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I'm a new Technician class operator and I'm very interested in CW operation. I'm currently learning the code and looking forward to getting on the air. I joined NAQCC (#7024) and I'm looking forward to getting involved with the group. 73 - Billy Blackmon (KF5ZHQ) - San Antonio, TX - Dec 25
Kenny Fields KD8RRZ - Chesapeake, OH - Dec 24
Have been looking at your web sight for many years. I keep your call in mind hoping to maybe work you on CW some time. So far no luck. If your call pops out from my Flex 1500 maybe we can have a chat. Richard WB9NFD - Richard WB9NFD - Kendallville, IN - Dec 23
Hello John, Short note that my CW streak is still going! I am at 1133 days (three yrs). Good job on maintaining yours!!! CU ON BNDS SN 72/WR9H/HERB - WR9H/Herb Case - Rockford, IL - Dec 22
David Germ (WV8P) - North Olmsted, OH - Dec 12
Hi John happy holidays having a ton of fun operating QRP/CW look for ward to our next ragchew 72 Gary ve3mpq/qrp - gary trudel ve3mpq - Windsor, ON - Dec 10
73 de Giuseppe - Giuseppe (IK2UUA) - Milano, Italy - Dec 6
Good show I will be in USA on 12th Dec. till April 20th will be on E/Link as KE5CUNin Houston TX,the address now reads as 4019 North Water Iris Ct.Houston TX 77059 , 73 de 4S7WP/Ke5CUN. My NAQCC Nr 4214 - Shanthi 4S7WP - Colombo, Sri Lanka - Nov 30
i got stocked on your site, so much to read. I have placed your web adress as an link from my qrp blog./ Jenny - Jenny SM5MEK - Uppsala, Sweden - Nov 30
It's more than 25 years now since I've been a ham, but I am only about 2,5 years active in CW. In 1986, I did pass the 12wpm exam, built my own 30M CW QRP rig but stopped using it after quite a few unpleasant contacts. As a re-entrant, I now realize it was probably caused by missing operating practice and an elmer. These days, I try to catch up, but in some cases I still feel a bit key-shy, due to the bad memories. Current speed is around 25-27 WPM and there are around 650 QSO's in the log. I hope in time I will feel more comfortable and relaxed in CW and really enjoy it even more. 73, Alex PA1FOX - NAQCC #6949, FISTS #15884, CWOPS #1225, SKCC #8265T - Alex PA1FOX - Hengelo, The Netherlands - Nov 20
Have been busy with our Radio club and just now getting around to warming up to get serious about QRP CW . Glad to find you still here. - Robert Dyer WB5EAT [NAQCC] #1848 - Palestine, TX - Nov 18
Ted Perry W1WFZ - Coventry, RI - Nov 16
The email link isn't working this morning so I'll send my comments about the poll this way. I operate mostly to collect Miles-Per-Watt CW QSOs. Contests are great for this because I can get a sense of band conditions and how things are playing out. Then I start making contacts at 5 watts, get in the game and start lowering my power. I have an attenuator that goes down to 15 milliwatts from 5 watts. I've also used an Icom IC-703 and a Yaesu FT-817 with their less than a watt settings. I've worked some amazing CW MPW contacts, but also tried it on RTTY, working the whole west coast of US and Canada, some S Americans with one watt. Of course I'd already done that with a tenth of a watt on CW! As far as the poll, I also collect SKCC numbers but haven't applied for any awards. - Roy Crosier AC9DN - Warsaw, IN - Nov 12
John, got your very nice QSL in the mail the other day.Thank you very much, a VERY nice photo QSL. Look forward to another of your park expeditions. - K8LJG - Flint, MI - Oct 26
