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Sent in my application for FISTS CW Club today. Look for me as KM1C/mm starting at the end of Jan. Location will be off the Florida Keys, over to the Dry Tortugas, back around to the Bahamas, then heading north to home port of Newport, RI by late spring. Will be QRP 5 watts with a TenTec Argonaut V operating from a 40' Passport Sailboat named SPIRIT. Am hoping to put Desecheo KP5 on the air next winter on CW and Digital modes, IF I can get official landing permission. See you on the bands! 73 - Bill KM1C - Concord, MA - Dec 31
John, I enjoyed your web site, as it is very well laid out, informative and fun to read. I also enjoy your column in the "Keynote." I was first licensed in 1986 and since then spent little time on CW. About a year ago, my interest in CW was revived. I now spend 95 percent of my operating time on this mode. The real pleasure in CW started when I stopped copying with pencil and paper and started to "read" it in my head. Hope to meet you on the air. 73-- (FISTS #8673) - KA3QBQ - Bethesda, MD - Dec 31
Keep up the good work John, I've only been on HF for 4 months and am having a ball. Thanks for the CW procedures info, is making qso's a lot more productive! Hope to work you sometime. 73 - Rick KD5HVU - Santa Cruz, NM - Dec 31
Building OHR 100A 20/40M QRP and Ramsey 20/40 QRP rigs. Less power is more fun! - Robert (Dusty) Gatterer N4FEL - Tucson, AZ - Dec 30
Had my ticket for about 6 Months now. Have already upgraded to General and will be getting Extra in the Spring. Just getting into QRP. My brother gave me 2 kits from Kanga and I bought the RockMite 40. Haven't been on the air with anything yet, but hope to soon. Really like your Website. Has a lot of helpful info. 73 - Tom Phelps KC8UDX - Canton, OH - Dec 29
Thanks for the great site! I've learned more about QRP from your site than any other single site on the web! 73! - Rich Alloway N3WWN - Greensburg, PA - Dec 28
Just wanted to say tnx for the web page. I'm sure you know that as a beginner in CW there is a lot more to learn than just reading and sending code.. Liked your page and it was very helpful. I passed the code test back in Oct and have been hard at it trying to learn what I need to do the contacts correctly. I have placed this page in my favorite places for quick referral and also to pass on to other new CW guys. Tnx again. 73 - Tommie D. Wright KG4RBD - Soddy Daisy, TN - Dec 27
Great site John ! Lots of great reading and helpful links. 73 - Bryan - AB4KX - Nashville, TN - Dec 24
This is my first visit to your site. Looks good! 73 & Happy Holidays, Dave - Dave - NO3K - McDonald, PA - Dec 22
I just wanted to toss my call onto the list of those accessing your FB site. I especially like the QSL route lookup capability. Beyond that, I think yours is an excellent site to show outsiders that ham radio is really a lot of fun. Keep up the good work. 73 de Ron - Ron, N1QY - Holliston, MA - Dec 21
Very interesting and informative site, tnx. As a "newbe" to Fists, nr. 9253, hope to work you some day with my indoor ant. and QRP. - Bill Ross k6mgo - Marina Del Rey, CA - Dec 16
Good job John. Thanks for the info. - Bob Brown W8CAG FISTS #7955 - Millersburg, MI - Dec 10
my first time here looks good so far. 73's - N1HLE - Norridgewock, ME - Dec 10
N8QXB - Mentor, OH - Dec 06
John, Great work. It is an inspiration. I will be checking regularly. - David KK6M - Arcadia, CA - Dec 02
Hi John, Found your site by accident and have enjoyed looking around. Im a new operator and have an interest in homebrew antennas for some strange reason. Working on the code and my General Class right now so maybe one day we can meet up on the HF bands....73 - Justin Wildmon KC0OGH - Claycomo, MO - Dec 02
It is wonderful website. My best regards to all Hams members! 73's! - Ahmad Kamel Kasim - 9W2AX - Jitra, Kedah, Malaysia - Nov 28
Very interesting web site! Thanks! vy 73 - Johannes DF5AU - Jena, Germany - Nov 28
We QSO'd before. Enjoyed the QSO and now your site. Thanks for what you are doing for CW and QRP hamming. - K4BXN Crit - Hendersonville, NC - Nov 27
Hi John Enjoyed the site and QRP info. 73 Randy - N3JPV - Berwick, PA - Nov 27
few people try to homebrew with tubes any more, maybe I will try it now! wanting to work more cw in 03,maybe we can get a regular sked going. 30mtrs might be a possibility,40 might be good too, working hard on my extra right now.nice web site (1-10) you get a 9.5, hi,hi 73and cul - joel elrod, wl7bhl - glennallen, AK - Nov 26
Nice web site, I have been inactive for a number of years and am now getting back on the air. Did some qrp work in the past with a Argonaut 509 and really enjoyed it. Currently have some restrictions on antennas due to living in an apartment so I am looking into stealth type antennas....73's - Bill Reichart - Jefferson, WI - Nov 25
K9POP - Galatia, IL - Nov 25
Can't wait to start buying my equipment to re-live the days of my youth. Your site is wonderful and I'm sure to use it often. - Chuck (just starting) - Bremen, IN - Nov 18
nice site tnx - Wilf, M0AHT - England - Nov 14
I am just beginning to pursue QRP with the Yaesu FT-817. Tnx for your site. - Ed, VE3FTO - Toronto, ON - Nov 11
Nice pics of the tower. (but I don't have a tower, wonder what you're seeing? - js) I only have a 40 foot tower up it has a DB408 on top for a GMRS repeater and a comet GP9 on the side for 2/440 - Gordon Redner KB5YYP - Duncanville, TX - Nov 9
Hi, great page, I am new on CW and I love the thrill of using CW,working my WAS on CW ten meters, tnx es gl dx 73 - Hector L Rios KP4HLR - Manati, PUERTO RICO - Nov 5
Hi John, Just sending a test message for the guest book system. I did really look forward to your all-day schedule you ran in Oct. I enjoyed our QSO. I'd listened for you in a random way for a long time, so I was glad when you gave me a more specific taget to look for (Bands and times). Your web page is very useful to me, and I check it very frequently. I also enjoy your columns in FISTS magazine. 73 - Fred Drake KI0ET - Springfield, MO - Nov 4
Thank God for this site! Been in Ham Radio almost forty years. Have been doing QRP on & off for about ten years. Looking to do more now that I retired. - Hank Dean, N8DOE - Sanford, FL - Nov 03
Very Nice Webpage and lots of great information Keep up the good work 73 - i1wqr - Genoa, Italy - Nov 1
Hi John. I just surfed into your site during my lunch break today. Nice site you have here. I'm even more impressed by your continuing streak of daily QRP QSO's! Hope to work you in an upcoming contest sometime. Keep that Armstrong County on the air hi hi. 73, GL with the QRP. --... ...-- - George Gross N3GJ - New Kensington, PA - Oct 30
Index Labs abd Home brew. Like to run in contests using QRP. Great hobby! - Jim Ferguson - Alliance, OH - Oct 27
