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Guestbook Entries - 2009

I'm new to QRP and was looking for information on the best QRP CW frequencies. A search engine brought me to this site. I will be back as this is my interest. This area of ham radio brings me back to the fun I had as a kid using cw as a novice. I like the challenge and the simplicity. Keep up the good work. - Joe K9TUX - Cocoa, FL - Dec 28
Enjoy your site, try to visit everyday. Also a fan of cw, keep up the good work. - Bob KB0TUA - Ballwin, MO - Dec 23
Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and all the best in New Year and having a blast on cw with my keyer (vibroplex iambic) - Tom Reed ve3uku - Sarnia, ON - Dec 23
Just received my CW endorsement this week May get into QRP next Sounds like fun Tnx for informative page Garf(VE5CAT) - Garf Challoner VE5CAT - Norquay, SK - Dec 16
Received your QSL card today. Thanks. When I get some more experiance I am going to try QRP also. Just a beginner, since March 31 this year, and still so many areas to explore and learn. TNX again for the prompt QSL card. Jerry - Jerry McMullen KC9PKW - New Palestine, IN - Dec 16
I look forward to working your station soon. - AJ4SB - Cooper City, FL - Dec 10
Long live QRP CW! - Loren, AE7CG - Prescott Valley, AZ - Nov 25
Forcing myself to love CW! Sometimes tough love is a good thing! - John - WA4JM - Dade City, FL - Nov 25
Great website John! Thanks for the info on the CW Net in your recent email. I have installed a great little application called Reminder Fox in my Firefox browser that pops up a reminder 15 minutes before the NAQCC Slow Speed 3595 Khz CW Net on 80 meters so hopefully I can remember the net from now on.I hope you and yours have a very Happy Thanksgiving holiday and very 73 de Cliff KU4GW NAQCC#1491 - Cliff KU4GW - Taylorsville, NC - Nov 25
Thenks for all your activities in NORTH AMERICAN QRP CW CLUB - Conny Winrot SM5DCO - Skogaas, Sweden - Nov 25
FB Website OM. You've inspired me to do more QRP on the bands. 73, Dave - David A. Huhta/KB0BXE - Lake Benton, MN - Nov 25
Found myself in your log two places. Almost all of my casual operating is CW, and each FD I find I make more points in a couple of hours on CW than the rest of the group on SSB. Gotta love CW. Some QRP but also boatanchor ... the Valiant is a wonderful CW transmitter. - Jim Krause AB4CZ - Norcross, GA - Nov 25
John - keep up the great work. I've been checking the site for many years and I appreciate your dedication. It's been a touchstone for me. mark - Mark W4MMR - Myrtle Beach, SC - Nov 25
Thanks for all your hard work in the CW fraternity John, you make a difference! - Steve W0GSQ - Northglenn, CO - Nov 25
I can only begin to appreciate the time You spend on NAQCC related matters. I offer You my SINCEREST THANKS. See You at Sprint time (Hopefully). Brion VE3FUJ - Brion VE3FUJ - Harrison, ON - Nov 25
C. Lind Aitken WA2WMR - Springfield, VA - Nov 10
I LOVE QRP NEVER BEEN REAL FAST BUT ALWAYS SOME ONE OUT THERE TO TALK TO HI HI .rigs are icom 7000,ats-3,rockmite 40 my kd1jv ats is my fav. rig waiting on webers new one comeing in feb. 2010 love GOD,country,family !! 73&72 JIM - JAMES DAVIDSON KC0DD - Bloomfield, IA - Nov 10
Great Site, Tnx for all the great info 73 .. Fred - Fred W4FMC - Tampa, FL - Oct 22
Just starting into QRP and I enjoy it. - WA4DD - Dacula, GA - Oct 8
Just dropped by to check on you... talked to WY3H Tom several days ago and he mentioned your name... - Jim Diggs K4AHO - Orlando, FL - Oct 2
great site.keep up the good work 73 to you - Harold KC2VBL - Sodus, NY - Oct 1
Hi there, First, congrats on all the awards you've got, that is awesome. Also, go cw!!! I think I've worked ya somewhere in a contest, sure recognize that call sign. Second, if you take contest announcements, I have 2 for you. These are for 2 contests in January, 2010. Hope to work you in both of them, and 73, Trippy, ac8ep (Note - both contests will appear in my contest calendar when time draws nearer - K3WWP) - Trippy, ac8ep - Huron, MI - Sep 26
Glad to be here. Great site! - John Tidball WX4O - Anniston, AL - Sep 14
Neat site.. and encouraging to see what can be done while have a bunch of fun! - Dennis KK0DJ - Pella, IA - Sep 8
very nice site - Bob VA3RE - Hamilton, ON - Aug 13
