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Season's Greetings from the North Italy 73 de Rick - I1WQR - Genova, Italy - Dec 30
neat site with lot's of info..73's - N8UU - Battle Creek, MI - Dec 29
Enjoy QRP and QRPp - Bob Francies (KD6APM) - Chatsworth, CA - Dec 28
I was a novice 30 yrs ago. Was looking for some infor on SWL rcvr. Ran accross your site. Decided to get back in last Oct. Just wanted to let you know ur work on this site is appreciate. Thanks. - Clyde DeRossett/KI4CKT - Prestonburg, KY - Dec 27
Was good friends of K6BX and visited him personally many times. He was one of the most interesting persons I ever met. I wonder if many of you know that we was legally blind. I think he detached his retinas in a plane crash. I was a president of the Flying Hams Club for several years and a very active member of the Certificate Hunters Club. Learned CW in the military and was a commercial CW operator for 6 years, mostly on Ascension Island for RCA. Did a lot of DX, was a serious "Rag Chewer" and since I received my ticket in 1961 was a member of the OOTC. Alas, no longer active - I miss all you guys and especially my friends who are now "Silent Keys". - J. Ketchum - USA - Dec 20
ct de vk2iau john fb meet u on cwcommunicator internet pc program bob es hpe cu agn there mni times 72/73 - VK2IAU JOHN - Australia - Dec 17
Good job. I especially like the QRP and CW sections !!! - W0OOW - Johnson, NE - Dec 17
very interesting site. I'm 82 and use a Ten Tec Argonaut 516. Mostly on County Hunters Net using QRP. On every day from time to time. 73 - Ned Carpenter-NB1R - USA - Dec 16
Great site. Wonderful job. We need more like you. 73 - Bill WJ2L/4 - USA - Dec 14
A fine idea, this website, old man. I hope to work you on the air via Continuous Wave one day. May all Amateur Operators maintain code proficiency. Peace and Goodwill. - Buzz AC7RG - Prescott, AZ - Dec 14
Thanks for this web site. I found what I was looking for. I'll be back. - Gary - Cairns, Australia - Dec 13
Bill Severn, K2JGL - Nashua, NH - Dec 13
Interested in going QRP mobile to give out some Ky countys. - Rich WB4VFN - Hyden, KY - Dec 9
Nice web site. I hope to work you someday QRP, I operate all bands QRP cw... - Fred VE3FAL - South Gillies ON - Dec 9
Nice site, let our fingers talk. Cw qrp is a great mode. I like it. Best 73 - Robert ON5CF - Belgium - Dec 6
Howard W7ILW - Prescott, AZ - Dec 5
nice site, quite informative. all the best - Al McRorie VE3GAM - St. Thomas, ON - Dec 5
Dear OM John! I has a great pleasure visited your nice site. Thank you for your great work in QRP! 72! from Chairman of RU-QRP Club - Oleg V. Borodin RV3GM - Lipetsk, Russia - Dec 5
Nice web page. Have always loved CW, and QRP, but haven't done much operating since leaving Mich Tech Univ club W8YY. Your website encourages me to find a way to operate from my apartment. - Nate Lyons N8HWV - Green Bay, WI - Dec 5
Great Site, Thanks. - Stan N7OC - Custer, WA - Nov 30
CW avoids the whiners, the frequency fights, and foul mouthed morons who clog spectum with their suffering. The cure is not to make it easier to spread chaos. The FCC is failing to do the job which is "regulation". Instead, the commission supports it, because it sells radios and gets political funding. Greed begets spectrum chaos. The truth has been discribed saying, "it is not what you say but rather it is how you say it." Say on Cw and maybe the point will be taken, rather than ignored! - Bill WJ2L/4 - Nashville, TN - Nov 29
Kenneth Andersen KA3WMJ - Erwinna, PA - Nov 29
Great website, I've enjoyed it for several years now! Keep up the great work. - Bill Walker WV7G - Tucson, AZ - Nov 26
Very good site , great content and with a difference! Well done. - Mike 9H5AM - Malta - Nov 25
Wonderful site, John. I don't QRP but my antennas put me in the near-QRP category - lousy ERP. Am interested in being able to use this guestbook since I am missing a vital .dll file on this XP that prevents me from seeing most javascript etc. The hamshack XP is not missing that. Reason I was curious was the free program you use to keep this impressive site updated. I clicked on the little box and got a blank screen. That proved what I thought, in spades. Keep up the great work. I'm FISTS 1293. Hope to work you someday soon, and will be back here often. Am using same rig as your primary one, the TS-570DG - love it. Am a 99% CW guy from way back. If I get a website going, I'll post it here or send a message. - Fred Adsit, NY2V - Syracuse, NY - Nov 23
Have had my call for 55 years. Currently enjoy QRP CW. Restoring a vintage Heathkit HW-9 to operational status at this time. - David D. Meacham W6EMD - Redwood City, CA - Nov 23
John VA7NO - Nanaimo, BC Canada - Nov 22
Enjoy dropping in on your site on occasion. Thanks for the work you do with it. - Bruce Shaw ag4ny - Snow Camp, NC - Nov 19
Great web site! I bookmarked it and will check back. Nice to work your stn also. 73 - Bob N9HAL - Watertown, WI - Nov 18
I knew w8cxs (SK) very well - I worked with him at the phone company. He gave me a bunch of his QSL cards just B4 he died. I am starting to develop a ham page. Thanks for the QSOs. 73 - joe n8ea - USA - Nov 16
