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12/31/2017,Greg Young,California,(expired) WA6WKH,"I am getting back on the air in 2018 and was going through my old QSL cards from back in the 1960s. You and I had a QSO on 08-21-1962. I was "WV6WKH" at the time, a novice living in Anaheim, California. Your card was hand-made and you were living in Tucson at the time. Glad to find you are still going strong. We can chat more later, but wanted to post this to you. Happy New Year in 2018. My last QSO was probably about 1971."

12/28/2017,Jim,"Canyon, BC Canada",VA7ER,You're an inspiration for many reasons!

12/28/2017,Dave Burnett,"Tucson, AZ",WD8KRV,"Hi John, I enjoy your writing and marvel at your persistence and discipline in so many areas. Not so much the "QSO a day" or "DX a day" as the discipline to keep a diary (and remember to write in it!). I've tried! Regardless, thanks for sharing your experiences and I look forward to reading many more. BCNU. 72/73, -Dave WD8KRV NAQCC #1981"

12/27/2017,william e lynch,Adairsville Georgia USA,KM4UUO,Am a BIG fan. Friend of Tom Mitchell who first told me about you. God bless and Happy New Year.

12/27/2017,Joe Aruilio,New York,kd2aef,Love this site!

12/27/2017,John Fontaine,"Kingston, NY",N2NH,Just dropping in to see your great site. Hope to work you in the new year.

12/26/2017,"James T. Lee, MD","Saint Paul, MN",NK7B,Thanks for your long service to a FINE specialty within amateur radio. I have been licensed for 60 years but did not get highly involved in CW until I started reading about you and your operation at K3WWP a few years ago. You are a solid pioneer and one of the few "straight arrows" who have brought Morse code back into standard use around the country. Thank you again and happy retirement too !

12/24/2017,Enrico Maria Casarotti,JN55nj,iu3cea,Hi thank you for your service at NAQCC and for spreading your knowledge with passion.

12/17/2017,John 'Jay' Wilcox,"Elkins, WV",W8AIM,"John, you have a phenomenal ham operating history. I've been a member of NAQCC for a few years and really enjoy working the QRP and especially the QRPp sprints with my call and the club call, KX4S. My highlight of each sprint is always when I'm able to work you. I had dabbled in CW now and then since I got my ticket in the summer of '76, but never really gave it a chance until, in 2011 or so, my hearing deteriorated enough that I was unable to understand voice on SSB. Since then, I've been 100% CW (with an occasional digital foray). SKCC and NAQCC operations caught my fancy and made me realize what I had been missing. Your web site has been a major encouragement to me too. As a retired electronics technician, retired Navy and civilian, I have done a lot of building ancillary equipment, Heath kits, etc. Then I ran into one of Steve Weber's QRP transceiver kits! Since then, I've built 5 QRP transceivers and my primary rig is a KX3. I'm currently working on my 6th QRP radio, the QCX 40M kit from QRP Labs which looks like a real winner. My favorites so far are Steve's PFR-3A and the MTR-4 Mountain Topper. What great little rigs for portable fun! CW SOTA operations are really calling me, but I have a few major medical concerns along with my 74 years of aches and pains holding me back. Still, I have all my gear field tested and packed in a bag, and plan on operating a few minor hilltops this coming Spring and Summer whether they meet SOTA requirements or not! Anyway, I wanted to say Hi and let you know we'll all miss you at the helm of NAQCC when you retire. I haven't worked you from the Requin yet, but hope to make that contact one of these days. I look forward to a QSL from her. 73 and GL John."

12/14/2017,Rick Barnich,"Saline, MI",KA8BMA,

12/11/2017,Sandro Andrade Silveira,Brazil,PP5SN,

12/2/2017Norman,Tampa Fl.,KM4WPR,

12/1/2017,Edward Supik,"Belair, Md",N3SUS,

11/30/2017,Erik H. Rogal,"Birmingham, Ohio",KD8RNF,Hopefully I'll be on the air soon. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and even better Christmas! 73!

