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Best wishes for a Happy and Fun new year! Tnx for all your great work It keeps us off the sofa and engaged in cw and life 72 Larry ns4q - Larry ns4q - Madison, AL - Dec 30
Rob K5CO - Corrales, NM - Dec 29
Just getting back into CW after a long dry spell. CW only in the 90's with a straight key. Now learning how to use a paddle. Sent in my application to FISTS last week. 73 Dave - Dave N7NTQ - Renton, WA - Dec 26
Ron Halvorsen KC9UUU - Elgin, IL - Dec 22
What a great success record for qrp. Hope to work you soon. - Mike KT4AN - Cullowhee, NC - Dec 21
Great site! I love the old FISTS columns your wrote! - N2IW - Rochester, NY - Dec 21
Phil WA9FZP - Racine, WI - Dec 21
Making some CW contacts. Still hesitant to jump in. I have a wire about 30 ft. Long thrown into a tree. - Joe KC2QLA - Manchester, NJ - Dec 21
Gary Humes WO3H - Conneaut Lake, PA - Dec 18
I dont know what y/n means (That's the common abbreviation for (Y)es or (N)o - K3WWP) - matt furlong-wd9dmm - Lagrange Park, IL - Dec 11
Licensed 54 years ago now..Finally I am out of an apartment..Now I can get back to cw after a 10 year hiatus. Trying to learn more about QRP rig options - Norm , W0HI - Worthington, OH - Dec 10
Very nice site 73's Old Man - Dane Robinson (W5KRO) - Baton Rouge, LA - Dec 9
Paul LeLanc KA5IOE - Fayetteville, AR - Dec 8
I appreciate your considerable efforts at promoting CW and QRP. You have a great website too. I think we have worked at least once during a Sprint. Hope to work you again. 73's - Gary W5ODS - Broken Arrow, OK - Dec 2
Gud to see websites dedicaed to QRP and especially CW. I have a few Ten Tec Cent 21 and Delta 580s sittting around plus my main rig a TT Pegasus, and use for casual CW - Rich WE8T - Mentor, OH - Dec 1
SRI Lost you in QSB tonight. 73 Hope to meet again. Ray - Ray KC0URL - Plymouth, MN - Nov 26
It was great to work you on 40M while you and Mike were operating from the USS REQUIN. I was assigned to 21st Air DIV/NORAD during the Cold War and we received data from Navy Radar Picket vessels for our SAGE computers which fed our scopes. This connection made the QSO even more exciting for me. Great job, John & Mike! 73 John KG9HV - John Schanlaub KG9HV - Lafayette, IN - Nov 25
Thanks John for your great website. I'm a new Ham focusing exclusively on CW. I became a CW QRP believer when I had a 1,200 mile QSO on 1/2 watt. - Ron Gruner, K4RHG - Naples, FL - Nov 22
great web site - Alan W8RXY - Lansing, MI - Nov 22
Nice web site... enjoy your emails, hope to work you some day... 73 Tony - Tony W1SVU - West Topsham, VT - Nov 16
Just came across your site,very impressed.Years ago I purchased a 9040 MFJ Qrp with matching tuner,and now am wondering what kind of antenna I can use,I will keep an eye on your site and and see what some of the members are using.Many thanks,Matt Furlong - Matt Furlong wd9dmm - Lagrange Park, IL - Nov 16
I'm Tres of QRP ARCI, and just joined NAQCC-#6304. Working on getting my code speed up so I'm comfortable conversing in cw. Also interested in astronomy and wood working. - K5FSE - Cumming, GA - Nov 13
Love CW and operate CW 100% on HF. If it is not CW it just CB. In days of old when men were bold and sideband not invented the word was passed by pounding brass and all were quite contented. - Tom Lufkin W4DAX - Goose Creek, SC - Nov 10
First time visitor to the site and enjoying the visit immensely. Having just scored an original Ten Tec Argonaut 505 (serial number 00036!) from eBay, I'm having a blast in this return to the hobby. - Jeff Bauer, WN1MB - Winsted, CT - Nov 4
Greg KD0SVT - Ellsinore, MO - Oct 30
