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Honor Roll

I'm sure it's not easy copying my minimal QRP signal on the highly cluttered bands during a contest. So I've decided to 'honor' those contesters who seemingly do it easily - or at least take the time and effort required to get me in their log.

To make my 'Honor Roll', a station must have worked me at least 75 times in contests. I've also had regular QSO's with many of the stations listed, but the totals are only for contest QSO's. I've also worked some of the stations back in the 60's when I ran more than 5 watts. Also when I used other calls like N3AQC, N3A, NY3EC and others. The listing here only includes contacts when I ran 5 watts or less and used my K3WWP call.

Some of the stations listed are contest club stations. I didn't make the effort to find out who the operators were. I've worked some of the stations under different callsigns as they changed with the vanity callsign program. I made no effort to combine totals in that case. The list is compiled simply from call letter listings in my master computer log. I did count /P or /M stations since my log contains a 'base' field which strips the portable designation from the call. For example the 'call' field may be K4BAI/4 and the base field is just K4BAI.

I update this page occasionally, but not regularly. The last update was on June 7, 2024. It still gives an idea of how certain stations copy me in contests.

DX, VE, and SK stations are indicated as such. Tied stations are listed alphanumerically

CALL      QSOs   Notes
K4BAI      218

N4BP       174

KB3BFQ     148   My ex-neighbor in town
W9MSE      147   Many mobile QSO's

W2JEK      128	 Top QRP station
W2SH       123

PJ2T       119   Top DX station
K4LTA      118   SK

W9CC       109
AA3B       108

N4FI        94
N4ZZ        92

K4RO        83
ZF1A        82
VE3EJ       81   Top VE station
9A1A        80   DX Top EU station
KA2KGP      80

K3WW        79
K0EJ        78
W9WI        76

I hope you find this interesting. If you're a QRP contester, you can count on these stations to hear and work you in a contest. I'm fairly certain of that. These stations have great receiving antennas and/or great 'ears'.