11/20/2017,Steven,"Austin, Texas",N5NAA,"Just wanted to thank you for posting all the DX contest stories from past years. I also run low power into wire antennas, CW-only, and it is very instructive (and entertaining) reading about your experiences. Good luck in CQWW CW!"

11/17/2017,Dr. Jim Kennedy,"Ledgewood, NJ",K2PHD,"I am 71 and have been a ham for over fifty-eight years. I have been active on the bands on and off. This year I helped my local radio come in second on field day because of my and other CW operations. It rekindled my interest. However because I now live in a condo I have limited access at home to operate. So, I decided to begin QRP CW operations using a station I was able to acquire for less than $200. I plan to travel to parks and recreational areas and set up my station and operate CW for fun. NAQCC SKCC and your site have helped me ease back into CW operation."

10/18/2017,Samirun Hadi,"Gresik, East Java",YD3BNH,Very nice web site John

10/17/2017,John,"Tucson, Arizona",K7PUM,"Thanks for the article in the August 2017 QST. Very encouraging and led me to visit your website. It isn't clear to me whether or not an entry in the *optional *Email Address field of your guest book would result in my email address being displayed for harvest by spammers, so I left that field empty but will email you, as a for-the-time-being substitute for a QSO."

10/15/2017,Dave,Monroe. WA USA,KI7DPP,Just learning CW and came upon your site! 73! 10/12/2017,Eric,"San Antonio, TX",K5III,Read your article in QST. Your activities and achievements with a minimal station is inspiring to everyone. You don't need to be a big gun to have fun. Thanks

10/11/2017,Jean-Claude,France Vaucluse 84,F6EDG,Super site 73 QRO Jean-Claude

10/9/2017,Mike,Medina OH,N8DNA,"What a great set of web pages to show how well CW and NOT optimum antenna's work! I always knew that-- because I have used mobile whips as antennas from lot of different QTH's as home antenna's and ALWAYS got QSO's on CW! OPS new to CW should get hope from your pages! Great job John! Keep up the streaks! Mike N8DNA"

10/9/2017,James Broden,"Dixie Inn, Louisiana",KI5II,Nice site. Dont get too wet from storm Nate. It missed us.

10/8/2017,Mike,Colorado,N1GVF,"Fun site. No only one of the oldest sites on the net, it looks like one of the oldest on the net. That isn't easy to keep up."

10/1/2017,Rev Adrian Heath,"Wiltshire, England",G4GDR,Great keep up the good work ??


9/25/2017,Manohar Arasu,Bangalore MK82rv,VU2UR,"Nice site, valuable info."

9/23/2017,John Burgoon,"Bloomington, IN EM69sd",KC9TUI,I began learning web programming in 1996. Your site has been online as long as I have! Thanks for keeping it going all this time. 73 John KC9TUI

9/22/2017,James McWilliams,Brentwood< California,K6LHP,"I am another lover of CW and low, low power. Wish I had found your site years ago. Better late than never."

9/13/2017,Harry Miller,en80,KB8UBQ,Enjoyed your article in the QST.

9/12/2017,Dutch,Florence VErmont,ND1i,"Really enjoyed reading your August QST article! Grew up listening & watching Pittsburgh stations. Did you work for KDKA or WTAE? Thanks for a nice QSO tonight, John. Should have cut my 20 watts back to 5 and see if we could have had a QRP QSO. Maybe nest time. Very impressive bio, John. I had a lot of fun browsing around. 73's Dutch"

9/7/2017,Steve,"Morgantown, WV",WB8III

9/5/2017,Maarten van Dijk,ASSEN HOLLAND,PA3DAR

8/30/2017,Rick Casey,CM98qi,W6RKC,"Enjoyed your QST article. Thanks for the QSO's in years past. 73, Rick, W6RKC"

"8/26/2017","Gary Faust","Greenville NC","N4PIR","Great website! I proudly promote CW to my club member's (President of Pamlico Amateur Radio Club). It's my preferred way to talk. I'm starting CW Academy next week!"

