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Guestbook Entries - 2014

Benjamin Sly KF5OEB - Sherman, TX - Dec 15
Thanks for nice qso on Saturday evening on Dec 6, 2014 ur kx3 sure was loud 73 smiley wb4edb - smiley - Falmouth, VA - Dec 7
My main rigs are a TenTec 506 Rebel and a TenTec HB1B. - Terry Leach WA5ZKP - Albuquerque, NM - Dec 6
I just took my tech exam last night. waiting to be in the database. Cant wait make my first contact. I am currently building a 20 qrp rig. not done yet. but I own a heathkit hw-16 (e-bay) to start with. my first contact will be cw. I dont know if I will ever use modulation on amature bands. seems like it would take the fun out. If I want to talk I have a phone. I Just want to thank you for working to keep the code alive. p.s. I can do almost 5wpm I had to replay your welcome message 5 or 6 times to get it right. I hope to improve fast I have only been working on code for about 2 weeks. - dan hilton - Ocala, FL - Dec 6
Incredible Work! You should be inducted to a Ham Radio Hall of Fame! I am a QRP operator too, however my CW skills at the present are quite poor. Good luck continuing your streak. I hope someday to be one of your "many" contacts. 73 DE KA7PLE Mike - Mike KA7PLE - Beaverton, OR - Dec 3
You're an inspiration. Now that I'm out in the boonies, I'm hoping for quiet air (QRN/WiFi free) with my '817ND. Please keep up the good work. I've been working QRP Mobile with a crappy antenna and still manage to land the occasional DX on 20m SSB. NOT skilled enough to drive stick AND do CW. HiHi!! - Joe Krepps WB3CFN - Spring Grove, PA - Nov 30
Been a ham 5 years but just getting started in QRP. No QRP DX yet, but having lots of fun! - Garth KF7ATL - Logan, UT - Nov 27
Tnx 4 all ur FB postings over the years. Greetings fm the Tropical Alaskan Interior. - Duane Cook NL7X - Fairbanks, AK - Nov 14
enjoyed the pictures past to present - thanks for sharing - long live the lamp! 73 Rick WB0USI - Rick Loughrey WB0USI - Roseville, CA - Nov 1
Great web site - K8VEE - Summerfield, FL - Nov 1
Nice site, OM. I too am a devout CW ham. Run my K2/100 at QRP just about all the time. Been a ham since 1955. Next rig will probably be a KX3 when I can afford it and if I ever get through refurbishing old Heathkits. - Steve Banks K0PQ - Lakewood, CO - Oct 21
Enjoy running QRP from nearby beaches. - Chuck, WA4HHG - Chesapeake, VA - Oct 18
Still a great website... - Ron W5RCP - Putnam, TX - Oct 17
Joe Aruilio KD2AEF - Carmel, NY - Oct 13
QRP with a RockMite. ... There's just nothing like it. - Jack R. Dock WD0CFH - Pittsburg, KS - Oct 13
Nice site given me a few ideas - Brian G6HUI - Kington Langley, England - Sep 30
sunder vu2mdm - Udamalpet, India - Sep 29
Great web site John. You are doing a great job promoting QRP and CW. Keep the great work up. 73, Rich,K0RDS - Richard Swanson,K0RDS - San Antonio, TX - Sep 27
A lot of interesting info John. Thanks! 73.... - Jim Soete WA3YLQ - Telford, PA - Sep 16
Comment to the Sept. poll. Hawe you forgot the big program WWFF, very big here in Europe and getting old Swedes geting crazy in the forests. ;-) - [That's the NAQCC poll handled by Jerry VE6CPP, not my K3WWP poll Jenny is referring to - K3WWP] - Jenny SM5MEK # 6959 - Uppsala, Sweden - Sep 15
I am new to the community, don't know CW yet, but there still is hope - Kent Fox K0DZD - Olathe, KS - Sep 14
john verry kb2sue - Centereach, NY - Sep 10
K8TBW - Fremont, OH - Aug 28
Great resource for me since I recently returned to the hobby after a 25 year absence. It was nice to find everything I needed about CW in one location. - Steve Bonine KA0OBI - Little Canada, MN - Aug 28
