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Comments From DX & VE Calls Prior to July 19, 2000

Ok! Good site! 73! Al Sidorsin - EW6AL

Hi ; What a great webpage for amateur radio . You have really moved me to get my cw speed up. Age is 57 and a ham for 10 years off and on. Retired now so more time for the hobbies. Also purchased a TS570D and I agree what a great rig. Have used a TS830 and TS850. Well done 73 - VE4TI

Hi K3WWP Nice reading about Your kind of operating with QRP. Have also been working QRP, with the INDEX QRP+ AND THE qrp++ S/N 1559. Have been in many contests, and really surprising working QRP. Most of it on my home made BUTTERNUT HF-6 vertical 10 ft above ground with 12 radials, but have worked DU and lot of DX on 40 meter. - Even on 80m I have worked the East coast of USA. - Now the rig is working with OX3FV Kim in Greenland, and he is also enjoying it. 73 from Denmark Joergen - OZ8AE

Vy nice site you've got there 73' Dick - PA3DEU

Hi John , I just returned to cw from a long time in the Qrm on SSB, HI, I would like to join the Preservation of CW group, please put me on your email list, thanks, 73, Peter. at ve3jpp@ionsys.com - VE3JPP

Hi John...great site. Noted from the example of your standard contest report that you mentioned using a 6Y6 final keyed with your CMOS II keyer. Was wondering if you are keying this directly or through a relay or some form of keying interface?? Steve - VE7SL

see you on the air.i am using hethkit hw-9. GL and 73 - JA0BES

your home page is very nice,I enjoy QRP TOO!!have a mfj 9020on weekends if i have to leave my home i take with methe QRP setup: (radio,antenna,antennatuner,keyer,paddle) right now i'm in long Island,soon i'll be back in KP4 zone.73's gud dx - NP4L

Hello John It's nice to visit your web site. I find it beautiful. May be sometime we shall meet on 14.060 MHz on QRP 73's fm Anatoly - LY2BCB


73!GD LUCK! de - 4L4KW

I used a search engine to find your site using TS-570D as the parameters. You seem to have done quite well with QRP and I'm wondering if you earned your WAS (I saw the wall paper in one of your pics) entirely as QRP. 73, Scott - VE7JKE

w5www lead me to your site my page is http://www.qsl.net/hs9xp I also love QRP and will add you on my page links - HS9XP

hello ot, nice to c al the stuff. ticket from 1957. Started with EF80 ECO, EL84 Pa, gave 10 w to 40m longwire. than trio599 twins. t h a n a tentec Argonaut first ed. Now in 2000 Paragon via 50m thru the chimney in a R7000. up 27m on the top of a 3 storie house ( Jugendstil fro 1907 ) Not destroyed in WW2. Started Jan 2000 qrv with DL0IBM, DL0XPO both Sonder-DOK EXPO2000. Prefere freq aprox ...35 example 28.035. In Feb was qrv as DA0EXP. c u qrp freaks 73 from Hermann - DJ3WM

Hi! Great site dedicated to QRP. I do admire your work and QRP spirit 72 de Alen / S53Ma/QRP www.qsl.net/s53ma - S53MA

Hello John, just found your web, as I was looking for rules for Helvetia Contest. TNX for very good web, will use it also in the future. I also use CW only, but not QRP (Hi)Good luck and 73/88 yl Svata - OZ7YL

# Hi: Your site makes the 'voluntary simplicity' aspect of QRP really well with its' stress on 'just get out and do it!' even if the antenna isn't optimal - VE7DSN

Fantastic ! CW forever ! 73 de Jean-Marc - F5SGI

Hello John. Just having a look around via PA3BWK's site and checking out a few interesting things. Will come and visit again, thanks and 73, Bob - G4KEW

Dr OM, Nice WEB GL & 73 ! - BX4AE

Having been silent for about 40 years, I am going to send and receive Morse-coded messages again. I do realize Morse-silence is not gold. I enjoy your site, a nice job. - JA8MG

Enjoying looking at your page, found plenty of info for both hams and swl's good luck for the future. 73's etc Kenneth Burnell Contest Manager International Listeners Association England - M1DZT

Good luck with te QRP QSO's John. I use also QRP RIG's build by my own. And I love it to make QSO'swith that RIG's. Hope to meet you on the band. I'm QRV on all HF bands except 160m. 73, Jacques - PA3EVZ

keep up the good work. hope to qso with you one day. member G-QRP club 0027. 14 Mhz main band of use. best 73,Alan. ...- .- .-.-. - G3KAN

Very good site. 73's Ricardo - PY4BK

First time I have come across this interesting site. came via MEGS -Scottish QRP site. I run a Kenwood TS120V and TenTec 1320, all QRP CW here. 72/73 Iain G-QRP Club Nr 1278 - ZL2BJC


HI JOHN ! Best 73 to PA/USA ! I just picked up a "web-qso" after searching info via Altavista on QRP. I am really interested on QRP-constructions, and really value guys with endless PWR to effort with those SMALL POWERS. Actually I am planning to try soon with LEMON-POWERED (=fruit!) TX with some mWatts. The main box I prefer to use for QRP is actually a film container with Cu/PE-laminate glued inside to make grounding. Think about a shot-gun belt with this type of TX's for every band! *** best 73 from Jorma - OH2PV

# Hi John, I closed my station down last May, for personal and RFI reasons and it will not be possible to get back on the air in the foreseeable future, but oh do I miss the gang and especially the sweet sound of morse. I have the G4ZFE/RUFZ pileup program on one of my PC's but listening just makes me sad. So I visit as many hamsites as I can when I am using the web at the local College or public library, hope to be online at home soon now that we have some cheap deals in the UK. Great site John and I want to wish you and anyone else reading this good luck and lots of dx and to say CODE IS BEST AND QRP IS FUN. 73/88 from Angie FISTS 041, G-QRP 426l, HSC 1496, UQRQC/SMHSC/HACWG and of course RSGB. - G0HGA

Decent place to visit - AP2CW

Very nice site. I`m just starting out in QRP and since I don`t know enough about electronics I`m just looking for simple circuits to get started with. 73 - MM5AHK

good site john thanks for information i am also a qrp user and member of the Benelux Qrp Club in holland I have made several contacts qrp in ssb also contesting is on my list hope to work you on the air 73 gd dx - PA3DDP

Hello OM,congrats for your excellent web!!! I also work QRP with an old Ten-Tec Argonaut 505, a kit by Ten-Tec for 30m, and Kenwood TS-50, antenna dipole. Excuse me for my bad English, hpe cuagn in "my band" 30 m, or in any band. 73! - EA7EGU

thanks for the web site - VE8CQ

Just browsing. 73s Davide - IK2AHG

I am a member of FISTS Number 552 also GQRP Number 4297 I think your site is excellent as it covers all my MAIN interests in Ham Radio which is virtually 100% CW/QRP. I will be back again and again. I have just started WAS And WAC. Trying to get as many as I can with QRP. 73s fer nw de Ernie gi0gdf@qsl.net. CUL. - GI0GDF

My friend PP2KJA - Kleibe told me about your interesting site. Congratulations and go ahead. I'm just beginning on CW and perhaps we can find us on QRG. I operate on 40m and 15m bands. 73 - PY5JAK