"8/24/2017","Bill","Jonesville, MI","N8BIZ","Thanks for the QSO, this is a wonderful website. Thankyou & 73! Bill N8BIZ previous Kb8dfk"

"8/21/2017","David Wilcox","Traverse City, MI","K8WPE","Thanks for the great article in August 2017 QST. It really revived my interest in getting on again with CW."

"8/15/2017","Henry Brown","Falmouth, Cape Cod, MA","K1WCC","Tnx for a great web page and inspiration!"

"8/15/2017","James Powell","Gulfport, MS","K5BWW","John Worked you last night, 8/15/17, with bad QSB. After the QSO I read your biography and you have accomplished a l lot. I am 71 and was amazed at the similarly in interest that we share. I come from a broadcast background as well. After I retired I moved to the coast to be close to the son, his family and grand kids. It's been a good move. I have a Small Wonder Labs DSW20 QRP rig that I built many years ago. I am in the process of packaging the rig, antenna, battery, etc in anticipation of some outings this coming fall. Thanks again for the QSO and keeping CW alive. James/K5BWW"

"8/14/2017","Ian","Anglesey - North Wales","GW0KRL","Very nice article in QST and a very informative website. Certainly an inspiration to try QRP. 73, Ian"

"8/11/2017","James Inman","Oxnard, CA","KB6JI","developing an interest in CW, trying to learn to copy code."

"8/9/2017","Joshua G Reese","Lewisville, La","KG5PFD","Thanks for your hard work and dedication! It was a pleasure to hear you on the air. 73's"

"8/9/2017","Eddie H. Renfroe","Ravenna, Ohio","KD8SOP","I'm highly interested in CW, especially QRP. It's just that I haven't set up my rig nor an antenna system at home as of yet. I'm still in the process of learning Morse Code. I'm doing it slowly, slowly, slowly... 73."

"8/6/2017","Jerry Wysocki","Brookfield, IL 60513","KC9JXE","Thanks for your encouragement in operating cw qrp. I will be getting on soon with some vacuum tube homebrew rigs, this fall and winter!"

"8/6/2017","Don Metheny","Eugene OR","KG7KHN","Good article in QST. I look forward to seeing pictures of your antennas."

"8/4/2017","Mike Weir","Toronto","VE3WDM","Very nice and informative site. I too am a qrper and qrpp as well 72 Mike"

"8/1/2017","Louis Poli","Macungie, PA 18062","N3OL","John; Excellent article in QST August 2017. I retired last year, bought myself some new equipment and now spend substantially more time in the hobby. I was mostly active for QSOs when time permitted, on 20 meters SSB. But now I have the time to bring up my CW skills and concentrate on that mode. The QRSS technique is astonishing; and how these workers have communicated (Beacon)thousands of miles on sometimes microwatts of power. Several of my friends at club station N5BL (NM) do this on a regular basis. I would like to try that too. Best regards, Louis Poli N3OL"

"07/26/2017","David C Roberts, "DC"","MT","AE5Q",""

"07/25/2017","denis obrien","Howell,NJ","N2JJF","Love working QRP CW. I am ex merchant marine R/O so CW is my first love. Love to participate in monthly sprints when I can."

"07/24/2017","David Haines","FN 44 uc 21 GK","KC1DNY","Retired and licensed a few years ago, I just built my KX3 last year and am now getting my code up to speed. Your article in QST and your Website are an inspiration, especially how you do it all so easily and homebrew. Right now I have just a Buddipole set up in my attic and it seems to work!"

"07/23/2017","Bob","Rutherfordton, NC","wa4mqw","Just finished reading your fine QST article, Aug 17 2017. Your success in meeting your ham radio operational goals are impressive and also provide some motivational incentive for me in the hobby. Great website! We may have worked each other over the years but my logging efforts are dismal at best. Prefer paper logging but am not consistent. Love the hobby and am almost 100% of the time using CW. Thanks and will continue to check out your website. 73/72 Bob wa4mqw (1963)"

"07/23/2017","Jack","Benton Harbor, MI","W8IPW","Great inspirational article in August 2017 QST. I've been licensed since "54" and have been idle for 59 years. I'm just getting back to HAM radio, and QRP has taken my interest. I to have a location not conducive to antenna's. Your descriptions in the article give me hope "HI" that I will able to improvise a few antenna's. W8IPW Jack "73""

"07/22/2017","Robert J. Quick Jr.","Milton, Florida","N2DAQ","Read about you in August 2017 QST. You give inspiration to so many dealing with limited station possibilities."

