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Thanks for helpful info for getting "back" into CW. After long absence from the bands I had a fun year or so on 100 W SSB with an OCF dipole, and a TS-430S but now it's time to return to the "roots". Just ordered a CW Touch Key P1, and exercising the CW portion of the brain, I DID pass 13 wpm a gazillion yrs ago. Hope to CU on the air and trade stories. 73, Colin - KM4OZ - Nelson Co., VA - Dec 30
A friend told me to goolge my call sign and there you were..Thanks..Ish - Ishmael kb5avb - Austin, TX - Dec 29
I'm working at cw'but haven't got there yet.FOR SOME IT IS EASY AND SOME IT IS HARD. - AL KC8RNQ - Port Richey, FL - Dec 28
Being a Tech. class at present, I looked at your antenna arrays (I'd hardly call them arrays, they're just simple hunks of wire - K3WWP). I don't have much room here, so designed a 22" dia base, 35'7" mast with rotor, with no guy wires in the yard. - Harlan Bloom KJ4GXN - Haines City, FL - Dec 28
Any suggestions about my chances of getting out with a 1/4 wave wire dropped out the second floor window of downtown condo here ? No other possibility seems on the horizon. I think your web site is FANTASTIC. Ham for 50 years but just recently QRP interest. - James T. Lee MD K5KKV - Saint Paul, MN - Dec 28
Hello and 73 - Bob WA9NPS - Braidwood, IL - Dec 28
Keep up the good work -- thanks, Chuck - Chuck Whittington, K4CEH - Dec 25
Great Website! I just worked John, K3WWP on 80 CW with my Atlas TX/RX110 and he invited me to join! Looks like I have found a home. My FISTS number is 867. - Peter WA1ISA - Wrentham, MA - Dec 14
Hello John, I really enjoy browsing your web page because of all the false assumptions about QRP. Isn't it amazing what 5 watts and a simple wire antenna can do on the airwaves? Your daily contacts and diary are very interesting. I wrote the young California ham a brief e-mail as an encouragement to continue this great hobby. Sure wish I had been able to use CW at that age..... We old guys are getting thinner every day. Thanks for your leadership in the NAQCC club! 72 - John Smithson N8ZYA/qrp/NAQCC #2279 - Charleston, WV - Dec 8
looking for k7qo cw course. Thanks for any help. I want to increase my speed - russ ae4ny - Chamblee, GA - Dec 8 (Note from K3WWP - try our newly instituted NAQCC Elmer program designed to help folks like Russ. Contact K5DUZ via the 'Contact Us' link on virtually every page on the NAQCC web site)
Great website and thanks for keeping it going - Malcolm K1VZ - Saint Joseph, MO - Dec 5
NAQCC# 2669, FISTS# 13952, FP# 2030 Enjoy your QRP column, I am just "re-discovering" CW and am building a RockMite 40 QRP rig. - Al Duncan VE3RRD - Barrie, ON - Dec 3
I am encouraged by your talk of daily walking for exercise. You're a real motivator! And, we agree on a general dislike for cold, snowy, cloudy (sunless) weather. LOL, hi, hi. I can't wait for Springtime weather again. Sorry I didn't make it over to Kittanning this past summer/fall. I'm not much of a traveler...much to my wife's chargrin! But, I really intend to get over your way for a visit in 2009. You're probably bored hearing this so often from so many of us, but...I really like your daily diary and your personal website. It's excellent. Happy Holidays, John. 73's/72's - Tim Davisson, KD8GZ - Norton, OH - Dec 2
Site has been a great help in locating DX bureaus! Keep up the good work. 73, Ken, K5KMR - k5kmr - Oak Point, TX - Nov 25
Keith KS8T - Hamlin, WV - Nov 19
Great site !!! - Joe Papworth, K8MP - Delaware, OH - Nov 15
I am a long-time TenTec Argonaut user: the 509 and the 516. - Jay Heath - Sioux Falls, SD - Nov 10
great site, learning CW and enjoying the process albeit slow and at times frustrating - Doug Mills KI4SNS - Seminole, FL - Nov 2