Found your propagation tables most useful. Thank You for making them available in a simple, easy to understand form. - L. E. "Ed" Trump AL7N - Fairbanks, AK - Nov 16
Great info on your site...really enjoyed the visit... - David R. Hassall WA5DJJ - Las Cruces, NM - Nov 14
Nice site. I enjoyed it very much. - Devon Wroblewski K5KDA - Corinth, TX - Nov 12
John, your labor of love is one of the very best radio websites I've ever visited. Comprehensive, well-organized, and inspirational -- these are a few of the adjectives that come to mind. Congratulations on your commitment to Ham Radio and to showing others how to join us without having to sell the farm! 72/73 - Ron Evans - KD5S - Fort Worth, TX - Nov 12
Interesting website. Your results with modest equipment and power motivate me to become more active. 73 and tnx - K0TC - Roseville, MN - Nov 10
Wesley Wilkinson - W7WES - W. Valley City, UT - Nov 1
just found site--looks good - jim murphy - Miami Springs, FL - Oct 31
Hello, enjoyed ur web site. I like CW and QRP.. I am member #6 of the NORCAL QRP club.. I am not a CW diehard, as I also do fone and digital modes from time to time along with Simplex on FM and SSB... Take Care es 73's - ki6jd James - San Jose, CA - Oct 30
Do some c-w but not enough. Also like QRP, use 1 watt Glow Bug. Longest call Long Island N.Y. From U.P. on Lake Superior - Webster KC8QBX - Bay Mills, MI - Oct 29
One of the best websites for CW lovers. Basic common sense still alive, and well! All best wishes, and many thanks! 73, and CW forever, of course - Jean-Marc, F5SGI - France - Oct 29
Thanks for the update to your fine web page. This is a great service - Russ Richardson AE4NY - Chamblee, GA - Oct 28
S W Krueger K5AS - Fayetteville, AR - Oct 28
EARLE SANDERS, NT7Y - Ogden, UT - Oct 28
Hope they keep cw regs, even if they eleimanate cw should leave a small sub band for cw ops. I work digital but hate the auto packet mailboxes that wipe you out,, Shouldn't they have to listen first before xmitting like everyone else? Enjoy mfsk and psk also but cw miost of all... don't wrk fone at all - Robert L. Krueger WB9UKQ - Fond du Lac, WI - Oct 28
Nice site Thx@73 - Ed Baker K1BKR - New Bedford, MA - Oct 24
I am a model aeroplane builder and amateur astonomer (40 years) as well as a registered amateur radio ham (12 years)who visits the island of Lundy UK in the summer with South Bristol Amateur Radio Club - Brian G7NQJ - Oct 21
FB site. GL with your hobby and hope to work you on HF. 73 de ON4MGY - Nic ON4MGY - Deinze, OV Belgium - Oct 17
Great information on your web site. Keep up the great work! 73, John - KI7V - Phoenix, AZ - Sep 30
Looks like I'm the only person with 8 calls held! Regards VA3QF/G8BBP(formerly VE3IMT, VE2AQU, VE2GKS, G0RQQ, HB9KOW, PA9AHY) - Keith VA3QF - Ottawa, ON - Sep 29
membership info. please (Membership to what? - js) tnx 73 - Harry Searles KE7VZ - Corvallis, MT - Sep 28
Enjoyed your site - Jim Steffey WB8TNN - Sep 26
I have been building some qrp rigs and ran across your site. I have been building Pixies, Rockmites and 49 ers. I even have a rig from Russia. Just wanted to say HI,73 - W8FDV - AZ - Sep 23
I have been licensed since 1978 but have been out of the hobby for some time. My interest was recently re-kindled and I have been copying W1AW daily now for the past couple of months and have got my copying speed up to a good solid 18 wpm. I love cw and was appalled to learn what has happened to cw over the past several years. A no code extra license would be the ultimate joke. To me, codeless amateur radio is nothing more than hi-tech CB!! Enough of this tirade. I enjoyed your site very much and will visit often in the future. Regards - F.C. Davis WB7UJE - Wichita Falls, TX - Sep 16
Very good and nice site, very readable so of course very agreable to browse keep going, I love CW !!! - Robert Drogoul F5UL - Seynod, France - Sep 12
John, what an excellent HAM radio internet site! your devotion to it shows. I have been away from ham radio for a couple years, and through visits to your site today re-connected with resources such as GO and ohio/pa DX bulletins which hopefully will encourage me to become reacquainted with my rigs, including a dusty HW8, which I have neglected for too long. regards & 73 - Chip WW1D - Amherst, NH - Sep 11
Hi John! Your pages helped me to do the first CW QSO. I used your CW procedure. That was really nice pleasure and experience. In fact you cannot compare SSB QSO with CW QSO. The CW is more interesting or SSB is too simple! I have got question for you. Should I proceed to work CW with classic hand key or replace it with paddle and electronic key? Best regards - Neven, 9A5YY - Croatia - Sep 8
I have developed an interest in QRP in the last year or so. I have built several QRP rigs (from kits) and have begun to revive my old CW skills. As for electronic QSL's, I use e-QSL regularly. I look forward to ARRL's LOTW but I also believe the ARRL should be willing to accept e-QSL confirmations. (I am a life member of ARRL, and I have expressed this to our leadership.) - Ralph L. "Larry" Abbott WA3ELQ - Hatboro, PA - Sep 2
