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Hi John, Found the time to look into your web site. Nice job. I have been playing around with QRP CW for many years but not as much as I'd like. Your contact a day is not a bad idea and I might just give it a go to get my activity back up again. Although I don't get on cw as much as I'd like the desire certainly is there. When a novice back in 1976 I purchased my first rig with $ saved from a paper route. I got a Heath HW-8 and ran that from the bedroom shack until I went off to college in 1979. I had no idea when I was on the air that QRP was what I was using. Go figure... All I knew was that I had a new rig and I was making contacts. Your column in Key Note is good reading and gets me interested in getting the HW-8 back out and going again. I am now in process of making a portable shack with the rig, batter, ant. tuner etc. I have been taking it along with family outings. Anyway, type at you later on. I want to check out the web page a bit more this evening. Perhaps one day I can stop in and meet you as I visit my sister in Pittsburgh once in a while. Just thought of the Butler hamfest. Was going to go today but too much going on at church. Wonder if you made it. 73 for now - Chris, Never Ground 3 Watts - NG3W

QRP is fun! - N4VZD

I found out about your site from the PVRC site. You have one heck of a site. Congradulations. 73, Paul - N3RQV

Hi John, You have a very nice QRP web site. I enjoy QRP very much myself and have used it many times since about 1959. I used a Heathkit VF-1 VFO for my first QRP transmitter and later purchased a Heathkit HW-8 which I still have. I have also built various home brew solid state and tube type QRP rigs and have always been amazed at the results. The rig I use most of the time now is a Ten-Tec Scout 555 with the power backed down to 15 watts. (The power will go down to 5 watts but 15 has been the best compromise for me since the power adjustment on the Scout is a screw driver adjustment through a hole in the bottom of the cabinet and somewhat inconvenient to change.) Although not QRP I get excellent results on CW using a 40 meter indoor dipole. I work 40,30,20,15,& 10 meters using the 40 meter indoor dipole and Heathkit HFT-9A Antenna Tuner. 73, John - NQ4Q

Been a FISTS meber for several yrs. but wasn't much interested in QRP until moved into apt. bldg with no outside antenna. Now your column looks much more interesting! Your QSL record certainly holds forth hope for me. Also, I like your decision on new rig - a regular 100 W transc. that can be used on QRP. I'm gonna try it. Tnx & 73.. Sid - N0DJD

Hi John. Stopped by to visit your site. Linked from W4QO, Jim Stafford's site. Your site looks great and the number of QSO's is impressive. Hope to talk with you sometime on air. I live north of Atlanta, about 25 miles. I recently upgraded to General. Keep up the great work! Jim Millsap - N4ZFU

# John, visited before and while surfing found your quality site again. Just ordered my first QRP rig a Red Hot on 40. Nice site and speaks well for amateur radio. Hope to catch you on the bands. 73 John - N0EVH

saw your web page long time ago and now just again on eham....checked your qrp logs and see we havn't worked before :( Hope to catch u on 30 meters sometime! Work lots of qrp there around 10.110 - 120. Check my beacon web page out at: n7lt-bcn.homepage.com 73 Lyndel - N7LT

Hi John,Nice to see your website. I'll explore it in more detail soon, as it looks like there are a lot of good links on it! My most recent brainstorm is to operate 2000 CW SS from Nebraska with my brother, WY0L, so maybe we can make it a little harder to miss a Clean Sweep this year! 73, Jim - N9JF

I have been trying to get info on county hunting, thought I might want to get into it. Lived in Kittanning from 1949-1953. Nice site, very well done. 73, Ralph - NT3F

QRP Lives, QRP is life!!!!! - NV4T

Just thought I would drop by. It looks interesting. If you are in PA, do you have my QSL card on your wall? I used to go in to Willow Grove quite a bit. Look my card up on QRZ.COM and see if it looks familiary. Thanks again for the site... Bob - N1EDM

Hello, John. I'm at work without email so thought I'd take this opportunity to congratulate you on your excellent webpages and to pass along the URL for the log of FO0AAA which I discovered today, Fri 31 Mar 2000. http://dx.qsl.net/logs/index.html FO0AAA is currently the top selection once there. 73, Bill - N4QA

Thanks for the log search. - NJ3K

Hello John Name is Earl, and I was introduced to your site by another John-NB4OMN. I live in the country, and about ready to retire from the USPS. Will visit you again. John was right-- you do have the best site. TNX & 73 - N4SNV

Just surfing and ran into your page thru Fists home page. Very nice job you have done here, I am in the process of putting my home page together and it's not as nice as yours. Hpe to work you some day, am not into QRP but am 100% CW... 73's and cul Ron - N7RD

John, Just tried QRP and had a blast with it. Chatted with KG2MV Alan in NJ from Phoenix on an ICOM 706MkII with 5W and a 20m diploe in the attic. Am having to brush up on CW, but having a blast with it. Chatted with a couple of local folks the other morning (K7DEE and K6BYC) and could copy them even in the noise. Had never tried QRP before, but think I'm stuck. A friend got me interested (K7DEE, Dee) and he camps a lot and uses randon longwires. Great web site, thanks for posting the info. As a newbie, this QRP stuff is really fun (have been liscensed since '89). I think I'd like to build a 30m kit, the Norcal SST, and see how it does with the internal 9v battery. 73, Mike - N4VBV

Just wanted to thank you for a great resource on the web. Your contest page especially is a great asset. I realize it is a lot of work. I will be a regular to your page. Gary - NZ8Y

Nice Site - N1JYZ

THANK YOU JOHN NICE SITE - JUST STARTING IN QRP ??? (Always glad to hear someone is getting into QRP - GL with it!!! - js) - N5DGG


Good site!~ - NY3M

John, I was searching the web for information on FISTS (after hearing a FISTS QSO on 80 meters), and I came upon your web site (and an awesome web site it is!). As I browsed your site, KITTANNING jumped out of the screen at me. My grandfather used to fire a steam locomotive through Kittanning many years ago, and I talked to a ham once on CW from Kittanning whose relatives worked on the Shamut railroad. Could it be you are the same person? Well, by golly you are! Small world. We QSO'd on March 27, 1993. You were running 9 watts with a homebrew transmitter and random wire. I was running 15 watts into a dipole. Anyhow, we had a nice rag chew about Kittanning, the Shamut, and relatives. We QSL'd and you sent me a nice letter giving me more details about how your family came to Kittanning, and the Shamut. I'll have to send you a copy if you didn't carbon copy it. I've always remembered that QSO as one of my most enjoyable cw contacts. Anyhow, sort of got away from the hobby when I got married and relocated to Brunswick. Now starting to get back into it with the XYL's permission. Hoping to join FISTS soon and also possibly give a FISTS presentation to our radio club. (I'm not even a member and I want to spread the word, how about that!) Will say 73 fer now. Tnx fer memorable QSO and QSL. Drop email if get a chance. Bill - N8IVR

