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I'll be back... - KB7NMI

I like the look of your station. I operate 100% HB on 40,20,15,10. My first HB was Tube Superhet and Xtal TX. I still use both but I also built a tube VFO. I also have 9 transceivers, 3 trans/receivers for 40 thru 15. My favorite is a little TX/RX twin made in Sucrets boxes. I "stole" a Doug Demaw idea for a vfo using an FET for the tuning mechanism. I have a DSB rig but only built to have fun (worked all over NAmer.and SAmer. but perfer CW. I use GP and wires and for power I often use Polaroid film pack batteries for power....work Ascension Island using 5.5 volts/10 mw output a few years back on HB 20m SHet. I don't get on air much because I am a professional musician but I still try to listen (I like listening with my HB most). DKELLY - KA5UOS

I'm a county hunter. I'm a little to slow to work CW but sometimes I think about it. '73' Bob - K8VJV

Very nice site. Enjoy it and have returned to it several times. - KE6AMY

# Surfed on in John, to see how your Uninterrupted "QRP Streak" was going..'73 Jim - K1EXE

Like your page . I alos like building antennas yagi mostley and i like to use Gamma match. Have a hard time ! not finding any thing on the web can you help ?thank you . rudy - KF6ZPI

An excellent site, and a good example of what can be accomplished with few resources when you set your mind to it. I'll take it as inspiration. 73 & 72 - KA5LMR

Howdy, I read your article in "The Keynote," I enjoyed it immensely. I just built a Small Wonders Labs DSW 40. I was interested in "zero beat." Do you use a scope to determine 550 MHz beat frequency? Contact me sometime @ kd7gim@arrl.net - KD7GIM

I feel that QRP and cw is the only thing that holds my interest in ham radio now.Also QRP kit radios are really the way to go.The big rigs are nice but they really take some of the fun away from the hobby. I have several Ten Tec 100w rigs but really like the old Century 22 about as much as any of my radios.Most of all I think that QRP cw enthusiasts have more radio friendships than any other part of the hobby. Anyway I think that everyone should try building a kit radio and operate some QRP cw,ya might like it!73 John - KA5QYR

Thanks for being there! - K5MDW

I havent checked out the full site yet but I like what I have seen so far. After a twenty hiatus I have recently aquired a new call sign (old one was WD9EVM), and hve decided to run as you do CW+QRP. I am currently running a sw40+ from small wonder labs and am waiting for an antenna tuner (hopefully I'll see it today) as my homebrew tuner only gets me down to 1.5/1. I look forward to running a station of my own design/construction one day. but for now I have had fun with kits. Today I'll finish the chassis for a tuna tin 2, but need to get ahold of some novice band xtals-any recommendations on a source? I shall now get on to studying the rest of your site. Thanks for taking the time to put it up. 73, Kent - KB9VZS

Very Nice Site,,.Enjoyed very much,,,73's - KA9TCH

John, Ive been avoiding QRP like the plague cuz' life's too short fer QRP (I wonder who originated that horrible saying - js), but ur column has got me enthused (now you're talking! - js). 73 de Don fists # 4560 - KB8NKP

Just got a Norcal 40A last Friday. Have had alot of fun with it. So I guess I will continue some daily qrp operations. 75% cw here. Looking for paddle recommendations or good homebrew design. 73s Lew - K1NDV

# Hi John: Read in latest Keynote you have a new TS570. Hope you enjoy operating with it and as you said it should be a lot easier to use than the little qrp rigs; their great for portable use but it sure is nice to use a radio with more features. I use an Icom IC-738 and the power control goes way down below 5 watts. I need the high power for NJ Army Mars etc. Mostly use qrp or 25 or 50 watts for FISTS as needed. Keep up the good work John 72/73 Bob K2QJ FISTS 6163 (note still working on my points for CC number) - K2QJ

ok site, enjoyed my visit. see you later on. 73's - KN4ON

# Nice site. Thanks for sharing. 73 Don - K9JWF

John, I'm currently looking for a QRP rig and your listing is the most complete I've found on the Web. I am looking for sometime I can take camping with me. This will also be my 1st rig! I was 1st licensed 4/22/99 and am currently awaiting my EXTRA upgrade. I am leaning towards getting a High Sierra but havn't decided yet. Any advice or comments is appreciated. Currently I operate from W5TI which is club station here at work. Also, I'm originally from Forty Fort, PA 73, George Ontko - KM5VP

I like all of your QRP info very much... - KK7GP

# Found you on the amateur radio web ring. I've been doing some DX with lower power myself. I'm using a Ten-Tec Scout with 30' of hookup wire thumbtacked to the wall of my dining area of my condo. I have been very successful, regardless of the TV, CATV and computer noises generated in my building. I attempted to work HV1PUL, myself, but can only split by 1 KC. Evidently he was not tuning that close to his frequency. I called for 3 hours without any luck !! I managed to work the DXCC Millenium award in 6 weeks, however. In the past I used higher power and good antennae. When I moved to the condo I though Ham Radio was over, but reading QST and seeing what QRP users were doing, I thought that 50 watts and a lousy antenna may still get out. The results have been gratifying ... to say the least. I'm having the most fun that I've had in Ham Radio for many years. In 6 weeks I've worked WAC, DXCC and netted every major DXpedition(except HV1) that I've heard. Nice web site, John. Thanks for the time getting it up. I hope we can have an eyeball sometime. I would not be surprised we didn't work in 1962 when I was KN3SUI. All the best and good DX !! Barry - K3SUI

Very nice site. I worked you several times on 80 meters. You mailed me info on QRP rigs. Never got started on any of the projects yet. Hope to cu on 80 meters. - KB8OOM

More info than words can describe. Keep up the great work. 73 de KD5CKP/AG http://www.qsl.net/kd5ckp/ - KD5CKP

Hello, John. Haven't started as yet but hope to soon dabble in QRP. It looks interesting and, with your permission, would like to pick your brain. In the meantime, you deserve a pat on the back (a little higher than the rump - hi) for your for your unselfish efforts. Evan - K3SDY

Very good site. I enjoy your site very much. 73s to you and keep up the good work. Congrats on your Millenium DXCC - KD7HOX

John, From now on you are MR QRP in my book. I am thoroughly impressed with you writing, your accomplishments and your website. 73, Al - KJ3E

I'm a relatively new ham (abt. 2 yrs.) and just now started actively working CW. looking for advice/help on how to work those incoming pileups, cos' they are tremendous (at least to me) when I start CQ'ing. Tnx, Carolyn aka Elmerette (I work with others to get them interested in CW) - KM5YL

Hi John hope to work you ! Great site ! My former QTH was Monessen Pa. I'm now in Batesville Ms. I've been a ham for 3 yrs and haven't worked any west Pa. stations hope you may be the first. I'll look for you on 30 meters. I operate cw mobile daily between 0800 &2400 z I'm a truck driver so I have lots of time for radio !! Take Care 73's Rich - KM5WX

No comment really. I'm interested in QRP and saw your site so I checked it out. Have a good day. 73's. - KC8HUQ

Hi John Just a short note to thank you for a most enjoyable page. One of the BEST sights I'VE seen. 73 James - KB9NBL

QRP ARCI link to your contest tips page is a good idea. I get into the contests to work toward WAS & DXCC. The QRP contests are fun. I still need about 8 states for QRP WAS. Lately, the QRP ops are not responding to my requests, even though I enclose a SASE. I got several new states in QRP TTF April 1999, but still no cards from some of them. Looking forward to trying some more this weekend. CU in the contest. - K4AGT

# WOW !! Great site John. Very well done and most important, it's informational. I just got started in ham radio and thought I'd give QRP a try. My first QRP (5 watt) contact was with NU7E in Washington state, and my QTH is Maryland. Now that had me jumping around the room for a while. Equipment used is a Kenwood TS-570D(G) (I think you'll like yours) with the power turned down to 5 watts into an Alpha-Delta DX-EE short dipole mounted inside my attic (live in Yuppieville, no outside antennas). I wonder what my ERP is considering my antenna is in the attic and I am sure there has to be some attenuation. Anyway, I am obviously hooked. I just joined the QRP ARCI and I am having a blast. Anyone knows that running high power will get your signal into just about anywhere but the real thrill, in my opinion, is letting mother-nature do all the work. Ok, I am off the soapbox. Again, great site, John. Thanks for letting me share this with you. de Scott - KB3EQU

Great site. Lots of neat info. Thanks for your effort. - KC4DIZ

Good looking web page. Hope to meet up with you on HF sometime. I've been working 10m and 15m only since I've finally upgraded to general class last August (before the restructuring) meaning I did finally pass my 13 WPM! And my wife was gracious enough to get me an HF rig for Christmas. 73, Bobby - KF4CSF

Great site !!!. Just what I needed. Been looking for a good site with lots of CW info and here it is. Will be passing this one on to fellow hams and old and new. 73. - KB3EQU

Real nice web-page John nice job looking around the web trying to get in to homebru QRP allso run 100% CW/rig is a tentec omni,ant is a folded Bazooka fed with 300ohm twinlead man does it smoke on 40 hi hi your friend in 8 land Jamie Moffat - KB8FBZ

I was looking for information on 10-10 Numbers, I am new to DXing and I have been asked this a couple of times,and I was courious about Zero Beating ( I owen a Yasu 101 ) and have been told "Your off frequency", Like a lot of other Hams , I can not go out and buy newer gear, I use to do a lot of work and trade for stuff, But now I aam unable to do that any more , but I knew thaat was comming so now I am working out of an enourmous Junk Room as it is called by my Wife, I keep searching for your articals, Thank You Richard C rosenau Sr - KK7JA

# Just visiting - KA3UXU

Your site location was mentioned in e-mail traffic on the PVRC reflector. Nice home page. Appreciate having access to all the info that you provide access to. 73//Bill - K1SE

I congratulate you on your fine record of daily QSO's. Keep up the good QRP work and may the string continue. - KA9PIJ

Hi John, emailed you before. Got a question I need answered and figure you are the man to ask. I was Navy trained about 50 years ago. I am about to power up and go 100% CW (my only interest). I notice that the procedures I learned, and which are blasted into my memory, are not used in ham procedures: for instance, I would have sent int QRM to check for interference....int as ditditdahditdah.....was an interrogation. IMI was a request for repeating something like IMI WA used would be xlated as repeat word after used...... Since I intend to work my son mostly since he is just learning code and wants to become proficient without being embarrased. Are the old service procedures strictly verboten?????? Thanks for the information. Joe - KJ5RL

I am new ham and looking for used HF rigs to work bands. Can you recommend some models that I can look for Thanks - KF4OUA

i enjoyed your site...spent a lot of time looking at everything. nice job. also enjoy your fists articles. if we haven't already worked, i hope to catch u on the air sometime...cw, of course. 73, ray - KB2ZPE

You have a great site! - KF4BKT

did a search looking for 160m wire antennas... and found you :-) site looks great. 73 - KX1X

Really enjoyed your site! Read through all the details of your 2000 consecutive days of qrp....very interesting! I'm inspired! - K7FD

nice site, was looking for what's required in exchange info for cw dx and found bands sorta busy this morning, imagine that! found u using google search. now I'm off looking for that darn exchange information, do I EVER have the qst copy i need at hand, naturally not! - KB4DZN

I would like more information on your QRP setup. - KD7TD

Recently made 160 QRP contact (5 watts) from Maine to Texas. 80 meter offcenter dipole tuned with tuner to 160. Ten-Tec Delta. - KE1LG

Excellent site, full of useful information, with links to other wonderful sites full of info. Great CW DX site.... - K4KIM

Nice site. Tnx for the help with my search for QRP stuff. I really appreciate it. 73 de Roger - KB0SON

Thanks for putting so much information together in one spot. I enjoyed the visit. 73 Lionel - K6CEQ

Great www page! Lots of interesting info. and links. I enjoy cw, especially on 15m. I need lots of practice and have been very impressed by all of the patient hams out there who have helped me along. 73 - KK7UL

Nice site! A have been wanting to get into QRP operations! Don - KD1ZI

Like the site, - KB9OMH

Tnx fer excellent site. gud job!!!!!!!!! - KB0TYQ

Hi John, Just a quick note to say congratulations on your truly incredible achievement. How far beyond 2000 days do you plan to go? Incidently, there is another QRP rig which you may want to add to your list, the Lectrokit Spider. I had an early version of this kit and was unimpressed, but it's supposed to have been upgraded. They have a web site at www.sanduskyohio.com/lectrokit. Again, congrats on your upcoming 2000 day QSO string. Best 73's, Tommy - K7TGH

Nice site! - KC7LSP

A friend of mine joined fists and i was getting him info on the membership list. I made him a log book an printed him some general info.His call is WA3NRC. He has no internet connection, But i am working on him.tnx fer nice site. CUL 73s Sam - KA3USM

Good luck on your 2000 days of qso's. - KK7FM

Hey, nice call sign! 73's Paul - KA8WWP

Hi, I'm kinda new to ham radio (4 years) and also work all cw. Most of my gear is the new processor controlled stuff except for a couple of cw qrp trancievers. I noticed that you use a seperate transmitter and reciever. I was wondering how you do that. I know that some of the older gear had a tr switch but I did not see one mentioned here at this site. I am thinking about building a small qrp transmitter and use my IC736 as the reciever. How would I do this? Thanks Sonny - KG8WK

I'm an old duck(78) who just got a Tech+ upgrade in November. I was looking for a good source of info` on QRP when I found your site, it looks very well done and interesting. I have bookmarked it and will return again. Thank You. Roy Fox - KD7BCG

Logs for 3B9R????..73... - K6MD

Found your page from the Atlanta Radio Club's Webpage. I have just jumped into CW and I am trying to get as knowledgeable as possible from all sources. I like your page and will visit again. Hope to catch you on the air. I sometimes hangout on 15 meters (21.115.00). 73`s DE Phil Speer - KF4VSK

# Hi John, Just wanted to drop by and say Happy Holidays! CU ON. 73s Lee - K7NM

I am impressed with your web site. There seems to be plenty of information most of which I have not had a chance to read yet but I will continue. 73 Mike - KB1DXC

hi john-just passed novice and tech on 11/26/99 and working on code. i agree should never be abolished. didn't hear anything when clocked on message. am i doing something wrong? thanks. have never been on the air yet. 73 de ed sheehan - KB1EQV

