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Greetings from Chile Best regards and a Prosperous 2012 My very 73 PB - Patricio Borquez Charpentier/ CA3PDB - Santiago, Chile - Dec 29
Been a while since I have been on the air and glad to see you are still at it. - AB5XP - Prairieville, LA - Dec 23
John: Good to hear you and your new K2 #6418. I got the 100 Elecraft contacts early on with my K2 #3163 I built in Dec. of 2003. I have worked all but Alaska, QRP with it. So, I need AK for the 50 states! 73 and God Bless. Ned - Ned, W8VFM - Blissfield, MI - Dec 21
This month poll has an error when voting not interested in contest... Counter does not increment (Thanks for letting me know. Fixed now - that answer and a couple others contained an apostrophe which the .php page did not like - K3WWP) - Dit, W8IX - Kokomo, IN - Dec 20
Colin Koebel AB9YU - Clarendon Hills, IL - Dec 20
I am FISTS member 13980 - Robert Daney Jr WD8LIC - Lambertville, MI - Dec 18
Greeting from down under has'nt 10 and 12 metres been great for qrp lately, ive had lots of cw qrp qso's for about a month or so every night it rolls in around 10.00 utc . qrv 28.060 5w 7el LPA covering 24mhz to 50 mhz on 5m boom , home made antenna 73 de vk5cz - Ian Northeast VK5CZ - Clare, Australia - Dec 17
Very nice site and very informative,use it often.....73 - Bob VA3RE - Hamilton, ON - Dec 12
Harold Johnson. N8RQJ - Columbus, OH - Dec 12
I am always inspired by you John whenever I read any of your articles. I look forward to a qso with you. I was first licensed in 1965 as wn7dgh. I really love cw, but I am not the fastest operator you will ever work.HI. keep up the great work John. 72 73 Al kd7kd - Al Keenan / kd7kd - Anaconda, MT - Nov 28
Pat Ryan KJ4DHI - Macon, GA - Nov 25
Ken Smith - N0VA - Grand Junction, CO - Nov 24
curt kd8ifj - Grand Rapids, MI - Nov 24
Nice website -- I learned a few tricks. Thanks so much for sharing with the rest of us! Mike - Mike WB0PTZ - Shawnee, KS - Nov 7
Roger F. O. Tomes W4RFT - Lady Lake, FL - Oct 30
John has often talked about "just get on the radio and tune around". Well, I did so a couple days ago with IMHO spectacular results: I was one of the first to reply when TF2JB in Iceland started calling CQ about 2130Z on 18.068. A *great* contact...obviously my first Iceland, and I was just 5 watts with a wire antenna barely 20 feet off the ground. WOW!!!!! QRP is such a rush/thrill! Thanks for the QRP on-going QRP encouragement...it's the best! - Tim Davisson KD8GZ - Norton, OH - Oct 24
Great QRP signal with that attic random wire, very inspiring to the rest of us with CCR's. CU on 160 with my new attic wire loop. - Andy Domonkos N3LCW - Forest Hill, MD - Oct 23
Hello John, You have inspired my CW streak!! I am at 340 days tonite! TNXs!!! 72/73 Herb/WR9H - Herb Case WR9H - Rockford, IL - Oct 18
keep up the good work - dave ab0lj - Shelbina, MO - Oct 18
Your site is inspiring. I'm trying to complete a simple transmitter and need to look at all you've done. - David, KA3RYS - Glenmoore, PA - Oct 7
Just recently moved here from Stephentown ny,abt 3.5 mile move.still setting up antennas. Nice web page and info! kudos! de Ellis. - Ellis C. Foley Jr WA1RKS - Hancock, MA - Sep 30
I love your website John! I have looked at a lot of websites since 1996 on the topic of CW and I have to say this is the most informative site I've encountered. No where else is so much information on CW posted at one central location.I can find practically anything I look for related to operating CW on this one website.I know that you have put a slew of time and development over many years into compiling such a huge amount of information on CW and I just want to thank you for doing so!I definitely have this website bookmarked so that I can use all this info anytime I wish to! I wish my CW speed were as fast as you say you operate and maybe it will be after I've made 60,000 QSOs! "You are amazing!" I'm around 17 wpm ragchewing now and can do 20 or a little faster in a contest exchange and I've been at it for 15 years come October 16, 2011, but I have to admit it has not been all CW.I also work digital modes and phone, but that's what is so appealing to me about ham radio, all the different aspects of the hobby to do! Thanks again and Very 73! Cliff KU4GW NAQCC#1491 SKCC#652 FP#1183 - Cliff KU4GW - Taylorsville, NC - Sep 21