# ANOTHER "FLEA POWER" BEACON IDENTIFIER FOR THE Y2KBALLOON 28.075 mhz cw. THIS MAKES THREE ! CK www.caribooweb.com/y2kballoon "73" Ric,,,, - VE7CUP

Very nice your site. Congratulations dr om /...-.- - PY2GQT

Update for the y2kballoon from Quesnel B.C. Wx still not looking good, but the extra time has enabled us to add another beacon. As well as the 3.579 mhz. c.w. beacon identifier, we have added a 6 mtr "flea power" 20 mw beacon, with the same identifier message as the 80 mtr beacon, again with a 1/2 wave vert. dipole. As well, we are adding an optically split screen on the ATV cam. The bottom 1/8 of the screen will show the 12 oclock horizon, this will be articulated to the best position sometime after launch, and stabilization of payload. If we can find a crystal, we will also add a 10 meter beacon. "73" from Quesnel, www.caribooweb.com/y2kballoon - VE7CUP

Nice web site, will build one someday. Best 73 and happy Y2K de Ben - XE2AUB

Nice pages yoe have John , qrp is olso my interests. My url is : http//web.inter.nl.net/users/Marcel.Notenboom/index.htm i am still working to get the type errors out of it. 73 's soon my call will be pa7mar i hope.... I hope we work a time.....(on 20mtr.) perhaps ? - PE1OXY

A very nice site John. Drop by to have a look at ours at: http://www.city.vancouver.bc.ca/police/structure/op-support/oas/events/ham_radio.html 73 - VE7VPU

Super fb. always cw qrp. 73 qro cuagn on tha air. - F6FLH

# Hi Jonh.....I will try to operate on 21.060 08/01 09/01 on +-22,23z.Im a new on cw and try a qrp with 1Wt on separate receiver.....Will be my firt Qso's as a ham ..... Very tanks Kleibe J. Araujo. Brazil. - PP2KJA

Dear OM John, Very great and power information web site, I have a nice time visited this site. I will visit here often... Best 73 and Happy 2000! - BD7NQ

Great web site! Found some QRP info I had been looking for. 73 - VE7MST


Hello John - this is to let you know that your link to my site still has me as VK1PK. My new call is VK3YE. The URL is OK. 73, Peter - VK3YE (ex VK1PK)

Very nice vacuum tubes homebrew rig. I'm interested in QRP too, mainly done with valves. How about the schematics of your TX ? de Chris - IZ3CQI

Dr John, Pse provide me with your comments as to how I can change my ZS# to a K-. I now live in the USA. Used to be able to work CW at 20 WPM at one time, for a year, and was on HF Phone afterwards for 10 years. CU AGN SN, 73,s K3WWP - ZS4BDK

73's from "KIWI LAND" Have a happy Christmas Yours in Radio Barry - ZL3TTW

# Great page! Thanks for visiting my homepage and answering my poll. I hope to reward you with OE on the bands where you still need Austria... 73 es GL with QRP de Oliver. (http://www.qsl.net/oe5oho) - OE5OHO

Hello, I am enthusiast about CW, and very intersted in QRP. Yesterday, I got a QRP transceiver, SST40 from California. I am very looking forward to QSO with QRPer in U.S. using SST40.(Is that impossible?) I think that the kits building is very popular in U.S., because I could find out so many Kits supplier's home pages on the WEB. Your home page is very useful to select the kits supplier. I hope to make a contact with you on 2way QRP QSO(hi)! - JJ6TWQ

I could not say anything much but... very nice website 73's & Mabuhay!!! - DU1TJM

Interesting and very useful ! - YO3APJ

Hi, John Tnx for this tremendous oportunity to have at the same place almost most of information we need to build or to buy our equipment for QRP. I'm a QRPist, and I have assembled some transmitters for 40 and 15 meters, but they don't work very well, cause I'm not so experience in mounted them, so I try to do all my best. I was passing by around here and for my surprise, I got your site. For the first time I didn't see so many companies that make this kind of products, I only knew Dan's small parts. So, John I don't have the right words to say THANK YOU FOR MYSELF and for my friends, too. By the way, I liked a lot, too, your QRP Ham station. Congratulations and I hope you go on like this, cause we need people like you. Thanks a lot. Sincerely yours, Jorge. 73 - PU7RJC

Hello John, Always pleased to be able to say hello to Hams on the Web because I have not been active on the radio since May and boy do I miss it, especially CW. Won't go into my very personal reasons here but hope to get back on the air soon. Am a member of FISTS, G-QRP, HSC, SM-HSC, UQRQC etc. and only use SSB about once year when someone asks me. I find that computing and the Internet are now competing with the radio for my time and interest and by the way I am over 50. My husband is not a ham but does have his own PC. I use the computers at the local college where I am enrolled on a computer technician evening class. I dare n ot go online at home because I know I will run up a heck of a phone bill! Anyway, did want to say that I found your site just now, have of course bookmarked it(the college LAN does handle cookies) and from what I have seen it is great - if there is not one already please do link to FISTS won't you or better still join us. All the best with the website John and good dx. 73/88 to you and all your other guests from Angie - G0HGA

Surfed on in from MEGS. Was looking for Q and Precedural Codes for CW, and found a lot of what I was after on your site. Couldn't wait to buy a book, see. Many thanks for service you have provided. Richard. - G8VOQ

Great site John! I was just looking for a contest calendar and found it on your page. I am hoping to be on the CQ WW CW test at the end of the month. Maybe we'll meet? Regards Barry - ZS1NF

Hi there! just to drop by just as to check in the net but there is no one out there. but this site are look interesting. just got my Licence last 6Month. but i have been active my Pa but unfrotunately he pass away (9M2GV)silent-Keynow. so how about that is that all right now may be we can get to the net later on and more talk there. hi hi.. so 73 all the best out there. from me. Maidin. - 9M2DU

Your page is very good.....Keep this on the air.....im starting my activies on low bands in the next week.I receive my callsign today and i hope you on the air to talk with me Bye Kleibe Jacinto de Araujo - PP2KJA

A REAL NICE INTERESTING SITE. You have whetted my appetite for QRP working, having been a ham for over 50 yeatrs on QRO (100 watts). I loved the pics of ur shack and the homebrew gear, it brot back memories of my early days in ham radio when money was scarce and the only way to get on the air was to build the stuff.. I see u had over 40k visits to ur site. That represents a lot of email hi. Here's another one from an appreciative ham who thanks you for your time and effort in furthering ham radio. Good Luck and hope to work u on the air. My favourite band is 18 Mhz. - VE6AUV

And I was here, and drinked honey ... and liked :-) - UT1YV

Hello John, just found your web site I am a ham since 1969, interested in US-county hunting (have the USCA for 1000 with my old call Y24GE), dx-ing and IOTA gl and 73 - DL8USA

Thanks for the information on sunspots and propogation. First rate web site. Congratulations. Will visit the ACA and get a VK3 callsign and get back on the air soon 73 - G3VWL

73!fr - UA3QU

Nice Page. 73 de Trond - LA9VDA

TNX foe ur nice site, nice information es i take a dud time for ask qsl from ur contries es specialy SWL Jean - VE2JCW

do you have any circuit diagram for following : 20 mtr / 40 mtr cw/ssb transreceiver / transmitter / receiver. - VU3EDA