locator: FN04di Noted your article on MFJ-9040. The article (by KK5R) seems to describe the MFJ-9440 radio with CW filter option. I ended up purchasing a 9040 from a fellow ham based on the article (very well written by the way). Thought you mite want to verify the mode information since it seems missleading and has lead me to purchasing a CW only radio. Cheers and 73 Robert Critch, de Ve3QTH (I suggested to Robert he email the writer of the article since I don't have any info here - K3WWP) - Robert de ve3qth - Barrie, ON - Oct 30
Larry K9FLT - Chicago, IL - Oct 27
I have been a QRP Ham since my Novice ticket, October 13, 1983. I enjoy your articles in " FIST". I also have limited space and use an Isotron 40/20 combination up 20 feet above my shack. Hope to meet on the bands, 73 - Sam F. Millsap KA5SNG - Stafford, TX - Oct 18
Hi John, Nice to meet u again after so many years, wkd u 4 times 1966-67. my old call was WB2QJY. 73/Mark WB2QJ. - Mark WB2QJ - Bay Shore, NY - Oct 16
Wanting to learn more about QRP. Am working on improving my code. What I have read I am sure it will be fun. - Jim N7QMW - Osakis, MN - Oct 10
Sir i have AOR 8000. Please help me with programming. X soldier from fort ord. Oct 1963.I live her in my home in Vienna AUSTRIA - Johann Robert Sedlak - Vienna, Austria - Oct 9
Great website, John. Particularly like the second on antennas! - George Allgood, W4GFA - Walhalla, SC - Oct 9
Your site is awesome. Though I am not as active due to work & family obligations, the few times each week I turn on my hf rig I work or listen solely to CW. Thanks for promoting CW / QRP. 73's Charlie - Charlie / W1CFZ - Tolland, CT - Oct 9
Way back in the 60's, I didn't realize I was a QRPer ~ Transmitters in the Books and Magazines typically had a 6L6 or two, or 6AQ5, and 2N3053 would have been high power. Work the World on QRP, it becomes a strategy, sort of like Chess. Not sure how I stumbled upon NAQCC, but glad I did. - Keith - KC9IH - La Salle, IL - Oct 7
AL CONN W8RXY - Lansing, MI - Oct 5
Nice webpage! Would love to get involved with other county hunters that use CW. I've heard no nets here on the West Coast. - Rocky AE7US - Portland, OR - Sep 24
NAQCC QRS net is the greatest!! - Steve Dubin W3UEC - Springfield, PA - Sep 24
great site! - don carlos steele KI6VKK - Sebastopol, CA - Sep 24
Nice Page! - Bob - N1HQM - Florence, MA - Sep 17
Enjoyed your articles, John. Very informative for this OM who returned to ham radio after a 50+ year hiatus. Still working to get my teen-age code speed back. Tnx agn. Chuck, K6ZIZ - Chuck Heath K6ZIZ - Hopland, CA - Sep 17
John, Thoroughly enjoy your CW site and I'm always soaking up it's valuable information. I've been licensed since the early 1970s and currently have my Extra class. I've been remiss in polishing my CW skills and now that I'm semi-retired I'm spending more time in taking care of that deficiency. I'm fortunate to have a couple very good iambic paddles and a couple straight keys. I've also been able to join Fists and SKCC to always seek more information and get encouragement. As you note in your website ... "get on the air" and continue to practice. Thanks so much for your website and support. 73, Nolan Kienitz KI5IO Plano, TX - Nolan Kienitz - KI5IO - Plano, TX - Sep 12
if i ever get off the nite shift i will see you on the nets - dave gulick AB0LJ - Shelbina, MO - Sep 10
Hi John, my friend since 1965. Your streak is EPIC, in ham radio, in my opinion. You keep pluggin' along, with enthusiasm. My hat is off to you. You've clearly proved your point beyond any doubt OM. I read your FB story of epic from top to bottom this morning, wonderful! I've been occasionally active. Of course, CW ONLY, but with a powerful 100W. My only antennas, ever, have been low dipoles, verticals, mobile and indoor antennas. Your efforts have motivated thounsands of others. Keep it going John. 73 Van - Van WC5D ex-K3ZMI - Roanoke, TX - Sep 1