Look forward to using your site - Marion Miller KA0RID - Garden City, KS - Oct 26
Have not been active for quite a long time, but I am slowly becoming interested once more. - Louise J. Crawley WB8JIB - Yellow Springs, OH - Oct 26
John, Its always a pleasure to find another QRP CW enthusiast. Im very impressed with your website. Yes, 30 meters is a great band. One of my favorites too ! - Stephanie WX3K - Sciota, PA - Oct 25
thanks for a great web site.will put it doun as a best site .73s - Raymond.st. pierre (n1xae) - woonsocket, RI - Oct 24
Good Homepage! Thanks - Alan, DF1ALA - Germany - Oct 23
Very glad to have finally met and worked you on 30Meters John. Enjoyed it! Regards, Serge - VA3SB - Mississauga, ON Canada - Oct 22
Hi there, very nice web page. I personaly dont operate QRP. But wish u good luck. And hope to work u soon! 73's es GL! - Chav/lz1abc - Sofia, Bulgaria - Oct 22
I have recently moved into graduate student housing at UC Santa Cruz, and lo and behold I was given an apartment below ground! Horror of horrors! Your site has inspired me, though, to put together a qrp station at my new QTH. I have a limited budget, so my station will be very minimalist, but that's half the fun and the challenge! I hope we can meet on the air sometime soon! 73 and thanks for the inspiration. - Zachary Fruhling, KD6DXA - Santa Cruz, CA - Oct 21
interestig site. am touring different ones through as6v site - bill griep/wa0cxw - chaska, mn - Oct 21
great work - GARY SIMMONDS VE3GSS - port carling on - Oct 14
Nice Web page!! QRP CW is great!! Used to do it, then my daughter got her license. She needed a more powerful rig. (since we share..) Looking for an inexpensive one to go QRP again. - Mike WB8ERJ - Mansfield, OH - Oct 12
Hello John, First of all I really enjoyed your web page and will check it out again. I have just recently became active again after a five year break, and I am very interested in trying CW for the first time. I have my general ticket and have recently purchased an old J-38 key in excellent condition, but I am going to have to practice alot before I can get on the air with it. It's been along time since I copied some code and have never sent any. I wish you the best of luck with your QSO's and maybe in the not to far future we can have a QSO 73's John. DE -.- ..-. ....- --. -... ..- QRZ - David KF4GBU - Winchester, KY - Oct 10
Thanks for showing ham radio can be simple and inexpensive... - Ken K8BWB - Englewood, CO - Oct 7
Just passing through!!! - Jason Matonis KB2SDR - Pasadena, MD - Oct 2
Hello John, I don't you have to worry about CW going away anytime soon. I don't believe in telling people that they can only use SSB. I grew up around my grandfather sending CW and some of the other digital modes. I would like to build up my copying and sending speed of CW. I have heard some of the bands on SSB, boy they may as well use CB talk. Well that is enough for now Matt Overmier W6YNS - Matt Overmier W6YNS - Orange, Ca - Sep 30
Just re-tested after letting my license expire some 10 years back. Extra class ain't what it used to be.....5wpm! I am hooked on QRP and won't need an Alpha 76pa this time! After about 2 weeks playing around with a used OHR Sprint 40 I got on e-bay for $40, two watts is more than adequate if band and antenna are right. Very nice site with a lot of great information, your appreciated here in Houston. Hope to work u soon on QRP.... Sincerely, Ken Franke P.S. Just applied for my old call N5EBD. - Ken Franke/KD6TUT - Houston, TX - Sep 30
FB Site John. It is one of the most in depth sites I have visited, and enjoyed perusing through. May it live long and prosper John :-). Best Regards, G3VFP - Dave deSouza Kirby - Preston, UK - Sep 29
Hi John, Tnx for grt site, bn coming here for abt 4 yrs. FB site, lots of info. Hpe to catch u on the bands. 73 - John Doneth Kx8CW - Copemish, MI - Sep 29
I completed my Elecraft K-1 in Jul 2001. Since then I am almost exclusively QRP. I really enjoy it. - Joe K4NVJ - Calera, AL - Sep 27
John, thanks for the tour of your shack. - Mike Brennan KC2EGL - Hawthorn, Pa - Sep 26
Currently off the air pending re-up with new antenna and time for enjoying the old CW work. Nice web page, John. On-line QSL's good idea. --73 - Waldo T. Boyd K6DZY - Geyserville, CA - Sep 25
nice to see qrp is active the other side of the pond ...hi...cw is to say the least good fun and great if you cannot spell like me - tony smith g4xez - birmingham, england - Sep 24
Hi, I have been on HF since early Aug 2002 as a UK Foundation Licencee, running 5 watts SSB only (I am allowed 10 watts but got only the FT817 - hi!). I am still sorting out my antenna situation at home (will be 30' portable mast & half-size G5RV). In my lunch hour I set up my fishing pole and 20m wire dipole in the company car park! Works a treat. My aim is to make at least one QSO on HF every day (not necessarily DX). Reading about your QRP DX streaks is a real inspiration. 73 - Klaus M3KPW - High Wycombe, England - Sep 20
Nice site. Provides useful information for people such as myself looking to brush up on some very rusty morse. Cheers! - Nick Bos - Grays, UK - Sep 18
Very good site with lots of info. Keep up the great work! - Mike VE3XAT - Cornwall, ON - Sep 18
Congratulations for your very interesting web site and your QRP activity. Fine. I'm licenced since 1971 and 100% QRP since 1995 (178 DXCC today). QRP for fun...! All the best and 72 QRPARCI #10199 GQRP #9104 PS your home page is in my links - Bernard BARIS F6BLK - Clermont-Fd, France - Sep 18
Great site! - Rudolph Pourciau--AB5YI - Greenwell Springs, La - Sep 17
Excelent page, tankyou, 73 - Luiz Carlos Daniel Martins - Contagem, Brazil - Sep 16
I started with HW-7, then DX-40,SB-102, then a PM-3, HW-8,3 Argonauts, and now I like my K2/100 and K1. Still prefer CW and QRP. Tnx for a great site! - Floyd Hoskins N5FH - Bossier City, La - Sep 15
Hi John:I've been following your page in the Keynote (Fists 2469) and have been working QRP since this Feb. 02. Never thought I'd have fun at this (always thought it'd be mostly frustrating)But, now most of the other rigs are vy jealous of all the activity that the Elecraft K-2 has been getting. After working well over 300 countries since 1996 as a QRO station- the thrill tapered a bit but, now at 125 (QRP) countries and counting the thrill of the chase has returned! Keep up the good work and hope to catch you on the air sometime. Vy 73 - Dan Farwell W8EQA/7 - St. George, UT - Sep 13
Nice site! Run 99%+ CW and wire antennas for the most part. If you have fun with the web keep at it ... it is a service many of us appreciate. 73 - Ernie N3PXF - Wichita, KS - Sep 10
Thanks for the informative page - Rick Rutan K4BNE - St. Pete, FL - Sep 10
K2 s/n 1999 - Ed Lambert KD3Y - Ann Arbor, MI - Sep 9
