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Jim Cordell AB8SS - S. Vienna, OH - Dec 19
Hi John, I was a ham many years ago and now that I am semi-retired I am going to get back into it. I will probably operate just cw. You have a great web site and I enjoy reading your articles. I love the internet because of sites that are full of information like yours. Keep up the good work and good luck in the future. Bob - Bob Heydasch - Knoxville, TN - Dec 18
Hi John. Just finished an 80m CW qso with you. Boy was I surprised to find out it was you! CW and QRP are FB. Keep up the good work. Take care my friend and 73. - Scott - W3SWL - Bel Air, MD - Dec 8
Very nice and informative website.I'll be looking forward to meeting you one day on CW with my home made QRP Rig "Rockmite" that stands proudly next to my new ICOM IC-7000. Best 73 and Good DX - Samir, OD5SK - HZ1SK - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - Dec 2
New General license. Want to build my own QRP equip. Licensed in 1988, but a newby to QRP and building. - Stephen Elliott KC4FIT - Omaha, NE - Nov 29
Tom Townsend kk4hk - Kennesaw, ?? - Nov 25
C. Lind Aitken WA2WMR - Bu, VA - Nov 21
Nice website, John. Hope to hear you on again soon. 72, Ken - Ken, NU4I - Williamsburg, VA - Nov 21
Hello, I like to build when I do happen to have the time. I have been searching the internet looking for a formula for the capacitors on making a Foxx 3 more than one band. I have a Foxx 3 and I still have yet to build it, and I am now glad that I haven't done it yet. I would rather solder in pin sockets removed from the DIP or SIP sockets. That way, if a toroid wire were to wear out, then it could be removed and placed back in with another toroid, or another band. And the same for the crystals, they can be changed in and out. Where to find out about caps, and their values for the different bands and which caps would be changed out and which could be soldered in, is what I cannot locate, and I don't want to limit the Foxx 3 to 80 meters. Thanks in advance to everyone for any assistance and support of Code. I just do not want to see Code taken from the testing. When I did a Foxx 3 search for more than one band, this is the site I found. - Jane Evans kd5lwa - Henrietta, TX - Nov 20
Tnx for an excellent and informative site. I was a commercial op fm 1945-50. Nothing after that. Now 78 and just got my first ham ticket. Discovered that CW never left me; I left it 56 yrs ago. Part of Fists and still use a cootie key, a single paddle side swipper. Good for 30 wpm and less. Anyway, keep on keeping on. CW is NOT dead nor will it die. Today's Tulsa Tribune had an article on hi school tchr near here. Has amateur club with dozens of students, mostly into CW.Hey! Your busy and I'm retired. Take care and be blessed. Dr Chuck Trombley - Chuck K5CTM - Broken Arrow, OK - Oct 30
Tnx John - There goes my afternoon! First call, W3KYU (1943/4) Navy aircraft(couldn't use - war) 73's es God Bless. - Rich N3NSN - New Freedom, PA - Oct 25
I just had the pleasure of working John operating as N3A on 30m and WOW, I was shocked when he said it was a NAQCC special events station 599 signals aren't usually associated with QRP stations at my poor operating position! Phenominal job John and best of luck! QSO time was at approx. 12:30pm EST, 10/23/2006. I am only 2 months into CW myself, so sorry for sloppy fist, but I am having a blast! 73 de Tom - KU4MY - Tom Bailey - KU4MY - Anderson, SC - Oct 23
Nice site - lots of good info - Chris KB4CMF - Dolgeville, NY - Oct 18
Found your site by searching for 555 Scout...I just obtained one. - Dennis K2DCD - Trenton, NJ - Oct 13
Hi, Am looking for the circuit diagram of the VEC 1220k / 1230k / 1240k / 1280k qrp kits. Would like to 'localise' them for use by school children learning the hobby in India. The ones I saw in some pdf files on the net are just too blurred to see any values. Thanks in advance. 73 de vu2bdx, Bharat - Bharat VU2BDX - Gurgaon, India - Oct 13
Hi John, Just found out about your website via an SKCC post. Very nice informative site that I have bookmarked so that I may reference it again & again. I think we've worked, but not sure. I still keep a paper log and usually other than a QSL, I have not kept records of non DX stations. Thanks again for all you do and very 73. - Cliff KU4GW - Taylorsville, NC - Oct 8