I am a member of Fists and NAQCC I am an NCS for two slow speed CW nets, Utah Code Net and Mountain States Net. I op QRP CW es digital. I am an ARRL & W5YI VEC. I just wanted to say keep up the good work, it is appreciated. Best 73 de John K7JHM - John McCurdy K7JHM - Price, UT - Oct 22
glad to have met you - Dave n3nfl - Towanda, PA - Oct 19
John, Thank you very much for posting the picture's of your last N3AQC park operation. The turned out great. I have saved them in a folder and will add other's from future operation's. - K8LJG - Flint, MI - Oct 19
Hi John. I was just checking out your site. Interestingly your 1st cw contact [in the streak] was with a friend of mine, KG9N. Chuck lives about 15 miles from me. I've just gotten back active after being away from the hobby for about a decade. Using a kx3 right now. I work out of town a lot and it's perfect for taking with me. Hope to work you on the bands soon. Gary KC9EE - KC9EE - Morton, IL - Oct 17
Hoping to see some pictures from the latest N3AQC operation !?? - John K8LJG - Flint, MI - Oct 16
Nice site! - John N2DVD - Fort Edward, NY - Oct 15
Thank you for promoting CW qrp Hpe to c u on the air - Raul. XE2XX - Garza Garcia, Mexico - Oct 15
Looking forward to improving my code skills and getting some qrp contacts. Thanks to kq2rp for pushing me in this direction - Lou Asbaty kc2ync - Randolph, NJ - Oct 15
I am proud to be a member of the club [NAQCC] #4605 - Clemed SM7DRH - Ronneby, Sweden - Oct 5
Paul LW1HPT - La Cumbre, Argentina - Sep 30
Congrats for your fb web page. I've been a licensed ham for 30+ years and have doing some QRP from public parks and really enjoy it. - Raul XE2XX - Monterrey, Mexico - Sep 28
Enjoy your site. - Ed WB5BGY - Rayne, LA - Sep 20
NAQCC #6738. Thanks for the interesting site, 73 Bruce - ZP5BAB - Asuncion, Paraguay - Sep 17
I have been too lazy-- or maybe just too tired-- to commit to learning Morse code. But you are the ham I aspire to be. - John Daab KC9TCX - Woodstock, IL - Sep 4
Keep up the great work John. you are an inspiration to amateurs everywhere. 72. Al kd7kd. - Al. kd7kd - Anaconda, MT - Aug 26
looking back to old qrp memories - Richie. W. Gauthier w5xv - Denham Springs, LA - Aug 22
I've been CW for 20 years and work QRP quite often. I now have a Elecraft K2 and do QRP quite often. I do like to find the FOX on HF fox hunts. - Wayne N5YFC - Denham Springs, LA - Aug 22
I like your web page and working QRP 40M. I am one of those no-code Tech's that learned code years later and now enjoy working QRP. The rigs don't weigh much and easy to pack along when traveling on vacation etc. Keep up the good work and maybe even catch you on the air sometime. 73 - Bob -- N9SIU - Greenwood, IN - Aug 20
Ain't worked u in a coon's age, John, so I visited ur web site to see if u had fallen off the edge of the flat earth. I guess not, in that the streak is still going, hi. I rc'd a FB plaque for top out of state QRP in the PA QSO Party. Bands poor lately, but I plod along. I had a FB 30 wpm QRQ QSO tonight on 80 m. with AK4Z. The older I get, the more I like 25-30 wpm. Too many hams are stuck on 15 to 20 wpm for years on end, which is snail speed compared with 30 or 35. The EU ops are the best at QRQ. They laugh at USA stations plodding thru the muck at 15 wpm, hi. I op a lot of /P QRP at my trailer in the woods up north. Roughly 1/4 of my QSOs in a given year are /P. Keep the streak going! 73, Ken, WA8REI - Ken - WA8REI - Freeland, MI - Aug 17
Do 10wpm....used to be 35 - Stan Finch K4ESW - Harriman, TN - Aug 8
Currently vacationing in Columbus, OH - Jim N4NUD - Land O' Lakes, FL - Aug 6
