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Just love, all the homebrew,gear.I am also building 6y6 tx. also like to build antennas, and tuners. - Al kd7kd - Anaconda, MT - Dec 28
Great site with tons of info regarding cw. I live in the UK and hold the foundation license which gives me 10ws on most bands and interested in learning morsein a big way as we reach the bottom of the those sunspots. Keep up the good work - Sean M3FVB - Macclesfield, England - Dec 27
SUPER SITE - BOB K4ENC - Sweetwater, TN - Dec 27
Been Hamming for 44 years,used to be quite good at CW & QRP,But have not used CW for years and I am very rusty..I need to get a code buddy to get my speed back (10 WPM) I love mountain topping radio - Skip K1TXU - Colorado Springs, CO - Dec 26
I'm a 70 year old retired American now living in the Philippines and hoping to become a ham. In the states that would be easy, but here it seems impossible. Anyone have advice on where to start? Email me if you do. - Robert Earl Hazelett - Baguio City, Philippines - Dec 24
I enjoyed your notes limited space ant.i live ina limited space area. i also could use some help on getting my code up to speed also.keep up the good work 73 to you. - alvin campbell ka7biy - Centerton, AR - Dec 23
I want to know more about qrp. I bought a HW-7, HW-8 and 817. I can hear people but no one returns my calls. I use a dipole (multi-band). Is there anyone in the San Diego area or Chula Vista area who may be able to help me set up my station properly to be successful with qrp. I never had an Elmer to help me. All I have done so far has been through books and videos. Thanks a bunch, 73 - Chuck KF6FJU - San Diego, CA - Dec 22
Nice Site - Stan KJ4RZX - Fort Mill, SC - Dec 21
Hello again. Six months ago, you were my 5th QRP contact and my first FISTS contact. I decided sometime before Dayton earlier this year that I was going to get back into HF with QRP this time. After our contact back in Jun, I found your web site to be a great QRP resource since I was operating only portable at the time from my back deck with the FT817ND and a portable dipole antenna (the Buddipole). This was before I had even joined FISTS. Well, this morning I completed the 100 points needed to qualify for the FISTS Basic Century award (QRP, too). As I prepared the Excel file to email to Dennis Franklin, I noticed that you were my first FISTS contact. We had a brief contact on 80m the other night, but conditions were's too hot and it was a short QSO. I've moved indoors for the winter. (It was about 3F here this morning in suburban Detroit). I'm using the Elecraft K2 and a #26 wire that runs from the rig out the window up into the birch tree in the front yard and then out to the maple tree at the curb. The wire is so small that the only thing really showing is the yellow tennis ball at the far end of the wire that serves as a weight as well as a visual reminder that the wire is still there. It's been a fun six months working on the CC. Thanks for getting me going. FISTS #10546 CC #1684 QRP ARCI #11922 NAQCC #0231 FP #983 - Jim Brooker, WZ8K - Royal Oak, MI - Dec 19
Enjoyed the QSO - Hope you have luck in growing citrus trees in your green house - They grow like weeds out here in the Desert. - Vernon Lewis - W7VPL - Sun City, AZ - Dec 19
nice to hear u on the winter contest - VE3IXI - Goderich, ON - Dec 18
Nice site. - john WB3ABH - Chalfont, PA - Dec 14
Interested in QRP, spread spectrum and digital. - Claude Stone, a wannabe - Montpelier, VT - Dec 11
FB site OM, cu on the bands, 73. - Gerry Lynch G0RTN-GI0RTN - London, England - Dec 9
Bill Murphy KB2HRH - Spencerport, NY - Dec 7
Good Morning John, You have a very beautiful Web Page. I just became a new member of your NAQCC club nr 0343. Thanks again for all the nice information. 73 - George KC8VQ - Middleburg Heights, OH - Dec 7