Hi, I am just starting to look into ham radio and came across your site at http://ac6v.com/morsepages.htm. The link there is old, your mirror. I am looking for basic information about ham, and morse code. I have bookmarked your site, as you have a lot of great information. Keep up the good work! Thanks - Bruce Keefe - Carson City, NV - Sep 1
just found your site on my yahoo ten-tec516 group... looks great... keep up the good work! 73 - Bill Lindquist K2UFC - New Bern, NC - Aug 30
Jordi EA3BCU - Barcelona, Spain - Aug 26
Nice web site. Keep up the good work. --... ...-- - John, EI7GL - Cork, Ireland - Aug 24
Glad to meet you on your nice website, 73 - Louis de Jong, PA3AEQ - Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands - Aug 17
Good to hear you in there the other day on 40 John. I was sort of surprised that we made the short haul but toward the end other stations were coming in as absorbtion initiated. See you again there John ...God Bless 73 - Tom Popovic KI3R - Belle Vernon, PA - Aug 16
very informative site - Ronald Perry - Aug 15
Thanks for your very useful web site. 73's - FISTS 7697 - Bob Pratt W9ZC - Neenah, WI - Aug 13
Great site! Lots of great info! Thanks! - KS3R - Pittsburgh, PA - Aug 13
Nice chatting with you tonight, John. First licensed as KN3UIS Mar 8, 1963 in Harrisburg; upgraded in Oct 63 to General. Moved to Virginia in 65 where I became K4AEN. Like you, I enjoy QRP CW mostly.....73 Tom - K4AEN - Hampton, VA - Aug 12
Nice to see that there are operators who do 100% CW QRP! I have been a ham for almost 35 years and spent a lot of time chasing DX with QRP CW. With a well radialed 1/4 wave vertical, I have been able to work outstanding Low Band DX with only 2W o/p. I am amazed at the number of hams I have met over the years who simply consider it impossible to work any decent low band DX with less than 100W! Yet I have worked VK, ZL and even Antarctica on 3.5 MHz with my trusty vertical and a Ten Tec Argonaut 515. - Doug Mein - Almonte, ON - Aug 9
Would like to know how to join FISTS. Thank you. - Stephen Babcoke WB0UWE - Bellvue, CO - Aug 5
Just found this information. So will have to make a comment at a later date, after I have had time to digest it. - Bob Chapman W9JOP - Bealeton, VA - Aug 5
Harold AA2ID - Rochester, NY - Aug 4
Tks old buddy fer the check on ur web site, i was looking fer a handbook fer the ts 120 v which i have just purchased, and looking forward to getting on the air with Hi/ 73s frm downunder do u know any one with a copi or info on? cheers. - warren d Moulton VK3LX - Melbourne, Australia - Jul 31
Very informative page. I'm new to ham radio and DXing. 73 - Mike Deckman KY6J - La Verne, CA - Jul 28
Wonderful site, John. Thank you for all the hard work. 73, Alan - Alan Carter, N5KNR - Richardson, TX - Jul 26
Good Site - Leroyd Bergsteedt ZS6ROY - Johannseburg, South Africa - Jul 24
Hi John, Great Web site. Been licensed since 1987 and just getting into QRP. There's always something new in Amateur Radio. -73- - John Henrion - WE1C - Hollden, MA - Jul 22
Very nice web page. I have downloaded some interesting things. TNX 73/72 - Julius Gilcher KB8DIE - Maineville, OH - Jul 20
Excellent info site. TU. 73 - Henry Fitz - Jul 20
Just checking out your wonderful web site John following our qrp contact on 40 M. I sent you a regular e-mail with photo of my Rockmite. I note I am in your electronic log on the site. Tnx qso and work you again soon.. 73 - Norm Rashleigh, VE3LC - Ottawa, ON - Jul 16
First time user read your article in the keynote issue 4, 2003 very good and informitave thanks. - Vincent F Dobler - Milford, NY - Jul 12
tnx to all that offer info for the persuit of the telegraphy hobby - Bob Krueger, WB9UKQ - Fon Du Lac, WI - Jul 10
Babis SV7BAY - Xanthi, Greece - Jul 10
site is FB 73 - George Wells/ N4MYY - Gloucester, VA - Jul 9
Thank you John. Your site it really great. Keep the streak going and good luck. Hope to work you some day. 73 - David KK6M - Arcadia, CA - Jul 7
What a great site! 5W and a bucketful of persistence can get you a long way and John, you are living proof of that! Lots of helpful info. (Thanks for the navigation tips!) - Mike Darrah N0RTU - Mooresville, MO - Jul 5
Randy Heise - NB7E - Sunriver, OR - Jul 5
Nice site!!! enjoyed the surf very much!!! catch you on 20 Meters QRP! 73's - Fred Cooper G4ZWI - Mansfield, England - Jul 4
Nice QRP site! Hope to work you some day! - John NQ3RP - Ellicott City, MD - Jul 3
Hi! John, fantactic web site, keep up the good work it's very interesting and will come often. I use the little FT-817 with wire ant too, in fact I've been hamming for 40 years this year and always using wire ant, and use pvc mast to support it and can raise or lower my mast for ant experimentations. Hope to work you some day on 40, 17,15,10,& 6 meters. All the very best , God bless, 73 - Mike Boissonnault VE2TH - Quebec, PQ - Jul 1
Great site. New ham that just got the QRP bug, and wants to contest. Lots of good information that I otherwise have not found. TNX !!! - Ron, K0IOA - Port Hueneme, CA - Jul 1
