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# K2 599, Kachina, Ten-Tec OMNI VI, finally ICOM 735, Ham Since 1939....DXCC honor roll, QCWA and all the rest...This sure is a great hobby....QRP is where it's at.. 72 Jim - W2NJN

John, Just checking in again. the new site looks GREAT! 73 Jim - W5JCS

# Hi, John...... Enjoy checking into your site several times a week for your comments and great links. Maybe it's my old browser (IEX 3.02a) but your new format has a lot of wasted empty space on the screen, and even your picture is a bit smaller!! There was nothing wrong with your old set-up! Guess you had to update the site to keep up with the new commercial rig!! Keep up the fine work (and it must be a BUNCH of work!!). Hope to see you on CW soon, maybe even before the PA QSO party! Vy 73.... Chuck ex-W2WOE - W8LQ

John, I agree with your review of the SG-2020. I've had one for the past year and think that it's a great "toy radio". The shortcommings are no big problem. 73, Gene - W9JBD


John... Wow! What a great site and reference for QRP enthusiasts. Found you from the QRP-ARCI site. Just wanted to say congratulations and thank you for your hard work that helps all of us enjoy QRP even more! / 73 / Woody - WD9IFF

Nice Page. Just bought an old OHR for 30m. Been out of the hobby since 82 or so. Getting back in the slow way. Have always wanted to go QRP so I'm taking the plunge. 73 - WB2TQC

Great site for QRPers. Keep up the good work, we really appreciate it. - WB6FBB

I just want to say that this is my favorite site and I appreciate all the work you have put into it and loving qrp as I do you have put a spark in my qrp blood.thanks Dan - W8DAN

Hi John: It is always my pleasure to work you on the bands. And also, thank you very much for the interesting articles that you write. This URL is terrific as well and I'll be back to visit often. I'll see you on CW. 73 DE Glenn - WB2LMV

Hi...after all these yrs, fin upgr to gen....retired.. I serve as a ARC disaster radio op and liaison officer..usually only use 2 m on jobs...but Puerto Rico taught me that qrp..20 m..wd be better for long range.. besides usual gear..have Index Labs Plus...plan on taking it on next call out......I can usually scronge pwr sources....but ants w/small size of carrying gear has been a problem....have investigated scores of port ants...but having trouble deciding which... Do you have any suggestions...? When not serving as ARC....serve as fire service inst.. ..still get nervous using a comp.......age 74.... hope to get enough simple info to be able to design a "page"..to locate others using qrp, etc in disasters. Thanks for the help......Ollie - WA9VKT

Been operating QRP with a Tentec 1330 and a 1340 for 2 years now and enjoy it a big lot of much. 30 meters is my favorite band because of the power limit,CW only, and NO CONTESTS!! I'm interested in the Elecraft K2 and am saving my pennies. I'm 69 years young, retired, and on fixed income, so it might be awhile. Hi! Jerry - WA2DKG

Great site,be back often. Congratulations to another hamaholic. Larry W0HXS qrp- Ten Tec 1330,TT2 - W0HXS

Hello there...I just wanted to thank you for a very nice website. I can imagine how much work went into this and I appreciate it. I especially like the info for new hams. Take care and thanks again...Howard - WA2AFD

Great web site! QRP is my favorite part of Ham Radio. I like to design and build my own equipment. Rigs I own are NorCal 40, SST40, SW-40+, Ten-Tec 1330, Heathkit HW-8, Heathkit HW-9 (with spkr, pwr supply), and Ten-Tec Argosy. Started using QRP back in 1963 when I built a one tube 6AG7 colpitts oscillator link coupled to the antenna. I had coils for 40 and 20 meters plug-in. This rig also had a 5Y3 full wave rectifier, power xfmr and choke filter on the same chassis. It ran about five watts input and I keyed it with my J-38 key. I still have it and the key and it works to this day. Tune up for it was a 4 watt christmas light hooked to the SO-239 connector to max brillance, then connect the rig to my dipole antenna. My most famous contact with it was with Llyod Colvin, W6KG (SK). CW is my favorite mode, with 40 and 30 meters my favorite bands. My next area to explore will be QRPp, way down in the mw and microwatt range. I currently have a doublet antenna, 49 feet each leg, up about 40 feet inverted vee style, fed with 300 ohm twin lead and a Heathkit tuner and SWR/PWR meter. Oh well, I could talk all night about QRP. Have a great day and hope to visit your site often 72,73 Willard - WA4VSR

very interesting site... - WE2M

Nice site. Been a Ham for abt 24 yrs. and used a tuna tin 2'er way back when. Please tell me what the "72" instead of 73 is all abt. I have been searching the net for two days trying to find out. tnx and 73 Gary - WB3DSJ

Have your page saved in my "favorite file", especially for the propagation reports and other info also. Warmest 73's.......Don - W8ZJY

Looking for SLV ant site - W1ME

You got your first ticket about the same time I got my first ticket. I like CW also but never tried QRP, although I only run bare-footed. Am approaching 300 countries on DXCC and know this will by my last sunspot cycle, so I am really trying to get 300. The reason I came to your site was I was looking for the DX LOGS to see if they really showed me as an entry because seems like a long time on some of the cards. I found just what I was looking for and really enjoyed browsing around your site and in-fact I have put it in my favorites so I can just click on it. Good Luck and really enjoyed your site....73 Ken - W5KK

Just surfed in looks like a real good site I have been inactive for at least 20 years and I've just started up again, been many many changes and I have to get back into things Haave an old Swan 500CX thata works like a charm, also retired from National /Pan American Airlines - WA1CQJ

I have been looking for a free CW practice program to download I used to use CW TUTOR but this program no longer works on my new Gateway. I used to have a 486 @ 33 mhz and now the speed is 300mhz. Any idea where I may look? I work mostly QRP and build my equipment. I recently acquired the call "W5DSU" for Delta State University where I work as the Audio/Visual Engineer. - WA5VOR

A local ham here made the comment one day that any station that works a QRP station should be the one to receive an award. I must agree that it takes a great deal of skill to work a QRP station and I had never thought of an award for doing so. I enjoy working QRP stations but I never thought of an award for my skill. I was just checking to see if there was an award available for hams like myself. Nice web page. 73's Don - W0DEW

Nice site-See my E-mail to you of 3/10/00 - W3WH

Great WEB site! - WA1KLI


# Actually I have had you on the computer for a long time. I don't work much qrp now but have loved my hw-8. My rig now is an ic 736, capable of qrp to 5 wts or less. I play with psk31 with a digipan program at or less than 25 wtts, have been on occasion down to 10 wts before being lost in the noise. I actually like reading about qrp, yours and others, and Mike Bryce's in the book. I did build and have it yet , a surface mount qrp miliwatter and did get to contact a BY1 station in china but not long enough, to exchange info. It was great hearing my call sign sent by a foreign operator. Your page is easy to get around in, thanks, JR - WB7WVO

Nice site. Am looking to build some QRP kits, particularly the Tuna Tin 2. - WD0HBG

You have one of the nicest Web Pages I've seen; have to put it in my favorites. Your record number of QRP contacts is remarkable!!!! W9UQB Mike Phoenix ScQRPions - W9UQB/7

John Thanks for such a great page. I use your QSL route finder alot. Thanks alot, John - W9RPM

Just wandered around and found your site. I am interested in building various kinds of instruments and ham related equipment. Am finishing up a 40 & 20 M transmitter, need to finsih the final amp stage. slm - WA7GOB

Nice site! - WA9JYG

Great site John, I'm just cranking down to QRP and also rediscovering the fun in this great hobby of ours. 72, John - WB4OMN

# Congratulations on 2000 days of QRP contacts John. By coincedence, I worked Bill N4QA yesterday also on QRP. His 1.5W from Roanoke was S7 here. Hope to work you some time soon on 40M QRP, my favorite band. I enjoy reading your visitors comments also. 72, Dick - W3DP

Hi John, I will look for you on the bands. I have several tube type QRP rigs. They date from the 1920s to an HW-8. 73 Stan - WA4NFY