Greetings and 73's John! Great site! - KC8MGF

Hope to meet you on CW one of these days. I work 30 meters most of the time. Age here is 53. Been a ham since 1959 (KN4ZHR). Other callsigns I've had include K4ZHR and W6OEX - K7RVX

Hi, You have lots of interesting things here. Especially like CW and Homebrewing sections. I'll be back 72/73, John - K1RC

Formerly from Pittsburgh Penna and was doing a web search on W3TZW who got me started in amateur radio in early 1941. My present call is KB7PQV but started with W8WKV, then W3WKV, W5WIR (Ward Island Radio NATTC 1946), J9ABC, K2JET, WB6BRG, and now in the Beautiful (Rainy) NorthWest. - KB7PQV

Very nice and interesting site, John. - K2RXC

Frames doesn't seem to work for me, so will try E-mail. I work QRP with a TenTec 515 Argonaut, Ants. 40 mtr horizontal loop with ladder line and MFJ tuner,used on all bands, although have to switch over to my Icom 707 for warc bands but turn it down to 5W. active daily on fists freq`s. 73/72 - K8NQQ

# Hi John !! I'm doing research for a club program on QRP. Would like to use some of your material with credit to you, of course. Plus, I would really like to get a couple of quotes from you to use in the program. Hope I'm not pushing my luck here !! ? #1: If you had a killer QTH and lots of disposable income, do you think you would operate differently and if yes, how ? ? #2: What kind of QRP operating do you find most fun and rewarding ? ? #3: Maybe I missed it but can you point me in - KX8LL

# Just a hello from another qrp'er...Will be starting a K2 shortly...have built a number of rigs. currently using my tentec argosy II for most of my qrp. 73 de Ron - KB9LSH

I saw a posting about your site on QRP-L some time ago. I recently visited and liked it so much I put a link on my page to yours. I am active in QRP & CW, but not exclusively. I like kit building & HB, but also operate a "rice box" at 100 W SSB. Even with the commercial rig, I run at <5 W CW several times per week. GL es 73/72 - K1CGZ

I like the looks of your site and what you are doing. Looks like I made a good catch this fishing trip! Thanks for the effort for "us out here". Jack - KB9UXB

Hi...found you via the qrp-l. Question: do you have info/links to qsl generating programs as I would like to try to roll my own. Nice page....I'll have to investigate some of the features.....Thanks....72...Bob - K6ZLY

Hi there, I am starting to get interested in QRP/CW. I never was interested in getting certificates such as WAS, but using QRP power this just might produce an interest in doing so. I worked a QRP/mobile station almost a month ago which sparked my interest. My QTH does not have much in the physical space department for large antennas, but I am able to get up an 80m and a 40m dipole along with my ground mounted Cushcraft R7 vertical antenna. I actually have put my money where my ideas are and have ordered the MFJ QRP rig for the 40m band along with the CW audio filter and power supply for battery and AC. I found it very interesting how you have your webpage set up with all the photos. Very nice job! Hope to catch you on the air some day using QRP... -Don Carpenter - KU1F

Have been a Novice for about 25 years and am now trying hard to upgrade to Tech Plus. (about time) - KA8YIN

Hello, just surfed on in and thought I would say hi! Great site!! - KC7KCB

Announced on the DX internet site - K4AVQ

I like to work contests. I am new to everything. I was playing around in the ARCI contest on 20 with MFJ 9020. It's the only QRP Radio I have that works. I have been trying to get a 40 Meter Kit going, but I'm not there yet. This QRP Bug keeps biting me. Good Luck. Paul - KC8FXR

John, I enjoyed my visit to your web site very much. As a newcomer to ham radio I would like to try a qrp kit. Can you tell me which may be the best for a beginner to start with? There are many out there! Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. I am a tech plus. Look forward to perhaps contacting you on the air one day soon!! 73! Gary - KB9TUI

Like you I enjoy CW, when I have time. I teach electronics at ITT Tech. If you know a method of force feeding higher code speeds I'd love to hear it. Would enjoy a QSO on the air. May hear you during SS in Nov. 73 Dennis - KB9LTF

Hi John ! Nice to work you in PA Qso Party ! How did you do? I finally broke the 100 qso mark and am looking forward to getting that PA Qso Pary Mug! .... 73 John - K8LJG

Super site for QRP information.Keep up the gud work - KB2MMO

Hello there John .. glad to meet you. I really enjoy CW and have been at it for about 34 years. I live right across the Youghiogheny from McKeesport Pa. I also enjoy running and I am missing the annual spring 20 k race that used to be run by the YMCA in you town. I ran that for a number of years...beautiful course and race. I have fished the Allegheny here and there but as always I do not fish enough. God Bless and keep up the excellent work on the site 73 ... Tom Port Vue Pa. - KI3R

I enjoy cw and am on the air every day. Work at least one person a day on cw. Use most bands. Am retired and run old vintage gear plus a couple home brew rigs and receivers. Hanna is a small coal town in south central Wyoming at the 6800 ft level. Have been mining coal here since the 1870`s.. Used to be a union pacific company town but was sold off in the 1950`s. Now all private. Good place for me to retire. When I asked about antenna restrictions, they didn`t know what I was talking about so I said this is the place! Enjoyed your site and will be back. For me it`s CW forever. Am sick of what goes on on fone so stick with CW. Keep up your great site and hope to work you on the air soon 73, George Cummings - K7DU

Thanks for your work in QRP! - KC5DSP

Age: 46, background in radio electronics since Airforce in 1971, got my ham ticket April, 1998 as tech plus, currently working on my 13wpm for general ticket. I aggree with you 100% as cw is my primary intrest in amature radio. Two of my QSO's have mentioned Fists Club and I have an application to join, I will. I also enjoy low power cw and tend to keep my old Icom IC-735 under 50 watts to my homebrew g5rv. I hope to have the honor of working you sometime. In closing, I am a new ticket and strongly feel we should keep cw as a requirement to obtain licence upgrades. - KC2DGC

I'm just getting started in ham radio. I have wanted to be a ham since I was in grade school. (we won't get into years!) I finally got my Technician ticket in May of this year. The bug bit hard! I'm presently studying for the code test and the General license. Since I have a very limited budget, I'm really getting interested in QRP. My present epuipment coonsists of a 2M HT, (Icom IC-T2H) and a homebrew antenna. I can hit the repeater with 1 watt! I just have to upgrade so I can get on more bands and get started making some contacts. I really like your site. It gives me more incentive to keep trying for the code! - KC0FRL

Well let me start by saying I am very interested in learning more about building Qrp CW rigs but I don't Know were to start.I'm sure you can HELP! - KB8WTA

Hi K3WWP de KK4VK testing - KK4VK

qrz.com Answered your CQ, but the noise level covered you. Congrats on your QRP activity. I have tried frequently to make a contact with the NorCal 40A loaned to me, but so far, no answers. Really need a better antenna. Sorry I missed you. I will certainly try again. 73, Fred - KC8MMS

Hello! I have a question for you and I was wondering if you could answer it. The reason I got into Amateur Radio was for the world wide communications but I'm not very good at CW. I can copy 5 words per minute so I can get access to the bands but anything higher the 5 wpm makes it too difficult to be enjoyable. Now the question: I would like to find a computer program that interfaces with the transceiver that can receive the code and display it on the computer screen and also has the ability for me to type a message and then have it sent through the transceiver in morse code. Do you know of anything like that and where I could find it? Thanks! (Email me with your answer if you have a spare moment...) - KC8MIV

Looks like a great site. Loads quickly also. I just built my first dipole for 10 Meters today (9-9-99) and put it up on my first story roof. I also put together my Bencher Paddle in preparation for my first QSO via CW. (That is, only if I can get rid of the butterflies.) I came to this site to get some insite on etiquette during QSO's and other stuff tailored to newbies when it comes to CW. I guess I don't want to screw up my first QSO. (Inevitable??) I've had my ticket for 18 months and I am very rusty with the code. I hope I find a patient person to have a QSO with. 73 BJ - KB9SOG

I'm working on my code and should be taking the test in the near future. Currently using a plastic key and not having the best of luck. Am currently looking at a Nye #322-001 a rectangular brass straight key with a "navy" knob. Is this a good starter key?? Well I'm looking forward to getting on the air with my little QRP rigs and try my luck so to speak. Would like to hear from you. It seems alot of the ham community think that novices have a disease, or the plague. 73 Bill T - KD5GXY

I'm learning/improving CW but I have as yet to make a QSO with the mode. I'm a little "key shy." I'm catching on and I'll be on soon! 73 Russ - KF4WXD

I also only operate QRP. In act I only have radios that are qrp. My antenna is an 80 meter dipole center fed with 440 ohm ladder line into an old old Heath BN-1 8:1 Balun and a MFJ-971 qrp tuner. I am a Field Tester for the Elecraft K2 and have K2 S/N 00018. My other rigs are a 38 Special, a Ten Tec 515 Argonaut with all accessories, and an MFJ-9040. I just sold my QRP++. I enjoyed exploring your web site. Hope to catch you on the air. 72/73 Jim - K4ZM

Hi, I just wanted to tell you that your web page is really great! I've been a not very active ham for years-- seems I enjoy building equipment a lot more than operating it. Your web page is very informative and a great motivation. I'm in an area where I cant have a visibile antenna--so I'm getting ready to brave my attic and try and get a wire antenna to work in there. thanks again for all the great info and links Dan - KD6AXT

# John, Looked over ur webpage fb. UR review of the 2020 for fist was right on the money. A friend let me borrow his and its a nice little rig, however pricey. For qrp I'll stick with my argosy and 30M sst. I want to build a transciever in an altoids tin. Do u know where I can find plans? 73 Tom Fists #3433 - KE4ITN

I found your site through Alexa. I'm retired Air Force and currently work for Lockheed Martin Technical Operations here in "The Springs". I hold an Advanced class license, but to my utter chagrine, don't have any radio equipment at all. Moving all over the world in the Air Force put a BIG damper on that! At any rate, I'm trying to make a start here, and am looking for a good used R390A receiver to try to make that start. Hope all is well with you. Hope to hear from you soon. Don - KB0JTF

Hi John! Found your site via the QRP/l internet group (message from N0RC Rod Cerkoney - have worked him personally). Great site! We're all looking for ways to improve our operating techniques! 73's! Dave chael@enid.com - KC5GUD

I am glad to find any help I can get also enjoy talking to people that enjoy QRP - KG4BQQ

Very nice website! I work QRP myself. My homepage is: http://hamsnet.net/ - KN3ZAN

ham radio in geneal do you have any good pittsburgh repeter frequencies? - K5JEF

Hi John, Enjoyed your site very much. I too am a home-brew loving QRP guy. Was a radioman 2nd class in the US Coast Guard back in the early 70's when CW was STILL king!!! and loved to operate with the Merchies on 500khz...it was a real blast....I just relocated to Illinois from Calif. and am in the process of setting up my 30 meter QRP mobile rig....look forward to visiting your site more....73 - KK6RY

K3WWP, I gave you the wrong Email address on my last comments. Could you please help me in recommending which CW Qrp kit radio to build for a beginner. Could you please answer these questions for me? 1.Which band would I enjoy the mostand also use the most backpacking? 2.Which has the best construction manual? 3.Which has the best operation manual?Which has the best reception? 4.Which would be best for backpacking? 5.Which kit would I learn the most in building kits? Thanks for your input. These are some of the QRP books that I am currently reading.1. How to Get Started in QRP 2.Your Qrp Operating Companion 3.Qrp Power 4.ARRL's Low Power Communication 5. Qrp Classics 6. W1FB's Qrp Notebook 7. The complete DX'er. Do you have any other books that you would recommend? I have been amateur operator for 4 years. Currently I hold a Technician License enjoying working 6 meter DX and trying to study the code. I really enjoy amateur radio. Please email me on your recommendations. I really enjoyed your web pages. Thanks, Gary Jamerson 73's - KF4CNM

# Hi, Nice to be back agn, hi! tnx fer my link to ur page! I've got a new call now aside from DY!OXL. I'm currently experimenting on Pixie 2 es it's vy successful! 73 from the Philippines! DE Leo - KC2EOX

K3WW referred me to your site from his site. My QRP is 1499 watts. QRO is 1500 watts. I am a DXer, contester, DXCC honor roll, 9 band DXCC, 5 band CQ WAZ, Frankford Radio Club and Delaware Lehigh ARC member, QCWA life member, ARRL life member. Prefer CW. Enjoy building and tolerate repairing antennas. 73, Bill - K3ANS

Found you from a morse code site, as a cw info site. Just getting into cw, only 10 qso's so far, but liking it more every time. Not ready for qrp yet, need some operating confidence first, but I'll probably give it a try eventually. Your goal of at least one qso a day is great. I'd like to do that. I think I'll start with 2 a week, and work up. Great site, I'll be back. 73, Dennis - KC2CCZ

Looking at ham sites and found yours - KG9OX

great sight!! just getting started in QRP trying to up my speed on cw have not worked cw in 15 yrs have to sart over to learn the code just ordered code 2000 to re-learn to work qrp keep up thr good work now looking for some prime vintage qrp gear 73's from EM-58 - KA9VKE

Enjoyed ur site. impressive streak 73 - KI0FD

Just passing through... WAC WAS DXCC - KA3UXU

# Hi John, I checked in at 35003 today on the counter. I stop by most days to see what you have to say. I use your QSL list and I like to look to see who is on the bands at times. One thing I'd like to know is if you use the same software for contesting and keeping your daily log. I admire how you log all your contacts. Would you tell me how you do that, and what software you use? 73, Fred - KI0ET

Browsing about and found your site! Pretty nifty. Keep up the good work, and keep up the great QSO streak! 73's Ken (formerly N8DWS) - KC8MRQ

John: You have a very good web site please keep up the good work and 73's - KA3JEG

I used to operate QRP CW using a Ten Tec. I've lost track of whats available for QRP. Over the last 15 years I've only had time for a little operating on 2 meters FM and packet. The 30 meter band wasn't available back when I was on HF. I wonder how active CW is on that band? Thanks for your site! - K5WX

Great sight, where do you find the time to do this? 73 Mike - KB9LXP

Great site with alot of information. I was really glad a friend told me about your site. It will be my main web from now on !! best 73, Ralph - K3FXR

