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Comments From Non-Hams Prior to July 19, 2000

hello have now used your site on many ocassions over recent months so far never failed to find the info needed haved tuned the bands since 1977 317 countries confirmed on ssb 445 confirmed for iota tnx for your time and efforts. 73/s - Peter [brs 36554]

I want to thank you. I found this site by looking for the morse code chart. It was very useful. - Melisa Busz

Only simple wire antennas? WOW! I am writing my Basic exam at the end of june 2000, but without a code test. Hope to take the CW test soon afterward. Having trouble getting my code up to speed well beyond 5 w.p.m. 73s! - Steven R

A most excellent site. My name is John Wilson and I am not a licensed amateur. I was once back in the 70's (General Class - N4DAN) but let it lapse while trying to raise (3) children. They're grown now and I thought I might get back in again. Boy! have things changed. After reading a lot of posts on amateur related news groups, I thought that maybe I should give it a second thought what with all the sour grapes especially aimed at newbies and FCC changes. I consider myself a newbie since I've been away so long. I'm only interested in CW and in QRP especially. Seems to be more fun that just blasting away with full power. I've found your site very interesting but have only scratched the surface. I look forward to checking your posted links since I need all the information that I can get. Keep up the good work! - John (ex-N4DAN)

I've enjoyed your sight and your articles.I don't have an ham license yet,but enjoy talking on the radio(CB)with as little power as possible to make the qso.Mostly I'm on SSB and run below the 12watt limit for cb,I have talk to people in calf.just with 3watts.and on channel 38(27.38500Mhz)lsb.I find it exciting,usually I get overrun by the big gun cb's,but once in a while i can get through.At home I use a indoor dipole strung to my ceilingwith a balun and low pass filter(live in an area that I can't put a outdoor antenna)Enough about me. anyway like i said i do enjoy your page. - tom

I have enjoyed checking out the ham radio web sites. Just getting motivated to get my cw down pat and take the test. - tom

I'm just a listener! I have a Drake TR-4CW/RIT and a longwire antenna. No license means I have to sit and listen (only). Really enjoy the 20M SSB, and 75M AM activities. Regards! Beacon NY - Curt Hilla

Hello john ! My name is Nissar I am working for apvt radio station in India.I am intrested in Ham & I have some questions about HAM Radio.I hope you will Email me on my address. 1)how you get licence to operate ham? 2)What is qualification? 3)how much it cost? 4)do you know any Indian who can help me in this regards? with regards - Nissar

Hi, John how are you doing? I enjoy listening ham radio on my scanner at home and I think I heard you already on the radio, that's if you were on our repeaters in allentown. I hope in the near future I can go for my test and get my license so I can join with talking to you over the radio. I'm not an expert on ham radio. I know general details. Until then John I hope to listen to you over the air and if I have anything else to say, I will post it in your guestbook. Bye for now. - Bruce Moyer Jr

Just getting around to my lisence(been 35 years) service, wife, family, kids, workand now retired. 73's - Bertram J. Cloney

Nice site. Have thought about getting into radio for several years but haven't yet. Maybe soon. - Stuart

Hi John;I was just looking for my isp's address and therte you are.glad I found your site.as an amateur dx,er and experimentalist I found your sight most informative.thanks for the help.I am going to order some gear from visiting your site,so,tell your friends.happy holodays;from fred - dxlistner

nice site. i am new to ham radio and would like to learn more about dx'ing. all i have at this stage is a shortwave radio. i've bookmarked your site. thanks. - Bob Bilodeau

Contact number 21,929 is my buddy. You spoke with him on the radio on 8/26. That is some record you got going there... Keep it up!! - Jim English

What is the current story on Vintage Radio Kits? Are they still in business? They seem to have jumped from web site to web site to? Do you have a current valid site or postal address? 73's gwf@aol.com (ex-WB6HEG) Thanx - Gary W. Freeman

Hello John - Just sufring around and found your site. I will be adding a couple of links on my own pages at: http://www.pgrayer.freeserve.co.uk one to this page and one to /links_cwin.html Very nice site you have and pleased to have passed through.. 73 es Dx de Pete at the ISWL's internet DX Newsdesk, Loc: IO.90.BR - Peter G. Rayer

Hello friend, i'm looking for qrp information and cw and your page is very cool.Keep this page on the Internet and a near future(i not a ham)i will calling you on qrg. ok. 73s - Kleibe

How do you get an fcc licence?Do you know where i can get an old ocsilloscope cheap,i mean dirt cheap?thx for your time. - Brad

