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Hope to work you QRP one day! - Dave WV8DH - St. Albans, WV - Dec 30
Gerald Buglione KD2FSH - Fairfield, NJ - Dec 28
Steven DO6DKF - Oberursel, Germany - Dec 28
Thank you for creating this comprehensive CW site! I am just getting into QRP CW and appreciate your comments and encouragement. - Jack KO2I - Rush, NY - Dec 18
I have been enjoying reading your postings. They are entertaining, helpful and inspiring. Look forward to catching you on the air. 73 de K3ZGA - Bob, K3ZGA - Greensboro, NC - Dec 15
John,thank you for all the info,and what can be done with qrp! tnx,73,jack. - jack mcduffie-w8gpf - West Manchester, OH - Dec 8
Dave Plummer MM0HVW - Banchory, Scotland - Dec 7
Nice site, Also love to operate QRP CW - Steve WX1M - Warwick, RI - Nov 26
One of the neatest and most interesting ham sites I have come across. It's great leisure reading for any ham. 73 GL QRP John - John KA2F - Eatontown, NJ - Nov 25
Just received my Certificate (Basic with Honours)in early November 2015. Now I have to put my efforts into enhancing my CW skills. I really like the CW, the sound and just the whole idea of this method of communication. Pretty Cool. - Bill Moss VE3WMZ - Sault Ste. Marie, ON - Nov 25
my qth change hasn't caught up with me yet as we have very recently moved to lower mi from northern wi - Al Maxwell kc9kws - Niles, MI - Nov 25
Hello John. Quick note to say that my cw streak is now at 5 year! Thanks for the inspiration! I have a long way to go to catch you...hihi... 73/WR9H/Herb - WR9H/Herb - Rockford, IL - Nov 22
John, congratulations for mantaining such a CW devoted webpage as yours. There lots of information in the Web, articles and books, about this subject, but sometimes, in the end, all we get is plenty of divergent information, on some topics. Here, at least, I've found a little peace of mind regarding some details of proper CW procedures. By the way... I noticed you removed from your site the webpage about Procedure Signals. Why did you do that ? I know that the Procedures page is still there, but you see, some people (aham) like to know more than they really need, hi hi. BEST 73. (The lists are still there - CW/CW Procedures/Lists - http://k3wwp.com/cw_ss_list_abbr.html - K3WWP) - Artur CT1FRC - Entroncamento, Portugal - Nov 16
Thanks for QSOs and I enjoyed your web page. - Carl WB0CFF - Belle Plaine, MN - Nov 14
John...met you at the BCARA mtg on 11/10/15. Found your presentation to be very informative and interesting. Thanks for taking the time to explain you radio work. - Gary Boyd - Butler, PA - Nov 11
John, you really had no worries about your presentation to BCARA on 10 Nov 2015. Great to be laid back and comfortable. Glad you have the DX streak still going. Nice to be the first AB3 prefix on your list. Keep on pounding brass. - Dave Taylor AB3MO - Slippery Rock, PA - Nov 11
Loved CW since age 8, merit badge for Boy Scouts... Novice, WN0TSC, then General in 1955 as W0TSC... W0TSC/MM 1961,62,63 on USS Fremont (USMC) Had call sign N0CBH from 1980 til 2014, retrieved my old call last year, now returned to my roots here in Rooks County (KS) Have been low power CW my entire life. - Jack Imel W0TSC - Woodston, KS - Oct 29
Mike W6GYC - Santa Clarita, CA - Oct 20
a very accomplished club.... - alex kalish W5YB - Spring, TX - Oct 19
I need a diy qrp radio kit or schematics Nanyang help will be appreciated. Have not checked on your page, sorry for the trouble. 73, de kp4egm - kp4egm - Las Piedras, Puerto Rico - Oct 17
I always keep coming back to your website John...very interesting, extensive and I can 'feel' your love for CW and QRP. Very well done and keep going on! 73 Patrick ON4CDJ - ON4CDJ Patrick - Lokeren, Belgium - Oct 17
Great site feel l will visit many times - Dave - Chester, Wales - Oct 13
Enjoyed reading some of the glowing reports from the teenagers who enjoyed working CW. - William Burr AA8VA - Oxford, MI - Oct 11
Thanks for the great website. - John KK4ITX - Zephyrhills, FL - Oct 11
Good Morning John, after 47 years in public education I retired and we moved to Florida. I haven't gotten my radios and antennas back together yet, but soon and hope to meet up with you again on CW from Florida ! 73s Bruce WA3GNW - BRUCE - WA3GNW - Jacksonville, FL - Oct 11
