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I really enjoyed the trip around your wire antenna farm. I was the designer of the original \"Carolina Windom\" (its still up) so I appreciate wire antennae. Best of luck and 73 Jim WY4R - Jim Wilkie WY4R - Norfolk, VA - Dec 29
Your traffic in Qrp is really incredible! I am building a wire short vertical for my 40m QRP 3 watt. I'll be on the air in a few days, but i must re-start with cw!! 73: Fabio - Fabio, IZ3AYQ - Treviso, Italy - Dec 26
Work 100% QRP CW have for about 10 years now. Licensed 1973, Amateur Extra Class. Shown on ARRL SAREX video tape. Age 70, only rigs left now: Heathkit SB104-A (1 watt), TenTec 515, 5 watts, (mint)ser # 0769! Found it on Ebay. Lysco 600 10 watts. 73, Hope to make Field Day 2011 on top of Balsam Mountain, NC (5200 ft). - AC9R Bob Jewell - Kingston Springs, TN - Dec 26
!!! - Elias - SV3GLX - Nea Ionia, Greece - Dec 20
Great site! When I finally finish "Code School", I want to get more CW on Six Meters. - Rob Johnson KC0BIN - Isle, MN - Dec 16
John...You're not alone in your love for CW QRP & simple wire antennas (not necessarily delta-loops at 60 feet, LOL). But, I agree with your loathing of snow. I've NEVER liked snow or winter. It's something we put up with. But, we do get generally quieter bands in the winter! Is it Spring yet? :) TD - Tim KD8GZ - Norton, OH - Dec 14
I love QRP - Larry/KB0ODG - Las Vegas, NV - Dec 12
Just started HAM 11/1/10 - got Call 11/20/10 really want to participate in CW - Richard Dias KF5JDI - Denison, TX - Dec 11
John, Love your web site and your philosophy. I've been licensed since 1955, but only recently discovered the rewards and joy of QRP. Thanks for your encouraging words. Hope to meet you on the air one of these days. P.S. Very much appreciate the last sentence of the 4th paragraph of NAQCC News #132! 73, Earl - Earl Skelton, N3ES - Washington, DC - Dec 11
been pounding brass for 75 years was navy radio opr. radio ndv los angeles still love it. - jerry rosenkrantz k2gc - Hewlett, NY - Dec 10
Hope to see you on the air will be on 3575 most of the time qrp cw is my first love my wife is next hi hi - Rick N8MFN - Batavia, OH - Dec 5
New to CW and QRP, thanks for all of the great info. - Charles K6CMB - Mission Viejo, CA - Dec 5
using mfj cub transceiver 1w pep with .25 40m longwire antenna - KD0JXC - White Bear Lake, MN - Dec 4
good hunting - art al2o - ANC, AK - Dec 1
Love the site it is a inspiration - James Dotson KI4TOE - Flemingsburg, KY - Nov 28
Just built a Super Tuna rig,Look for me on 7.030 1W out G5RV shortie antenna. 73 Van - E.C. Van Der Eecken-K6QGH - Long Beach, CA - Nov 28
Bill Bathgate KD8IGK - Harvest, AL - Nov 23
Thanks for your website, John - it sure is enjoyable and a big help. - Bub - K4NSZ - Homosassa, FL - Nov 23
Outstanding website! - George Pereira W1CGR - New Bedford, MA - Nov 22
Listened on 3.575 from 0125-0135 and did not hear QRS net. Heard other weak QSOs.I used the RIT on my rig, and didn't hear you guys. Then, I read you had 12 check-ins. Very strange...I didn't hear you guys. - Tim Davisson KD8GZ - Norton, OH - Nov 22
Hello there. I'm a retired Army Special Operations Communications Sergeant with an Associate's in Electronics. I'm also a graduate of the Interservice Frequency Spectrum Management Course and the International Morse Code Course that used to be run by the Special Forces School. At the time I was a 25/25 using a leg key and hand copy. My passions are HF communications, CW, QRP, and designing and building my own radios. I have been out of the net for quite some time due to illness but the VA has fixed me and I'm trying to get myself back together again. Just wanted to say hi. Jim - Jim Kendrick WE8C - Clarksville, TN - Nov 14
Hi John, Hope to be able to work most of the sprints this winter 72 Steve K9IS - Steve Whitton - White Lake, WI - Nov 13