Stumbled into your site tonite and really enjoyed going through it...congrats on doing a FB job! Have now put it in the favorites. CUL/73's (also WA3GLX) - Bill Carney ZL3NB - Christchurch, New Zealand - Sep 9
I found your site through a visit to ARRL. It's a stormy day with heavy rain and thunder so I unplugged all of the aerials. I spent a very pleasant few hours roaming around your pages. Thanks, I'll be back. - Bill Henderson GM0VIT - Blairgowrie, Scotland - Sep 8
Great job on the site John! I will be including references to it in my "QRP Community" Column on the ARRL web site. Look for it in late Oct, as the second part of my two part column on QRP Contesting. I also feature a link to your site in the QRP section of my homepage. Hope to work you on air or meet you in person, I often frequent Hamfests in WPA. - Anthony Luscre - Stow, OH - Sep 6
Bookmarked on my browser! Your site is the most complete source of information I have found in any I have surfed into. Keep up the great work!! - Phil KE8RO - Lakeside, OH - Sep 2
HI John,Always enjoy checking your website to see what you've added. If you'd like a corrected URL for the Illinois QSO Party (Oct 20-21, 2002) it's http://my.core.com/~jematz/rams.html and there is a certificate to the highest-scoring QRP station this year, as well as a special "edible award" for stations meeting certain QSO/mult goals. 73 - jim funk N9JF - liberty, IL - Aug 31
Hi John, Always enjoy your website. Picked up some sprint contest informaion I was not aware of. Hope to QSO again soon. 72 (K1-G5RV) - Dick Jaeger W3DP - Camp Hill, PA - Aug 30
Enjoyed your web site. Haven't been active for 5 years. Hope to get back soon...... - Vernon Parent Ka3ceg - Dover, De - Aug 30
Great web site DUDE. I have the FT-817 and look around to find some new things and found your site! - henry deas jr KA3RKX - Phila, PA - Aug 29
Great DXCC Prefix help. I really appreciate the efforts of you creating this vy useful help! Mni 73's - SM6DQR/P Kjell R Johansson - Bergane Island, Sweden - Aug 26
Great web site. First licensed in 1967 as WN4GFZ. Can't remember when I got my N4DMI call. Stopped hamming in 1992 due to work load. Always liked CW. Started back up QRP in Apr 15, 2002. Usually work 20M QRP CW. Working on 2W QRP WAS. Good Luck & 73's - Walt Keller N4DMI - Coral Springs, FL - Aug 25
very good website - sawitri tp / yd3vt - surabaya, - Aug 25
Nice site, John, and thanks for entering my story on your page. Keep up the good work! 73 - Eric KC0IOX - Belle Fourche, SD - Aug 24
Good web site - Frank Schloss k8uof - St Helen, MI - Aug 22
I am a CW 10 Meter enthusiast. Ten Tech Scout, Cushcraft AR10&Par10m diapole.Now thinking mobile QRP(not home brew)any imput re SGC,Yaseu appreciated. - Dudley Thomas KA8NYY - Palm Coast, FL - Aug 22
great informative site on ham radio on the web - POSTERS lover - po, india - Aug 19
Hello John, very good, very good. - Francisco - PY2WQF - Sao Roque, BRAZIL - Aug 17
Great web site John-This is the first place I look for ham info. Do you know of any websites that have a simple shareware logging program. - Gene Olson--KD5BAR - Lago Vista, TX - Aug 16
Thanx 4 nice page & support! - Terko S57HM - Nova Gorica, Slovenia - Aug 15
Hi John...I found your page from a google search for Ham Radio stories and it was the first one listed. Keep up the good work! 73, Paul :) - w6lin - Livermore, CA - Aug 13
interesting site--I'll be back - Jeff K7MET - Aug 12
After a long time of not operating (reading, remaining interested) finally getting a workbench and shack set up. Have limited space, enjoy CW. Found your site while doing a Google search on QRP and limited space antennas. I like rig design; especially the receiver section. Like tube-based design also. Coop - Coop, AA1WW - Gardner, MA - Aug 12
No comments today. - Tom Ohba ve6oba - Calgary, Ab - Aug 12
Nice home page. Good Luck&Best regards from Turkey. 73&88, - Nilay Mine AYDOGMUS, TA3YJ - Izmir, Turkey - Aug 12
Nice home page. Good Luck&Best regards from Turkey. 73, - Berkin AYDOGMUS, TA3J - Izmir, Turkey - Aug 12
Congratulations for your site. I'm 100% CW QRP, K2 (home made) Vertical antenna (home made)8meters length, end fire tuning by atu SGC 231 or LDGZ11 (home made) 175 entities DXCC confirmed. I hope to meet you. Best 72. QRP-ARCI 10199, GQRP 9104 - Bernie F6BLK - Clermont-Ferrand, France - Aug 9
Nice site. I responded to your poll about how I learned CW. I used a "Field and Stream" magazine article about the "EISHTMO" method when I was 14 and learned the characters in about an hour. My dad, a former Rail Road tlelgraph operator learned the different characters and sent me practice for a week or two to allow me to gain proficiency and he and I both ended up licensed (he was WB8FER (SK))(http://www.qsl.net/wb8feq for more on him)). - Al WB8FEQ - Lake Wylie, SC - Aug 7
Thanks for a great QRP resource 73s - Bob White VE2GFY - Montreal, QC - Aug 7
My congratulation dr frend for your cw activiti.The cw is my job and my hobby. GD LUCK AND MY BEST 73 MIKE - YO9BPX - PLOIESTI, ROMANIA - Aug 6
Read your site, good INFO. VY TKS 73! Best wishes to you and yours! GL. - STAN / RA4HW - Novokuibyshevsk, RUSSIA - Aug 1
Great site! I believe in the same values - CW QRP DXing with wire antennas. Sure is fun to crack a pile up with QRP & brains rather than dollars. 73 - Curt Lambert, W3HQ - West Chester, PA - Jul 31
no comment - abdul hamid & yd4agq - palembang, south sumatera indonesia - Jul 28
Nice website! I'm just getting back into Ham Radio after letting my license expire 20 years ago and looking to get into some QRP. Good information, thanks. - Howard Baldwin - AB1BI - Torrington, CT - Jul 28
A well made site - I look forward to reading more reviews of kits! How about the "Rock-Mite" from SWL? Mine is ordered... Vy 72, I hope to work you soon! MEGS member # 700, aGCW # 2805 - Chris mm1esg / kf6vci - Joshua Tree, CA - Jul 28
John, really enjoy your web page and come back to it often. Hope to work you sometime on the air. Unfortunately the 14.060 calling frequency is sometimes crowded out by the fists calling frequency at 14.058. Nice job with the webpage. N8MV - Matthias Vohwinkel - Orlando, FL - Jul 25
Very nice and interesting pages,John. We have had many contest QSOs from OH6AC during the years. Cu in the next contest season ! 73 - Jyrki, OH6CS - Vimpeli, Finland - Jul 23
Great site and keep up the good work. - Terry Yarborough KB5WYM - Tularosa, NM - Jul 22
Nice page. I am trying to learn CW to take exam within next month. Do you know where I might see how the test format will be when I take the test? I am 64 and just got my Tech license two last week. - Jim Byers KC0NTH - Lees Summit, mo - Jul 21
Very nice site---I need to learn code so as to upgrade - Roger H. Martin N9WVC - Green Bay, WI - Jul 20
Hi, just wanted to let you know you do have a wonderful site... - WANDERLINO ARRUDA - MONTES CLAROS, BRAZIL - Jul 19
