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Kittanning, Pennsylvania
K3WWP Ham Radio Activities welcome (17K)

I'm John from Kittanning, PA, USA. I've made this web site to promote Morse Code operation on the ham bands by showing what is possible when using CW with only 5 watts and simple wire antennas. If you have limited antenna space, a less than ideal location, and can't run high power, check what I have done with those limitations and realize that you can do the same, especially by using CW. I am also trying to provide many helpful features for all hams. Check out my entire site. I'm sure you'll find something useful to you. Please vote in my poll and sign my guestbook while you're here.

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Friday, November 14, 2003 - I think you'll really like this month's poll which I am just now posting. I believe it's something different than other ham radio polls you'll see around the Internet. At least I haven't seen one like it anywhere. Take a look down the page and cast your vote. Oh, and fill out the survey also if you haven't done so yet. Thanks.

Friday, November 14, 2003 - NEW FEATURE: I find the results from my newly instituted survey very enlightening and informative so far. I've already gotten some ideas for additions and changes to my web site. The more responses I get to the survey, the more meaningful it will be, so please take the 3 or 4 minutes at most it should take to fill out the survey. Thank you. Oh, and there will be a new poll question coming later today or tomorrow as well. See further down this page how to take the survey and / or vote in the poll.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003 - It's just about the gloomiest looking day you could imagine here in western PA - so I took the time to thoroughly go over my QRP rigs page and correct and update the information there. It basically was still quite accurate, but some prices have gone up (what else is new?) and some rigs have been discontinued or resurrected, etc.

Saturday, November 08, 2003 - The deadline has now passed for comments to the FCC on the FISTS pro-CW petition as well as six other pro-CW petitions. A total of 1893 comments were received on the seven petitions with the FISTS petition drawing 877 of those comments. I don't have the statistics on how many comments were for or against the petitions. The next step is to contact the ARRL with your opinions as they will be filing their own petition sometime in the future and it will probably carry more weight with the FCC than any other petitions. Send a message to the ARRL requesting that they support continuing Morse Code testing if that is your belief. It is certainly my belief and I have already sent my opinion to the ARRL. Your opinion should also be sent to your Section Manager and your Division Director and Vice-Director.

**IMPORTANT - The URL for my web site has been changed by Alltel. All my page URL's now start with http://home.alltel.net/johnshan/. Page names themselves (for example dx_ss_routes.html) remain the same. Please make the necessary change to your favorites, bookmarks, links, etc. Thanks.**

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Note: If you're a first time visitor, you may want to tour my site first since the survey includes a few questions about your opinion of features on the site.
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Weekend of Nov 15-16: RSGB 160M, EU CW See Calendar for details.

When I worked Chuck, KG9N/C6A as my first QSO of August 5, 1994, that started a still continuing streak of making one or more QSO's every day using QRP, Morse Code, and simple wire antennas. As of Oct 31, 2003 the streak stood at 3,375 days and 37,867 QSO's with 11,437 of the QSO's being DX (non-W/VE). The QSO's were with 12,580 different hams according to unique call signs in my log. Check my Streak Update report for more details. The table below lists one or two of the QSO's from the latest 10 days of the streak. The last column lists one of the DX stations (if any) that I worked that day. See 154 Days of DX for details of a 154 day streak of working DX I had in early 2000. Thanks to everyone I work, not just those stations listed below. To see all my QRP QSO's, check the Logs section.
Date (UTC) Day #CallNameBandDX Call
11/15/033390 K8FLYBill80M 
11/14/033389 KA8WNOJack80M 
11/13/033388 K3MDJohn80M 
11/12/033387 N4DRMarc80M 
11/11/033386 K1KIDCarl80M 
11/10/033385 K8TEZLarry80M 
11/9/033384 K3DZFrank80M 
11/8/033383 W2SHCharles80M 
11/7/033382 AA3DWRay30M 
11/6/033381 KF4VWZHenry40M 
11/14/03 - Changed the monthly poll on this page
11/14/03 - I'm updating and manually checking all my links to catch those errors my weekly link check with the link checker Xenu misses
11/13/03 - Added a visitor survey to the site (See above on this page)
11/11/03 - Thoroughly checked and updated my QRP rigs info (QRP-QRP Rigs)
11/1/03 - Updated the December contest calendar (CONTESTING-December)
10/28/03 - Added a CW story by AA0RQ (CW-Your CW Stories)
10/24/03 - Added a FISTS Keynote column - #058 (CW-FISTS Columns)
10/15/03 - Added a page to my CW section (CW-Using a Straight Key)
10/15/03 - Changed the monthly poll on this page
10/1/03 - Updated the November contest calendar (CONTESTING-November)
10/1/03 - Dropped my www.qsl.net mirror site
9/26/03 - Added a FISTS Keynote column - #057 (CW-FISTS Columns)
9/15/03 - Changed the monthly poll on this page
Daily - Add data to my propagation tables (PROPAGATION-Main)
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