"07/22/2017","David Klatt","Saskatoon, Canada","VE5GN","Enjoyed the QST article. Best wishes for continuing the "streak.""

"07/21/2017","bill","nc","wa2nfn","good information encouraging to those of us in HOA or limited antenna environments"

"07/21/2017","mick mccrary","Florida","k4exb","Old timer, lic 1960 K9akl in Ill. Loved CW as novice and did my 13wpm to upgrade. Was very upset fcc dropped cw requirement and gave privileges I worked hard for to no cw tech lic. Off air for years...like to get back on....new rigs too complicated for this old goat... miss the simple cw rig and antenna. Still can do a few wpm, but need practice..hi hi."

"07/20/2017","Paul Smith","Humboldt KS.","N0NBD","Hello John, I was disturbed by your near end to the DX streak. Best of luck continuing. I have been getting a few SKCC contacts although the bands sure have been bad. Do you have any plans to share your article from QST. I am not a member and do not get the magazine. If there was a store closer than 70 miles away I would try to buy it. As always 73 on ur streaks and will follow along de Paul N0NBD"

"07/19/2017","David","Denver","KE0AZ","73 from KE0AZ!"

"07/19/2017","Bill Lisk","KC2EMH","Enjoyed your QST article. 73!"

"07/18/2017","Steve","Warwick, RI, USA","WX1M","Member NAQCC, SKCC, FISTS, ARRL Enjoyed browsing the site."

"07/17/2017","Douglas C Schwinn","Grand Junction Colorado","N0lay",""

"07/17/2017","Rich","ENY, nr Albany","W2EG","Thanks for the encouragement! About to move from hilltop QTH (private home with lots of tall trees) to sr. apartment complex (which is, I suspect, metal-framed construction). 73."

"07/16/2017","Joe Cuchetti","Birmingham, MI USA","K8JRE","Your attention to detail is impressive. I do relate to your HAM radio spirit. You have the soul of the hobby and thanks for sharing. 73 de Joe K8JRE"

"07/16/2017","Gary","Greenville NC","N4PIR","Amazing streak, very encouraging! Hope it continues for many years"

"07/16/2017","Randall Wilkinson","Danville, IL. EN60DD","K9ANF","Hello! My first visit to your site. NAQCC #36334. 73"

"07/15/2017","Ron Morella","Magnolia, DE","N2IMB","Grate job on the WEB site, nicely done."

"07/15/2017","Gene McPhee","Texas","N3XUS","Just read your article in August 2017 issue of QST. Very impressed. Have made world wide SSB contacts with no more than 70W with FT-857 using mag mounted vertical MP-1 antenna while stationary. 73, DE N3XUS."

"07/15/2017","John W Pick","EM88nu","KC8JRE","Very interesting article in August 2017 magazine. Looking forward to working you on CW. Godspeed. 73 ... John Pick KC8JRE"

"07/15/2017","gary wright","en35jb","KD0MN",""

"07/14/2017","Billy","Sugar Hill, GA","AB4RH","I have read your QST article and much enjoyed it. Thank you for your inspiration. 73 Billy AB4RH"

"07/14/2017","DENNIS P. SKEA","POUGHKEEPSIE, NY","KC2CCZ",""

"07/14/2017","Mike Churchwell","Huntingdon, Tn","w4gdx","I enjoyed your article in qst, very inspiring for me."