I am not a broadcaster; just wanted to say THANK YOU for the bit of info I found on your page today from a chat posting; I'm Paul Petersen's friend and greatest fan on Earth, and I learned today that Paul's recording of "Where Is She" was not the original but, rather, Bobby Vee's was the original. Found a YouTube clip of Bobby's version but it's been blocked in the USA due to copyright/royal concerns, so I will now have to see if I can find Bobby's record to see if both he and Paul used the same arrangement. Of course I'm biased but I always end up feeling that Paul's version of any song, even if it's a cover version, out-does the original! Anyway, thank you for my musical history enlightenment for today, August 29, 2012! - George Hewett - Fresno, CA - Aug 29
I truly want to be a member of FIST and I truly want to know CW but with some issues I have and lack of a dedicated teacher, It seems impossible and further more, I want to qrp!!!!! - Keith KI4IES - Butner, NC - Aug 25
Your contributions to the Ham Radio hobby in general and the use of CW specifically are quite impressive and highly appreciated by ham operators throughout the world. Thank you. - Vern Lovelace, AA7VW - Salem, OR - Aug 22
no comments - erano e. balicog - Ozamiz City, Philippines - Aug 21
Nice site! - Joe, WM9I - Flora, IL - Aug 15
Very nice site. - Alan VA3AH - La Salle, ON - Aug 13
John, Enjoyed our CW QSO this evening. Just returning to their after a 17 year break in operating. You were my 2nd CW QSO in as many years, so thank you for your patience with my sloppy CW. 73's. Asa - Asa KH2N - Virginia Beach, VA - Aug 13
Nice site....tell Don K3RLL I said "Hi", and safe travels.....looked for you both at you "parkpedtion" yesterday, but could not hear you. 73! Steve - Steve Szabo WB4OMM - Port Orange, FL - Aug 12
Just got back to ham radio after 20 yr absence. Have low budget so QRP and wire antennas sounds like something I might like. Currently working on 40M WAS CW with my TS-940 and a 40M dipole fed with ladder line to a 4:1 balun. 73 Phil, K4SKA - Phil Steege - K4SKA - Amherst, VA - Aug 12
my call 4S7WP and also KE5CUN from TX/Houston ham since 1953 age 81 , x marine radio officer x fists member am also a VE in USA, current member JSC radio club member W5RRR - W P S PERERA 4S7WP - Colombo, Sri Lanka - Aug 11
John, I will never complain about my poor antenna location again after seeing what you deal with; even mimicking those darn 4400 volt xfrmrs close to the house. Thanks for your good work with NAQCC. alan - Alan Geller K6ADG - Emerald Hills, CA - Aug 11
I am verry enjoyed to write you on your Guestbook from Morocco. I was radio telegraphist on moroccan marine mercant. I am radio amateur since 1972 my call sign is : "CN8CE" just see: QRZ.com - Zidane Nabil - Casablanca, Morocco - Aug 11
Been following NACQCC for a long time. Worked QRP on and off for many years. Ordering a KX3 soon. Too old for kit building but still like to stumble around in the park with a wire antenna. Regards, Gary (ke2yk) - Gary ke2yk - Shirley, NY - Aug 11
Building my 1st QRP rig. Hope to see u on 40m. - Gene, W5DOR - Magnolia, TX - Aug 8
pass my cw test, but never got on air - rahmat, 9m2rmt - Rawang, West Malaysia - Aug 8
Listening to you on the WAN system vis 145.290 repeater in Gibsonia PA while getting some late night work done. Enjoying the conversation. (Couldn't have been me. I don't operate on any repeaters and only work CW on 160-6 meters, nothing else - K3WWP) - Ken Sprouse WA3FKG - Oakmont, PA - Aug 6