Very informative site. I am spending hours reading and digesting your information. May cause habit changes! - William R Hodgson Jr, W1WRH - Nottingham, NH - Oct 29
Hi John... I came to your site via the FISTS Keynote that arrived today. The propagation section was succinct and helpful (I have never paid much attention to the numbers, but have always been intrigued by propagation.) Also, the NAQCC N3A operating has been great... with more still to come. Thanks. Jim, AF3Z - Jim, AF3Z - Conestoga, PA - Oct 22
Top site John. Thanks - RosscO VK4AQ - Innisfail, Australia - Oct 21
Steve Banks - Lakewood CO - Oct 17
Excellent site John. Looks like you put a lot of time into it. Thanks for your hard work promoting CW! 73 Mike... - AB0TX - Halstead, KS - Oct 13
Nice web site I have enjoyed looking around. - Tom Victory ka5hvl - Norco, LA - Oct 7
C Cunningham AB7CP - Jackpot, NV - Sep 30
Hey Gang, looking forward to N3A. Just stopped by to say Hello. Look for me as N3A/4 - Randy KB4QQJ - Burlington, NC - Sep 17
Great site! I'll listen for you on CW band segments. Thanks. - AJ4JZ - Belmont, NC - Sep 16
dick kunselman (KA3VGH) - Templeton, PA - Sep 12
Great site; how about a page of what equipment / items a ham could browse on how to get started in this QRP ... what type of equipment do you reccommend to start with? Thank, Mike AD7VV - Michael Heit AD7VV - Harrington, WA - Sep 12
Enjoyed your site very much. I still use my Grandfather's Straight Key from when he worked for the New York New Haven, and Hartford Railroad! Unfortunately, I'll never be able to work cw like he could. Hope to see you sometimes on the air. 73 de KB3KKY-Wash, DC - Jack/KB3KKY - Washington, DC - Sep 12
K0GZR - Gardner, KS - Sep 11
Just joined NAQCC but I've been looking at this site off & on for years, it seems. Always find something interesting here. 72, Herb - Herb Schuler - K2HPV - Clarksboro, NJ - Sep 2
Very beautiful and interesting thank you 73 de i2viu - i2viu - Sondrio, Italy - Aug 21
Enjoyed QSO tonight, John. Thanks! - Roger Heard NI0R - St. Joseph, MO - Aug 16
Great website! Hope to meet you on bands! 73! Milos (OK QRP C #211) - Milos OK1CT - Pilsen, Czech Republic - Aug 10
Newbie ham at 73 yoa, CW/QRP is what I'm interested in first... - Robert Young W4UHB - Willow Park, TX - Jul 18
Hi John, GREAT website! I drop in from time to time to check it out. Its one of my favorites. Thanks for all the pictures and information you have on your site. Keep up the good work my friend! Bob Tadlock N7BDY - N7BDY (ex WD6GLA) - Kingman, AZ - Jul 7
Hi! John, I have made several attempts at Learning CW but dropped out. Through I would give it another try. Tom n3xql 73 - Tom n3xql - Reading, PA - Jul 7
John: Tnx for the nice chat tonight on 40. cul and 73 for now. - Bill Kelley AB4KH - Lauderdale Lakes, FL - Jul 5
Way to go John! - Roy Jones, KC0RJ - Butler, MO - Jun 30
Gary Richardson N5ANF - Englewood, CO - Jun 20
Excellent web site. 72 de Dan - Dan VK8AN NAQCC # 409 - Stuart Park, NT, Australia - Jun 16
John...Man, this long-term period of rather poor propagation makes it difficult to keep up CW skills...but, it can be done. I have sereral QRP QSO's with the Carribbean area and a couple Europeans. Kittanning sounds like a friendly, nice, American town! 72's, TD - Tim KD8GZ - Norton, OH - Jun 16
Great web site. You must spend a great deal of time working to keep this site going so well. I use a K-1 and a K-2 for QRP. Hope to work you one day. Chuck, N4UED - Chuck Pridgen N4UED - Roanoke Rapids, NC - Jun 8
I love the website - W7UX - Eureka, MO - Jun 5
The morse section is very helpful as I am finally getting around to getting my CW up to speed. Thans, Cliff - Cliff G3UYN - Cornwall, UK - May 21
Thanks for the great QRP QSO last night. Sure enjoy the Web site and the information you provide. 73 Charlie - KG4WAE -- Charlie - Charlotte, NC - May 16