Tom WB8ZWY (#1 on 01/14/00)is my bestest friend. He forwarded the notice of posting you sent him. Take care John and I'll listen for ya. 73's Bud - WD8BIL

John, Nice site. I will return often. My homepage at www.qsl.net/w4cz. 73 Bill - W4CZ

nice web pag have several frends who operate qrp my self only tryed it 2 times (made 2 kontites ) and i like wires to use a 2 element l on 160,80,40 m bands with a remote tuner , workedmost usa,canada and caribban with 35wts on160 keepup good work bob - W4BCU

I operate ONLY qrp and my favorite band and the one I spend most of my time on is 30 meters. Very nice site, keep up the good work ! Would love ot see more qrp news relating to this band and would like ot see more regarding it on the internet ! - WB5KYK

my computer locked up downloading the 95sstv prog and I am trying to find where I was, yep, I forgot to save in favorites where I was at, dumb huh. Haven't been on my hw-8 for a while, bu did like qrp from Montana, my home. I am portable in northwest ca. great site. Have you ever tried qrp psk yet? I have an IC-736 I am trying to get on the air using the sound card, hence the download of 95sstv, the connections are the same, in fact except for the information it is all the same transmitted, all digital I mean. I also have a c-64 w\air-1 for code that somehow is transmitting full time,.It runs the packet with a pk64. Nothing but the state of the art here for sure. My packet radio is an IC-2 on batteries. Great site and thanks for making it sharable with me. - WB7WVO

USA-CA #773 - WV2B

Thanks John for writing up the QRP Contesting Tips. I am new to QRP and contests and found your page very helpful and informative. I hope to catch you on the air sometime soon. - WB7NMY

John, Thanks for the FB QSO 12/13/99 at 7040kc. I am sure that my Dad would be very proud. 73, Joe - W4ONC

Hello John, I'm not on the air much these days. I seem to be busy with other things, but QRP, homebrewing and CW are what interest me most anymore about Ham Radio. First licensed in 1965, with homebrew 6V6 xmtr and Heath HR-10 rcvr. Somehow those early days operating with bare bones xtal operation were most rewarding, even compared to today's hi tech. I keep thinking that one of these days I'm going to get into my junk pile and do some homebrewing. Maybe a design or two that glow in the dark, if you know what I mean. Back in the 60's I would see some xmtr circuit, build it, make a few contacts, tear it apart, and then try something different. I have a HW-8. Made a couple contacts last spring on it but haven't done much since. 73's for now, John. TNX es CUL - WD0DSN

Your page was accessed through WX5DX and other listings amongst his files. Enjoyed your page. Another avid CW op here also. Visit my page and feel free to list it also. 73 Bob... http://www.csun.edu/~vfeen0br/wa6bob.html - WA6BOB

Looks very nice and I expect to be back. Beginning to do more CW on 14.0565 and as my ear becomes retrained, I expect I will do more CW mobile. Great Big Herb - W9GBH

# You Sure have a nice site here but I don't have the time to go through it. Lots of good info here and some good QRP/CW tips. I got you'r URL from QRP-l that someone posted. I'll be back to view some more. 73 Bob - WA2HOQ

Found site through URL listed in QRP-L afternoon of 11-3-99. Will put it in favorite sites for easy return. Beginning to get interested in QRP in a more serious way. Will see how it goes, not much money to spend, but have fairly extensive junk box! - W6CJG

Found your site from a mention in a QRP-L message. Very impressive Web site layout. Have not yet had the chance to explore it very far, but I will. QRP intertest here go back a long time, with the idea over the years to build a small low power xmtr, possibly even tube type. Past experience with QRP involves a converted CB set to 10 meters and working JA with 3 watts AM. Now have been turning the power levels on my Drake T-4XB down to 3 or 4 watts for CW work. Also, the same with my IC 706. Operating a lot of PSK31 on the 706 at about 1 watt out. Working to rebuild the CW skills. Next goals: Build one of the popular small kits to allow opperation from hotel rooms on my weekly business trips and also to operate from the family room in the evenings while spending time with my wife (well she's watching TV so I can either play on the laptop or on a radio). We're still together. Maybe later on adding something like the K2 to the shack. Other than that; a score of other radio projects including getting some old stuff back on the air. 73 - WB5TKA

Noted your site on QRP-L and decided to check it out. I will keep this one in my bookmarked list of special radio sites. 73/72, John - W9MIU

Hi John, I copied your URL from the QRP_L messages. FB ur operation and page. 73 Bill - WJ5O

Thanks for a creating and maintaining a great site. - W2NJN

Great web page ! Got here from the NORCAL personal site list. 72/3 - WA4IVO

Usenet posting .. you live pretty close to me so I thought I'd leave a note. - W3YNI

Looks like you CA on 12 and 10. These bands are open I would be happy to give them to you. Bill - W6QD

Heard you in QSO with another station before loggin on here and noted that your run QRP exclusively. Then, I logged on and you had signed with other station and began calling CQ again....I answered and we had a brief chat thru all the QRN and QSB...Super site here. Hope to CUL on CW....73 -- Dave - WA9PDS

Just Looking John,and also I am a QRPer Total, es solar powered stn, and also build up few rigs from kits...so look for you on the band again yea 40 mtrs, we have worked b4 I believe.. 73 Dale - WB8WOJ

Hi John, I came across your site after a listing on the qrp-l reflector. It's a great site with something for everyone. As a qrp'er I'm looking forward to the band condx improving so I really will use your propagation notices. Just wanted to let you know you have a real FB site. 73 Tom - WB2QDG

John, You have a very interesting site. I've been a general class ham since 1976 with my current call sign. I upgraded to advanced in July and extra in August and have applied for a vanity call. Hope to get a chance to help you with your string sometime. 73's, Frank - WB2QHK

# Your poll should have included age! Seems like most of the CW ops I meet are old enough to be my fathere...I'm 47! - WB4RVL

Hi John: Just wanted to thank you for the find job that you your callsign server page. I found it through a search engine about a year ago and I use it almost every day. You certainly do a lot of work to maintain this site and you are to be commended. I know that a number of hams are grateful for your fine work especially those of us who go looking for those DX calls! Best wishes Steve Keithley Fists 6590 - WD9FJL

# Thanks for the observations in the Propagation area. It helps me understand the numbers to have your observations noted! 73 - WD5IBS

I had the honor of being John's latest QRP QSO yesterday on 40 meters. His potent 5 watt signal while using his random wire was a pleasure to copy. My age is 49 and I have been a ham for 13 years. I have several QRP rigs, but will admit that I do not QRP as much as I once did. (Shame on me!) John's web site will probably motivate me to do more QRP. I enjoy QRP, vintage tube gear that is not too big, VHF/UHF scanning, and old bug/straight key collecting. I work as a 4th grade teacher in Milwaukee's inner city. Long live QRP! - WN9U

Hi, found ur web pg on av6 web pg. i work qrp also, an want to increase my number of contacts. running a ohr400 into a gap vert. not having much luck. i hear 'em but cant seem to work 'em!! trying to figuer out how this whole game works.....and have fun also. gonna string up a 40m windom and see if that helps. worked field day last year and all i got was "go cook the hamburgers". guess my code speed was'nt up to par. i'll crack this nut yet. any suggestions?? ive been trying "tail ending" and calling cq. thanks for a great web site for the new and returning ham!!! 73, mitch - WW4ML

# Hi John, Just browsing your site again. It's really interesting and informative. Thought I might here you in the ARCI HB Sprint Sunday. I'm still searching for an efficient and compact QRP antenna tuner design or kit. No luck so far. Do you have any info tucked away? Keep up the good work , 73 Dick - W3DP

Number 34991. I operate QRP with an A & A Engr.CW 20 meter rig to a vertical ant. Last QSO was with CT1 BQH 5/16/99. Plenty of activity for low power. - W3CEI

Good Morning, I am relatively new to Ham Radio but is the completion of a goal since H.S. The call is the one my deceased uncles used as my original call was KF4UGP. I am having a very difficult time finding QSL addresses in other countries and could use some assistance. Also, information on the rules of ettiquete for QSLing out of the country would be appreciated. Enjoyed your site. Thanks Stephen - W4IOJ