Using KX3, Buddipole, AlphaLoop, CW - Norm Ayers, N1AFO - Clarksburg, MD - Aug 24
KF4UPO - Norcross, GA - Aug 24
Gary W8PU - Midland, OH - Aug 23
I love cw when now after 34 yrs of amateur radio, on ssb I went to solid CW op 3 yrs ago only after getting a set of paddles an a decent auto keyer did I take cw seriously , the first day I used a set of paddles I was hooked my speed doubled the first day and I am still improving every day. I love a 45 minute cw rag ches that's my fix everyday - KF6GC - Atascadero, CA - Aug 23
Hi John. Felt very honored to find myself in your diary after we had QSO when I operated from HI3/, and mni tnx for the QSO. I try to get on the air from every place I visit for work or vacation, 98% CW. Though I used a little more power (this time IC706), I keep it simple, this time the new fb UL404 wire windom, 400 grams only. Sometimes a stick fits better, since many years I carry an Outbacker. Cuagn, and 73 Gerhard OE3GEA (2014:x-IG9/, ON/, HI3/, FP/) - Gerhard OE3GEA - Haid, Austria - Aug 23
You're my hero! - Steve KC3ANQ - Huntingdon Valley, PA - Aug 23
CW and QRP! It just doesn't get better than that! - Robert KA3ZKJ - Levittown, PA - Aug 23
Don Neal ai4nd - Melbourne, FL - Aug 23
William KD8ZFR - Lansing, MI - Aug 23
Fairly new at CW but loving it. - Brian. KM4BPE - Summerfield, FL - Aug 23
I was lead Sonarman in Requin in 1965. This was my last Boat of seven that I had the pleasure to serve in. - Ted Anthony. k4oqb - Lake Alfred, FL - Aug 17
I am mostly qrp with a mfj on 15,20,and 40 meters. Right now I use an ocf dipole (20,40)up 20ft. and a 15meter dipole.This past summer I started getting some good dx to europe.I started participating in naqcc activities recently.I also participate in skcc activities.It's very interesting for me and my logbook has taken on a life of its own!The naqcc newsletter is good reading. Tnx for all you do.72,Christine,KE4WKH - Christine Ryan KE4WKH - Orange Beach, AL - Aug 17
Nice website and good info. I love working QRP ever since I built my first rig, a Heathkit HW-8 in 1980. 73 John - John K5ZU - Russellville, AR - Aug 13
Luciano Gasparini PT9KK - Campo Grande, Brazil - Aug 13
thank you for this site! also a qrp cw person. - Johh Stuart k1oe - Norwalk, CT - Aug 10
working on slow speed cw - paulhstarr n6ilj - Redlands, CA - Jul 13
An interesting and constructive site om well done, Keith - Keith G0HKC - Durrington, England - Jul 8
I am returning to Ham Radio after 15+ years of inactivity (I did not let my license lapse). My primary interest is CW and QRP. - Frank L. Irvine. K1FLI - Concord, NH - Jul 5
enjoyed the photos of you equipment and setup - Ralph McDiarmid VE7DQS - Burnaby, BC - Jun 28
My QTH is similar to yours... Thanks for showing us what's possible from a less-than-ideal location! - Jock, N1JI - Concord, NH - Jun 22
N9SE - Sharpsville, IN - Jun 20
Wonderful site... - WF7BSR, Raymond - Mesa, AZ - Jun 18
Spence Graham KB8FIR - Morgantown, WV - Jun 11
Hi John, I accidentally commented on QSO practice files that belong to AA9PW.Sorry. But, I'm using your QSO guidelines which are also a huge help. Thanks! Between you and AA9PW I ought to be on the air, soon. Thanks, Bob - Bob Howard AD0FH - Fort Lupton, CO - Jun 4
Hi John, Your QSO practice is helping me greatly to make my first CW QSO soon. I've been working on CW for over a year. It's harder at 60 than it was at 40 when I passed my Novice test! Thanks for your website and all your helps. They are much appreciated. 73! Bob - Bob Howard AD0FH - Fort Lupton, CO - Jun 4