PROUD (NAQCC) MEMBER #5688! As a ham I enjoy teaching AMATEUR RADIO and teaching CW. Starting Jan 2012 I will be teaching QRP to other HAM'S also teaching how to build QRP kits. I am dedicated to keepnig QRP and CW ALIVE AND WELL! 73 - Austin Mann, KA5MAN - Columbus, MS - Sep 21
Hi John, Glad to see your main streak continues! Simply incredible!! Been QRT for a while, but now have an Alpha-Delta DX-EE in the attic, so QRV occasionally. Keep it up ol Pal. Van - Van WC5D ex-K3ZMI - Roanoke, TX - Sep 18
Work QRP CW about 50% of the time. Use an HW-8 on 4 bands for most Also have a Yaesu 817 for all bands. My other 50% of CW QSOs are at 50-125 Watts with an Icom 718. - Phil Simila W3TOS - Green Bay, WI - Sep 13
Member 5009 (NAQCC). Still not confident of my cw skills. - Rich KD8FDK - Solon, OH - Sep 12
Your Ham Radio activity is very stimulating. Keep it up! - Bill Moore VE2WMA - St. Irenee, QC - Aug 30
Hi John. Good to work you again. Been a long time. Still pounding the brass and loving every minute of it. Take care my friend and 73. - Scott - W3BUG - Bel Air, MD - Aug 25
I work 30 meters on QRP CW and a lot of 60 meter QRP SSB. On 30 meters this year I have 231 grids and 1485 QSOs, I operate a lot and enjoy chasing QRP DX on 30 meters with CW. My antenna on 30 meters is a phased array of verticals with 240 ground radials all fed with 1/2 " heliax, it works and it is resonate on 10.116 the QRP ARCI calling frequency. - Larry K5ZRK - Sandersville, MS - Aug 14
Enjoyed your "What's Ham Radio" page and your continued promoting of CW. - John KW9W - Evansville, IN - Aug 9
I became a ham late (in my 50s) and then had to give it up for a while due to circumstances. Now 69 and not in good health but am practicing code and will try to get back on the air soon. - Ken KU4SZ - Tacoma, WA - Aug 8
Thanks for keeping your site open all these years. Last Sunday July 30th, 2011 I was operating the Bumblebee QRP on Monkey Island Park, Mishawaka, IN. Using a 20 meter half-wave end fed and Kenwood TS-50S. My key was a Johnson Speed-X. Made 18 contacts of which 15 were Bumblebees...de Ni9Y/BB 49/NAQCC 1060/SKCC 241 - Dan, Ni9Y - Mishawaka, IN - Aug 7
Obviously this is in and by itself a full time job. But since you love it, it is not work. Good luck with your streaks es hope to work you one of these days. 72, Phil - Phil/KB0ETU - Lillian, AL - Aug 4
John your continuing record has been an inspiration for me to op CW and get so much enjoyment out of Amateur Radio. Sincere thanks! Jim, W5JCS - Jim W5JCS - Stillwater, OK - Aug 2
John, I was looking at the picture of you assortment of keys and noticed that your Lighning Bug with its homemade "Vari-Speed" looks very familiar. Did you get that idea from my QRZ picture? (No, I've never seen the picture although I will look when I get the chance. I guess great minds just run in the same circles. HI - K3WWP) See u in the next sprint, Bob - W5YDM - Bristol, TX - Jul 30
How to become member of FISTS (see http://fists.org/howdoi.html) - K. LAKSHMANAN - VU2LX - Bangalore, India - Jul 20
Thanks John for that very nice QSO today. Look forward to the next one. 73 Don - Don Perkins - Hilliard, OH - Jul 18
If a ham simply doesn't want QSL cards and won't reply with his/her QSL...that's fine. Just, please: TELL us! (on your call's QRZ.com listing). Unless it's for a special award, I only QSL first-time QSOs as well...unless it's requested. - Tim KD8GZ - Norton, OH - Jul 18
N4ICW - Ft. Mill, SC - Jul 14
Tnx John for the work you are doing to promote CW - Bob K2QJ - Zebulon, NC - Jul 11
Excellent site; keep up the good work. - Rich K6TM - Grass Valley, CA - Jul 9
Great page ! I hope it brings many to operate cw and qrp cw. 73 de WA3MKN - Dan WA3MKN - Oakland, MD - Jul 3