dennis n4ktl - Supply, NC - Dec 5
Hello i have looked at your web site before and found it interesting. Just joined NAQCC tonite 12/3/2004 wish i had found out earlier. Looking foreward to good contacts on all bands. Im a fists member 9441 have been for 4 yrs now and havent picked up a mic since joining. hope to wk you and cant wait to get started on awards. By the way i hold NANFA award #3. That was fun contest . thanks Fists #9441 - Darron Sanchez wa5tcz - Greenwell Springs, LA - Dec 4
good job all around - still looking...dont think i've ever signed a guest book before i reached the end of a site...73 - VE3IXI D. Cooper - Goderich, ON - Nov 26
Very nice page and thanks for supporting CW. Been a CW hound for over 40 years and still 98% of my contacts. 73s - k8ra - Jerry - Powell, OH - Nov 22
I just found your web site, and I am enjoying it. I am only up to about 8 WPM, but I hope to improve as time goes on. Thanks for all of your advice and help...73 - Ci Jones - Helena, MT - Nov 17
this is one of the best web page i have found in a while keep up the good work best of 73's good dxing terry - KA8YIT - Franklin, OH - Nov 16
Just love your website, and encouraging remarks. Keep up the good work, I aspire to master cw, and you are a great role model!! 73 - Ed KC8SBV - Roseville, MI - Nov 11
John, Great site with all your additional improvements. I have moved to Pine Grove, Colorado now living in the mountains SW of Denver. Hope to qso again with you, 73 - Bill Hensel AA0RQ - Pine Grove, CO - Nov 8
KX4OM - Marietta, GA - Nov 6
WA1LCW, Lane - Windham, NH - Nov 6
Great web page! I'm taking up CW for the second time and this is a great place to refresh my memory. Thanks - Dan Gagnon N1GXC - Lakeland, FL - Nov 5
Eric Ward N0HHS - Durham, NC - Nov 2
Enjoyed your site. Just pass my General written and working on my extra and the code. Where do i sign up? QRP is one of my main interests. I enjoy the challenge. - Harry G. Osoff - Champaign, IL - Nov 2
Joe DuMond W4OCJ - Fort Worth, TX - Oct 26
RUDY WB3EMV - Ridgway, PA - Oct 24
John__ always read your QRP articles in Keynote. Looking fwd to new qrp club and forth-coming announcement. - John E. Dickinson - Milam, TX - Oct 16
DAVID RIFE, AD2Q - Demorest, GA - Oct 16
I've had your website bookmarked for some time, but just today started to look around - WOW! Fantastic job! An amazing amount of info here; thanks for all your work. - Geoff - W1OH - Centerville, MA - Oct 15
Got a COUPLE of your QSL's here! 73 es TNX - K4YZ - Winchester, TN - Oct 14
Thanks for the great website. I'm finally learning code at 51. I started as an 11-year old Boy Scout memorizing the dits and dahs. I've never, until now, been able to get past counting the dits and dahs. Found Chuck Adams' (K7QO) CW Course and have finally learned the whole alphabet by ear! Hallajuah! - John N4NQM - Sewanee, TN - Oct 14
Hello everyone and 72s. I'm very happy to say that the North American QRP CW Club is now up and running. I'd like to thank John, K3WWP, for the masterful job he did constructing the Web site. Hope you all will work the upcoming GAW (a week-long special event) and hope more will join -- membership is FREE! Our motto is: No Dues, Just DO! (ex-KC3YD) - Tom KB3LFC - Kittanning, PA - Oct 13
Hi, Nice to find this page, have QSO'd K3WWP a few times on the air. I run QRP on 80,40,30M bands often. Started as a Novice on QRP, later homebrewed a 4x811A powerhouse then up to a henry 2K but got boared with that and now back to a MFJ 9030 AND IT'S FUN AGAIN. - John K8JD - Commerce, MI - Oct 10
Chris GM4YLN - Edinburgh, Scotland - Oct 10
Bill VE5AAR - Regina, SK - Oct 9