Member of both NAQCC and FISTS. Not as active as I would like. - Charles Turner, KC9PRJ - Plymouth, IN - Aug 5
Also qrp and cw fan - Allan, OZ8A - Fejoe, Denmark - Aug 5
hi,i am saaid cn8ww many thanks for nice website and for our common hobby i hope to have a qso with your station 73's - SAAID CN8WW - Meknes, Morocco - Aug 5
John Beckner WB4FEN - Knoxville, TN - Aug 5
I really want to learn code and build my own QRP gear. I am a minimalist at heart - Frederick S. Strickland KF4BKT - Irvine, PA - Jul 23
Hi, I just dropped in to see your list of QRP frequencies. I have just bought a cheap Chinese QRP rig with 80m, 40m, 30m and 20m bands. You have quite a site here. Congratulations! 73 (or 72). - David Harvey vk2dmh - Sydney, Australia - Jul 12
Nice website. Wish I could participate in the nets. I'm lucky to get to participate in SKCCs WES (What about our other NAQCC activities? We have a lot more than just our NAQCC QRS Nets - Sprints, challenges, awards, and much more at http://naqcc.info/) - Justin Elliott AC8LZ NAQCC #6113 - Marietta, OH - Jul 10
just got my first qrp after 28 years and having a blast - Rodney Ross N4RAY - Shelby, AL - Jun 30
Hi John, always enjoy browsing you site. Worked FD up in the NGa mtns this weekend with Dick K2UFT. He was telling me about his long friendship with you. We ran QRP for just a few hours before other operators came in, avg about 35 qsos per hour on 20 during our time on. Take care John de Dick K5TF - Dick Baxter K5TF - Brookhaven, GA - Jun 26
What a great site! As a fairly new CW op, I often scour the web looking for help. This site is one of the best! I've bookmarked it and plan on referencing it often. I teach middle school science and have been given the the opportunity to start a amateur radio class. My students have always showed an interest in learning CW - I can't wait to teach them. Needless to say, this site will be used with my class... - Troy AE6VP - Rescue, CA - Jun 21
Getting back into CW with a QRP radio. It should be fun and help build up my CW skills. 73 - Dick Tosby. W9IV - Huntley, IL - Jun 20
Ham since 1954, ex shipboard radio opr and canadian coast stn operator. Retired 1997 from cdn cg, still enjoy using cw In all major contests. Only 100 watts. 73'as to all Doug - VE1UY - Halifax, NS - Jun 18
I'm interested in QRP CW. Just nw I've registered to be a member of NAQCC. Tnx 4 ur special kind attn. De yb2bg - Bambang Guntoro - Yogyakarta, Indonesia - Jun 16
SM7DRH - Ronneby, Sweden - Jun 8
I have been an avid qrp op for many years currently rig is a ten tec HB1B about 4 watts on 80,40 ,30 and 20 ant is a hvu-8 vertical up 10 ft - ed wa1fvj - East Hartford, CT - Jun 7
I like CW and QRP, need to get with others of the same interest. (The best way to do that is engage in our NAQCC activities - K3WWP) - AA2ID (NAQCC # 5285) - Spencerport, NY - Jun 3
Love your site. It is so informative. After being on Phone since 1977 now that there is no reqirement for CW I upgraded to extra and the bug has bitten me. - Carlos Carvajal - Mesa, AZ - May 20
Great web-site, very inspiring. I can vouch for the success of 5 watts or less being the current 40m NCS for the 4SQRP Group. Keep it up, grand job! God Bless de Wayne - KC0PMH - Wayne KC0PMH (NAQCC # 0759) - Columbus, KS - May 20
Hi John, Vy nice website. Share ur views on cw and qrp. Have bn ham doing almost all cw since 1979 during Navy days in San Diego. Still luv it. Keep up gud wrk! N5URL - N5URL Bob Hynd - Arcadia, OK - May 5
Howdy doody all. Nice web site. 73 - Robert B 2E0FXT - Hertfordshire, England - May 5