John, I've enjoyed your polls - I realize they must be a lot of work to keep up. I'll miss them if you decide not to continue with them, but I understand the reason - if you are not getting the participation you expect. I've noticed that you also use some of the polls for information for your articles you write. I hope you will take that into consideration as well. It is interesting to test perceptions against suppositions and reality on various topics, as you have done in the past. THANK YOU - regardless of how you decide to proceed. - Mark, WU7F - Centerville, UT - Oct 7
I read your site before I passed my code test and that convinced me I could do it. Now I have had my first QSO with another ham. I am excited about CW. I use a Yaesu FT-817 and a wire antenna. Thanks Dan - Dan Payne N4PCV - Kokomo, IN - Sep 14
Alex ur5rp - Chernihiv, Ukraine - Sep 12
Great Site. I will be following your comments and hope to have similar success. - Charles Patterson KA0YLP - Sioux Falls, SD - Sep 9
John, just read your history and I used to be WB2MXJ in the 1960s in New Jersey that you mention. I gave up ham radio in the 70s, so not sure who if anyone has the handle now. Joe Breault - Joe Breault ex-WB2MXJ - New Orleans, LA - Sep 7
nice site tnx, Rich - Richard Stamile KG2ED - Oceanside, NY - Sep 6
John hi, Great web site. I am desperatly looking for a user manual for a Kenwood TS120V. Just wondering if you have access to one,or know where I can obtain one. Many thanks 73 Eli - Eli Salant ZL1ALS - Auckland, New Zealand - Sep 5
73 - Gordon Mallinson - Sep 5
John, great web site! I admire you doing 100% QRP/CW. I do 100% CW and more and more QRP. Thanks. --George - George Bonina K3ROO - Burke, VA - Aug 26
Nice home page, thank you! Regards, Heikki - Heikki, OH2CW - Helsinki, Finland - Aug 14
howard w. white n9lkc - Aug 10
Hi there John---It's been a while since our last QSO but hope to work you during the upcoming NAQCC Straight Key/ Bug sprint. I'll be keying with my ole Les Logan Speed-X bug, circa late 30's. Just recently sent in my request for membership in the club. Hopefully I'll have my number by the start of the sprint! I always enjoy visiting your website since I also love operating cw, working QRP and building gear. 73 es cu on the cw bands---K3PBY - Chuck K3PBY - Saint Cloud, FL - Aug 3
Vvvvveeeeeerrrryyyyy interesting ! May the Good Lord take a likin' to ya !! 73 88 Roy - Roy, W5RJ - Butler, MO - Aug 2
Excelent site, 73' - Alfredo Velez WP3C - Utuado, Puerto Rico - Jul 24
Good morning. I was out hunting around 40m this morning and thought that I would stop by... - Tex N9CYF - Savannah, GA - Jul 15
Your site is an excellent operators aid, for all Radio Amateurs. Your are to be congratulated,for content, interaction and reliability.As a CW man of 50+ years, both maritime, commercial & eventually as an amateur ZS1 & G0, its good to see your drive to help all. I refer anyone/everyone to you site as a must 'homepage/favourite' Continued success John - Buck G0OYH - Exeter, UK - Jul 5
Wayne, k4wk - Decatur, GA - Jul 2
Great site - after 20 yrs off the air, after 1000W/SSB I am back with 10W/CW and enjoying it more. - Richard Furbacher, OK8RF / VE3FSF - Jun 23
nice site - dennis wd9dwe - Seymour, IN - Jun 19
Enjoyed meeting you on 40 this evening (6/16/06). I was on my OHR 100A and Dipole ant. The WV contest was really making copy hard towards the end but, your signal was still very strong. Thanks and hope to meet you on air again. 73's Frank WB4OUF - Frank Lambert - Raleigh, NC - Jun 17
Gary Altman, K3SE - Gaithersburg, MD - Jun 16
I'm a new ham with a General class license, working on the Extra. I've only recently been able to get on the air and that has been with ssb, but I love it. My first QSO was with a ham in the British Virgin Isalnds and I was bragging for a week. I really want to do CW, but so far I've been unable to establish a contact. I've got the jitters about making a mistake. I'm still not very fast. I'm afraid of being too slow to QSO with someone faster, of making a mistake keying, and of not being able to copy someone well enough. Does everyone just starting out feel that way? I know I've got to get over it. Anyway, you've got a great site that encourages me. Thanks 73 (See my diary entry for June 8 for my answer - K3WWP) - Bill, KI4MOD - Florence, AL - Jun 8
this is terrific congratulations strong 73/51 from Brasil see http://bloglandell.no-ip.org many thanks - diney escafura ZZ1MDE - campos dos goytacazes-rj, Brazil - Jun 4
John, I love reading your diary entries on your website. Keep up the good work - Matt W6YNS - Thrall, TX - May 31
QRP CW has been an interest for some time. Jumped into it and starting to enjoy the hobby again. - 'Lynn'..KA7CTT - Vancouver, WA - May 25
Just learning, up to 3 wpm. Wahooie! - Diana Morse - Allentown, PA - May 18