Hello.....have spent last 2 hours searching for N3AQC operating from USS REQUIN. Not a peep. Did you cancel the operation? Tks (This came before Lanny did work us at 1730Z, about a half hour before we had to QRT - K3WWP) - LANNY W5BOS - Quinlan, TX - Aug 13
Great site for cw, enjoyed my visit. best regards, Norman - Norman VE3CJE - Sault Ste. Marie, ON - Aug 9
Al Hills AA7CU - Eugene, OR - Aug 8
john: very nice website ... i'm glad we had qrp-to-qrp qso last night (i see me in log)... love the homebrew stuff in your photo and your devotion! keep it up and i hope to work you again with my ats-3b.1 (radios in altoid tins are my thing!) - charles smith AI4OT - Arlington, VA - Jul 29
QRP portable is my favorite mode of operation. PFR-3 and an end-fed wire 65 feet long held up in the center by a 33ft MFJ fishing pole. 73 Bill - K3HZP - Fort Wayne, IN - Jul 29
Hello, John. I have worked you on a few sprints. Great website. - Jim, NV9X - Blue Island, IL - Jul 19
Been off the air for about 20 years. Got my Novice in 1956. Loved CW. I've come full circle and looking forward to working CW again. Will be running 100 watts (Icom 7000) from RV with SGC tuner and whip. Enjoyed your website. Blessings, garyj - Gary NA6X - Redlands, CA - Jul 13
Thank you John for you dedication and time to promote CW/QRP and helping others in the field. I feel your expertise with QRP will go far in the years to come. - Tim Clapper - White Post, VA - Jul 12
Always listening out on Vancouver Island for any NAQCC members. - Bob Bartlett VE7CPO - Cobble Hill, BC - Jul 12
John; I was just about to shut down the radio Monday night when I heard your call. I gave you a shout and just as quickly you came back, you quickly faded away. You came back again at the QTH part of the message but after that I could not hear you and you could not hear me. Oh Well. Next time, hopefully soon. CU and 73's Don AA9WP - Don AA9WP - Grafton, WI - Jun 20
#3736 NAQCC looking fwd to many qso's with the members. C.W. since April 06, Ham 2005. CU Dwn the Log. Lee W9WE - W9WE - Quincy, IL - Jun 12
Nice Site...Keep up the GREAT work!!! 73!!! Don - K0DJK - Cuba, MO - Jun 11
John : Great to work you in the NAQCC Sprint on 80m last night. Band was quite noisy here but you had an excellent signal. Hope to CU AGN. Cheers, Michael VE3WMB - Michael VE3WMB - Ottawa, ON - Jun 10
73's and gl de gaetan ve3azq - Gaetan Ve3azq - Cornwall, ON - Jun 10
Just found your wewbsite today. Was visiting the NAQCC site when I say your entry. QRP is also one of my great hobbies (Argonaut, Pixie II, MFJ SSB/CW QRP -9440- rig plus others) and for antennas, I use a B&W Folded Dipole and a GAP Titan. Now all I need to do is set aside time to get on CW, most of my operating time is taken up on 20/17M when they are open and 75M chatting with a long-time buddy. 73 ES GUD DX - Robert Lunsford, KK5R - USA - Jun 8
Nice web site, John. Keep up the great work! CW lives!!! - Roger Cowan, K9VP - Richmond, IN - Jun 8
Just checking in again, John. Will look for you on the next sprint. - Curt WA2JSG - Carneys Point, NJ - Jun 5
Still not on air but if I do, it will be QRP CW. I recall once posting my website here. It lost its home, so I put up a simpler one, http://sites.google.com/site/ny2vfred/. Also am NAQCC #3544. Keep up the great work! - Fred NY2V - Weedsport, NY - May 22
New member, #3728. I look forward to the experience. Rob Frailing - Rob Frailing KJ4CBA - Cooper City, FL - May 21
Tnx, for such a gteat website. : ) - Ken Wedemeyer,K7EMO - Ava, MO - May 18
Love your enthusiasm, John!!!! - Ray N6HE - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA - Apr 29
Grid Square FM09wm. I'm interested in getting on the air after a long hiatus. I have an old HW-8 and will be installing a longwire antenna at my QTH. Are there any clubs around that have kit building projects/assistance? Thanks. - Gary KC8IQZ - USA - Apr 29
Your site has encouraged me to get going again QRP CW. Thanks - Keith Hamilton W8GX - Youngstown, OH - Apr 29
Bill W5VX - Edinburg, TX - Apr 10
Great site. Thanks - Mitch NA7US - Ravensdale, WA - Apr 5
I am a no-code general,however, your site has inspired me to learn code & try qrp. Wish me luck! - Mark Clark N5YJX - Linden, TX - Mar 22
Many thanks, John, for all your good work for QRP, cw and radio fun. And you motivated me to restart my radio life and cw. Much fun. 72, NS4Q - Larry Morphew NS4Q - Madison, AL - Mar 22