i got my ham licence in 1979 still i am on cw. - sunder vu2mdm - Udamalpet, India - Jun 4
Congratulaions and thank you for your efforts in spreading the word anout the Continuous Wave. - Frank Lauri W2IX - Carmel, NY - Jun 3
Thanks for a great site. still learning but will be there soon - Lou KC2YNC - Randolph, NJ - Jun 3
Your web site has inspired me over the years but I have reached a new "low" in my radio life. In the WPX contest, I only made 12 contacts due to my work schedule, all at one watt CW and a total of 36875 miles, or divide by 12 and get an average of 2822 miles per contact/watt. Best contact was Serbia, 5,079 miles and he came back on my first call! My antenna is a wire loop in my condo attic. Who needs drugs to get high! - Roy AC9DN - Warsaw, IN - Jun 3
Kenneth Hall - Walworth, NY - Jun 3
Just saying hellooo, from a member of NAQCC #6959, lots of wather runnnig in the creek since you started. I operate qrp and CW only, this year. Recently get me entite no 100 qrp this year, still missing 7 CQ zones. hunting US states, only 17 so far this year. Equipment is TS2000 on 5W, also IC703 and FT817, realy like my Blue Cool Radio 17 - 80 m cw. Different antennas, 3el. beam, lw 135 m, vertical portable HB. Mag. loop, endfeed windom, endfeed random wire. linked dipole. and som trap antennas. See more at www.sm5mek.se or at http://www.sm5mekqrpeng.wordpress.com. Active in NAQCC and NAQCC-EU challenges. For now 72 de Jenny SM5MEK - Jenny SM5MEK - Uppsala, Sweden - Jun 3
Thanks!!!!!!!! - Jim K0FNR - Arvada, CO - Jun 3
I have seen the light,its QRP for me.Its like fishing for big game fish on light tackle and little bait,but when you get a bite it so much more fun.true ham radio. - Alan.M0GNA - Liverpool, England - May 30
Been a HAM since 1976. 1st call whas PB0BGC, having those days only a permit to use 6 FM channels into the 2m band. First rig whas a TR200G from Mr. Kenwood and worked in combi with a 4 element Tonna more the 12 European countries. Now after 38 years I still prefer to use low power and even less than 500mW. Keep onging with your website, what a joy to read it and to be informed. - Eim Mulder PA3CMD - Beilen, Netherlands - May 29
Evans Ralston KF5DNI - Las Cruces, NM - May 29
.... .. -.-.--    --... ...-- --..--    -.- .. ....- . --.. .-.. - Steve, KI4EZL - Fayetteville, NC - May 18
Hi John, Just wanted to let you know that your site has inspired me to get my CW up to speed and abandon the use of SSB on HF. I was already sold on QRP, but the ease of getting QSOs with CW relative to SSB has been a revelation! Keep up the good work, 73 Dave - Dave Ellacott G3XOB - Bristol, England - May 15
Hi John,like ur site,Gqrp 894,Fists 604, been Qrp since 1982,love building anything Radio,soon to go /P with my Coleman Camper,using 2w to a Fibre Glass pole with 34ft of wire wrapped around it.Less is more,72.Mike. - mike southall G3WWS - Heathfield, England - Apr 29
Really enjoy your daily diary & GL on the streak! - Ron, AA1IL - Vernon, CT - Apr 23
Working 5 watts from a flex SDR. All modes Listening on all of the HF bands. Hope to list you in my log book sometime 73's - James C Miller KB2RSK - Fort Plain, NY - Apr 21
Harry Cyrus - Lexington, KY - Apr 14
I have discovered that if I can't work someone with 5, 10 or maybe 15 watts, I can't work them at 80 or 100 either. I seldom go over 5 watts, often use my attenuator and go milliwatting. Radio is such a magic force in the universe. - Roy AC9DN - Warsaw, IN - Apr 12