Nice web site from a fellow QRPer and CW operator - Roy KB3LNP - Levittown, PA - Apr 29
John, you continue to be an inspiration. I became a radio amateur and 2009 and found your site shortly after joining NAQCC. I have enjoyed all aspects of amateur radio - including kit building but the part of the hobby I enjoy the most is ragchewing on CW. Since 2009 I reached DXCC-QRP and WAS-QRP. I am still 99% QRP and looking forward to Field Day 2013. We placed second in our class last year (2B). Keep up the good work being the inspiration. - Ariel Jacala NY4G - Tigerville, SC - Apr 29
I enjoyed your article in the latest FISTS Keynote newsletter. Enjoy your new KX3 and keep the CW going. Hope to work you someday. 73, Bill - Bill, VE2WMA - St. Irenee, QC - Apr 28
best site. I use wire antennas also and straight key - matt wd9dmm - Lagrange Park, IL - Apr 26
Appreciate your column in THE KEYNOTE. I operate 95% QRP using one of my three most favorite rigs: A restored Heathkit HW-8 or a Rockmite 20 or 40 (the other 5% I check into the SCARS SSB net on 7,251 kcs on a weekly basis). I got my ticket in 2001 and was afraid of not passing the CW portion of the test. However since restoring old Heathkits (I also have an HW-16 and an HW-101) I find CW the most fascinating mode there is. To be able to make contacts across the country or world on 1/2 to 2 watts is truly amazing. I have 2 antennas: a Force 12 Flag Pole vertical and a home-brew 40 meter folded dipole in an inverted vee configuration. The folded dipole is based on a plan in the 1960 ARRL Handbook. A folded dipole as a center connection point impedance of 300 ohms; so I use 300 ohm TV twin lead. It works perfectly and my SWR on the CW portion of 40 meters is 1.2:1. Thanks again for your column and this website. Best 73, Ken - KG4LLQ - Ken Powell KG4LLQ - Asheboro, NC - Apr 26
Jody Huneycutt K4EPH - Ellijat, GA - Apr 23

nice hope to cu on the band - jaliya jayampathi 4S7JL - Hokandara, Sri Lanka - Apr 22
Mar 17, 2013, CW contact between KK4LPG and WY4J, 0.2 Watts, 862 Miles, equivalent to 4310 miles per watt. Confirmed, QRZ.com. - Glen Ellis - Memphis, TN - Apr 18
Thank you for the great links! - KA6JLT Rob Walker - Reno, NV - Apr 18
What a great site John. You are a true inspiration with the minimalist approach. True QRPer. While there are "qrpers" who have three Icom Pro III transceivers and multiple stacked monobanders masquerading as qrp stations, winning qrp contests,you are the real thing John. No quarterly magazines or publications. Just this great inspirational informative site of K3WWP. Congratulations John, A True QRPer in every sense of the hobby. - n4dsp/John - Liberty, NC - Apr 9
Jim - KD0GLN - Sioux City, IA - Apr 9
Your page seems to have extensive QRP info. I am new to QRP so will look it over carefully. - Randy Dorociak KC9W - Fayetteville, TN - Apr 5
Great website. Keep up the streak! Very encouraging to us newbie CW operators. - Mitch KF5OEF - Longview, TX - Mar 31
I gave been a Ham since 1986 and thought QRP was boring. I acquired an FT-817ND and started CW/QRP and it is the greatest. Haven't too many contacts yet, but am working on it. Just joined NAQCC just a couple of weeks ago. This is great fun. Haven't been on the "big" rig for weeks. Use an 43 ft telescoping vertical antenna when the wind isn't blowing 60+ mph. Usually have it at one of it's lower postions and have still made contacts. It is challenging, but that's what it's all about. NO AMPS for me. - Steve Spier,N7JUO - Cheyenne, WY - Mar 25