# Hi John. Good looking web site. I saw a reference today on the GQRP mail list and just had to stop by and visit. I too am 99.9% qrp cw with FT757sxII, QRP+ and a SB104a which only works up to about 10 watts (just got it in a trade). I do the QRP-l, Gqrp-l, NORCAL, MI-qrp, ARCI bit. Sometimes to the detriment of my operating. Hope to visit your site often and maybe work you soon on the air. 73 Ray - W5XE

nice site - WA2UNN

Hello John I found your site in a copy of FIST that I picked up at the Hamcom in Arlington,Tx.this last weekend.You have a lot of info here,so keep up the good work and the column. 73 Pete - WB7AMP

# John, Did you know my Dad (Neal Blochinger). He worked at WPIT for years. Part time taking care of the books. - W4LKL

Nice page, keep up the good work. How's Chas Fulp (K3WW) treating you?? Check my poor excuse for a web site at: http://www.qsl.net/w3mf - W3MF

Hi John, Found your site via FISTS club. I have been using the GM-20 kit from NN1G, Dave Benson, on 20 meters since Jan. 1. I have worked about 35 states and really love the little rig. It runs about 2 watts and has a very good receiver. Hope to catch you on the air soon. 73, George - W4WYV

Congrats John. I need a world atlas to find my way around here. Will be back to look around again. 73, Dave - WA8KAN

I just built a Ten Tec 1320 QRP and it's great. Also have a HW-9 that is a lot of fun. Give me tubes or QRP and I'm happy. Thanks for the nice QRP site! - WA7EWG

I'm quite new to amateur radio and am interested in learning about wire antennas and antenna tuners. - WB4KY

# John, just checking up on some qsl addresses. Want to thank you for visiting the wisconsin qso party last month. cul on the fist freqs 73 - W9BOK

This is an excellent and informative site. I found it through W4FOK's website. (It is interesting too. . . American Morse) I am an Extra Class ham and think what the "no codes" are doing is awful. There has always been a no code license, and it is called CB. Anyone can learn anything they set their mind to. - WB4FSF

qrp link page on net - WA7KCA/3

Thanks for your useful web site. While CW was my first love in ham radio (licensed 21 years) I have been in a busy period of life and am just now getting back to it as my sons start interest in hamming. It's like a long lost love! Thanks for the "Jump Start" the info on your pages provide. 73 - WD5IBS

# Hi John, Thought I'd stop in and say hello. I temporarily lost your webpage due to difficulties with AOL software. Back on line again now. Still not on the air except for Field Day and I guess we didn't do to bad this past year. Had to shut down for about an hour due to electric discharges just prior to a rain storm. See you again... Take care... Dave - W9TG

Enjoyed amateur radio since early 50s, with military. After 40 years of working with, fixing radios and radar system, I finally got my Technician license in 1994, with call KE6OCC, now WA6ROD. My shack is small but has lots of equipment that covers from 1.8Mhz to 1.3Ghz. Enjoy listing to DX from all over the world, and contacted many hams on 2M, 22o, 440 and 6M bands. I enjoy 2M packet, and have contacts in Europe and Asia. Really enjoy ham radio and all of it's content. - WA6ROD

Very nice site John. I may have worked you QRP - will check my log. I use an OHR-100A xcvr I built last year. 5w to a Butternut vertical or G5RV. Am getting more and more hooked on QRP. Will be at the Atlanticon seminar in Timonium. Will you be there? 73, Dick - W3DP

Hi John- Saw your URL in Jan QST along with many others. Congratulations on a super site! Been a HAM since 1937 as a 17 year old and have been active on just about all modes in the years since. Would like to develope a site but lack the know-how. I'm active on HF on 10/12/15/17/and 20 with a LOG-PERIODIC but only 15 Ft. off the ground but still works very well. vy 73, Charlie - W7KB

Hello, I got to the site from NORCAL page. Nice site and sounds like you are far more active than I am. I love QRP also and make almost all of my QSO's with about 3 watts CW. Look for me near 7.040 and 73's, Dale - WA0NKE

Great site! - W8JYS

I have been hamming for 44 + years, but am new to QRP.. Went the traditional route of AM to SSB, then migrated back to CW in the last few years... Have a new S&S Eng. ARK-30, that I am enjoying ... Only SSB I do is a net in which I am involved - Maritime Mobile Service Net .. my FISTS # is 4781 .. Hope to work you sometime on one of the bands to help you keep your string going to 2000 ... best 73, de Brian - W5YE

# Dear John, Last year over the Holidays I got back on HF. I discovered your site in a web search, I believe in Feb. I got back on CW at that time and have had more fun and satisfaction from Ham Radio than I have had since I was a Novice. The CW speed has slowly increased but I have not reached my goal. I check your web site often for useful information because it is quick and easy to find on your site. I owe you a big thank you for inspiring me to get back on the CW bands. Your efforts with your web site are appreciated and your dedication to making one contact per day is an inspiration to many of us. Thank you and keep up your great job on the air and your web site. Sincerely 73 Jim W5JCS P.S. I keep thinking I will run into you on 40M CW some night! - W5JCS

# Thanks for making this site available. Lots of work for a good cause. - W6ABE

Hi John - Good to qso with you today (xmas eve) We have had bunch of qso's and it's always a good rag chew. I been running the Ten-Tec kit pretty regular here for about 8 months and it's been great. Hope to get the OHR wattmeter kit for xmas and maybe upgrade to the Ohr 100a rig later. Let me know if you figure out how to bring up Emtech on the web. 73 and Happy Holidays Wink - WA8KOQ

I've checked into your site because I'm shopping for qrp equipment and wanted to look at your information. I'm glad that I dropped in. You have an interesting site. Further keep up the good work on qrp. There is no question in my mind that a successful qrp station is ten percent equipment and ninety percent operator. Regards de Carl - W3CL

Hello, For years I have be trying to promote QRP via Satelites. With Little or no success I find your site very interesting. QRP in general is what Ham Radio should be, Not the 3kw stuff we hear nightly on 80mtrs 73's de AL - WC9C

# Have been encouraged by this site. I decided to give the 160 meter contest a try. My antenna is an off-center fed dipole nearly 200 feet long, but only averages about 25 feet high over sloping ground. Still with this antenna so absurdly close to the ground for 160 meters did work well (though I must confess I operated at 100 watts not QRP). The short leg of this antenna is about 65 feet long (piece of a former 80 meter center fed) and fed with ladder line near the shack location. I suspect someone with a smaller yard could center load the longer leg of the dipole and also bend it around the corner to get on the band. Meanwhile, I have gotten good results using the off-center fed dipole on 160 thru 30 meters and occasionally it outperforms my vertical on the higher bands! - WB8YYY

John, Just checking back in with your page. It is still GREAT! 73 JIM - W5JCS

Very nice site. Enjoyed the section on CW operating practices. 73, Craig - WB3GCK

I have this Web Site Linked on the Eastern PA QRP Club's Web Page. http://www.kpsnet.com/wb3aal/Start_Page.htm Are there any QRP Club's in WPA? 73 - WB3AAL

Just checking out the site as per your request in The Keynote. 73. - W6NKR

I really like your site. Nice design. 73 - WT4AT

haven't seen it all but I see you like qrp mucho. i have dave bensons' 30 and 40 meter rigs...vy fb.!! - W4QCF

I have been enjoying a return to the airwaves after nearly 25 years of sporadic activity. First licensed in 1967, I am currently using an ICOM-735 barefoot with an R-7000 vertical antenna and have been amazed at its performace. Operating mobile is something that I have always enjoyed and I was able to do this again over the summer. It is fun running county hunter nets. DX on SSB and CW are still my main activity and interest. I am a career teacher of Earth/Space science and enjoy all aspects of the subject. Summer hiking in western National Parks, astronomy, stamp collecting and gardening keep me busy most of the year. My wife is also an Earth/Space science teacher and we are able to share many things. Thanks for you web site. It has been both helpful and interesting. - WA3HSR

