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#003 - Operating preferences
Date: 3/20/04-5/19/04 --- Participants: 114

1. Which of the following activities most appeals to you?
A long rag chew              33  29%
A slower relaxed contest     27  24%
A major very busy contest    16  14% 
Testing a new piece of gear  13  11%
Something else               12  11%
Working new counties on CHN   7   6% 
Trying to break a big pile-up 5   4%
Handling traffic              1   1%

2. Which band interests you the most?

40M   44  39%
20M   24  21%
30M    9   8%
80M    8   7%
17M    8   7%
15M    8   7%
10M    7   6%
other  4   4%
160M   2   2%
12M    0   0%

3. What time of day (local time) do you do most of your operating?

Evening 19-24 LT         60  53%
Afternoon 13-17 LT       16  14%
Morning 08-11 LT         11  10%
Sunset 17-19 LT           9   8%
Night 00-05 LT            8   7%
Sunrise 05-07 LT          5   4%
I'm not currently active  3   3%
Noontime 11-13 LT         2   2%

4. Which of the following awards do you have?

None                71  40%
DXCC                36  20%
WAS                 32  18%
WAC                 27  15%
WAZ                  9   5%
USA-CA (any class)   4   2%

5. Which type of contests do you prefer?

None                                                37  32%
Major - SS, ARRL DX, CQWW DX, NAQP, etc.            30  26%
QRP - QRP ARCI, MI QRP, etc.                        18  16%
Sprints - FISTS, ARS, NA, etc.                      11  10%
All                                                 11  10%
State QSO Parties - PA, CA, FL, etc.                 7   6%
Country specific tests - UBA, REF, Russian DX, etc.  0   0%

6. Which of the following statements about your QSLing are true?

I answer all cards received                                80  58%
I only send a card to get a new state, country, zone, etc. 29  21%
I QSL Every QSO                                            25  18%
I never QSL                                                 5   4%

7. Which of the following electronic QSL systems do you use?

Neither 66  58%
eQSL    30  26%
Both    10   9%
LOTW     8   7%

8. Do you have a web site dealing with ham radio operation?

No  90  79%
Yes 24  21%

9. What is the primary way you find the DX you work?

Just scan the bands                 71  62%
I don't chase DX                    20  18%
Internet spotting                   11  10%
Study DX bulletins, web sites, etc.  8   7%
Packet spotting                      3   3%
other                                1   1%

10. Which of the following would you most like to have if money were no object?

A huge antenna farm               42  37%
A great location                  33  29%
I'm happy with what I've got now  31  27%
The latest state of the art rig    8   7%

11. Any other comments you'd care to make?

Also enjoy FYBO as well as FISTS and FPQRP work. Not a
serious contester. Like to experiment with antennas, especially
NVIS propagation.
* * *
Need to give mult answers - (All questions except #4 were designed
for a single answer by using the word 'most' or similar wording.
I didn't want multiple answers - K3WWP's response)
* * *
Nice survey, John. 73 de VA3RJ
* * *
continue to enjoy ur site. w5nvk
* * *
DXCC is on 160 Meters #440
* * *
Intend modest wire antenna upgrades and maybe add 80 meters, but
K1-4 does all I could possibly ask for.
* * *
John, Thanks for a very informative, fun website. I am a new ham,
licensed since Nov 2003, enjoying homebrew QRP and CW. I'm sure
that as time goes on, my operating preferences will change from
those expressed here, but for now I'm very pleased to be having
chatty QSO's, making new friends and...
* * *
Thanks John for your promotion of QRP/CW. It is my favorite mode
and most challenging. I've even done it mobile. 73
* * *
I am limited to indoor antenna in my garage, so DX is not much
of a option. I have worked a few JA's and South Americans when
Cycle was better. But, mostly ragchew on 40M and when open, try
15M for Fist's Members
* * *
Slower paced contests also rate high for me... however, nothing
beats a great ragchew where I get to know the other ham. It's all
fun. In addition to an ideal site with room for a horizontal loop
antenna mounted up very, very high, I wish I had more time to spend
operating! 73 - WU7F, Mark
* * *
i have a very small garden would love to have 75ft in a straight
line hi hi
* * *
I am a Fists member. This brought me back to CW
* * *
Am avid QRP, es homebrew enhusiast, both solid state es tube
"vintage" equipment. also antenna homebrewer
* * *
It is my personal view that contests are chasing more comventioal
activities away. N6TUX - (I fail to see that. Contesting is one
activity that produces a lot of CW activity on the bands which
is one thing we need to help preserve this wonderful conventional
mode of ham radio operation. - K3WWP's response)
* * *
I wish more hams would enjoy neither-DXing-nor-contesting
activities of CW. - (Yes, it is sad that a lot of hams now use
CW only for DXing or contesting. I remember when the CW bands
were almost as crowded with rag chewers as for contests or
chasing DX. Where have all those CW rag chewers gone? - K3WWP's
* * *
The antenna farm would be the greatest! Imagine hearing all
those stations and them hearing you QRP! I can dream can't I?
73's WA9NPS Bob
* * *
What the heck is CHN? - (The County Hunters Network on 14056
and sometimes 7039 kHz. - K3WWP's response)
* * *
I like cw on 20 and 17m also
* * *
I sincerely appreciate the effort you put into this web site.
I've heard you a couple of times and hope to get you in the log.
The last time you were talking to a WV station and I was running
25 mW looking for new states. I got Texas that night but you
didn't hear me. Maybe to close.... - (I am plagued with strong
local QRN here most of time that runs S8-S9 and it is not always
easy to dig out weak stations although I'll always try if I hear
anything at all - K3WWP's response)
* * *
My current goals are to work WAC, DXCC and WAS with qrp and
dipoles. WAC confirmed, DXCC worked and 9 more states for WAS.
My next project, whatever that is, may change some of the answers
to your survey. 73 - Charlie - W3CQB
* * *
Just like to meet new people on CW. 
* * *
TNX for these surveys John. CU around! - 73 de ON5ZO
* * *
My contest preference is only the SS in the major category, and
I love the PA Party equally as well!! Vy 73..W8LQ
* * *
I worked Mauritus on an apartment vertical with 10 watts on 15
meters...and he called me in responce to my CQ this was mid point
down in the solar cycle in 1995
* * *
I have operated QRP only for 10 years and enjoy the thrill of
operating a home built rig and CW. de N1AOB

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