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#001 - Visitor Profile
Date: 11/14/03-1/19/04 --- Participants: 207

1. What is your age? 

50-59         81  39.13%
40-49         50  24.15%
60 or older   50  24.15%
30-39         17   8.21%
20-29          5   2.42%
19 or younger  3   1.45% 

2. What is your current amateur radio license class? 

Extra          123  59.42%
Other non-USA   26  12.56%
General         25  12.08%
Advanced        13   6.28%
Technician      11   5.31%
Novice           2   0.97%
Technician Plus  2   0.97%

Most popular Other countries - VE, F, OX, JA, G, ON, and ZS.

3. How long have you been a ham?
40-49 years      42  20.29%   
20-29 years      38  18.36%   
10-19 years      33  15.94%   
30-39 years      28  13.53%   
50-59 years      10   4.83%   
9 years or less   6   2.90%   
60 years or more  6   2.90%   

4. What is your favorite operating mode?
CW      149  71.98%   
Voice    32  15.46%   
Digital  11   5.31%   
Video     1   0.48%   
Other     8   3.86%   

Most popular Other answers - RTTY, CLOVER, SSTV, AM and none.

5. How often do you get on the air?
A few times a week  83  40.10%   
Daily               53  25.60%   
Sporadically        34  16.43%   
A few times a month 25  12.08%   
Never                6   2.90%

6. Which of the following on-air activities are you interested in?
QRP                 132  63.77%   
Rag chewing         112  54.11%   
Chasing DX          109  52.66%   
Contests             76  36.71%   
Experimental         42  20.29%   
Mobile work          36  17.39%   
Traffic handling     15   7.25%   
County hunting       12   5.80%   
Fox hunting          12   5.80%   
Other net activity    9   4.35%   

7. Which sections of my site do you find interesting and/or useful?
CW             145  70.05%   
QRP            143  69.08%   
Homebrewing     83  40.10%   
DX              64  30.92%   
Contesting      58  28.02%   
Propagation     47  22.71%   
Links           42  20.29%   
QSLing          42  20.29%   
Awards          24  11.59%   
Logs            18   8.70%   
Visitors list   13   6.28%
County hunting   8   3.86%   

8. Which site features do you use regularly?
QRP rigs list     76  36.71%   
Contest calendar  63  30.43%   
Propagation info  59  28.50%   
Links             41  19.81%   
QSL routes        39  18.84%   
Other             35  16.91%

Most popular Other answers - FISTS Columns, CW stories, Contest
stories, Logs, Poll, QRP info, none yet as this is my first visit.

9. About how often do you visit my site?
This is my first time visiting  62  29.95%
A few times a month             53  25.60%   
Sporadically                    45  21.74%   
A few times a week              23  11.11%   
Daily                            9   4.35%   

10. How did you first find my site?
Just surfed in                        46  22.22%   
Newsgroup or mail list posting        41  19.81%   
Search engine                         28  13.53%   
Other (check here and describe below) 28  13.53%   
AC6V's links                          22  10.63%   
Keynote column                        11   5.31%   
ARRL web article or link              10   4.83%   
Word of mouth                          5   2.42%   
My QSL card                            2   0.97%   

Most popular Other answers - email, eham.net, QRPL, K1TTT, JJ1BDX,
QRZ, FRC, been so long I don't remember.

11. When you visit my site, how do the pages load in?
Fast           95  45.89%   
About average  49  23.67%   
Very fast      47  22.71%   
Slow            2   0.97%   
Very slow       0   0.00%    