My ticket lapsed 47 years ago. I wonder if they would let me get a new one with my old call leters? - Ronny Smith W5TOJ - Poolvile, TX - Jul 19
Hi John, In response to your cw poll, I learned morse code and love it by being a Novice for ten years back in the '60's. Just getting on the air and doing it is the BEST way to learn cw. Tnx for a great site. - K1NAJ - Norway, ME - Jul 18
Mainly CW operator, net control for Royal Naval ARS on ssb. - Roy Gauntlett G3VLL ex VU2GG - Doncaster, UK - Jul 18
Was looking for another site when I found your page - I have worked you many times in contests over the last few years. Keep it up! - Scott Robbins W4PA - Knoxville, TN - Jul 17
nice side congratulation Marcello - vk4dmp Marcello - fernvale, australia - Jul 15
Hello John. I liked to visit its page and I also liked to know that you like CW a lot. I am also an enthusiast of CW. Congratulations for the page. - Mario - PY4FQ - Juiz de Fora, Brazil - Jul 15
NIce web page. - Don McClure, W0ZN - Colorado Springs, CO - Jul 11
Dear Sirs, GREAT site !!! Hpe cuagn on the air. GL es 73 - Kim, DS5RYB - Pohang, South Korea - Jul 11
Hello - S.R. Clarke - Jul 11
Beautiful page. I love QRP operation, but here in Brazil don't have QRP KIT's, and it very difficult find any QRP equipment. So i just listen. 73's - Walter Jr. PY4ZO - Araguari, Brazil - Jul 11
Just Surfin.. Hello From Gold Coast Australia.. Well Done.. - Ed Z - Gold Coast, Australia - Jul 11
i appreciate your web-site. recently my father passed away. he has been a ham for many years since he was 14 years old. my parents were divorce in 1966. even though all these years i still remember in 1978 when i was in the Marine Corps i took leave to visit my father at the Dayton Hamvention in Dayton ohio. I really enjoyed the time i spent there and all the hams i met. it would be helpful to me if anyone new my father david sylvester K4WXJ. i would like to know more about him being as i never really got to know my father. Thanks - charles d.sylvester - perry, GA - Jul 10
Congratulations!! Love your website, specially the teens pages. I have much talk with my husband that ham radios were we live need to take time to involve young people to this wonderful hobby. Delighted to see how you have worked and all your acomplishments. Keep up the good work! - Leisha - YL of WP4AOH - San Juan, Puerto Rico - Jul 2
Just starting to learn about QRP and brushing up on my code. - Jay KD4SUT - Richmond, VA - Jun 30
Nice site - WB4UT Bob - Huntsville, AL - Jun 29
I look forward to coming back. My interest is finding anything that will help me build seperate rcvr & txmttr for QRP operation. Thanks - Bruce Bain KB0KOQ - Englewood, CO - Jun 28
Very nice web sight. Keep up the good work. NB2T. - Lou - Sunrise, FL - Jun 28
Like your web sight. I am getting baack into ham radio from lapse due to working tomuch. I am also qrp user and made many dx contacts at about 5 watts. Hope to do more in future - Thomas LaCaze ab5dk - New Iberia, LA - Jun 27
hi i am Zoky 9A3HP from Croatia, i have transverter from 2meter to 20meter(low power) and i like experiment with wire antenas best DX and 73 - Zoky 9A3HP - Jasenovac, Croatia - Jun 27
My son and I are ready to move up in the Ham world after a year of being no-code techs and your site has been both informative and inspirational. TU and 73 - Drady Hendley KG4OAH - Duluth, GA - Jun 25
At age 68 i'm getting back into ham radio and improving my cw speed is a prime objective.... - Bob McAuliffe KA1TR - attleboro, MA - Jun 25
Hi John; Been quite awhile. Since I last talked with you I have WAS on Fists and QRP. On QRP I still have to send in the paper work. About 12 of them never ref'ed me also being QRP. They said to just send in the log references, but have not done it yet. Still not a traditional QRPer--using the FT1000D at 5 watts and below. If conditions are not good I operate at about 100 Watts. Keep up the good work. You have a fine Webb Site 73 - George Morton kn2gsj - East Marion, NY - Jun 25
Nice site,thanks frank - Frank Reno wa2wpd - harborcreek, Pa - Jun 24
just getting back into hamming. been gone for to long. use to do QRP and CW your page looks like it will give up to date info. Thanks - Darr WB6GGO - San Dimas, CA - Jun 21
Great Website! Hope to hear you on line. - Doug Weilnau KB3IEO - Green Lane, PA - Jun 20
Thanks for all the info in your great site... - Peter KG6JSI - Sebastopol, CA - Jun 19
HI John, Always a pleasure to visit your home page, its what got me started with FISTS and QRP. 73 - Paul VO2PRS - Goosebay, NF - Jun 18
very nice job om best 73 from brazil - jose luiz andrielli jr - py2dl - sao carlos, brazil - Jun 15
Thanks for doing this site! - Gary W Thorburn KD1TE - Maynard, MA - Jun 14
Yours is one of the best ham radio web sites that I know of. I will be back to visit every so often. - Richard Meiss, WB9LPU - Speedway, IN - Jun 13
Nice web site. I run a jupiter to a dipole with a ldg auto tuner, a logikeyer and a bencher. Thats it.:) - Larry K1zw - Mesquite, TX - Jun 13
awesome and useful site, even for fellows running 100+ watts on ssb - Blair Massey - richmond, va - Jun 13
I passed last weekend exam. I am licenced now. I am novice. I have got SW 1254 ten-tec receiver and half dipole for 40m band. The web site is perfect. 73, Neven - Neven Mrduljas - Zagreb, Croatia - Jun 13
US Virgin Islands I hope we qso one day 73 debra - Debra NP2DJ - St Thomas, VI - Jun 12
I haven't gotten far yet but your web site looks very interesting. - John kk7v - rio rancho, NM - Jun 9
Hi. John I have singed your guestbook before, but I just wanted to say hello again. I was glad to get your previous E-mails on QRP and wire antennas. Sorry that I never got to meet you when I lived in Lower Burrell, Pa. I now only active on 2 and 440, but am working on getting onto HF. I have most of the required gear, except for antennas. I have wisted a frind of your, his name is Bill K3NWD, he also lives here in Florida. Well it't time to go,so 73's Don - Donald McDaniel KJ3Q - St. Cloud, Fl - Jun 8
Nice site,keep up the good work. - Ernie KJ8E - Logan, WV - Jun 6
Very interesting site, really found it very useful! - Dan Ross - Jun 5
Best regards from HB9 Tks for very FB site 73 - HB9HLA Jean-Pierre - Neuchatel, Switzerland - Jun 3
mni tnx for cw input, also work Qrp here - merv. g0UJD - Nottingham, England - Jun 3
I am a newby just trying to learn what ever I can. Ed - KG4TGL - McALPIN, FL - Jun 1
Great ham site, lots of good info. - Dave WA2AGC - Syracuse, NY - May 28
nice site! keep up the good work - dean batchelor (n8lwp) - prince frederick, MD - May 26
I enjoyed the website. I am new to amateur radio during this past year and have a lot to learn. I enjoy QRP and have made your propagation page a "favorite" on my browser. Hopefully, I can learn more about propagation and improve my operating effeciency accordingly. Thanks again for the visit, Rich - Rich Glassner N0EAX - Jefferson City, MO - May 25