Greetings John, I have been away from Ham Radio for quite some time. Glad to be back and to know you are still here. I really appreciate your site, especially the QRP helps in your daily diary. I only have QRO at the moment but am looking for a convential rig that tunes down to 5 watts. If you know of any, please let me know. I would also like to QSO with you from Maine. Could we schedule? 73 and God Bless. Norm/K1NAJ - Norman Jackson/K1NAJ - Norway, ME - Nov 10
I have used the TenTec Argonaut since the mid 1970s and have generally used a wire antenna. With 5 watts, I have worked many DX contacts over the years. - Jay Heath WB0RHJ - Sioux Falls, SD - Nov 7
Nice page Really enjoyed it 73 - Dan WA3MKN NAQCC no.4284 - Oakland, MD - Nov 7
thanks for letting be part of this wonderful club.God Bless es 73's ki4tqw-naqcc-2190 - william mealer---ki4tqw - Greenfield, TN - Nov 7
Started in 1953 when 100w was rated QRP with a 40w rig. Stopped being QRP when max went to 5w and I was dxing with 100. Returned to 5w QRP in the '80s with kit gear. Now only QRO (100w)when chasing new DX. 12 more to go QRO but less than 50 cfmd QRP. Limited to indoor wire antennas now so QRP DX is a challenge (g) Regular on couple of QRP cw nets. NAQCC #17, 73, Mac, kr0i - "Mac" MacDonald, kr0i - Kansas City, MO - Nov 7
Hi John, I thought 40 meters was to quite:-) I thought we were going to work 40 meters on the last Sunday. Well anyway I did get into the UK with my indoor loop and 30 watts. All total I made 14 contacts and several were with only 5 watts. Thanks for supporting and helping keep CW going 73 BOB AF2Q - BOB AF2Q - Lawrenceville, NJ - Nov 2
John...Nice turnout on our 80M frequency for tonight's QRS net. Cool! Was wondering if Dick, K1IEE is reading this...would you please e-mail me? I'd love to work you some time...and his listing at QRZ.com does not have an e-mail address. TU John. At least the up-coming colder wx should mean better band condx & more hams on the radio! 72's to all. Tim, KD8GZ, Ohio - Tim Davisson KD8GZ - Norton, OH - Oct 31
John, enjoyed your article in the newsletter about the K3RLL antenna project. It's now on MY drawing board for next Spring! ;-) - Curt WA2JSG - Carneys Point, NJ - Oct 29
Very good web-site, 73 jose - Jose F8BDX - Nice, France - Oct 29
Trying to get more OZ-members in NAQCC as EU branch is growing fast. - Allan, OZ8A - Fejoe, Denmark - Oct 25
I have joined the NAQCC, but havent tried the sprints or used the # yet. Love that you promote CW and I am becoming more comfortable with it now that i can Rx around 20-25WPM. It took years, but i feel comfortable with it now! Keep on pounding the brass. 72 - JOE KE7ZVJ - Helena, MT - Oct 25
John...The reason I rarely get bored is I have 4 or 5 hobbies. As much as I love ham radio, it doesn't take up 100% of my leisure time. Maybe I'm a bit extreme with 4 or 5 hobbies. But, it does keep things fresh and interesting for me! Do not dispair. We love reading your daily diary...even though every day isn't totally exciting in our lives. Like they used to say in A&P Grocery store advertising: "everyday's not a Weee-oh". - Tim Davisson KD8GZ - Norton, OH - Oct 21
I was somewhat active on CHN in the late 1960's and noticed there was no mention of Jim Hoffman, K1ZFQ and his monthly CHN CW bulletin which he published in the late 1960's and maybe early 70's. PIP WB4FDT - pip sager wb4fdt - Baltimore, MD - Oct 19
Worked N3A (Jim) on 10/14/10 at 11:31pm (local) with 589. 73, Jim Ken N1KK - Ken Klimasewski - Chepachet, RI - Oct 16
Really nice website, John. Always look in on you from time to time. Sri I missed you in this evening's sprint. - Curt WA2JSG - Carneys Point, NJ - Oct 13
Glad to ck in to the net [NAQCC QRS NET] tonight with you John...you had a big signal. 73/72 Kieth wi0s - Kieth Cook wi0s - Mound, MN - Oct 4
Nice site...enjoyed my time here (hope you'll visit often - K3WWP) - Larry Burke, k9flt - Chicago, IL - Oct 3