12. Any other comments?

* * *
I check your site daily on weekdays (my computer is at work
only)for propagation, contest info and other items of interest
like your FISTS columnns. I'm not a big contester, but I like
to know what's on for the coming weekend. I really enjoy your
site. It is good to know what can be done with very little in
the way of equipment. 73, Larry, K4IR 
* * * 
The survey looks great ! 
* * *
John, You have a wonderful web site and do a great service in
promoting qrp and ham radio. What you have done with low power
is just amazing. 73's Bud w8bhk 
* * *
Nice site, John. Very good for QRP information, and I like
reading the various stories. Keep up the good work. 
* * *
Great web site, John. Will be interested to see the results of
this survey. I always enter your monthly surveys. Vy 73.......
Chuck W8LQ 
* * *
The site made by you is a complete guide and I do wish you best
of luck in future and please do keep us updating with new news
and ideas on homebrewing. 
* * *
My first stop on your site and am very impressed. Like the QRP
rig section and QSL section. Will bookmark. Keep up the great
site. I'll be back. How about adding mobile/MM section. 73 de
AD4MZ Bob  
* * *
Keep up the good work, John 73, John, KC2HTP 
* * *
John - congrats on a great site and on your daily QSOs. 73 Jim
* * *
I have been using your site for several nows and find it very
useful. Thanks for keeping it up 73, Keith Ke4yze 
* * *
* * *
Thank for your time and good ideas.. Best 72 es 73 from KG4NZP
... Jose im Orlamdo 
* * *
This site is an inspiration! K1KID 
* * *
Great site. Will return often,thank you. Dave, n4ypr 
* * *
Great site! I visit often. I just hope to work you on the air
sometime! 73  
* * *
Really like the qsl route page, very helpful to have all that
in one location, thanks 
* * *
I really enjoy the site. I've been using it for several years
now. I always check the propagation and am always interested in
the surveys. Keep up the good work. CW is a worthwhile mode and
I am sure that it will continue to keep me interested for years
to come. I am always on the phone at work and enjoy communicating
with my fingers in the evening. de Steve, N1AOB 
* * *
Hi John de Joe JJ1BDX es K1BDX. I hope you're doing well;
recently I found out that my ICOM IC706mkIIGM's internal keyer
showed the speed 20% more than the actual one, that is, if the
shown value is 24 then the actual speed is 20. So I
overevaluated my skill for 20% more than the actual speed I
could handle. Beware of unmeasured or unverified speed values.
Note that I used MixW 2.10 to measure the CW speed. 73 es good
luck, as always. *AR* 
* * *
As nothing to my mind is "broke", John, you may not have to "fix"
anything. But I'm sure that any new features will be interesting
and useful. 72/73 Cal K4JSI  
* * *
John,I always enjoy your site-especially for QRP CW info. I was
first licensed at 9 and remember going home from school as the
bands got active with other young ops. 73, Larry, N4FD 
* * *
Keep up the excellent work, John! It's always a pleasure to visit
your site - 73 de Larry W2LJ 
* * *
I liked the old feature of your comments about each day's
propagation. It made the numbers have meaning. I realize your
time is limited and family matters must come first. Mostly, I
like the inspiration I get from your web site. Keep the contest
stories coming. This told me that even a simple station can be
very competative. I would not have thought this until I stumbled
across your web site. Now I am having a ball with equipment I
previously considered toy radios. 73 - Charlie, W3CQB 
* * *
You have a very good site about CW and QRP, and they are my main
interest. 72 de EB8AKF, Baltasar. 
* * *
Still checking it out, but so far I like it. 
* * *
great site.....especially like the regular updates...will be back 
* * *
After a 35 year layoff from being a Ham, I became a Ham again.
Your web site helped me get into CW again! Except for talking to
my Dad on 2 meters, my main mode of communications is now CW!
Great web site!! Wil, K0WAM 
* * *
Vy enjoyable site to visit. Lots of information. Thanks, Ernie,
* * *
A bit better structure on the menus. 
* * *
I always enjoy your site. I am interested in operating CW with a
dipole ant - my favorite mode. CW forever! HL1AZH Lee 
* * *
Your site is a valuable resource especially, I think, for people
like myself--new hams interested in QRP and/or CW and/or HF bands.
Your info on QSLing DX stations was what got me up & running.
Your links are useful in part because they seem to be very up-to-
date. Etc. Thanks very much.  
* * *
Rocky Evans, W7RCK in Salem, OR 
* * *
Great site, keep up the good work. Lou, W7JI 
* * *
Anthony Fitzgerald, VE3ZAF 
* * *
I cant see how you can improve your site, its well laid out and
full great info. 
* * *
I use your site as my home page on my shack computer and my
laptop, although most of my computer work is done at school.
(Jefferson Community College, Steubenville OH) I check your site
for CW and QRP contests and events as I am very interested in
pushing the limits of milliWatt CW. My other ham interest is
packet and balloon borne radio experiments. 72, Roy KE0UQ /8 
* * *
* * *
Keep up the good work. It takes a lot of dedication to keep the
site going. Good on ya! 
* * *
Hi it's me, haha nice site i have yet to fully explore. i think
i will enjoy it. Armin VE3TEQ, VA3YB 
* * *
I hv enjoyed ur site since the day I found it and bkmrked it to