Hello John, Saw your info on QRZ and found your web page. Its nice! Do you remember that we used to talk a lot on CW on 40 meters back in the novice days of 1963. How are you? Im still on the air here run old Drake gear. Semi-retired too..was recently a lab manager at Advanced Micro Devices in Austin...stayed five years and then back up here to the Dallas area. Nice to see your still on the air..maybe we can have a QSO sometime. My web page is: http://home.texoma.net/~dtiffin. e-mail: dtiffin@texoma.net...See ya.... 73, Don Tiffin WA5FQV The Colony, Texas, nr Dallas - WA5FQV

Wow, Nice page! My friend Thor Lyford, W0QIK told me to check you out. Am CW 99.9% and started working QRP earlier this year and am having lots of fun. I have some homebrew projects on my list too. - W0UFO

Hi, John. Very nice site, clean & not alot of unecessary junk. I like your station too, especially the HB stuff. I was licensed as WN6TNL in 1967 & have been 100% QRP since the late sixties. I looked through your QSLs for any '6s that I knew, but I only saw one 6 card and the picture was taken before TNL existed. I got a kick out of your lamp. I too have something from my first station: My novice transmitter, a 6L6 rig that I built. It still works great, about 4 Watts output (QRP and I didn't even realize it at the time!). 73.......Steve - WB6NTL

Your site is very nicely done. - W6JZE

# I enjoyed your article this month. I operate QRP all the time but only use a single band radio and don't think of myself as a casual operator. I would probably own a multi-band QRP radio but have never seen any advertisements for them. Any information that you have would be appreciated. Big business isn't as excited about QRP as we are. Thanks Dave - W8DEP

Hi John, well nowa days it is the fashion to demonize the code but as far as I'm concerned it will live forever, more power to you 73's Paul - WB4KVB

Nice page John. Check my page @ http://www.geocities.com/Augusta/7117/ . 73, Rick - W4RLD

Hi John, My interests are fundamentally HF radio communications and I also enjoy building and modifying communications gear, AM and SSB. My favorite daytime bands are 15 and 17. In the evenings you will find me on 160. Both AM and SSB. I am currently off the air due to a QTH move, but I hope to be up and running again soon. I'm rebuilding an old BC-610 at the moment, and wonder if you might know of some HAM swap, or buy and sell nets, etc. - WA1PMS

I'm new to chasing DX and was surfing the net when I came across your site. I plan to add the site to my bookmarks and I'll be back. Take care, Gary - W7GLC

worked you a few times in PA QSO pty. thx for the QSOs! 73 Len - WF2V

# Alan KB7MBI sent mesage to NW qrp group and I am a member - sooo here I am - WJ7H

Saw your site in the QRP-L Post. Been a ham for 30 years, but not active in last 10 years. Wanted to try to get active but every time I listened to SSB, lost interest again. Saw some articles about QRP and such. Purchased a TenTec 1330 for 30 meters about a month ago put up a dipole and am completly hooked. I have not had this much fun in a very long time. 30 has been great from here and have talked to several locals as well as DX. Thanks for letting me ramble but I have discovered the fun of Hamming again!!! 73's jpoole - WA5UMP

Referred to your site from the QRP-L. Congrats on a good effort and a very nice website. 73 Ray, W5XE

QRP-L is where your url was posted. Maybe catch you on 7.040 or 10.116 or 14.060 MHz qrp 72...Jay - WA5WHN

John - I liked your new piece on the 1500 days, great job. Besides I'm in statistics and the kind of information you had is always of interest. One item confused me. You listed number of QSO below 5 Watts, 1 Watt and 1/2 Watt. I think I finally figured out that that meant the rest were done at 5 Watts - for a while I was wondering where the other QSOs went. Have fun de Larry - WD3P

It was great working you on 30 meters. Hope to see you again. God bless you. Barry - W2BJ

Dear John: A month on crutches following a knee operation leaves me a moment or two to check out some things I was ALWAYS TOO BUSY to do. Propagation has generally been poor for DX to Utah so I've spent days checking out things that were on my LIST to explore on the NET centered on Ham Radio. Very nice site and enjoy your articles in the KEYNOTE! I'm not saying I'll run rite out and trade my QRO setup (too much repression as a child!!) but, I am very interested in QRP as another contest venue. vy 73 Dan FISTS 2469 - W8EQA

Just landed here, first time. Looking for CW aids. - W6OPO

Jumped in from County Hunters. Looking for information on operating CW mobile. Planing on giving it a try soon. - W8QOI

I got 20997... close?? ;-) - WB8ZCC

Good Evening -- I just now brought up your web-site so I really cannot comment on the contents. Looks like your counter is up to 20962 today (Sun Aug 23rd) Will examine the site quite a bit more when I have a bit more time - Looks Great!! No doubt you're putting in a lot of time and energy for us to enjoy and enjoy I will! Cheers and 73 Herb W0AFY In the Ozarks of Missouri - W0AFY

Nice page, OM. Saw a note about it in one of the ham mailing lists. Tnx, 73 Don - WA5BBS

Got your e-mail today Saturday 15 August. I sent two e-mails and each time got word that there was an error, and gave up. Lo and behold I got one from you acknowledging mine. - W3CZ

I started "collecting counties" about 15 years ago but got side-tracted on other things and never even got the basic award. One of these days... One thing I can say, there some nice people on 14.336! 73, Wayne, W1KI (Formerly WA1RRZ) e-mail to either: irwin@ct1.nai.net or w1ki@arrl.org - W1KI

I am new to ham radio. Have had my general license for only about 3 months. I'm having trouble understanding how the QSL bureau works. Who do I talk to about this? I guess that I need to register with someone and send them self addressed envelopes so that I can receive QSL cards when not mailed direct. I don't want to sound stupid but I don't understand all there is to know about this. Any helpn would be appreciated. Thanks Dave - W8DEP


# Hi, John...... As you can see, my E-mail adx has changed since our last electronic QSO! Would love to see a comment on your web page about the latest ARRL travesty and how it might affect the QRP operations and the entry-level CW ops that would like to maintain some spectrum space. I'm only visitor #19986!! Vy 73, Chuck - W8LQ

very nice, John. Thanks for all the work that you have put into this site. It benefits a lot of people, including me. I look forward to working you someday on CW. 73, Jim - W4JFR

Hello John---I married a girl from around there---Worthington Pa---- I am from Lima Oh and she moved to Oh and we married had 3 children and moved to Fl been here since----earned my call in '77 got a Mich QRP no.193 but have not been active (but want to be ) this site has encourged me I like it Don - WS4ERA

Great Web Page - W4WSZ

Looking for a real good contest keyer to use with CT so I don't have to toggle the keyboard mode (alt-k)so often. Prefer a homebrew project like the Curtis or ? I'd like memory feature. I'm pretty new to cw contesting, but I love it. I'm working feverishly on my Extra upgrade. That's all for now. Any suggestions on a keyer. Tnx & 73. - W3LFR

Enjoyed your site, very informative, I am a long time CW operator, worked commercial CW in the U.S. Coast Guard many years ago, long since retired, love to practice and keep my speed up. Now that I have found this site, I will visit often. Thanks for your efforts.. - WA1ZDY

Saw your site mentioned in rec.radio.amateur & thought I would check it out. very nice and well organized. - WE4Q

Your site is great, Lots of good links a a whole lot of good information. Also glad to see that you have QRP links and other QRP info here. Real nice job Bob - WA2HOQ

# Well John it gets better and better all the time with each visit. I now have a Ten Tec Scout for QRP and when I get a chance off the county hunters net as NCS I will be a qrp at 5 watts and if I like that well who knows. Take care and keep the faith. Howie. - WA4KER

hello. very nice site. i think i came originally for the QSL search. my set-up is TS-140, HB keyer (Tick-2B in progress...), HW-8, 40 m HB xcvr, 38S in progress - i have made 2 qso's at 300mW - working on "qro mod" to 5 watts my antenna farm - R5 vertical (i use on 30m-6m so it is an "r7"), 40m INV v, 80m center fed ugly arrangement just curious about your longwire? how long and high? what is your ground system? anyway we will be moving latter this summer so it is time to engineer a new antenna farm, and i want something to get on 160m the new house will be 0.65 A. instead of 0.14 A. now but it dont have too many available tress close to the house, unlike my present little yard that has three big trees 20 & 17 have been pretty good - i had been working only 30 meters so i consider this a nice improvement for now - i suspect we will have the higher bands this winter but dont hold me to the forecast! 73 - i hope you can read this since it scrolls out of the box! curt - WB8YYY


