K3WWP's Ham Radio Activities


WPX Certificate

WPX (Worked Prefixes) - Presented by CQ Magazine for working and verifying prefixes - the beginning letter/number combination in a callsign as in these examples:
K3WWP - K3 (L#)      KA3WWP - KA3 (LL#)      K120WWP - K120 (L###)      KA120WWP - KA120 (LL###)
K3WWP/4 - K4         KA3WWP/5 - KA5          K3WWP/TI5 - TI5            K3WWP/DL - DL0
K3WWP/3A - 3A0       KWWP - K0               3K3WWP - 3K3               K3WWP/J3 - J3
The table below lists the award or endorsement, number required for the award or endorsement, my worked total, my verified by card total, verified by card and/or LoTW, verified by card and/or LoTW and/or eQSL, if I am qualified for the award, and if I have the award. "n/a" means there is no endorsement for that band or continent. Finally the number of prefixes approved for the award in LoTW. I need to have the LoTW folks update these totals. A few of the prefixes I used for the original WPX awards were worked with more than 5 watts back in the 1960s, but most were with the current definition of QRP as 5 watts output power. I stopped applying for endorsements when I could no longer afford the cost. The table below lists ONLY my QRP totals. Since I no longer work very many new prefixes these days, I won't be updating it all that often. However in November and December 2022, I analyzed the prefixes worked in a ddifferent way and am presenting that data after the table described here. I hope you find it interesting. Not all the following data has been updated. Basically any stats in the OVERALL and BAND tables that refer to worked (Wkd) stations are up to date as of March 2024. The data for verified stations (Card/eQSL/LoTW) needs to be worked on at some later date.

  Required  Wkd  Card  Card/LoTW  Card/LoTW/eQSL  Eligible  Award  Approved$ 
Honor Roll6003007191923802466YN#1449

* - An endorsement is issued for each 50 additional prefixes, so I currently am eligible for a sticker for 2350 prefixes (vfd by card/LotW), but I stopped applying when I reached 800

# - I used to be listed on the Honor Roll when I subscribed to CQ Magazine

$ - Number approved for the WPX Award in LoTW should I decide to apply (updated 11/19/2022)

The following is from an analysis I did of prefixes worked by band for each starting number and letter. That is 9A1A worked on 20 meters goes into the 20 - 9 slot in my spreadsheet. Then I add up the total band-prefixes for each number and letter and present the totals here. Say I worked the following: 9A1A on 20, 15, and 10 along with 9A9A on 40 and 20 and also 9Y4TR on 80 and 30. That is a total of 7 band-prefixes toward the number 9 prefixes. If I also worked 9A1CC on 20, that wouldn't count in the totals since 9A1A already gave me 9A1 on 20. I hope that's clear. Here'e the data now:
#/Letter - Prefixes
0      0
1      0
2      6
3     40
4     82
5     37
6     80
7     17 
8     43
9    109
A    472
B      0
C    306
D    324
E    351
F    112
G    189
H    348
I    252
J    210
K   1100
L    334
M     90
N    766
O    423
P    242
Q      0
R    251
S    331
T    255
U    206
V    270
W    826
X    102
Y    265
Z    142
Tot 8583
If you are familiar with the various countries and the number of hams in that country, the prefixes assigned to them and also the amount of activity that country does with special prefixes, the #/Letter totals should make sense. Of course also taking into account the ease with which I work that country. For example, I cannot work China for whatever reason so there are no B totals in the data. Also the IARU forbids the use of Q as a starting letter in any prefixes, perhaps to prevent confusion with Q signals?

I also totalled the band-prefixes by band, 160 through 6 meters as shown here:
160  80  60   40  30   20  17   15  12   10  6  TOT
286 642  15 1210 783 2029 532 1556 281 1222 27 8583
Pretty much as predicted if you know I don't work 60 nor 6 much at all.