# John, All QRP - That's great! Proves you don't need a KW to get your signal around the world. You've got a great site. I am still looking at all the information. Maybe we could make a sched. on CW sometime I need to get past my fears and explore CW. Got a homebrew set of paddles and never made a contact. - KF4IBR

I just joined FISTS and hooked up my MFJ keyer and paddle. I two responses to my CQs and completely blanked out. I am positive that QRP is the way to go in this hobby. I think it epitomizes the hobby. Economy of bandwidth. I am waiting to get a Code Buddy so that I can practice consistently. I will certainly bookmark this site. My FISTS #6230 - KC2AEF

Nice site i have put a link from my DX CallBooks & QSL Routes web page. Check it out here is the url http://users.southeast.net/~kd4ujk1/dxqsl.htm i have a lot of call books and other links 73 bubba - KD4UJK

I enjoy your web page and then come to find you write for the keynote! I am a fairly new FISTS member #5357. A ham for 3 yrs and more and more into QRP and CW. I live in Japan and have operated as 7J7ACM but my license has expired and next month I move to Iceland (U.S. Air Force) I will get a reciprocal there as well. Nice to meet you. (I like your column) P.S. I still have yet to work a FISTS member but i will be able to operate in California during July on my way to Iceland for a month as KF6FCV. Maybe then!! Jim - KF6FCV

Hi, OM CW is the only way to go 73s to u&urs - KB4TLG

Hi John..nice to meet you.You have a nice Web Page here and I find it very intresting!My qth is north of wilmington,and been here for about 12 years.Came from Chester,Pa;Moved here after I retired.I have a Kenwood TS-870 and Ameritron Amp. which i use very little.Antennas are Butternut Vertical and Isotron's for 20M,17M,15M,10M.Been a ham for 40years now and always enjoy it..Age is 70yrs..That's it John..73..Ben - K3NEF

Hello again my friend john! Enjoyed our qrp qso on 30 meters couple months back, QRP is Excellent!! A few months ago, I built a little 30mW qrp Xmtr for 40meters! Its a design in Doug DeMaws qrp notebook, called the mity mite! I actually worked two stations with it, a station in TN and GA, not bad at all for only 30mW to a inverted vee @ 40'! Ur exactly right about you only need SMALL wire antennas, I have worked about 35 states with my LiL Norcal SST and the inverted vee wire ant. I also just joined two qrp clubs ARCI and MI, I am getting addicted to this stuff, hi! As always John keep up the FB wrk on the qrp column in Keynote, always enjoy it! Good luck with qrp, will look for on 30meters (my fav.qrp band!)! Pse send any email to landofmike@yahoo.com thanks again john. Take Care, gud qrping! vy 72' & 73's de Brian Lambe - KE4QZB

nice - KB0TXW

John, You have an excellent site! Lots of great info on CW and QRPing. I'm a Tech Plus currently and last weekend passed my General written but failed the code test by a bit, so...back to practicing! Keep up the great work on the site,I very much appreciate it. 73 de Tom - KB2SMS

Hi, nice page, very informative! I like QRP too!!! 73 DE leo - KC2EOX/DU1

Hi John, perhaps you remember me , maybe not. I was going to revamp the previous letter I tried to send you and lost, but things got too busy. My fists # is 5456. I am trying to increase my code speed, and need a code program that will give me QSO'S at whatever speed I like, say from 40 wpm and down. I ws going to increment down from 40 to 20 at five wpm per week. This program has to be one that won't clog up my windows 98 system. I already have Morse Academy, but it doesn't contain QSO's, and that's what I want. Can you please help me. I has a morse code tutor, by MFJ, but I was putting in a new battery and I smelled something like a resistor burning. I sent it back to the company to be repaired. I hope I can afford to get it back when they tell me how much it is. Thx John. 73 James - KB8ZZX

Just wanted to drop you a note now that I have my call. Hope the radio is working OK for you. 73 Curron.... (On the radio I will use Don. Most folks who know me call me Donnie or Don. See ya Thursday) - KB3DRW

I'm anxious to find a modestly priced HF rig and keyer. I know very little about the hardware out there and would really appreciate your two bits worth. I currently have a TECH Plus license. I'm curious as to just how reliable the HF frequencies are. For example, my friend lives about 80 miles away as the crow flies. Between us stand a few peaks up to 9,000 feet. Is it possible to regularly communicate with one another? With my license, what would you suggest, we are mainly interested in the CW. Thank you. - KD7FAU

Just want to let you know how much I enjoy your writing. I am not much of an operator, just like to build QRP rigs. Have built several S&S Engineering tranceivers, and they are all great. Oak Hills Research makes nice kits too. Got to go now, iron is getting hot and I'm on an ARK-30 project. 73 - Eric. - KC7RFK

I've been operating qrp since I bought a HW-7, a long time ago. Now I have an HW-8, 38S, NC-20, OHR100A and am looking forward to a Pixie II. I typically operate at 1 W but am looking forward to mw operations. I have learned a lot from QRP-L. Keep up the good work. Wayne - K9NE

Hello, My name is David Kritzberg es I recently became interested in QRP. I have a FT890 which I can QRP to 5W or less. (I need a more accurate meter.) For the last few days I hv kept the power at that level & have made several contacts / day in excess of 500mi. I would like to purchase or build a QRP rig & was wondering if you had any suggestions. (plenty I'm sure HI) My kit building experience is not very advance but am willing to try my skill at something. I'm looking for a single band rig w/ a max output of 5W. Any help would be greatly appreciated. TNX 73 de Dave - KF4UOD

Very Nice site! I just passed my 5wpm test and am now going to hopefully make many QSO's via CW. I got involved with ham radio as a project at school and only wish I would have done it years ago. I've built two rigs, a T-Kit 40-meter QRP rig and a T-Kit 2-meter FM rig. Many 73's - KC8LWL

Hi Johnarrl life member, joined fists but got involved in qrp and havent done much wid fists.Run a mfj 9040 and 9020 to a R5 and a dipole (low profile ham, ha)Retired , born in the 30s, got my ticket in 1972 after learning radio repair in the us army (61-63). Just a causal ham operator who dabbles in dx, contesting , cw and qrp .I also am the ncs for the Tyler chapter of he qcwa.Still get a thrill out of each cw/qrp contact, cant say the same for ssb anymore. - K1ZW

What is the best way to learn how to send code. - KB9KVY

just built 1st qrp transmitter. waiting for 3.6864 mhz xtal so I can operate in my priveledge. looking for xtal at 7.1-7.15 &/or 21.1-21.2 mhz will listen for your call when i get it going.Chuck - KB9RGI

Hi, Great web site. I got my tech license last July. I'm working on upgrading to General. I am fascinated by CW and I am looking at buying a QRP rig at Dayton. Your site looks very helpful, thanks for creating it. 73 Bob Wooldrdige My web site http://www.qsl.net/kc0dxf/ - KC0DXF

Great site. I am new to ham radio but am interested in both QRP and CW. - KF6TYK

Hello! Similar to others here, I've gravitated to QRP, being in a former life WA6HSI and KX6JV in the South Pacific. A FT101 on a 26 foot sailboat, single handed for 5 years. I'm currently climbing 14ers (mountains over 14,000 feet) and tiring of 2 meters. With a NorCal 20 kit underway, I hope to do some real damage to the ionisphere soon! Mason -KE6IYU

Hi I just happened across ur web page after checking something out from the Pa QSO Party. I saw the qrp and it got my interest... I became interested in qrp a couple years ago.. Now have worked 319 countries with 2 watts output. I tried running 100mw over the christmas holiday and managed to work 35 countries with 100mw that week.. Looks like this should be a good qrp cycle.. 73 Rick - K3OO

I am interested in QRP with interest in any individuals in Great Britain - KC8LDK

GR8 Site! I'n not much of a CW op (I got a lousy fist) but am a qrp fanatic! Will check back at regular intervals to see what's new. Seeya in the contest! QRO is for the faint of heart! 73 de Don - KC4LJD

Just looking around. Nice web page - KB9PPT

I am just searching around trying to get info on qrp. I know nothing about it but it sounds very interesting. I am a tech plus and have only operated on 2 meters, and that has been very limited. (I was the 30012th visitor by the way. Wendell - KE4CKA

First visit. I'll be back - you are on my favorites list. I like to HB, both solid and hollow state, and I do some QRP, but I prefer to operate with one of my Icom radios, 706, 737, 746 or 765 because of receive. Except for the 765 they all crank back to 5W or less and have excellent weak signal receive - especially the 746 with amazing DSP noise rejection and filtering. Your long run of QRP contacts is Guiness book as far as I am concerned, truly impressive! Norm - K8NI

Dear K3WWP, TNX OM for the site with the vanity call info.I signed up this eve.I too enjoy qrp and contesting.CW is also my favorite mode,although I ragchew on 160m with some "local" friends.Rig is a IC706mk2.Would like to try building a QRP kit someday that works(38 spcl. didn't) TNX AGN es 73 Pete - KB2VMO

# Hi John, Just wanted to let you know that your efforts are appreciated. I've checked into your site almost daily for several months now. I always enjoy your comment of the day, and I usually check band activity by using the reflector you have a connection with. I really appreciated your comments on CW operating as I was getting started in CW operations. I've been active on CW since April, and your articles have helped me alot. The same goes for your recent article on the ARRL DX contest. I learn so much just by noting how you work the bands, at what time, and what you are thinking about as you make your selections. I also catch your articles in the FISTS newsletter. I've been a member since July. Thanks again for your work on this web page. I listen for you regularly on the bands. Hope to work you some day. 73, Fred - KI0ET

Very nice and informative site. - KB8ZOY

Hello from TX, I like your web page, I located it through a link on the nortex page(kk5na). I would like to know more about that transmatch system. I have a yaesu ft101e with a funky dipole antenna and would like a better match. I like CW but some learn faster than others. I think the electronic homebrewing is better to my interest. Hope to hear you sometime on the air. CUL Paul - KD5DBO

# I am new to qrp I'm building a Nor cal 20 kot now this is my first attempt at building a radio so hpe all goes well more later 73 Steve - KB9RPG


John, Thanks for the FB FISTS CW QSO on 40m on 2-5-99! I didn't realize you were the guy that wrote that very interesting article in the Keynote about your consectutive QRP streak! Keep up the good work and I'm glad to help you with February 5th, 1999! Best 73!!! - KA2QIK

Just have to agree with you about CW. Can't beat the fun of it. Wish others would just see how much fun it can be. Fists#3903. 73 - K3MP

# hello john how are you doing? how is ham radio going? any new countries? who are you picking for daytona?? - KB3BFQ

# Look foreward to reading your colum each month. I'm just about ready to go QRP thanks to the information you have been putting into The Keynote each month. Keep up the great job, will be looking for you. Many thanks, John #1967 - KB2SUE

# very nice web page,i plan to visit the page often,good job..73 de skip - K1TXU

Pleasure to work u on 30m John..ur half watt made the Ten-Tec Scout I am trying out look like BIG QRO..keep up the streak! - K4CIA

I surly like your breezy and informative style of writing in the KEYNOTE - FUN. Got a question for you- do you have knowledge of a source of keyboard keyer - preferably compact in nature (other than MFJ)? - K2EU

I like QRP and the people thereof. I am trying to get on and get a contact a night also. Read you article in the Keynote and now have found you page. Thanks for the inspiration. I am a member of many QRP groups..some here in TX (NORTEX and RACC) Just got a new(to me) Kent key and am chasing ZL9CI but no luck yet. 73 Joe KK5NA FIST #3517 - KK5NA

By the way, you should check out the Colorado QRP website at www.cqc.org (I've had them linked almost since the beginning - see my Links - QRP Clubs page - js) You should also check out membership. The clubs magazine "The Lowdown" consistently earns superior ratings and is a great resource for a QRP enthusiast as yourself. Currently there are over 550 members to the club. - KI0ND

Enjoyed your Site. I am most active on 10 M FM. - KD8MA

John, Looks like Iv'e hit 27000 right on the money, I check in almost every day to look at your propagation chart and cruise some QRP links. Keep up the good work on your fine site and maybe we will QSO sometime on 40M. Just about all I know about QRP operating I learned here, and I will pass my knowlege on to the next person that wants to know the fun of QRP. 73 ES CUL DE LES, AR - KIOJQ

Hi John, Thanks for the pleasure of working you on 17m today. I logged on to look for an address for a friend and was pleased to recognize your call on one of the search lines from our QSO this afternoon. Conditions weren't the best but you came up at the end and it was very enjoyable. I am very impressed with your QRP signal and this effort. I hope I helped keep your streak alive and that it will last throughout 99. 73s Lee - K7NM

Tnx fer nice QSO John. Neat site. Definitely a new bookmark fer me. CU Agn fer sure. 73's, Ed - KB3DBS

Enjoying your site! Thanks from this new ham. - KF6TJA

Hi John, Great site. I'm a new ham that would like to operate like yourself (CW/QRP). Don't own a rig yet, but recently built a 40-meter band receiver (Vectronics) and installed a dipole for it in the back yard. I consider myself a Morse Code activist and took the liberty of listing you as my sponsor on the FISTS application form. I would also like to add my voice to those seeking to preserve the Morse code requirement to operate on selected portions of the HF bands. Who should I address my opinions to for maximum effect (i.e., who at ARRL, who at FCC). By the way, I have found NuMorse to be the best product so far for learning the code (at least compared to Morse Tutor). I'm also using ARRL's 10-15 WPM code tapes while driving. Thanks, Rick - KF6UEB

Hi John, Just checking your site for Chuck (KG8ZH) who worked you on CW/30M, he can't get on the web at this time. Well I am off to check out the rest of your Web- page. 73 De Ron - KG8XM

Jest thought I drop by and take a look at your QRP stuff. Been Ham a bit over a year, made Gen this month :) Hopping to make Extra before the changes. - KF6NTM

I was looking for info abt qrp radios and kits. I'm still searching, but figured I'd sign in first. I currently use an MFJ 9020 QRP. I bought it used, and repaired it twice. Its ok, however it certainly has several areas needing improvement. It is easily overloaded by nearby strong signals, and now (I fear) the frequency is shifting, as I hear the side tone change. Time for a new radio. I would buy a kit, but I have little experience building. - KG2MH