Great site! Thanks for all your hard work. - WB5KED

I enjoy QRP CW and work 40/20M 73 de Greg WB9MII. ARRL OTC FISTS 3347 QRP ARCI 9718 - WB9MII

Just cruising and thought I would say hello.....Lee - WA0NWV

NIce site.... - W4MCD

my first visit to your site, but expect to be back often - W4IUI

# You were mentioned in World Radio Magazine Plus knowledge that you are a REAL QRPer Lookfor W3BTN (Big Terrific Noise) the North Penn Amateur Radio Club Station operating Field Day. QRP battery power on 20 and 40 CW - W3PNL

# Just got here. Looks good. Think I'll just browse thru it all. 73 de Andy - W3XE

frames info hard to read with red on red. (Anyone else notice this? - js) was looking for County Hunter info. Good job. Thanks/73 - WA4AAB

# GREAT SITE! Been hamming (90% CW) since '61. Was a High Speed CW op. in Japan and Korea ('54-'56). Teach CW in our clubs ham classes. Member (#905) of FISTS (a great organization), and to many other ham organizations to mention here. Not to active in some, but I feel it a good idea to support as many Amateur organizations my budget will allow. Looking forward to checking this site often.... CUL ES 73, Vince. often. Thanks for the opportunith - WA8BIJ

Fine looking page very informayive sit 73 john - WB2EXI

# Hi John, was not aware of your web site until the last Keynote issue. I usually read the Keynote from cover to cover, so must have missed it ! Been mostly QRP for the last 10 years or so, and is a source of endless pleasure. 30 & 40 have been my most favorite during the sun spot lows, and now am on 20 more often. You have lots of services to offer, I'll probably be using the QSLing feature often now ! I'll check your links and see if you have my little company "EMTECH" listed. Just in case, here is the URL http://pages.prodigy.net/roygregson/ My son KC7MAS is doing the web page for me, and still lots to update. Thanks for the Keynote QRP section ! 72's/73's Roy - W6EMT

Very nice Home Page John. I operate some QRP with a Heathkit HW-9. I and my Wife are involved in Navy Marine Corps MARS. We have a home page at: http://www.enter.net/~w3zmn You will find pictures of us and our station. Your call is familiar, I am sure we have worked on the air. 73 - Conrad - W3ZMN

I am interested in getting into qrp so thought I would check out your website. Tnx es 73 Dave FISTS #3966 - W6NUC

Hi, John....great site, and I love your one-stop shopping for QSL routes! Super idea, and much handier than even NG3K !! Tks for many FISTS QSO's and the Penna Party contacts over the years, even when I was still W2WOE. Vy 73, MUSIC MODE FOREVER!! Chuck - W8LQ

A fine qrp page, Wb5qyt alos lrecomended it. - WB5TLA

I originally got my ticket back in 1974 when I was about 15 years old. Due to college, work, and then starting a family, Ham Radio had to take a back seat. About 2 or 3 years ago I decided to get back on the air and become active once again. I was truely surprised as to what had transpired during those years of inactivity. I listened to several QSO's where the operators were arguing with each other and some real nasty things were being said. Other QSO's were being jammed by operators not identifying. Other QSO's went on and on without anyone ever using their call letters (if they even had any). All this activity was taking place on the phone portions of the bands, so I decided to go back to my first true love, CW. Once back on CW I felt much more comfortable and everything seemed like it used to be back when I had first started hamming. Sure, there were a few occassional lids even down on the CW sections of the band, but over all, CW is still the professional mode and I now work nothing but CW. We must all strive to keep CW alive by recruiting new CW operators. Don't forget, if it's not CW, it's just CB. Very 73es--RON - W5WWW

# Started County Hunting in 1954 as K6BCG when Cliff Evans,K6BX came up the idea for the then Certificat Hunters Club (CHC). Final got USA-CA #507 in 1986 from CQ Magazine. Found out that I really hadn't worked all the counties in the USA. On a trip to Alaska found that there were 16 Burroughs in Alaska which are the same as counties or parishes in the lower 48. - W3XE

Don't remember if I first were aware of your articles in Woeld Radio or not. Now enjoy your comments in the Keynote. Nancy picked a good one, when she selected you for the QRP column. Just got on Internet. E-mail not yet active. A bug in Microsoft Explorer 2. 72 John and keep up the good work. Joe - W3PNL

Hi, I have read some of your articles in FISTS Keynote, but I got here today from Webside Story - W9DEW

Agree 100% w/ your comments re CW-- the REAL ham radio mode. Don't work QRP like you do very often, but when I do I'm continually amazed at how well I do w/ 100 watts and a vertical. In any case, its always been CW for me (I go back 45 yrs now--1st xmtr wuz the original Heathkit, the AT-1. Still have it, ready to restore). Keep up the good work! We just need to encourage new hams to try CW and I think a goodly fractio of them will catch the disease. 73, Jeff - W2ZU

# Past visiter.....just surffing! New page looks good! 73's - W4LKL

# NorCal QRP page. Just jumping around to see what amateur sites are available. - WA3LOI

# Getting better and better all the time. Spent all morning on 14.056.5 running mobiles, on my third time around, so what else is new :). Hope all is well on QRP take care and keep the faith. Howie - WA4KER

Just looking around looking for a freeware Logging program. Thanks for being here. 73 Ed - W6ABE

John: Great column in Keynote. Keep up the good work. I have not done much work on QRP but plan to do so in the near future. I am going to bike Austrailia and thinking of taking a QRP rig with me. Of course the total weight of the rig (transceiver,power and ant)is important. I was thinking of Wilderness Radio's Sierra for 20, 15 and 10 meters powered by some AA batteries. Not sure what to use for an antenna. I am working on building the "rainbow tuner" so maybe I will use just a long wire. I know you build mainly from scratch, but do you have any suggestions for an old (55) bicyclist? Thanks Chuck. - WL7CSJ

John, I thoroughly enjoy your QRP column in Keynote. I've been a FISTS member for about a year and am having a ball. Recently got WA1LAD as a vanity call. It belonged to my Grandfather who is now a Silent Key. Just finished building a Small Wonders LAbs 40m QRP rig. It works great ! Also have an HW-8 which I take camping. That runs off a gel-cell and a small solar panel. I'll be looking for you on the air. 73, Gil ex-ke1fe FISTS-3492 - WA1LAD

# Old timer, the new format looks super congratulations and I visit your home page often, the bands have been lousy for the past few weeks lots of QRN. Take care and keep the faith. Howie - WA4KER

Haven't really had much change to look things over yet, but, I hope visit more in the future and then will hopefully make comments that will be of some use to you. - WA8JPR

Thanks for your qrp column. Going to give it a try soon (when I have more time and money),. 73, jim FISTS # 865 - WE6V

Am a qrp nut, solar es wind power stn, rf power from home brew gear and qrp plus...Just looking over your site here, yes we are located in the n e part of the state, close to meadville or pa line.. Nice job on the site Dale es Roberta - WB8WOJ & WB8YIK

I just got back into ham radio (off the air for 25 years) with QRP gear. Just got internet setup in January. Your site is one of the more interesting . I definitely enjoy the pictures. Perhaps well meet on 40m CW. Frank - WB4RVL

Hello John: I received your QSL card today and was glad to hear from you. I am 75 years of age and retired 10 years ago and I am enjoying the peaceful setting here in Bayville, NJ located on Barnegat Bay. We are about 50 Miles North of Atlantic City on Rte 9. Have a great weekend and I will look forward to your E-Mail. Vu 73 to you and yours Eric - WA2LRF

Dear John, E-mail follows. . .I appreciate your CW infomation very much. Best I've found. Just what I was looking for. 73 Jim - WB5YWO