I have enjoyed looking at your website, and will visit more often. I am working on optaining my code status but haven a problem with not having a radio to lisen too, but with programs online,like cw javas, may be a little ruff but doable. and haven an elmer works too. tnk. for sites like this. - mike hales KE5CDS - USA - Oct 7
Great info. - KD5ZCL - Kenner, LA - Sep 29
Just getting started in QRP kit building and operation! - Cathy James (N5WVR) - Plymouth, MN - Sep 23
I had a vacume tube SW when i was a kid. Now i want to get my nephew set up straight away. - Danny Haszard - Bangor, ME - Sep 22
John... Great site, Thanks for sharing. I'm about 90% CW. - Nick Bassolino K6FFY - Los Osos, CA - Sep 22
I hate to toot my horn, but even after having operated QRP since back in the late 1980s I am continually amazed at how much one can do with so little. After a ten year hiatus I got back on the air with my new call, KB3LFC. Earlier this week, using my HW-9, a low random wire and a loaner homebrew tuner, I had a QSO with S51UF, Rudi, from Slovenia while running 3 watts on 30 Meters. When the "big power" boys say something like "If you can't run with the big dogs stay on the porch," I'll think back on this QSO (and a few others) and enjoy my private chuckle. - Tom Mitchell - Kittanning, PA - Sep 17
Great site - always find something new and interesting to read. Thanks 72 - Terry WU9F - Madison, WI - Sep 15
Working QRP has really put the fun back into ham radio.I'm amazed at my results.I usually run 2 watts,and feel guilty if I go above 4watts. 73 - Franklin C. Wolfgram W4WWK - Springfield, VA - Sep 13
Very nice site. 73's - Preston Shute WD4DDA - Clinton, MS - Sep 12
Excellent website! - Brett Downey KD7TBD - Bothell, WA - Sep 11
Trevor - Hamilton, New Zealand - Sep 9
Congratulations John for your full 8 years online. I hope that you continue to be online many many years more. Greetings. - Baltasar, EC8AYR - Tenerife, Canary Islands - Sep 8
I think your web site is GREAT and an inspiration, at least to me, for hams to try QRP and/or CW. After 10 plus years away from ham radio I am just amazed at the new areas of the hobby. (DSP, AM nets, QRP, PSK31 etc., etc.) Keep up the good job!! Sincerely - Gene, W2BXR - Haledon, NJ - Sep 1
I like your website; I will come again sometime. - I Nyoman - Denpasar, Indonesia - Aug 25
am CW only OP and loveed it for 30 yrs - WA4RCW Ron Norwood - Nashville, TN - Aug 23
Hi all: Recently i was reading an Internet article about an antenna for both 20 and 40 meters that was made of a 50-feet long piece of 450 ohm ladder line in two, 25-foot lengths by a center insulator and fed by 50 ohm coax. The article said the antenna covered most or all of both bands without a tuner. Does anyone have any detailed specs on this or know where I might look up the article again? - Tom KB3LFC - Kittanning, PA - Aug 17
After reading a comment by Kenji, JJ1BDX/3 reagarding the futility of adding "/QRP" to your call while sending CQ I have given some thought to this and can only concur that he is 100 percent correct. What I found while operating QRP CW in the mid to late 1980s and early 1990s (as KC3YD) was that: 1. Most hams, believe it or not, do not know what the Q signal "QRP" means, or at least do not understand what we intend it to mean. 2. For whatever reason, some in the amateur radio community seem to exibit a distinct prejudice against QRP operation and will refuse to answer a CQ call they know is from a QRP station. The idea coming from several ops I know is "If you can't run with the big dogs stay on the porch." One fellow I knew proudly wore a T-shirt that said "Life is too short for QRP." 3. Not adding "/QRP" to your call shortens your "call time." It's almost like sending a seemingly endless string of "CQ, CQ, CQ, etc. etc. ad infinitum..." Admittedly, I have also been one of those guilty of adding "/QRP" to my call. My formula is to send "CQ" two or three times, followed by my call twice, then listen while tweaking the RIT a bit. I hope this bit of unsolicited advice helps our QRP CW fraternity, especially the newcomers. And on a final note, don't be discouraged by the poor band conditions. This too shall pass. John, K3WWP told me he will be adding a "teaser" to his announcements on this site regarding yet "another" QRP club. I think you'll find this one to be a bit different and unique. More later, 72s to all - Tom KB3LFC - Kittanning, PA - Aug 17