Nice site for info on CW - greg fiory kb1shf - Naples, ME - Oct 3
Allan, OZ8A - Fejoe, Denmark - Oct 3
QRP in CW is a MUST! I fully agre on this! Last super great QSO for me was one week ago in a pile-up I was able to contact KH2L in Guam island with my LX/ON5HF/QRP ic703 5w and portable PAC-12 antenna! Amazing! - Mike ON5HF - Guerlange, Belgium - Oct 3
Intersting site thankyou. - Paul G4BNU - Newcastle on Tyne, England - Sep 27
Great website. Thanks for the encouragement you are giving others to use CW. I am trying to get a station back on the air after many years of inactivity. I look forward to working you when I am able. - Mark, K4NC - Charlotte, NC - Sep 26
Great Site...thanks - Greg VE4GH/qrp - Winnipeg, MB - Sep 26
RICHARD HOMER KB7QLH - Tombstone, AZ - Sep 26
Nice web site. I also am strictly QRP, with a Heathkit HW-8 and Ten-Tec KR-20A keyer. Running it through a Heathkit HFT-9A tuner into a Mosley CL-33, 40M delta loop or 80M dipole. 73! - Mark W4UDX - Georgetown, KY - Sep 26
Trying my luck again at CW. Made a few contacts while living in FL and am in the process of getting back on the air here in Indy. Also doing CW practice. Thanks for the encouraging site. - Jeff Carr KC9CXH - New Palestine, IN - Sep 26
John Dorson K2JHU - Melbourne Beach, FL - Sep 26
I have had and regularily used a qrp rig since I got my ticket in 1977. - Terry Stitch - VE3KNI - Chatham, ON - Sep 26
Thanks John! It takes a lot of effort to keep things continually going like this site. I've been a ham for quite some time but just now trying out QRP and having a ball! NAQCC, fpQRP, qFOX have all bitten me. Hope to work you in the next Sprint. '73... Jim, KK1W - Jim, KK1W - Brimfield, MA - Sep 24
Trevor Service ZL4GJ - Hamilton, New Zealand - Sep 23
Congratulations on a very fine website and interesting information. Keep up the great work - QRP is a real challenge, as you know, but the rewards are tremendous. Hope to work you on the bands sometime - just putting my old end fed zepp antenna up in the air with some new ladderline, so looking forward to being back on HF. 73 de Mark VK3PI - VK3PI - Melbourne, Australia - Sep 17
HI, John....I worked you way back in '97 as a FISTS contact. Was away from radio for a while, now getting back into QRP. Hope to see you on the bands, 73 Harry AE4QS - Harry AE4QS - Henrico, VA - Sep 17
Joe KC2QLA - Manchester, NJ - Sep 17
nice Website thanks for sharing - Brian KE7JIO - Silver Sprints, NV - Sep 14
Tks for the QRP/p qso and qsl. 73 JK - Jack Kelley K4WY - Fairfax Station, VA - Sep 13
Thanks much for the list of QRP kits and rigs! I have been away from HF operation for some years as I raised our family, worked and tried to stay ahead of the endless house projects. Now, retired, kids out of the house I want more than 2M.And I am encouraged to hear about your limited antenna set up. When I op'd HF with boat anchors in the late 70's and early 80's I had only my DIY attic dipoles. - Dave Gagne N0SNY - Minneapolis, MN - Sep 11
I really enjoyed looking at your site. It is great to see such dedication to tube homebrewing, CW, QRP and ham radio in general. It brought back many good memories of my homebrew CW days back in the 50's. 73's Skip KC4QP - Skip, KC4QP - Unionville, VA - Sep 11
John - VE3EZP - London, ON - Sep 11
I've given up trying to work QRP from my apartment, it's an old building and the chance of RFI is just too great.So I get an handful of long wire and drive to a nearby state park, throw it up into the trees, tune up and transmit and make QRP CW contacts on 30, 40, and 80 meters without having to hear, "What's going on with the TV!!?" coming through my apartment walls? Sure, a multi band beam, 50 feet up would be great but, some how using a long wire and low power up in a tree seems to be more of an accomplishment plus there's no mortgage involved or lawn and paint to maintain? hi hi!!73s Mike - Mike N3GLS - Wilmington, DE - Sep 11