Very good web page. Enjoyed visiting it. Will definately be back. 72/73 Ray - WD5DHK

Nice site! You know, it wouldn't be much of a chore for a Japanese company to put a multiband qrp rig in a 2 meter ht housing. CW only, of course. It would be much neater than the 7 rigs I have built, could have the best receiver of all, etc., etc. I dream -- they'll go on making handy talkies! - W8GND

Today 02/16/98 was the first time I had visited your pages in quite a while. Lots of good changes! Looks like you've spent a lot of time and effort on your site. One suggestion: Add a text box to the form right below the Email Address box so the visitor can provide the URL to his own web pages. - WB4HUC

Keep up the FB work! Tnx to folks like you, we can keep CW alive and well! 73 es God bless. Dave FISTS # 2427 - W2QU

Found ur site in your e-mail to me. Tnx.Great site and will check it out often. Would say more but not into typing....Would rather say it with my key See you on the air agn soon I hope 73 Mike Benjamin Fists#2945 - W2GR

John, You have the "BEST" site. Your home page allows me to launch to a great many other locations without having to set a new location up, just point and click as they say. I have been building and operating QRP since 1989 and your site gives me all the QRP related pages I will need for quite some time. TNX es 72 Rick - WA8RXI

Nice Web page, keep up the good work - W6NCK

# Hi John... I check your pages regularly. You have a great WEB site. I've just recently returned to the HF bands after a 14 year absence. I enjoy CW and make an effort to encourage new hams to operate CW before 'passing judgement' on the 'so called' useless licensing requirement. I do this by working new hams in the Novice segments, passing information and words of encouragement every chance I get. Since the CW mode of operation does not get the attention today it once did, new comers are confused by the 'jargon/shorthand' we use. Just recently, while working a station in the novice band I was asked the question "What does FIST mean?" Well I answered the question and got two other calls from people listening to the QSO. I lost a little sleep time that night but knew that I had helped three people who were obviously interested in the mode but somewhat confused by the 'language' used. If everyone would do a little of this I think we would bring alot more young people into the CW fraternity. Those are my thoughts. 73 - Dan - W3DF

John, I enjoyed reading your ham life history and you exploits on the CQ WW CW contest. You did great considering you were QRP with wire antennas. I was also in the contest using a G5RV up 25 feet. I was running 100 watts using a Drake TR7. I know how hard it is to break the pile ups with wire antennas and I am running 100 watts! I don,t know if i have the patience to run QRP with 5 watts. So great go on the CQ WW. I am 51 and got my novice in 1961, WN8AHK, I got my general in 1962. I was active in high school but lost contact with Ham radio in college. I kept my licence renewed but it seemd with going to lnight school in the late 70's and early 80's and rearing 2 girls I didnt have much time for radio. In 1990, I saw an add in the paper for a Drake TR4 for 100 bucks. I bought the radio and listen for two weeks before i had enough nerve to get on the air. I needed a key and my wife said she remembered seeing my old speedX bug in the basement. I found the bug and made a 20 meter dipole and got on 20 meters. The sunspot cycle was near it peak and DX was rolling in. Two months later I picked up a D104 Mike for 25 bucks and got on SSB. 20 meter SSB is not very friendly so my first contact to check out the mike was a Moscow contact. Anyway I have worked about 1000 ragchew contacts and one or two thousand contacts on contests for the past 7 years. I work CW most of the time and operate between 20 to 35 wpm. I upgrade from my old speedx to a chrome plated Vibroplex and upgraded to a Drake Tr7 with a 500 hz & 300 hz CW filter. I am vice president of the Canton Amateur Radio Club and teach CW to ham prospects. I attempt to get people interested in HF and HF CW but many seem to have no interest beyond working 2 meter repeaters. So I am concerned about the long term outlook of HF and CW. Keep up the good work on the CW page. 73 - W8VE

Look's good! - WA6OWM

Enjoyed reading ur activities! Was just playing with the kids computer here. Sure a lot of good ham radio info, I am mostly in the antique wireless stuff with the AWA, CU on 80 ! - W1DDW

Hi John, Just a note to say hello since I'm new to internet. I worked you qrp a long while back and have your qsl card. I also like qrp and recently fired up the little rigs after a couple of years of qro. Could not keep interested with 100 watts so back to minus 5 watts and enjoying again. 73, take care. - WW1P

Looks great so far. First time and have not looked too deeply yet. I have to admire anyone that puts one of these things together and takes the time to keep it current. Keep up the outstanding work. 73 - Gary - W2UX

This is a great page. Thanks for taking the time to put it together. I am a cw op es love QRP. 73! - W2XS

You have a great web page, thanks for all your work! I just found your page and am looking forward to examining it. - WB2BJW

Excellent. Very informative with good sites. - WB2SJQ

Nice job!! You have a LOT of good links. Thanks and glad to have you on our side too de Bob - WB2YQH 59(9) DXReport

Just getting into QRP. I just hung out with Kevin N2TO on Labor day while he operated the contest. I like the Oak Hills and the Emtech stuff. I hope to order one soon. We have a club page, with a qrp subpage area taking shape. (Check Kings Co ARC on Links - Clubs) Ciao & 72's - Tony - WW2W

Ran across your site and certainly glad I did. It sure is dynamite! I'm 72 years old and only been hamming about 11 years. I'm not very radioactive lately what with a few health problems but all pretty good now. In the past I built a few QRP transmitters, the lowest of which was a 50 milli-watt thing which got me around here in 3-land. So OM congrats on your site and wish you the best of luck. 73, John - WZ2G

Very nice Web Page. Morse code is the foundation of Amateur Radio. The day it is removed is the day Amateur Radio ceases to exist. I hope that never happens. I tried three times before I learned the code. All it takes is a desire to learn and motivation. - W3DF

hello John just happen to be looking for some ham radio related things on the internet and came acroos your web page, will come back and visit again. 73 from Joe - W3JOE

Nice page John! I am interested in QRP, CW, Low orbiting sattelites (CW), steam engines and far too many other things! I am still working full time as an electrical engineer. My call is an original one from when I was 15 years old, living in Carlisle, PA. My wife's family is from Indiana, PA and later Irie, PA. We all live in Largo and have for 17 years. By the way, I wasn't born yesterday (1935)!! 73's Fred - W3RET

John, I agree on the CW. I also consider CW to be my second language. At hamfests, my hat has the following buttons: CW Forever, Know Code, and Five words per minute IS no code. My wife does have here no-code Tech, and I feel that class has been good for the hobby. She is slowly learning the code. I was first licensed as KN3ZHD in 1963, out of the hobby for a while and back in 1976. Spent 22 years in Navy and Naval Reserve, retired in 1990. I was a CW op in the Navy. I operate mobile CW with a TEN TEC Scout on occasion. Just got the call W3USN on 11 July. Nice site. 73 de Ken - W3USN

Started County Hunting when K6BX invented it for the CHC. Previous calls since 1953 are KN6BCG, K6BCG, K3JYZ, W5TWT. My USA-CA number is 507. - W3XE

I enjoy reading your articles on your webpage. I too am a CW enthusiast operating QRP on 20 meters. I am also a member of FISTS (#1583). Keep up the good work. - W3ZIF

Just getting started in QRP and looking around - WA3LOI

Dr John nice to find ur web site just got on the net a lot I don't Know. We had qso on Nov 29 on 80 mtrs qrp. I mailed u qsl direct to u pse ur qsl SAP. My qrp rigs are ramsey 20 thru 80 mtrs & HB at 70 mw for 40 mtrs & micronauts 60 to 70 mw for 20 & 40 mtrs. My age is 57 & retired frm Beth- Steel in 94 with 30 yrs ser. Now work part time for Weis markets. Ham for 28 yrs & qrp abt 4 yrs. If u get this it wl b a miracle with me at the key board, I even got book windows 95 for dummies Hi HI. 73's Al - WA3PTY

