who also is a Ham Radio oporator (ki7yp) told our class that we were the highest graduating class in the US. I really hope you can send me back. I'm looking forward to meeting new Ham Radio Oporators. Sincerly, - Laila KD7NIX - Redmond, wa. - Jun 16
Hi John..This is a great site. I just got back to the hobby after being away for nearly 20 years. Used to hold WB6ZFQ back in the late 60-70's. School and career got in the way...Got back primarily because of the QRP "movement" within Ham radio these days. I have just compleyed my QRP (SSB) WAC! Topped off with a 5/3 sig. report from Namibia. I try to set a goal of at least one new state of (any) DX contact everyday I operate. So far I,ve had 24 days of at least 1 DX contact per day, and usually much more. rig is nothing more than a Yaesu FT 817 and an inverted V dipole at 30 feet. Thanks again for the great site. 73 - Harry Edwards W6DXO - Pleasanton, CA - Jun 14
Great help for new hams. Thanks - john greenall K9NAA - greenville, sc - Jun 13
Enjoyed your home page.I am a novice and have'nt been on the air yet. I'm in the process of putting everything together. - Anthony Paulantonio - Johnson City , TN - Jun 11
Dr OM John fb site.I m 1watt QRPer on 20 meters band.I only use CW,my RIG is ic728 but my favorite RIG is my home made 1 watt QRP on 20 meters band (ARRL HB95 NN1G).Congratulations for your page and i hope to CU on 20 mb. 73s - Nikos Magafourakis SV9CVJ - Iraklio Crete, HELLAS - Jun 8
Previous Calls: W3MEG, KA2BP, W9KPO, AF9KPO N0JOB - DR. ROBERT INGRAM POWELL W6VRO - Helendale, CA - Jun 7
Been away from the hobby so would have expressed my condolences sooner. My prayers are with you and yours. - Mike Addiego KC2AEF - Melville, NY - Jun 4
Nice website! - Dan Walker KE6LBX - san diego, ca - Jun 04
My qth is St Marcel en Dombes, at 30 Km Nord of Lyon, Locator Jn25lw I hope to make a QRP CW for 40 m. 73, Au revoir - F5TVL - LYON, France - Jun 2
Hello:Sorry my ingles not good. FB,your URl is very good.... Balearic Island eu-004 in QRP ,20m,15m and 40m. TNX..cuang all bands 72/Dx/QRP - Peter EA6BB - Palma Mallorca, Spain - Jun 1
IT`S GREAT PLWASURE FOR ME TO SEE THIS GREAT HOMEPAGE BUT I HAVE NOTE THAT YOU MUST CLASSIFY THE KIND OF THE CONTEST FROM THE BEGGINIG LIKE FOR EXAMPLE YOU MUST SAY IARU CW BECAUSE WE ARE IN Jun IN THE OTHER MONTH YOU CAN PUT IT AS PHONE (Note: My web site promotes CW operation so I only list contests that involve CW operation. No SSB-only contests are listed. Each calendar page clearly states at the top that the contests are for CW operators. Sorry for any confusion - js) - FAISAL N. AL-AJMI - KUWAIT - May 31
Your site was recommened to me by a "CW'R" friend of mine. Your site is very informative and well thought out. You sure have peaked my interest. Where's my Cw trainer? 73 - Dr. Scott H. Marler KD5ENR - Buffalo Gap, TX - May 29
15 and 20 meter CW are my favorite bands but 10 meters is great when it is open. My grandson found a mic in the shack not long ago. He asked, "Grampa what do you do with this." My reply, "I don't remember but I believe it had something to do with AM. Lots of QRP stuff here to include a new FT817. My long time friend Bill, N4ES, got one at the same time in Dayton this year. Note the closeness of the two call signs. Bill N4ES, Rich N4ESS. - Rich Kennedy N4ESS - Tampa, FL - May 28
Nice web page. Sorry about your mother. There isn't much that's tougher than losing your mother. I lost mine a couple years ago. Still miss her. But think how lucky you were to have each other for so long. It does get easier with time. All the best., 73. - steve, N7SR - Apple Valley, MN - May 25
Needed a listing of the RST system and had a hard time finding it. Haven't used cw for three years and had just forgot it. Thank You - Mike Murphy (KE6JOP) - Porterville, CA - May 25
great site! - robert ke4dyg - burlington, nc - May 23