Great site. I am just coming up in QRP and am one of the people who bought the Norcal 20. Can't wait for it to arrive. In the mean time I have an Oak Hills 40 meter QRP rig. I will try to work the SKN and the Freeze your buns off contest coming up soon. 73 and keep it up! - KK5VH

John, I came to your site via a link provided by kf4zeo. I started in ham radio in Ford City, PA. 1957 I was KN3BPA. "Freeze" Harry Crum, W3SIY was my elmer. He tested me for Novice and was instrumental in "showing me the ropes". My parents live in Greensburg, PA. During a visit with my son a few years ago we drove up to Kittanning to see if I could find Freeze. I was told he had passed away. I wish I had tried to visit him sooner. My bio is on the World Radio Directory. 73's for now I'll be looking for you on the HF CW bands. Joe Monaco - KF6DXV

Enjoy reading anything about amateur radio especially HF and DX. Good Luck and Very 73, Greg - K9GC

I have worked you in several qrp contest 72 and 73, Frank - K4ADI

been viewing your entire web site, very well put together. good job! ordered a ohr 40m qrp kit will be putting it together soon.been in the military now for 27 years,love cw. i have all my hf gear in a box right now because i can't put up any antennas, but i will be able to work cw with a portable dipole. your cw procedure section is rite on the money. hope to here you on 40m,cul tom. - KK7PN

Thanks for the site. I have been licensed since 1963, but only recently active again. I am new to QRP but loving it. I have an MFJ 9040 and two wire antennas. I plan on building my WAS etc with antennas rather than linears. I have long enjoyed CW, but never really pushed the speed. I did just up-grade to extra, and am nw trying to get up to 25wpm with WIAW. I hope to learn from your site. By the way, picked up this call sign as KN3YBL in Rockville Md. in 1963, and have just kept it Though several moves over the decades. Ross - K3YBL


Linked to you fromj QRP-L list message posted on November 29, 1998. - K6CJV

I saw a note about your cw links in the qrp reflector. This is a great resource! Thank you especially for the hints on cw operation! - KC0DLP

Hi John, K3WWP... I heard of your site via the QRP-L, thanks to Rod K0RWC and the group! I was interested in his comments about your CW proper QSO format page. Nice job! I've printed it out as a reference for my shack. Every little bit helps. Hi-hi! Would you mind if I post a link to your home page via my web site, which I have just started to build? Frankly, as a new web site builder, I'm amazed at the good work and effort that I find out there on the 'Net. (Ya just don't know how hard it is to do it right until ya trys it yerself!...) Please visit my budding site at: http://www.slip.net/~ko6gf Ok, hope to hear from you soon. Would like to send many others your way. (I'm trying to get "Link-OK" from as many as possible, just 'cause. :-) ) Thanks again es 72 de ko6gf - Denis in SF - KO6GF

# I found this site several months ago and found it truly inspirational and representing what HAM RADIO is all about. I find myself revisiting every few weeks to pick up new info or just to refocus. I reference your site to many new hams I come across. I hope to someday meet you on the bands. - KB7MBI

Very nice page. I read your articles each month in the Keynote,at least when Nancy doesn't cut you out. I'm also interested in qrp operation. I got hooked when as a time passer I homebrewed one of W1FB's one watt xmtr and put it on the air without the amp section completed. Imade a 477 contact with a ham in Buffalo NY with .250mw signal from my G5RV(about 400 miles) from the QTH. Keep up the good work. 72-73 Frank - KB9KGI

Very nice site... got here by a link from KJ5ZR, Terry. The 1500 QSOs, one a day streak is very impressive... thanks for helping keep CW alive! - KD5AKO

I will be on when I get my vibroplex paddle like the old ones. I cw'd in the USAF. Korean war vet and disabled somewhat..... I will be sure to look u up. tks bt ar Jim - KB7IOH/9

Which band do you use the most or do you have the best luck with? - KD5FLO

I just installed an attic dipole and I am excited to get on the 40 Meter CW band. I am still new at CW, but when I get on the air experience, I will be getting my general! Great site! Very informative. 73! - KC8HYI

I am new to ham radio and qrp. Very interested in qrp. Tnx fer website. - KD7AKR

Just searching around for pointers on learning CW. I hold a Technician license and am trying to skip the 1A Morse test and go straight to the 1B test when I take my General exam. I'd welcome any help that you can give me! Thanks! - KD5FJJ

just checkin' in. thanks for your site! - KG5AD

I have worked exclusive QRP (except for a Sunday morning schedule with a long time friend) since 1992. I love to HB, although I'm not all that great at it....always learning HiHi. 73's - KG0PP

cool site. great context and helpful links. if you get a chance, check out my page at http://www.geocities.com/Eureka/Gold/9973. 73es - KD5DDV

got link from norcal qrp page. i am into homebrew/kits and cursing at antennas! - KI7FQ

John, This site is really nice! I just got ur e-mail and came right to ur site. I still need to check out ur QSL lookup! 73, Zack Pyles - KC0DUJ

neat site -----i love cw but am still slow ---looking forward to the day that the speed increases ----i also have up a wire loop antenna for qrp cw.....73s & God bless you & yours........ - KM5JX

Hi John really enjoyed ur page am just getting interested in QRP all my contacts are done in code . Am fists # 4213 will be checking ur page often 73 JOE - KC7TNT


# I think you have a very nice Web page and I look forward to reading your column in the Keynbote and was disappointed when you got bumped. Welcome back and as usual it was a good one. I really enjoy the FISTS group. Look forward to working you on the air someday as I operate over 90% CW - K5IUO

Have not worked much QRP, but I fell is real good training for DXing. Really trains the old ears. I think that your site is pretty cool. I hope to hear you during the CQ WW DX contest in November operating CW. I am working towards my DXCC and most of my contacts are via CW. I gotr my ticket in September of 1996 and got my Extra Class ticket in December of the same year. I also like wire antennas and have about 50 countries confirmed. Don't think I will try DXing via QRP or QRPp will have to build some sort of giant array like a Sterbba Curtain and don't have the space for that. Good luck and thanks. - KC5WCC

I too am a 100% CW Enthusiast. Last mic contact was about 1971.......Burned hot and cold on QRP right now is luke warm. But QRO to me is 75watts so I still have some of the spirit any way. 73 Lance - K7OF

Hi John, I am an old FISTS member, but have not been very active at all for the last several years. Irene,WO8E, and I try to stay in touch via the 40 meter band. FISTS is a wonderful organization. I really enjoy your column in the Keynote. FISTS No. is 1224. I will try to find you soon on the air. 73, Don - KC4OCS

Tnx fer the great webpage. 72 de K7RMJ dit dit - K7RMJ

Thanks for such a great Website to land. You were found by surfing from the searc Website. I have heard your call... Jack - KN7Y (ex-KG7XC)

recent interest in CW QRP, currently building a xmtr. - KB8UFK

Been off the air (more or less, mostly more) for about 30 years. Getting interested in QRP cw work and was just looking around the web. Started in ac6v's page (www.ac6v.com) and found you. I find the web an interesting place where I can "get started" again. 73s Doug - K7CUU

I haven't written in sometime. My new call replaces AA1TO. I just wanted to let you know that I entered my first CW contest today. The FISTS Fall Sprint. Total score was only a ltttle over 900 Points but I had a blast. TNX Fer a wonderful site. 73, Norm - K1NAJ

Alway been facinated with CW, but never operated with it much. Am looking ot get back into it, now that I have a 13 year old who is interested. My dad was in the Signal Corps during the Korean War, so it would be a nice way to keep in touch with him, rather than the phone. - KA0IFS

I really enjoyed our QSO today, John, and it was from that that I learned about this web-site. It appears that you really *are* a dedicated QRPer! I'll be looking for you in the QRP sprints. - KG8YT

I am waiting for my Norcal 20 to qrp rig to arive so i can start building.If you have any tips on opertaing qrp pse let me know sone time Iwould like to set up some time to try and work u. 73 - KB9RPG

Good work! - KF2ZO

Great site! Keep up the good work. - KK7OV

QRP-L sent me to your site. Nice. Have been ham since 55, mostly inactive Extra class. Hoping to get on more and with QRP as have had interest in QRP for sometime but CW is very rusty. Comments on QRP-L are incouraging. Now to get a qrp rig on the air.. 73, oscar - K5UBS

Saw your address posted on QRP-L. GREAT SITE!!!! This is a real asset to not only to QRP but to HAM RADIO in general. Keep up the good work. - KE9IX

I subscribe to Qrp newsgroup. Haven't looked at your site other than this page but looks very interesting. - KB0YYZ

John, your site is a real tribute to QRP and HAM radio in general. Great information and an inspiration to the spirit of what ham radio is all about. I hope to be one of the lucky folks that get to work you on the bands Thanks...Alan - KB7MBI

Found your site on QRP-L to which I belong and was told it was a neat site. I have a friend I wrk with that goes up your way just abt every weekend as his parents hv a place on the river up there. "Brad Williams" His parents live there summers and in FL in the winters. I am also all qrp using a TS570 and an Oak Hills Research 400 I built in 96, lots of fun. I used to be one of the nerds on 3868 but got out of that years ago and sold my amp. QRP cw seems to fulfill me more than acting the fool on 75 meters. Glad to see you are so active, it sure will help us make a case to keep our freqs from disappearing. I operate when time permits as I am busy with a full time job, disabled wife and 16 year old son who is active is high school band ect. . Enjoy your site, take care and VY 73 Curt/K3ivb QRP-L #433 Fist #5238 - K3IVB

Nice to run into ur site. 73. Ken - K6IR

Found your site from FISTS website. I am glad to hear other QRP ops who find running 5 watts or less, and are sucessful during the "lean" times. Nice HB shack too. Got my WAS QRP during the last lean time. 73 es CUL - K3TE

Very nice site. You are a credit to real Ham Radio. Keep up the good work. Hope to work ypu on CW sometime. Am active all bands from 160 KHz to 10 GHz. 73 DE Chas - K0NG

[Found your site through] My son's (N3AHA) article in Sept. worldradio - K2HVN

John, I was your first AR on 17 meters about 4 years ago. I haven't heard you since. I'm a PA native, Latrobe, and like to get back into PA now and then. You have a really great page, and of great interest to me, also mostly CW and often QRP. Thanks. - KK5IB

# Really a nice place to visit.....sure can spend a lot of time here, you hv so much to offer, about ham radio.Ive been a ham fer abt 18 yrs, and only had a computer a few month's...and enjoying it. tnx's fer letting me visit and i will be back agn.......hpe to work on cw sum time........gl...es...73's Ray - KA3GMP

# Just surfin' around here. Checked again to see if the link from my page still works right. My site: http://www.cowtown.net/users/kj5zr - KJ5ZR

# Dear John, I've visited your site frequently in the last 3 weeks. It has a wealth of useful information. One of the things I usually check is the DX information by band. This is the only site I've found which makes it so easy to get the information. I've gone back to the CW section repeatedly, looking for hints on improving my CW technique. I've also used your QSL manager finder. It is great to have so many databases of managers in one place. Keep up the good work. I look forward to meeting you on the air someday. 73, Fred - KI0ET

I like Your site - K4DH

I like the setup of your page (toolbar on top instead of bottom), and it's a pretty good site. - KB3CYR

Hi John, Great site...love all the available info & links I have "stopped by" before,but never left a comment... I'm kinda "new" to all this "surfing" stuff.... Thought I'd let you know i appreciate the effort's of people like yourself who take the time and energy to provide "sites" like this one.. Thanks again, Carl Koziol KA9GPX 73's One last item for what it's worth... the "LE" counter registered 21003 when I visited.... C-U-LTR....... - KA9GPX

Number is 21000 - KB5KJN

loved the section about teens on cw i am 15 and enjoy cw and qrp great site keep up the good work 73 de, markus powell - KE6QXJ

# John, Your "modus operandi" is an inspiration to all hams who want to do it the "small" way and without spending big bux doing it. 73/Pat - KF1S

Very nice, OM! - K5XK

Nice site! Just stopped on suggestion from friend. 73, Bob - K5DZE

# Great site, i use it alot. Like ur ideas abt antennas, cw and just abt everything, Hi!!!! I'm fairly new to ham radio but real nervous abt proposed changes from FCC/ARRL. 73 John - KX8LL

John, Probably the best ham web site I've seen. I've just begun to view its treasures. I expecially enjoyed the sections on CW procedure, propagation, and QSLing. I'll be back. The only thing I'd change, is that in using the no-frames version, I had difficulty finding your name. I finally used a callsign database to find out who K3WWP is. Maybe I just missed it, but if not, you might want to put your name and QTH at the top of the page. 73, Fred - KI0ET

we have a local listserv and your site was posted as a interesting one by W0JOE here in Springfield. - K5ALU

I personally hope the code stays. I am spending several hours a day learning the code via the Koch Method. If I could only learn to write that quickly - KB3BXA

Just started dxing, trying to get educated on how to become a good dxer. 73's...Herm - KD3RR

I operate QRP as much as I can but also admit to QRO (100Watts max.) when conditions are terrible. Been QRP'ing since 1986 and have built a HW-9 and modified it where I could and also have built the Two-Fer and Neophite into a 40 Meter rig in one box. I use my TS930S for QRP as well as the HW-9. I operate as LA/K2QJ from near Farsund, Norway during summer vacations and enjoy it a lot; working mostly European Stations on 40, 30 and 20M. I operate mostly CW but also am a member of NJArmyMARS where voice nets and digital nets are the norm. Just acquired an old Halicrafters TO Keyer from a friend who is selling out his ham gear. Its an old relic, tube keyer and one I could not afford in my salad days so its a nostalgia piece to opeate and look at the big box and relay output clicking away. Have built a few solid state keyers over the years also. I use a 86 foot Center Fed Zepp (?) or McCoy Dipole up about 25 feet and have different transmatches I use for awhile and swap with another when the mood to change occurs. I like the W3TS tuner I built from the Quarterly ARCI magazine and take that with the HW-9 to Norway for vacations and tuneup various wire configurations. Keep up the good work on the homepage and always good to hear you on the bands. 72, Bob - K2QJ


Hi John, I was browsing this morning on CW-related sites, and found yours .... you've done a lot of work on this one - very nice! Always glad to see your call in the log during the contests! 73, Larry - K5OT