Wonderful story John, I spent at least an 1/2 hour reading of your exploits. Outstanding. You must have quite a system to keep track of all the things you do. How do you do it? You have inspired me to get on the air some more. Worked VE2DHS tonight on 40 CW and chatted for quite a while. My "streak" is now 1 day Hihi! I should say I haven't gone to 5 w (using K3 at about 90 watts) but will give that a try tomorrow. Bands are not great now. Been licensed since 1967. Thanks again! - Harris K9RJ - Alamo, CA - Oct 3
hope to get back on air soon.Qrp sounds greatNeed rig.When w9zwjwas 20mtr fone ran a gallon many moons ago. 73s Frank - Frank Yaffe k6dfa ex w9zwj - Apple Valley, CA - Sep 28
Looking forward to CW after many years of phone. QRP will get me back on the air. - Frank Yaffe k6dfa ex w9zwj - Apple Valley, CA - Sep 19
Enjoyed our 40 meter QSO and sorry I had to rush off so quickly! Looking forward to our next chat. - Jim - AD4XX - Red Springs, NC - Sep 10
Enjoyed working you this evening and came up to check out your web page. - Terry K0IEO - Columbus, OH - Sep 5
Ken kc9zbw - Hill, IL - Aug 30
John, You have a great web site. Tnx for keeping the interest in cw going. I use the Icom 703 with a horizontal loop at 25feet, works great. Hope to work you on down the log. 73,Richard,K0RDS - Richard Swanson, K0RDS - San Antonio, TX - Aug 22
Former brass pounder, Southern Pacific RR, Portland. Ore., sparks, Texaco Tanker, submarine SS475, Argonaut crew. - Bob "Ren" Renfro, K4OF - Mt. Pleasant, NC - Aug 21
I love ur web site. Lots of gud info for a CW op. Tnx for ur hard work es devotion to the Hobby. 73 Elmer W6ERL - Elmer W6ERL - Crestview, FL - Aug 15
I've been a ham radio for over 35 years now but rediscovered CW last year and fell in love with QRP. 73, Luciano Gasparini PT9KK - Luciano Gasparini Nachif PT9KK - Campo Grande, Brazil - Aug 8
Would like to try QRP on CW. - Vasanth Guruge 4S7VG - Hendela Wattala, Sri Lanka - Jul 28
You have an awesome site. - KG9DK - Columbus, IN - Jul 27
CW is the language of radio! - Gary Striker KB4K - Fort Denaud, FL - Jul 21
QRP with wire antennas only. I run the KX3, LD-5, and HB-1A transceivers depending on what I am doing. KX3 is main rig. Was QRT for several years and came back big time this year going for DXCC with 5 watts. Well on my way. You have a very nice website. - Dave Edger N3CI - Choctaw, OK - Jul 15
I came to see a list of operations signals in Morse code. Still hope to find it, if it is still here. [See http://k3wwp.com/cw_ss_list_abbr.html (CW Section, Lists page)] But, I have really enjoyed looking around and getting your take operating on Low power and promotion of HAM radio. Thanks for your effort and passion. - Paul Wolf (NON- HAM) - Newport News, VA - Jul 14
Lots of great work on promoting Morse code and QRP. Love your Web site. Keep up the great work John - John, GI4EBS - Limavady, Northern Ireland - Jun 26
CW and home brewing forever! I worked 30 states on 7053 CW between 1962 and 1971 using a home brew 1-watt (2N696 finals) transmitter along with a home brew receiver utilizing a 7-transistor AM radio as the I.F. stage. - Rick N6IET - Los Angeles, CA - Jun 23
Vlado,Z35M - Skopje, Macedonia - Jun 12
I love CW and I'm discovering just how much fun QRP can be. - K8UDH - Wausa, NE - Jun 12
Had the pleasure of meeting you at the breeze shooters hamfest. I visit your page often for inspiration. - Matt. KB3CT - Beaver Falls, PA - Jun 11
Thanks for keeping this site up. I use it for many different reasons. One is to promote ham radio. - Steven McKeen - W7QLO - Milton, WA - May 29
Thanks for the update on the pre field day test. 73 - Mal N2QFD - Elmira, NY - May 18
Thanks for a great informational web site. A one stop site. It is now my first,to go to, site. Keep up the great work. 73 kcdzra - Bob KC9ZRA - Mascoutah, IL - May 15
Great article - jim Smith KF5UMY - Morgan City, LA - May 11
Nice site great info thanks.... - Ve7jis - Sayward, BC - Apr 22
Nice site great info thanks.... - Ve7bbg - Sayward, BC - Apr 22
Very nice site, John. Great job. Hope to work you with my KX3 from Florida. Will be listening for you. Best 73, Bill - Bill - N4VHR - Palatka, FL - Apr 20
Have enjoyed the info on your site. - Dave, KB8XG - Muskegon, MI - Apr 14
someday I will be communicating in Morse - Bob Hoey KI4RSE - Alexandria, VA - Apr 14
Great site. Tnx fer your efforts. 73/don/k0kuz - Don k0kuz - Landers, CA - Apr 13
K3WWP, Thank you for this site and for your long standing promotion of qrp and morse code. K6ZQ - Jack K6ZQ - Daly City, CA - Apr 4