Well, I've spent the last hour in your site and I've lost the 40 meter opening for the evening!!! But it was worth it. I've enjoyed my stay very much. Keep up the great work and push that "CW"! - NL7DS

nice page - NX8F

I love the web page!! It really does justice to amateur radio and is a place where I will check out every now and then.. 73.... - N2TXV

a message qrp-l pointed to your contest callendar. Wow 2000 consecutive days with at least one QSO. I should do the same :-) BTW, I mostly use my Elecraft K2 with 5 watts and 100Ft endfed wire. But I switch to my FT-990 with 100watts when after new countries and I run out of patience. I hope to work you in the future. 73 es 72 de Andreas Junge - N6NU

Hi John...Great site. I use it alot for various types of info like CW,QRP,DX,HOMEBREW,PROPAGATION,& LINKS. I too am interested in CW QRP.Although I've had my license for a number of years,I haven't been on the air very much for a number of reasons. I am in the process of putting together a QRP station and should be on the air soon. I usually used flattop dipole antennas in the past,but don't have the space for an 80 meter version so I put up an inverted[drooping]antenna.I'm still trying to get it to work. I'm into homebrewing and kit building,in fact I have a 20 meter transceiver on its way to me from the manufacturer. Well I could go on for a while about QRP but I guess I'll end it here for now. Looking forward to meeting you on the air John. 73&72 Joseph - N2IVI

Hi John, I'm just getting into QRP. I had seen an evaluation of the w9wbl iambic key somewhere but cannot seem to locate it again. Do you know of a site or forum that may have rated various cw keys. I currently have a Bencher key. Thanks for any help you could provide. You have an awesome site! Keep up the good work. Thanks, Jim - N2CAU

hello john, im part of the ohio valley cw net www.qsl.net/ovnnet found you on one of our links/kf4lq.. just looking around seeing what i can find 73 gerald - N4GD

Hello John: Your Home page is super. I know of you, through the Pa qso Party, every year. My Son Ray Ai2s and I work the contest every year (qrp.) Ray set up a home page for me, and you can find me through Search engines. Infoseek has not picked me up yet. Ray has a great home page too. You can check him out at search engines also. Ray helped put me on the air, in 1983. I have been Extra Class since 1987, and my favorite mode is cw(forever.)Hi! Ok John, my 73's -Pat' - NW2I

No comment at present time. - N0SCS

Hello John! I stop in from time-to-time just to make sure you are still making a contact a day! I think that is a wonderful habit and wish more followed your lead. I hope to CU on the bands one of these days. Keep up the GREAT work. I also enjoy your site and have it bookmarked. Vy 72, - N9AVG

Found your website from the QRZ website. Antennas are interesting. What do you use for QRP? Must be a pretty decent type. Mine is an inverted vee with 55 ft legs and an apex height of about 35 ft. I use tuned feeders. - N4FG

Operate mostly CW on 12, 17, and 30 Meters. Retired Navy Crypto Technician now working for the railroad. Member ARRL, Naval Cryptologic Veterans Associan (FRUPAC), Society of Wireless Pioneers and Livonia (Michigan) Amateur Radio Club. You have a very interesting and informative website here, John. Keep up the good work. - N8ZWY

John: Hello. I got my 20 wpm abt 4 yrs ago and promptly put my key away. A buddy who I introduced to ham radio is really into CW, so my interest in it has been revived. An extra who cant recieve code? Shame! I'm up to abt 13 wpm (agn) and shooting for a comfortable 20 wpm or beyond. I may even dust off the ol' HW-8. Nice site. Eric - N8XT/6

Hi John, worked you a few years ago QRP and I read your FISTS columns in each Keynote issue. Nice informative web page. 73's Patrick http://www.qsl.net/n1ocj/qrp.html - N1OCJ

NIce site. I'm looking around at different stations. Yours is fb. 73 and Gud DX, Stan - N5UE

Hello John, the main thing I would like to say is you really have a fantastic web page. I found it while looking for info on the Index Labs QRP+. I was very impressed with all of the available info and how well it was set up. Really great job. Its guys like you that keep this QRP hobby interesting. thanks a lot.... - N9YAI

Hi, John, I just did a search on Ham Radio, was looking for RDF information. I've also done some QRP work, but I'm disappointed in results I've had with wire antennas. I'll have to check out your site to see how you get good results with that combination... I just got here, I haven't looked through the site, yet. 73's Rob - N9MVO

# Good morning John: Just thought you would like to know that you have inspired me to try to get at least one QRP contact per day. I read about your "one per day" on another reflector and thought it was a good way to stay active as much as possible. In the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of haveing QSO's with several DX stations. One of them even gave me my first "MILES per WATT" from OK1KT. (1293 miles per watt). I am very please to have read your notes on this idea and have printed them out to give to a friend to get hin going also. He is the one who got me into ham radio. I usually run 2-4 Watts depending on the rig I am using. Most of my rigs are OHR. Antenna is a G5RV, Jr. up 35' along the back of my house. The other rig i use when I travel or go on vacation is the Wilderness SST-20. This puts out 2 watts and is lots of fun. I even use it with a 9 volt battery for about 800MW. Hope to hear you on the bands someday. Aron Brown Bedford, NH FISTS#4110 G-QRP#9946 - N1ODL

Hi, John; Got to your site via AC6V's links. Trying to upgrade to 13 wpm - very hard for me; plateauing at about 9, but I keep practicing. Appreciate all of you folks who have sites with operating tips, cw programs, etc. It's a big help to us...Thanks and 73 de Maynard - N9PTG

Great site. I use a Yeasu FT101 powered down to as low as 1 w to a dipole 92 ft long up about 45 ft between two southern pines. When conditions are right I have worked the world on qrp. I have telephone interference which is what stimulated me to learn about qrp and have enjoyed it ever since. - N4OLN