You are a great support to and example of a person loving CW. Nice to meet you! No CW on this end. But, have wanted to for 47 yrs. Now I have a hard time remembering yesterday. My mind is very busy thinking of space travel to getting enough sleep, I know -- crazy. 73 Joe AB8ZK - Joe AB8ZK - Chesapeake, OH - Aug 5
Fine job thanks - Russ Richardson - Chamblee, GA - Aug 5
Great site, John. wouldn't it be neat to work one another QRP and indoor antenna to QRP and indoor antenna? :) 73, Bill, k6mgo - Bill,k6mgo - Marina Del Rey, CA - Aug 1
Good day thank you for a good webpage . I just wonder if anny body got a schematic or repair manual for a Transworld prc 1099 HF radio (a Bing search for "transworld prc 1099 manual" turns up some promising looking links - K3WWP) - Ronnie Venter ZS6ADR - Witbank, South Africa - Aug 1
Very interesting site. Well done! - Greg Fripp - Bovey Tracey, England - Jul 30
I'm trying the Koch method from G4FON but with two hearing aids it's slow going. Some letters run together, can't tell the difference. Wish I learned when I was a teenager not 57. - Glenn KJ6WEV - Antioch, CA - Jul 25
Grt site es tnx fer all this info. 73 de M0TXR Mac. - Mac M0TXR - Little Lever Village, England - Jul 24
Have heard you on the air and chase you all over some day we will chat - Rick Collier N8MFN - Batavia, OH - Jul 23
Sri I missed you today (7/21/12) while you and K3RLL were working portable as N3AQC. I did manage to work Don on 40m, and I looked for you John on 10m and 20m, but could not find you. Better luck next time. - Curt WA2JSG - Carneys Point, NJ - Jul 23
KG4PRK - Cedar Rapids, IA - Jul 23
Texas QSO Party coming in September. CW category. Check them out. - Henry Schneider W5HNS - San Antonio, TX - Jul 18
Hi John, Your web site is truely inspiring. I admire your QRP setup and your very creative abilities. You are only two years older than I and you seem to have found the secret to enjoying life. We could all learn a lesson from that. 73's and keep up the good fun! Al - wa9hsl - Al Winfrey - wa9hsl - Greenfield, IN - Jul 16
What a great site! Love that QRP. - Norm VK5GI - Willunga, Australia - Jul 12
Very Fine Website's i recently joined NAQCC and look forward to learning new things in communications. 73 - Robert - kf7hzn (NAQCC #6126) - Salem, OR - Jul 11
Excellent web site. Keep up the good work. I have just begun to operate qrp and am enjoying the challenge. I am trying to decide which qrp rig to purchase for the field. Do you have any suggestions? Enjoyed pictures of your shack. 73, Dwain - Dwain Sims AC5EH - Jonesboro, AR - Jul 9
Thou oldish (82) and new to CW. Found your pages very useful. I have just received my Elecraft tx1 and looking forward to putting it together, - Alan, m0omi - Bexhill On Sea, England - Jul 7
Ill be looking for ya during your Parkpedition on the 28th. Hope to here ya NAQCC 6099 AD5NW Dan - Dan Vandervort AD5NW - Houma/Galliano, LA - Jun 28
I Love QRP CW and Building QRP rigs Please see my QRZ page Art - Arthur Ripple NS7E - New Prague, NM - Jun 27
Barry Davies N4ONT - Decatur, GA - Jun 27
I worked u a few years ago on cw(of course!) You write many good articles on cw and qrp .Good work ,thanks - Ray N2DAY - Depew, NY - Jun 24
Field day much fun. From Oahu into Iowa using 5 watts on 15 meters with a simple vertical. - Mike Zanoni AH6WA - Kaneohe, HI - Jun 24
Rich. n3nsn - New Freedom, PA - Jun 20
Bill AB9QU - Trail Creek, IN - Jun 19
Always love reading your site. Decided to work on WAS/WAC using CW rather than SSB this time around. Antennas are always a challenge on Oahu. 160 is out, but 40/30/20/15 are very do-able with a simple homemade 34' vertical. Japan is easy; sometimes manage into South Africa and such. Older used and inexpensive gear much more interesting than a linear into a beam. Entire station less than $250 and working world. You are an inspiration. - Mike Zanoni AH6WA - Kaneohe, HI - Jun 15