JUST THOUGHT THAT I WOULD SAY HI - M3MDX - Telford, England - Jun 30
Jim KC4UWS - Fairfax, VA - Jun 27
Hi John, Many thanks for the great site and a very encouraging QRP page. I really enjoyed reading it. I'm a CW man since 1963 and also couldn't imagine ham radio without CW. Now staying in the Netherlands and awaiting for my Dutch ham license. Hope we'll make QRPx2 QSO some day. Best regards & 73! - Leo Krymmer ZS6BOS - Pretoria, South Africa - Jun 22
Real nice web page, John. Very encouraging too. - Ron wa0mww - Batavia, IA - Jun 20
Dennis R. Regan K6ZJU - Pine Grove, CA - Jun 19
Great site, John. Keep up the good work! - Eric Bikales AC6NT - Shdow Hills, CA - Jun 19
Hello - just poking around and enjoying your informative site - well done OM! - 72/73 - Bruce Rattray VE5RC+VE5QRP - Regina, SK - Jun 18
Hi John Just browsing. Hope to catch you on the air sometime. I work mostly 40m during the summer and 160m during the winter. All QRP :-) 73 - Bob N6WG - Newark, CA - Jun 18
Nice website. I had a 6Y6 xtal single tube rig a long time ago. Since then, it's been 6146 or MRF 472 until a month ago when I bought a K2. - Bob KX1E - Portland, ME - Jun 18
Very nice site. 73 - Robert Gutknecht WB2EWU - Kennedy, NY - Jun 17
Nice to visit your website John - Norm, K2YEW - Jun 17
Hey, Thanks for the CW page!! I am learning CW for my general upgrade. When I first started learning, I was in the mind frame of "just learn the code to pass the test." Now I am seeing how much fun code can be. Again, thanks for your cw page - Jon, KD5TUF - Tulsa, OK - Jun 12
Hello John, really a pleasure meeting you on the air and FB on being ur # 3223 contact to keep the streak going. Best 73 - Rick N3VKM - Brackney, PA - Jun 9
Hi John, just read your column in the fists key note abt QRP. I really find it amazzing what 4 watts will do. Hope to cu on the air soon. 73's - W4VLL / Vic - Pembroke, VA - Jun 8
# Excellent site. I appreciate your efforts to promote the use of CW on the ham bands. You have re-kindled my interest in QRP CW. After several months of inactivity on CW, I'm back at it, primarily working FISTS. Again, I'm tired of fighting the phone bands and prefer the "old-fashioned" but more reliable mode of CW. Thanks for your efforts, John. - David Baird WA9PDS - Catlin, IL - Jun 4
A truly enjoyable and very well presented site. - Aaron, WA2AKB - Highland Mills, NY - Jun 3
thanks for the net Q signals! there is a qrp net here in nc, hopefully moving to 40 meters (7.110) My rig is an ic-735 modified to 5w input at low power, using 2 6V golf cart batteries to power the station..hi Can't wait for field day this year, made 66 contacts last year on cw with the above setup without too much sweat. 73 from the bull city, bob - bob glenn k4fhi - Durham, NC - May 31
NICE webpage! I wish mine looked this good. Way to go, John. You're a credit to Amateur Radio, CW & QRP! - Larry Makoski - South Plainfield, NJ - May 31
TNX FOR GREAT WEB DE DOV 4Z4DX/9N7DX - 9N7DX - Kathmandu, Nepal - May 31
I enjoyed your site very much. Especiall like the colour scheme. Keep up the good work. - Danny dannyboy - Mississauga, ON - May 30
Ciao John, you have a great and very nice website! Soon on the air. 73 - Andrea, IZ7ECB - Nardo, Italy - May 29
Hello John, Great site! I'm ready to take my Element 1 (Jun 11th) and I found that I am really beginning to enjoy CW. At first I was learning just to get my General ticket. Now I plan on being active on CW. Thanks for the great site! - Bill KB3GUN - Somerset, PA - May 24
This website is a treasure trove, for me. I got my General Class license, and I got into an 80 meter net, with my hamswap TenTec Scout 555. I got in about three times, and no one would acknowledge after that. The "big guns" didn't want my "hamstick" and low priced radio in there. I really like qrp. I joined Adventure Radio Society. But it was hard to find stuff I needed. I would find a website, and they were not selling anyting anymore, couldn't get parts, out of business, sold out that model. I found your website, and rediscovered some of the websites had renewed energy and interest. Now, they are selling stuff I need and stuff I want. Amazing! Thank you, for reaching out to the new people like me! - Connie Dodson, W7CJD - Valier, MT - May 20
Hi John, You've done a fantastic job! The new NorCal site is: http://www.norcalqrp.com 72 - David D. Meacham, W6EMD - Redwood City, CA - May 18
OZ4KG Kai Joergensen - Solroed, Denmark - May 17
Hi John, You might note that the Illinois QSO Party does now recognize QRP as a category. I will be mentioning that in my summary of the 2002 event. 73, - jim funk N9JF - Liberty, IL - May 17
Great site. I love it! I operate 90% CW, 5w max, Argonaut 509 & low/minimal antennas. Look me up on QRZ.com for more info. Hope c u soon. 73s es best dx - Tim Prosser, KT8K - Ann Arbor, MI - May 13
I bookmarked your site, I find it really interesting. I live in Apple Valley, CA and operate QRP also, I have finished building a 30 Meter SST, and have not yet tried it out. Thanks again for offering a neat site to visit. 73 - Al Bowers KA6FBB - Apple Valley, CA - May 9