Hi John: It's past time for me to write & say thanks for a great site. My first visit was a year ago for CW info. I've been back to it many times for more CW info and again today for some DX QSL info. I've also referred many others to your site for CW info. Yours is only one of two that I know about, that discuss CW procedures--A VERY MUCH NEEDED SKILL, overlooked by many. I returned to amateur radio in May 1998. I was a ham in during High School, 1960's, and like many Hams I've spoken to, in my age group, fell away from the hobby. CW has always been my most favorite OP mode, but after 30years away, I was quite rusty. One patient OP, early on, referred me to your site, and sent me info from your site--manna from heaven. ;-) THANK YOU. More recently, like you, I've been bitten by the QRP bug. in the last 9 months I've built several radios from the many kit suppliers. (Next step HB, a 15 meter rig) My first rig was an OHR100A for twenty meters. After assembly and initial tune-up, I started tuning around, guess who I heard first: YOU! Quite fitting I thought. Someday, I hope to have a QSO with you--QRP/QRP CW of course. 72/3 Rod - N0RC

this is a very nice site with alot good information and other links. I've heard you in many contest before nice signal for qrp. 73 - N9DT

# Formerly WD5BEO.....been HAMing since'76.....prefer CW but only recently started to develop an interest in QRP. Currently running an FT920 which will power down to about 3.5W....scored 2nd last year ('98) in TX FD as 1B QRP. Looking to pick up a kit of some sort soon as I make up the old mind. Getting a little windy aren't I.........better run......TNX for being here John 72's CU on the air. - NN5B

Vy nice web site, John. By the way, I work about 98% cw (I like to try to work special event stations)... Jim - N3JV

Great you are a qrp cw person. Been in ham radio 36 years and getting to actually enjoy cw now. Purchased a good rig that helps me hear only one signal at a time. Like your site. Keep promoting ham radio, that is what it is about. 73's John - N0EVH

John,very nice site. I have been out of the hobby for several years,I think I became very jaded by the desire to keep up and have the latest and most powerful rig. I am recovering from a serious operation and while doing so have decided that I would go back into HR,but this time I would have more FUN. I'm going to use a philosophy similar to urs. Keep it simple,but effective and enjoy it. Trying to decide on which QRP rig to start with then I have to get up an antenna,wire;no beams,no towers. 73 Alex - N4BYJ

Each Tuesday morning the Old Coots QRP Gathering has a mini field day starting about 10AM EDT. Thats plus or minus a few minutes depending on how long we spend chatting over breadfast. We meet at Ballard Park, Melbourne, FL and can be found on both CW and SSB. Generally we have three or four transmitters in operation. The SSBtypes start with the YL net on 40 and go from there. CWers start on 14060 and meander about depending on propagation. Come join us or give us a call. 73/72's - N4MPD

John, Just wanted to say thanks for making such a fantastic site. All the work that you have put into it really shows through. Thanks for being a big inspiration to me and the QRP operating that I do...You have shown me that it all can be done with 5 watts or less, guess I aready knew that, but it's just nice to see it being done. Your site is very informative, I have it book marked and will visit it regularly.... Thanks again for a JOB WELL DONE !!! Tim Herron NM8Y How do you spell relief? -.-. .-- - NM8Y

Found your webpage from a QRP-L message. I sure like how you have put your webpage together and it certainly has plenty of useful information. Thanks for providing me a place to spend some time! 72 es 73 de Jerry in Irving, Texas - N5RV

Interesting and informative page. I enjoy checking out the various web pages hams have put together. I am mostly inactive in ham radio now, however I still enjoy listening in on the HF (mostly 75 meters) and some of the local repeaters. Perhaps, one of these days I will get back into the hobby more. I have an old Kenwood TS120S here and a Kenwood HT. I used to think that Ham Radio was mysterious and magical - and it was. It is still a good hobby I think. I am kind of sorry to see the way they are running the exams now, but I guess you've got to think - this is the 90s, things change. - N9CDN

This has got to be the 6th or 8th time I have visited your site which I found through JA9MAT web site. I wish to build vacuum tube qrp gear and associated stuff needed to get on the air. Currently I have a Kenwood ts440s on a end fed wire, g5rv and mfj1796 verticle. I have found that I get great signal reports when I keep the power down to < 10 watts!! I enjoy the pictures of your station as it typifies my kind of ham radio. I'll be back, John - N3ZSD

Have been a ham on and off for over 20yrs. Have been re-excited by using simple rcv/trans and cw only. Feels like being a novice again. I am using an old Drake TR-4C and make my own ant...Nice site here... Lon - N5DJY

Good luck on your streak!! Do you know/worked W3PO? - N3XBG

Where do you find the time for so much QRP activity? - N0DQV

just wandered in and will bookmark. looks cool willexplore when i have more time. 73's - N3YHM

Hello . You have a cool site here I think Its one of the better that I have seen Keep up the good work Ted - N3ZRX

I just dropped in to the web one night after work and found your site so I thought I'd drop you a line to say hi - N7WCF

have wandered in and i am bookmarking. received my general class 14 months ago and have logged 160+ countries on 20 meters with heathkit hw 101 and a dipole - N3YHM

You have real nice site, keep up the good work. I have put your site into my favorite places, so I can come back to it again. Good luck on your QSO self contest. I would like to upgrade my tech. lic. to a tect-plus, can you suggest what code practice tape would be good to get for that upgrade. Thank you - N3ZZK

Neat site. Especially appreciate the links to kit makers. Got here via note on the Ten-Tec Contester reflector. I've not looked at the whole site yet, so I am sure I will have more good things to say when I do. 73's Pete - NO2D

FISTS Magazine - N4CVF

THANKS TO YOU JOHN...I did it. After reading most of your QRP material, I decided to try a QSO using QRP. Sorry I couldn't meet you on 80 on the 30th. So on the 31st was looking for you, on the freq's you said you use on 80 mtr. I didn't hear you, figured you were out for the New Year, so listened around some. Didn't hear anyone calling CQ so I used what I learned from your material, and called three CQ's, and put in my call sign 2 times. Figured I would use your info again and do that a couple times and move on. LOW AND BEHOLD, on my second CQ KX8B came back to me 599 and gave me a 599. He was at the other end of the state and I calculate at least 200 miles from my QTH. It really was a RUSH to make this my first QRP QSO. Perhaps YOU have introduced me to another excitement in ham radio. I will look for you on the bands. - NX8L