i foun very interesting article in yuor site and i admire your effort on amatuer radio is quite intereting, i would have love to have a contact with you but my sharks are no longer available due to personal problems i wish i could lay hands on old one.thanks 73 wishes - james obialor - Ojo, Nigeria - Aug 11
My dad has ham radios I'll get him to try and raise you sometime. - Gary - Fraser Island, Australia - Jul 30
Bill Igoe K3PFD - Hawley, PA - Jul 27
Here is my contribution to HAM Radio: http://home.tiscali.ch/hb9abx/ham.htm where you find: antenna construction (homebrew): - Worlds best HF mobile antenna - magnetic loop antenna with program - Spiderbeam: great improvements - diplexer construction with my best 73s - Felix HB9ABX - Basel, Switzerland - Jul 22
"...After all these years," or as Arnold S. would say, "I'm back." Thanks to the recent "donation" of a wonderful HW-9 I made the first two HF QSOs with my new license, and the first HF QSOs in ten or so years. Old call was KC3YD which expired in 2000. New Call is KB3LFC. Anyhow, today, Jul 19 I had a QSO with K4VSV from 1440 to 1455 UTC on 10.111.3 and with W9CBT from 1600 to 1612 UTC on 10.108. W9CBT was running one watt and I had turned down the HW-9 to 2 watts before answering his CQ call. "So what," you may say. OK, no great shakes as far a QRP operation goes, but it just felt sooooooo good to finally be back on HF operating QRP CW that I just had to do a little crowing about it. It's great to be back in Amateur Radio and even better to be operating QRP CW. And thank you, John, K3WWP, for the "inspiration." - Tom KB3LFC - Kittanning, PA - Jul 19
Great site John, I'm just starting back into cw mode and you've been a great help on operating procedures. I'm definitely going to try QRP! Sounds like fun. Have a gud Saturday up north. Wish I was there! I was born and raised in Monongahela along the river just like you! 73 - Richard Fuoco, KM5WX - Batesville, MS - Jul 17
Excellent site to bookmark - MIKE-KE5AXO - San Antonio, TX - Jul 17
hello, i worked you on cw quiet some time ago. not recently, but saw your call on a qrp site i was surfing and thought id drop in to see what you have added. and of course its a bunch. all the best. maybe cu on forty meters qrp freq in evenings saline county, illinois - George Hardesty ka9ycb - Carrier Mills, IL - Jul 11
Very informative site John ,keep up the good work OM 73 de Bill GM4AGL - Bill GM4AGL - Scotland - Jul 5
Great site Enjoyed it - James Wild - Paris, TN - Jul 3
Nice work -- - Randy Prewitt, K4LJA - Monroe, LA - Jun 30
Good web page. - KA5ROW - Poteau, OK - Jun 30
Glad to make your acquaintance QRP. I used to work in the broadcasting business as well- CKLW, WKNR, WNIC - Jim Brooker, WZ8K - Royal Oak, MI - Jun 22
JOHN NAGY W3JEN - Lutz, FL - Jun 16
William L Ribish W9LR - New Berlin, WI - Jun 15
Best Web Site in all of ham radio. Your encouragement to get on the air with simple antennas and QRP rig has been great! Please keep the site going. - John Stewart W7HBO - Apison TN - Jun 13
Very nice site with lots of good, interesting information. CW is by far my favorite mode of operation. - Cecil Smith N5DR - Denham Springs, LA - Jun 12