Like your page,love CW - Russ w4skw - Fayetteville, NC - May 9
Knut / N6BNP - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA - May 7
I built K2 # 0937 3 years ago, but I've been using it regularly since oct. 2002. Only phone with 5 to 10 watts. Not too good at CW but try to do some practise again before coming to the bands! 73 - Gaudron Jacques ("Jim") F90J - Carnoux, France - May 7
I'm a QRP only Ham and so your site has a lot to tell me. Very good and helpful articles. I'm operating CW and some digital modes with a K2 (main rig) and a K1 for portabel setup. 72 - Wolf DL2WRJ - Stassfurt, Germany - May 7
Listened in a few months back and heard you calling CQ, but did not have the time to work you. Very nice site and hope to find you again calling CQ on the bands!!!! 73 - John Dooley W6ZIP - Victorville, CA - May 5
Nice Site. Glad someone still likes CW. Its a lot of fun. Currently, I'm not setup on the air, but hope to get my antenna up again in the coming months. Keep up the good work. Regards, Del - Del Winiecki, K7BUC - Clarkdale, AZ - May 3
fine site - ON7HG - Antwerp, Belgium - Apr 27
I just applied to the FCC to get my origional callsign back, WD8NKT, I moved to Texas and changed my address/callsign in 1983, I just returned back to Mi. in 1995 and now I found out I can get my call back, NKT is great on CW, I have operated CW since 1964 both Military and Ham. I do not like the codeless license at all. I plan on joining FISTS real soon 73 - Bob Cregar KG8TH - Gregory, MI - Apr 25
I envy you your ablity at high speed CW 73 - Bob Sullivan K8DGY - Branch, MI - Apr 24
Great site. I have only been a ham for a little over a year. During that time I have found out that CW and QRPp are my favorite modes of operation. I run primarily mobile CW. Thanks for some great info about CW and QRP. - Robin J. Kidd KG4RSQ - Norcross, PA - Apr 17
Hi OM.....Just ran across your site (Link from Embedded Research).......You have a great site and keep up the good work. I have been on the air since 1932 with the same call sign ( W3BLN ) and nearly all my operating has been CW. My favorite band is 40 meters and Rag Chewing is my "thing"........At 86 years of age I still enjoy using the straight key as well as my old Vibroplex altho I don't get on the air as frequently as I used to.......Let me say that it is my opinion that for those who don't use CW I feel they are missing a great time !!!! As you have said, it's another language .. 73 - Norm Dalling, W3BLN - Boyertown, PA - Apr 13
Great web site. Yes time sure does fly. I've been on since Dec. 1962. 73 - Gary WB2FGZ - Stanhope, NJ - Apr 08
thanks for the qrp tour. Your station looks great. Take care and God Bless. Maybe we will meet on the air: around 7040mhz. - Phillip KD4MFL - USA - Mar 30
Excellent webpage! - Marcelo De Risio (N2YHQ) - Rochester, NY - Mar 29
I signed the guestbook several months ago, but I wanted to leave another message to say WHAT A GREAT WEBSITE. I like the message of getting on the air and don't worry about having great antennae or high power. Instead, just get on the air. I like your idea of making 1 QSO per day, and putting your log on the web. Of course, when you indicated that many of these QSOs were at 1:00 am in the morning, well, I don't usually stay up that late, but maybe early in the moring works well for many people. I am going to try one QSO per day. We will see what happens. Again, what a great website - Mark KI7N - Hillsboro, OR - Mar 29
My son is interested in getting some equipment, after looking over your site I think this may be a wonderful hobby for him. - char - morris, IL - Mar 22
great site and very informant. - larry t. panteluk ve5aj - estevan, sk - Mar 21
Fabulous site, I got the address from the Flying Pigs reflector. Keep up the great work. 73, K2LAZ - Lazaro Munoz - Staten Island, NY - Mar 17
Thanks for a great website, John! Tons of info. Thanks for the QSO & QSL. I look forward to our next Q. - Greg -WN4M - Lebanon, TN - Mar 17
Hi, Just surffing - Rick, KG4EFK - Port St. Lucie, FL - Mar 13
Hi John. I have been a ham since ~'74. During that time I worked all bands but really didn't work all that much CW after I passed Advanced lic. I have not been vry active in the last 5-6 years on any band, but suddenly the QRP/CW bug bit me and I am building a SW+40 at the moment. I really enjoyed your site and hope we can QSO in the near future on 40. Thanks to folks like you who help rekindle interests that are sometimes forgotten. CUL 73's - Fred Siebenthall, WB5MAJ - Honey Grove, TX - Mar 13
I enjoy my old HW8. Nice site, tnx. - Mike Patrick, KI5CT - Onida, SD - Mar 9
Dale Applegate KA6JFF - Roseville, CA - Mar 7
Hello John - on Feb 2003 I got the US Extra ticket as AE6LI. Vanity callsign application pending - I'll let you know when it is assigned. Always impressed by your achievement of the "streak". 73 - Kenji 'Joe' Rikitake JJ1BDX es AE6LI - Japan - Mar 6
Nice site. Could you work QRP from batteries recharged by bicycle? ..or do you know someone who has? Thanks - Mike, KI5CT - Onida, SD - Mar 5