"07/14/2017","Rudy","Green wood Indiana","KN9C","I'm using something like you have and working the world. Keep up the great job. Rudy"

"07/12/2017","Doug","Hingham,WI: EN63bp","AB9QP","I have read your QST article with great interest. I to am QRP CW but run into much QRM (XYL). You sir are an inspiration to all HAMS. Your perseverance goes above and beyond. You are very much an ELMER! Thank you sir. Always 72, AB9QP."

"07/10/2017","Colin","Newport News, VA","K4CML","Went looking thru my Logbook(s) and found out that I haven't worked you at all; that was a surprise. Running mostly QRP and QRPp myself using a Wilderness Sierra and my FT-847(which is turned down to 5w or lower). Using a couple of LNR efhw antennas which work real nice for me in spite of being real low due to lack of ability to get any higher in trees. Can't even come close to matching your DX run, but I do have fun with a friend of mine F6HKA, working him pretty steady with QRP and QRPp both. Have worked him with as little as 250mw, so not too bad. Do most of my hanging around with SKCC and occasionally with the NAQCC Challenge. Have a hard time, especially lately, getting anywhere, but I keep on trying. Have a couple of those Chinese Pixies that I use once in a while (tx only) and am surprised how well that works out also. Hope to catch you on one of these days. 72 Colin K4CML (another old coot 76 yrs old)"

"07/09/2017","Joe Denman","Rockland, Tyler County, Texas","N5XGG","Visited your site while reading digital QST for August 2017. You have a great site with a lot of interesting stuff. Hope to run into you on the radio some day. 73, Joe N5XGG"

"07/08/2017","Dave Prestel","Ellicott City, Maryland","W8AJR","You're a great source of inspiration for folks in Columbia, Maryland where HOA rules can make operation very difficult."

"07/08/2017","Jeff","Helotes, TX (San Antonio)","KF5KWO","Great article in QST about your streak!"

"07/08/2017","Keith charmbbers","Nr Stonehenge UK","G0HKC","Reading your article in QST which i. Found interesting and vey apt due fo a move with aerial restrictions so I expect to haunt you in the coming months! Hide to be one your streaks somewhen, 73 keith"

"07/07/2017","Mark","Bloomfield NJ","WA2LOT","Saw your story in QST! Keep on QRPin' 73's"

"07/03/2017","Jerry Wolczanski","Warrenton, VA","KI4IO","Would like to say I'm 100% QRP but my K2 is 10 Watts and I actually run it at that level when not going for QRP awards (like the NAQCC word challenge) Also have a fleet of home-brew stuff - you can see my QRZ page. At least one QRP QSO per day for such a long period of time is a remarkable achievement. My first reaction is: This guy can't possibly be married! I find myself listening a lot, and enjoy looking at other hams QRZ pages. These days it seems the bands are empty with hams operating contests or not at all. I've had my best DX luck on 30 meters but the band suffers, not from a lack of propagation, but a simple lack of activity. My output is 1.5 Watts on that band and I've enjoyed working a lot of DX, including some length QSOs with South Africa and Australia. Looking forward to meeting you one day - Jerry Wolczanski/Warrenton, VA KI4IO"

"07/03/2017","Jay","Bridgeville, DE","K3BH","Haven't been doing CW for quite a number of years, but an Elmer helped me get back into CW (straight key), and I'm working on getting my CW comprehension up to 20. It's harder, the older I get, though. I worked N3AQC today in WPA from southern Delaware, QRP. I have had my K2 for about 17 years now, and just bought a KX2 for easier portable operation."

"06/27/2017","Ken","EN91pb","KC8Y","been licensed since 1968, getting back again into CW...just surfing your site"

"06/21/2017","Bobby Drummond","Newnan, GA, USA","AK4JA","Just wanted to say that I think your blog is great, John. It's a pleasure to follow it and I wish you continued success in all your endeavors. 73 de AK4JA"

"06/20/2017","Mike","England","G4VQH","Enjoy looking at your web site, desperately trying to improve my CW"

"06/20/2017","alex kalish","abiquiu new mexico","w5yb","An excellent organization and a very nice site - I love CW also simple wire antennas - I'll be looking for you on the bands - 73's alex"

"06/18/2017","Elmer locke","Crestview, Florida","W6ERL","I enjoy using K3WWP's charts es cw aids. I print them out and give them to some of my local ham friends. Thank you for promoting morse code ."