John, Great website with lots of helpful information. Keep up the good work! I visit your website often and enjoy all the information you have gathered. I had been out of ham radio for several years. In fact, my ham ticket was about to expire. I visited your site and it helped me in many ways to get back into the hobby. First, I used your site to choose the rig I wanted to use. I like qrp and so I used your list of qrp rigs. For many reasons, I choose the SW40+. Second, I did not recall the "proper" proceedures used in CW operation. On your site you have an example of what is exchanged in a QSO. It was great help. I copy the text from you site and replaced the call sign, QTH and other information. I then printed it out and used it to guide me. Third, I regularly check your site for contesting information, propagation data, qsl routes and the polls. Please keep up the website. It has been a great help to me and an ongoing source of information. - Rick Sturdivant, KB6MMS - USA - Jun 10
FB website. tnx es vry 73's - WB3EBN - Wayne, NJ - Jun 9
Nice web site...keep up the good work! When I operate SSB my wife say's I'm "cheating"....she says ham radio is "diddy-dahdah", SSB is just another cordless phone. - Tom K2TA - Greenwood Lake, NY - Jun 8
My first QRP QSO was made while I was a novice back in 1960/61. I built a 50L6/35Z5 rig, which ran directly off the a.c. line (no transformer). Back then I didn't know any better! I used a cigar box as the chassis. It fed a 65 ft endfed wire with a lousy (I know now) ground connection. My first contact was 599 on 40m over about a 250 mile path. I was hooked! I later rebuilt the rig to use a 6AQ5 powered from a separate power supply. Using a trap vertical I could work the coasts from Tulsa with relative ease on 40m. I'm an "Elmerless" ham unless I count Herb Brier of Popular Electronics fame. So, if I could learn enough just from reading to pass the test and actually get on the air I think that anyone else could as well. I'll admit to puzzling over a lot of problems, but I eventually solved them all. Maybe that is why I eventually became an electrical engineer? Ham radio is wonderful! - Ron K5DUZ - Houston, TX - Jun 6
Don't drop the page! This is always where I go for QRP related information; I don't know where else I would go for good QRP information. Your QRP calendar is great - always a useful place to look for what I can expect on the bands. Thank you. - WD4MSM Barry - South Bend, IN - Jun 4
Hi John, Yours is one of the most interesting sites I have visited. I have never been a ham and am interested in being one. Thanks to you I believe I can do it without breaking the bank. Five wats of power seems fine for you so it should be fine for me. Will start a course in the Fall. I am practising my code now. Not doing to poorly for a 65 year old. In most of my lessons I only get one or two errors. Thanks for introducing me to what looks like a great adventure. - Don McPhee - Mississauga, ON - Jun 2
When I was KC3YD I did a lot of QRP-CW (nowhere near as much as you). I used an old HW-7 (still have it somewhere), a Century 21, Ten Tec Argonaut, and HR 2510. In 1992 a house fire wiped out home, shack and everything including some jammed full logs and relatively priceless QSLs. Went into a 10-year hiatus on radio but got the "bug" and on May 20 I took and passed my Tech exam in Youngstown, Ohio. Planning to go to the Butler Ham Fest to take my General this Sunday (Jun 6). Will probably try for Extra in the fall. I work for the Leader Times and I'd like to do an article on you. Whether you want to help me with an article or not I'd like to rag-chew with you about QRP-CW and perhaps pick your brain, if you'd permit. Best 73s Tom Mitchell Ex - KC3YD Ex - KA3LPJ - KB3LFC - Kittanning, PA - Jun 2