Hi John, Really enjoy your websight. I have viewed it on many occasions over the past two years. Sorry to hear about your mom. The good news is that she is in good hands now, and she lives inside of you. I love cw also and was a CT in the Navy during the Viet Naum War. I am also a life member of the SOWP also. Hope to work you on qrp from the home qth. I haven't got set up on hf since I built my new home in Strasburg, Co. I lived in Aurora for the previous 23 years and had a 50' tower with an, explorer 14, 6 el beam, up 60 ft. I have covenences where I'm living now, so I feel that the good old days of a rohn tower and a good beam are history. I will settle for qrp, with some homebrew antennas, and have just as much fun. Don't give up on ham radio, John, we have to go on and enjoy the things which give us much enjoyment. I am from New England originally, in Connecticut up until 1967, when I got married and came to Colorado. I'll be looking for an e-mail from you, and will give you a challenge to hook up with Strasburg, Co. on qrp in the near future. Hang in there John, and keep the faith. I lost my Mom in 1986, and my Dad in 1995. He was orginally K1NOB, and in Fla. K4KNB. Have a great day, and I would like to get set up on hf agn soon and possibly work you on cw. Tnx agn for the very enjoyable websight, and don't lose your interest in ham radio. Tnx, WB0AWB - Edward R. Earley - Strasburg, Co - May 21
I check this site quite regulary. Seems full of information, keep up the great work!! Nothing and I mean nothing is more satisfying than working another station with parts salvaged from a garage sale CB and am transister radio. Parts cost... less than two bucks. By the way,... I use a Realistic (Sangean) radio for receive. Thanks! - Alan Olson AA0LA - Sauk Rapids, MN - May 21
Best qrp web-site and complete. Congratulations, my friend. Ahave a new rig, FT-817, and I'll be a qrp-man from now. 73 - Charlie, CE3DNP - Santiago, Chile - May 21
Hi John Enjoyed your site, hope to catch you on the bands, all the best - Roger MW0IDX - Llandudno, Wales - May 18
none at this time - Joe Braswell, AC4YK - Acworth, GA - May 17
John, I just passed my Tech. test and am studing CW with much interest. I found your site to be very interesting and well designed, I suspect you have a professional software backround?? As do I. I am still awaiting my call sign to appear in the FCC database and looking forward to my first 'QSO'. I found your site very inspiring in terms of what could be acomplished with a minimal station setup, and also your CW section. I find myself mainly interested in CW, although I suspect I will use phone quite a bit to get on the air quickly. Hope to hear your call on the air sometime soon. Thanks for all the valuable info. Very sorry to hear about your Mom. Glenn - Glenn Graf ??1??? - Bedford, Ma - May 15
John Sorry to hear about the loss of your Mom. I imagine Mother's day was a difficult time for you. I am sure you have many pleasant stories to share about Mom and I am sure she was thankful to have a caring son. It takes a great deal of courage and sacrifice to be a caregiver. However, after your time for grieving has pastI want to encourage you to enjoy your Qrp hobby more than ever. Life MUST go on. I want to encourage you to continue your efforts to promote QRP operation. -I know we have worked several times on Cw and I remember meeting you at the dayton hamvention at several QRP forums. Take care and remember to take a few minutes to "smell the roses" 73 - Tony KC8UR - Mt. Vernon, OH - May 14
My first time on your web page. Was recommended by my friend in njqrp club, AA3UR. Very interesting ham stuff here. Thanks I enjoy it very much. Your polls are very interesting. hope to work you on the air sometime. WA3OWT - Allan B. Owen - Exton, PA - May 13
Nice site. Very interesting material. Well arranged. - Jeff Moorman KB7RR - Shoreline, WA - May 11
First time ive used your site,so can no comment yet - James Kinney KC8QBX - Brimley, Mi - May 8
Got here from link at w5www's page Good page, I like the way you keep it up to date. A lot of the guys make these pages then forget about them.Interesting things to read,and I finally got a good explanation on solar flux,and index numbers. Keep up the good work and thank you for your dedication to the world of CW and amateur radio.. 73's - Blair P. Hannon N3YPX - Lewistown, Pa - May 5
