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FISTS Membership Certificate

I am proud to be a member of FISTS - The International Morse Preservation Society.

The membership of FISTS are among the finest people I have met, and we would love to have you join us if you are not already a member.

The aims of the club are:

1. To further the use of Morse Code on the bands
2. To encourage the newcomer to the mode
3. To engender friendships within the membership

The only requirement for membership is a love of Morse Code and an interest in preserving it on the ham bands. If you visit the FISTS site and decide to join, I would be glad to sponsor you.

For nearly 20 years I wrote a column about QRP for the FISTS newsletter Keynote. All of my 101 columns are available here on my web site.

I have gotten many, many good comments on the columns, and if I haven't thanked you personally, I'd like to say right now - Thank You Very Much! All the comments are read carefully, and greatly appreciated.