73 - Timo OH1NOA oh1noa@qsl.net">oh1noa@qsl.net - Pori, Finland - Mar 3
I am in the process of building my first QRP rig. Will give it a try! Sounds Challenging. - Leon Sweatman WA4PFS - Trion, GA - Mar 2
I sure support "know-code" for ham radio. Been QRP operator since day one, with one-tube xmtrs I built as a novice in 1961.. Now I run a mfj rig on 30M and turn down drive on my big, old Kenwood rigs on the other bands. Have 18 DXcountries with 4.5 W on 30 M with a vertical antenna in backyard. Hope to chat with you again on 30 soon. My radio is Ham Radio...I don't leave home without it. 73 - John K8JD - Commerce, MI - Feb 28
New Projects are being offered to our Club Members on a regular basis.Latest is a QRP SSB/CW rig with all HF bands. - Mike Barnett VE3BSE - Brantford, ON - Feb 27
Nice web site. Operate 99.99999% CW and QRP. CW is the best. It's so relaxing to come home from work and get lost for a while with the headphones on working the world. I'm amazed every time I turn on the rig. Enjoy DX'ing and contesting. Working on 5B DXCC QRP (still working on 80 meters) and WAZ (still need Zone 26). All the best - 73 - NU4B - Knoxville, TN - Feb 25
Good web page and I do agree with your comments on eQSL as a way to confirm contacts. Cheap and easy - and FAST!!! if the other party responds quickly. I kinda enjoy code - am learning as of the last 8 months. My real love is building - anything from antennas to power supplies to amps to qrp radios. Currently trying to get the nerve to build a K2. 73's and Thanks for the webpage. - Ken H. K9FV - Moblie, AL - Feb 25
QRP at its best - VASUDEVA VU3BIP - Bangalore, India - Feb 25
You have alot of good info. on this site. Keep up the good work. - Jim Jackson - Kingsford Heights, IN - Feb 24
VE3BHN - Thunder Bay, ON - Feb 24
Congrats on an EXCELLENT webpage. Great resource for info - all in one place! Glad I found you. 73, Mike. PS: I LOVE CW also! Rarely use the mike on HF anymore. - Michael Podawiltz KF9X - Port Edwards, WI - Feb 18
I enjoyed your website very much. I have been a ham for 18 months. I have most of my time at 5 watts out to a dipole, all on CW and all on the HF Novice bands. I agree that operating CW at QRP power levels with simple wire antennas does allow for sufficient sensitivity and selectivity to make contacts enjoyable. Keep up the good work. - Rich Glassner N0EAX - Jefferson City, MO - Feb 18
Rick Dettinger K7MW - Mountlake Terrace, WA - Feb 17
Bill KC8RRP - algonac, MI - Feb 16
I really like your web site. I trying to get into Ham Radio. I want QRP, but I'll get the tech first. I want to go with morse code. For your site keep up the good work. - James P. Jackson - Kingsford Heights, IN - Feb 16
John, reading your web page has been a delight. Along with an assortment of homebrew qrp equipment I am also running the Kenwood TS570D. I live in a subdivision that has some rather harsh deed restrictions when it comes to antennas (actully we are not allowed to have antennas,) Therefore I done a lot of experimenting with attic antennas and had a lot of fun doing so. I am lucky in the fact that I also own a lake house with is situated on an acre of water front property which allows me do some serious DX operation. Keep up the good work, I have told a couple of the locals about your site and suggested they should take a look. Best Regards & 73 Thomas H. Casey - K5THC - Allen, TX - Feb 15
GLEN CREGAR/N8XTM - Caro, MI - Feb 13
Glad to see an interest and focus on the basics. - Ed Zelinske WZ6EZ - Huntington Beach, CA - Feb 12
Great site. Love CW since I got my Heathkit HW-8 QRP. Can only do about 8wpm, but still having a ball. Cant understand why there are folks (hams) out there that hate CW? First Licensed in 1979. Considering joining FISTS..73's-keep up the good work - Ken Villone-KU2US - Conesus, NY - Feb 11
Hi John. I found your site from the ARRL article. Thanks for the nice site and the qrp emphasis. I have been all qrp for many years also. I was first licensed in 1955 as WN8VFM. I built my first receiver and transmitter from the ARRL publications. I really began my love of qrp in 1971 when I purchased my first of many Ten Tec rigs, the Argonaut 509. Now I am using the OHR 400 and have a K2 on the bench under construction. I hope to see you on the air on 40 or 30, my favorite bands. 73 - Ned, W8VFM - Sand Creek, MI - Feb 11
I am still learning CW, but I hope some day I will get my licence and then I want to try QRP surely. - Toomas, ES1TBG - Tallinn, Estonia - Feb 10
nice site lots of info well put together.Very entertaining. Tks & 73 - Tom baldrey va6wp - calgary, AB - Feb 9
Very interesting site I enjoyed browsing and will be here often. - John Stevens N9JYO - Shelbyville, IN - Feb 9
Chris GM4YLN - Edinburgh, Scotland - Feb 9
Enjoy your site. - John W4ZJN - Randleman, NC - Feb 9
W. Keith Gay - Dunedin, FL - Feb 8
Very nice site! Must take a lot of work. How do you find time to operate? CW op since 1938. Now using K2 and K1 but in past have used HW7, a couple of OHR rigs and several home brew rigs. I will check this site often--thanks. 72, Bob - W0LK - Mountain View, AR - Feb 8