Bob Householder, K7JBU - Eagle Point, OR - Jun 13
Barry Ryan ai2h - Dittmer, MO - Jun 13
What does 72 mean? (Same as 73. It's a "cutesy" thing some QRPers use to signify they are a little less than a regular 73 - I NEVER use it myself - K3WWP) I now know about 88. Thanks! 73 Joe AB8ZK - Joe Blazer AB8ZK - Chesapeake, OH - Jun 11
Just love your enthusiasm for CW and QRP! You are a fine inspiration for all of us. - Earl Skelton, N3ES - Washington, DC - Jun 8
Donald F. Bourgeois W5VTH - Childress, TX - May 30
ke6zwn - Kensington, CA - May 26
Fairly new HAM. Working on General License upgrade. New owner on FT-817 - Keith-- KC9TFL - Fond du Lac, WI - May 23
Many tnx for FB QSO. We share similar experiences and views re: CW operation; code was very easy for me. In fact, I tell people that I have an unmarketable skill and was born in the wrong century! - Roy---WA2JLW (ex-KN3HWP) - Pittsboro, NC - May 23
Nice web site. Full of information. - K S SHAMA SUNDER VU2USA - Bangalore, India - May 23
Hello, John. It was nice meeting you on the radio. Thank you for calling. I appreciated your devotion to CW QRP. I myself enjoy CW QRP and used to be a member of FISTS Club (#452)but it got too expensive... Keep up the good work to promote QRP and to preserve CW which should be around for ever. 73... de Carlos CT1BQH - Carlos CT1BQH - Entroncamento, Portugal - May 18
Nice site - Ron Fial KO7V - Milwaukie, OR - May 17
John, thanks for your great site! Although I have been licensed for 30 years, I have never quite managed to operate CW. I have decided that I really want to become proficient in CW and am using G4FON's excellent software. I have read accounts of youngsters learning in a week or two and now managing 40wpm. Ham radio really needs youngsters to get interested of course, but I admit to being a little discouraged by the rapid progress many seem to make, compared to my efforts. Today I read the contribution by Dave - KC2AFK, who's addition pointed out that he started out his CW adventure at 51. This is a great encouragement to me, being not too many years away from his age! Sometimes I get frustrated as I loose concentration while trying to keep copying, but it seems it IS possible! Hopefully I will be able to work many CW fans like yourself before too long; my current work often takes me to interesting parts of the world where there is very little ham activity, so it will be fun to see what contacts can be had QRP. Thanks again, Tony. - Tony GW8PBM - Cardiff, Wales - May 16
Hey, really nice and informativ website! Keep it coming ;) vy 73 de Andreas - Andreas, OE8APR - Seelach, Austria - May 7
Enjoyed looking around your site!!! - Julio Jimenez - KK4EQP - Eastover, NC - May 7
I passed my technician element last year (2011) and am working on getting my general class in July 2012. Unemployed so I haven't purchased any gear or rig yet. Hope to join NAQCC after I can copy 15wpm and get my shack set up. Looking for CW xmssns on the Internet to train my ear and copy. 73s - Larry KB3VOC - Reinholds, PA - May 6
Dan KB1WZY - Jamaica Plain, MA - May 3
hola como esta - JORGE LUIS GOMEZ -HI5GFJ - Barahona, Dominican Republic - Apr 29
I like the site. I am a keen CW-op QRP and QRPp - Clemed Nilsson SM7DRH - Ronneby, Sweden - Apr 28
Susan Peterson KC9JDT - Poplar Grove, IL - Apr 27
This is good STUFF, Folks! <<Lou>> - Lou Everett Sr WA5LOU - Cumberland, IN - Apr 24
Colin GW0IRP - Maesteg, Wales - Apr 24
Talked with you several times and was always a pleasure. Keep up the good work John. Jimmy - ae4dt - Cartersville, GA - Apr 24