I am looking forward to being more comfortable on CW. 73 Bob - Bob K7JBU - Eagle Point, OR - Jul 3
I am slow at code, however I enjoy it and plan to continue to practice. I have a K1 with 20/40 and a MFJ-9020, so all CW, all QRP. I use a random wire tuner and about 25 feet of 12 gauge stranded wire. I also have a MFJ folded dipole I deploy inside the house up to the second floor and that seems to work not too bad. A friend and I are working on a TenTec 80 meter QRP transceiver, so far he is doing most of the work. Nice website and have fun! Cheers Dale AB9WO ...dit dit - Dale AB9WO - Wisconsin Rapids, WI - Jun 19
Congratulations and keep the streak going. - Kenny NW5R - Clinton, MS - Jun 10
I'm not a radio person, but I did grow up in Kittanning and wanted you to know I appreciate your blog and some of the photos. I attended Kindergarten at the McCain House in 1956 and moved to Elderton, PA when I was 6 to go to first grade. My happiest memories are of growing up in Kittanning. We lived on Woodward Avenue and then moved around the corner to Union Avenue, very near the entrance to the cemetery. The red brick house is gone now, but I was just back and took lots of photos of Union Avenue, Woodward Avenue, Arch Street and the cemetery. A lot of good stuff about Kittanning is on the internet and I'm enjoying finding and collecting info about my dear little town Kittanning! Thanks so much! Pat E, San Jose, CA - Pat E. - San Jose, CA - Jun 9
Jesus Medina kb4gn - Lakeland, FL - May 26
Great site! - Ed Metzler KC9HSY - Whitestown, IN - May 23
Congradulations on maintaining such a fantastic QRP/CW record! - Ron Feltman k3vig - Newfoundland, PA - May 15
great looking site and very good information - jr maxwell wb7wvo - Roundup, MT - May 14
Verry good site, 73 may friens. Petrica - YO8CDQ - Iasi, Romania - May 14
Now Retired, and Just getting back into CW. Interested in QRP Portable operation. My wife and I like to go camping. I will be combining my intrest's. - John Bowland N5DXQ - Duncan, OK - May 11
Nice site! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK PROMOTING QRP CW! - Mark AB8SX - Akron, OH - May 8
Just getting into CW and I love the idea of QRP. 73 - Jim KB3TMJ - Eastern Shore, MD - May 5
I am a keen QRP.er and QRPp:er Cw to 100 percent Sometimes I use 40-50 mW I use my Ft 817 and a attenuator from Elecraft Have a nice day de clemed sm7drh - Clemed Nilsson SM7DRH - Ronneby, Sweden - Apr 30
Nice page, hope to work you qrp cw sometime. -Rick N5UZ - Rick N5UZ - Cedar Park, TX - Apr 29
could you please direct me to where on your website i could get more info on how i can set up my CW/QRP rig with the wire antenna you refer to or at least direct me to where i might read more about the physical characteristics & expectations vs other antenna systems, e.g. G5RV, Buddipole, etc? i read your interview in the Keynote & was very inspired by you!!! thank you very much, 73, Sidney KJ6KFQ - Sidney Sudberg KJ6KFQ - Costa Mesa, CA - Apr 28
I worked about 15 QSO's, 3rd party in 1973, while studying for Novice. Didn't pass test; became disgruntled for several years. Began studying again in 1985 while building Heathkit HW9. Became Novice in 1986. First licensed contact was CW/QRP. Have been QRP'er from day one! - KB8AMZ - Kent, OH - Apr 22
Hi John, Nice to work you again. And especially from Aruba. Been awhile since we have chatted on HF. Maybe Catch you again on here. Will be on 30 meters alot from here. Getting Tower up hopefully here soon. 73's Fred P4/WA2CAM - P4/WA2CAM - Noord, Aruba - Apr 21
i am also qrp operator and i think its very facinating - marek m3/sp2egv - Gloucester, England - Apr 19
Congrats on keeping qrp/cw alive & well! - Barry, KS4RT - Ooltewah, TN - Apr 18
Bill K1LP - Loganville, GA - Apr 10
Thanks for your activities. I mostly operate CW, but donot own a QRP. My old Icom will reduce to 10 watts. I continue to look for a QRP and a logging programe - K4RCW - Guin, AL - Apr 8