I read your pages frequently and enjoy the emphasis on QRP operation. The information on propagation is very useful. Keep up the good work! de Steve, - N1AOB

# Great page, I'm always glad to see ham's promoting Ham radio in anyway that they can. Keep up the good work and update it often so you keep'em interested. It's a good way to train new ham's in your area with info we old hams take for granted. Here's the URL to my home club's page - http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Hills/1173/index.html Be sure to visit my page and my friend's page listed there. Word of caution if your political views are on the left and are pro Bill Clinton you may not wish to visit my page. However, if you have a sense of humor you'll like what you find there. This is my home page URL -- http://homepage.netspaceonline.com/~n0dvg/ - If you're interested in exchanging Links use the above URL for my page. If you elect to do the exchanges please send your URL as I may not have it written down. Thanks for your interest in advance. I have a special section for clubs on my page. - N0DVG

# John, stopped back agn this eve and dug around a bit. Checked out ur list of QRP rigs. Am surprised to c u left out the late, great Roy Gregson's Emtech NW series. (The company was in transition after Roy's death when I made the list - the NW series is now included) Altho there's bn sum stink abt address chges, orders not processed, etc., to my knowledge, Roy's son and daughter hv bn serious abt keeping it alive and hv followed up wid emails on the qrp-l. The Nw series are vy fb rigs, i wrked u wid the nw40 a while bk and the receivers r grt. Don't u think they s/b on the list? 72 es God bless u & urs de n3ysi

Hi John, finally got around to this visit.Hve wrked u b4 on qrp 2x and enjoy ur arts in keynote. My dentist is k3ww and he asked yesterday if i hd vstd ur pg, so hr i am. 72 es god bless, cu de - N3YSI

I am just getting started in QRP and CW. I didn't know just how rusty I am. I think I am back at 12wpm. Anyway, I built a Sierra with the 40M module and the KC2 option. I have been playing around with it on 40M and my most distant contact to date is Oklahoma. I've ordered the 15M module, so I shold be able to do a little better. Any suggestions for a new QRP ham? - N5WU

I was hoping to find some information on the now bankrupt Index Laboratories. I own a QRP-plus which was damaged by lightning and when I hoped to turn it in for repair, I found that the phone had been disconected to Index Labs. Further inquiry via on the air contacts rumored that indeed they had gone out of business. I have no sound means by which to repair this microcontroller run transceiver without their (Indexlabs) or other qualified help. Could you post this message or lead me to someone that knows ? I was 100% QRP also, but on both SSB and CW. Now I am relegated to regular QRO (100 W) stuff. Thanks. 72, Terry - N4IY

You have a very useful and interesting site. It must take a lot of time to keep it up to date. I find the Propogation and DX sections very useful. I also hit 26999 on your counter today. 73 es cuagn Conrad - N1QDA

Excellent page...congrats..OM one of best I've seen. 73 de Gustavo - N9GN

I really enjoy reading your column every month tnx. - N7KX

I am enjoying the continuing list of daily contacts and the resources available thru your page. neat site! mike - N0WDM

Good Morning John... I read your bio on my first visit to your site today, and it was interesting to see how alike our hamming is, and was. I too was born in '45 and got my general in the same year as you. I'm a semi-retired aviator who grew up down in AC on the Jersey shore. I was running a Heath Sixer on AM with one big watt! Your site is beautiful! Very bright and clear. And nice large fonts for us old guys! (hi). I'm sure I'll check back from time to time. 73, Terry... - N4OUE

You have a fine looking Web Site....... I found your URL on QRZ.... - N9ONV

I was looking for information on setting up stealth antennae. I live in an apartment and have to be discrete. - N5WQI

Just surfing the net and checking out HAM stuff and ran across this site. I've been a ham since the 80's, but have been off the air for about 10 years and am trying to get back on. I love CW so am trying to get my speed up again to get back on the air. What frequency are you most apt to be found. 73's Sandy - NU6M

# Hi John! Fine site and fine info! I enjoy the QRP column in KEYNOTE and even give the mode a try now and again. Tnx es 73 de Joe ...-.- - N3LBC

LE counter says 24005. Great site! - N4TSS

Nice site! Gonna go try your search engine on some tuf ones! Great column and FB on your streak! I'm pretty active with time spit between QRP CW and QRO DXing - not that we don't DX QRP... - N5TW

Came across this site searching for links to post on our new site. www.mbgcnh.org is a Boys & Girls Club site designed (being designed!) to promote amateur radio to today's youth. Kind of hard finding stuff that will "entertain" kids about Ham Radio out here!! Feel free to visit, and NICE PAGE! 73'S AND CUL - N1QZA

Surfing looking for reviews of the ten-tec 1340, but eager to find any other tips on QRP as well! - N3FIH

# Thanks for the site....your dedication to the cause is appreciated here. 100% CW here also....4ever! FCC 2nd Class Radiotelegraph FCC Radiotelephone FISTS 5296 age=44yrs a few good yrs left! hope to cross paths with u on CW 73 - N5KY

Am also very much into QRP. I have several MFJ rigs and also a OHR 100 for 30 meters, and a Wilderness SST for 20 meters. This has to be my favorite rig as I take it where ever I go. Keep up the great site. I hope I get to QSO you some day. Aron N1ODL FISTS#4110 QRP-L#1326 G-QRP#9946 - N1ODL

Hi John -- thanks for the QSO last night. After we worked I switched over to my Pixie and made a couple contacts -- worked a new QRPp state -- KY. 72, Jake - N4UY

Thanks for the comments re my web page. I enjoy your column in Keynote. All the best, John. - N5LF

Hi John, I read about your site on a listing on the QRP-L list and thought I would check it out - boy am I glad I did. It must have taken you a long time to put this all together. I will be back again as there is too much to see at one time. I am building some QRP gear and hope to have some fun operating them - and try to get my code speed up to get my General class license. I also collect and build tube equipment. I think building your own rigs from kits, magazine articles, or whatever is a great way to enjoy HAM radio. Thanks for letting me view your pages and use the great links you have included. 73 Al N2ZHS ARRL life member, NorCal, and several local clubs - N2ZHS