*(: Ham_QRZ_bio_130325.txt Interests : Electrical Science, Ham radio QRP, Website: www.GeoCities.WS/glene77is ARRL American Radio Relay League #2000792136 NAQCC North American QRP CW Club #6597 SKCC Straight Key Century Club #10462 1959:K4KKQgeneral QTH: Norfolk, VA Rig : Heath AT-1 (crystal) and Arc-5 modified. Rcvr : Navy Surplus BC??? for 80M, later a Hammurland HQ-140X. Band : 80M, CWonly. Key: Vibroplex (1946) speed cert 35wpm Pwr: 205 W Ant: 59' Vertical on 80M only. 2013: KK4LPGgeneral QTH: Memphis, TN Rig : Kenwood Transceiver TS-830. Rcvr is very good, Trxhas bad output tubes. Band : 20M, CW only. Key: Vibroplex (1946) , speed 15wpm. Pwr: 1 Watt. out of MFJ tuner. Ant #1 : old telephone cable strung through attic, 50'. 860 mile contact.Ant #2 : 17' Vertical. 1400 mile contact. - Glen Ellis KK4LPG - Memphis, TN - Mar 25
I started on CW as novice. Glad it was a required in those days.the new hams today are missing out on a fantastic part of the ham experience. I think W5YI in search of personal gain has done damage to the hobby. But what it is, it is....we can only go forward. Keep CW as the grand art that it is. We will need it when the aliens land! - James Burton, KZ8J - Branchland, WV - Mar 19
You have an awsome accomplish started and I imagine no end in site. Congrats! 73 Ron - Ron Perkins KC2DQC - Tonawanda, NY - Mar 18
72 from Minnesota - Brian NF0G - Saint Louis Park, MN - Mar 18
F1IWH - Villenave d'Ornon, France - Mar 15
Ron Metcalf W7HGW - Saint Robert, MO - Mar 7
Thank for the 2X QRP CW QSO. 3W here. Love CW and QRP. Visit the QRP Brothers Blog we just started a few months ago. - Michael Morris KF5RAU formerly KA5VZE - Tulsa, OK - Mar 1
QRP 333 Countries Most with 1 watt since 1974 W8ILC - Ron Moorefield W8ILC - Kettering, OH - Mar 1
Jon Wells K6DAT - Austin, TX - Feb 26
20 miles north of Victoria BC. Rig is Yaesu FT-817nd to a Windom Ant. - Arnold (Arn) Parlee - North Saanich, BC - Feb 24
My hat's off to you for what you've done with QRP and CW. When I took up ham radio in 2011 I was already pushing 70, and although I can manage 10 wpm on receive, my CW sending suffers from the "stutters." Know of any cure for that? - Jerry Allen - Roopville, GA - Feb 20
I like your articles in FIST,that's where I found your site. Very nice. - Frank Kennedy KB9KGI - Plymouth, IN - Feb 19
Hi John, Great totals from ARRL International DX CW Contest! Got in on it too. Made about 120 contacts. I hope at least 100 of them are good so that I can earn a pin. Thanks for the contact in the most recent NAQCC sprint. Hope to C U in the next one. 72/73, Lou N8LA - Lou Axeman N8LA - St. Louis, MO - Feb 19
Stan Slonski W2HUX - Kenilworth, NJ - Feb 19
Enjoying the NAQCC sprints and appreciate all you do to promote this aspect of the hobby. 72 Marc, W4MPS - Marc, W4MPS - Clayton, NC - Feb 15
kc2ykn - New York, NY - Feb 12
Thanks John for the QRP QSO on 40 m. You can log me in your 5W QSO/day with wire antennas log. CW has never been easy for me even when I was a novice in 1957. I was off the air for 40 years but got back into it with the boy scouts in 1998 where I was a Cubmaster. When I won my KX3 at the NEARFEST I decided to turn off the SSB buttons and try to concentrate on CW, it is still very difficult for the way my brain is wired, but I am determined to get better.I did copy 20WPM for my xtra which was a lot faster than when my mother taught me my first CW as she drove me to school by whistling back and forth. 73 and tnx for the QSO and your work to support QRP/CW - Willy Maclean W1LY - Jamestown, RI - Feb 9