Excuse me for my poor english! your site is interessant.I am looking for a qrp tos meter. I think that your ref C is fine. Can you send me the schematic diagramme. Thanh you very much. - F6AUF

Hello John, I came to your site because I am member of the QRP.L reflector and Alan, KB7MBI had a message there and said that your site was interesting. Yes, it is interesting. I am 66 and retired. I am a TenTec freak and work abt 90 % CW with TenTec Delta II. Sometimes also QRP either with the Delta or with SG-2020. I also have a QRP FT-747 SX. Also active with PSK31 which is a most amazing mode. Special made for QRP? Hope to work you someday on 21 which seems to be the best band for W at present time. Antenna is only an R-5 vertical so please listen very careful after me, hi. 73 de Lars / Proud owner of CMOS Super Keyer III and Mercury paddle #287. - SM3AVQ

I found the URL in the QRP-L list! (G3YCC) I am hoping to buld an NC20 later on this year. It sounds great! We don't have so many Amateurs over here that are as interested in QRP as you appear to do, and I find it interesting to read all the enthusiastic messages on QRP-L. This keeps me interested. 72/73, Colin (Barry, South Wales) - GW3WSU

I haven't really looked at your page yet, but it looks interesting! vy 73 - OZ7AHR

I enjoy the emphasis on simplicity and low cost hamming. Great content on your site for CW enthusiasts! - ZL1FAB

Appreciate your solar flux and a index figures, used to be very active but now only 8 watts and an indoor 20m dipole which works a treat ! formerly ZC4CZ/ZC4HMS and G4MVA until moving to Wales last year. Like the site. Regards Glynn - GW4MVA

# Hi! i'm looking for information about QRP transceivers for 10m band or 20m, to make in homebrew. THank's for your time. - CT1FEY


Hi there, nice to see this page, I still did not have seen a lot, HPE CUAGN. 73 DE ALOJZ - 9A6LRF

Dr. John, fb site - I like qrp-ing also, using my home-made 5W tranceiver for 80&20m. Ant=3el.Fritzel FB33, K1EL's K9- keyer, Bencher paddle. Wrkd 2 YV5 stations yesterday with 559 rpts. Adrenalin rises at those moments! Would like to build the Norcal NC20, but it's expensive getting it over here. Maybe I'll build my own 'ugly methode' version. '73 cu on HF. Carel - PA0CMU

I use the non-frames version for the reason of personal dissatisfaction with frames, as well as some undocumented features. My favorite mode of operation is CW. I found your site with the search string of "cw and radio and ham and amateur". I used the search engine at http://www.dogpile.com - V73GT

I have been into amateur radio since I was 20 yrs old, now I'm 34. But I got my HF rigs 5 yrs ago with just some dipoles as antenna. Now, I'm putting up a beam, tri-bander, so I keep on learning DXing. This page is very informative. Thank you so much for sharing. 73, de Thelma - DU1IVT

ok site - PA0GBH

Mni thanks John for ur cw pages and the abbreviations list available on ur website. It helps me a lot for my very first qso (I am 100% CW now, even working birds like RS13 & FO29). Best 73, de Phil - F8AWA

Fb Tks for qsl info Vy 73 es Dx frank - F6BLP

Do you now an e-mail adress or a homepage where I can get the cmos super keyer III or where I can have a look at this keyer. I have searched, but I cannot find anythingThank you and 73 Herbert - DH4GH

I would like know , how can i buy used radios form USA? - PU2PEW

I am glad to visit your qrp site. 1 am interested in QRP operating. I am preparing to operate QRP rig. I want to contact you in the futere. Thank You for meeting you in cyber space. - HL2AEW

from gqrp list Hi John Just abt to check ur site. I am nearly 100% cw on 80m with a tentec 580 delta, often wound down. Hope to catch u on 14 sometime 73s rich - G4PCE

Hello John, Nice to make a QSO with you and to receive your E-mail. I prefer to make QSO's in QRP an d in the mode CW. I member of Benelux QRP club BQC, and G-QRP club. I make my own QRP rig's, mostly 4 sigle band use. During my stay in Bosnia Herzegovina (T9/PA1AT) I made in half a year over 1600 QSO's on 10 Mhz with a home brew 1 Watt TX with DC-RX and ant was inv Vee up 4 mtrs. So everything is possible with QRP. I always say to the big gunns: "It's not only power that you need". And "without CW its just CB". '72 Gerard - PA1AT

# Great looking site.Be back again soon I am sure. Was told about the Site on the GQRP reflector. Operate from a Apartment with a 66 foot long wire half outside and half inside.Mostly 20 mtrs. Will check 15 meters for few days. 73 de Harvey - VE1HDW

I logged on to send my first email to you, thinking you would be in bed and read this tomorrow, when WOW there was a msg from you! 73 John! - VK6HQ

My 2nd visit to your lovely homepage! Keep up the good work. I think I remember receiving your QSLcard for a contest-QSO (ARRL Int.DX CW ?) - sorry for the delay, got new ones printed in Italy - and THAT takes time, hi. Perhaps you'd like to visit my homepage at www.qsl.net/oe5oho ... vy 73 es gl DX de Oliver OE-CW-G #25 - OE5OHO


Hello my friend. I've just visited your site. The BRAZIL HAM PAGE (informations about amateur radio in Brazil) has a new URL: http://www.qsl.net/ps7ab Mny tnx, 73 & best DXs, Rony - PS7AB

Excellent site. Nelu - YO8CWK

Hi I've been away from county hunting for quite some time. USA-CA #505 and Second Time #92. I'm now getting back working towards 3rd Time and Bingo. Do you happen to know where I can get a list of USA-CA holders by callsign, as a lot of calls are unfamiliar to me these days on the net. With thanks de Rob - VE7OR

I do like your homepage! I admire your patience to collect so much info and keeping it fresh and in a nice form. Wishing you the very best 73/Arne - SM5CYQ

Interesting site, stumbled across your site by following a link in a newsgroup when looking for a piece of equipment for my sister-in-law in Adelaide SA, Australia. I have passed the URL along to her to use as a resource in her studies to become a properly licensed ham. 73, Perry (ve7wwp, ex vk4wwp & ra0c/ve7wwp) - VE7WWP

Very good site Still trying to pass my cw Hope to have a qso one of these days best 73 Mario - VE9MIO

One of the better QRP-sites around. Always something interesting here for me. I come back regularly. Thanks, 73 de Lars - OZ1BXM

# congrats with your ufb site and it is always a very good thing to maintain cw in the air , i wish you and yours all the best and 73s from here. O s c a r - ON5ME

I found your web in G-QRP web. I am now in CE for QRL. I am also W1/I7SWX and F/I7SWX where I am living now 73 Gian - I7SWX

Hallo usa I found your homepage and its great. I stay two times in australia and it's amazing. I'm also an Hamradio with australian Licences ( VK 3 tsk) look on 6m Band for Radiostations on 50.110 Mhz and also on 28.885 Mhz. please visited my homepage and sign my guestbook. http://www.geocities.com/BourbonStreet/Quarter/1112/ BY BY from Horst the little Australian - DG6MFQ/VK3