I've always been a believer in the KISS method, and that is the way I like ham radio, short on politics and long on wire! I operate as my main a Heathkit HW-104 on low power for QRP and a PixieII for 40 and 80 each. Happy to see there is still interest in CW and QRP just makes it more fun! 73 - Dan Pruitt, AE6SX - Fresno, CA - May 16
Been licensed 30+ years but only active in the first few. Now that I am retired, I want to get active in QRP CW. I'm glad I found your site. I'll be back to learn from your experience. Thanks, Ed - Ed Taylor WB8TSD - Mt. Gilead, OH - May 16
I enjoy building 5 watt single tube CW power oscillators. My current rig is a 6aq5 running 5 w to a 135 ft. wire. The rig and construction details can be found at http://home.stny.rr.com/wa2ntk/qrp1.htm 73 - Ralph WA2NTK - Horseheads, NY - Apr 28
Brett VK2TMG - Australia - Apr 25
Hi John: Keep up the great work you are doing for qrp and cw. 73 - Ned, W8VFM - USA - Apr 22
I had to put a password on my guestbook, with the username and password shown in an image to thwart the darn spambots!!! The time required to keep the spam under control was cutting into my Ham Radio time. I also posted my email on the page as an image, not text (like you've done here). - Roy, KL7GQ - Valdez, AK - Apr 10
Max Faulkner vk6fn - Manjimup, Australia - Apr 9
Terry ve3kni - - Chatham, ON - Mar 31
Bill KK5YE - Sellersville, PA - Mar 20
Nice to work you in the NCQP John. Good luck with your QRPing. - Rich K4DJ - Hickory, NC - Mar 6
Great Website! - Hal K6DXC - Oakdale, CA - Mar 4
Vy interesting site-keep up the good work! - Eli Kovo 4X4LH - Jerusalem, Israel - Mar 3
Good web site. Great job! - Joe Hibberd W3QLC - Stillwater, MN - Mar 1
tnx for the web page iat one time i could copy 25 and 30 wpm now i have to work hard to copy 15 wpm could be my hearing or my age 76 now 73 - jim ac4xl - Louisville, KY - Feb 28
Hi to All: After being in Amateur Radio for over 52 years, CW & QRP are my #1 choice. - Jerry W0UAK - Chisholm, MN - Feb 26
Have worked BUCKETS full of W's in the ARRL International DX Contest (CW of course!), both QRP/QRO on 40 and 20, and STILL going strong!! NO WAY CW IS ON ITS WAY OUT!!!! - Gus ON6KE - Mechelen, Belgium - Feb 18
Great Website. Just got into QRP and am totally impressed. I've been bitten by the bug. As for the SG-2020; It's the most obnoxious CW rig I've ever seen. Don't know what kind of relays they use for Rx/Tx but they're awful! To any potential buyers: You had best be ready for some very noisy CW. Every motion of your key/paddle sounds like a car wreck. Hated it and actually "gave" it away to a potential ham. My opinion only. (Yes, the unit I tested also had somewhat noisy relays, but nowhere near as noisy as what you describe in the unit you got there. See my review of the rig on my QRP rigs page. - K3WWP) - Jess Materne KC5CQD - Seaside, CA - Feb 17
Nice webpage - Gene K3QLZ - Lewistown, PA - Feb 16
Visited this site probably a hundred times already but keep coming back, there's always something new. Keep the keys rattling guys. 73 - Gus on6ke - Mechelen, Belgium - Feb 15
Nice site.. Viewed with Mozilla 1.7 all looked good to me. - N1MS - Claremont, NH - Feb 5
Great stuff,I love it - John Houghton G3amo - England - Jan 30
90+ percent CW. Licensed Jan. 1960. CW is the very BEST part of the hobby for me!! 73 - Lew Lipson K1NDV - Newton, MA - Jan 23
Built my mono band Norcal Sierra transceiver (40M) from scratch (etched PCB). 1/4W at 7.0mHz to 1.5W at 7.06mHz. Need more adjustments before going on air. - KG6PFH Ryoji Dandoy - El Dorado Hills, CA - Jan 22
Hi Great site, new ham since 2002, working very hard learning CW. Enjoy it very much. Hope to copy as fast as you someday. Take Care. 73 - Vince Galbraith VA3GRV - London, ON - Jan 20
I am looking for a Code Buddy so I can improve my CW operating - skip doane, K1TXU - Colorado Springs, CO - Jan 16
NAQCC #224 - Kenneth A. Smith - N0VA - Grand Junction, CO - Jan 11
Hallo! I have found your address on Google search; I am searching a website of homemade articles and schematic diagrams for building an HF p.a. using 811A or 572 B - Thanks if you wish help me. - M. Sirago I2SRM - Cermenate, Italy - Jan 8
Enjoyed the QSO this afternoon. And just think, I almost passed you up because you were a bit faster than I was comfortable with. But had a solid copy (surprised me)! Thanks again for a great QSO and hope to CUAGN! 73 - Melinda, KI4CIA - Tuscaloosa, AL - Jan 7
A very helpfull page, thanks for taking the time to creat it - James Teeple N8DOD - Warren, OH - Jan 2
Happy New Year! I hope you'll soon be filling up this guestbook page with your wonderful comments as you've done each year for the past 10 years. Thanks. - John, K3WWP - Kittanning, PA - Jan 1