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Yearly Stats

2020 in all categories showed an increase in numbers over 2019 which is due to a combination of things. I was more active especially in the big DX contests and the NA QSO Parties. Perhaps the sunspots are starting to return. There were several days with a SF of over 100 later in the year although it didn't last long enough. My strong local noise here continues to be a factor though, and without it, the numbers would have been even better for 2020. In looking at the sunspot cycle graph on my propagation page, it definitely shows the increase in sunspots during 2020.

The more years I add to this table, the more a graph of its values resembles a graph of the sunspot cycle, especially the figures dealing with DX on the higher bands - 20 meters and above. Asian and European QSO's most of all. However it also naturally depends on the amount of on-air time I put in each year. Because of the various NAQCC on-air events, I was a bit more active in 2005-2014. Then after I retired as NAQCC VP in 2014, my available on-air time increased even more. However other interests that were dormant during the NAQCC years surfaced and I didn't use as much of the available on-air time. Also another long dormant interest, model railroads, took away even more on-air time. Even with the amount of activity not factored in though, I think the DX stats portray the cycle quite well.

A red number indicates the highest number for that category.

Cntrys Worked5465218086114118131130121120686957687690991021271261491371231016798
10 M Cntrys160012453857343670030012315791909787681132
12 M Cntrys000002204226222700000049828504123511
15 M Cntrys31430154669809093797837103193160777310283908577674352
17 M Cntrys11082032536362354051001389101155403119623
20 M Cntrys44511665628192100959389295144586569665686779210199603651
Tot QSO's94098942291716091734197528373624273125731219156120032158190523412112220439623386416856154553389839414777
Test QSO's5225756040590696911461812254518291579687112615411688138019181701177234892815333247193854321632093476
Non-Test QSO's418414362512703765829102510799029945314354624705254234114324735718368966996827321301
6 M QSO's00000011120200230000000000000
10 M QSO's8240013614358144111726400910021135294980108311129385296549138
12 M QSO's0000022665352435000000491432715730647
15 M QSO's921720181042243944896674172695332774162241389384938630904848631429179416
17 M QSO's310122953101144144556651032381324238563482625103
20 M QSO's30229556301307390539802110372643963164340346367470399420100962592414661408635474687
DX QSO's18029144440681898148619142211114993913819513525927845069968919811874227120871389529233444
Days DX Wkd526741233365366365365331146198344143364543647011315230120816812476129
AF QSO's61641735395967664449597239122331352556472415818
AS QSO's05040438495840281140204256437957747852
EU QSO's891551119222239395413591572829514819251791362413904391606156517511592101924230152
OC QSO's020112182134311229381431341623372818338
SA QSO's2326107612513911613015889110131024423662966893739611572764770
Pfx's Worked314365153345429538686846923753696269350368398402520531531841779922965818614515663