Hello from Romania - YO8CWK

Been a ham for 41 years. WN3MIQ/W3MIQ 1958, in western Pennsylvania. Age 65 and retired. Designed large DC power supplies up to 1 megawatt. Largest one "consulted" on was 130 VDC at 250,000 DC amperes--production of chlorine from sea water. Rig is a ICOM 756. ant Cushcraft AP8 vertical. All CW. FIST 3025/CC 171 Heard about your web page from your E-mail after our 40 meter QSO. Best of luck on getting 2000 QRP contacts. 73 Bill - VE3MIQ

Dear John, it was a pleasure to visit your page. I am a licensed ham for two months with a few qso's on CW, but this mode (despite all difficulties) seems very attractive to me. I find your advices on CW procedures usefull. I feel strongly encouraged by your attitude to continue on CW. If it is what FISTS represent generally I will join the club in the future. With best wishes from Poland. Gabe - SP9ELM


Excellent site and will visit again - MM0BCR

Great Site! Especially like the daily propogation reports and analysis. Just getting back into DX after a 9 year absence (Cycle 23 helps!) Keep up the good work!! 73! - VE3RFA

Very interesting site. Congratulations! I think QRP is the only way one can evaluate a good antenna and equipment. The emotion of doing a DX with a "milliwatt" must be anything special !! John, I'd like to know if you have experience with SSB-QRP or AM-QRP. I'd be very glad if you send me some information or an address where I can find anything about. 73s and good luck ! - PU5MPL

Ciao Jhon excellent web site, congratulations! 73 - IZ0AEX

John thanks for the visit to my Home Page http://www.qsl.net/va3jpm/ and for taking the time to sign guest book. I will be adding link to your site on my next update. I will see Dave on Sunday and pass on your message. I have been licensed ham since March 1996 and realy enjoying the hobby, work mostely HF CW. Work 2 or 3 contests each year when time permits. QSL on our QSO in CANADA DAY contest. I like the way you have your pages organized fb job. Will say 73 fer nw and will drop in again. Best wishes Jim - VA3JPM

Hello! Thank you for your phantastic homepage! This is not my last visit here. I wish you all the best! 73' Ludwig - P.S. My own CW-homepage is http://www.qsl.net/dk5ke - DK5KE

I am very keen on CW QRP but do to other commitments have I not been on the air for 2 years,I am just getting back into the swing of things and hope to have my shack in full order in the next month or so I run can run run a max of ten watts on 10,15,20 mtrs from home brew DSB/AM equipment. I found your webbsite very interesting and will visit again.. Dave - G4LJG

Well, I got tour wabe via surfing the Internet, TNX very much and congratulations, Best wishes, Antonio Esteve - EA5EC

Hi, I'm come from china. Hope to contact with you on air! - BG7TQ

Hi. I am la5ki, now living in Oslo. I work QRP only with small wire antennaes. I am interested in vintage gear, and my station consist of all Hallicrafters SX101A, SX117 and HT44. See also my homepage at http://www.freeyellow.com/members6/la5ki/ Send me a mail! - LA5KI

Hi Just popping by. I only work QRP from FT7 and a tribander ant. I also have a WM20 SSB Xceiver by Dave Benson N1NNG (I Think!) and I have worked Ted K6TED in CA on 2 Watt, longpath, but unfortunately I am still waiting for his return QSL card. Best wishes Harold - Hi Sorry, but important story got left behind! I have just received an Argonaut 505 that will still reach far into the Ether! 73 - ZS1NA

Muy buena toda la informacion que se puede tener en esta WEB. Me gustaria saber si hay algunas frecuencias especiales para HAMs QRP ? 73 de HOC - LU4AAV

Your Page have a very good design, keep it. - YC8HW

John: I've always enjoyed your QRP column. I have been using a Ten-Tec Century 21,(5 - 20 watts, CW only) but recently it became inoperative (perhaps a static discharge). Being forced off the air has really made me appreciate what I had. Due in part to economic considerations I'm presently building a QRP kit from Ramsey - the only kind available here. I am concerned about how to zero beat with another station...how to listen and tx on same frequency. The kit I have is for 30m. Hope to catch you sometime. 73, Jim - VA3JEG

Greets from Hungary, John. Your pages are great. Ati (another QRP'er ;)) - HA8LGA

# GD, OM- After too many years away from the magic of cw, my recent retirement should give me the opportunity to brush up on my speed and etiquette, and rediscover the feeling of satisfaction of rag-chews. I know there's a key around here somewhere.......... - VE3HVX

Just big 73, I enjoy to visit other Ham's pages. C U on the air! - YZ1SLB

I'am operating ONLY CW, ONLY QRP and, off course, most of the equipment homebrew Like ur website! hpe to cua sn with qrp 73' de Hans - PA2DGR


# Dear K3WWP, You were an inspiration to me, two months ago I finally a big Delta loop antenna, after visiting your site I finally that I too wanted to become an avid qrp'er when I visited your site few week ago it motivate me... a lot. Made several qso throughout the world lately My best achievement was last Tuesday, worked two EA's and one F5, with ONE WATT, txs & 73's - VE2MMD

Just passing by, just returning to the hobby after a "lack of interest" mode. Looking to set up a weekend sked with the US to keep my interest going 73's de Paul - G0SNW

# Hiya Just snooping around, having been steered here by the Alaskan QRP Club. I work strictly cw via qrp, mostly on 20 mtrs, but the way that the bands are opening up i'm starting to give keen interest to 15, and 10 mtrs also. Presently using a QRP+ having retired my homebrew transceiver after accomplishing qrp dxcc with it. The antenna is nothing much right now just a vertical for 20 using open line feeders with the recent ZM-2 tuner. Hopefully within the next few days I will have a loop up for 20 meters, depends on the wx hi! My operation is quite sporadic, and just operate when the feeling is right, usually on the bench running some kind of weird experiment hi! Started qrp as a test back in 54 using a 6AQ5 in the final, my real interest in qrp started with the Army when I seen what we could accomplish with low power out in the field, as a result the last 10 years has been devoted strictly to qrp operations. Nice web page, ope to work you someday 72/73 for a Happy New Year. de Frank in Korea - HL9BK

Downloaded the Mill then looked at the links and there you were. Will have to come back later, got to pick the XYL up from her line dancing (no not Telegraph, Hi Hi) all the best for the New Year... de Jack - G4ZVD

Hi John ! Good to qso you the other day. Nice site! Have a super new year. Ernie - VE3OU

# John: Nice to catch you during the RAC contest. Glad you had fun and enjoyed yourself. I was experimenting with software doing the QSO process, had some problems getting the system off line so I could QSO you, but in the end it worked ok. Best to you and yours for 99, as usual enjoy your site very much Larry - VA3LK

# Fine! - F5ITU

Nice page, maybe we'll meet some day on 10CW Prefer also CW mode (90 % of operation time) CU and happy new year 73's Frank - ON4CEL ex 5A21PA