Hi john,congratulation for your site. I was born in 1946 and licencied stil 1982. i'm 100 % cw/qrp too since one year about. My rigs are IC735 (5w) ATS3B ,Monolamp rig, HW7 and soon minimalist txr for 30 m.72,73 - Pierre - - f5gsk - la seyne sur mer , France - Apr 18
I love CW! - Roger Stasiak- KE0FI - Pueblo West, CO - Apr 16
Wonderful site, OM... I've been browsing and am very encouraged by your QRP tips. I am a new ham--General ticket only a bit over a month--and with only 5-6 hours, have made 30 QSOs, all in North America, but all during daylight. I'll continue to learn more, both on the air and from reading your site. Thanks so much for the advice! - Jeff Gainer KD0QVQ - Grand Junction, CO - Apr 15
Inspiring ! Very nice job sir ! I will do CW one day... - Lino - PU4HZT - Belo Horizonte, Brazil - Apr 12
Great Job John, keep up the good work, you make all Hams look good ! ! ! love your column in the Fist Club Newsletter (The Keynote) 73 Jim WG1L - James O'Rourke wg1l - Weymouth, MA - Apr 11
Hi John, Very nice to visit Your site. It's very friendly, interesting and useful. GL&73! - Chris SQ8LUV - Kawka, Poland - Apr 10
Hi again John. Great to work you again & honored to be your streak QSO for the day! 72 my friend. / Woody / WD9F - Woody Hester WD9F - Springfield, IL - Apr 8
Nice site - Todd N9YSQ - Owensboro, KY - Apr 8
Hope to work you some day helping to continue your streak. I use a K1, antenna is made out of zip cord hanging on the fence in the back yard. - Wayne N5YFC - Denham Springs, LA - Apr 6
nice site love to see homebrew tube stuff - Tom Beard WA4ZOF - Auburn, AL - Apr 6
Thank you for the obvious time and effort that you have put into promoting and encouraging CW/QRP operation. It has and does help. Jack - John "Jack" Quense, K6ZQ - San Francisco, CA - Apr 4
Super web site. Thanks for all your efforts. I am just getting started in qrp.. - Dwain Sims Ac5eh - Jonesboro, AR - Apr 2
Great site, lots of good info and quite motivational as well. Thanks & 73 Tom French N3UFJ - Tom French N3UFJ - Pocomoke City, MD - Apr 1
Stan KD5TNC - Caddo Mills, TX - Apr 1
W3ASW - Newark, DE - Mar 23
This is a great and inspirational website. I am now looking to change to CW rather than phone. I have been licensed for 35 years but never took the time or effort to become proficient. Now retired and have plenty of time to work on CW. - C. Ray Rollack, NA5NM - Las Cruces, NM - Mar 19
Paul Eaton, KR4IN - Cleveland, NC - Mar 18
I am impressed by your web-place and your streak of CW-qsos. Hope to work you on the bands one day SM6DER NAQCC 3504 - Sten SM6DER - Gothenburg, Sweden - Mar 17
Tony KM4BJ - Cascade, VA - Mar 17
Jan W5KNZ - Georgetown, TX - Mar 15
Absolutely wonderful site. I enjoy QRP using my friend's 2 watt Small Wonder Labs 20 meter rig from time to time. - DAVID COLTON, VO1TK - St. John's, NL - Mar 13
It would be great to have you list your wire antennas in use. (All my antennas are not only listed, but described and completely illustrated with pictures. Just look in my Homebrewing section on the Antennas page for all the details - K3WWP) - Bob Morden, VE6RI - Grimshaw, AB - Mar 12
Impressive work John. The site is simple straightforward and packed with GD INFO and encouragement for us OM's re-entering the realm of low pwr CW (QRP). Awaiting a Ten Tec Delta and an MFJ 9020 to begin zero-beating new friends. FISTS and NAQCC thumbs up. 73 CUL - Leroy Radcliffe KI6EAO - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA - Mar 11
Returned to CW after a long hiatus. Generally I'm fed up with the language and rudeness on SSB, especially 20 meters. Enjoyed your web-site and it certainly helped me to improve my CW skills, especially after over 40 years of SSB and FM---Dave K9KBE - Dave Pueringer K9KBE - Germantown, WI - Mar 11