Just surfing :) Looking for QRP information !! I would really like to try it :) I would like to find a nice easy and cheap QRP Transciver !! Like the one they call the pixie !! 73 and TNX - KD5ALD

# nice site, lots of good links. mni tnx om - KF4SXG

Looking for QSL route for UA2DC.....this one doesn't show up in many of the engines, so came here hoping! - K4BI

Just signed for QSL.net page was browsing around found you,very good page hope i can build one this good. K3WWP this is - KA4VPZ

very good site.looks great. 73 john - KC8AIK

Just pulled you up. Will give it a good look over later. - K4BKD

Nice site and informative. Jim, KT4MM sent me an email regarding your site. Fine job, Colin - KB0UPK

John, nice website. 73s Jim - KT4MM

Great looking web page. Found you on N4BRP's site. - K9WFY

Just surfing the net for information on cw. I have a no code tech. license. I really like your web site and I am book marking it. Thanks again for some good information. Suzanne Mountfort - KC5PUM

Just surfed on it...checking it out.... - K6JOX

Hi John, Thanks for the QSO, glad to be part of day 1463 of your QRP streak. Great web site! I'll look forward to hearing you on the air again soon. Pat - K0PC

Found with link in a message in rec.radio.amateur.misc from rwc@mail.frii.com on 7/5/98. - KF4YOG

nice site glad to see new updates unlike most ham sites - KC4IDZ

Great site! Very helpful since I'm trying to get back into ham radio after being inactive for a year (since moving to South Carolina). I just dragged my old Yaesu FT-101E HF rig out of the hall closet and set it back up...I'm only using one of those crappy little MFJ portable dummy load...uh, antennas...so I probably can't get a 55 report across the street, but it's a start! Thanks and 73 - KS4RY

Heard about your site on the rec.radio.amateur newsgroups. Enjoyed reading your excellent articles on CW procedures, and QRP. tnx es 73 de Jim - KE6WGO

Got here from QRZ. You have quite a well laid out presentation. Congratulations. I have no accomplishments to compare to yours, but I have been enjoying ham radio since 1937. I have recently put up a home page at http://home.earthlink,net/~russel06/index.html Just in case you would be interested! It isn't much, really. But I'll keep improving it with time! 73 Russ, - K3APM


# Have been checking your site regularly to see how propagation is going for you. Just wanted to let you the counter is at 18996. 73 - Bob - KC5DUI


Greetings John, I found the link to your fine site from Ron's (W5WWW) page. I have a site whose ham radio pages are devoted to homebrew and vintage radio, with a little radio humor thrown into the mix. I wanted you to know I put a link to your homebrew pictures from my "Links to Homebrew Radios" page. Here's the URL to my site: http://pwp.starnetinc.com/k9gdt/index.htm vy 73 es keep up the homebrewing! - George - K9GDT

Noticed the ALLTEL email address, where is the organization are you employed? Work on the Cellular side here in Charlotte. DK - KB4MZ

John, Great website with lots of helpful QRP information. As the QRP Plaque sponsor for the Virginia QSO Party, I appreciate the publicity that your WWW Page provides. Thanks & Keep up the Good Work! 73, Dave - K7HMP/4

Thanks John, I found the DX address I couldn't fing anywhere else, using the "All in one QSL routes" page you've built. Now I'll have to look further to see what else you have to offer. Thank you, Ed Kirby - KF4IBR

Just finished our qso on 30 meters. It only took one hour to get a qso tonite with my less than one watter. I use the 38 special barefoot. I will send you a qsl card, soon, John. Nice web page hope to see you again on cw qrp. - K8EU

I was looking up a friends call in a random way by typeing it at Yahoo and this site came up. I of the entire site I was most captavated by your QSL Photo from 1962.... and that you still have the lamp and the walls have not been painted in 36 years. Coolness!!!! Well have a great day Heather Keay, http://www.mindspring.com/~kd4mxk/ - KF4YJP

You have a great home page a lot of good "STUFF". - KB7FXJ

New to this web site thing, just got on-line, I think is the right lingo. Been looking at all the Ham site, county hunting in particular. This great site, will be back again. 73 Ed - KN4Y

Very nicely layed out!!! Kim - KI8DF

Looks like a great site. I am a QRP freak and have built a few rigs, the last being the "Ugly Weekender", its been tested but not in a case yet. Enjoy CW, Homebrew, and Wire antennas. The most interesting wire so far is a "Sterba" for 15 meters, we used it for all bands on field day for several years and it did well with the Argo 509 and 4 watts. 73...DE - KA8LLE

# Am still experimenting combining ham radio on fists frequencies on 20 meters ( not qrp ) and the internet I will be back to visit sometime. Tnx for qso es c u later 73 Georges - KA1LQO

I've got an update! The CommO has decided that all the communicators here will get 5 WPM by Christmas. The Gunny and I gave him the bug, and he went down last week to test with us. He passed test 2. I passed both 2 and 3A. I'm now one of the newest Techs. It's a good feeling to be recognized by both the USMC and FCC as a Technician. I'm working for Tech Plus so I can get on the HF bands. The CommO and I are having a race to see who can pass 1A first! Through your links I found Ham U., and I think I've got the advantage. Good site, hope to see you on CW when I upgrade. 73 - KF6RAK

Just saw ur site in Keynote, and thought I'd check it out!!--=-Jim - K1EXE

Changed callsign and computer and browser and lost your url. Found you again! Liked your explanation of RF power in this last issue.of Keynote I haven't been active on QRP lately but will be soon. Looking forward to the QRP kit article as I have built a couple of the present kits and have had some fantastic results with the Nor-Cal 49'er. Fists #1730 73 George - KJ5C

I'm into old tube gear and also qrp both used on cw about 99%. Was first licensed in 1955, born in 1943. My current station is Hammarlund HQ120x, 129x, 140x, 150, SP400X, Johnson Adventurer, Viking 1 w/vfo, Valiant 1, Thunderbolt. National NC46, (RCA)BC348-O. My qrp rig is Oak Hills Research kit OH100A 5w 40m cw transceiver, I think it's a great rig. My SSB rig (eech) is an Icom 701A I bought new about 20 years ago. I gave ssb a try but still don't like it. I'm currently looking for a viking navigator and 310B3, so if you come across one, mention my name. Thanks for such a nice site to enjoy. regards, steve - K2PTS

I like cw but it has taken me several years to get to 30wpm. am trying to go higher. I am stuck for the time being. - K4GB

Good job John. I write the QRP column for the local club I am a member of, the ARES (Arkansas Radio Emergency Services) Club. Yes, we have permission to use ARES from the ARRL. I am not active much these days as I have gone back to college at 44 to study Electronic Engineering. Hope to chat with you on the air someday. 73's, Brad, - KC5NLD

Enjoy your website, and Keynote qrp. I work mostly cw and qrp with a Norcal 40A and an MFJ 9020 (hamfest reject, rescued and rebuilt.) Will probably be building the K2. 73 and keep up the good work!! - KB9LSH

# Enjoyed site nice job C U Again 73 Dick - K9FA

A very nice website, John! I was first licensed in 1955, as a Central New York KN2! While I like VHF weak signal operation, I'm currently more into HF QRPp. Maybe we'll QSO one of these days; my HF operating is strictly CW. - K4JSI

Nice site. - K3HLN

Hi John...just thought I would drop by during a fit of boredom and say hello .... .. It is always a pleasure to hear your fine QRP signal any time and I recall our most recent QSO last weekend under some of the most dismal conditions I have experienced in years. This was during the County Hunter's CW contest. I'll bet the scores are really down this year - I know that mine was. Despite the awful conditions, there you were... As usual, we will be QRV in the WPX CW and other events as well. See you soon. 73/72 Alan, KO7X alan@es.com "No extra points are awarded for having a clean shack." - KO7X

Your article in Keynotes is my favorite section. I am quite interested in QRP and cw in general. Thanks for this nice site. Ive not yet looked it over. Ill comment later. 73 for now. - K5EYE

Well John...I just got here..your web page..so no comment on that yet. Haven't been active on cw, my only mode, for over a year. Seems that the Internet has taken over my life. Many things has changed in Amateur Radio. Seems that now it has become an appliance operation. No long do we make equipment. Of course I do know that the Qrp'ers are still making their rigs. I believe that Qrp'ers are the only true amateurs today. I hope to enter field day...even if it is by my self, as I have done many times. Seems that no one is interested in CW around here. Hope to work you on FD. 73 Patrick - K8SX

Today 4/28/98 is my first visit....i will be back. - KD4LBJ

Found out your page in FISTS keynote. My fists nr is 3902. Good job u are doing. Hope meet u on 20 meters sometime. plse qrs. 73 es c u later - KA1LQO

I enjoy your QRP colum very much. Look foreward to reading it each month. Keep up the good work. 73s my friend. John - KB2SUE

Nice website, i have it saved for future reference. I read your column in keynote, each month. I dont qrp now, but hope to soon! Tnx agn and keep the keynote column going! Bill Capps - KF4SXG

Looks like there's a lot of info here. I'll say more after a second visit when I have more time. 73 kw - KF4VXW

FISTS # 2972: AZ ScQRPion: I enjoy reading your QRP column in the Keynote each month. I enjoy QRP/QRO CW. I am not much of a phone operator, but I will operate Phone for contests. Check out my free lost and stolen radio listings on my home page. Click on the HAM RADIO link. Best regards, Mark Saunders, KJ7BS Glendale, AZ http://www.dancris.com/~tracker - KJ7BS

# Enjoy your articles in KeyNote. I also enjoyed the MI QSO Party - sure wish I could have found more Mobiles working CW. I ran mostly CW in the VA QSO Party in 10 different counties. See you later Stan - K4UK

John: Killer website and a fabulous tribute to the greatest mode on the air, CW!! During my tour in the Navy at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base I operated 95% CW, working hundreds of stations and giving out a new one on CW. These days I work only CW. CW Rules! Jim Green - K0XV/KG4DX

Tnx for a neat site. Will visit often. Just got my Extra and am looking forward to more QRP CW!! 73, Norm - KE1JL

I really like your page and your write up on 1000 days of QRP was very inspirational. My conditions are slightly better in that I can have a low profile outdoor antenna, but covenants keep me from getting carried away. I'm 100% QRP now and I'm really loving it. I tried to do something like you 1000 days thing and the very first week I had to go out of town on a business trip and just didn't feel like taking the radio. Anyway, keep up the good work and I hope to hear you on the air soon. I'm mostly on 20 meters. 73, Greg - KN4NO

Found you @ PA3BWK's site. No code tech. Started learning code. Find it very exciting. Wish I could get faster quicker. 73 - KE6BZI

Hi, I would like to create reciprocal links between our club site and yours. You can visit ours at: http://www.imagina.com/webpages/casey/k7fff tnx es 73, Casey - K7FFF

Just stumbled on to it ! Where do I find a place on the Internet to learn code ? - KB5WBO

Just wandering around amateur radio links and found your page - connected from Chris Smolinski's - KB7ZGP

I haven't made the grand tour yet John but it looks gud so far. - KE4ITN

John: I sure enjoy your column in Keynote. I most recently joined FISTS and have really enjoyed the people I have met so far. I especially like your QRP column. Keep up the good work.72/73 Bud McClure - K5IUO

I came from qrpworld but it took me to junkocities first, err I mean geocities. I just got here ask me later HIHI... 72 - KC4SMH

Just routing around looking for a way to link a robot to the internet so I can create a virtual DAD when I'm away. I need 115kbd tcp/ip. Nice site See YA! - KE5LF

Thanks for your outstanding amateur radio web site, especially CW portion. I am an advanced class licencee working on improving code speed to 20 wpm plus. I have always enjoyed Morse Code and have recently started actively using it again on the ham bands. In fact, I have also collected some well made brass and polished wood straight keys from other hams that I have returned to on air use. 73's Denis - KD5FU

Hi John, Very nice looking site and well put together. I have been off the air for 3 years due to career and moving. Just getting back into Ham Radio and trying to re-assemble a station here in Pensacola. I also have a website, but its not Ham related. My other hobby is collecting Liberty Falls Houses and the site is devoted to that field. Stop by and have a look and comment if you have a chance, the URL is "http://www.spydee.com/members/TDAVIS/index.htm" I envy your code profeciency ! I was born in Feb 1945 and wanted to be a Ham since I was about 9 or 10 years old. I couldn't pass the code test until I was helping my oldest earn a merit badge for Scouts in 1987, and then made it to Advanced by 1990. Have passed the Extra theory test 4 times, but 20WPM still eludes me. Now that I am getting back on the air, I intend to concentrate on CW and see if I can break that 30 year barrier that took so long the first time :-) 73 and look forward to having a QSO with you on CW soon. Tony, - KN4VL

Nice page keep up the good work 73 & Good DX Jerry - KA9BSD

Hi John, Your site is very interesting, I tried running 5 watts before and it was fun. Not true QRP but with a tri-band yagi. Last nites QRP QSO's on 40 meters around 7040 sparked my interest. I have a HW-8 Xcvr collecting dust, maybe it will be activated again. Hope to work you someday on HF to make your KH6 contact number increase. Aloha 73's - KH6IB

# you have a very nice web site,i plan on visiting it many times,you did a good job... - K1TXU

Great site... unbelieveable how many QRP QSO's you've had... incredible. I noticed you participated in the Alabama QSO Party this year... I got in the top five single ops. 73 Christopher KT4XA Age 15--Extra Class http://www.qsl.net/kt4xa - KT4XA

# Great site, thanks. Please check out my Web Page at http://www.newwave.net/~emeade - KJ8E

John - Is there any interest in a young people's net? I have worked a number of youngsters who would be interested, however, it seems age information is not longer available via QRZ etc. There is, I believe, a real need to encourage our next generations of hams--especially in the CW arts. 73's Bill - KZ5CO

John, Just found your site, and it is great. So much there, just what I have searched for. I love what you have to say concerning CW. I operate all CW. and do not like what is happening. A couple of years ago I cancelled my subscription to CQ Magazine because of there support of W5YI, also dropped QST because of their LACK of interest in the PLIGHT of CW. I have never belonged to an organization OF ANY kind, but after visiting your site, I have sent for an application to FISTS, and intend to become an active member. All I can say is thank you for your efforts in the cause of such a great mode as CW. 73 Gil Johnson - KN4SX