I am very satesfide with for me new radioamater information.I shall come now several poots in your internet pages.Thanks my om.... - S52RR


given by a French friend. - 9M8ST

Seeking for links to be used on future www.ham.ee - ES1LAU

My own site. http://w3.ixs.nl/pa3gnz/index.html Member of the Dutch QRP Club - PA3GNZ

Hi, Linked here from a QRP-L email message for your - Sucessful Procedures for CW QSO's. I am a new ham (just got my Advanced + 5WPM) and am building an EMTECH 40M QRP Rig (which requires that I study for my 12 WPM). Good Site - keep up the good work. 73 - VE3ZAF

I enjoy the site, even bookmarked it for a revisit! Of course if I didn't spend so much time on the Inet I would have time to fire up the Argonaut and actually practice what you preach. Good luck in achieving the 2000 consecutive QSO's - VE7DSN

Hi, always loved cw I was a commercial telegrapher american morse 55 to 65... now been ham since 90, been cw afficiados since I was boyscout long time ago... Been off the air but planning making a come back,,, Building a big delta loop for 80m, 285 ft Hi Hi operated indoor dipole of 44ft at 12ft level, manage to make 59 countries as far as south africa with 25 watts but now GOING QRP... luv your site 73's Bob - VE2MMD

# Hi..I am a HAM from Venezuela. It,s very usefull your WEB page. I like very much the Links with other sites. I like QRP, I am Ham Operator for about 30 years.,Now I learding again the Code Morse.I using ARRL CD and Morse University. Best 72 I hope to meet you on 10 meters band. Jose Alberto Nava Jose Alberto Nava P.O.BOX 1.222 Maracaibo-Venezuela 4001-A SOUTH AMERICA - YV1ACC

Hi there, I am basically looking out for projects involving VHF Rx/Tx on the Web. Do U have any circuits using MC3362/MC3363 MC2833 MC3357 MC3361 please let me know. Thank regards - VU2UPX

I would like to see the schematic of your homebrew all band rig OM! 73 David - CT4RL

Found your site while looking for homebrew schematics. I'm a sparker - oops, a radio operator - at Walvis Bay Radio. When I don't work ships using 10 kW, I work people at 10 W (and sometimes 1.0W, but not too often, unfortunately...!) Vy 73 Hein - V51EK

Thanks for another great CW page. I am also following your QRP exploits as I am planning to operate QRP on the November Sweepstakes (CW). 73, Ken - VE7CTW

It like me your home page. Congrats to your very good success on QRP haming. I'm on air since '59 and prefer CW. Like to interrest in USACA hunting now. Hope meet you on air anytime. 73 de Jiri. - OK1ABP

Vy 73 - HA1US

great site!! i also do like qrp very much take care, hope to work you soon 73`s de Matt - HB9JCI

Muy interesante tu pagina WEB espero ahora poder en algun momento poderte contactar en forma radial Your friend in San Juan Argentina - Edgardo - LU3PCJ

# Hi...I Jose from Venezuela,I think you have a very good WEB page for the QRP operator. Thanking very much for mantain high cuality. Best 73 - YV1ACC

Been a ham for 14 years. Interested in experimenting, designing, building esp. QRP equipment. Nice site ! Your dedication to HF and QRP only is commendable ! Cheers de Hugh - VA3TO

Congradulation! - F5SDD

Great web site. I am continually amazed at how many great ham sites there are. The web permits me out here in the boondocks to enjoy ham radio in real time. - DU3NXE

I've been an ham since 1966, when Indonesia started to recover from the September 1965 abortive coup d'etat. I'm one of the old hams in Indonesia and have had experienced the change from homebrew to black boxes made in JA land. The rig currently in use is an ICOM 751 into a homebrew all band dipole. My computer setup is a Macintosh Performa 6400/200 with which I have as much fun as with my radio rig. I don't DX nowadays, since my conditions at work prevent me from spending too much time at the mike. I'm teaching at the Bogor Agricultural University, at the Department of Biology. I'm married and have three sons who are all married and have flown out of the old house. My wife and I spend much time with our two grandchildren, a boy aged 5 and a lovely girl aged 3. I have one other hobby, spending time with my Land Rover 4wheeler vintage 76. I also am a keen photographer and like to do some hunting (we are now allowed to use guns again, but I'm using a Beeman airgun. So that's it in a nutshell!!!! - YB1AB

Good Site ! Tks... de (((RA0FF))) RA0FF Contest Page http://www.qsl.net/ra0ff - RA0FF

Good work ! 73 de 9a2ss Stjepan - 9A2SS

Hi thanks for the pictures. I had taken a fancy for QRP and even though i have yet to perfect morse to enter the real world of what i call radio with home brew gear i shall have to wait for perhaps a couple more years. I am drawn to qrp perhaps of my technical back ground in radio electronics. Most of my ham friends don't share the same thoughts in qrp as they reckon life is too short for that. regards, Aisea - 3D2AA

# Hi, John I've got your ham radio software yesterday. Thank you very much and I love it! That is the best software about HAM I have ever seen. Especially the CODE tarainer is on of my favorites. Thanks again and stay in touch. 73 de LEO H Tsukada - JJ8KGZ

Reeeaaall nice site! The time you have spent developing this is very worth while. CU on the Bands. (I operate probably 99% cw, 100watts to a Gap vertical). Station challenged but love contests!! 73's de Tony - VE3RZ

Will give my comments next time I visit you - SM7KJH

Very nice site. Keep up the good work! 73, Roberto - IK2MRZ

Very good website! I hope pass in Marietta and call us on 146.88 and 442.875 (PL100) and so visiting our Hone page @ http://qsl.asti.com/hootch fro GIRA and for KARC @ http://qsl.asti.com/hootch/KARC.html 73's - PT2RFL

# I just finished Callbook Thailand search site. Come to visite and if you think it's helpful with fellow HAM,you can include in your QSLING section. The URL is "http://hs2jfw.ml.org". Most of information are in Thai but some in English. I will complete information in English soon. Thank you , 73 Joe - HS2JFW

# Hi! I got your #20000. So I'm very happy. I operate CW and most of the operation is QRP. I've got a R7000 up abt 25 meters high and it works very nicely. But on 40m I have my fullsize 2 ele mono yagi which is 20 meter high and I enjoy CW-chat whith US stations with my 3w QRP operation. I'm mouting my 5 element duo-bander for 30 and 20m this fall so see you on the air someday. You can see my picture and biograpgy on the QRZ database. Thanks. And good luck. - JJ8KGZ

# John: I live on an Island, have often wondered about IOTA but can not find out much who should I contact? (for Canada) Larry - VA3LK

Hi John, Just checking your contest calendar for any CW contests, this coming weekend. Looks more like a good weekend for special event stations and some US island chasing. I am sending a short e-mail this way, as "hotmail" is down for some sort of maintenance. Will have to check to see if you sent an e-mail tomorrow. Also check all the reflectors, etc., etc. Last night I had 24 e-mails - HI. Only about 3 were any good. CUL. 73, Dave - VA3RJ

Pretty cool stuff !!! Definitly the most impressive personal web-site I ever came across. Will check your propagation reports regularly. Hope to meet you on the air soon. 72's de Thomas - DL4OBN

Be back I am sure. Operate on 30 and 40 meters qrp cw Receivers on mopst of the time,but not always in the shack. Best 73/72 de Harvey - VE1HDW