I haven't had much time to view your web site. Just came back from a tour of the ARRL headquarters in Newington, Connecticut with eight other members of a local Amateur Radio Club. I finished a Ten Tec 30 meter QRP rig last week and am very much interested in getting into QRP. I found your site through a low power discusion group. 73 from Art - N1VEG

100% CW here also. FISTS member # 5296 FCC Second Class Radiotelegraph. Thanks for a great site. cu on cw - N5KY

I saw a msg on QRP-L and got here. I am new to qrp and am using an MFJ 9420. Great fun. - NN5O

Great site. Enjoy your Keynote column. Just got into QRP run 2 watts Heathkit HW-8 and a G5RV. Having a lot of fun. Sometime less is best. Thanks and CUL. - N2ZHF

Do you know of anyone running RTTY on 10 m? I would sure like to know. Really nice page, its easy to navigate. 73, Todd - N9YSQ

Excellent site. Specially appreciate the contest schedule and QSL routes. - N0IBT

Just got here. Reached this site via AC6V's site. Will definitely take a look around. I am CW only myself, don't like SSB. The only time I work phone is on local FM, though I surprised my Field Day group by doing 75 meters for four hours (160 QSOs). I do agree with the ARRL restructuring proposal, it bring us more in line with the rest of the world. 73 Bob - N2SU

Hope to work you QRP somewhere, sometime.......CW of course....73's de jerry - NN5B

Definitly one of the better sites. Interesting with practical info. Really inspiring to read about how a ham with low power and a very limited antenna can make so many contacts. Helps put things in perspective. One question, have you or anyone ever proposed a "true" QRP club, I guess that would be less than 5 watts and wire antennas? - N8IWG

Would you please send me a list of hamfests here in Florida. Thanks, James J. Jarvis jamesjjarvis@msn.com - N2NOO

Missouri Hamlist e-mail server announcement Nice site 73 - N5LE

# Hi John. Was just checking my links and clicked on yours. Noticed that I'd not signed your guest book. Shame on me. Still an excellent site and worth the band width to get here. Best 73's and CU on down the log book - Jim - N4BRP

I heard your good with putting antenas in a very small area. I am working on my 13wpm so that I can upgrade to General. However, I am always looking to put upa better antena. I live in a townhouse where antenas are not allowed. You from what I understand have experience with this. I am thinking of working on a means to put my g5rv up. I really enjoy CW and that is really the only mode of communication I am interested in. I enjoy qrp, but cause of the indoorantena I am forced to use qwp isn'r this is a nice web site. Keep up the s - N3BYY

I found this site through the NJ-QRP Club. What a great resource for beginning and seasoned QRPers! I have bookmarked your site and consider your page one of my favorites on the web! - N2ICZ

your web page look very good.. 73 ray - N5IZ

I have been in ham radio for about 8 years. My wife and I are currently in the process of buyong a towhhouse and am looking for an AEA Isoloop Antenna to put u[ in the attic so I can get back on HF. I will then be able toget on the air and increase my code speed so that I may upgrade. I currently have worked approximately 120 countries on 10 M and are confirmed with with about 85. This has all been on SSB using an Cushcraft R5 but all that has gone by the wayside as I had to sell my house after I was laid off. Hope to see all on the bands shortly - N1TPY

Great way of letting individuals know about ham radio. - N8VRB

From another operator K9AI - N9QCA

This is my first time here. So far...so good. I plan on returning.Keep up the good work. 73 de bob - N1YVI

Hi there, I am looking for an easy and simple morse code program; one that can be worked from the computer. Maybe you know of one. I'll appriciate if you can give me some addresses where i can dowlnload or buy a program, not just praactice tapes. tnx de Pierre - N0LGZ

John, Thanks for the note, as well as letting me know about your web page. Very nice page setup. I'm going to check out the photo section as you suggested. Congrats on your effort in the 1997 MA QSO Party. Looking forward to hearing of your effort for this year's contest! - N1TYH

Great column John, was reading it today and this time I just had to find your web page. I hope to work you sometime. 72/73 from the Buzzard Roost, Flushing, Ohio - NE0C

Thanks for the QSL info links, found the address for my first CO contact! 73! - N0VYY

# Nice page Connect to my Webpage at http://users.multipro.com/n2br I also checkout my swap page there too. - N2BR

Hello and best 73!! - N2OVB

This is an extremely interesting web-page. I didn't now that such talent existed, especially in the local area. I especially got suspicious when I saw the alltel.net on the address. - N3WHV

# I plan to be on the border of PA and DE for the April 25th Run to the Borders 'Test. I expect to be on 40 and 80, but may be persuaded to go all bands. Hope to work all in the contest! 73, Carter - N3AO

Great page, I'm always glad to see ham's promoting Ham radio in anyway that they can. Keep up the good work and update it often so you keep'em interested. It's a good way to train new ham's in your area with info we old hams take for granted. Here's the URL to my home club's page -- http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Hills/1173/index.html . Be sure to visit my page and my friend's page listed there. 73 This is my home page URL -- http://homepage.netspaceonline.com/~n0dvg/ - If your interested in exchanging Links use the above URL for my page. If you elect to do the exchange please send your URL as I may not have it written down. Thanks for your interest in advance. Willard Fischer - N0DVG

Hi John -enjoying your web site . nice job ! saw your new address in the NA Keynote so had to check it out. Haven't been on the air much lately but starting to feel the spirit trying to move me. enjoy cw the most of all modes and do some qrp operating on 40 meters. Hope to hook up with you sometime on hf cw. take care fer now and 73.. de Tom fist 3874 - NU8Q

Glad to see there are others that like CW.. Been a ham for 16 years now and CW is my main mode. - N1OLF

We QSL'ed recently. I think your site is easily the best personal site. I use it alot. Today, I got WX9X's address since I sent some info. to Doc's and haven't heard from them yet ( My cards are bad, as you probably would have noticed! ) Thanks for all the available info. - N9JXY

John, Your site gets better and better. Wanted to tell you that my Amateur Radio Reference Library is now a feature of the Amateur Radio Education Alliance site. The site is up, current, and has all the training downloads available. I will update your link ASAP. 73 Bruce - N8UT