Great site!!!! - Stewart Bowers WB6FBB - Orinda, CA - May 23
Great website. I enjoy operating QRP while on wilderness canoeing trips. I use a Yaesu FT-817. Best 73s. - Bob Wilson KA3BIG - Folcroft, PA - May 23
Great website John and I enjoy reading your column in the Fists Keynote. Been working 100% QRP with Yaesu FT 817 and enjoying every contact. Many states and DX worked since the first of the year. QRP ROCKS! - Tom Isgro K8CZ - Hamilton, OH - May 22
Hi John: I am for anything that will promote CW. Also I believe a 20 words a minut e CW test should be included in any Amateur Radio test. I resent the dumbing down of the tests. Thank you for the site. - Ruperet Wood WB4ZOF - Bethesda, MD - May 22
Great site! I have just upgraded to Amateur Extra and I must admit I have always liked CW and I find myself fascinated by QRP. Keep up the good work! - Miguel Martorell, KB1IDS - Merrimack, NH - May 22
You have a good looking home page. 73's - Tommy Hamilton W5HFT - Brownfield, TX - May 22
Received my General in Mar... Purchased a Yaesu FT-817 in May... Made my first HF contact last night- KB5AVB in Austin, Texas on 17m SSB! I love this hobby! - Matt Hodges, N8UVF - Midland, MI - May 21
CW County Hunter - Mike Keeley - WU3H - Ellicott, CO - May 21
As a new member Radio Hams in Brunei, I want to know about the antenna and want to learn a bit about morse code. - Aida V8MHV - Gadong, Brunei Darussalam - May 20
Just getting back in Ham Radio... gathering equipment and knowledge to work PSK31 QRP - Greg KD4VV - Rome, GA - May 18
Have QRP kit built DSW-30 and enjoy it. Now looking for another kit to expand my QRP CW to other bands. - Bill Devoe - AA3YR - Meadowbrook, PA - May 17
a fantastic web page lots of information best 73 ilan - 4Z4UN - haifa, israel - May 17
Neat site. Found it in the Keynote. - Joe / K2ZFD - Jackson, NJ - May 15
I used to live near you in Lower Burrell. I used to be K3ZCA. I was into DX in a big way. Back in 1991 I had all countries confirmed. I have five band DXCC. I was active in the Skyview Radio Club for many years. I was president two times. I had a small antenna farm just up behind K-Mart,on Michigan Ave.in Lower Burrell.In found your web page in the Skyview newletter. - Donald McDaniel KJ3Q - St. Cloud, Fl - May 12
Just worked you on 40 meter CW and thought I'd take a look see ! Nice site John. 73 - Rick McKee, KC8AON - Willow Wood, OH - May 12
What a great site! Just got on the internet after since being on the air since '89. Enjoy contesting some and a lot of DX'ing! Thanks for being there. '73 - Edward C. Jones N8LIQ - Iron River, Mi - May 12
Just found your web site as a result of your article in 'The Keynote'. Looks great and can see spending some time going thru it. 73 - Ernie Hiser - W5NVK - Roseville, CA - May 9
very nice site John. hope to have a qrp qso some day. am becoming more prone to qrp as time goes by. 73 - john / kc5yda - May 9
Great site & enjoy articles in "The Keynote" - Fred NU9P - Fond du Lac, Wi - May 9
Outstanding website & added to my favorites! 73, keep up the ufb work. - Johan ON5EX - ZEVERGEM, BELGIUM - May 9
Thanks for your article in The Keynote I always find it interesting. My MFJ 9040 is only putting out 1W now, so it's on the bench. - Phil KE3FL - Mt Airy, MD - May 9
Hello. Joined Fists this year and read your column on Issue 3 2002. So I came to visit and want to thank you for taking the time to provide such outstanding info on this great web site. Most appreciative. - Fernando Quinones NF6Q - San Jose, CA - May 9
A very interesting site. I picked up on it on our Club group e-mail. I am new and just starting to learn Code & look forward to the experience. - C. Michael Ritchey - St. Petersburg, FL - May 8
This is a really nice site. Thanks. - Pete, W8LOG - Greensboro, NC - May 7
I sent your link out to my club, SPARC http://www.qsl.net/w4gac/ Great site, and enjoy your column in the Keynote - john stark ku4bt - ST PETERSBURG, FL - May 7
...saw this in ur column 49 in Keynote. vy fb bunch QRP info! If not like to operate home appliances; washers, dryers, toasters, store-bot qro rigs, qrp the way to go! 73! - MikeG/N9JIY/Fists1282/CC1107 - Jackson, WI - May 7
Hi John, nice web site ! I don't work QRP, but I use 100 watts with all indoor dipoles since 1996, when I got radio-active again. Since then, CW DXCC, 10, 15, 20 & 40 meter DXCC, WAZ, WAA, WAP, WAS and FISTS awards including Diamond #78 and all on CW. The indoor antennas were enough of a challenge for me without adding QRP to make it tough...hi. Hope to QSO you in the Sprint this coming weekend. 73 - Russ, WA2VQV, FISTS #3179 - Manahawkin, NJ - May 6
really neat website, thanks for taking the time to put it up. - Al Bowers - KA6FBB - Apple Valley, CA - May 2
Hello - S.R. Clarke - Fairfax, VA - May 1
Nice web site! - Jerry VE5DC - Sintaluta, SK - May 1
Worked all countries on 100watts and home made ants now to work as many countries using qrp would like to build my own qrp rig in the near future.73's - alf G4DDS - Doncaster, England - May 1
Extra NICE Webpage John. The best QRP site I have seen. I run a SGC 2020 w/DSP and love it. I liked your report on it, it was very accurate. Thank's keep up the gud work 72's and, God Bless - James K8MIA - Madison, WV - Apr 30
Most pleasant visit. I too enjoy CW and QRP is my only outlet from my apartment building. 73 and gud DX! - Ralph Snedeker KE4TQA - Savannah, GA - Apr 30
hello, very good site, on my site you can find EH Antenna Information on six meter and other, My station is QRP only 5W. - Pino IW0BZD - Rome, ITALY - Apr 30
very good site.john only work 2m/70cms at moment got m3call but as yet no hf gear. you veterans in radio are an insperation to us new commers in the hobby, best 73s from shack to yours .. - ian 2e1wna - wigan, uk - Apr 28
Nice site, and nice to know that someone is still using code. I also built a QRP rig 500mw, surprising it did real good on a 80m G5RV. Good luck to you! 73's - VE7DOU Bernie Draper - Castlegar, BC - Apr 26
nice web page 73 drew sk - N3YYM
Very Fine web site. Thanks for gathering, compiling and posting all the information. One stop ham radio info center! Take care and thanks again for all the hard work. 73, Stan - NG8U
Excellent site, hope to wrk u someday! How about more info on portable QRP antennas? - N7GEB
Outstand 73 de Joe - AB8AV
tnx fer the grt site. visit often congrats on 100% cw 100% cw hr also 73 bcnu dave - KG4PLA
What a great site! Many thanks for the helpful pages, especially the QSL list. - KD5MOA
Congrats on nearing 40 yres -- I have been licensed 42 yrs as of this month. 1st licensed as WV2MBR in Delaware Twp (now Cherry Hill), NJ. 73 - KD9UR
great work - KF4YZS
I too love CW. I have been a ham since 1978 but inactive for several years. I am enjoying your site & will check back again. Thanks. - KA4AVP