I invite you to have a look at our Polar Bear DXpedition 98 web site: http://webhome.idirect.com/~galati 73 George VE3INB FISTS #2000 - VE3INB

Very nice site! - HG1DKV

I am gettig interested in qrp and browsing for sites - VE2STP

Nice to meet you! In Korea, I was a active HAM. In Canada, I will start in few months. Let's meet again in air.. Good Bye. - HL1AUH

Yes! I will start DXCC chasing with my QRP/CW soon. I'm gonna mount 5 element duo bander for 30/20m this summer. And I'm looking forward to seeing you on the air! 73s CUL! - JJ8KGZ


thank you - DS5YEV

Hi John.. Sorry I didn't heard U in contest :-) maybe next time.. If U'd like to have Czech callbook in your search engine, look up to this page: http://hippo.feld.cvut.cz/cgi-bin/getaddr If you want know something more about me: http://www.qsl.net/ok2zo 73 Libor - OK2ZO/OK7DX

kEEP YOUR GOOD WORK I am a HAM from Venezuela My interested in QRP and I find very interested your WEB page..Best 73 from - YV1ACC

Wonder if your one of the Shannon's that went to Queen of all Saints back in the 40s? (NO - js) - HL9BK

# many thanks for your site enjoy it immensely. love qrt and old sets - G4AYR

Thanks for information - CE3OZC

# Nice site. best to you and yours. - G4AYR

Sir. Is't posible to make a link from you to us we can do the same? We are a fast growing Dutch antenna manufactor and also oficial sponsor of the FT5ZH Exp. Our adress is http://www.zx-yagi.nl Many thanks in advance Ron Eberson - PA3EZX

Hello! Very nice Home Page! Best regards from Russia. Pls visit my Home Page http://www.oskolnet.ru/~rv3zz 73! de Mike - RV3ZZ

WELCOME TO KUCHING AMTEUR RADIO CLUB http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Metro/9773/ham1.html - 9M8HI

I found the link to ur site from VU2LID's website... http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Way/9229/hamradio_node8.html - VU2NGB

Just beening noisy !! - G0WST

I have come to your web site from the link at Slovenian Club whilst searching some homebrew qrp projects. Best regards from North Cyprus Vy 73's de Mustafa Topukcu - 1B1AD

I'm looking for a bug (electronic or mechanical) to get on 10m CW, but it is hard to find one. Anyway, I enjoyed your page, 73 de Mark, - 5B4AGG

# Hello John. Your page looks great, with some nice informations. I found the site via N5NU's cw-page. I'm a 14 years old HAM-operator and i got my first licence when I was 12. I would like to have a QSO with you. but right now I have no equipment for HF at my home QTH, but I looking for an older HF-station. You are always welcome to visit my siten at: http://hjem.get2net.dk/oz5dk/ Vy 73 de Thomas - OZ5DK

A good work, congratulations. This is my ham site. Greetings and 73 - EA4ASQ

Nice page . very informative . well designed. and best of all cw is here to stay. Marc (dit dit) - VE1MAM

Hello! Very interesting stuff .. I'm looking for information about hombrew, schematics diagrams from 1,2ghz and 2.4ghz to build one myself. In portugal is very dificult to find any information My home page is at http://u3000.eng.uminho/~ei21051/ct1fey.htm Thank's for your time - CT1FEY

great page, 73 from Thomas in Denmark - OZ5DK

Congratulations for your FB job...!!! Best regards and weel done !!! - LU1DZ

# Hi, John, I am number 13000. Your WWW presence is really something. So good to have it as a reference. I am just recovering my computer stuff after our Big Ice Storm, 4 days no power etc, right in the middle of upgrading the main systems here. Keep looking for you on the air but have not heard you for a while now. All my antennas at my remote site are all gone due to the ice so signals will be weaker for a while hi. Regards, Larry - VA3LK / WA3ZIA

As first i got my callsign, 6 years ago. Now I plan to take the intermediate class in order to play the HF band. I would like to as you some questions 1. morse code, is it hard to get familiar or not? (in case of listening only) 2. in case of sending the morse code, how long do you take time in practice? 3. is it difficult to play the HF band? Now I can play only 144-146 MHz. only, so I'm feel a bit more boring. Then decided to take the action moving from beginner class to the intermediate class. And the last one is "what morse code program do you use to practice your skill?" Thank you very much for your help. - HS0IXO

# Interesting site greetings from a stormy and rainy Holland best 73, Fe'lix - PA0FIX

I only had a quick look, but it looks a very well put together page. I look forward to visiting this site again, and who knows we may hook up on the air sometime. Happy new year to you and your family. You will usualy find me on 20 cw and phone but mostly on the upper end of 80 meters. - G0WXJ

Hi! I found out about your webpage via a link setup by VA3RJ. I operate the "Ontario QSO Party"...its our second year of running the contest. The rules, entry forms etc. are up on the ODXA website. I would very much appreciate it if you could add this to your contest listings. (Will do when the time comes-js) Thanks & 73 de Bob - VE3SRE

This is the first time I look around on the internet trying to find some info about sstvperception through my PC. Do you have any suggestion? Best 73 for xmas and the newyear Fe'lix - PA0FIX

Brilliant - EI8GL

Hi John!!! Your web page's project is really fine. Good job, John. 73's Anton - RV3DHC

Congartulations...!!! - XE2HLR

I like QRP very much.- BG1AW


Hi, This is a very interesting site i've found and continue coming back since i've got limited power to go on air. More power to you and the best of 73's from the Philippines de Danny - 4F2APT

Found your page from KC5TOM's page.Nice page. - 5B4JE

Dear Sir: From your Homepage, it give me a lot of detail information to radio Electronic technology. Thank for your knowledge and amateur's spirit. I am a Ham resident in China, Callsign:BD7WGL. I usually operate in 2, 10, 20 and 40meter. My radio machine is "XDD-J", It's a old military radio with a series crystals, Maximum output Power is twenty Watts. Last year, I builted the Multi-Dipole Antenna above my house. I already contacted with Asia,North America, Europe,Africa. I enjoy the packet communication and satellite communication too, I often contact with Japan and Korea in RS-10/12. I had designed the MSK 9600bps wireless Modem in local packet network with Chip XR-2206/XR-2211. Recently, I and my friends plan to write some radio electronic tips give the local radio amateurs. We wish it will be develop the technology levels of local radio amateurs. Although we have some experience, but we need more detail information for radio. In china, it's very difficulty that we look for some radio amateurs Handbooks, manuals, Guides. So if you have some old radio books, for example some old version "The Radio Amateur's Handbook", "Antenna Manual" etc, it's saved in your storeroom for longtime, Maybe it'll help us. If you wish to help us, please reply Email to us. We will give you post mail address. Sorry for poor english and disturb you! Thank you! 73! Yours Sincerely Qin Xu - BD7WGL

very well your web page and very good information for me,we work many contest from p.arenas whith other ham ce8sfg,ce8glq,ce8fgs,xq8abf ,we work cq ww ssb from tierra del fuego with "ce8t" and i am the mgr.73 luis - CE8EIO

Hi, Very interesting and useful site.congratulations for this realization.All the very best 73 - CN8GI