I would like to see a per band sprint. This would be good for those of us who are antenna limited. - Stu KO8U - Ishpeming, MI - Feb 9
I made my first amateur QSO at age 17, in 1958. I had already passed the military equivalent of the full licence examination -- but stupidly did nothing about actually getting on the air for another 20 years, mainly because of the CW qualification also needed at the time. DON'T, anyone reading this, ever make the mistake I did; for in those 20 years I visited Juan de Nova; Europa; and a host of islands in the Indian Ocean (I was living in Madagascar for ten of those twnety years). Now I've got my ticket, I'm stuck in Europe, with only regrets of what might have been. And the CW turned out to be a doddle, anyway. 73 de G5FM (Callsign in use in my family for 90 years now -- originally issued to my Grandad -- a 33wpm operator -- twenty years before I was born.) - Martin G5FM - Glastonbury, England - Feb 4
7 months a year we operate portable from rv. 5 watts to 100 depending on loacation and power. back pack with 817d yo-yo and a small solar panel - Terry KJ4EZX - Ennice, NC - Feb 4
John, I worked these stns today QRP 5 watts: IK2SND, TF3JB, F9IE, CR2V. At QRO 100 watts: HA9RT, 7P8US, ZF2LC 17 meters was "...than a smoking gun." 7P8 is a new country for me. FB QSO on 26 January (UTC). 73, 72, --Ken - Ken WA8REI - Freeland, MI - Jan 31
Congratulations, I agree with you I am learning CW at 15WPM by Koch method. 20 minutes per day. I have reached 30 signs since 4 months. I have bought the czech key - J.C. Micheau F6HLQ - Saint Orens near Toulouse, France - Jan 31
Hello John i enjoy very much visting your web site. it has been a number of years since i have been on the air waves,my speed is so slow.Keep up your excellent web site, 73 Herb. - Herbert Dodge KA9AYX - Chicago, IL - Jan 31
I am not really good at morse code{aka cw], but I love it. Yes, for 63 years. - Steve Wetzel W6HPK - Lacey, WA - Jan 24
hi john. i like your site. iam getting in to naqcc challenge in feburary. the groundhog challenge. worked you before old call kb8fzy now k8fzy and naqcc #6036. new at qrp. hny john and 73 k8fzy steve - Steve K8FZY - Dennison, OH - Jan 24
New member. - Chris, KA3EVT - Youngsville, PA - Jan 20
Thank you so much for keeping your site up and running. It's been a huge help to me as I'm still getting started. 73 - Sam M. KK4FXQ - Yucca Valley, CA - Jan 17
I'm very interested in purchasing QRP equipment. - Robert Powell KF4ILV - McDavid, FL - Jan 9
First rig was home brew 5 watts using a 7N7 crystal oscillator. Receiver was Hallicrafters S-40 with National Select-O-Ject. This was in 1946. - Bob Renfro K4OF - Mt. Pleasant, NC - Jan 9
Great page!! I especially enjoyed the home brew station pix AND the Novice QSL wall. I had a QSL wall just like it when I was WN8HVR back in 1964! And I wish I had those QSL cards now! Moving around the countryside has lost a lot of stuff I now wish I could see! Great job keeping the pictures and posting them. CW FOREVER! - Mike Goltz -- N8MRS (ex N8CRF) - Medina, OH - Jan 9
Great site, congratulations. Particularly the DSW rig as I've just acquired a DSW-30! Kind regards Norm. VK5GI - Norm. vk5gi - Willunga, Australia - Jan 2
Once again for the 16th year in a row, it's time to archive the previous year's guestbook entries, and start with a clean slate for the new year of 2013. Thanks to all for the fine comments over the years, and I look forward to see what you have to offer this year here in the guestbook - John K3WWP - Kittanning, PA - Jan 1