I enjoy the site. Keep up the good work. Long live qrp cw! - Jerry Huldeen WB0T - Sioux City, IA - May 13
I have just same interest in our noble hobby ham radio, how to make contact using small amount of power and only Morse code. You can see that I would do it same like you. Proudly promoting Morse code, and QRP only. This do not require expensive electronic stuff "made in who know". A really ham radio can made spark gap transmitter in emergency, of course, from car ignition coil and some easy to found components. I am afraid that is not possible on other mode. The crystal radio like receiver will be work. I have my own expression "In the beginning was only Morse Code" And this is a truth,I am so sad because people believe too much Internet, cell phone, forget the code, increase power. But why not promote the basic knowledge, Morse code. 73 best dx de 9A3HP Zoky - Zoky 9A3HP - Jasenovac, Croatia - May 5
QRP is great, I built and operate an Elecraft K2 - Jimmy Davis WR4Z - Panama City, FL - Apr 27
Congrats on an interesting web page 73 from the bottom end of the Africa Continent!!, Frank ZS1CM - Frank ZS1CM - Cape Town, South Africa - Apr 20
I'm so new, but the NAQCC website and others are so helpful it makes it easier. I love CW thanks to this group and website like yours, John. - George "SKIP" Hoffman KC9LEZ - Naperville, IL - Apr 14
John, Congratulations on reaching day # 5,000 of your streak. And yes, I think # 10,000 can be reached. See you on Monday when we get to christen my K2. 73 Mike KC2EGL - Mike KC2EGL - Brookville, PA - Apr 12
Hi John, Thanks for short QSO tonight. I completely lost you on the first go around. I did note you were QRP. I was also running 5w to a Windom @ 45' up. Will look for you again. 73 NAQCC #0494 Tom Laskowski KB9BIT South Bend, IN - KB9BIT - South Bend, IN - Apr 11
John...I'm not a fan of contests...never have been. But, I love the NAQCC Sprints. Fun, but laid-back! Hope to participate monthly. 73's, TD - Tim KD8GZ - Norton, OH - Apr 10
Very nice site! You have a QRP-CW history to be proud of! 73, Larry - NK2X - Larry Cobb NK2X - Phillipsburg, NJ - Mar 31
Nice informative site John and great to see CW & QRP use being so well promoted. - Chris Parnell, ZL1CDP - Auckland, New Zealand - Mar 20
John, Nice page with great info. Can't write more at ths time, as I hear someone on 14.060 and I want to work him. 73. Frank W2XYZ - Frank Wroblewski - Lakewood, NJ - Mar 17
Hi John, Thank you for the great QSO last night. I am going to dust off my K2 and get back into QRP. It has been several years. I hope to see you on the air again soon. 73 & God Bless, George - George Kerrick W3MWR - West Chester, PA - Mar 16
Nice site John! - Bill w4zlu - Decatur, AL - Mar 11
Just driffting along and ran across your site from Don K3MIC's site. Very informative. I used to work cw about 80% of the time in the 60's when I first started but then a long layoff and after starting back about 1995, I have only made one contact on cw, lazy. Keep up the good work. Jim - Jim KN6ZB MRCS - Oak Run, CA - Mar 9
Good Luck, with old Mr. Stone, be gone before you know it! - Gene K3NDE - Bellingham, WA - Mar 4
I'm thing of getting back on the air. Had sold all my gear a few years back, TR930 and support equip. QRP CW seems like an interesting area, what would I need to start as a bare minimum? Thanks N2HNJ Lowell - Lowell Stern N2HNJ - Thiells, NY - Feb 29
Nice site!! 73 - Mack W4MBA - USA - Feb 26
Really working at learning Morse with Gordon West tapes. - Joe Frank, KI6IQY - Oakhurst, CA - Feb 21
Love your site. The best I've seen covering my interests - CW, QRP wire ANT. Pulled my code trainer out after visiting here. Excited about the solar cycle 24. 73 - Mark, KA3USN - York, PA - Feb 17
John, thanks for 1964 LoTW QSL on 40m CW. You are the OLDEST QSL in LoTW for me. I got my ticket in 1961 (WA4DDO) then moved to NJ (WA2WSB). 73, Terry :) - Terry G. Glagowski/W1TR (WA1ALZ) - Ashford, CT - Feb 12