Very nice site, OM - Greg -- W2BEE - Pine Plains, NY - Sep 10
Some impressive stats,should be a model for all of us! - W1PIT - Michigan City, IN - Sep 10
I like your site a lot, especially the polls. I've been licensed since April 1981, so I'm approaching 30 years. Haven't worn out my Brown Machine Works paddle yet, it's the first and probably my last, although I've been thinking about a Bencher for 10 years now. Keep up the good work, John PS: I was originally KA5LMR, but the tag of 'Loud Mouth Radio' seemed to follw me everywhere I went, hence the vanity call. - John Price, KO0KY - Caulfield, MO - Sep 10
QRP: HB1-A, HW-9, end-fed-half-wave dipole. RV Portable: Kenwood TS-50S, Outbacker 500 Main Station:IC-775DSP, Double Extended Zepp 160-10 meters G5RV 80 Meter Inverted Vee Mosely TM-33 tri-bander @ 50' CW 99%, SSB .05%, PSK .05% - Dan, Ni9Y - Mishawaka, IN - Sep 10
My project for this winter is to re-learn morse code so I can have more fun, and be alot more active on ham radio. 73's de N8VO - Steve Tomlinson N8VO - Bryan, OH - Sep 10
Very informative, creative,and entertaining site. Thanks! - Stan Levandowski, WB2LQF - Fishkill, NY - Sep 4
Hi, John. Very nice site with lots of helpful info. I recently joined NAQCC and am looking forward to becoming more active on CW and QRP. I've worked QRP at Field Day in the past but always with a keyboard keyer and CW reader software. This year's Field Day was my first attempt at operating QRP with hand keyed CW and nothing but my ears to decode. I just wasn't able to keep up with the 30-35 WPM that seemed to be everywhere. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to build up my speed through on-air activities. Thanks again for all your efforts to promote CW and QRP. 73, Jim KA9VHG - Jim Anderson KA9VHG - Milton, WI - Aug 30
Glad to hear your are enjoying your new keys! When the bands pick up I hope to work you with my 1mW (once done with w3lpl on ssb)! 73 Raj - Raj vu2zap - Bangalore, India - Aug 30
NAQCC New Member: 4691 - Rich Fuller N0MN - Rapid City, SD - Aug 30
Congratulations with the Begali Keys. I had the same feeling about the Spark key I bought from them. I changed the "Navy" knob to the Camelback Knob and it feels right to me with it's lower feel. Thanks for all your efforts. - Bob KI6LNY - Hacienda Heights, CA - Aug 30
I am a full time RVer so you may work me from any place in the USA. We spend winters in Arizona but travel in the summer. We have been on the road for 8 years now. - Al AA7CU - Aug 30
Bill K7BTE - Beryl, UT - Aug 30
Very good sight I have found a lot of usefull information to help improve my operating - Terry O`Brien G0PIL - Cleveleys, England - Aug 29
I complete agree the intention of your home site. CW and qrp it will be love by first dit. 73 from Sigmund - LA4GI, Sigmund - Flekkeroey, Norway - Aug 29
Like the site, found a couple links to equipment that I hadn't known about. TNX es 73 DE KJ7NR FISTS NR 1530 - Steve KJ7NR - Anacortes, WA - Aug 21
very nice website. - Mike W8MAL - Oak Harbor, OH - Aug 17
Glad to see this site's still up. Still 100% CW, now QRP also. 73, Jordan AB2T/VA3AIT - Jordan AB2T/VA3AIT - All over NA, USA/Canada - Aug 15
Bob Walp, W6YDN - Houston, TX - Aug 14
John, any advice/suggestions regarding qrp. I seem to keep bumping my nose into the high power guts and get lost in their signal. Help. Love cw but this qrp mode of operation is frustrating. Phil - Phil - kf7iot - Pinedale, WY - Aug 12
Thank you for keeping the "spark" alive. Best regards. Bob. - Bob Bartlett VE7CPO - Cobble Hill, BC - Aug 12
Please keep good work in promoting QRP - Bill, VE2WMA - St. Irenee, QC - Aug 10
Michael VA7MN - Squamish, BC - Aug 10
Nice web site John. Thanks for all you do to keep the CW mode alive, interesting and enjoyable. 72/73 Bill - W2RST - Bill - W2RST - NAQCC #3804 - Belleville, NY - Aug 7