"06/17/2017","Tom Field","Modesto, CA","KN6DR","Great Site. I will definitely be bookmarking it. I'm just getting into portable QRP operating with my KX3. Best DX so far is Lithuania from South Florida with 5 watts to a random wire up 10 ft. '73 Tom"

"06/11/2017","Mike","Hawaii","AH6WA","Give up the DX streak if you want, but please don't abandon the diary. There are many of us "lurkers" who tune-in every day just to see how you are doing. I like the weather and garden reports as much as the QRP DX. At my old house I had a 20M attic antenna that did incredible things; however in the new place there is no attic, which is a problem of definitions at least. Making do with a vertical is OK, but it picks up every bad insulator and pole transformer within a couple of miles. Thinking about putting up an end-fed long wire with a 9:1 balun and auto-tuner; been meaning to ask if you had any problems with your house-antennas and detuning from gutters. (With the vertical I can get into both Japan and Montana on around ten watts but usually the noise is at S7 minimum. I know that I am getting out because my reports tend to be at least 469 while I have to ask for repeats often because of the noise and fading. Mike"

"06/11/2017","Jim Larsen","Anchorage Alaska","AL7FS","Have enjoyed your page over the years. Didn't there used to be a running chart of A and K or something like that. I used to use that to figure when the next time propagation would be good. AL7FS"

"06/09/2017","Donald Chance","Texas, USA","KG5TKW","AT 82 years old I just passed my first Tech class and am beginning to understand how important my having to have CW also. I am very hard of hearing and just believe that I will enjoy using CW after I learn it. 73's to you Dr Don Chance KG5TKW"

"06/09/2017","Tom Mills","Yardley, Pa","AF4NC","Thanks for 40 meter QSO tonight. 5 watts HW-9 AF4NC"

"06/01/2017","Rick","Crescent City, FL","AA4W","After all these years I figured I should sign your book! Was good to run across you on 30 this evening (6/1/17)"

"05/21/2017","Dave Chase","Mid Mossuri(Lake of the Ozarks)","KG0YR","Grid Sq. EM38em Camden County NAQCC, FISTS, SKCC, 4SQRP, ACRI QRP, OMISS, Hope to work you on cw and QRP power. Regards, Dave"

"05/17/2017","André Raymond","Drummondville Qc.Ca.","ve2bzo","Bien heureux de faire partie de ce groupe. Je ne connaissait pas beaucoup le QRP mais je suis maintenant fier de pratiquer ce hobby, Merci Gang. 7 3"

"05/13/2017","Bill Slabonik","Elizabethtown, PA","KZ3I","Thanks for the FB QRP site!"

"05/09/2017","Dave Hamel","Santa Maria, CA","KK6UAA","Very helpful site with an amazing amount of information. Thanks for the effort."

"05/03/2017","Jim Miller","Etters PA (Harrisburg suburb)","Bob Schwer, long time friend, sent me your link as I am also a weather "geek". Interesting to read your comments about April. I post a look back at each last month on my weather website (ettersweather.com) but don't remember my comments right now. What was interesting here was that March was colder than February. I will enjoy looking at this, at least the weather part! I did commercial radio broadcasting back decades ago, but no ham involvement. Has been interesting to watch Bob getting back into it in the past couple of years. Any weather talk always welcome! Jim"

"04/26/2017","E. Drew Moore","Fn20","W2ou","Nice visiting your website. Keep up those daily QSOs under less than ideal conditions"

"04/12/2017","Greg","Ambler, PA","WA3GM","nice page.......Although i do love my amp and contesting i have recently tried QRP. running a yaesu FT 897 ND with a portable end fed wire on a 31 Ft Jackite Pole, A Home Brew Buddy Pole for 20 and 40 meters on a 16 Ft Painters Pole and a very small Stealth 40-10 Dipole.......when i Go to FL for the winter and when i go out in the field. going to try this combo for our field day site this year. When I am home I turn the Kenwood ts 590 down to 5 watts and run with the either my regular dipole or I switch to another small end fed that I put up. Frustrating at times but also rewarding when i make the contact. Tnx feer the encouragement. 73 Greg WA3GM"