I took the CW test (5 wpm) because is was what I had to do to upgrade my license. This was, for me, one of the hardest things I have done. CW did not come natural to me. However, upon reflection, I looked farther into this. I decided, why waste all the time (5 months) it took to learn and pass the test, to just throw it away. So, I study some more. I like doing things 'right' the first time. Not to mention, I want to reduce the 'looking like an idiot' factor as much as I can. That said.this is how I ended up on your web site. Man!....what great information! What a great web site! This has given me a lot more confidence, that I can do this, and do it long term. I am not sure how good I'll be at it, or how deep I will get into CW. I can say, I will be going a lot deeper than I thought I would - after studying your web site. Thank you for all your hard work! Richard Schwender - AD7KC - Richard AD7KC - USA - Feb 12
Good evening John. I have a feeling at this time you are in the middle of your daily QSO's for your streak. I think this is the third time I have visited your guestbook. One question for you my friend. Will you be posting the picture I took of you at your operating postion on your homepage? 73 Mike - Mike, KC2EGL - Brookville, PA - Feb 5
Just read about NAQCC in the Keynote and checked out the website. My application sent in. I operate mostly cw and sometimes qrp. When the signals are decent and the other op is qrp I'll drop my power to 5w. That's as low as my rig will go. Hope to get a dedicated qrp rig in the not to distant future. Looking forward to many more qrp qso's in the future. - Mark Gentry AD5WI - Pea Ridge, AR - Feb 1
QRZ.CON/EA1OD ... SEE YOU LATER - J.C. Biarje EA1OD/QRP - Gijon, Spain - Jan 30
I share your somewhat dislike for Winter. Main reason: lack of sunshine (depressing!), and it's often too cold to walk outdoors. My wife thinks I'm crazy every winter...so, she leaves me to my rig, books, other diversions til Spring hits. Hi, hi. Hang in there! TD - KD8GZ - Norton, OH - Jan 26
John - Great site. I'm learning more each time I'm on the air, and your pages are a great resource. Thanks! BTW - SKCC #3650 and FISTS # 13439 73! - Skip - KC9LEZ - Naperville, IL - Jan 20
Qso of the day says, "Dec 31, 2008 where you ment Dec 31, 2007. My first visit to the site. I love it thanks for the work ya do to present it. - John kk7v - Rio Rancho, NM - Jan 17
I did a little better last night in the Sprint. It's because of all of your assistance John, Thanks and 73 - Joe Riplinger - W4ONC - Norfolk, VA - Jan 17
I had taken a sabbatical from QRP but I'm now back and encouraging my fellow Bellringer members to get into cw and QRP. We are active and retired Bell System employees and friends with a mutual interest. I have asked that your web page be shared with the members. 73's or is it 72's (tell me what the difference is?) Gary-N4OLN - Gary A. Lindemann N4OLN - Conyers, GA - Jan 6
Just stumbled on to your website. I like what I see. 73 Gene - Gene Glover, N1YE - Windham, ME - Jan 4
I just wanted to say that your site is a real inspiration to start doing some things in ham radio again. Maybe some day I will hear you on the air. Thanks for the site, I enjoyed it. 73's Phil WA9AQL - Phil WA9AQL - Pewaukee, WI - Jan 4
I agree with John: why are the bands jammed during contests, and rarely otherwise? I've never been a contestor...don't see the huge attraction. Happy New Year. 73's...Tim - Tim, KD8GZ - Norton, OH - Jan 2
Happy New Year! I hope you'll soon be filling up this guestbook page with your wonderful comments as you've done each year for the past 12 years. Thanks. - John, K3WWP - Kittanning, PA - Jan 1
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