# Using Netscape 3.1 gold. So far so good. Keep up the excellent work es 73 - N4BRP

Fists #1258 Found your site thru the Scottish CW sits (MECS) - N8WDH

Great stuff you have here John ,,,, My favorite Ham Radio site. Sincere Thanks for the link to my page. Best Regards , good luck on the 160 Meters WAS. See double you for ever ! De ~~ Mike ~~ - NI3I

Found after article in SKIP Magazine about DXER.COM. I have all home-brew QRP gear even the chaisis! Best DX story was working VK3AA on 160 from Florida SEPT 95! We have about an average of 54 countries on 6 bands so far. Thats all for now . Keep up the excellent work 73. Tom - N4CYV

Nice site!! Keep up the good work. Will listen for you. - N3DXE

I heard about your web page and decided to check it out. It's one of the best. Many thanks. 72 Bud - N3IUT

John, FB on the page! Hope to hear you on the bands. 73 de Joe ...-.- - N3LBC

# Hello Sir John.....Well I did not think that your page could be improved on but looks like you have come up with one. I really like your changes. It seems to be more user friendly. Happy New Year to you and your Mom. Hope to see you on the bands.. 73/72 de Dan - N4ROA

Hi John, A very Happy New Year to you. Your page is very impressive. Now I know why the word of mouth gets out so fast. I wish I know how to do the web site. I have my own website but compared to you is nothing. Someday when I learn how to do HTML I will change my web site and let you know. Maybe you could give me some input on how to do things on the web. I had my licensce since 1973 but I stayed as an advance. Just could not get up that speed for the extra class. 73's and hope you and your family will have a very nice year to come. - N8FFP

John, You have created a truly outstanding web site!!! It very effectively demonstrates that a ham can fully enjoy the hobby without having to purchase a $2000 dollar radio, plus tower, plus beam, plus etc. . 73 TOM - N4QFL

Keep up the good work! - N1DR

We will be adding a link to your site on the United States Islands Awards Website. You have a very nice site. 73 - N1HRW

Hello from William in Oakdale. I like your home page. I got it at the 99MAIN home pages. Let me know if you make it yourself. C.U.L..73 - N1LIU

Nice site. You have done a good job. - N1RJF

# Hi John, I liked your site very much! Your call is very familar, normally I could tell you quickly if we had worked or not, but my computer crashed. I'm 17 years old and have been licensed for 4 years. I've been on HF CW QRP since March 1995 (6,343 QSO's HF QRP CW, 7,844 CW QRO, 11,010 SSB QSO's) I'm addicted to Ham Radio! Love your home page, 73! Jeff - N1SNB

I'll admit it I sighned on 2 in a row to get #7000 honors. I keep coming back John to compare our operating stats, we've both worked nearly the same # of countries in the same period of time on CW, interesting! You have 54 more prefixes - N1SNB

# Nice webpage you have here,I going too add a link too your webpage on my page - N2BR

nice page you have here name is Bob QTH Algood,Tennessee just outside of Cookeville,Tn and 85 miles east of Metro Nashville. Stop by and check out my webpage. (see Ham Personal Page Links - js) - N2BR

Your site has your links page as my Home startup with the MS Explorer, John! Excellent info to read that on the site, and send me on my way! You keep it in shipshape every day! Couldn't be any better! I have many if the interests that your site keeps ME up to date. Thanks very much for the time and effort. 72/73 Ken - N2CQ

# You have a nice page with lots of useful info. My favorite band is 6 meters. I have two rigs for 6m: a Swan 250 and an Icom IC-502 portable - (2 watts and a built in 1/4 wave ant). The Swan I use to monitor and have a great time making contacts with the 502! 73, Ron - N2FFL

You have a nice page here. As for me I've just started my own page at geocities. I'll be adding a link to this page on my page. Please add my site to your links page. (done-js) Tnx & 73 - N2FFL

Nice site! I have linked you under 2 headings. 73, Jim - N2RBJ

3 years ago I didn't like CW today I love CW !!! Thanks to Code Quick!!!! I work 80, 40, 15, 10 meters CW... With Hams like you, it keeps me going after faster code my goal is 30wpm..73 DE Paul - N2VNP

Hi John, Your site is absolutely super! 72, Mark - N2VPK

I found your site by searching on QRP information. I was looking for a kit on the NORCAL "Forty 9er". Since having upgraded to Tech Plus I have not been on the HF bands at all. I could not justify spending a fortune on a new HF rig to see if I really enjoyed operating that much. The "Forty 9er" seemed the ideal way to go. I could increase (read - relearn) my CW skills and get to build some of my own equipment. But the 49er is no longer available. A quick letter to Jim WA6GER, begging for help brought a fast reply. He could provide me with a circuit board and a few parts, if I felt like digging up the rest. I also read your 1000 days. Very inspirational. I hope I have one-quarter the success! If you are ever near K3MJW, Skyview Radio Society, say hello to everyone for me. It was all the good people there that helped me get my ticket as a No Code Tech. A year or so later they helped me pass the 5 WPM to get the Tech Plus. Now I just need to get a radio on the air. I know my skills will improve. Thanks for the positive message and web site. Pat - N2ZVT

Enjoy your site a lot. I just starting to get into QRP, I mostly like to build gear and with Heathkit gone, building QRP stuff fills my needs. 73, Al - NT2V

Hi John, Just thought I would check out your web page. Name here is is Glenn, FISTS #3537. Got my ticket in 93, have enjoyed the hobby ever since.Don't have alot to say, haven't checked out your entire Web Page yet. I like what I see so far, especially Qrp. Hope to work you some time on the air waves. CUL de Glenn - NX2D

Just saying Hi, and will try to check in often. My county hunter's number is MARAC R-1761, and my FISTS Number is FISTS 2367. My ARCI number is ARCI 8745. Thanks for your weekly updates! 73, Carter - N3AO

Nice Pages. Thank You and Gud DX De Dave - N3BUO

Found your page (first on a list of hits using webcrawler, search terms 'amateur radio and pittsburgh') Excellent work. A credit to the hobby and very enjoyable. - N3GWP

Hi John. Just visited ur page and since I don't live very far from your QTH I thought I'd drop u a line. I'm new to the Internet and am thing of a Web Page of my own linked to Ham Radio info. I'll be looking your page over and some of the other one u listed. I'm 56 yrs old been a ham for only 5 years. Like DX only have 150 countries confirmed. I chase counties only have around 700 confirmed. I have WAS WAC DXCC on single bands. Working on 5 band DXCC and 5 band WAS, got a ways to go on both.Work contests but never send a log in, I just do it for contacts for awards. Ok John u have a nice page and hope to talk to u sometime. Larry 73 - N3LFC

