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I've made it to 100,000 QSOs as of May 23, 2022. For more info see 100,000 QSOs and counting

Tue Aug 9 8:48PM - As usual of late, not much going on today. I watered Ange's garden this morning as he is away on vacation. I did a few minor things around the house. I went for a little walk down to the post office to mail a QSL card and another letter. That's pretty much it. -30-

Mon Aug 8 8:36PM - An interesting day. I've had a leak in my basement the past few days and finally got a plumber here to fix it. That delayed my laundry until early this evening. I got my streak QSO on 30 meters again in the form of KA4EET down in FL. My noise is still MIA, and I'm about ready to talk about it without fear of jinxing it into returning. HI

My computer seems well behaved again and I hope it stays that way. -30-

Sun Aug 7 6:06PM - I'm doing this early tonight for a couple reasons. First I might enter the SST Sprint at 0000Z and do the full hour. That throws everything off schedule when I do that and I have to rush to get my web site updates done and get my weather records taken and logged before walking Roscoe at 0130Z. I don't need that kind of rushing around.

Second my laptop has been acting up lately, and there may come a day when it will quit altogether. If you don't see any web site updates some day, that's probably what happened. I hate to think of that because I hate the thought of having to set up a new computer. I'm getting too old for that. -30-

Sat Aug 6 8:48PM - I forgot about the NA QSO Party, not that I was planning on entering it anyway. But I got a surprise when I turned on the rig this evening and saw all the activity. So all I had to do was wait for the clock to show 0000 and work somebody for the streak. That somebody was Greg up in MI, NA8V on 40 meters.

Other than that another day with not much going on. Just a lot of sitting around listening to a rebroadcast of The 100 years of WABC radio. That was one of my favorite Top 40 music stations from the 1960s through the early 1980s when they changed to a talk format. Of course now, they are coming back to part music with music of that era with Cousin Brucie, Vinnie Medugno, Joe Piscopo, Tony Orlando, and a couple others. I also watched some old Our Gang documentary videos. I guess it was a real nostalgia day for old John. HI

I'm about ready to post my theory about my disappearing local noise. It was gone again this evening. -30-

Fri Aug 5 8:30PM - Another day with nothing much to write about. I did work a couple DX stations this evening, one right after another on 20 meters. I1YRL followed by EA4EM. They weren't the easiest QSOs, but they were good ones.

My bad noise is still gone. Now I can hear my other local noises and storm static which are nowhere as bad as the other noise. Still waiting to see if the noise disappearing syncs with another event around here before I'm convinced it's really gone and not just a coincidence. -30-

Thu Aug 4 8:34PM - A rather nice day today, despite a couple of showers. Mild temperatures most of the day except when the sun came out now and then and pushed the high to the upper 80s. Really nothing to write about out of the ordinary though.

Perhaps one major bit of news. My serious noise seems to have vanished. I have a theory where it went, but I'm going to be sure it is gone before the theory becomes a fact and I talk about it here. My QSO took a little doing tonight, but at 0013Z I found VE3DDI calling CQ and worked him pretty easily. After the past couple weekends being active, it looks like now there will be a couple quiet ones before the Skeeter Hunt comes along followed a week later by our annual Skyview visit. Perhaps between now and then, Tom WB3FAE and I will do something. Stay tuned to the diary for any info about that. -30-

Wed Aug 3 9:05PM - Well, it wasn't the greatest of days at times, but overall not bad. I'm not going into detail. This evening I had to get a quick QSO as my neighbor wanted to do some shopping before the stores closed. We did get that done, and after getting my weather readings (the high was 92 today), here I am typing this diary entry. -30-

Tue Aug 2 9:06PM - In contrast to yesterday, this was a slow day. I spent a lot of time getting caught up on my eQSL and LoTW loggings. I went for a walk late this evening and sat in the park for a while. That about wraps up this day. Hope tomorrow will be a bit more active like yesterday. -30-

Mon Aug 1 8:24PM - OK, here's a couple of short stories about the FOBB, and first the SST.