Hi Guys I am just getting back on the air after a break of 15 years. I have always had an interest in QRP, in so much that even with my QRO Rigs I used to turn the power down to QRP levels. I did build and still possess a Lake DTR 7 40M CW Only Kit, and can still remember the thrill of working stations who gave me the same signal report as I'd given them using this little rig whilst they were using rigs costing in the thousands of $$$$$. I have just aquired a very nice fully loaded Elecraft K2 and so am looking forward at getting active again in our wonderful hobby. Hope to work some of you soon! 73's Nick G0HFL - Nick Major G0HFL - Earl Shilton, England - Mar 26

Hi John, saw your site referenced and dropped by, remembering your call and us having had several qso's over the years. Your log says we had 11 qso's between 1993-2008, on 160-80-40 & 30 M. I became inactive in 2009 for about 3-1/2 years due to work but I'm retired now. I'm going to keep my ears open for you and we can pick up where we left off last.COMMENTS - Roy Lincoln WA4DOU - Elm City, NC - Mar 26
Colin Faison K4CML - Newport News, VA - Mar 25
Gearing up for my first CW contact ever - and I want it to be QRP. Just getting the courage and learning the ropes - this site houses a wealth of knowledge to encourage me and point me in the correct direction. Thanks - David Wilkie VK2KWC - Tamworth, Australia - Mar 17
73 es good DX - John KC9YAZ - Frankfort, IL - Mar 16
Morse Beginner's and QRP'ers Welcome to Email me & sked a QSO. QRP or QRO. VY 72/73 lane - Lane DeNune n8aft - Columbus, OH - Mar 15
Nice site! - Dan VE7MRP - Port Moody, BC - Mar 9
I'm a novice ham just got my license.Look forward to learnig and using CW. Keep up the good work. Thanks, G. Evans - Gord Evans VE3ODT - Ottawa, ON - Mar 6
Hello from QRP station WA5SAT - WA5SAT - San Antonio, TX - Feb 25
Hi John, I find your website informative and interesting. I like seeing pictures of your station as well as some of the diagrams and CW operating procedures. - Matt W6YNS - Crestline, CA - Feb 23
No working HF antenna's at the moment. Since it is currently about 0 degrees F & there is about 2 feet of snow in the back yard and on the roof, I will use the time between now and snow melt to brush up on my CW skills. - Dave Deitrick KB8XG - Norton Shores, MI - Feb 23
Nice site.Great info.Thanks - Dennis Reagin W7KB - Vail, AZ - Feb 21
Hello John, a great, well sorted URL. I think i've stuff to read the next evenings. 73 Juergen - Juergen DL4KE - Frechen, Germany - Feb 21
Thanks or your website! I recently purchased a KX3 and am getting back up to speed on CW. Finally active again after 25 years! - John Stanton - Rush, NY - Feb 19
John Thanks for your inspiring web site. I'm returning ham caught by the cw and especially qrp. Hope to catch you on the air again and again. Val Atlanta WD4EXI - Val WD4EXI - Atlanta, GA - Feb 16

Nice site..I have an easy mod for early knwd xcvrs like TS-520 for what I call Qrpp op. Lets u run from abt 5mW to abt 700mW.. Its fun and inexpensive way for muti band ops.. 73,s Joe - Joe Dupre K1GOW) - Providence, RI - Feb 16
Nicely done! Look forward to seeing you on the cw bands! - K4TX - Chuck Stiberg - Chester, VA - Feb 15
Happy and excited to be a part of NAQCC. - Don wa4spj - Wilson, NC - Feb 10
I am getting back into radio after a long break, and looking forward to what is to come - Mike K8HA - New Lebanon, OH - Feb 7
Love the challenge of qrp better than contesting - Dave KB8XG - Norton Shores, MI - Jan 24
Thank you for continuing to promote CW. - William G Begley SR. AE3J - Aston, PA - Jan 18
WA2HTF - Merrick, NY - Jan 15
Old but now with a General ready to be a Ham! KX3 and PAR end fed antenna - Whit Worcester KG7LNZ - Edgewood, WA - Jan 5
Interesting page, Station development like mine since 1958. These years QRP and CW is more and more interesting. There the gentlemen still are! Since 2012 worked 230 countries and WAS in 5w. See my QRZ.com. HNY Benny OH9NB - Benny OH9NB - Rovaniemi, Finland - Jan 5
You learn something new everyday, especially coming across your tried and trusted website. Many thanks. Mark. - Mark, G3XYS/NS1Q - High Peak, England - Jan 5
Once again for the 18th year in a row, it's time to archive the previous year's guestbook entries, and start with a clean slate for the new year of 2015. Thanks to all for the fine comments over the years, and I look forward to see what you have to offer this year here in the guestbook - John K3WWP - Kittanning, PA - Jan 1
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