John, finally got my first QRP rig so I can work below 5 watts. Having great fun on 40,30 and 20 with 0.5 to 1.0 watts. Starting to collect my states again with over 1000 miles per watt. The FT-817 does well in the field and mobile so now I have more time to play ham radio. Thanks for the encouragement to really get into QRP. This is great fun. 72 - John N0EVH - Independence, MO - Feb 7
Loyd Beeson - AE5MM - Broken Arrow, OK - Feb 6
A very nice site OM, well laid out and pleasant to read, hope to catch you on air sometime esp when I am abroad operating QRP on my FT 817 - Keith Chambers G0HKC - Salisbury, England - Feb 6
I found you because of an article on the ARRL web site. Nice Site! 73 CUL - Daniel (Dan) Franz WD0GUP - Cottage Grove, MN - Feb 5
Chuck Hose K6LGP - Concord, CA - Feb 5
As a beginner (I guess you used to say Novice) I am gleaning much from your site. I now have my homebrew CW station operational (electronically) and was just studying dilligently your treatise on CW operation with intent to get it fully "operational." That's stuff that wasn't even required on the Extra exam! Fortunately I have one of my dad's old handbooks that covers that as well. But not as well as you have. THX! - Christopher KD7REM - Ellensburg, WA - Feb 5
Jim Murphy--ke4ueh - miami springs, FL - Feb 5
Loved your site! It is a "Tour de Force" for the QRP community - Chuck W7MAP - Coppell, TX - Feb 5
larry t.panteluk - estevan, SK - Feb 4
Excellent site - congratulations on a good job very well done. As an ardent CW Operator for over 50 years I am very pleased to see what you have achieved here. 73 - Ken "Scotty" Scott W9VHL - St. Louis, MO - Feb 4
Bob Girardin N8RHP - Essexville, MI - Feb 4
Tom Kachnowski AB2FG - Flemington, NJ - Feb 3
Nice interesing site. Good luck & 73's Thanks for keeping CW alive - Jack Holgate W1DGE - Derry, NH - Feb 3
Bob VE6WDR - Turner Valley, AB - Feb 3
A most interesting site. - George Roberts, N1GLD - Wareham, MA - Feb 2
Thank you for your site and the info. I am interested in making a QRP transmitter or a transceiver that I take with me on vacations or even operate at home. I'm facinated with the idea of building the smallest station I can with 5W or less and still operate hams all over the US and the world. - Bob Moore KW6B - Irvine, CA - Feb 2
Don AH6A - Waianae, HI - Feb 3
Lew KD5MSW - San Antonio, TX - Feb 3
Hi, Found your site through a recent ARRL website article. Neat Site. - ae1x - Attleboro, MA - Feb 3
I like the webpage, saw a mention of it on the ARRL page. I'll be adding a link to it to the Milwaukee Radio Amateur Club webpage, which I maintain. - Howard Parks, AB9FH - West Allis, WI - Feb 3
Enjoy your columns!! - Tom Ebeling,N8TE - Morgantown, WV - Feb 3
Great Job on the website! - Jerry Covington - Covington, KY - Feb 2
Nice site! Really enjoyed my visit! Rig here is a K1 with a G5RV at 25 ft. 100% CW QRP. '72 - Kevin Swesey, K6RXL - Phoenix, AZ - Feb 1
What a neat website you have made. I think its great you are getting the attention this kind of website deserves. - Jesse KD7OVP - Edmonds, WA - Feb 1
Very useful site. I visit it monthly, at least. Congratulations for your work. 73 and all the best - Relu YO4RLP - Galati, ROMANIA - Feb 1
Found your site very interesting. Enjoyed the visit and wish you good luck 73 - FRANK KB3IDX - ALLENTOWN, PA - Feb 1
Ted Huston KD8JZ - Columbus, OH - Feb 1
My sad tale of woe is common to many. Got license, 80 metre CW, Seduced by the demon, 2 Metre Fhone, lost interest. Now reinterested in QRP but will have to work on my CW. Will not go on the air as lid. 73, Frank - Frank Brett, VE3GVB - Lindsay, ON - Feb 1
Sir: Hope you are dxing AH3D operations at Johnston Island? The contact could help you in a quest for DXCC or other dxing awards. Normally, you will find AH3D on 7.005+1Kcs on 0300z-0600z or 10.105+1kc from 1400z-1700z, after sunet at 0430z,on 80 Meters at 3.505 and on 160 Meters.AH3D will finish operations on 02/04/03 and the contractor will bulldoze the building down, the island has been transferred from the EPA to the Fish&Wild Life Service. Hope this helps you. One more thing, on your WAS you worked KH6CC. Carl is located in Kamauela, on the Big Island of Hawaii. He operates on 160M/CW at nights and has a nice station. Carl operates on OSCAR/AO Satellites from his QTH. If you hear him on HF/CW, please give him a shout. Another is KH6CTQ,Uncle Pete Demmer is a great CW Man, the best antenna/electronics designer in Honolulu. Pass my regards to both men, you will enjoy CW/QRP with both. - Ryan Namaka WH6AMU - Honolulu, HI - Feb 1
Great site OM. I really like ur ant. Have u tried a full wave loop? I find they work great, and use little area, and they can be fed for low angle rad.and with tuner they are multi-band. 73 - Paul W1HY - PAwtucket, RI - Feb 1
like your site. going back tosee if i understand what you have there. - ernest kh6jlx - aiea, HI - Feb 1
Leon Case K1GAW - Portland, CT - Feb 1
GREAT SITE, BOOKMARKED IT - steve howard AB0XE - SO. ST PAUL, MN - Feb 1
Love your web page and I love QRP, too. Very nice article on the ARRL site. - Dale Lam - WA0NKE - Kansas City, MO - Feb 1