The SST had a lot of activity, and I was working stations easily, especially on 40 as 20 wasn't quite as good. I racked up 35 QSOs in I think it was 21 multipliers. I'm checking that right now. I had the feeling that it wasn't good enough for first place and predicted that someone with a better station would take advantage of the good conditions and beat me out. I was right. Not only did I get beat out, but the fellow who beat me also beat my all time record of 42 QSOs in the QRP Category. He got 44. I'm not positive, but unless I missed something, that's the only time anyone got more than 42. Well, records are made to be broken, they say. I have no regrets and am pleased I held it that long. Oh it is 21 mults.

As for the FOBB, Mike and I had a lot of fun. Our setup uncharacteristically went very smoothly even with Mike having to use my K2 instead of his usual KX3. Things went rather slowly and the QSOs came far apart at times. I had 40 and Mike took 20. We wound up with almost the same number of QSOs. I had 23 and he had 25. I forget our total multipliers and don't have the paper log handy. Multipliers (SPCs) aren't figured in the scoring so it doesn't really matter. The bottom line is it was a nice day and we had a lot of fun.

Personally it was a great day. I got almost all my end of the month / first of the month work done today plus the laundry I missed yesterday. I went for a couple of nice walks and met a couple (3) new girls along the way, including two with the same name of Kelly. What are the odds? HI I did my banking and grocery shopping as well as having a sit in the park although that was mostly talking to the one girl (lady) and her dog. And now I'm waiting for a couple subs from Vocelli's for me and Bruce, so I'll close here and update a couple more pages. -30-

Sun Jul 31 9:20PM - Late and busy, so a story on the FOBB and SST in tomorrow's diary some time. -30-

Sat Jul 30 7:36PM - Not much else to do right now, so I thought I'd write the diary entry. It was a fairly hot day today especially this evening. I was going to go for a walk, but didn't like the heat in the sun. My neighbor a couple houses up the street was having a yard sale. He gave me a couple items. A little train set. And get this - an AM/FM radio in the shape of a microphone. I'll have to hide it tomorrow when Mike comes. I'll never get over the kidding of having a microphone in my possesion, even though it doesn't work as such, just as a radio.

Speaking of Mike, we spent a good part of the day texting back and forth trying to solve his KX3 problem with no success. So it's plan K2 for the FOBB tomorrow barring a last minute fix. We'll use my old K2 rig which originally was Mike's before he sold it to me about 10 years or so ago. I never used it all that much since the KX3 came along not long after I got his K2. I'm glad we'll be giving it a test tomorrow in case I ever have trouble with my KX3, I'll know the K2 will be there to help me out. Looks like good weather at least. High in the low 80s with partly sunny skies in the morning then becoming cloudy. -30-

Fri Jul 29 9:10PM - Ran into another ham friend I haven't worked in a while - Den WD9DWE on 40M. Sure is nice getting reacquainted with these old friends lately. They are like robins appearing in the spring, to make a comparison if I may.

Had an interesting time in the SST this afternoon. Before I continue, let me check the 3830 Scores. OK, after thinking I didn't do all that well, especially on 20 meters, I posted my score soon after the sprint and was surprised to see myself in 1st place in the QRP Category. And just checking now, I'm still up there. So I didn't do as badly as I had thought. There are 11 entries in the QRP Category, so I guess most QRPers have posted their scores.

I took a couple walks/shopping trips today to get exercise and stock up on groceries. Of course, to see if any of my girl.....friends were working. I met a new one today with the unusual name of Myleina, and saw another I just met yesterday. So the trips were worthwhile. HI

I heard from Mike today. He is having trouble with his KX3 and might not have it ready for the FOBB on Sunday. So I said he could use my K2 or KX1 if necessary. We'll have to be retrained on how to use them. Neither one of us has used them since we got our KX3s as far as I can remember. It may be interesting.

Time to walk Roscoe now. 73 -30-

Thu Jul 28 9:15PM - A little late tonight. Had a couple of 14 and 16 minute QSOs. Just at the end of the second one, a nice sunset was developing so I rushed out to get pictures of it. After that, time for my weather observations, and now here typing the diary entry. So it won't be a long one.

Nothing really to write about anyway so it doesn't matter. It was a warm humid day with scattered showers so I didn't get a chance for any outdoor walking and had to get my quota of walking indoors. Just not the same, but effective nonetheless.

