K3WWP's Ham Radio Activities


picture of my eDX25 award

As with eQSL's, e(lectronic) awards are going to be the wave of the future. The award pictured above was received via the internet just a few minutes after I applied for it, and it cost me only a small donation I had made earlier to eQSL. That is a requirement for the awards - making a monetary donation to become a Bronze, Silver, or Gold member according to the level of the donation, so technically they are not totally free as for example are our NAQCC awards. Still it is much better than paying the exorbitant fees charged by so many of the awards organizations nowadays. Also it beats the long wait to receive an award via the regular mail routes. Plus there is no danger of QSL cards being lost in transit. I could list more reasons advocating e awards, but you get the picture, I'm sure.

Check out the eQSL web site for more information about their eAwards program.

In order for an eQSL to count toward an eQSL award, it must be from a station with an Authenticity Guaranteed certificate. This is explained on the eQSL site. The following are the countries from which I have at least one qualifying eQSL. I've tried to list the first one received from each country. 25 of those listed countries earned me my eDX25 award.

COUNTRY              CALL         QSO DATE       BAND
Alaska               KL7J         06/14/99        17
Argentina            LU6EF        11/26/00        10
Bahamas              G4VXE/C6A    12/11/94        30
Belgium              ON4CAS       02/18/01        10
Brazil               PY7IQ        11/28/99        20
British Virgin Is.   VP2VE        06/09/01        30
Bulgaria             LZ2UF        09/06/98        20
Canada               VE9DX        09/10/00        20
Canary Is.           EA8ALP       01/27/99        30
Croatia              9A3MA        05/31/98        20
Czech Rep.           OK1AU        11/25/00        10
England              G3NYY        08/15/99        20
France               F5UKL        02/21/99        20
Germany              DM2FDO       10/21/00        10
Hungary              HA3LI        01/17/99        10
Italy                I2SVA        02/19/00        10
Japan                JA1LZR       12/29/00        30
Lithuania            LY9A         11/25/00        10
Luxembourg           LX5A         08/11/01        20
Poland               SP7JKW       07/22/00        17
Romania              YO2BP        06/19/99        17
Russia (Asiatic)     UA9CDC       08/26/99        20
Russia (European)    UA6AF        11/26/00        15
Scotland             GM4BES       03/18/99        30
Slovenia             S55M         12/10/00        10
Spain                EA7AKJ       11/27/99        10
Ukraine              UX2MM        03/30/00        10
Uruguay              CX9AU        12/09/00        10
USA                  NY4A         05/24/97        40