K3WWPS CW beautiful web-Link, user friendly for the HAM RADIO operators useful information. Thank You, 73 to all. This is VU2VIZ - Mohiddin Basha Syed, VU2VIZ - Cuddapah, India - Apr 4
Well done! - Mike W6QT - Subic Bay, Philippines - Apr 5
Thank you for your documented QRP/CW work. This undoubtedly proves, it is possible and rewarding! - Gelu Botezan, YO5CRR - Feleacu/Cluj-Napoca, Romania - Mar 19
Steve Perry N7SWP - South Jordan, UT - Mar 17
Great site! It has inspired me to try to improve my cw and go on the air with it. - Jim Ratter - Brae, Scotland - Mar 12
Thank you for your great site! Learning CW at age 61 and having a great time. - Bill AC8KO - Romulus, MI - Mar 12
73 all, just getting back into qrp and love it - Peter Lansing AA8KT - Milford, OH - Mar 11
Enjoyed our contact on 3-2-14 John.Hope we can do it again in the near future. We do have much in common. I wonder if you use any spotting for making contacts? (NEVER - K3WWP) Sounds like you are in love with your KX3. Elecraft is a great company. (AMEN! - K3WWP) - Ron Gearhart KA3WEL - Hermitage, PA - Mar 4
I'm always in favour of "keep it simple", "make it yourself" and "have a go!" More power to your fingers and I hope my lousy CW doesn't annoy you too much! 73 G6NGR - Peter Thornton G6NGR - Manchester, England - Feb 22
be back - Art Gray - Matawan, NJ - Feb 18
Brand new ham, been interested in becoming one for > 40 years :) Like kits, like challenges, going to start learning CW and listening to QSO's - hopefully work some QRP in the not too distant future! - Kevin Timm - K5KDT - Cedar Park, TX - Feb 13
You should pQRP to you list of clubs. It covers NorCal, Or, Wa, BC, Id. Check us out. 72, Barry VE7VIE/WV2J - Barry, VE7VIE - Vancouver, BC - Feb 9
I also enjoy qrp, especially portable. I use a FT-817nd, with the 300hz cw filter. It does a great job. We have worked once, when you were on the USS Requin. 73, Dave - Dave AD9Z - Toulon, IL - Feb 3
I try to make at least 1 qrp cw qso everyday. Boy is it fun! 72, Bill N3IOD - Bill N3IOD - Frankford, DE - Jan 30
Great job, John! - Dave N0DET - Boulder, CO - Jan 25
Wonderful Site. You seem to have success with dipoles cut for the freq u want to operate. Have u ever had success with a G5RV? I have had many QRP contacts with this ant (mini), but thought I would do better with dipoles specific to the freq I want to operate. 73, Greg - Flex 1500 G5RV up abt 20' - Gregory Gryckiewicz - N2DYT - Wheatfield, NY - Jan 15
Hamming it up from 1977, having a ball with QRP at 5 Watts. I have just got back into CW but not sure which CW contest I should start with, NAQCC #1778. (There's really only one choice - our NAQCC monthly sprints. 1. We regulary get 150-200 participants. 2. You hone your skills copying weak signals. 3. All who enter are the epitome of kindness and will do everything possible to help you make contacts. 4. The straight key bonus serves to keep speeds down for newcomers to contesting. - K3WWP) - Mike VA3MD - St. Thomas, ON - Jan 14
de N1DXU - Ralph Muzzy - Vergennes, VT - Jan 14
Hello, I'm Michael Stooksbury. I was licensed in 2007 at age 10 (making me 17 now). I learned code about 4 years ago. My father, KW4JS, directed me to this site, and I love it. Thanks for keeping the site up and being an inspiration to all hams. - KI4WXI - Kingston, TN - Jan 2
Once again for the 17th year in a row, it's time to archive the previous year's guestbook entries, and start with a clean slate for the new year of 2014. Thanks to all for the fine comments over the years, and I look forward to see what you have to offer this year here in the guestbook - John K3WWP - Kittanning, PA - Jan 1