John... Just surfin my fool head off tonight and stumbled over your web site. Not bad. My friend, John (K3WWQ), moved to FL a few years ago. Your call caught my eye. see ya! - WB3BYK

just crusing the internet. i have an advanced class liceses been a ham since 1978 maybei wiil here you on 10 or 20 meters - WB3KYJ

Hi John! Nice setup here! I just requested a membership app to FISTS. I work almost ONLY CW from the mobile. Work mostly 20/40m and a little ECARS on weekends on 7.255. Old calls were WN3OVD/WA3OVD. Ham since 1973. Am building a new home in Liverpool, PA on a 63 acre mountain antenna farm. Hope to cu on the air from new QTH with a 2500 foot long centerfed Zepp! 73 and keep up the great work!!!!! - WN3V

Hi John. I am new to the internet. Just cruising around, checking out all sorts of things, hi. I too am a QRPer (QRP ARCI #372). Although I am also a DXer and run QRO in order to compete. Have DXCC/WAS QRP, mostly when the bands were in better shape. Nice webpage. Maybe one of these days I'll get smart enough to do a webpage, but right now its all I can do to just stay out of trouble on the web, hi. Take care...73 Tony, ex EL2AD (63-65), 7Q7AA (69-73), PY1ZBA (1973-75), etc. - W4FOA

I feel the same way you do about CW. I am an Extra, a VE, and my speed isn't as fast as yours but I will do everything I can to keep CW an important part of Ham Radio and Ham Radio testing. John, you have a good page here. I'll be back! Keep up the good work.......73's - W4LKL
Just me checking your page again. There is something new every time I return. Keep up the good work! - W4LKL

I'm thinking about putting together a Web site so I wanted to see what some of the others looked like. I like building and was interested in your home brewing comments. 73 - W4MEA

Super site. I have been a qrp and cw fan for many years and I hang out mostly on 40 meters between 7.020 and 7.040. - W4MQC

Excellent site. Will check it out often. Thanks for what you are providing, 73, Don - W4ZMZ

# I found it while looking up KK7X home page. I would like to say it is folks like you that make me proud to be a Ham. I also try my hand in QRP with a Ten Tec Scout. Got my USA-CA Award a while back and am looking for new fields. 73, Howie. - WA4KER

I was NCS on the CW County Hunters net for three years. 1986, 1987, 1988 and I would like to thank the founders of the County Hunters Net for such a good job. I did get my USA-CA award from the CQ Magazine in the mixed mode and only need six more counties in the CW mode. I enjoyed every bit of it. - WA4KER

Very nice site. I've just moved to a new house with those darned antenna restrictions but it looks like either a vertical and/or some long wires will be in order. I started out in the late 60's as WN4MPD, upgrade to WA4MPD, held an additional station license as KH6HCR, worked the only ham station in Vietnam during 1970-71 as 3W8MPD running phone patch traffic for Ellsworth Bunker and his wife. Upgraded to Advanced and received KD4RG. Under the Vanity License Program I requested my old call, WA4MPD, and that is what I am working with now. 73's Steve - WA4MPD

A very nice site for ham radio on the web. Glad to see the county hunters get a little more exposure. - WB4CCT

Nice page...I'll be back when I have more time. Here we run a TenTec PM-2a, 1970's vintage that puts out half a watt on 80/40 with VFO control, crystal on 15. Direct conversion receiver adds to the challenge! 73 - WB4JJJ

****** CW FOREVER!!! ****** - WB4M

My first time on your page. I'll have to spend some time on it before commenting.Itsounds like a good idea. 73 Steve - WB4NBI

Site was noted in County Hunter column in "WORLDRADIO". Good Home Page with lots of links. - WB4NNC

Great Web Site you have here! I love it! EVERYONE PLEASE VISIT OUR WEB SITE (AF4K & WB4QBL) (See my Links Page - K3WWP) ENJOY! 73 & 88 from Marie! - WB4QBL

Very nice Web Site. Keep up the good work. I am trying to get a site up myself and I see I have a long way to go. - WD4ESO

Nice site. I like the cw message in sound. Thanks for the contesting information with a QRP slant! - WD4MSM

Just browsing through the qrz database to look at home pages for ideas. Yours is great. - WY4Q

I enjoyed our 17M chat. Your QRP doing a fb job. I have been W5GEL since 1936 and have been on the bands continously for 60 years, using CW almost exclusively. #1 on DXCC Honor Roll and active in AMSAT satellite work. Am 78 years old and continuing to enjoy ham radio.. - W5GEL

# John - thanks for the plug for the 97 Tx QSO Party. Wrkd you on 40 cw - and rather early in the day! Hrd the 569 PA report. You were being received on a Ten Tec Scout and a bug catcher whip on the side of my Aerostar. I think there was good activity from Texas. My totals were very low - excuses are a mile long - mainly got a very late start. Looking forward to receiving your log. If there were other qrpers out there that you know of - encourage them to send in those logs. Thanks again 73 - W5HNS

Your webpages are always a pleasure to visit. Very informative. Keep up the outstanding work! Henry - W5HNS

Just looking for fellow 10M and CW advocates and information. My most favorite part of ham radio is the combination of 10 meters and CW. See you there when the spots are ready. - W5QCP

canoeing,camping,fishing,hunting,ham radio,hiking,target shooting, I don't really have time for work. - WA5KRF

Hi! You have a super page! I linked to your page from mine about 2 months ago and I forgot to tell you I was here. Please take a peak at the "Sparks Telegraph Key Review" (see Links - CW Information) and see if you might consider linking back. It is a site dedicated to preserving history of telegraphy. Thanks, Russ - WA5Y

Finally remembered to enter"county hunter" in my search engine and here I found your page. I am sporatic in my ham activity, but I do still keep the mobile rig hooked up. I sat beside KN5I (former N5AIY) at a little league baseball game the other night and we both discovered we were not only county hunters, but, had finished all counties. We had never met before. Talk about a small world! I am still very involved with my job since retiring (changing careers) from the USAF. I look forward to hearing from other county hunters. Dennis - WB5KEA

Nice page. - WB5M

# just came by for a visit.... i'm a cw nut also....nothing new.... also chn member.... nice page....interesting! - W5RJ

It's wonderful that you work qrp! But did you ever think about the guy on the other end , trying to copy your weak signal? (see my Awards page where I give full credit to those with great ears who help us QRPers tremendously - js) You should reward the person on the other end for having fortitude to try and have a qso with you.... some times it ain't no fun! use the power you need to use to have a qso but let's not get ridiculous! This IS only a hobby! (5 watts has gotten me 13000+ QSO's in 4 years - js) It's supposed to be FUN! - W5RJ

John, Subject: No-code International. Mission: Eliminate morse code as a requirement in the "English" speaking world. (What a discriminatory statement) Rebuttal: Know-code requirement or not. Mission: Eliminate filth on Americas voice segments. Am I (upset)? You better believe it. Do you realize that there is a group of people out there trying to eliminate ham radio completely! That's right. The more attention that is drawn to the elimination of Morse Code as a test requirement, the greater the chance that people involved in the decision process will discover that CB radio is much cleaner than "voice" amateur radio. Especially if they happen to listen to the antics on 75 meters. I earned my ticket 3 1/2 years ago. I hated CW. I found out quickly that I loathed "voice" on the bands even more. I was hurt, disgusted, and shamed by every 3 or 4 QSO's I ran across. So what did I do? I had too much invested to drop the hobby! My wife would have kicked me out the back door. I learned the CODE. I have never enjoyed radio more than I do now. In the bottom of this solar cycle I have earned WAS, WAC, and DXCC. ( Haven't filed, but still have many more cards than I need to get the certificates) This is my proposal: Test requirements should focus on everyones ability to properly operate on the voice bands, not the CW bands. If the new ham was stripped of voice priveleges in the VHF/UHF realm, forced to operate CW in those bands also, then we would be able to allow our children to SWL the amateur bands again. In closing.......the same hams who are trying to eliminate the code requirement are the very ops who forced me and countless others in the CW segments. I WOULD LIKE TO PERSONALLY THANK EACH AND EVERYONE OF THEM! Craig Spears Ham Radio Operator( the Human variety) Brazoria, TX - WX5DX