This is a wonderful site! I enjoyed browsing many areas. Have been into DX since SWL days in high school. Originally licensed in 1961, and relicensed in late 70's. Lots of REALLY GOOD stuff for beginner or old-timer alike on your site. Keep up the good work! 73-ED - WD4GOY
Very nice web site. Sure does bring back those fond memories of my Pennsylvania shack in Meadville PA. I operated CW (and still do 99.5% of the time) from 1961 - 1964 as KN3PJX/K3PJX from my Meadville QTH using a DX 20 and my trusty AR3 receiver. We may have worked, but I did not see my QSL. I'll get my old log out and take a peek. I still operate CW every morning and evening on and around 7.023. Hope to have the oportunity to chat with you. 73, Don - W3WW
Tnx for qso on 10,1 cw dear John - F5LMJ
A beautiful web I've visited and all the best. Rgds. Kardi - YC1FUQ
Hi John I'm just getting back into ham Radio after a long absence of about 12 years,due to one thing or another.I'm much interested in QRP so much so I've orderd a Small wonder labs SW-20 kit to get me started again.Nice web site,may see you around 73 Chris - G0BHX
Had a great time reading your contest stories, I'm not a CW op but still its nice to hear other peoples experiences. Nice job with the qrp, I only run a 44ft doublet about 20ft off the ground normally with 100W on ssb with my TS-570(great rig don't you think). I have just come back from Wales after doing the WPX contest using beams and still only 100W and although its nice it just helps you break a pileup quicker, still it was good to use the beam. I like reading contest stories, just finished a few from GM and though I'd do a search and found your page. Good luck with future contests, I hope the power line noise doesn't annoy you again:-) - M5RIC
gd dx om. - EI5HD
looking for independent views on the best QRP radio kit suitable for me as I have not built anything since the Heathkit days of the l970's. Have read most of the reviews on line and conclude that they largely positive. A first-class manual is a requisite, as is quality parts and back-up service. So far the Small Wonder Labs SW+Series and the Wilderness SST model appear to appeal the most. I noticed somewhere that the Norcal 20 and/or 40 series is "not for beginners". What do you think? Any thought or opinion is very much appreciated. Many thanx and 73. Ernie - VE3GNU
Nice pages You got. - SK3W
Just testing another QSL.net user's guestbook - having trouble with mine. - VA3PKV
Hello - http://panda.unas.cz - Zdenek Novotny
Good webpage you have here, and best greetings to you all. And people You Are --> WELCOME - 27 IDX 106 - Odinn - Akranes, ICELAND - Mar 31
A very fine website John.It should encourage other hams who ,like me use Qrp and wire antennas in restricted space sites.Keep up the good work,will check in here often..good luck - Bill GM4AGL - Scotland - Mar 30
I like the qsl info and links. - Dennis W1OK - Peabody, MA - Mar 30
tnx,fer info abt electronic, qsls. this makes, sense. 73s - Al Keenan kd7kd - Anaconda, Mt - Mar 28
My gramps passed away in 1985 Jan to a long fight w/ Cancer. I have many memories of sitting near Grandpa as he was "glued" to his code-pounder as I once called it ( as he used his morse code skills) or as he talked on his radio..One of my favorite memories of grandpa. I was browsing today & punched in Grandpa Logan's call letters & his name & found you.... A friend of my Grandfather. Thank you for giving me a moment to recall my gramps. F.Cecil Logan, Jamestown & later in 1977 . kennedy , New York Thank you again. I do not ham Radio, but my brother is VERY !!! active in Virginia where he lives. 3-26-02 - Grand Daughter of F. Cecil Logan "W2PNW" - Falconer, NY - Mar 26
I've had my Tech for about 2 weeks and am getting interested in CW. Studying for code and General now. - Wayne KB1YL - Nashua, NH - Mar 26
Hi John! Although Iam not a qrper,I do respect the dedication of the serious qrper. I am new to Windowed environment old Dos guy.Just getting use to the net, must say its been a trip. I am into awards chasing mainly cw dxcc/cw fists also hi 2517, and agcw hope to catch u on the bands . To bad I can't send my qsl to you yet electroncially. cya later VA3UU - Jack Coleman - Leaskdale, on - Mar 24
Looking out for you - Ed McComb G6ZIC/M3EMC - West Woodburn, U.K - Mar 24
Thanks for making the hobby of amateur radio more enjoyable for the rest of us. Your site is simply the best. Best 73's. - Gary Kegan WC3N - Baltimore, MD - Mar 20
Hello John and vy mni tnx fer the Fists QSO and heap of points on Wednesday Mar 20 2002. Sorry not running QRP then, but I am a member of the G/QRP Club Nr 10073 so hope to wrk u QRP on another QSO. 73 fer nw & like your Web Page. take care and keep up the gud wrk - Peter G4LHI Fists # 2219 - Huntingdon UK - Mar 20
Tks for nice site G_QRP nr 5050 73 - Pat Sweeting G0GMA - Mablethorpe, UK - Mar 16
Very interesting and usefull site and news in order to demonstrate what we can do with low power. Thanks and hope to meet you on the air, in QRP. 72! - Alessandro Santucci (Alex) I0SKK - Rome, Italy - Mar 16
hellow john,first time here.was looking for a site that tells you how to change over a channel 2 tv ant. to 6 meters.no luck so far. thanks 73,s - larry tpanteluk ve5aj - estevan, sk - Mar 15
TNX for the QSO on 15, John -- glad to finally work you. I really enjoy the web site (I visit often) and appreciate all the work you do on it. 73 - Jeff K5EV - Dallas, TX - Mar 14
Awesome site! Lots of good info for an aspiring QRPer like me. - W4KTL - Statesville, NC - Mar 13
Very Good website. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you in the air. My Radio Society Homepage is http://www.qsl.net/vu2kyp/ - Shaikh Sadaqathullah VU2SDU - Madras, India - Mar 12
Glad to see you this way too. We met many times b4 on amateur bands. Best of luck to you & the family! 73 & DXs - Vladan Milosavljev, YU7AW - Pancevo, Yugoslavia - Mar 11
Great site! I'm in the same situation: low power and antenna restrictions. Thanks! 73 - Dave, AB7CB - Boise, ID - Mar 8
Sorry about the discontinuities in my last post. I recomposed a few sentences and submitted the post before I was finished. What I meant to say is the CFA/ExH/Super C seem to be equivalent in operating principle and might be worth further investigation...73 - Bryan - AB4KX - TN - Mar 5
Enjoyed the chat again, John. I was looking for links to W0KPH ExH antennas, but it appears down. I know you are not interested that much theory, but he has actually built some and has pictures of them on the web. I know efficiency and small size don't go together, but I thought the CFA, ExH and Super C antennas are equivalent if are promising if this is not just another marketting ploy. Google.com can find them for you if you are interested. 73 - Bryan - AB4KX - TN - Mar 5