A fine CW site. Many thanks. I'll be working QRP cw in Switzerland from July 2 through 14 2011 Here's hoping 15 meters will be decent then - Randy Seybold K5TTE - Austin, TX - Apr 3
My best greeting from holland - Felix Julien PA0FIX - Voorschoten, Netherlands - Apr 1
Bob Dillard K6DNR - Westminster, CA - Mar 28
Great going on your continuous streak! You're an inspiration to all of us. 72 de Rob - Rob VE3FLB - Thunder Bay, ON - Mar 25
I use 5 watts on 160 m cw and inverted L and 1 watt on 40 m cw with a sloping dipole - Jim Smirk W3PX - Dagsboro, DE - Mar 25
Just found your web page from reading your article in the Keynote. Nice write up. FIST # 10579 - Donald Webb KA7L - Chelan, WA - Mar 24
I enjoyed your website. Thanks for your work on NAQCC projects. - Bob Jackson WB2BJW - North Syracuse, NY - Feb 25
I like CW. I didn't when I first started. But after trying to work SSB. And all the net's that are on. Many times I would call a CQ on SSB and never get anybody to come back to me. But on CW, usually after the first CQ, I'm in contact with someone. 73 Jim - James Boyd KB9VTM - Salem, IL - Feb 10
Hello, was reading about the honor roll QRP station and wanted to let you know I made hr/qrp back in 1994, using a 4 ele quad at 50 ft. Problem areas for me are XZ,A5,VU4,VU7. You can see the antenna and story at qrz.com. 73/72 Dan, WG5G/QRP. - Dan, WG5G - San Antonio, TX - Feb 10
I'm NAQCC# 3266 - Robert H. Smith, KA1VF - Haverhill, MA - Feb 7
Nice website. Am new member 5381 of the NAQCC. - Ron Everingham VK4EV - Brisbane, Australia - Feb 7
Just got my Technician Class license last week. Used to key when I was a Sea Scout and would like to reawaken that skill. Your site will be a great resource and inspiration as I "rig up". Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience. 73s! KB3VOC - Larry KB3VOC - Reinholds, PA - Feb 3
Hello John. I hope the fellow who won the Radio Boys book enjoyed it. It is a quick read that gives a picture of 1920\'s radio as experienced by teen-agers of that period. Other subject. I hope more QRPers will take advantage of the QRP calling frequency 18.096 on 17 meters. Not open as early or as late as 20 meters but a band that should be used while there is still time...(cycle-wise). 73 Dick N2UGB - Dick, N2UGB - Amsterdam, NY - Feb 2
Excellent and informative site 72 Dan VA3MA - Dan VA3MA - Bobcaygeon, ON - Jan 31
This is a great site full of very interesting info. I am a new ham and have been on the air on HF less than year. In that time I have worked all 50 states and continents and 46 DX entities. 2/3 of my current 300 or so QSOs are CW have been able to work 39/50 states QRP. This site is very informative and inspirational for operators like me who love CW and QRP. - Ariel Jacala NY4G - Tigerville, SC - Jan 30
Hugh Coleman AE5VB - Boyce, LA - Jan 30
cool idea - Bruce Jackson KJ6CSI - Manhattan Beach, CA - Jan 29
Met with the MN chapter of NAQCC this morning and they said to check out your site - very inspirational for a new qrp'er and cw op. Thanks. - Chuck - KA8HDE - Andover, MN - Jan 23
You are one dedicated QRP OP, John! - Joe AA4NN - Lake Wylie, SC - Jan 20
Very impressive streak! I'm working on getting my CW back in line (more like relearning. Got away from it after upgrade to Advanced several years back). Hope to work you one day. 73 es gud dx! Jim NAQCC member #5104 - Jim Spragg - W8LGZ - Grove City, OH - Jan 19
John WX4O - Anniston, AL - Jan 19
Very interesting site and some good info for a new qrp op. - Stan K8SRB - Kenton, OH - Jan 16
Duane/KX9N - Milwaukee, WI - Jan 16
Nice site. - NN2S Rick - Islip, NY - Jan 11
Chuck W8GEV - Negaunee, MI - Jan 4
I just stopped by to say hello! - Brian, WB9TPA - Racine, WI - Jan 3
Very nice Web Page / Site. I have an FT-817 and thoroughly enjoy QRP with it. Antenna is a 6BTV when at home and a BuddiPole when away from home QTH. - Bill - N4TS - Herndon, VA - Jan 1
Happy New Year! I hope you'll soon be filling up this guestbook page with your wonderful comments as you've done each year for the past 15 years. Thanks. - John, K3WWP - Kittanning, PA - Jan 1