You have a really nice page. I would like to exchange links. View my Ham site. (see Links-Ham Personal) - KD5AFD

Found out thru K3WWP, have a direct connection with the boss. Experiment - this is Netscape 3.0 and so far it seems to be working. Would appreciate a link to our South East Contest Club Webpage (see Club links). I am the Webmaster but still fooling around with Front Page and havent gotten far with it. If you have a link to Southeastern DX Club that has the words "Peachmall" in it would appreciate your breaking the link (done) - we are firing the Webmaster but he won't pull the plug, so we'll have to do it the hard way! Check out our new Atlanta HamFestival Webpage (see Club links) and click on Atlanta HamFestival. Good to work you on 160 as W4S, John - you were a good honest 579 in Middle Georgia. 73 Dick - K2UFT

# Hi John, I'm using Windows 3.1 with the AT&T co-branded version of Netscape Navigator 3.0. Finally worked YS1X the other morning on 15M. Congrats on working CN and ER. I still need an ER. BCNU, 73, Corb - K8UCL

Great site! Keep up the good work! 73 and CU in the 'tests Jim - KB3AFT

Great informative site with too much to look at and too little time. - KB3BFQ

Like the new look. Ur site is one of the best,I find myself coming back often! Tnx Becky - KF6GUH

Keep up the good work! We need more "pro-cw" stuff on the web. It is refreshing. There is too much time spent arguing the merits of "code vs. no-code". The last time I checked, it was still a REQUIREMENT, just as it was 20+ years ago when I passed the 20 wpm. The amount of energy expended complaining about this REQUIREMENT is incredible! If that energy were spent LEARNING THE CODE instead of COMPLAINING ABOUT IT, we would have many more General, Advanced, and Extra class operators. The code requirement MAY BE abolished some day (but then again, maybe not). Why wait and hope, when there is no guarantee IF or WHEN it may happen? Seems to me it would be more productive to learn CW, upgrade now, and enjoy Cycle 23. 73, de Gregg, (since 1977) - K3QK

Web page is very well thought out and put together nicely - KF4HVH

Great site, John. I operate exclusively at pure QRP levels from Youngstown, about an hour northwest of Pittsburgh. I began in the hobby with homebrew and QRP equipment such as the "Tuna Tin Two" back in the early 70s. A mistake in judgement sent me down the QRO road, and after much expenditure of money and megawatts I found that I wasn't having any fun, and I quickly lost interest in ham radio. It was an act of divine salvation a year ago, when a net search led me by chance to the QRP-ARCI page, and a subsequent renewal of interest in the joy of QRP operation. Establishing radio communication from simple easy to understand equipment, homebuilt from a pile of parts pulled from a junk box, is still a thrill, and in keeping with my minimalist approach to life. Pages like yours keep that thrill alive. Thanks! BTW, I was attracted to your call as I sail a West Wight Potter sailboat (my other great love) with the letters WWP on the sail number. You can see it on my homepage 72 Frank - K8FAC

Just this past Teusday afternoon,06-Jan-98,I had my first 2 cw qso's and I've already recieved qsl's from both W8WVU(80m)and N0XNH(40m).Can't thank these 2 ops enough for taking the time to work me at a pace I could handle! I've been looking for quite some time in vain for a local "on air"ELMER,glad to see you encouraging the practice-73 - KB9NZE

I'm interested in what rigs you use and what kind of key? Just getting into QRP and love it. Can't decide to build the OHR 40 meter or Wilderness SStT 40m. I built the 38 special and it was working great but now the power drops off while keying and don't know who to contact to get help repairing it - thanks for heloing a new convert to QRP! David - KB8OCC

# Hello John, Thanks for taking time to put together this wonderful site. I too am a returning Ham, originaly licensed in 1970 as WN6QPA (amd hopefully wil have W6QPA if my vanity app is approved) was off the air from 72 'till 95. Not quite as active as you (be a long shot) but am pure QRP and CW only active on 40 novice and recently on 15 novice. I run a QRP Plus into a sloping inverted vee at 28 feet on 40 and a St Louis Vertical with MMA's coil for 15. I don't have PA yet for WAS, so I'll listen for you if you make it to the novoice sub-bands. Thanks again for the fine site. 73...Ray - KE6TYH

I am the President of the Kings County Radio Club located in Brooklyn, NY. I connected to your page via a link from the home page of our club's VP, WW2W, Anthony Catalano. As Tony's site is very informative, so I can attest is yours! It seems my "Favorites" list is over flowing with informative and exciting web sites designed and run by educated and helpful hams. Thanks for taking the time to keep up the site and helping the Amateur Radio community to stay well informed. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year. 73's de Jerry President - Kings County Radio Club Brooklyn, NY, USA - KB2VZR

Nice page. It is great that people take the time to put out all the information that all of us can use. 73, Dave - KA7OZO

I'm new to ham (just got my tech. license in Nov.) and am having trouble getting on the air with local repeaters on 2 meters in Yuma, AZ. I have a Yaesu VX-1 micro HT. I don't really know any hams locally yet, so I don't have any resources here. Thx. for any help in advance. 73 - KC7ZUX

Nice site John. Thanks. Pat (FISTS 3828) - KF1S

Found your site through K3WWP. (??) Your site is great keep up the good work. - KJ8E

# Hello again, John. This is one of my favorite sites. Have a very happy Holidays and all the best for 1998. Here's a short story. While operating in the ARRL 160m contest this year, I was going along at what I thought was a reasonable rate (i.e. very slow!) considering I have only my Butternut vertical with a 160m coil, using a single radial wrapped around my roof for the band. I had hoped that I'd do better than last year when I used a very low multi-bent dipole, but I was only getting marginally better results. I reached for the RF Power knob to lower the output while I tuned the rig - and I had the knob at or close to the minimum! I had forgotten to raise the power after I had tuned the band before the contest. So my first 27 contacts and 9 states were QRP (give or take a watt) - not bad from the L.A. area! I was a little too hungry for some more states to keep on with the lower power but that was a lesson learned. If there's one place that 5 watts should be useless from my location it is 160m. CUL, John de John - KQ6ES

Nice webpage! 73's David :) - KB4RHL

I think this site is great, especially for someone who is trying to upgrade, like me, it gave me motivational support! - KB9OCQ


Hi John...Enjoyed our QSO today. CUL es Seasons Greetings...Bill - K3AS

Hi, This is my first time to your site and I am very impressed with it so far! I am a part time ham who loves CW and would love to be more proficient in it's practice. It's nice to find so many people on the web who share the same sentiments about the code as I do. It makes me feel better to think that it's not a dying mode! I enjoy QRP, homebrewing, CW contesting, and DX'ing. I have shifted more and more to CW through the years as I get more and more fed up with sideband op's in general. Thanks for the fun site and keep up the excellent work! It's nice to find the true ham spirit here on the web! 73's Mark - KC4GIA

surfed in from l'anse creuse arc web page. Very interesting shows that you don't need a kilobuck magnatransceiver,superbeam&tower etc to enjoy ham radio. My hats off to you for your diligence and expertise in qrp. - K8CFY

Hi John, I just had to drop you a note after reading of your exploits in the CQWWDX Contest. My experience was much the same. I worked many of the same stations that you did. I wound up with 45 countries in 17 zones. I also managed to get WAC yes,KH7R was my Oceania. Added 3 new countries to my list: GD4UOL, LX/DL6KR, JA5DQH. I think that I also worked JW5NM but I'm not positive. He came back to K8CL,the timing of the exchange was right but he never confirmed my call. Thought I might try to contact K8CL before I try to plead my case. Congrats on getting your Jersey. I received my QSL in the mail just the other day from the GJ3 that I worked awhile back. I spent almost all of my time on 15M, dropped down to 20M at the end of the contest . . . and, you guessed it . . . VE4VV was my last QSO, Hi. All in all it was a fun contest operating QRP, not too bad of a showing for an HW-8, an attic antenna and a graying old ham at the key. Later John, 73, Corb - K8UCL

# Really enjoy your page. Not qrp here but sometime's feel like it ! Modest antenna's...R-7, TA-33@55ft, sloper. - K8LJG

Thank's for the fine site John. Hope to enjoy it for a long time. John FISTS#1460 - K8LJG

Great page. I enjoyed it very much. - KF4WK

Hi John: When I get the supplies and records from CQ Mag via WA3RTY, I want to look over any committments on endorsements, etc. I have no bias against mode/band endorsements and will keep your desire for "Fixed" station contacts in mind. That will be a very difficult one, but will appeal to the competitive nature of guys like you! I intend to make other minor changes to improve the USACA program, and will reveal them shortly. It's a good program, and just needs a bit of tuning to update it. IMHO. You've done a nice job on your WWW page. Clean design and easy to navigate. Ted Melinosky - K1BV USACA Custodian

Very nice web page, I read about it in the Keynote. I have been licensed for 37 years,and i like CW,but have not used it for about 35+ years and i am starting to get back into it(cw). I am very rusty with the key,but i plan on doing a lot of practice with the key so that i can get better on CW. 73s de Skip .....FIST.1958 - K1TXU

Thanks for a great web-page! I've had my ticket for about 4 yrs, original call KB1AXF, and also have G0VZG (been in USA for almost 14 yrs). Only work CW, mostly from car - great to find another enthusiast - keep up the fb work! Regards - Wil - K1WD

I came across you when I looked into the Pa-Qso-Party Web page. I love Qrp I hope someday to have a reall qrp rig. At this time I use my ts520 powered down to about 3 1/2 watts. My best contact was on cw with an old hw-7.Worked a ZL for 20 minutes with 3/4 of a watt. I have worked many countries and I think all the states. People that don't run Qrp don't know what they are missing. I use Qrp to show people that you do not need 1500 watts to make a contact. I take a very great pleasure in taking out a "big gun" station in a pile up. I have had times when I have been in a contest and have actually had guys tell me, when they know I am Qrp, "I don't work qrp!" Then they call QRZ? I guess it rubs them the wrong way to have 3 watts sound almost as good as 100 or 1000. Anyway. Gonna get a few things ready for this week-end. I hope to have a good time. Last year as the contest started we lost our female Shepherd. It took the fun out of the contest. SEYA...G - KA1NDY

Nice web page! I've added a link to your web page from my personal page. Here's the URL for my page: (see my links page - js) - KB1GW


Great site John. I especially like the propagation info. - KE1EJ

John, You have a good web page and I liked your comments about cw. I am a radio officer in the U.S. merchant marine and it looks like an inferior GMDSS system will finally do away with the R/O on foreign voyages around the first part of 1998. Pat - KF1S

Hello John. Thanks for the invitation to come visit your site. I am duly impressed. It's obvious that a lot of work went into it. I have added a reciprocal link to your site, from my "more ham links" page, under the category "contest related", as per your request. 73 es GL/DX, Mike - K2CD

Hi John: Just started looking at your site and came across this Visitor Form, so filled it in while I'm here. Haven't looked at rest of site yet. Ken, N2CQ, directed me to your page (said to go thru NJQRP Page) so I did. Iwas licensed in 1954 as KN2HPV. Have been County Hunting for more than 25 years I guess and haven't finished them all yet!! You know I don't linger on the net too long. Only listen on the CW net on 20. Operate 99% CW, 80% QRP. Thanks for your work here and for County Hunting. Will check with you again. 72, Herb - K2HPV

Hi John, Great site. Found it like I find most CW contacts..just looking around. Only been a ham about 7 years but love working CW. Also a FISTS member (#2080). You and I have worked several times..my old calls KB2LAI and AA2HR. I'll be looking for you on the bands. CUL 73 - K2VT

Great page, keep up the good work John. - K2ZK

I loved your story of 1000 days of QRP. I recently built a norcal 40A and look forward to using it as a mobile radio with one of those $20.00 ham stick antennas. A friend of mine has very good luck with this setup. I also built a 30M and 80M rig from Small Wonder Labs and these radio kits sell for $55.00. My gole after upgradeing from a no-code tek to a general is to work all states with a rig that cost less than $100.00 includeing radio,antenna,power source. I might cheat and use My kent key which will blow the budget but I cant see using an old hacksaw blade key when I have a Kent. - KB2ZGG

Hi John, I saw your call on the 10-10 page and also remember working you in the 96 PA QSO PARTY. - KC2ZA

Good luck on your Ham radio adventures. 73 de Ray - KF2H

Hello John, I see that you are a Winston Cup fan, we do have something else in common other than amateur radio and QRP. I've been a Winston Cup fan for ten years, and have been following John Andretti's progress for about four or five years through midgets, indycar(cart), and now Winston Cup. It was great to witness his win at Daytona on July 4th weekend. Are you a fan of any particular driver? (Jeff Gordon - js) 73 cul, Roland - KG2LO

Found you from your listing on the 3830 LIST. I've been doing qrp since the late 1960's. I have over 320 countries worked with 5 watts. In July of 1989 I decided to try milliwatting. I worked 100 DX countries with 300 milliwatts in 19 days. Later, I was to find out that July 89 was the peak of that sunspot cycle. What lucky timing. I have also done micro-watting, and worked 11 DX countries with 790 microwatts in 24 hours. It was during a DX contest. I use a qrp wattmeter and then I have an 83db step attenuator to get down to the itsy bitsy level. I measure it in the shack, so I have no idea what is getting to the antennas. My antennas are at the end of about 200' of RG8, so there can be a bit of loss in the line, especially on 10 meters! I hold the current QRP USA record in the CQWW SSB contest, the current record in the QRP USA SSB WPX contest, and numerous other awards. I even have qrp dxcc 200 from Ade Weiss, #9...now that's going back some time! I think I was the last guy that Ade actually gave a trophy to! Well, that's enough BS for now! :-) All the best...de Doug - KR2Q

Hello, I just got into 6 meter SSB and love it. Been wanting to do this for many years. Been ham since 1957 and originally from Meadville, PA. Moved south in 1991 do to work moving down here. Miss all my ham buddies in PA though. Will add your Page link to my Page as soon as I update it again. 73's Dave - K3ASI

just surfing and being in ham radio for over 40 years i naturally gravitated to where are the hams? - K3GMV