Nice Page! I have enjoyed your different links. By the way I am also a new member of FISTS. # 3575. U may also want to include some more key links. - N3OGT

Nice page - Am prex of Wichita Amateur Radio Club - 357 members - Teach advanced CW classes aimed at upgrade twice a year for 6 to 8 weeks each session - Emphasis is sending and copy in head - Enjoyed your page - TXS es 73 de Ernie - N3PXF

FIST Member 1971 10/95. Very nice page, enjoy ur column in The KEY NOTE. 73, Rick - N3QEN

great page !!! We are neighbors - ck out 9773 !!! - N3QOO

Haven't looked much at the page but definitely plan on coming back and checking it much more. - N3RDV

nice page - N3SP

Dear John: Have been in ham radio off and on since I was 17. I am now 51 and for some reason have become tired of all the technical turns ham radio has made in the past ten years. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing really wrong with all the new modes of communicating that have entered into ham radio, however I am an old fashioned bare bones kind of guy that is still fasinated with things like wire antennas, old rigs of which I have a couple, and yes qrp also. My thing however is more in the area of antennas. There is just something about building and installing your own antenna and being able to work people all over the world with it. This brings me to the reason why I took the time to write you. I have two rigs at the moment that I could use as qrp rigs, and old HW 101 which was my first rig, and a Ten Tec omni. What I really would like to know is if you could help me or direct me to some info on how to build a good but more importantly an efficient antenna for qrp work. I really think this would get me going. - N3SPJ

If you like qso parties with qrp checkout the md/dc qso party (will do - the link will be on my Contest Calendar as the contest draws nearer - K3WWP) - N3TDN

I really liked your page!! I am 15 and new to HF. I just got my tech plus. I really enjoy CW. I have a Kenwood TS-430S. As soon as I get my station back on the air I am going to try QRP. - N3WDL

Very nice !!!!!! Hope to make a home page of my own someday. This is very professional looking. Thanks for letting me visit. Bill - N3WJG

Great page. I'm a brand new ham interested in CW & QRP. Appreciate your Keynote columns as I'm trying to learn CW operating procedures. Hope to work you on the air sometime. Also, I'm a big Winston cup fan. My wife is related to the Wood Bros. so talk a lot of racing in the family. 73, Frank Putnam - N3ZPQ

# Fantastic site!! Many congrats. I, too, am a CW/QRP fanatic. Can't get enough. Keep up the FB work. I'll visit often! 73 de Dave - NR3E

I enjoy your site and visit it often. I recommend it to my friends getting interested in CW and ham radio. Keep up the great work. p.s. Hope we can get the SF going soon! 73 de Dave - NR3E

Hello John, Very well done and I am sure many Hams benefits from a visit to your page. 73 and good dxing your way John. John, this is our Local Club. PENN-MAR RADIO CLUB. Stop in for a visit. (see Links - Clubs - js) - NT3B

# www.qrz.com is where I found your link and am I glad I found ya. I,too, like to h-brew and now that I am retired, I hope to find the time, hi hi. I am going to add this site to my favorites. - NZ3U

Hi John, just worked ya on 80 mtrs (18:55 local SUNDAY) ya had a 5-6-9 also...I was running 5 watts to a home brew G5RV..Thought the call was familiar, hi hi. Have your site as a link on my home page. Its been there for a few months and must say you have a great place to visit, 73, Bill - NZ3U (ex WA3MWT)

Hi John- Always enjoy working you from the contests (ex K4PQL). Look forward to seeing you in the SS. 73, Howie - N4AF

hello, name is ed and though i have never worked the county hunters net on cw, i have been semi active giving out counties from time to time both in north carolina and georgia.. 73 ed - N4ALE

I think it is foolish that we can't get our (USA-CA) award the way we want it, but CQ has a track record for doing as they want and not caring for how you feel. I am USACA 270, and am working the counties for the 3rd time and am tring to work them all fixed. - N4ANV

Been licensed since 1978. Been active on and off in HF, UHF and VHF. Favorite band with the Sun-Spot Cycle is in is 10m. - N4ATA

Thanks for a refreshing page among the millions of "Bottom 95%'ers" Please visit my humble page at (See links page - K3WWP) Best 73's - N4BRP

John, What a great home page. I was just overwhelmed at the amount of info you have. You are a great ambassador of ham radio. Makes me feel good to know there are still people like you in the world of hamming. Hpe to wrk u on the air, spend a lot of time on 30 meters. Altho I am not a pure QRP person, I do operate cw. Just poking around and found your page. My original call was KA3AWS @ Erie,Pa. Then it was KB3HB for several years and when the vanity came along I chose N4PK. My elmer was W3NR Frank Grace from Erie. I am 52 years old and work for the Postal service. Was looking for a new and better keyer, The old K3CU keyer and the TO keyer are getting outdated and problamtic in their old age. 73...Ed - N4PK

Hello John. I received this Internet as a Christmas gift from my xyl. Just recently retired and have been fooling around just browsing and that is how I came across your page. I was looking through QRZ under "other links" when I ran across the familiar call sign of K3WWP. Knowing that you operated mostly QRP, I knew I must visit. I don't have much time to look very much right now but do plan on visiting again later on today. I sure have enjoyed what I have seen and you have done an excelent job as far as I am concerned. 73 es cul - N4ROA

My friend Dan, N4ROA, the mighty QRP colussus of the depressed southern Appalachian hillsides, sent me an e-mail which included your URL, and a glowing recommendation for your page. Dan is always doing stuff like that. Around here we refer to him as "The mouse that ROArs". 73 and congratulations on assembling a superb home page. - N4TN

Enjoyed the page very much,itis real nice.I opperate CW about 99% es QRP most of the time. 73 Harold -N4XNR

Would like to know what freqa county hunters hang out on and times. (14.056 / 7.040 whenever there is mobile activity) Also if there is a QSL bureau that county hunters use to save cost on QSL's. Any other info that you might think would be an interest to someone wanting to work all counties. (Check out links on my County Hunting and Links pages) Thanks. Wes - NX4C