Nice site! One contact a day for six years on QRP. Great! - Dave Chapman - W9DPY - Round Rock, TX - May 4
Enjoyed your page. I too enjoy CW QRP and think it is the ONLY way to go. - Kelly Klaas K7SU - Twin Falls, ID - May 4
I think this is real cool web page keep up the good work and 73. - KD5OHW - May 2
Hi John, your site is very impressive and is filled with important and up-to-date information that I appreciate. I'm also a 100% CW QRP operator. 73 - Dave W7DAM - Vancouver, WA - May 2
Running Argonaut 505 principally on 20 CW about 4watts and long wire - working mainly Europeans - like the look of yor website . 73 John - ZL1BHQ - AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - May 2
You have a very interesting site. I am beginning to get interested in QRP and I was looking for information about antennas. I really like the idea of QSL cards via the internet. I hope it is approved. - Len Poche' AD6CB - Anaheim, CA - Apr 30
Great site! Ideal for QRP info needed to get going. Started HF station for retirement hobby. QRP sounds challenging. Antennas/matching/SWRL the important things. Any info here not found. 73 - George/VE6AAL - New Sarepta, AB - Apr 30
Nice site was just looking around for some schematics for qrp have built the small wonder labs 40 mtr and lil pixie am interested in finding something for rit control for smallwonder is varictor diod tuned well 73 for now see you on the air. - kb7umo Joe - Roseburg, or - Apr 23
I enjoy your column in the FISTS newsletter. Keep plugging away! - Wayne, k4wk - decatur, ga - Apr 20
Just beginning to check into the possibility of doing some QRP operating. - Ron Bolen, KG8GW - Charleston, Wv - Apr 20
Great web page! - Barry - Philadelphia, PA - Apr 18
John - I have enjoyed reading your propagation reviews and other site features almost daily for several years now. I hope that your family health problems are over soon. My thoughts are with you! Hurry Back. - Steve N1AOB - Middlebury, CT - Apr 9
Originally from Marianna, Pa near Washington, Pa. Hope to hear you on CW Field Day. - Bill Rodgers K3HZP - Fort Wayne, IN - Apr 6
I have been a ham for almost 2 years and just passed my general test. I find that I like CW more than phone and really like QRP. I just completed my first QRP rig, (NORCAL40A) and made a contact. I'm looking forward to many more, it took me many tries before I made that contact but that made it real exciting. - Tom Fair - Cleveland, OH - Apr 4
just browsing - i've been inactive for several years and i'm just learning about qrp. - john wonch - salt lake city, ut - Apr 4
I hope I worked you, have only manual log, can't search it. I was 100% CW and a random wire antenna, I always call "QRZ QRP" if conditions are good. - C56JHF - Kotu, The Gambia - Apr 3
'73 from i5 SQG - G QRP CLUB nr 8421 - Carlo Sposini - Fauglia, Italy - Apr 2
FB OM, Hpe 2 c many progress in the future - B.Suryono Soedarsono / YB1BA - Tangerang, Indonesia - Apr 2
I only use CW in my station, so I can relate to your love of CW operation. - Paul Champlin W6MX - Pine cove, CA - Apr 2
I operate a K1, and a DSW 40 in the field. GUD QRP '73 - Dave/KD7GIM - Issaquah, WA - Apr 2
John, do you know anything about a C31PR (ANDORRA) Need a QSL manger or a direct address. Maybe a pirate.Keep up the good work. We all appreciate what you do to help us enjoy this great hobby. A. J. - WA7AJ - Bend, OR - Mar 30
Thanks for this informitive site. - Albert Rutledge - Costa Mesa, CA - Mar 28
great site - seenu - Mar 27
dear John, I work also only in QRP and these are very interesting infos on your sites - I will come again soon best 73 hope to meet you on our HAM-Bands! - Norbert DF1GN - Germany - Mar 27
Terific site! Looking forward to seeing YOU on ripples, and hope to have more time to explore your research and accomplishments. Currently interesed in a decient Logging program for my low-budget operation, preferably windows in color. Keep up the good work, 73's - Jim, KK7GB - Sandpoint, ID - Mar 26