Hello the name here is Dwight (Dewey) and I've been licensed since 1977 as WA6VGR, where I hated code, then started learning code to get to 13wpm which didn't take very long, believe it or not and went from Novice to General in about 3months, then waited for 3years to upgrade to Advanced as KD6JN, then 13 years later upgraded to Extra Class with call AC6AU. After getting my code speed up to around 22wpm's I found myself starting to like code since it seemed like I was starting to learn another language, and could copy fair, then in 1996 I put in for 4 vanity Calls , and I got my first choise of W6AR! I had got my Commercial Radiotelephone Lisense in 1989 and just went for the 3rd Class Radiotelegraph License last month, and got my 2nd Class Radiotelegraph license in May 97.. I was supprised at how much code plays in my life now... At this time I'm just trying to find the time to get my code speed up to 35 - 40 wpm's . I just love anything that has to do with code now... Live is strange. 73 for now - W6AR

Friend Thom KC7MAU who does my EMTECH web page said to check you out, going to link to you and vice versa thanks - W6EMT

Very nice page-just added you to my bookmarks.73 - W6HV

Very nice page. Will be back often. - W6OO

Just dropped by while looking at HR web pages... - W6UJX

Have fun working on your site. It is one of the more interesting ones so far that I have seen, especially with the personal flavor to it. - WA6KYO of Whiterook Products Company.

Awesome site! Unlike many sites it has a lot of content, not just pretty pictures! - WA6NGH

# John, You have a neat home page. Your CW comments mirror my feelings. Keep up the good work. 73 - WA6SBB

I have enjoyed your QRP column in Keynote. You are doing a great job at it. Thank es 73, Galen - WA6SBB

Couldn't help signing your log when it became apparant you are a cw man... All my Digital beacons carry the slogan "*****CW LIVES*****" Need I say more. Will be retiring in April of 1998, moving to MO. Have applied for a new call W0BCF or K0KJM, so keep an ear out for me... 73 De Mike - WB6BCF

Lots of common interests: I am using a small B&W 386 notebook & ext modem for now to work on the web pages. I am almost maxed out at AOL's 2 meg now, I will probably move the Military and Old tube radios to make room for more QRP. QRP from out here is a challenge! I do have a QTH on the water that helps my Butternut Vertical and G5RV hanging 25' up in a small palm tree. 72/73 Greg (14060/7040 +-QRM) & FO-20 Satellite CW/ssb. - WB6FZH/KH6


Got your Salmon Run log and have score listed to K3WWP/QRP ! Bob - W7TSQ

Interesting site. I've added it to my bookmarks and will be back often. I run QRP with the QRP+. Thanks for the neat page, I have been able to work WAS and WAC QRP. I have a goal to work 5BWAS 2XQRP. - WJ7H

I enjoyed visiting your web-site! - W8DO

John, I like your site. Lots of good information. I agree with you about CW. I've been hamming since 1941, mostly CW, and think of it as being real ham radio! The digi boys think they've discovered something, but when you think about it, CW is the original digital mode. I recently joined FISTS, and have been a member of CFO for a number of years. Both groups with the same objective: keep CW alive and fun. Best luck and 73 - W8IO

You have a great site, and I'll spread the word locally to increase your "hits"! Our Genesee County Radio Club had the first "live" FISTS presentation given by Nancy and Randy, and they did a fine job! ...AGN, congrats on your fine work on this site! 73 ES GUD QRP! - W8WC

It looks like you spend a lot of time on this web page and it shows. The explainations on prosigns and Q signals is better than I have seen before, and much appreciated. - W8XP

This site looks very interesting. I plan on scanning all the options on my next visit. I work 95% CW, and have for over 44 years (including 2 years as a High Speed CW Op in Japan and Korea. I also teach CW to our clubs Novice/Tech classes. Nothing thrills me more than to see one of the CW students from my classes pass their CW tests. Thanks for all the time and effort in presenting us with this GREAT opportunity. 73, Vince - WA8BIJ

John, I'm Jack WB8FSV, and work mostly the 40 and 80 meter novice bands. Have been lucky to have been the very first contact for over 80 new hams now. I would like you to consider adding my homepage to your Links. (Done - see Ham Personal Pages on Links page - js I just added a large section to it entitled, "A Beginner's Guide to Making CW Contacts", intended to teach new hams some CW operating techniques. During every QSO I think of something else to add to it. HI. Look for "A Beginner's Guide..." under the Ham Radio section. TKS 73 - WB8FSV

Hi, John. Like the page. I'm a Little Pistol DXer, work on the Geratol Net, and active on FISTS. Not a contester but do like to ragchew on CW (Am a VE, do the code testing, so have to keep up the skill.). Life member of ARRL, and serve as Asst. Div. Director--Dakota Division. Mostly an appliance op, but that's part of the hobby too. Have had my father's call since early '70's--he started as 9NT, then W9NT, and got it in that short window abt 20+ years ago. Look forward to working you on FISTS,but you may have to slow down a bit (HI!). 73 Gurnee - W9NT

Thanks for the E-mail, John. I remember hanging out on 7040 kHz in 1963 running my Knight T-50 transmitter with the Knight VFO, a Hallicrafters SX-140 receiver and a low 40 meter dipole through a knife switch. Wow does that bring back memories? Nice site. One of these days I'll get back on the air to chew the rag on 40 CW. 73 - W9TG (WA9ITB from the 60's)

Saw your web page listed in County Line Road Runner...only spent a short time here but I'm sure I will be back. Looks great. 73, Frank - W9WOC

I enjoyed your web page a great deal and feel inspired to get back on the air. I work qrp cw most of the time but have been abesent for a few years like yourself. I'm thinking about building a tube trasmitter similar to yours. Thanks for the effort in this display. - WA9HSL

You have really done a nice job on your home page. This is my first time here. I plan on returning often. - WB9AZQ

Nice site will come back want to do some QRP but no money WILL BUILD my own. Have some nice references on it, and lots of designs. - WB9IOG

Thanks for the nice page & 73 - WB9OEP/W4OEP

You have a real neat page here. Been licensed since 1976, cw op only. Used to get on SSB but I put that microphone away and concentrate on cw only but do get into rtty and pactor some. Also qrp'er here and a (sorta) Heathkit collector. Anyway, thanks again John for the nice page and will cul. - WD9CTB

Found your site via a link from NW QRP's page. I haven't been on the air for a long time (except for listening via an SW-717) slowly but surely I'm working to change that. See you 'round! - WD9FEP

Great page! Enjoy reading anything and everything about CW. Keep up the good work...need my CW fix everyday. 73 and tnx! - WD9JLE

Don't have time for qrp. Glad you like it, tho. (Yep, it does take patience at times, but I wouldn't have it any other way - K3WWP) 73 - WO9O

Nice looking page - W0UP

Hi, I know you from FISTS. Just thought I would take the time to compliment you on your fine web sites. I am 50 this year. I was originally licensed in 1963,as WN0FAX. I was off the air from the 70's until FEB 1996. The bug hit again, and once I got going again it was "all or nothing". I went from NO license to extra in less than one year. Could not stand the idea that I did not have all privelages. I had the call KC8CKO which I never felt was mine. I bought back my first call, WA0FAX, which was a small miracle in itself. I have been working on getting my speed up to 30 to 50 WPM, and learning to send well with my left hand. I would have the 30-50 WPM if I had not dropped my ticket. Am at 25 to 30 now. - WA0FAX

john, like your page. i am new to the internet and these ham pages make me wish i was back on the air. Like you, broadcasting and apartment living has taken me off the ham bands for the last 5 years. I just recently got out of broadcasting and am continuing to finish school with a degree in electronics. I hope to be back on HF in a few years. Alot has changed judging by the ARRL site. The fcc finally is letting us choose our own calls. Originally I was licensed living in Kansas City and I always wanted K0KC. I'm not changing my call now though. Look for me on shortwave again someday. 73 mike - WW0Y

John, finally linked you into our site. Thanks for your link to me. Could you just change it a little to indicate WX0B and Dunestar Systems. Thanks and a very cool site you have!! - WX0B