I like your page very much. I am looking for some diagrams of TX QRP using Tubes (for any Band no matter the mode cw or ssb) us old times. 73's - CT1BXX

Just visited your homepage. I found the URL on K1TTTs homepage. 73s es hpe to cu on shortwave - DF1ZN

HI John, I found the link to you on PA3WBK's "Ultimate CW-Page". Somtimes I work qrp too with an old TS120V, mostly portabel during my holidays. Your very interesting sites encouraged me to try again qrp (TS120V, 5W, Vertical R5). First qso yesterday was on 15m KK3G, Ed in Pittsburgh, Pa. Report on both sides 449 in lousy conditions! What I miss on the several CW-pages are some examples of really good CW-qso's. What do you think about? 73 es hpe cu on bands, Werner - DL6NAN

hi! i'm glad to meet your homepage. very good place. see you later. bye, 73 - DS3AGV

I think If QRP page detail circuit is Best - E20EHQ

la0ha (michel) told me about you and he passed me your addres - EA1BZN

hi John, congratulations for you Home page, it's very nice, i enjoy dxing and i'm interested in dxclusters,if you know simply the best,send to me a E-MAIL please. I'm looking fordward to listen you on dx frecuencies. regard and best 73,s and good luck. - EA3BYN

Next time. I'm reading all your fantastic information about CW and Ham Radio! Congratulations for this fine Web page. - EA3WX


Nice site. I find information about your site on N4BRP site - ES4LRH

Hello! Congratulation for these very good info and nice pages. 73, Daniel G-QRP 8925 Fists 1831 - F5ITU

Thanks very much for the QRO (?-k3wwp) pages. I found a lot of interesting stuffs EXCEPT the morse code it self. Anyway I hope to contact you soon in CW, as I m actually preparing my Ireland licence. Cheers, JS - FA1UGD

Hi John, nice to find your site with lots of links. See you on .060 CW someday? (Yes, I'm a QRPer as well as FISTS) Cheers, John, - G3RHP

Nice site - nice content 73 de Dave - G3VGR

watcha mate, just before I start work at the natural history museum london uk usually have a quick look around. well done on your first. - G4AYR

Hi, John! I found your site via G3YCC's site, via GQRP Club. I am hoping to build a holiday cw rig and am very interested in the Norcal Sierra. Do you know of a technical review? I am particularly interested in its signal handling, also in the quality of the Wilderness Radio kits. Perhaps you know of people using the Sierra. I would be grateful for any guidance. Many thanks, 73's, John - G4CVA

Found you just surfing around looking at QRP. Site looks good, but I've filled this in first! QRP is the way to go, isn't it just amazing how there's no lower limit to communicating any distance?! 73s Alan - G4TKV

# Hello John, I found your site from PA3BWK's "Ultimate CW Site". As a CW enthuasist I was most interested in your CW page and CW links. 73 de Rich - G4ZFE

Hello John, Nice to see another CW page. I used HotBot to search for CW programs and found your site. You may be interested in a CW program I have written. The program is written for Windows 95 and a requires a Sound Blaster compatible card. The program is called "Pile Up!" and simulates a CW pileup by using multiple Sound Blaster voices. There is also a competition mode where your attempts are scored. (see my CW Links - js) 73 es gl de Rich - G4ZFE

Hi John, pleased to find yer page ont net ! more by chance than luck ! luv all the info on CW its the only mode I use I'm only QRV HF and due to work pressures and XYL wanting decoration doin i've bin QRT since October ! Must make an effort to fire up the 930 agn sn. I am also a FIST club member No 1604 hpe bcnu sn best 73 de G0GOD, John dit dit Hi - G0GOD

Heard about your web site via Peter Barville' - G3XJS's web page. It looks good!! - G0JJQ

Very nice site, concratulations. Will add a link from my web site. - G0TIP

Fine Buisness Old Man! - G0XAR

I would like informed opinion on the best keyers available both paddles and iambic electronics. As any cw op knows the differences are so suttle but highly desirable and the quest for the best never ends! (denis.naylor@zetnet.co.uk) - GM3SKN

Dear Om, I was searching for a software to learn CW. So I found your homepage. 73 from Switzerland - HB9PCG

Hello John! This page is very usuful for me. There are so many hpmepages for HAM on the internet but can't find useful one like this. So I am very pleased to find your homepage. See you on the air. 73! - HL5NLQ

I also love QRP too. I running 5 watts with my MFJ-9020 in Bangkok. see you. 73 Joe - HS2JFW

Hi John: nice to read you page! Hpe cu on qrp qrg 72 es 72 de Ezio - I1EFC

Finally quality !! - IW0EZX

nice page, useful information. ciao and i hope to hear you somewhere in air. 73 Walter - IZ3ALU

Dear john, I will make a link to your web-site from mine, at net up-date. Please visit! bye bye!! - JA9TTT


I am county hunter almost on cw. Now I cfm about 270 from japan. So your site is very intersting for me. Recently we can take VEC test in JA. Now I got FCC lisence/AB7QB. I want qrv in the USA some day. I would like to visit your site often. Best 73 to you from Kyoto city. Yutaka(taka) Imamura - JE3UUS

I'm also K7IL. I will be come up as K7IL/KH6 next summer vacation. See you. - JF3PLF

please visit my page. (see Links - Ham Personal) - JG5OGL

I found your website at JE2CDC's HP. I am interested in QRP plus Contesting and member of The dJARL QRP CLUB. I am looking forward to see your page from now on. - JL2ADF

I enjoed your articles of morse. gud dx 73 - JN4CIW

Nice pages, John, but vy slow to download from Europe. 73 de Mike (Mike, it's slow here sometimes too - Geocities is growing too fast to keep up - K3WWP) - LA0HA

Congratulations. - LU2DGZ

Hello dear John / K3WWP, I am very glad to see radio amateur's WEB - pages. My name is Valentin Litvintzev. Call sign is LZ3ZW. All of my friends know me as Valyo. When i was studying in Bulgaria I worked from LZ2KAC LZ1KAG and other stations. I love the radio telegraphy because i was high speed telegraphy sportsman for the period 1984 - 1990. Since 1990 i have moved to China. I am still here now, and there is impossible to work from here ( the chinese goverment you know). That's all for me! I wish you all the best and GL. I really hope to make a QSO with you one day. GB and SK.. ps: I found your site through PA3WBK - Wilko Hollemans' Home page. There is link to your page. BYE! - LZ3ZW

qrp is alive and well here in pembrokeshire keep up the good work 73s - MW0AWM

I found your site when I searched in Alta Vista for SG-2020. I like it very much, very informative. - OE2REM

Dr John Congrats with your very interesting views abt CW exacly the same thinking here and qrv since 1960 air force during 30 yrs only cw air-grnd-sea here in europe we have the EUCW, european cw club, now abt 28 clubs connected, and i am interested to find out if there could be any fraternal links with cw clubs from yr country. wish you a lot of fun with cw 73 oscar (founder shsc - ehsc - president EUCW) - ON5ME