John dprspn K2JHU - Melbourne Beach, FL - Aug 7
John Hill N9RLO - Upland, IN - Aug 2
hello. hi. i am new in ham, i've just got my callsign in this year. so i need some opinion and any suggestion to become a ham. would you help me. - Izad - Malacca, Malaysia - Jul 30
I just passed my 600th day in my personal streak of not working anybody on 10 FM. I've heard some stations lately, but couldn't work them. (Seems CW is a much more efficient mode than FM - K3WWP) - Roy KV8KV - Warsaw, IN - Jul 30
I think Joe smelled all of our cats on me...that's why he barked! :) - Tim KD8GZ - Norton (Akron area), OH - Jul 30
Terry WI8Q - Toledo, OH - Jul 27
Monday, July 26, 2010: I drove over & met John & Tom at John's home & ham set-up in Kittanning. Had a great time...and appreciate John & Tom's friendship and their passion for CW. Hope to see you two again soon. Best 72's! - KD8GZ - Norton, OH - Jul 26
Thanks for the contact this evening in the (NAQCC) Sprint. Neat via QRP. - Jim C KC2ROF - Toms River, NJ - Jul 21
Thanks for the great information. I'm new to CW and really appreciate the real-life info you provide. - Ed Metzler KC9HSY - Whitestown, IN - Jul 21
Only my 2nd cw qso, and my first contact with a NAQCC member, k3wwp. Silly I guess but it was really exciting and I was nervous as heck. I could barely send my important info. rig is yaesu ft897 ,pwr 5 watts, ant long wire in attic. CW is great, just need to practice more. - Chris Boyer AJ4PT - Louisville, KY - Jul 19
Just checking in to say hi, John. Maybe see you in next week's NAQCC Sprint. 73 de Curt (7/15/2010) - Curt WA2JSG - Carneys Point, NJ - Jul 16
Hi John, Thanks for all the good work. CW, QRP and the ham radio fellowship is a much better place. You make a big difference. 72, Larry ns4q - Larry Morphew NS4Q - Madison, AL - Jul 15
I make every day at least 1 qso in qrp with my home made pixie 200mW or Ft450 with 5 w . Its a lot of fun to do cw/qrp. Even in a contest i am qrp 5w. Tnx for the nice site and advice. - Rien PA7PYR - Zeeland, The Netherlands - Jul 14
Mike Lukasik VA3MD - St. Thomas, ON - Jul 14
Great to work you again, John...Will have to make sure it's not another 10 years! 73 Steve, K4YZ - STEVE, K4YZ - Winchester, TN - Jul 10
John: Great to work you tonight .. sorry I had to cut it short .. my daughter is 7 and it was her bedtime and my turn to read a story ;-) BTW I am a good friend of Ken WA8REI and he mentioned to me via email that he had worked you recently and told me about you new QSO run at 930mw. I just happened to be tuning around the band quickly and heard your CW so I thought I would give you a call. You have a great signal for indoor antennas < 1 W.. hopefully this will inspire others to try milliwatting. 72 Michael VE3WMB P.S. We have worked a few times before in NAQCC Sprints. - Michael - Ottawa, ON - Jun 26
Thank you for a very comprehensive and informative site. I visit it often to see whats happening. Still struggling to learn "code" Keep up the Streak 73 - Col VK5HCF - Mount Gambier, Australia - Jun 26
K4EAY - Florence, AL - Jun 19
Florin YU7TF - Pancevo, Serbia - Jun 15
Great website with loads of good resources and information - Gene K9UTQ - Wisconsin Rapids, WI - Jun 9
Rudy KF6ZPI Shaw - Lancaster, CA - Jun 7
Just a note John, hope to work you soon, waiting for conditions to improve,always enjoy your website. - Colin G0XCF - Northam North Devon, England - Jun 2
daniel Mees K7DDM - Forsyth, MT - May 23
Bob AK9A - Mazomanie, WI - May 23
Just learning CW an can send well enough, but receiving is a bit slow, but I like CW. I Have my General (NO code) license and want to advance in CW - Colin Gillis K1ESQ - North Easton, MA - May 23
Hi John, just showing your page to a friend (K1TSW). Sorry I missed you in the last NAQCC sprint. He really likes your page and QRP accomplishments (as I do). Will look for you in the next sprint. 73, Curt WA2JSG #3457 - Curt WA2JSG - Carneys Point, NJ - May 23