I enjoyed visiting your page and certainly will be making return visits. Thanks for making me aware. 73, Art - N5DKW

Another ham (Dal - N5KJJ) sent me the link - N5KBW

Very nice site. Congratulations - N5LFE

Hello...name hr is Jason Goldsberry N5NU surfed in from AC5V website. I'm working on a webpage and was looking for ideas. I'm very impressed with yours and would appreciate some constructive remarks about my website if you have time to look. I'm cw op also and would like to link your website to mine. 73 and have a nice day... Jason - N5NU

Can't really select one because I found you by a fellow ham-er. Interesting site you have here. Been trying to increase my cw. I am still at about 5 wpm. Will one day take my 5 wpm test so I can start grading to General (still no code tech) I have been too busy setting up repeaters. (I own 2 of them)Do you know where one can get a new copy of Super Morse (it is the only FREE cw prg in town) that I know of. 73 Steve Universal City * San Antonio, Texas - N5YEO

Very interesting... Am new to the internet and having a blast! I've had the following calls: wn6pes,wa6pes,wx6d, and now nw6r. Am 49 and a 98% cw op 1st on the air in '76. Love award chasing but have yet to make 25 for the DIG diploma. Am member of DARC High Speed Club and all awards are CW. Just setting up new station in new Benicia QTH and typing in my first ('76) logbook to wj20 logging program. Would like to hear from others using same or other logging software for total log and award tracking. GREAT WEB PAGE! Keep up the good work, 73, Ross - NW6R

Nice page. Keep up the good work. - N7EA

Great web site John, keep up the work. Working on a page for myself, should be up in a week or so. - N7TG

# Greetings from Page, Arizona Nice page... I to have the affliction of enjoying QRP. It started out first to calm my neighbors during contest time and grew to working up to 56 countries at this time. As a west coast contester I am hindered but my call is getting into the top 10 box for contests. Gordon ex aa7vy,zk1avy - N7VY

Nice page.... Always glad to find others enjoying HTML and QRP Operating. Look for me on the CQ WW ssb (What's ssb? HI - js) contest. I am going to break the record for the states and north america on 80 meters QRP. 73 Gordon - N7VY

Hi John, I became a tech+ in 1991. I'm in the process of increasing my word speed. We have a VE session at the end of July at Ft. Tuthill (one of our largest hamfests in AZ)and hope to go for the 20 wpm. Keep your fingers crossed. I made my very first CW QSO's last weekend, luckily I had my husband beside me to help transcribe..my hands were shaking way too much. 73's and hope to work you in the future! Bertie - N7XJW

# Contents interesting. Will take a while to check it all out. Keep up the good info source. - NA7W

Interesting Web Site. Thanks for the url on your note to the county hunters. - NA7W


Page looks good and seems to have many intersting link. Will check it out later when I have more time. 73's John - N8BGF

Nice page. I found this page looking to find ham radio stuff for my 10 year old who wants to be a ham now too! I saved your page in my favorites. 73's John - N8EOD

This is my first visit, but not my last. Enjoyed your site, I have listed you as my favorite under Ham sites. Keep up the good work. 73 - N8HYP

Excellent...very good information. Thank you. - N8MHV

Thanks for giving me your link. It is now added to my ham page. You have done a GREAT job putting your home page together. Also, Thanks for the info about Infolink I will make use of it. 73 de Art - N8MLQ

I was scanning the internet for ham radio. I never looked at a ham home page. I wanted to see what it looked like. I liked it. - N8MYE

A really great web sight! - N8XMS

Was with you and some of the other early county hunters as WA8TGX in 1967. Glad to hear you're back again. Am renewing my QRP interest (QRP ARCI #2942) after many years in contesting. Worked you several times from J6DX in the CQWW over the years. Great timing! 73, Scott - N9AG/J68AS

I haven't had time to check much of your page out yet but what I have has been interesting. I have Bookmarked it for future use. - N9CAR

Great page OM ..thanks for sharing it with me...73s The Ole Ace - N9CHU

Hi John Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for ham radio. I've been licensed since 1972. Over the last half dozen years I have rediscovered the things that made me fall in love with the hobby when I started - CW, homebrewing, QRP, contests, etc. I'm having a ball!! I can tell that you are too. - N9DD

very nice page!!espicially the cw,i am trying to learn cw which at first i didnt want to.ordered up code quick and hope this will help.would like to build my own qrp kit someday,this would be great to go camping and work someone via bateery power.anyway these pages do give a guy a vote of cofidenceto get the cw up.thanks and 73 from jack in marengo,illinois - N9IIF

Great Page !!! - N9NPS

Please check out the site I have set up for our club (See my Links page - K3WWP), which has many FISTS members. - N9SSG

Great page !! It's going to take me quite some time to go thru all that interests me on your site. I'm attempting to set up a Solar/Battery powered Qrp/CW field day station (HW9). I have all the material except the solar panel/s, and I only have 3 ops lined up (including me). Perhaps I'll hear you on the bands !?!? 73 Fist #2301 - N9TA

Hello John, very nice web page. I have bookmarked it and I will return. PLease visit my site and sign my guestbook. (see Links page - js) 73 Keith - N9TOK

Hi, I'am just now learning CW and find it to be very interesting & see that there will be alot of time involved in it but, when I hear the VE say you've pass your code, than I will know it was time well spent..73 - N9UHX

I will be adding a link to your page, as you requested. Nice Job on the site....you will get a funky pair of sunglasses by your link :) Joe - N9UPU

K3WWP de nr9z Your RST here in Geocities is 5/9 Rig here is Supermicro P5MMS98 and AMD K6 CPU Your's is realy some home page, keep up the good work. 73's - NR9Z

Pretty fancy ! ! Like it very much... - N0LB

# I am very impressed to see a page dedicated to CW. I have been a ham for almost 6 years and use CW exclusively. I am working on a home page of my own and I will also dedicate it to CW. Keep up the good work and I will see you later. - N0PAL

I really like your page. I am also a big CW fan, I got a Ten-tec Paragon for Christmas last year and still haven't made any phone contacts on it. I have been a ham for almost 7 years and use only cw on the HF bands. I find it funny to hear all the complaining about the trash on the ham bands, if people would just go back to CW they wouldn't have those problems, I haven't heard any trash coming from a CW operator. If they want the ham bands cleaned up, just do away with phone, not CW. - N0PAL