I have enjoyed coming to your page because it is so comprehensive and factual. Also, your goals are so worthy concerning amatuer radio that I am impressed. I have, over the years, have dabbled in amateur radio, having never gone the distance to get a license, but at this time I have chosen to try again. You might have taken notice to my email address. Probably a bit arrogrant, however it reflects my job. I am an Electronics Technician at IFR Americas, working in Customer Service reapiring spectrum analyzer. I am not unfamiliar with RF circuitry, so I do find QRP rather interesting. The learning of the code has always been a problem for me, but it's just a mindset that I am sure I'll get over soon enough. In the meantime, I'll continue studying the code and brush up on the theory a bit and tinker with the electronics, too. - Mark R. Elzinga - Wichita, KS - Mar 25
Someone suggested taking a look at this website, and what do you know, its yours!! Thanks for ALL our QSOs CUL Jim - n0ur - Mpls, mn - Mar 24
Hi - Russ W0NBU - Minneaopolis, MN - Mar 23
Like your sight. - Sonny Zed Postles N3FZP - Dover, De. - Mar 22
Just cruising around while studying to get my call. - David Warner - Wollongong, Australia - Mar 22
I see you keep busy!..good luck. - George Roach - Ottawa, ON - Mar 20
Hi I`ve been a ham for about 4 years now and love every minute of it. This is a neat site. - Brian Windish kf6gpk - Napa, Ca - Mar 17
Just thought I'd say Hello. Maybe I'll see you at Dayton? - Tim Cook WB8BCO - Athens, OH - Mar 17
It's really great to read of your activity with QRP. I moved to Carlisle, PA from Indiana, PA (worked in Kittanning before moving). I live in town and haven't been on the air, but at Christmas time my wife bought me a small rig (DX70). I plan to get active on CW. I run the telecommunications for Dickinson College. Just finished the Cisco CCNA program. I have a GROL and my first call was KN3ZUU. I remember the good old days when W2OY was active on 75M. It would be great to meet you sometime. I get back to Indiana on weekends and still have a home there. I wouldn't mind finding work back in that area related to telecommunications for networking. 73 and great QRP DX! - Ken Snyder AA3IO - Carlisle, PA - Mar 14
Very good your home page. I working CW/QRP to 20m and 15m. 72 and very good Dx / QRP. Cuang - Peter Garcia EA6BB - Palma Mallorca, Balearic Islands - Mar 11
NICE TO COME TO YOUR URL RGDS, NOB - ja1kso - yokohama, JAPAN - Mar 10
I love CW since I learned at age 16 in Fort Gulick, CZ, Panama. Best 73. - ROGER E. SANCHEZ KE6PYO - CUDAHY, CA - Mar 9
well-laid-out & comprehensive site! - Rod VA3ROD - Toronto, ON - Mar 8
Checking in to your great site for contest updates. Tnx! - Jim W5JCS - Stillwater, OK - Mar 4
Your website is a very enjoyable one to visit....thanks for sharing! - Steve Lutman, W7SLL - Chandler, AZ - Mar 2
Really enjoy your site. Very motivational to get into qrp. - Bruce Strong AH2AK & HS0ZBO - St. Petersburg, FL - Mar 2
Hey John, It's been a while since I checked out ur site. Great site !!! I've been shopping for rigs (old one is a FT 101). The K2 is at the top of my list. How do you like your 570? 73 - John Doneth Kx8CW - Copemish, Mi - Mar 2
Pass the word that on Mar 31st the New England QRP Club will be visiting W1AW in Newington, CT and will hold their winter meeting at that time. Also, at 1 PM many members will be operating W1AW on all the QRP frequencies from 10, 15, and 20 meters, as well as 40 and 80. Please keep an ear out for W1AW/QRP at that time and receive a QSL from the league (only if you send one first). Check the New England QRP WEB site WWW.QSL.NET/WQ1RP 72/73 - Dennis Marandos - K1LGQ - Brookline, NH - Mar 2
I was SHOCKED to read that you BOUGHT a rig -- and a QRO one at that. Seriously, though, enjoyed your page thoroughly. 73, Stan K0LV - Stan K0LV - Leavenworth, KS - Mar 1
Vai forte! Sono perfettamente d'accordo con la tua filosofia. Ciao - Domenico IZ2AVM - Villa di Serio, Italy - Mar 1