Great site, and encouraging to newcomers. Thanks for helping to boost our hobby! - Parker WD8JOL - Springfield, OH - Mar 4
Thanks for sharing. - Don Peters K9JWF - Paxton, IL - Feb 27
John; I like ur site very good and I do enjoy CW also I do a lot of RTTY. Take Care 73's - Joe Toy KA3JEG - Thorofare, NJ - Feb 27
Just found your web page, but very interested in CW. I have a very good station in the California high desert, on a half acre, up about 3400 feet in elevation, with little RF conflicts. But, now I find working a QRP station running two watts several states away is great fun, although I am not a QRP. Just struggling to improve my CW speed, which is now about 13 wpm. - Jim Smart KE6ZWZ - Joshua Tree, CA - Feb 26
A nice site. Used your link to eQSL.cc to set up my account with them. TNX! Am currently active on 20 Mtr PSK-31. Have been unbelievably successful working into Iberian Peninsula, Ukraine and Central Europe with 20 watts in the evening (2000-2200 EST). CU & 73 - KG4OHE - Bill - Reston, VA - Feb 25
No comment - Egbert PE1RQO - Hengelo, Netherlands - Feb 23
Very nice site. I had great fun with my qrp rig on trip to Hawaii, (pre 9/11) Next trip was to Canada and the Baggage checkers made it a real hassle. great fun while there, but must be an easier way to travel with HAM gear on the - David Workman - va beach, VA - Feb 22
Hi John, nice web page - clean and neat and focused on ham radio / technical. I am active in the NJQRP club and with homebrew equipment. Not on air much until I get my antenna up. CUL - 73 - Allan Owen WA3OWT - Exton, PA - Feb 22
Very interisting Information. I think it was a lot of work. Tnx es vy 73 - Franz Leuschner DL9SEP - Hohenstadt, Germany - Feb 22
Smashing site and very informative. thanks its a boon to us qrp and cw types cheerio for now and keep up the good work. gqrp 4778 and fpqrp 19 - Terry G4AYR - Feb 21
Great web site. Keep up the morse code. Hate to see it disappear like so many other great techniques. Vern - WA0ZMF - Vernon Raines - Lone Jack, MO - Feb 18
Great web site! It has been a while but we had 5 QSOs in the past. I stumbled onto your log book by typing in my call into the address line on my internet explore. It is truly amazing how the internet works. Hope to run into you on the air soon. Hal - K8PWL - Alexandria, OH - Feb 18
Hello John, congratulations on your website. I like it very much. I am also a "CW man". CW is my life, i only have a longwire antenna at the moment for HF, and in SSB I never get through pile-ups. CW is a lot easier, and it gives me also more chance to work the DX... Keep up the good work dr om, and i hope to work you later on. Many 73' de ON4IT Dimitri PS feel free to visit my club's website @ http://www.on7sa.be - Dimitri ON4IT - Aalst, Belgium - Feb 18
I would really like to try to build my own qrp rig. I was thinking of the Vectronics 40m xmtr and rcvr pair. If I get this done maybe we will have a cw contact. - Jon R. Garber KC8RLP - Marion, OH - Feb 16
I am still trying to get my code up to speed so I can join in. I just don't feel good enough to get on the air with C.W. - Jerry Pitchford - Saranac, MI - Feb 16
great sight, i am looking for a list of the qrp/ssb freqs...yep i know its mostly cw but i jest got a yeasu 817 and want to do some ssb/mountain toping...and iam not much good at cw...thanks - dave earnest w4gsm - newport news, VA - Feb 12
im looking for a home brew wire antenna for my small wonder qrp that i can fit into a small limited space i live in a 2 story house with an attic but i would like to set it up outside the house any suggestions - john j moran ka3jhb - west newton, pa - Feb 11
Congratulation, very intresting and informative Website.fb 73 mni dx - Dick Haese DL8MCA - Skiathos Isl. EU-072, North Sporades Greece - Feb 9
Just like to say great site, keep up the good work. Thanks - Joe Ostering N2CJF - Verona, NJ - Feb 7
Just checked into your site and signing your guest book. George Marquette, PO Box 8, Milnor ND 58060-0008 - N0SCS - Milnor, ND - Feb 6
just getting into QRP my FT817 should be here tomorrow. - Wendell Pyle W3VH - Kittanning, PA - Feb 6
Thanks so much for the link to the FCC comments for their proposed RM-10325 on keeping SSB and other wideband modes out of the low end of 160. I have filed my comments and I would not have known how without that link. Keep up the great work. 73 - Ken Miller K6CTW - Alta Loma, CA - Feb 5
Great site, John! Keep that streak going. Very inspiring, informative--and well done--webpage. I take my element 1 test this weekend, I've already passed the General written. 73 - George Luft, KB1GUX - Trumbull, CT - Feb 5
All HF activity is CW ... do some local 2m FM - ERNIE N3PXF - Wichita, KS - Feb 5
Glad to see this site. Keep up the good work. Hope to be 90% qrp soon - Paul Christie AB2KU - garden City park, NY - Feb 4
I've visited many times.Your site is not only one of the oldest but one of the most informative. It's a "must" for anyone interested in QRP! - Bob Burtis, WB2RJC - Ocean Twp., NJ - Feb 3
John, Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed working you on 20m and also for your webpage,it is my favorite by far and I appreciate all the work you put into it.Thanks - Dan Piatt/W8DAN - Xenia, OH - Feb 3
I just love your site. very well done. I just got my General ticket, working on speeding up my CW, and going to build my K1 soon. C U on the bands! - Ramiro E. Montemayor KD5MMJ - South Houston, TX - Feb 1
I'm member of Gqrp and I'm active on 14.285 . I hope to have a qso with you. I use a QRP PLUS , 5 watt , anproduct . '72 ( the 73 on qrp ) - CARLO : I5SQG - pisa, Italy - Jan 26
Nice site. I share you enjoyment for CW, been QRV since 1958 on CW. old calls: K5SUS W9NOV W4NPB N4SX - A.D. W7FW - Fountain Hills, Az - Jan 25
nice web page there is a lot of info. that can be looked up and thats verey nice to know. - n2ozx - patterson, NY - Jan 25
Very nice site. Looks like you spent quite a bit of time on it. Enjoyed surfing in and visiting. I operated a Mars station in Vietnam in 1968 and 1969 and was thinking about getting back into Ham radio. Little spoiled giving an 19 year old a complete collins s line and henry 4K to use. - Ted - San Bernardino, Ca - Jan 24
I very much like your page. It's one of the few that I have filled out a guestbook. - Dan Hogan WA6PBY - West Covina, CA - Jan 24
I do not have homepage. Like yours and others very much - RUPERT A, WOOD - Bethesda, Md - Jan 23
first time seeing your site .it looks great. keep up the good work!! weldie 73 - weldie cromwell ve3iln - Toronto, On - Jan 22
Nice web page. Will look for you on CW - Lew Norwood/KA3AKC - Edgewater, MD - Jan 22
This is a very helpful site. Thank you. I am determined to do CW on the radio if it kills me! You have done a lot of hard work on this site. Thank you - Dana AB0QF - Sainte Genevieve, MO - Jan 21