I'm a Ham want to be. - Tom Yeager

I came by your web site looking under ham radio. I am looking for my father Donald E Miller who was a ham radio operator years ago in Detroit,Mi. His call letters were KBO 0097 and he went by Yankee Clipper... I am looking for rosters and any info. people might have about his where abouts. I appreciate any info. you might could share.. Sincerely, Donald E Miller Jr edmollie@earthlink.net Rossville,GA - Donald E. Miller Jr

i think we have similar interests, i'm not liscenced but would like to be. a reply appreciated, sincerly - John O'Grady

This page is good.Tanks for your disposition on qrp operation.sorry for my english. bye - kleibe

I'm just getting into ham radio and studying for the exams. Lots of interesting material here. Thanks very much for the use of your site. - William Mastop

Hi John? I have been recently disabled a few years ago, and since I used to be a very active person, I am now trying to replace my old hobies with new ones, That I can do, without causing me severe distress. I have an extensive electrical and mechanical background, and have always wanted to get into radios, and everything that goes with it. I wanted to know if you might have some time to help me get started in the right direction. I do have a couple questions I need answered. 1. What are the requirements for getting into ham/ shortwave radios. Is a liscense a requirement, and where can I get the study materials, and take my test. 2. I have a nice little chunk of fun money that I would like to purchase some good equipment, Radio, power supply, antenna, meters, etc. etc. Only thing is I do not know what I need, and what is going to last me, to the point where I am not going to have a need for some time to go out and buy additional equipment. I would rather spend a little more up front, and get something good, than to buy something I wish I hadn't. Right now I bought a scanner a few months ago on sale that I am pleased with, but as usual, there is always a better deal. But none the less, I have it and it works great. I have a discone anttena on it that from where I am at in columbus ohio, I can easily pick up O'hare airport some 380 miles away like it was down the street. Anyway I have a budget that I would like to use to get set up. I guess that you are probably a pretty busy person, but if you might be able to spare a little time helping me, I would greatly appretiate it. Thanks for any help you might lend me. Sincerely - Joe Kaiser

I want learn about Morse(CW) for my paper in my university thank's - Andi

Any help you can give me I would appreciate, I wanna get into the ham radio hobby. I have no equipment or license yet, Thank you, J.D. - Jeff Drinkwater

I am working on my novice ticket.. hope I get it in the next month before FCC changes the structure. You have inspired me to go all cw as a novice qrper. I just purchased a MFJ-9040. This will be my primary for at least the next year or so. Keep up the good work. - Curron Hill

I enjoy your site. I found your site on yahoo when I searched for Amatuer radio. I plan on getting a ham radio license soon and I plan on running QRP as well. QRP is good because you don't have to spend a lot of money to get a station up and running. Keep up the great work. - Jay

Hi there, you have a very busy page. I saw you had a links section and I was wondering if you could add a link to Ham University -- the program for folks serious about passing their FCC exams with Morse Code lessons, Qustion Pool Quizzes and a game. You can find it at http://crick.com/hamu or, if you give me your address I will send you a demo copy. - Mike Crick

Alan KB7MBI recommended your website to me. I was discussing some receiving antenna problems with him and he was kind enough to give me a few addresses where I could find more information. Have just begun studying your site. All the very best, - Hubert Gabler

Found your site from ac6v's web site. I'm just starting out, and I have no idea of how to begin. I'm going to look at your site to see if I can gain some insight into CW and where to begin. Thanks. - Tim Messman

# Great page!! Keep up the good work!! - Frank Todd IV

Just surfed on in...thinking 'bout learning radio...sounds like lots of fun...Congratulations on your marathon...with your QRP's and QSO's (whatever those are) I suppose I will figure it out real soon. I'm still working on my AOL :) - Victoria ???

Just looking for antenna stuff-haven't finished looking thru your site-maybe i will find what kind of antenna you use-i'm interested in bobtails inverted vees phassed verticals and drake gear - Bob ???

hello.i would just like to say that no one needs an antenna up 200 feet or more to make distant qso's,and you are the perfect example of that.i think the fun of ham radio is to run very low wattage and still be able to talk all over the world. thank you for having such a wonderful site. - swl man

Hi, while surfing on net i found links to ur site.I had passed the ham radio exam. and waiting for ticket. Basically i am searching for information about Dx condition in India and world wide.I am also exicited while surfing when i fond about k2 xcver information.ifoun the links through http://www.fix.net/~jparker/norcal.html Indian hams like me can't afford the set like k2(550US$). If you have any info. about daily dx i.e muf and luf where ican get some info and pass to hams operating HF set.Nice to visite ur site and hope when i visit to ur site next time will get some info. about Dx conditions Thanking You, 73' MAX Bombay 27-6-98 14:24 Ist My radio club st. e-mail : admanek@bom2.vsnl.net.in My Office e-mail : bmcl@bom3.vsnl.net.in - Makarand Mhatre