"04/10/2017","Joe Kremer","Bridgeport, WV","KM8L","Fantastic website, John! Really shows the power of QRP & CW. Hope to work you one of these days. 73, Joe"

"04/09/2017","Jeff Bauer","Winsted CT","WN1MB","Congrats on another record, John! Time to update the folks at ARRL... 72/73, Jeff"

"04/09/2017","Paul Smith","Humboldt KS.","N0NBD","Congratulations on making your 1500 days. We just got back fron Ozarkcon 2017 in Branson , MO. It was a fine QRP convention. Have a good week John, It has warmed up here some so some fishing and gardening is in order. de Paul N0NBD"

"04/09/2017","Claude Wood","Bristol, TN","W4FKM","Great web pages John. Thanks for a most enjoyable QSO tonight. I am retired & work mostly CW. My XYL is great in understanding my obsession with keys,paddles & QRP rigs. I told her it was similar to women collecting shoes. I'm glad & thankful she totally supports me. Remember: "Money spent on ham radio gear doesn't really count." Claude - W4FKM"

"04/08/2017","Gus","Mechelen","ON6KE","A KZ5 on your first day ever on 15, now that was a catch! Now of course since the late 70's a deleted entity. I have 1, KZ5AS, I treasure the card. Congrats on making 1500 today, I'm sure!! Gust ON6KE"

"03/21/2017","Tom Mitchell","Calhoun, GA","WY3H","John, please e-mail me your land line No. or call me. TNX, 72/73"

"03/19/2017","Ron Oyler","PA","N3ZKG","Great site! I enjoy keeping up with your activities."

"03/15/2017","Glen Johnsen","Moreno Valley, Ca","KA6GMA","Nice web site."

"03/11/2017","Mark Stringfield","Las Vegas, NV","AD5YV","Just getting back into CW."

"03/11/2017","Mike Majority","Sumter, SC","N4VBV","John, Congrats on continuing the streaks, and your new guestbook layout is great - nice and clean. And hang in there with the weather. We're even forecast to have snow here in Sumter, SC (near the middle of the state) tomorrow. This comes after a few weeks of 70-80 deg F weather. Hate to see all the nice blooming azaleas and other blooms get nipped if it gets really cold (below freezing) the next few days. Here's hoping it warms up quick for us all. Always enjoy reading about your streaks here, as well as your other activities. Even went fishing last week here and caught a few (very) small bluegill. And I've collected a few telescopes over the years, so know how addictive that hobby can be, even if it is very relaxing. Keep up the good work, and know that some of us really enjoy your commentary. Even if we're not able to get on the air as much as we'd like or send in a lot of replies to the guestbook. All your efforts are a real inspiration, and always add the thought to grab those little battery rigs on the way out the door (DSW-20, SST-40, NW-40, MTR-3, and FT-817). Thanks again, and looking forward to more of your updates, Mike, N4VBV"

"02/27/2017","Michael","Weimar, TX","NE5U","I found your site while browsing the web for QRP kits. I have to say that this is a very inspirational site. I usually list the lack of an antenna for my lack of activity but your antenna section makes it pretty clear that isn't an excuse. 73 and thank you for a great resource. FISTS: 8608 SKCC: 15059 Thank you for a great resource. 73 NE5U Mike"

"02/21/2017","John Raynsford","Eagle River, Alaska","AL7JK","Greetings John, allways enjoy your www site each time I browse here. 72/73 to all ! We are all brothers at the key"

"02/16/2017","Tom Nagy","Sarver, PA","W3TLN","Yours is one of the first websites I access in the morning. I enjoy your daily diary. I'm only 13 miles southeast of your QTH so your weather comments are very interesting. Looking forward to your QST article. Check my QRZ page for some info on W3TLN. 73 -Tom, W3TLN"