Mike KD0AR told me about you several times so checked out your webpage, NICE!!! 73's - Jerry - NR5A - Box Elder, SD - May 30
G,Day Mate - Garry - Sydney, Australia - May 22
Edwin Pires - VE3VVT - Abu Dhabi, UAE - May 21
I am just learning CW to pass my code test I have my advanced cert. my goal is 12wpm. By the way, CW/RTTY/SSB is my area of interest. CW is the best! - David W.O'Hara (VE1WOH) - Indian Brook, NS - May 20
very nice info john, gl 73 - YC1YCT - Indonesia - May 17
Great site - Paul C. Smith, k0ps - DeBeque, CO - May 12
Julius KB8DIE - Maineville, OH - May 8
VA7TQ - Surrey, BC - May 8
Great Site, John. I keep coming back to read all the great CW/QRP/HAM RADIO info, advice and stories you have assembled here. Also my first choice for upcoming contest info. 72 es 73 - Geoffrey, AE4RV - Louisville, KY - May 5
I'm a new Ham and am interested in CW. Your page has a lot of useful information. Thanks. - KI4EST - Marietta, GA - May 3
You have a nice site. The most fun I ever had in ham radio was with QRP. - Tim Cook WB8BCO - Athens, OH - May 1
Great site! It has renewed my interest in Ham Radio and my interest in working towards my General ticket! - Chris Bower, W1CMB - Roanoke, VA - Apr 30
fantasic - WB8GKH - USA - Apr 30
Bob Green N3DMI - Port Saint John, FL - Apr 27
Great web site, been out of the bis for about 5 years and need brushing up on Q sigs fb om 73 - Andrew Briggs KG5S - Bald Knob, AR - Apr 26
Nice site - Timothy W1NAU - Milford, MA - Apr 25
Tnx for sharing your talents - K0MEL - USA - Apr 24
The sight is great to look at John,CW will probably always be around. It just it will be fewer people who use CW only. - MATT W6YNS - Orange, CA - Apr 24
Hi John, Nice site, just curious where are the YL CW stories. Was looking for somthing to show my XYL, who is learning CW and I am trying to get to use the Radio. BTW she is at abt 20WPM - Kevin G6FOP - Thatcham, UK - Apr 24
FT-301SD, Elecraft KX1, Heathkit HW-7, Pixie2 & various other homebrew rigs - Mike WA8RVD - Streetsboro, OH - Apr 22
Just visiting - Lawrence Bishop VE3LAB - North Bay, ON - Apr 17
NICE TO PLAY CW QRP - GOOD LUCK ES DX I HPE TO MEET U ON UPPER BAND 72/73 - Bertrand GAY F6FLH - Vic Le Comte, France - Apr 16
Hmmm saw you noted I had signed your guestbook, I have never been to your site before. Looks like the work of a bootlegger - Gary K8JCR - Toledo, OH - Apr 13
John, Thanks for a great website. I have been coming here for several months now, but haven't signed the guestbook before. I am a new ham (licensed since 11/03) operating CW QRP. Your info has been very helpful to me in getting started and providing encouragement on what can be done with QRP and HB wire ants. Your info on DX QSLing has enabled me to QSL the few DX QSO's I've had. Tnx agn es hpe cul, 73, - Kevin KI4DEF - Washington, NC - Apr 12
Great sight. - Kevin Inman, KF6ICD - Covina, CA - Apr 10
Donald l. Stringfellow kc9cuc - Goshen, IN - Apr 9
It's a great website and hard work, I am very enjoyed! Thank you, John. All the very best and hope to catch you on the air soon. I operate as QRP (5W) from Scottish summits, time to time... 73 - MM0DFV - Glasgow, Scotland - Apr 5
TROY L BURRELL W0TLB - Fountain, CO - Apr 1
Great site. As former TF/KE4SX, particularly enjoy your DX Spots. Well done! 73! - John N3YZ - Annapolis, MD - Mar 31
Great site, John. Finally got to review it. Lots of great stuff I will have to spend weeks going through. - Karl, KB1DSB - Bomoseen, VT - Mar 30
Richard Clark W5MCZ - Pasadena, TX - Mar 27
Nice Site. Saw your letter to QST and came here re:indoor antennas. Live in a restricted antenna neighborhood! - W8efa - Fairfield, OH - Mar 27
Had a novice ticket 1970-71, raised family in Elvis Country, began studying for Tech Lic couple years ago, had a stroke, going to test in Apr after 1st daughter gets married. Get excited! I am! - J Steve Goodman - Memphis, TN - Mar 26