Well presented site, and lots of information. Nice to see a non-frames site for once. Pity I still can't match that callsign I'm looking for... "OXZ3/"? Came up on a domestic shortwave radio nice and clear, decoded using a computer. The rest of the message (repeating about every couple of minutes): CQCQDE OXZ3/ OXZ3/ OXZ3/ RET FC FER UAMYUALE TX ATN 3705 MHZ IIIIII... If you've any ideas, I'd love to hear about them. :) At some point I'll learn to decode cw by ear. - Adam Sampson

Just learning on the way to my lisence. Like the Idea of low power! - Frank Henrikson

Looking into going active. Right now I am just a scanner buff. I want to do more. - John Krah

I am a SSgt in the Marine Corps. My job there is as a radio technician working in a mechanized reconnaissance battalion. Because of the nature of our mission, we live and die by HF. I'm always looking for ways to improve our HF comm, and came here looking for sunspot info to help choose better freqs to work. BTW, the Gunny and I are trying to get everyone in the comm shop a Novice or Tech license. We figured that what we do for a living could also become our hobby. - Daniel Guyor

Just wandering around amateur radio links and found your page - connected from Chris Smolinski's - Alan Gaudio

Pretty good page mate, there's one thing I wanna know though, do you know anything about ws_ftp95, the program that lets you upload stuff to your server. cause it doesn't seem to want to work for me. Apart from that, could you send me a pic of your shack pls, dunno why but, I like seeing other people shack and antenna set-ups. Tnx. Pretty gud web page too OM, must've taken a loooooooong time to write... Anyway, I'd better keep on surfing otherwise this thing will log me off. 73's and good dx....HAPPY NEW YEAR from VK6 land. De "The SWL", Op: - Kai Jones

73! I'm a newbie with no deep pocket. I'm looking for a sponsor to help me build my forst radio. I'm reviewing for the ticket. I am thankful TNX ES 99 DE Jojo - Johann Amanshauser

Looking for anything on Morse Code on the WEB. I was involved with the code from '61 to '76 while I was in the service. Haven't used it since '76 but my ears still perk up when I hear it. Been meaning to get back to it for some time, but for some reason or other, just haven't found the time. - Ron Buteau

Found your web-page by just surffin' Very good web-page indeed! and I just passed my no-code tech test last Sat. - Melvin Cutright

I found you through Art Bell's website. Interestingly enough, I have gotten xtremely interested in ham radio lately. I was trained in the army (68-72) in avionic communications equip repair, so I do understand quit a bit already. ....... A pleasure reading your pages. Intelligence reads through !! Thanks for being there. - Mark David

Just saying hi soon to be a ham myself - Tad Goodman

I'm a little old fashioned I have a military Collins R390A tube operated general coveage RX and an old ART-13 TX that can XMT on all legal AM amature bands. It delivers 100 watts of plate voltage X plate current in the final amplifier (the old definition of QRP). It came out of a B-29 bomber. I bought it in new condition in 1958, complete with spare tubes, parts and manuals, but never used it because I got too busy to get my license. Problem now is, I don't know whether it will XMT narrow enough to keep the FCC happy by modern day standards. Can anyone tell me off the top of their head Whether this is still legal to operate? This was a very desirable TX for CW in the 50's and 60's. I also have an ANGRC-9 man-packable AM XCVR That Army Special Forces used in Viet Nam. I plan to get a general class license soon if I can find a nearby group interested in serious CW practice I havent touched a key sinse Viet Nam and would have to sudy everything from the bottom up. Right now I'm getting a degree at San Francisco State University and living here on campus in, the apartments set aside for older students. Cheers - Jon Kennedy

good site, very helpfull I found your page through Bry's Ham Radio Links - Travis McGrath

Recently transferred to Fleet Reserve and was checking out NCVA web page and found your page - William Nagel USN(R)

I am not a HAM , but heard a lot about it and would like to be one . I did not understand clearly what was mentioned in this site so I cannot comment . I agree with you that Morse code should continue to exist . I would like to learn it ... but how ? Please advise . Thanx.... - Gokul Nair

I'm looking for more info on sats. This is what I wan't to do when I get my technician class license. I am very interested in WX and what we can do with it in ham radio. 73 - James Patterson

Great web page !! Happy Holidays to you and your family... - Frank A. Todd IV

Myself and a friend both love Morse Code and had Ham Licenses in the past. We are going to renew our licenses and I'm going to build transceivers for both of us. We leave about 5 miles apart and will send CW mostly at nites. Can u recommend an inexpensive kit to build that will meet these needs?? I've been in computers & electronics for about 12 yrs. so I can handle the kit, I just some advice on where to get one 40 or 80 meters etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. p.s. Would u recommend I just get an ARRL '98 handbook? - Brad Walters