"02/14/2017","Jeff Bauer","Winsted CT","WN1MB","Hi John, You mentioned some drop off of visitors/readers of your website/diary. I trust you included a link to the website in the article you submitted to QST. That would certainly prompt what I suspect would be a *huge* bump in website traffic! Kind regards, Jeff"

"02/10/2017","Mike","Oahu, Hawaii","AH6WA","I have enjoyed your site for quite some time and appreciate your efforts and persistence. I check every day to see how the streaks are going. Here in Hawaii as the propagation drops I find fewer QRP opportunities. Typically, I end up using 10 watts to get someone's attention or have them get my full callsign. Even so, often the real joy is finding someone who will continue working with me to get the contact done in the midst of significant power line noise or fading."

"02/10/2017","Paul","N8XMS","Hi John. Checking out your new guestbook to see how it could work for the NAQCC. Would you be willing to work with Tom to help get it started? I could do the necessary changes to the club pages. (I assume it would be mostly creating a link to the guestbook site and probably making a new "thank you" page to return to. Things are a little busy right now and I don't think that I can get to this for another week or so."

"02/10/2017","John","Flint,MI","K8LJG","Always enjoy the diary"

"02/09/2017","Bob Schwer","The Villages, Fl","K3ZGA","Thought I'd help out with your testing and tweeking! Enjoy reading your blog and following your adventures. Keep up the good work.73."

"02/09/2017","Paul Smith","Humboldt,KS.","N0NBD","As I sit here cold in the shack it is 24 degrees outside. I like the looks of the count down clock at 19 days hi hi. Sorry U got snow. It is dry as a bone here. It is supposed to be 76 on Saturday. I will get some tilling done in my garden. Have a good one and Ill be riding along. de Paul N0NBD"

"02/09/2017","Tom","Winnipeg, Mb.","VE4AKI","Keep up the good work-----73 Tom"

"02/08/2017","geo","n1eav","Hi John.....here is a test message for your new guest book.....73 geo , n1eav"

"02/08/2017","Baltasar","Gran Canaria Island","EA8BVP","Hello John! I'm glad to sign your new Guestbook. It's nice and easy. I follow your diary almost every day and I enjoy your Normal and DX QSOs adventures. I hope to have a 2xQRP QSO with you someday! Keep up the good work! 72 de EA8BVP, Bal."

"02/08/2017","Bill Westbury","Florida","K4WLW","Greetings! Nice new Guestbook! Keep up the great work, I visit your diary daily. Bill - K4WLW - NAQCC #7801"

"02/08/2017","mark perlmutter","billerica MA","k1mlp","Have been reading your diary for many years and always enjoy it 73 Mark K1MLP"

"02/07/2017","Paul Smith","Humboldt KS.","N0NBD","Hello John, your new guestbook looks great here. Nice mild winter so far, very little snow some ice and only a couple days below 0 Have a good one de Paul N0NBD"

"02/07/2017","DON MCPHEE","MISSISSAUGA, ON, CANADA","VA3BOW","Hi John, I have been enjoying your site for years and still do. You proved to me that I could become a ham without breaking the bank. I became a ham and then when I sold my home and moved into a condo your encouragement, and my wife's, got me back into the hobby but this time with a brand new KX3. I have been having a ball going portable ever since. Thanks again, Don VA3BOW"

"02/07/2017","Tim","Bellflower, CA","K6ACF","Hi John, nice looking Guestbook! Do you think Jimmie Johnson will break the NASCAR cup championship record (more than Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt Sr.)? 73, Tim K6ACF"

"02/05/2017","Mark","Myrtle Beach, SC","W4MMR","Hi, John, I have been reading your diary for many years and enjoy seeing what you are up to. I appreciate your allowing us all to have a view into your life and sharing your QRP operating knowledge, ham radio outings, gardening, holidays, and activities with Mike. Keep up the great work and thank you. Mark"

"02/05/2017","Testing new guestbook"

I was without a guestbook from 10/14/2016 through 2/4/2017 due to spam issues.

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