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NOTE: To save a bit of time, I'm keeping this archive in the date order that my guestbook provider uses. That is newest entry at the bottom of the list which is the opposite of my other guestbook archive pages.

01/05/2018,Hop Hays,Trussville, Al,K4TQR,"Loved your persistence in the QST article."

01/15/2018,Lane,Columbus, OH,n8aft,"Thanks for your Christian witness about 'Brain Power' vs man made computer tech. I also like your nativity at Christmas... Hope work you again around sunset QRP 3560kHz. having much fun there before my long nap of the day. Having lots of fun QRP with big es small tube TX's here. Some are HB rigs, newest is a 6C4/6AQ5 cake pan. Keep inspiring us OM QRP, CW and other topics. 72 / 73 lane de n8aft."

01/31/2018,Dave,Clearview, washington state,WA7AXT,"Nice website. Thank you for all your work on qrp and cw radio transmissions. I've recently discovered how easy it is to make contacts with five watts or less. Very interesting, not much difference between 5 watts and 50 watts. 73 Dave WA7AXT."

02/03/2018,John Baughman,Modesto, CA,W6AAL,"Back to CW after 12 years. Need to get rig setup again, Never was an accomplished CW'er but always enjoyed it. Never have worked voice."

02/03/2018,Randy Lloyd,Idaho Falls,AC6K,"Thanks for helping promote CW. We need to keep the skill alive and encourage new CW operators."

02/05/2018,Kim "Chip" Levings,Caledonia, Ohio,K8CHP,"

02/06/2018,Ron,Milford Center, OH,NX8Y,"I enjoy checking on your streak from time to time. Any more, I'm a DX chaser (QRO as needed) and am trying to make Honor Roll before I kick the bucket. I enjoy QRP/CW and am happy to have found the NAQCC (#6132) a few years back. Thank you for your dedication to our hobby and promoting CW. Our local club consists mostly of the VHF group and only a couple interested in CW. I try to convince them but they're barely interested in HF, let alone CW. Take care and keep the streak going...it's quite an accomplishment. You'll probably be in "The Guinness Book of World Records" someday. 73, Ron NX8Y"

02/09/2018,Richard Swanson,San Antonio, Texas,K0RDS,"John, Thanks for all you are doing to inspire fellow Hams to use QRP. I have been running QRP for 30 years but don't have the results that you have. It is amazing on what you have done. Keep the great work up. Richard Swanson, K0RDS"

02/22/2018,Ken Gairson,Spokane WA,W7AHX,"I have been learning CW for the past year, sending at 20 wpm using paddles, But to be honest with my self I can only copy at around 10 WPM and even at that I get lost. I have checked in to some phone nets using CW and most were able to copy and reply back using voice. Still try to spend an hour a day copying and slowly making progress. I do enjoy CW. And for me anyway all the computer/armature radio combined together is not for me, I guess you could say I am a purest --... ...-- -.- . -. .-.-.-"

02/23/2018,Marty Squicciarini,Lansdale, PA,NR3Z,"John, Thanks for the QSO the other night and my streak for the year continues. 72, Marty NR3Z"

02/25/2018,ANGEL M ALMODOVAR,Maryland,"Thanks for your dedication on promoting cw. Licensed in 2013 but never get into cw until may 2017. Now cw in my 100 percent method of ham communication. And never exceding 5 watts another challenge. My qrp ft 817nd is great. 73 DE N4SNI."

03/07/2018,Dave Somers,Monroe. WA,KI7DPP,"Learned about this site from K7SU website. 73!"

03/14/2018,Chris,Bayville , NJ,K2HVE,"I just came across your site and wanted to say, " Nice Job!" Bookmarked and I will be back. Chris K2HVE, Bayville (Ocean Co.), NJ"

03/25/2018,Bill He,mint hill nc,W4EDN,"Very nice site, could you provide a link to swr ckt build ? onw that works with qrp ? (1 w or less )"

03/28/2018,Ishan Kumaraswami,Staten Island, NY,AC2MX,"Hope to be on cw soon"

03/29/2018,Dennis Corcoran,Venice, Florida,KN4KTT,"I am glad that I found your site and the information about CW procedures is extremely valuable for me..As yet, I am not on the air yet as I just in the beginning stages of setting up the shack and dealing with antennas and their placement...I’m 72 years old, and looking forward to my first QSO...but I don’t want to go on the air without a good idea of the proper procedures. I was a Navy radioman who never used CW once I got out of radio school...MY CW QSO is pretty high on my bucket list....Thnks for the info. Dennis. KN4KTT"

04/01/2018,Earl Osborne,Sydney Mines NS,VE1SN,"Just thought I'd drop your club a line and wish you all the best dxing.....maybe soon will get the signal to cooperate and we can have a HF QSO...have a good Easter holiday and good Dxing......Cheers Earl"

04/07/2018,Larry,Longmeadow, MA,W1AST,"Neat site. I'll have to spend more time reading thru it. I hope to work you on the bands some day."

04/14/2018,Garry M Davis,W8GMD,"Just returning to code after being away from radio for 30+ years."

04/22/2018,mike sullivan,bainbridge island, WA,wn5pmr,Good afternoon. Visiting interesting sites. Wannabe QRP nut. Also have a very bad case of put offitis. Plenty of QRP rigs on the operating bench. biggest need to finally get a working antenna. I have VHF/UHF hand helds. On the QRP / HF side of the shack. KX-3, KX-2, IC-703 and a LNR 11 band rig. Rounding out the radios is an FT-817. Mike WN5PMR with 52 years of ham radio under my belt."

04/27/2018,Steve,S.E. Nebraska,W0OOW,"What do you use for antennas? tnx"

05/07/2018,Jim Shideler,Stillwater, OK,W5JCS,"It has been quite awhile since I signed the guestbook however I do check this site on a regular basis. Started as a Novice 47 years ago and still find thrills with working CW. There is something about hearing my call come back over the air it captivates and electrifies me. Thanks John for all your wonderful work maintaining this helpful site. 73 Jim, W5JCS"

05/20/2018,Larry Ramsey,Rock Hill, South Carolina,KD4KIG,

05/25/2018,Peter VanEenenaam,Watertown,KD2OMV,Glad I found your site!"
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