Nice page! Always great to meet CW enthousiasts. 73, Folkert - PA3CQR

I work QRP pwr out abt 5 wtts. It's fine! 73 es god DX! - RV3AGG

Very nice Home page. Best regards from Russia. 73! de Mike - RV3ZZ

Hi! Here is Andy - RW3AH. Thanks for access at your page and it's looks good! 73 and all the best from Moscow! - RW3AH

I found Your home page as link on our national association home page. My other comments: BRAVO! very nice page and ussfull! 73 de Gregor - S57EMI

This seems to be a very interesting site that I found too late in the night to fully explore, but I liked your CW-page! I will definitely get back! 73 - SM5VZW

Very nice job on the web - SV8CS

Hi John, I was just reading an article in the T C A magazine entitled "INTERNET SITE OF THE MONTH" and I'm just browsing around. I have been a ham since 1993 and enjoying it very much. Your site is very impressive indeed. I am active in all modes and look forward to a Q S O with you in the future. 73 and all the best - VO1AKW

I've enjoyed your site and all of your links...tnx fm an active cw'er. 73 de Al - VE1BWD

hello, nice page will be back later thanks 73 de j.y. - VE2YKN

Just in to look , got the url from TCA Mag. (The Canadian Amateur June/97 pg20) Good luck - VA3FF

Will check my log tonight. If you are not in, why not? hi. QRV all bands, especially 30m, Always keep big ear open for QRP. Nice site John - 73's - cw forever - VE3DZZ

# Hi John,new to the internet and just thought I'd see what your page has to offer. Looks interesting and will put it in my favourite file. 73 de Rick - VE3FMC

# Hi John I am going to read your 1000 days of QRP,I saw your article in the latest FISTS Keynote. Sounds very interesting John,you must be a dedicated QRp op. I do some QRP, currently with my Icom 720A it will go down to 4 watts. I really like qrp,have worked some DXCC countries and trying for WAS too. So hope to run into you on the air some day,my FISTS nr is 2767. 73 de Rick - VE3FMC

Hi John. I enjoy reading your column in Key Notes every month. My FISTS nr is 2767. I am active on 40 meters quite a bit and although I do not own a QRP rig yet I do turn the drive down to 4 watts on my Icom 720A and I am always amazed at who and where I can work with that amount of power to a 40 meter loop. Your operating tips for QRP'ers is helpful, and I'm sure many enjoy it in key Notes. Keep up the good work John. 73 de Rick FISTS 2767 - VE3FMC

I hope to rekindle my old love of cw, after having fallen for those two other temptresses: ssb and 2-metre repeaters! - VE3HVX

Good day once again. Just rechecking out your page, thought you might like to hear that I was #11000. Only 111 more visitors to your next milestone level. 73/72. Jeff - VA3JFF

Thank you for the QSO and for pointing me to your Webb work, very informative and very nice. Wonderful site! How about some pictures of your station?(they're there now-js) A friend came over today for a visit and took pictures of my remote site, soon I will have those on a CW Agenda home page. - VA3LK

Your site was referenced in the "CW Today" column in The Canadian Amateur, June 1997 issue, written by Larry Kayser, VA3LK. So here I am to have a look around and I must say Larry was correct, I'm impressed and have you bookmarked for many return visits. Thanks John and 73. - VE3NG

Hi There I got your web page from Rick ve3fmc. Cool stuff! Just got my 5 wpm so I've finally gotton on hf. Sure makes 2 metres seem like c.b. Anyway catch ya later 73 Dan - VE3RPM

HI John Just a short note covering who I am and how I found You. Received my license /88 (78 then)and found picking up the mike a lot less intimidating then plugging the key in Now a few months from 89 I find that CW is starting to intrigue me,never tried it on air,must be getting dottie. We have had quite a set to in our national ham magazine about the pro's and con's of keeping CW in our tests. This is how I read about Your Page. THE CANADIAN AMATEUR The article re Your web site in,CW Today . . . Column is written by Larry Kayser VA3LK June/97 issue page 20 Internet site of the month Congratulations John,a job well done, If you would like a copy of our The Canadian Amateur I certainly would be pleased to mail you a copy so you could see what a fine magazine we have representing Radio Amateurs of Canada ( RAC ) It's 3am I better shut up and go to bed. Good Night 73's Ollie - VE3ZEL

(Found you in) TCA RCA Mag. Formerly ARRL. Have nice day 73 Gerry. - VE6ATD

Looks Great! will have too look around more - VE6SDK

Hi John... I'm just in the process of getting back on the air after an enforced QRT of more than 15 years. Unfortunately the place where I was living had more restrictions than a prison. I'm not retired and living in six, well wooded, acres on a small trout lake in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. I'm just starting to put my station back together again and hope to be back on the air within a few weeks. I came across your site during my Webcrawler search for SOWP information. I was an active member several years ago, but moves and the enforced QRT has resulted in a loss of contact with the organization. If you know of any way of contacting them again (if the organization is still active), I'd appreciate it if you would let me know. 73 DE Fred - VE6XX/VE7TOW

I like your page and I will put it on mine. - VE7BCZ

73's from mile 300 on the Alaska Highway, Rod - VE7POI

Enjoyed your page... Long time no see\hear... Best 73 Andy - VE9DX

Oh, to be semi retired...... Licensed since 1991 as VK6MJS then dec.96 upgraded to VK6BOT........ Good page....good links..thanks 73...de... stan - VK6BOT

Your signal is 599 !! 73 Albert - VR2AF

hello k3wwp. how are you! qrz qrz, are you copy? my name is raymond lee, my call sign is vr2zak, my qth is hong kong ( location at the south china sea ). i am qso with internet.i am just learning morse code. i will to site the examination in may. would you please, tell me something about you. 73 for k3wwp. bye bye. send from raymond - VR2ZAK

Hello !! I located your home page through the G-QRP club Home Page Glad to see plenty of nice links and useful info. 72/73 cu - VU2LID

Awesome website. Keep the good work. Sorry not to QSO with you during the SS. Take care - WP4JXD

hi, i am interested in qrp since joining ORARI (indonesian amateur radio organization) i am visitor no 5972 in your homepage. hope we meet on the air 73 - YB1AC

# Thanks to John himself for telling me about his excellent page. My ham career and philosophy is very close to John's, although my achievements are not so high. Main thing is we can share the pleasure of CW - the King of modes, hand in hand with Queen QRP. Thanks, John, for the great work and very best regards to you. Cu on air? - YL2PG

Hi John! I'm pleased to tell you that I'm now enjoying the opportunity to do a bit of surfing and update my home page. Your page is a never ending story of CW and QRP, both of which I enjoy. I will need more time to explore the links you have that are new to me, but already I can sincerely assure you that I really enjoy your page and already found many things new to me. I very much like your concept of mingling your own story/attitude with the facts and links. Perhaps because our philosophy is so close :-) de Gunar - YL2PG

Great site with lots of interesting reading. I must get my Rhombics re-strung. My brother Roy (ZS6QU) is a keen CW operator and used to remote control my station on the 120 acre Rhombic farm. 73 Dave - ZS6DN

Nice to meet you, I am very active with QRP construction together with about a dozen other hams spread around South Africa. Am always looking for new diagramatic ideas and new integrated circuits to use for construction. BEST 73'S - ZS6RZ

Just having a look around,and yes i have added a bookmark. 73,s - ZL1ARW