Hi John, You have a Super Website !!! I have been checking it regularly since about 1998. I find it to be very interesting and a great source of information. Thanks for your efforts !! I am 100% CW QRP. On occasion, I have attempted to emulate your accomplishments by trying to make a QRP contact everyday, but my streak has never lasted longer than a week. My collection of QRP rigs consist of a Small Wonders SW40+ , SW20+ , Pixie II and Oner that I use with a 80m dipole. Everything I have is homebuilt including my brass CW paddles. We have a QRP club here in central Kentucky called,"Kentucky QRP Group." Checkout our webpage, it has a link to "your" website !! http://ourworld.cs.com/AF4OI/KY -qrp.htm Keep up the fine work and keep the "streak" going... Take care, - Kentucky QRP Group, Lexington, KY - Bob - AF4OI - Lexington, KY - Jan 20
Thx fer a FB site vry informative - John AB4CU - Cocoa, FL - Jan 20
I have read about your web site in an email and wanted to look it up. You are raising quite interesting themes and questionnaires. I am a real home brewer, licenced 1953 (as we had to homebrew in Germany), I like QRP-CW, and I regret that, due to my function within DARC (standards etc, lot of travelling) I cannot devote much time to be on the air, in spite of being retired. But I am also qrv on the european LF band in normal CW. 73 - Hans-Joachim (Ha-Jo) Brandt, DJ1ZB - Frontenhausen, Germany - Jan 19
Tolle Page!!! weiter so... - Adriana - germany - Jan 18
great site keep up the good work! - Matt - Charlotte, NC - Jan 18
I like cw but am a slow learner,been in radio for about 50 yrs.I got up to 10 wpm at one time, have bn thinking abt starting over agn. Work 2m ssb & fm,most of the time. 73's - Richard D. Tanner KA2LGR - Red Creek, NY - Jan 17
Hi John, Great page, I liked especially the county hunting part! I also collect counties but mainly via casual DXing, ragchewing, working in the novice subband on 10 and state QSO parties. I see we wroked last WAE CW contest! I hope to be able to work you again, 73 - Zoli HA1AG - Gyor, Hungary - Jan 16
Hi, just checking out the page, trying to get all the info I can on Ham Radios Will be taking my Technician Class test in about 2 weeks I'll give you a call sign after I get it, I trying to learn the morse code its getting there, but a little slow, I am 42 now and wish I would have started sooner, but I will get there. Anyway nice page, I'll check in again sometime soon. - Mark Pruett no-call yet - Alexandria, IN - Jan 15
Great site! New at QRP and just ordered a NC40A from Wilerness Radio and hope to hear your 40 meters with very own QRP rig. - Jim, AE4DT - Cartersville, GA - Jan 14
Looking for a site to down load a good cw program so I can up grade my Limited lince Have a good day - Ron Hart Zl2WRh - Foxton Beach, New Zealand - Jan 14
Nice ! Very Interesting - Fred Strickland/KF4BKT - Russell, PA - Jan 13
I am not a CW operater at this time but am interested in becoming one. I do hold an advance class license. - Jerry Pitchford N8TSJ - Saranac, MI - Jan 13
Good pages, congratulations!! - miky D'Apote ik7rwd - Lucera, ITALY - Jan 12
Hi John: Sure nice to say hello to you, don't bump into many CW/QRP operators. In fact CW is not near as evident on the bands. I work CW at times, but am not a speed ster, about 15wpm is about my comfortable speed. Most operating is done on SSB, some SSTV, and have to get going on PSK31. The age here is 67 and a lot of my time is spent on my "new" computer, a 800mhz unit with all the 'bells and whistles'. ----It sure gets my mind into gear and at times I need more "RAM" between the ears. Trying to learn "Lotus" at the present time, and it is sure complicated. I operate with an Kenwood 870s 80watts with an 80 meter zepp, centre fed with 450ohm line, I also use this on 40 meters and it sure works out well. On 20,15 and 10 I use an "OLD" Hygain '12avq' ground mounted with 4 radials per band. On 17 meters I use a very sophisticated hoME -brew "1/2 square" at 18 feet, it is made of very ---expensive wire----- ordinary lamp cord--its been up and working for the last 3 years. No tuner is necessary, its flat across the whole band. I have had my advanced ticked since Jul, 1960, will be 42 years this Jul That just about covers my history John, again sure nice to "QSO" with you in this mode. 73 for now and take care - 1029 Laurier Crescent Sarnia, Ontario N7S 1H3 Canada - Louis Joe VE3BJR - Sarnia, On - Jan 10
Interesting site you have. I enjoy weak signal cw work especially on the vhf bands. 73 es GL - Ken Boyer-KE3I - Bel Air, MD - Jan 10
Great site and good to find like minded cw/qrp ops like myself. CU on the bands. - Tom Isgro - Hamilton, OH - Jan 9
John, It is always great to visit your site and see what is going on. I spend my time on QRP with a Yaesu FT-817 to a vertical. I am racking up the countries. I took the poll and yes it is a bit different. Good luck on the search for a new poll. - Rich Kennedy - N4ESS - Tampa, FL - Jan 9
Hi John, I'm new to the internet and just got the opportunity to brouse using networking and not having to watch the clock and the bill go up. What a pleasure, I found your sit and am thrilled to operated this way, thank for the thrill, good operating and God bless - harry houlihan zs5h - Durban, South Africa - Jan 9
Your web site very good! I'm impressed by your web site. I'm 70 years old. I like operating CW. Please sign my guestbook. 73 - Alidoro Kuroda - Yokkaichi-city, JPN - Jan 9
very nice site and a very good promotion for our beautiful hobby! - PA5WIM - Venlo, Netherlands - Jan 8
Good morning John, visiting your website again, decided to make it one of my favorites. Keep up the good work, hope to work you. Tom - ve3uku - Brights Grove, ON - Jan 8
Great Site!!! - Cora - cologne, germany - Jan 8
God Bless you in your Quest on promoting CW. Its a mode that when the band is crashing, you can always Get that call. - Michael Borr KA3YLZ - Reading, PA - Jan 7
a very good interesting site! i agree with you on some of the going's on in the 75 meter phone band. isn't like some 45+ year's ago... but oh well can live in the past. time goes on! 73's - John F. Mingle W2DSI - Gowanda, NY - Jan 7
Hi; I hope to finish a QRP KIT SOON AND JOIN IN. iT'S A KIT I started several years ago. - Jim AL7BQ - Pateros, WA - Jan 7
1ST TIME LOOK-- - Al DePrey K2DSS - Yakima, wa - Jan 6
Great site. I have a K2 kit on the way. Look for VK8 (and various IOTA)QRP in the near future. - Dan, VK8AN - Stuart Park (Darwin), Australia - Jan 6
Congratulations on your site's anniversary in Sep, John. It's one of the best and my favorite. Happy New Year es 73 - Mike Lyness, AF4LQ - Louisville, KY - Jan 3
Hi John, Great Page OM.. Just came across it today 2/2/02 I'm presently working to gain my 13 words a minute even though it's not required Nice to meet ya Have a Great New Year - KA3ZLR Jack Dayton - Pittsburgh, PA - Jan 2