I've been inactive since 1984 (the last time I put a 40 meter dipole and got accused of everything from interferring with electric toothbrushes to sterilizing a purebred persian cat. (It was NOT me - I can prove it by my logs!!) Anyway - I stumbled upon the idea of trying QRP. All the fun of getting to build my own rig. (I haven't yet - I would love to hear suggestions on commercial kits or homebrew.) I can put up something less impressive than a 60 foot dipole at 35 feet. And I can key down without worrying that I might be interferring with neighbors. I love your site and appreciate the time you've put into it. Wish me luck, all - after 20 years, the code is not coming back as quickly as I'd planned. 73's - Kip Williams N6NVP - San Diego, CA - Mar 25
Thanks for all the info on Qrp. Clint - Clint - USA - Mar 24
Hi John, Just read your QRP article in QST. Keep up the great work. Hope to QSO again soon. Have not heard you on 40m although I am on mostly in the mornings. I think you should be in the QRP Hall of Fame! 72 - Dick Jaeger W3DP - Camp Hill, PA - Mar 23
Aaron Menough - Grand Haven, MI - Mar 23
I looking at getting a recipricol license to operate in Italy. How would I send my call in CW to reflect my current location ? Thanks for your time. 73 - Walter Wolff - AC4IM - San Vito, ITALY - Mar 22
Just got my General and am having a blast. I stumbled onto your site and am really impressed. The amount of professionalism and assistance in this hobby never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for the great resource. Ken ps Now if we can only fend off BPL...is there such a thing as satellite QRP? - Kenny mac KC8YYC - Ottawa Lake, MI - Mar 21
Bill Coffey W2PX - Ballston Lake, NY - Mar 19
nice site, keep up the work - Jim Boswell ka5siw - Los Alamos, NM - Mar 19
Been inactive for almost 20 years - but miss the guys up on 3898 and have been getting the bug to try QRP. (Hey - I don't need a hobby - I've GOT one!) - Kip Williams N6NVP - San Diego, CA - Mar 18
andy N8WGJ - Dearborn, MI - Mar 17
Timothy Germann KG6RII - Mission Hills, CA - Mar 17
great site! - roger---n3icj - Buford, GA - Mar 16
Enjoy QRP. Not as successful as you by not means. Still I have a great time. - Mark Coleman KJ4YM - Marietta, GA - Mar 14
Enjoyed your letter to the editor in QST. Very nice website, will stop back often. 73 - Ron N3CAZ - Monroeville, PA - Mar 11
I really enjoy your website. - AL7FS - Anchorage, AK - Mar 10
John ...was trying to sign your guestbook. I started with qrp in 77...used an Argonaut 509 later got a 515 which I still use at times. QRP awards include WAS...DXCC.......WAC. Got the 1000 mile per watt award using 1S4 tube on xtal 7040 with 750 mw to my vertical....all the way to California so am no stranger to QRP. I will check back to your website really enjoyed it. 73 - Tom WB3HLH - USA - Mar 10
Great web-site. Will be back. - WA3HGT - Montoursville, PA - Mar 9
Congratulations on a great web site, and for getting an excellent letter to the editor published in the Apr QST. I'm a relatively new ham, and am learning code. I'm up to about 10 wpm. I think that will improve fairly quickly when I can get on the air. I plan on experimenting with indoor antennas. I recently finished building a rockmite-40. Thanks for everything. 73 - Richard AD5LX - Fort Worth, TX - Mar 8
great site! - reiner uebel k7ru - Williams, AZ - Feb 29
Hi John I popped in after seeing your post on the ARRL soapbox. I enjoyed your story about the ARRL DX and agree that the times they are a changin' and am looking forward to exploring the lower part of the solar cycle for the first time. See you in CQWW WPX. 73 - Andrew ZS1AN - Cape Town, South Africa - Feb 28
