K3WWP's Ham Radio Activities

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If you're looking for a club near you or just looking for info on a certain club, try here for a listing of more than 2,000 clubs.

Activity Group QRP Berlin
Adventure Radio Society I'm # 285
Alaska QRP Club I'm # 010
American QRP Club A merger of NorCal and NJQRP clubs.
Argentina QRP Group Grupo LU-QRP - site in Spanish
Arkansas QRP Club
Austin (TX) QRP Club
Barrow Lodge QRP Group in Pennsylvania
Benelux QRP Club
BG1HS QRP Club in Chinese
Brooklyn QRP Club
Canada QRP Club
Cascade QRP Email Group Portland, OR
Colorado QRP Club
Columbus (OH) QRP Club
CW Operators QRP Club, Inc.
DL-QRP-AG Club and Forum from DL7UXA in German
EA-QRP (Spain) Club
Eastern PA QRP Club
Flying Pigs QRP
Four State QRP Group AR, KS, MO, OK + worldwide members
G-QRP (Great Britain) Club
Gloucester (VA) Area QRP Club
Hällhammarbrakarna QRP-Group Gävle Sweden - in Swedish
Hawaiian QRP Club
I QRP Club - ARI Italy - in Italian
JARL QRP Club Founded in 1956
KnightLites QRP Club
Koper QRP Group Slovenia
Lake Perris QRP Society California
Little Thunder QRP Club Ontario - see bottom of their page
Long Island QRP Club
Michigan QRP Club
Minnesota QRP Society
NETX QRP Club Northeast Texas
New England QRP Club
New Jersey QRP Club
NAQCC North American QRP CW Club - Emphasis on the CW
North East Texas QRP Club
North Georgia QRP Club
Northern Vermont QRP Society
Northern Virginia QRP Group
North Texas QRP Club
OK QRP Club Czech Republic
Ottawa Valley QRP Society
QRP ARCI I'm # 1880
QRP Cheeseheads ARC Wisconsin - where else?
QRPp Club In Russian
S5 (Slovenian) QRP Club
Sardinia QRP Club
Southeast Ohio Radio Adventure Team
VA QRP Society I'm a member
West Fla QRP Club

Atlanta Radio Club
Amateur Radio of Clarion Inc. That's in PA, not far from my QTH
Bavarian Contest Club Also a DX Club
Candlewood Amateur Radio Association (CT)
Columbus Ga. ARC
Council of Europe Radio Amateur Club - TP2CE
FISTS Northwest Club
KARS Kankakee Area Radio Society - W9AZ
Kings County Radio Club Has a section on QRP
Mich-A-Con Amateur Radio Club
NARS NorthWest Amateur Radio Society - Houston, TX
National Radio Club The oldest club devoted to DXing the AM broadcast band
ODXA Ontario DX Assn. - Ham, AM, FM, TV, SW DX info!
ON7SA.be Much to see of interest about contesting and more.
OOTC Old Old Timers Club - Visit even if you're a new ham.
PENN-MAR Radio Club
QCWA (Quarter Century Wireless Association)
Society for the Preservation of Amateur Radio Includes preserving CW!
South East Contest Club
Steel City ARC
10-10 International Club For all fans of ten meters.
Wireless Assn. of South Hills