Interesting web site. - Val, K1APA - Webster, NY - Mar 1
Saw your article in Fists magazine. Good job! - Ray Budney - Oxford, Wi - Feb 28
Hi John.....hello from Hoe Doe Valley (on top of a hill!!) There are a couple of us in these parts who are qrp cw enthusiasts.... Interesting website....I'm not currently on the air, recently moved here and have antenna restriction problems although the location can't be beat hi hi... 73 - Mike VA3MH - Thornton, On - Feb 27
i have been a ham since 1957,favorite bands are 10,12,17 vhf 6,2,450. i also work cw on 80, with a 1 tube homebrew transmitter, lots of fun. you have an interesting web page. 73 - jim riel k1egq - westford, ma - Feb 25
A really outstanding site, John. I had access to an HW-8 for 2 months many years ago & enjoyed it a lot, but never got back to QRP. I've been handling NTS traffic for the past several years, but my old TS-520 finally gave out & can't be fixed (after 21 years of constant use). Am thinking perhaps of getting into QRP, for the Social Security check doesn't buy much "big equipment". Just happened to come across your Website & am certainly impressed. Good luck in the Contest! 73 N3COR - Don Neal - Russell, PA - Feb 23
There's something valuable in what you're doing here. Thanks, and I hope you keep it up. - N7LYV Jim Hall - Rush Valley, UT - Feb 22
I'm new in CW but I'm very happy and enjoying it. Congratulations for your page and your efforts. I hope to copy you soon. Best wishes and 73,s - JUAN CAMILO RODRIGUEZ, HJ3JSF - BOGOTA, COLOMBIA - Feb 19
fine site john good to see qrp is alive and well a good job!! - Frank VK3BFC - MELBOURNE, australia - Feb 18
Hello John. Really nice setup. Great topic for our next QSO. 73! - John.....WI2X. - Brooklyn, NY - Feb 11
A very good site, lots of great information, I realy liked the keynote column , I will be trying qrp myself, hope to work you sometime soon. 73 - Paul VO2PRS - Goosebay, NF - Feb 9
You are making it better and better. It is a very useful site. I must find a way to highlight it amongst my Favorites. 73! - Adrian YO3APJ - BUCURESTI, ROMANIA - Feb 9
a nice Homepage - Alois DL8RAM - Regensburg, Germany - Feb 7
I like your site, I am just now starting to do some CW. Knowing the CW alphabet is barely sufficient. I had gobs of questions about procedure, I want to be right without overdoing it. Your site provides me with good information so that I can be a better operator. Lots of folks don't mind slowing down for me, so I think I owe it to them to study up on procedures and acceptable short cuts. Thanks for your effort. - Larry Galey KC4JPD - Spanish Fort, AL - Feb 3
Great home page and pictures!!! - Ed kb2nto - LeRoy, NY - Feb 3
Worked you last night with my new SMK-1 (NorCal QRP rig. I added a 1 watt mod and was amazed to hear you in PA. Tnx fer the contact and the confirmation that the rig works 8^) I'll try to get out a QSL card soon. i'm going to keep track of the QRP contacts more closely than the QRO stuff. It is like starting out as a new ham!! CUL es 72 - Jim Homuth, KG9DN - Windsor, WI - Feb 1
73 and looks like a nice site. - Marsh W6SAX - Valley Center, CA - Feb 1
Thanks for your latest email with details on your website. Its going to be very useful, and will likely take quite a few visits to read everything. Thanks again. - Vic KG4HTT - Sterling, VA - Feb 1
Hello John, I enjoy your homepage and the links. 72/73 - Frank Lamb, K4ADI - Lyman, SC - Jan 31
hi John - have worked you several times but not recently. I enjoy your columns in "The Keynote" each isue. Keep up the fine work - 73 - Dick Quiggle W3NGO - Erie, Pa - Jan 31
Keep up the gud work. Just fixn' to start qrp myself (if i ever finish this emtech kit!) 73 - Jim Morris ac5ju - downsville, la - Jan 29
Hope we can work each other sometime. I have just started playing with QRP and i am enjoyingnit very much.I have been kit building and find it to be alot of fun. - Ron Gearhart - Hermitage, Pa - Jan 29
Prev. calls: WA5ZCE, WA4CGO, DA1KB, C31UM, HL9KK, HL9JT. Now a QRP/CW addict. 73's - John Tidball WX4O - Anniston, AL - Jan 28