Hi John, A great site, I have found some info on zero beating for all those hams that have bad ears, im one of them. You will need spectrogram, a free program. You set it up as follows, set the display channels to monaural, freq to whatever your sidetone is, you can even measure your sidetone with the program if you dont know what it is. Then feed the sound from your radio into the computer via the mike on the computer or via a connection to the line in, which is what I use. You tune the radio untill the signal you are zero beating is over the side tone freq set under pointers. Thats it, your zero beat. I dident realise how far I was off untill I used this program. I found the info on the website of WD3P a qrp op. 73 hope this helps someone Paul - Paul Saunders - Feb 28
Hi. Have been out of it for some time. May be picking up some QRp equipment and refreshing my code. - Ray AG7S - Pasco, WA - Feb 28
John: thanks for your e-mail. Enjoyed your site. - K4JJW, Dick Goodwin - New Bern, NC - Feb 24
nice cw site. I will help teach my 6yr.old son with this site - mike ve3rrq - Omemee, ON - Feb 20
I think your site is a great tribute and resource for all amateurs. I really enjoyed it. - Jared Williams, KC0RJC - Independence, MO - Feb 12
just got back into Ham (never did anything with my Novice ticket 20 yrs ago) and have discovered the excitement of CW and QRP -- I plan on devouring your site! Your bio on QRZ was ispiring; I'm going to warm up the rig tonight and try to do so every night. Thanks, John. (W2SR, in the Elecraft channel, mentioned his QSO with you last night, which is how I found you and your site. Really, really neat!) 73, 72 - Trent - KD7WUR - Pleasant Grove, UT - Feb 12
Very nice site. Was looking for antenna info. Interested in QRP. Interested in CW but need to get my receiving speed up. Thanks for informative site! - Allen Welsh AG4LR - Stephens City, VA - Feb 11
Larry W6CCW - Eureka, CA - Feb 7
i think qrp is great i have two little one's now "Vectronics" 40 - 20 meters thanks foe having the site it got me going again in ham radio. - Tom AA8XX - USA - Feb 4
GW3XHD - Port Talbot, Wales - Feb 2
Bill Bickley W2ET - Chestertown, MD - Feb 2
Mike Daly kc2kbr - Rochester, NY - Feb 2
you have a very nice website and a lots of stuffs,good luck - ve9vic...rino - Kedgwick, NS - Jan 31
-. .. -.-. . .--. .- ..- . -.. . -.- .--- --... -..- .--- - Eric - KJ7XJ - Tacoma, WA - Jan 27
73's and good job and activity from Roma, wpx mixed n.1923/2003 - Max IZ0BXZ - Rome, Italy - Jan 25
Time to get busy and try some of your great antenna ideas - Aubrey Manis - Nacogdoches, TX - Jan 24
A great site-recommendd to Northern Arizona DX Assn members. - Bill Schuchman W7YS - Flagstaff, AZ - Jan 19
joseph wobles - CT - Jan 13
Nice page...lots of good info. - Ed K4SB - Acworth, GA - Jan 13
Enjoyed the visit! - Paul Yacich W5LLJ - New Orleans, LA - Jan 11
John, nice to QSO with you yesterday. maybe this was our first non-contest qso as i still use paper log here. i enjoyed use of Az Scorpians paddle that was just completed the same day. I am still getting used to it! Thanks again for the nice place you have provided here on the web. curt - WB8YYY - Eldersburg, MD - Jan 5
Great site. Thanks for all the hard work that this requires. We who benefit are in your debt. - Ron Langston WE5O - Alpharetta, GA - Jan 3
John, this site you have made is very informative and entertaining. I like your accumulation of statistics because those type of things interest me. Your columns collection from the Fists newsletter are great and I am reading through the whole group of them now. I have applied for a FISTS membership as a result of your quality articles and for what the club represents. Thank you for all your hard, dedicated work for QRP. It is a great way of life. Mark - KT4OA - Myrtle Beach, SC - Jan 3