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Yearly Stats

To sum it all up in one short succinct statement, I believe comparing stats for each year shows the sunspot cycle fairly accurately. Of course other factors enter in as well. The amount of time on the air is a big factor, but it has been pretty uniform over the years in my case. The time of day the activity takes place is another factor. I could go on and on listing different factors, but I think sunspots and the resultant propagation are the biggest factors for the cycle in the stats in the tables below.

When the table became too wide to prevent sideways scrolling, I split the table into two segments with the latest years from 2015 to the present at top and the earlier years from 1995-2014 at the bottom.

The more years I add to this table, the more a graph of its values resembles a graph of the sunspot cycle, especially the figures dealing with DX on the higher bands - 20 meters and above. Asian and European QSO's most of all. However it also naturally depends on the other factors listed in the previous paragraph.

At some point, I decided to add a line to the table showing the average daily Solar Flux number so those studying the table can see how SF affected the stats for each year.

A red number indicates the highest number for that category. I still have a couple categories to figure for 2023.

Ave Daily SF159125827470707789118
Cntrys Worked96695465218086114118
10 M Cntrys516160012453
12 M Cntrys14200000220
15 M Cntrys59403143015466980
17 M Cntrys27101108203253
20 M Cntrys605244511665628192
Tot QSO's16462104940989422917160917341975
Test QSO's01570522575604059069691146
Non-Test QSO's0534418414362512703765829
6 M QSO's8000000011
10 M QSO's1902182400136143
12 M QSO's21200000226
15 M QSO's17112692172018104224394
17 M QSO's6413310122953101
20 M QSO's42956930229556301307390539
DX QSO's630325180291444406818981486
Days DX Wkd092526741233365366365
AF QSO's4010616417353959
AS QSO's31605040438
EU QSO's3062078915511192222393954
OC QSO's2140201121821
SA QSO's862023261076125139116
Pfx's Worked0403314365153345429538686

Ave Daily SF146123120113807169738092106129180182179154118817277
Cntrys Worked131130121120686957687690991021271261491371231016798
10 M Cntrys857343670030012315791909787681132
12 M Cntrys4226222700000049828504123511
15 M Cntrys9093797837103193160777310283908577674352
17 M Cntrys6362354051001389101155403119623
20 M Cntrys100959389295144586569665686779210199603651
Tot QSO's28373624273125731219156120032158190523412112220439623386416856154553389839414777
Test QSO's1812254518291579687112615411688138019181701177234892815333247193854321632093476
Non-Test QSO's102510799029945314354624705254234114324735718368966996827321301
6 M QSO's120200230000000000000
10 M QSO's58144111726400910021135294980108311129385296549138
12 M QSO's65352435000000491432715730647
15 M QSO's4896674172695332774162241389384938630904848631429179416
17 M QSO's144144556651032381324238563482625103
20 M QSO's802110372643963164340346367470399420100962592414661408635474687
DX QSO's19142211114993913819513525927845069968919811874227120871389529233444
Days DX Wkd365331146198344143364543647011315230120816812476129
AF QSO's67664449597239122331352556472415818
AS QSO's495840281140204256437957747852
EU QSO's13591572829514819251791362413904391606156517511592101924230152
OC QSO's34311229381431341623372818338
SA QSO's13015889110131024423662966893739611572764770
Pfx's Worked846923753696269350368398402520531531841779922965818614515663