Nice page! much info. just really getting into QRP. 72's de Tom, K3KI


First licensed in April, 1962 as KN3SUI. Have been active on all bands, 80 thru 70cm. Presently active on 40,30, and 20 meters using attic antennae (Living in condo, now) CW is my favorite mode. - K3SUI

Very nice web site! It is always nice to run across a fellow ham from the keystone state - I was born and raised in Washington, PA. See you in the next PA QSO Party! 73, Tad - K3TD

Was just checking out ZRS and found you there. I'm a second generation slovene and have been in contact with many many slovenes even before they seperated from yugo. I have relatives in slov. and was over there on a tour with about 250 from around this area like hermenie trafford washington pa and many other towns. I met and spoke with pres Milan Kucan as i can speak the language read it somewhat and I try to write it. I am in contact at times with sysop Bajko s57bba and many others via packet, internet and by landmail. Anyone wishing to correspond with me from Slovenia, USA or wherever feel free. I'm active in a.r.e.s., Yough river Trail member and was Pres of (M.A,R,C) Monessen amateur radio club, instituded and set up our Tues 2000 8pm net on 147.27 rpt.+600 Pres. of lodge 64 S.N.P.J. Thats all for now till I hear from you jmoran@sgi.net or ka3jhb@w3csl.swpa.pa.usa.na Also known as Polka Janez who loves Slovene music which is melodic rythmic or romantic and each song has a story or tale. - KA3JHB

Very nice homepage, I will pass the URL to several of my friends. I also enjoy CW/QRP. About the only time I use SSB is for the Army MARS nets (they don't allow CW anymore). Keep up the good work, es hope to cul. Best 72 es God Bless. Ric My MARS calls are AAV7AA, AAM7EKS (Emergency Operations Officer for Kansas) - KA3LOC

Good job! - KB3PC

John, you didn't list your e-mail address in KeyNotes Issue #9, your QRP article #13 I enjoy your column, I'll write more when I find your email address. 73 " 72, Phil - KE3FL

Found by EMAil: Figures Cycle is up and my R7000 took a dump! Luck I got a R5 at least! :) Nice Place! Dan - KE3WH

I'm planning to be in next cqww cw contest and will be contesting for the first time. Since will be single op, all bands and LOW POWER, figured I could learn from a qrp'er. Definitely, reading your page has been very helpful. - KP3G

I also hold the call EI4VSH (Ireland) - KS3Y

Hi John, Just looking over your Web Page. I haven't looked at everything yet but I like it so far...I'm hoping to some day get me a Web Page....I'm going to have to learn a little bit more of HTML first. CUL - KZ3T

Hi John, good to see your pages. I was one of the CW ops on CHN.......I also operated mobile at times, giving out some of the rare SE KY counties. Remember almost wrecking a few times navigating the curvy, crooked roads while trying to send CW. - K4AVX

John Was just 'surfing' and found your page to be very interesting and informative. I also only work CW and particularly am a contester and DXer like you. We've worked each other in CW contests in the past. I heard you this past weekend during SS and happy to learn you did very well. Like you I missed Nebraska for a clean sweep. You probably heard VY1JA on 15 Sunday afternoon or on 40 just before the contest ended. I was only looking for a Q per section, however when it became clear I wasn't going to find NE, I did speed things up and ended up working 100 Qs. Really wanted that mug to go with the one I have for '92. I don't usually run QRP, but do limit myself to 100w with an old T/T OMNI-D. My antennas are wire like yours but I have a bit more real estate (10 acres) and have a sterba curtain for the high bands and a 160m zepp for the low bands. Your '63 QSL collection is great. I was first licensed in June '64 and have a few of the same kinds of cards you've displayed. You are to be congratulated for all you've accomplished CW/QRP. My only claim to fame with QRP occurred in 1989 when I set a new record and won Africa during the CQ WW CW DX test. Best 73/DX and I'll visit from time to time. Regards....//Steve ((x-WN4UAZ, WA4UAZ, WA4UAZ/HC1, HD1A, CR9C, VS6JR, CN8FC, F6IKG, KZ5BP, GM5AXO)) - K4EU

# Good work. Lot of info but easy to find. - K4GA

Outstanding site. It is obvious you put a lot of time and effort into the site. Also love CW and that accounts for 99 percent of my operating. See you on CW. 73 - K4GA

Hi, John, Great page!! ... Thanks for the link! - K4GIT of Radio Electric Supply

Nice Site! 72/73 - K4PYM

Haven't had a chance to do a good job of looking over your page. Enjoy working you in the various contests - K4UK

nice page thx for invite cul 73 - K4WXJ


I got here by way of N4BRP'S home page in Shalimar Fla. I am originally from Brownsville Pa. I still root for the Steelers, Pirates and Pens. I am new to computers. I have been a ham for 14 years. See ya down the log. - KB4OIF

For someone who wants to get started in QRP Your Web page has been very helpful Please keep up the good work Thanks Steve - KB4PTH


# My first call was WA5HEC in Mississippi, then WB0LJU in Iowa and KA4NYM in Alabama. Upgraded to Extra in 1979 as KC4UG. I enjoy DX and county hunting on SSB/CW. I operated from the Soviet Union during the "cold war" as UA9M/KC4UG, UM8M/KC4UG, UL9C/KC4UG, UB5/KC4UG, UA3/KC4UG. Also as DL/KC4UG, LX/KC4UG C6A/KC4UG and 9Y4/KC4UG. I am now retired and spent a lot of time traveling and putting out counties on the county hunter net. - KC4UG

Hi, I can give you Lamar cnty AL on CW almost any time.I was first licensed in 1963 and spent 25 yrs working CW DX and now into CH. Your site is great. 73, Ken - KC4UG

Great page I just got mine going - KE4CRU

cool!!! Just when you think your the only person left who likes boatanchors!! Listen, I'm in miami where tube gear is not all that easy to find but Ive still amassed a really huge collection of stuff. I love to see the glow of a tube radio when the lights are off, thats nostalgia!! I like to barter for radios and parts. Im not looking to sell my stuff but to barter. You know how it is, you get one, keep it for a while then trade it for a different one so on that note if you need any vintage parts, tubes, coils, etc, drop me a line. I like to see an old radio kept alive and playing if you know what i mean. Im personally looking for collins,and for tube hifi stuff. I have tons of radios floating around so if theirs any particular units you may be looking for let me know, I may have what you need...by the way, in case your wondering if Im an oldtimer Im not, Im 25!!I just beleive that real radios glow in the dark!!! C-ya. miami's tube junkie!! - KE4MCL

Hello...Saw your site is November 97 Keynote, so I figured I'd check it out. I'm FISTS #3387. I have been licensed since I was 12 (in 1994) and am currently 15 with my General License and a CSCE for 20wpm. My brother, Steven, KF4KUO, is now 12 and he is also a General, licensed when he was 10. Be sure to check out my site. I'd definitely like to see a feature on CW and Teen-age hams, email me if you'd like more info on me. 73 es CUL K3WWP de - KE4QLH

Great work...keep it up!!! - KE4TNK

I came here by way of Atlanta Radio Club. - KE4TV

Hi, John, I love your pages, I am just learning to do a homepage, actually I stole your key from you..I would like to put it on my page. Thought about an antenna, but all I have seen are too gaudy, but I think it would be more easily recognized than the key..hi I am trying to learn code too. I love it but I am still afraid of it. I think gee I recognize it here but would I recognize it some place else or with someone else sending and then I get uptight and don't even recognize what I just heard..No accounting for some people's minds. I listen almost daily to the Southern Coffee Club it is on 3.933 every morning at 4:14 to 6. They have been at it for more than 30 yrs. A nice bunch of guys and a couple of gals. Congrats on your pages, very informative and enjoyable. Margie - KE4UEF

I've only been a ham about 2 years now but I'm fulfilling a boyhood dream.I had to turn 40 and start into my second childhood to do it but, I'LL NEVER GROW UP! I drive a tractor trailer around the state of Fl delivering liquid products and now I am chomping at the bit to start working HF moble,CW as well as SSB.I'd like to hear from anyone with experience along these lines. Rusty - KE4VBB

Found it on Will's Muletown page, and enjoy it so far........look forward to the rest of my visit, thank you es 73....Gail - KE4YBS

I really enjoyed your page. Thanks for the info via FISTS E-mail list. You have inspired me to do a Home Page, now. Hope to see you on CW. - KE4ZQD

Looks like a fair amount of work went into this site. Nice layout and colors too. Got you bookmarked. 73, Tom - KF4LFD

A very interesting Web Page. Congratulations! - KJ4EJ

John: I really like the site. It's clean and comfortable. Sorry to hear about the USA QSL bureau crashing. Would it be an enormous amount of trouble to restart it? I realize that you'd need users, but I'd like to hear your comments (or someone else's) about its resurrection. I didn't know that the bureau ever existed, but I don't know why anyone would pay $0.32 over just $0.05! - Bill - KF4TUK

Us CW guys have to band together. George - KN4AB

Just got into fists (3180) and enjoy portable cw with boy scouts while camping and sea scouts while on boats. I will be a member of the k2bsa staff at the national jamboree in July/August - will be looking for you. 73 steve - KO4TT

I am so glad to see comments from the young hams which are getting their general, advanced, " extra tickets. Especially those who like CW! - KS4RT

Wow! This is one of the most informative ham radio sites I have seen. It is very well done. I like your CW page the most. I will be sure to list your site when I get my page up. - KT4RL

nice home page - KT4ZU

Great page - luv ham radio since 1967!! - KV4F

# I am also a cw freak.. mostly all cw since I was KN5CFA in 1954. Also, I worked as a deejay..salesman..and finally station manager of local radio station until changing careers in 1981.Congrats on the beautiful site..I'll see you on 20 cw !! Don - K5CFA

I visit your site regularly. It's great information. Keep up the great work. CW Forever! Don - K5CFA

I have been licensed since about 1951 and until 1978 worked only CW. I am not particularly active due to work but some day I will return to my origins the low end of 40 meters where I started with an ARC-5 and S38B. Never tried QRP. I have keyed some really big rigs in my Navy days. My favorite was an AN/FRT39. I think it ran about 20 KW. 73 - K5DL

Hi John, I first saw your web page by looking at the NorCal QRP pubs. Also had a refresher from the FISTS pub. You have a very nice page and some very valuable info included. I try to check many pages over time as there are so many like yours that are updated and new info is available. I have been a county hunter since 1982 and received USA-CA #506 in Feb '86. Haven't been active much except to conventions for several years. My wife enjoys the conventions as much as I do. She has the TN MMM convention on the calendar far ahead each year and it is a given that we will be there. We have made others such as KC, ID, NC, FL, PA, AZ etc. Been working more CW lately and started to work some counties on CW also. Love QRP and all the goodies that can be found in QRP Pubs. etc. Built the 40-9er into Altoids box, complete with battery and switch to turn off the power. First contact in a contest was in TN just out of Nashville good for the 1000 mi award running 250mw. Also have the 38 special complete except for the packaging. That will be soon I hope. MFJ 9020 running btry power to homemade vertical in one of the city parks merited S92SS, along with Mexico, Canada and numerous U.S. stations within 2 hours of operation. Worked the first FIST that day and that brought about membership in that organization. Happy holidays John and all the best from Texas. 73, George - K5HT

Hi John. I flew in from the FISTS page to see what's up! You have a nice web site going here. I set a bookmark, and plan to return often. - K5JAZ

Hi John...I'm not a DXer, etc...just an old ragchewer...just browsed over ur page " thought I'd check it out. Tnx, Phil - K5PW

Good info, I may become active again with all this great info around. - K5VP

Enjoyed your QRP information. I've just started operating QRP with an old Heathkit HW-8. Its certainly different, but fun. 73 de Stan - K5WQ

if there is a mailing list, put me on it!!! (none yet, but it's a thought-js) - KB5NJD

Just finished reading your two columns in the Keynote Combo issue that arrived today. Looks like I'm going to have to try QRP! Bob - KC5DUI

Enjoyed your site .. Keep up the good work. 73's - KC5FIO

Nice website! Is the 10m sloping dipole the only outside ant? Quite an accomplishment 1000 day streak!!!! 73's - KC5JBE

Got your E mail message this morning with your website address so thought I would check it out, always interested in finding new web sites about ham and FISTS stuff particularly. Keep up the good work. Thanks, Jere FISTS #2439 - KC5NRB

Enjoying ur colums in fist newsletter on qrp. am starting into qrp(fists). I am a retired Police Sgt and travel in my fifth wheel trailer 1/2 of the year. Married with 3 grown childern and 6 grandchildren. How about moble ant's that are high gain??? - KC5OBI

Hello, I am a FISTS member here in Texas. Would like to know more about QRP. I'm a Tech+, and would like to upgrade to General. I am a RN working evening shifts. Thanks, Donna - KC5OHK

I just wanted you to know, that I myself am a solid cw operator. I passed my 20 wpm code at the age of 17 and i currently am 18 years old and i hold a general class ticket..with my csce for 20 wpm code. I plan to have advanced and then extra soon. tnx 73 chris charanza - KC5QIH

Thanks for visiting my page and signing my guest book. You have a great page, I enjoyed it very much and will return often. I will add your page to my links today. 73 Robert - KC5TOM

Keep up the good work in all aspects. Jim Burnett fists #2920 - KC5VJU

Fnd ur site by ur email to me. Did send in frnt cvr frm keynotes. Will explore ur site now. Looks very interesting. 73 Fists #3041 - KC5VLF

Nice Site !!! Really like the QRP stuff. - KI5YT

KJ5ZR asked me to check it out. I enjoyed it very much and downloaded your MORSE.EXE program. I'll check out the rest later. I'm an EXTRA and trying to increase my speed. - KJ5NE

Very nice page. I'm QUITE impressed. This is one of the most elaborate pages I've had the pleasure to visit. I know it is and has been a GIANT effort. Keep up the good work. - KJ5ZR

Hi John, Just wanted to take the time to tell you what a great WEB-SITE you have here. I have just got into QRP operation last year and I, a 95% CW Op, am very impressed with your set-up! I also like meteorolgy, astronomy, and I am a computer programmer by trade. 73's and Keep up the good work John! Mike - KK5A