Nice site, I am currently operating QRP in Wonju, South Korea will be back in TN Jul 2001. Use to Operate QRP up in Cumberland, MD. I currently use ARK-40 and ARK-4, WM-20, GM-20 and GM-15 by Small Wander labs all of wich I built myself and work flawlessly. It sadens me about all of the controversy over CW, I fear that the new Hams will never know what they are missing. 73's - Craig P. McVey AB8DY (HL9DY S. Korea) - Clarksville, TN - Jan 28
I am intrigued by qrp but as of yet have not worked it myself. I have a Kenwood TS 520 SE and don't know if I can set it to leess than 5 watts. Thanks for you column in Keynotes. It is the first article I read of every issue. 73 es God Bless - John Birly AA9SK - Rockford, IL - Jan 27
Great Site and right on the money for my interests. Tnx for your excellent column in FISTS - Paul Baron, KB8VWV - Charlevoix, MI - Jan 26
I really enjoy your column every month in the FISTS Keynote. TNX. - Bob Hackel - Hamilton, Mt - Jan 26
Enjoy your articles in FISTS keynote.Use QRP MFJ-9020 mostly on vacation with home-brew vertical on trailer. - Ken Law VE6KJL - St.Albert, AB - Jan 25
Very nice & helpfull web - Soekardi-YC1FUQ - Jakarta, Indonesia - Jan 25
nice page - Eddy Van Kurt - denpasar, bali Indonesia - Jan 23
Just looking around, thinking of sitting up QRP station here. Limited space, small back yard, you know the typical reasons to due something different, I do like cw. Maybe will here you on the air somtime. 73 - Ron VE3RJG - Brantford, ON - Jan 22
Very informative site, I check here every couple of days. 73 - Paul Rogers-KE4HBE - Columbus, GA - Jan 20
Nice site and info!TNX!GL!73! - Alexander Shevchenko(UR5EAW) - Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine - Jan 20
I am glad I am a member of Fists, thats where I learnr about your web site. Its great. 73 - C.L.. (Pat) Toppin 8P6AZ - Christ Church., Barbados - Jan 19
Great site John. I linked from the QRP links at the RAC homepage. Your counter was at 99,999. Guess the next hit is the big one. Will be back for longer look later. - Scott VA3APX - Richmond hill, ON - Jan 19
got your email when I sent one to you, thanks again john, great site - claire johnson n7cm - hillsboro, or - Jan 18
Just browsing and ran across your site. I dabble with CW on QRP especially when my brother and I are backpacking. We work 20M and 40M from the Appalachian Trail or wherever we happen to be hiking. This Spring it will be from the North Country Trail on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. - Charles Graf WA3THA - Arnold, MD - Jan 15
VERY nice site, OM. Just getting into QRP after being inactive 15yrs. Bug bit after working 2 Way QRP to Hawaii then QRP to Japan back to back. - Tom Owens WB5KHC - Irving, TX - Jan 14
Hello John No states on 12m but 12 dxcc 100w or less to dipole. Too chicken for qrp. * Old DXrs never die. They go qrp.** How many qrp stations can operate on the same frequency ? All that want to. Can't hear them any way.*** How many qrp stations does it take to make a qso from one state to another ? (sorry, still counting QSPs) **** Funny thing; my AF knob only works on .060. - Steve Lybarger - NU7T - Reno, NV - Jan 14
Love to work cw qrp and would like to get into a good club, gpt any sagestations?? Keep up the great work with your web site!! "73" - Dave Nightingale kf4hzh - jonesborough, TN - Jan 13
Hello, Just got my Tech Plus ticket in Dec 2000 - plan on going QRP for economics, but mainly because I've always loved CW, especially as a kid, boy was I mystified by CW! Now it's not really a big deal, just fun. Thanks for your site. 73s and good DX! KG4KXY - Chris Berndt - Richmond, VA - Jan 9
Been visiting your site for several months now And it convinced me to give QRP a try. I have never had so much fun. Only wish I had been doing this sooner. Thanks for hooking me up with this great mode. BTW, just finished the Elecraft K1 xceiver last month, now I work CW from any where I happen to be. - Carl- K1KID - Wareham, MA - Jan 6