Thanks for the nice website, and all your efforts! It's great to see others who don't have massive racks of gear and millions of dollars invested in our hobby. 73 - W0VYE - Gwen - St. Paul, MN - May 23
FB site- - GeorgeW / N4MYY - Gloucester, VA - May 23
Great Ham Radio site! - Vance W Shaffer N5WLZ - Richmond, TX - May 9
Hey John Have you ever noticed that the most reliable way to change the 579 rst you just received to "QSB, QRN, can't hear u, 73" is to tell the other station u r running anything other than at least 100 wts into a dipole or some kind of beam? 73 Tim, AC5SH (Sure, that's one reason I NEVER sign /QRP or mention I'm QRP till the QSO is well established - K3WWP) - Tim O'Conner, AC5SH - Truckin, USA - May 8
fine web site, Thanks, Russ ae4ny - Russ Richardson - Chamblee, GA - Apr 28
I just got started with qrp... spent most of the last winter building my station with kits like the KX1, Elecraft tuner, OHR100a xcvr... thanks for a great website. Gotta get back to it and read about the Sprints. 72 KI6OCB - Paul McAfee, KI6OCB - South Lake Tahoe, CA - Apr 23
I'm in my 50's and have been doing CW on air for 6 months! I love it, just bought a new FT 950, used microphone only once and put it away. CW is a great mode and lots of fun! TNKS for the fine resource! 73 bob - Bob AK9A - Mazomanie, WI - Apr 22
I operate both QRP and QRO, CW and SSB (That's OK, nobody's perfect - HI - K3WWP). Have been building a few toys for QRP. I really like the little Small Wonder Labs SW-40+ Fabulous receiver and very stable VCO with 2.5 - 3.5 Watts out. Also am working on several other QRP rigs. One of them is a Genesis G3020 for 30 & 20 meters (5W) SDR all-mode transceiver. Keyers, power and SWR meters, filters, etc. round out the building stuff for now. Although I have only participated in a couple, the NAQCC sprints are a lot of fun! (Hope you'll come back each month - K3WWP) Ed, KM4QQ - Ed, KM4QQ - Augusta, GA - Apr 16
hello to you and all the qrp c.w. ops on the air. - KD8IFJ - Grand Rapids, MI - Apr 10
Thanks for your resource and information. - Joe - AD4IH - Lakeland, FL - Apr 10
Homebrewing my first tube transnitter late last year did it for me. CW is so elegant w/its inherent simplicity and ability to get thru some of the nastiest conditions. Medium power (100-250W)SSB was increasingly frustrating. 5W CQ from my 1944 6L6 rig gets out there better than SSB ever did. I rarely use SSB any more. - Jim Falls K6FWT - Eureka, CA - Apr 7
NAQCC #0523 visiting your web site! - Loren, AE7CG - Prescott Valley, AZ - Apr 3
Great site - encourages to keep learning the code. 73, Martin - Martin - KJ6DCL - Brea, CA - Apr 3
Sorry I haven't worked you in a while, but I have been contracting for several airlines. But now I think I'll settle down in Indianapolis for a while. Best 73 es DX Lee, WA8QFE - Lee Thompson - Indianapolis, IN - Mar 31
Great site. Have to bookmark this one. - John KC8ZTJ - Portage, MI - Mar 28
Planning to be Operational on 10m before the Sprint scheduled in May at the Home QTH. I'll be transmitting CQ NA, with my membership number after QSL. Thank You & "73" to all. Mike(KJ6BIS). - Michael McDonough/ KJ6BIS - South San Francisco, CA - Mar 27
HB1-A, end-fed dipole - Dan, Ni9Y - Mishawaka, IN - Mar 26
dear john, i am also member 1660 of naqcc, and also 100% cw and qrp operate with mx Elecraft K2/K3/Ft817-have now 275 countrys confirme in qrp, also worked WAS-WAZ in qrp.I am active on my 70 years all days, look on 14.060 after 12:UTC hope i ca work you with qrp 72/73 HB9DAX - Fred HB9DAX - Landquart, Switzerland - Mar 26
