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Two QSOs 2 Streak

On January 5, 2023, I made more than one QSO, and for some reason decided I was going to see if I could go another year making a second daily QSO with the same qualifications as the main daily streak QSO. That would be similar to a previous 2-a-day QSO streak that ran concurrently with the main streak in 2011/2012. I intentionally ended that previous 2nd QSO streak after 365 days on February 6, 2012 since it wasn't proving anything more than the main streak, and was taking up more time each day from other things.

I did the same thing with this second 2-a-day QSO streak. I ended it on January 4, 2024 after 365 consecutive days and went back to just getting the one streak QSO per day. If conditions and time permitted though, I would get more QSOs beyond the one, perhaps as many as 200+ if I happened to really get seriously into contesting. There's really not much more to say about this streak. As of now, I have no intention of listing a lot of stats about the streak. That may change later and I may do it if I get really bored some day. HI.