Hi, John - I've been wanting to send you a note for some time. I grew up in New Brighton, PA, and our family used to drop our canoes in at Kittanning and drift downriver to a secluded spot for a week or two vacation! I became a ham in 2000 (should have done it long ago), still wet behind the ears. Like you I enjoy CW QRP - started a little club down here. Good work on your site and daily record! If I ever get the chance when I'm up that way, maybe I can come by for a visit. 73 - Chuck Vogan, KD5KA - Weyers Cave, VA - Jan 31
Excellent site which is updated regularly, informative and well laid out. Gives me even more reason to learn Morse and get my HF ticket. Hope to hear you on CW soon! 73 - Corey, K0AWN - Colorado Springs, CO - Jan 31
A great site John which I visit often and tell all my Qrp friends.Good luck and please keep up the good work 72/73 GQRP 8571 - Bill GM4AGL - Scotland - Jan 31
John w4tww - Charleston, SC - Jan 31
I am a recent retiree from ARRL HQ where I worked in the VEC office for 7 years. I dabble in QRP and have always been amazed what can be done with very little power. When I lived in Connecticut, I once worked Oklahoma with about 100mW. My first love is rag chewing on 10 meter phone or 20/40 meter CW. Nice site. I enjoyed my visit! - Wayne K. Irwin, W1KI - Ocala, FL - Jan 31
have been in ham radio over 30+ years...great site for new comers into to hobby - KC8Y - Youngstown, OH - Jan 31
You have a great site and I will be back. - Rick KB5SDC - Poteet, TX - Jan 28
I was impresed so much for your activity. I am also QRP/CW and Outdoor Ops only station. I hope we could QSO QRP/QRP. - Kenshi Katayam/JA4AZS - koganei, Japan - Jan 28
Used to be K3PFD. Let it go circa 1964. Going next month to take my technicians test and get licensed again. - William F. Igoe (Bill) - Hawley, PA - Jan 24
Formerly WA3ACF which expired years ago. I just bought a used Kenwood 570D and I am in the process of setting to operate mostly CW. I was impressed to see that you use the same transceiver. I enjoyed your CW Homepage. - Larry Brown, KD5MIF - Seabrook, TX - Jan 23
I too am starting to like QRP. QRP folks don't have to deal with as many TVI/RFI/EMI problems etc, and this in and of itself is a huge advantage. - Mark, KI7N - Hillsboro, OR - Jan 22
Very useful site. It's now added to my Ham Radio Favorites file. Thanks and gud dx! 73 - Rocky Evans, W7RCK - Salem, OR - Jan 18
Love QRP and CW. Great web site! - John- -W5EEX - Phoenix, AZ - Jan 18
Your web page is very informative. Good work...Uploads are rather slow for some reason. (FYI) (qsl.net is slow at times - if you were using that, try windstream.net - K3WWP) - Bill Harris w7kxb - Mesa, AZ - Jan 16
Hi John! It took me about two hours to read carefuly your superb site. I have been an QRP enthusiast since 1995, but first licenced in 1968. You just provide a QRP Encyclopedia and this is very understandable for all. I must admit that your QRP promotion is a very good example for me as a beginner in QRP publishing in SP land. I am aware that QRP has got their best time in our Ham's history ever. I don't care why, but have some ideas :'-))). Anyway, thank you for the great site which I linked to my favourite links. "I love QRP" is the title of my rather modest QRP site. Will appreciate stopping by. All the best and 72'ss - Wim SP5DDJ - Warszawa, POLAND - Jan 14
Found your site via google as I am just getting into the EQSL awards chasing. Thanks and 73's - Dave KU4YW - Chesapeake, VA - Jan 12
I Like your informative site. Keep up the great work 73 Frank - FRANK KB3IDX - Allentown, PA - Jan 6
Hello John K3wwp! I really enjoyed your web page. I am in simular restricted operating conditions where antennas are restricted but manage to operate lo-pwr. Am a radio broadcaster/engineer writing to you from boardside at SmoothJazz WJZA/WJZK in Columbus,OH. Been here a year but in radio broadcasting for over 25 years. Am on 10 meter on weekends and 80m as well. Hope to talk w/you on the bands sometimes...thanks again for enjoyable site ! - M.D.Jenkins KB8RVI - Galloway, OH - Jan 5
John thankyou for the 15 meter qso 12-26-02. I have a pic of me near some beaver ponds in the Rockies that I fly fish. I handcraft my own Bamboo Fly rods. - Bill Hensel AA0RQ - Littleton, CO - Jan 4
Dear OM, Can you please direct me to an internet site from which I can download the current DXCC country listing? tks es 73. - Stephen, WA3CXG - Phila, PA - Jan 4
Just stopped by to say Howdy. Been a HAM for about ten years (just renewed) but been away from it for the last five years. Only studied code to pass General Class (passed) but now I'm starting to get a little more into it. Practice witout pressure of taking a test does help... me at least. Well have a good day and Happy New Year. Earl - N3NWY - Wilkinsburg, PA - Jan 1
There is no category for power between 1 and 5W. I usually use between 2W and 5W. So I could not check my power on your list.(Note from K3WWP - The second choice More than 1 to 5 watts means anything greater than 1 watt up through 5 watts) - David D. Meacham, W6EMD - Redwood city, CA - Jan 1