Thought you're Call Sign looked familiar (NAQCC). Thanks for the quick QSO tonight (15 Mar 10), was mainly testing out a power supply for the KX-1 and I also noticed a loose ground connection on my G5RV coax PL259...so I was worried I would cut out on you. Am still looking for the perfect homebrew antenna for the KX-1 (80-20M) to get portable. I'm a member of NAQCC (have to look up the number...do you guys exchange them?) Have been QRT til last year (off for 32 years). Was fun to build the KX-1 like in the old days...though I needed a pair of reading specs AND a magnifying glass to see. Tnx agn John and CU soon. Chris WA2WIW - Chris Bottino WA2WIW - Woodbury, CT - Mar 16
I have held a ham ticket for 51 years - Robert W. Householder K7JBU - Eagle Point, OR - Mar 13
John, Sorry for not coming back to you. Had a problem and had to qrt. Rig is HB-1a RUNNING 3 WATTS ANT IS DIPOLE IN ATTIC. HOPE TO WORK YOU AGN 73 NICK - Nick K2JMK - Allentown, NJ - Mar 12
It's been a while since I visited NAQCC. Glad to see all ok. Mostly on 30 meters with an OHR mono-bander and an old TS-130V. Gud QRP to all. 72 de Dick - Dick N2UGB - Amsterdam, NY - Mar 6
Frank Mondt n0sms - Joplin, MO - Mar 3
Alan K1ALL - Carlisle, MA - Mar 1
cw forever . . . - Sam Moore, NX5Z - Sherman, TX - Feb 27
Nice site,always amazes me the history behind,a lot of keys. I have one that belonged to my xyl's Mother, she was a CD Plane spotter,during WWII,and given the key(J37) with her gear,(helmit,glasses etc.) I use the key a lot, it has a better action than my old J38! 73 gud dx! de Ellis. - Ellis Foley Jr WA1RKS - Stephentown, NY - Feb 27
Tony KC8UR - Mount Vernon, OH - Feb 27
Looking Great John, keep up the great work!! Building another K2/10w.. 72's Dave, NAQCC #0704 - David - AA3EJ - Philipsburg, PA - Feb 26
Finally have a website that should stay put. http://radiony2v.weebly.com - Fred Adsit, NY2V - Weedsport, NY - Feb 26
Neat web site - Robert Fuqua KD4JXK - Nashville, TN - Feb 25
QRP CW ! - Tom W6JHQ - Pinon Hills, CA - Feb 25
It has been quite by accident that I came across NAQCC and as ex-army signaller, quite a lot of traffic was CW, it's nice to have a dedicated club in that area. Thanks, Steve. - Steven Casey.................SWL - Plymouth, England - Feb 25
Hi, Great site! Hope we can work each other sometime. 72/73, Lou Axeman, N8LA - Lou Axeman N8LA - St. Louis, MO - Feb 16
WoW! My first visit here. Seems like a lot of great information. Thanks for putting this all together. Bill - W7JZE - Bill - W7JZE - Patterson, CA - FEB 16
Hi John, Time goes by fast. I remember working you and I had just wired up a Bencher I picked up at a yard sale for $5.00. I was using the indoor 3 foot loop. Your sending was smooth as silk and I could copy your fist all day long and not get tired. I'm up late and getting the speed back up. My pleasure working you 73 - BOB AF2Q - Lawrenceville, NJ - Feb 13
qrp is ok. - henry kb2vjp - cortland manor, ny - Feb 11
Terry KC5EFE - Cedar Park, TX - Feb 8
This is an informative and well done website. Neat advocate for CW/QRP. - Harry Johnson NV7K - Redwood Falls, MN - Feb 7
Site is well organized, tnx. 73 & ZUT Bill, k6mgo, NAQCC #0259 - Bill- k6mgo - Marina Del Rey, CA - Feb 7
Nice site! Great that you promote the CW QRP. It's a lot of fun! Even for those who think "Life's too short for QRP!" Wont name any names here...LOL. - Mark Eldridge AB8SX - Akron, OH - Jan 27
VERY NICE SITE. (CW)(QRP) WHAT ELSE? - Louie WA4VCB - Pensacola, FL - Jan 20
Presently in Florida until 4/1 - Frank Hickam, N3RSD - Wilmington, DE - Jan 20
Hi there,glad to sign guestbook..I am a cw fanatic since 1968 Hi Hi// - John Boutilier (VE1OK) - North Sydney, NS - Jan 10
Keep up the good work. - Pete-K6BFA - Vienna, VA - Jan 10
Denny KD0EVI - Nebraska City, NE - Jan 6
Great web site. - Larry / N5LLW - Amarillo, TX - Jan 5
I am A member of NAQCC,work low power & CW is alove of mine 72/3 Bob kb9iva - Robt. W. Reiman Kb9iva - Osceola, IN - Jan 4
Doug ZL1AVY - Mangawhai, New Zealand - Jan 1
Happy New Year! I hope you'll soon be filling up this guestbook page with your wonderful comments as you've done each year for the past 14 years. Thanks. - John, K3WWP - Kittanning, PA - Jan 1