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Thank You I appreciate your comments very much. The page listing the around 4,000 visitors had grown pretty much out of hand, and I needed to do something about it. I decided to eliminate the huge list page and replace it with a search box. It should work like this: If you want to see your comments on any of the several guestbook pages, type your call into the search box below. Or for someone else's comments, of course type in their call. That will find the page where the comments reside. Then use your browser's Find feature to go to the entry containing the call. Usually that is Ctrl-F, but it may be different from Microsoft Edge which is my browser of choice. I've tried out the above with a couple calls and it seems to work fine.

To find the comments of someone in my various guestbooks, use this convenient quick Microsoft Bing search. Results will appear in a new browser window. To do another search, you must close that new window and return to this page.
All comments that have ever been submitted via my guestbooks plus some additional comments received via direct email are available for reading via the above system.

I have had visitors from all 50 states and at least 145 countries that I know of. There have been around 4,000 different visitors who signed my guestbook as of June 2022.