Amazing that you have made a QSO every day for almost 15 years!! Keep up the good work, and hope to work you sometime. 73. - Carl, N5XE - Sulphur, OK - Mar 16
Congratulations on such a great site - brim full of enthusiasm for all things QRP and CW! 73 - Stephen VK2ESR - Sydney, Australia - Feb 27
Hello! I am UA1CEC. ATCC was founded 25.08.2008. ATCC invites everyone who loves ham radio, CW, dx, ssb, digi and contesting, to become a member. The Membership is free. Membership in club absolutely gratis and we invite the amateurs from all over the world . Everyone has the right to propose. If you want to apply: please sent me free text (name, callsign and wish to become)to ua1cec@rambler.ru. - Tony - Russia - Feb 27
New member to NAQCC (#3457) and looking around trying to familiarize myself with the procedures, times, etc. By the way, nice website. Curt - Curt WA2JSG - Carneys Point, NJ - Feb 27
Thanks for the site. I'm just beginning to learn Morse. - Terry Phillips KE7ZZZ - Corvallis, MT - Feb 12
Stumbled across your site while learning about CW. Started K7QO's CW course a couple of days ago. Have always wanted to learn morse, just to have the knowledge, finally decided to do it. Am mildly interested in QRP CW, maybe I'll meet you on the air if I get into it. Thanks for your site!! - Dan Rogers - Notta Ham (yet?) - Boise, ID - Feb 7
I enjoy your website. I hope to work you one of these days. Been a ham since '93, work CW for a few years. I got away from it but am back operating CW mode about 98-98.5% & that includes the 2m FM local nets & chats. I finally have a decent station with a Ten Tec Orion 1-100 watts. I built the Ten Tec 40m QRP rig and love it. Drop me an email and maybe we can try to set up a sked some time for fun. 73 de AC8AP - Alan Shafer AC8AP - Milan, OH - Feb 5
Looking forward to working a lot of CW in the future. - Fred McCutchen - W4FMC - Tampa, FL - Feb 2
John, I just sent you a letter and hope you get it in a few days. After logging into your diary I have been brought up to date on the CW activities. I have only a two meter right now, however, I have an enclosed porch in my condo that is bout 20 feet long and 10 feet wide with a false ceiling that could hold either a long wire or a dipole. I am on a limited amount of money but hope to get back on the air soon. I will check QRZ for any thing I might be able to buy. I have two logs filled with CW contact's and miss the many hours I spent on them. Hoping to hear from you. Sincerely, Jim Dennis N4RKR - Jim Dennis N4RKR - Clearwater, FL - Jan 30
Hi John , just checking in to see whats new on your webpage. As usual it's FB. I'm a month late... but I'm wishing you a Very Happy and Healthy New Year. One of my resolutions for the year is to be a lot more active on the bands and try to make at least one CW contact per day. So far, so good :) 73 from N7BDY Bob Tadlock - N7BDY Bob Tadlock - Kingman, AZ - Jan 28
Very interesting website. Spent over an hour perusing. Just getting back to CW. Good to see teens listed. Keep up the good work. Thanks. 73 Howard - Howard Nutter K7GHS - Show Low, AZ - Jan 27
Scott Bates W1SG - Ft. Myers, FL - Jan 22
Not sure if I've signed before. I see you're getting close to 3,000 signers. Congratulations! - Bill - NF9D - St. Charles, IL - Jan 17
Thanks for the great Web site, and for your continual encouragement to everyone to get on the air each and every day using CW and simple antennas. (PS: I'm trying for the QSO-A-DAY award...). - Cotter KJ6EB - Corinth, MS - Jan 9
Hi John, After 30 years of fun and games working almost 100% CW on everything from 160 to 6, I find myself in a small apartment and off the air, except for when I do my hikes. I am glad you're still keeping the streak going and I hope we can work someday when the wx warms a bit and I am out in the woods somewhere. 73 de Vin KR2F - Vin KR2F - Woodstock, NY - Jan 9
Happy New Year, John, and thanks so much for all your work on this and the NAQCC websites in support of our favorite operating mode - QRP CW! Looking forward to lots of QRP CW activity in the coming year (and an increase in sunspot actvity as well)! 73! - Geoff W1OH - Waquoit, MA - Jan 6
Happy New Year! I hope you'll soon be filling up this guestbook page with your wonderful comments as you've done each year for the past 13 years. Thanks. - John, K3WWP - Kittanning, PA - Jan 1