my "Ham Hot Sites" flder. U hv done a grt job fer ham community
wid ur webpg. Keep up gud wrk, John. Tom, WB5KHC@2HAMS.NET, QRP
ARCI Contest Mgr 2004, QRP ARCI Contest Certificate Mgr 
* * *
Great service. Thanks! 
* * *
Good to see your post on QRP-F John, I have not been very active
lately and need to get back to it. 72..de..ka8lle..Ben 
* * *
w2scf thanks for a nice site which I have bookmarked 
* * *
* * *
enjoy your web page wa5ybc 
* * *
Great site, especially the links for QRP kits and propagation.
The FISTS column area is nice also, especially if the Keynote is
misplaced. Also like the streak updates and personal CW stories.
DE Mike, N4VBV 
* * *
like sight fine, N8ih@aol.com 
* * *
Very good inspirational Web site! Keep up the good work. 73,
* * *
Wonderful site. Keep up the good work. 
* * *
* * *
You have put a LOT of work into your site. Lots of good info to
be had and very helpfull to those new to QRP. 
* * *
Looks good so far. No suggestions at this tine. Keep it going.
73, KD5MSW 
* * *
I generally like the site the way it is....occasional changes
are ok and interesting but complete rebuids are more often than
not confusing. 
* * *
I found your site a few yrs ago, so dont remember exactly how I
found it, but I thought it was one of the most interesting sites
that I had seen. I think your site is interesting because much of
it is about YOU!!, your equipment, and your activites. I have
great admiration for the few hams dont use 2kw out to stacked 7
element beams on 200-foot towers, but who are, never-the-less,
very successful in ham radio. Thanks for the enjoyment! -- Jim, N3OA  
* * *
Congratulection to you...and your attention to the qrp matter,
very good ideas...keep your work well done.. Best 72 es 73 from
KG4NZP Jose 
* * *
The 1x1 QSL site is handiest - not noticed elsewhere. The QSL
lists by native country very handy but where is UK, Germany,
others commonly needed and often missing on QRZ, BM. Most of
my many difficult Russian QSL's were from your site, thanks again. 
* * *
1x1 QSL's useful, not noticed elsewhere. The QSL by native country
very useful, most of my tough Russian QSL's from you list, thanks.
Where is UK, Germany, others commonly incomplete in QRZ, BM?
Thanks, Bill K2JGL 
* * *
73 es hpe cu agn on hf soon! 
* * *
keep up the good work. 
* * *
Thank you for being an inspiration to all hams and for your
continued service to the amateur radio community through this
website. It is a wonderful resource. Bill N2CF 
* * *
I am IK3VIA also N7OV. Lot of years contesting QRO, now switched
QRP, mostly 40mt. I'll visit your site more often. Many thanks,
Oreste oreste@drovenier.it 
* * *
Wonderful site -- I am a new ham and I have learned so much from
your site. The CW and QSL info was the most helpful. Thanks! 
* * *
Great info site for QRP, etc Ned, NB1R 
* * *
Keep it up...:) 73 W0OOW 
* * *
Just found this site via an old internet pal. It is all new to
me. Also I am a Canadian ham living on a "remote" island in the
* * *
Great site. Please put more story on CW operation and Cw rag
chewing protocols (example QSO patterns) 
* * *
Please keep up the good work! 
* * *
Very nice site. I have been lookng at it for a long time...
a few years, I think. Frank WB4RVL 
* * *
VA7CAB ... really nice web page. 
* * *
The slower page loading is likely my systems fault, my computer
is like a hang glider next to a wing of F22's, hihi. 73...Adam,
* * *
Keep up the good work!!!  
* * *
Larry Kellough WB9AZQ Great survey 
* * *
* * *
Thank you for usual information. I need your help from now on.  
* * *
kc8vcb 73 gud dx .. 
* * *
So far I like it, the colors are young, for characters, my
prefference goes for 'Time New Roman' and on this present window
right now, the width is an inch short. I wonder if it could be my
focussing. AS for identification, I like to know you very much
and think I would like you to know me as much. You can look-up
QRZ under ve2krm and kd6fxw, the XYL is kd6frm/ve2 and my QSL
card is proudly showing 3 QTHs Sailboat on Lake Champlain, House
(Bungalow) in Lacolle, Qc., Canada half a mile from Rouses Pt.,
NY. and Camper parked 60 miles NE of Trois- rivieres, Qc. Other
comments in this Visitor Profile seems to give a pretty complete
profile for the requisites. I'm better in French... I associate
the word profile with physionnomy or caricature for which I'm
the best either for my own or at conceiving others Hi Hi. Would
sure like to hear from you personnally - My first idea was to
make sure of your address for a post-car 
* * *
Enjoy checking your site periodically, John. You always have
something new and useful. Also get a kick out of working you
frequently on the air! 73, Jim N9JF 
* * *
Nice site 
* * *
W3HQ - We enjoy the same spirit of Ham Radio - Homebrew, QRP,
CW 100% etc. I believe in skill and not power; using wire
antennas, CW, QRP and propagation to do the work. WAC QRPp,
WAS QRP, DXCC QRP all with 5 watts or less and a single wire
in a tree. Keep up the good work. Curt Lambert - W3HQ -
* * *
* * *
John: tnx fer running this site bt 73 de Alan W5EAC 
* * *
* * *
Name is John, K8YC 
* * *
Great site and a wonderful tool. Thanks Jean-Marc, F5SGI 
* * *
Just keeping up with K3WWp and came back to check on your NAQP
exploits... K4WW noted that K3WWPthen K3WW then K4WW worked
the same guy in RAC contest ..I noticed too.. 73 Chas K3WW 
* * *
* * *
John, your site is a great contribution to ham radio and cw
specifically. N0EVH John