Very nice site,I visit it often. - Jim- W1JKA/6 - Chula Vista, CA - Mar 8
Your site is inspiring. I looked at it in 2003 when I first got my license, and after 7 years of inactivity I am back again, and found your site again. Thanks for creating and maintaining it. - John KC0QWE - Merriam, KS - Mar 4
Paul Eaton/KR4IN - Cleveland, NC - Feb 27
72/73 - Greg VE4GH - Winnipeg, MB - Feb 25
my qrp rig(s) are HW 8, Heathkits using a Heathkit HD 1410 keyer. MFJ 941C tuner and a homebrew G5RV fed with 450 ohm ladderline Elev @ my QTH is 1400 above MSL. Additional Info. NAQCC member # 3812 - michael v. miller W9MVM - Clintwood, VA - Feb 24
Hi, Just getting started. Taking my test this coming Saturday, so wish me luck! I built an OHR 100a 40m rig with a BLT+Tuner and OHR Wattmeter. 73 Steve - Stephen Roberts (no call yet) - Sudbury, ?? - Feb 20
mike green wd0esf - Medicine Lodge, KS - Feb 20
Great site. Keep it going! - Joe W3TTT - Baltimore, MD - Feb 14
Hello John, came across your site thru serendipity. We have worked a few times, at least once when I was on my PFR3. My NAQCC number is sort of like my sequential call.... Fate smiling at me. 2630 is the street number of the house I grew up in and where I first got interested in radio. CU and 73 Jerry - N3HAM - Philadelphia, PA - Jan 31
Very nice page - informative & interesting. Keep up the great work - much success. 73 de Bruce - Bruce XW1B - Vientiane, Laos - Jan 30
Nice site...lots of good information. Thank you walt - WB2GTY - LaGrangeville, NY - Jan 27
Hi John, Still operating mostly qrp after all these years (first QRP rig was the Heathkit HW7 in the early 70s). Must admit to some QRO HF on emergency nets (100 watts on an old TS-140s). Current rigs are the FT-817 and SW-20. Currently building the Hendricks PFR-3. Congrats on you continuing daily QRP QSO streak. You are amazing! - Mike K7RVX - Syracuse, UT - Jan 25
Nice Site. Long time qrp Contester Now Ive got the buildign Bug 8) Working on my second Rock Mite. Hoping some day to build a K2 8) - John KO1H - West Warwick, RI - Jan 15
Clark KK4FQL - St. Petersburg, FL - Jan 11
thank you for a great web site! I love vintage equipment and QRP vintage "stuff". Heathkit HW-8, HD-1410 keyer and G5RV Ant. 73 de mike w9mvm. - michael miller, w9mvm - Clintwood, VA - Jan 7
Nice site,glad to be a part of your community 73's Derek KD0PNP - Derek McCorkell KD0PNP - Elk River, MN - Jan 6
NAQCC #3812, old in age and young (2006) in ARS. GREAT web site. all my equipment is now vintage. just bought my first HW-8 looking forward to its arrival. my other rigs are TS-520 and HW-101 and HW-202 meter, HD-1410 keyer. 73s mike - michael miller w9mvm - Clintwood, VA - Jan 6
Good cw qrp website - qudama - Surabaya, Indonesia - Jan 5
Hello John, I think net month will be a year that I worked you and if i'm wrong on that then it will be 2 years. I'm still shooting for at least 1 QSO per day with the Hustler mobile setup I worked on late in the summer. I use the FT 857-D but turn it down to 5 watts. Wishing you a very joyful 2012 with lots of CW DX BOB AF2Q - BOB LECH - Lawrenceville, NJ - Jan 4
Hello John, It must have been a year since I worked you on CW. It looks like the sun may give in a little so working CW will be much better with no QSB.. I made some DX but just enough to confirm calls and I worked a lot of TX and AZ with 5 watts and the indoor loop. I keep pressing my list members to get on the rig and try for any QSO:-) Keep up the excellent job of keeping CW alive 72/73 BOB AF2Q - BOB AF2Q - Lawrenceville, NJ - Jan 2