Nice page! - KV5F

Hi! Just thought I'd say hello and tell you that I'm also a CW enthusiast. You may have seen my article in the February issue of CQ on customizing the Vibroplex Iambic paddle. Anyway, just wanted to compliment you on the nice website. 73, Jeff - K6JW (ex-WA6DAL)

Hi John, Was reading you article in Fists, "Key Note" and thought I would try your web site. - KB6JMJ

I really like this page and I will add it to my links later this evening. I am just trying to teach myself HTML and it is slowly but surely coming along. Once again Nice Page!! 73 Frank - KB6UPG

I just got on the net and was browsing around, like to check out various web pages, so when I get around to it I will have a better idea of what it will look like. Now that I'm fully retired I just sit around and play with my toys. Hi Hi. 73 Jim - KD6IVF

Thanks for an interesting ham radio site that uses the WWW to its fullest advantage. 73 cul, Joe - KE6LNQ

It is sure wonderful that so many folks will take the time to work a weak and slow novice. Bless them all. Nice site you have. I arrived through the NorCal QRP clubs vector to other QRP sites. - KE6TYH

I am new to CW but am really enjoying it. I refuse to go phone until I am really good at Cw. I found this site while browsing AC6V Home page. Thanks for allowing me to visit. I will put this site in my bookmark. 73 Ed - KE6ZXQ

# John! Tnx for putting ME!!! on your QSL card...very cool prize:) I'm a new ham es LOVE to see my call in print... Tnx agn es TTUL 73's Becky... Better than an all expensed pay trip HI! - KF6GUH

Just wanted to say tnx!I've been a ham 9 months es only entered 2 contests...the first blew me away I was so unprepared. Came to check your site looking for "hints" es found some great info(not just for a QRPer,but also for a beginner!). Keep up the great insights to cw es contesting. 73's de Becky - KF6GUH

interested in getting started qrp. tnx es 73 - KF6GXO

you have a very nice web page.. lots of good links.... looks like you put a lot of work into it. just surfed in and am looking around. if you get board come check out my swap page .. lots of neat goodies to buy or maybe you need to sell. (See Links - Misc) 73 Danny - KO6OY

Hiya John, I found your web site from the addy you have printed on your QSL card. I worked you a while back and was just looking through some of my old qso cards. I just wanted to commend you on such a full and well organized site. Boy I was expecting something basic like all other amateurs, but no! Boy, did you break all barriers. You sure know how to make a page!! I'm an Extra, GROL, active VE and BURO organizer and just today sent out my new membership to FISTS. Tnx alot for such a cool sight. Got a bookmark on it now! 73 K3WWP . ... . ?? he he - KQ6EH

I got your e-mail about the 1000 days of qrp and came to check it out. I just ordered the Fists Emtech qrp kit and keyer (20m) and your site is getting me fired up. Can it really be that easy? I hope so! Good luck on another 1000 days of qrp qsos de John Fists #2406 - KQ6ES

John, Found your excellent website while searching for links to SOWP page. Keep up the nice work....I'll be back often. 73, Joe - K7CI

Just cruising the net for some info on qrp to give at the next club meeting. Have not been real active in recent years due to work and apartment living. Things have really changed since I built a pierce oscillator ckt using a 6AQ5 for a novice transmitter but was not resourceful enough to build a rx at age 13(was licensed as KN7DHF in April of 1958.). Anyhow, look like things have really changed recently and I might like to build some portable stuff. Me and friend always operate qrp in FD so maybe will catch you. Good web site!!! 73 Scott - K7DHF

Found out about your web site in your countyhunter reflector comment. What a great site! I feel we have almost everything in common (the exception is QRP... I only use it for portable). I am in FISTS, vastly prefer cw, love 40m and hunt grid squares. FYI: I run reflectors for cw and 40m and warc on qth.net Also just started one called grid-loc with the idea of promoting collecting grid squares--my particular interest is in HF grid squares. Nice to get the lead on inexpensive QSLs from KE3WH. I always preferred a card that was just a bit different than the others, even if not 'beautiful'. N3INI has a great card, for example. Look for me on 40m (cw, of course)!! Grant - K7GT

Thanks for the opportunity to comment. Many sites do not offer this direct opportunity (other than email). And that is the case with my own site. I have spent considerable time reviewing amateur radio sites to initiate ideas for improvement on my own site. The link to propagation is probably a good idea. Good luck, and keep up the good work. Bob Aloha Oregon Licensed 36 years - K7QXG

Enjoyed your Morse page. Most of my HF operation is is done mobile and CW is the primary mode. Morse will probably be around awhile in amateur radio ranks as its like being able to speak a 100 different languages. Many of my contacts would have never occurred on voice due to the language barrier. Keep up the good work! 73. Rob - K7TGU

Hi John, Just surfing the net, Great page, keep up the good work, 73, larry - KA7ZNC

Just came by to check it out. Looks Great. Will have to visit it often and the scrolling Message says! 73's Leon - KB7SVB

Nice site: Like Arnold Schwartzenegger says, "I'll be back!". - KC7RCK

Just doing some thinking about getting into QRP..... - KC7RZA

Nice site-tnx. I've worked a lot of qrp cw the past few months - seems to be increasing interest in it. 73 Len - KC7XH

FB my friend - very well done! 73's de HEF - KD7E

(Radio Devices) is where I found your web page. nice job. 73', John - KE7CW

Just dropped by again.. very nice page with lots of info. I'm going to start a section on mine with pointers to the good pages, and would like to add yours - KI7MN

Tnx nice site. I'm off to look at it some more! - KK7IU

Thanks for the link via the FISTS mailing list. I'm a newbie by your standards and becoming interested in QRP. Your site will be a great help. I've added your URL to my favorites on both machines, at work and at home. Tks es 73 - K8EZ

ex: K8QLK licensed 1959 as KN8QLK missed all my other chances to get rid of it until the vanity call program opened up. Got my first choice on the first day, I guess this was my only lottery winning :). Am a DXer and a Contester and a wallpaper collector. Got intensly active in Nov 1989 and am not stopping now. Have 241 countries mixed with only 100 w and dipoles. 100+ contries on 40, 20, 15 " 10. Am working on building up my contesting skills. - K8GT

Very nicely done! Congratulations and I will stop back! Bob - K8JPM

Congratulations on a FB website. I don't do much fiddling arnd on the internet, and when I do it is for a specific purpose (e.g., looking up callsign addresses), but found yours to be full of stuff that I am interested in. - K8OUA

CONGRATS on a FB homepage, a job well done! - K8TBW

# Thanks for a very informative web site, I anticipate returning often. - K8UCL

Hi John : I'm visitor number 8000, how about that ! I've visited your site many times and always find something interesting and informative. Thanks for your efforts and keep up the good work. - K8UCL

Hey John: Just thought I'd drop you a note. In the mail today I received my first ever contest award. First Place, Ohio for the 1997 Hootowl Sprint awarded by QRP-ARCI. I continue to be delighted at the fun and sense of acomplishment afforded by QRP operations. 72 " 73, Corb - FISTS # 2642 QRP-ARCI # 9281 - K8UCL

Fist # 2715 ur web page 599 +++++++ I work cw QRP ( pure) also. My antenna is attic mtd. too. This hobby sure is great. Enjoy ur aticles. Keep up the good work. Rick - KA8EGS

Looks like a great page...will check back from time to time - KB8KAC

Wouldn't it be great to have code W1AW code practice for those of us that travel without the benefit of our ham gear? Is there such a web site? I even created a Morse program a few years ago to keep me company. I released it as freeware. - KB8YA

Hiya John! KA8OQF/FISTS #1478 here. Read about the page in Keynote. Am cruising it slowly as I am still a novice in cyberspace. What I've seen looks good - and the fact you regularly update it is great!! I've seen too many home pages where the stuff is a year or more out of date. (Sadly, this seems to include the FISTS page.) Hope to CU on xx.058 sometime! -=Charlie=- - KA8OQF

Surfing the net looking for Ham pages is how I foung your page. - KB8SRF

# Gr8 site, like personal story es equipment info, esp. homebrewing. - KC8GCD Congrats on FISTS QRP Century Award no.001, FABULOUS!! I worked on my CW just to upgrade, now its all I do!!! FISTS 3146 - KC8GCD

Thanks for great info resource. I have just received my VHF/UHF ticket and am studying the code so I can make the next jump right to Advanced. I have the theory whipped, but am having lots of trouble with code. I will get it though as I feel it is a valuable skill and should be maintained. BTW, you got your ham license the year I was born. :) 73 - KC8GJI

Hello John! Greetings from Mount Vernon, Ohio. I am located in the geographical center of Ohio. I am only 42 years old but have been a licensed Ham since 1976. I love CW too! I just ordered a new Qrp rig today from Ten tec. I will be putting together a 40 meter transceiver. It has 3 watts output, a superhet receiver (no direct conversion receiver) and hope to get it on the air soon. I am hamming it upon a budget you might say. I really enjoyed your web page John especially the morse code introduction! Hope to hear you on the air someday! 73 Tony - KC8UR

What a great page! - KJ8F

# During my first QRP contact I was as nervous as I was on my very first cw QSO. It was fabulous. I worked a half hour of the FISTS Fall Sprint, had 5 contacts as well as 4 long contacts the next morning. I received a 579, two 589s, and the rest were 599s!!!! Wow, I hardly believed it myself. MFJ 9040, 971 tuner and ant made with 300 ohm TV lead in wire. Life is good. - KX8LL

I've been working a lot of QRP on an everyday basis. Was looking forward to SS, raised ant. cleaned out shack, organized desk and practiced code. At last minute, my older son,John, KC8GCE came up from Indiana and we spent the weekend building him a 2 meter 5 el quad. Not even 1 qso in SS but it was a fab weekend in ham radio. 73 de John, - KX8LL

As of May 1st, I'll have been a ham for 1 year and I'm 55 yrs old but I'm trying to get cought up. My first ticket was General and 7 months later, and a lot of HARD work I was an Extra and have since got my VE from ARRL so I've been busy. Well, that's about it and by the way, you have a very nice page and as Arnold would say "I'll be back". de Virg - K9AI

Best of Luck - K9AAU

John, Very interesting reading about the origination of the CHN net. As I told you in my note, I ran across this net in 1969 after moving to Florida and became a regular from 1969 to about 1977 under my WB4OGW call. I remember many of the calls in your recounting of the history of CHN and as Jeff, W9MSE, can attest, I was a inveterate contester in those days. The various QSO parties were my primary interest then and I was an enthusiastic participant in in the CW County Hunter's Contest at the end of July each year. I still have plague which was awarded me as the first station to score over one million points in this contest! Thanks for the memories, John! 73, Jerry - K9BG

Nice Home Page Set Up. Much More Than Expected. Had a hard time picking what I liked best about it. Lots to look into. Found You By Surfing. Now have you bookmarked. 73 - K9FA

Located in FORD county, Illinois which is not heavily populated with hams. I have checked into the CHN several times and given out Ford County contacts. While I'm not a county hunter myself, its nice to sometimes be needed by the CHN group just like rare DX! - K9JWF

Got your site from G0TIP. Interesting background. I worked in broadcasting for 10 years. I first got my license KN9OOX in May of 1956. I dropped it when they charged for it. Broadcasting wasn't paying enough to keep that habit up and feed two small children (the primary reason I got out of BC'ing). I worked as a Morse Interceptor for 6 years in the Army Security Agency. I peaked out around 45 wpm. I didn't copy any for 35 years. I started listening to maritime stations and could copy them pretty well at 15-16 wpm. I picked up a code practice CD set from ARRL to take you from 15 to 22 wpm. The instructions said when you get to 75% go to the next higher speed. I was about 80-85 percent on each speed. I've been working at 22 for a while with the proficiency creeping up slowly. I plan to try for Extra Class in August. As I have a D.Sc. involving electronics (Optical Sciences and Sensors), the technical end seemed no problem. The code appears not to be a problem. So, I've been concentrating on reviewing Part 97 and RF safety. Ralph - ex K9OOX

Enjoyed visiting your site...especially enjoyed comments re: CW. It is also my favorite mode and use it almost exclusively on HF. - K9UND

Very nice looking site! I found your site via link from Smolinki's page. I found what I was looking for on your extremely nice website, namely the callbook. Something for everyone here. Keep up the good work. Maybe we will work HF someday. 73 dave - KA9SRU

You have a very nice " informative page. Very enjoyable. Have been wanting to set up a home page and yours is an inspiration to do so. - KB9INQ

# Hi John, we wkd on 30m bk on 17aug95 es nice seeing u hr on the WWW. Great pages, keep up the gud wrk. Just joined FISTS, 73's. - KB9JAI

Nice chattin wid u agn John es ur an inspiration es an asset to ham radio....keep up the gud wrk....73 Dwight - KB9JAI

Hello! I worked you on CW and found your page via coloardo qrp club. It has excellent info and I believe I am going to become a frequent visitor!! 73 es GUD QRPing! Chris - KB9KTC

Hello John, found your page via 59(9) report page. Good job on the page, lets encourage more hams to post their own pages. 73 for now.....Tony - KF9TF

# First visit, I am an entry level contester living in a covenant restriced QTH, working towards constructing a low cost contest class station on a farm about 40 miles north of Milwaukee. Jim Klas - KF9VV

Read your article in NCJ. As an entry level contester, QRP style of operating certainly has advantages in developing skills something I can use. Thanks. - KF9VV

Great Site first time in but will look further when i have more time bill - K0UK

NIce web site with lots of interesting stuff. I enjoyed looking around and will add your side to my favorites. - KA0VSL

Hope to hear you on CW! - KA0W

I really enjoyed your site. 73 de Trina - KB0TYW

I like it been ham fer 1 1/2 yrs es having fun 73s danny - KB0WIM

I found your Page very interesting and informative. Innovative. From a former press telegrapher, it's nice to have CW to enjoy. - KB0ZE

Nice job on your page, lots if useful info. It's listed now in my "Hams on the Web" link directory at my site (See my Links page to visit KG0ZZ - js) - KG0ZZ

Thank you for putting up such a fine page, John. I am a QRP cw operator, too (nearly exclusively). I do enter some contests, and I even do the cw contests qrp. I have a TS-830s and a very sad 40 meter dipole. I look forward to your next Keynote article. Agn, tnx fer your time and cul. Peter. btw, I am 18 and an Extra. Active in ARES, RACES, NTS. - KI0EG