Looking forward to Sunday now and the FOBB sprint with Mike. We'll be using the club call N3AQC from Kittanning Community Park. Looks like a nice sunny not too warm day. We've got BB #12 for our number to give out. Hope to work you. We should be active for the whole sprint mainly on 40 and 20. -30-

Wed Jul 27 8:39PM - It seems of late I've been running into folks I haven't worked for a while. Probably due to the sun spots opening up the bands again. Or folks realizing things are improving and becoming more active again. Whatever, it was nice to run into Greg WB8LZG this evening. Ah, but he has a new call now and was W8GG when I worked him. Greg is a long time NAQCC member who is a top notch woodcarver also. He has provided a lot of beautiful prizes for our NAQCC activities over the year.

I guess the big event today was having a plumber visit to fix a defective faucet in my kitchen sink. Something I could have done myself in the past, but old age is catching up with me, I guess. So I go the easy route on things like that these days. HI.

I hate to say this, but I think my serious noise may be gone for good. It hasn't showed up in a few days now. I hope that doesn't jinx it now. I have an idea about what it may have been, but I'm not going to talk about that until I know for sure it is gone for good. Anyway whether it lasts or not, it is nice having it gone. -30-

Tuesday Jul 26 8:46PM - As promised, my weather related pictures from the past few days:

That's the 2.50 inches of rain we got. It doesn't show up all that well, especially the measurement markings. The black dots indicate 0.5, 1.0. and 2.0 inches I put them there so I can see the approximate readings from my kitchen window. The first longer line above the dots is 2.25 inches, and the water level is right on the 2.50 inches line.

I wondered how hot it was in the sun so I put the thermometer on my front sidewalk. I make it to be about 125 degrees by interpolating above the point where the degree markings end. Hard to tell exactly.

Just one of the many beautiful sunsets we've had lately. I just took some more pictures tonight a few minutes ago
That's it for tonight as not much happened today that wasn't normal. -30-

Mon Jul 25 9:17PM - I've taken some interesting weather related pictures the past couple days. Think I edit them and post some here in the diary tomorrow.

I had a long and interesting rag chew tonight with Harry WA1GXC for my streak QSO on 30 meters. 30 has kind of come alive lately with a lot of good signals.

Had my poorest showing in a SST Sprint last night. About average for me, but poor in relation to other QRP stations. Fifth place in the QRP Category the worst I've ever done. I was having trouble breaking the pileups that the high power stations were generating. Still 27 QSOs is right on my average. -30-

Sun Jul 24 7:20PM - Think I'll do the SST Sprint this evening so I'll write the diary entry now. Not much to say anyway. It was a very hot and humid day, perhaps the most uncomfortable one so far this year. Sure glad I got the air conditioner last year.

Biggest project today was working on getting our POTA logs out to NAQCC and POTA. Tom and I are coordinating things via text messages. Still some work left to do tonight or maybe tomorrow. Got so busy with that, I forgot about doing my laundry and will do that tomorrow also.

Tom and I are thinking about activating a couple more parks around this area. He is going to scout out one likely suspect. When it's all set, I'll talk about it here in the diary, and it will be posted in the usual places. -30-

Sat Jul 23 9:11PM - Nothing much to talk about today. Just kind of a take it easy day. I did some more work on my POTA log getting it ready for Tom to combine our two logs for submitting to POTA.

Sorry about the delay in posting the POTA pictures in yesterday's diary entry. I had some computer problems which seem to be fixed now as of around Midnight last night. Hope so anyway. This evening one of my streak QSOs was with Tom KA2KGP. I've met Tom several times at various hamfests, but haven't seen him for a while now with the high gas prices. Too expensive to drive down here from NY and vice versa. I've told this in the diary before but for anyone new to the diary, here goes. The first time I met Tom was at the Butler hamfest. I was walking behind a couple hams and could only see the letters KGP on the back of a tee shirt. I knew those letters since Tom is an NAQCC member, but I couldn't see the KA2 as they were covered by suspenders. I asked and it turned out it was Tom and his brother Mike N3COD. I learned then that Tom is a deaf ham who is able to copy CW. A few years later, at the same hamfest, Tom kind of snuck up on me and sent his call from a CPO at a nearby table. I caught it right away, and turned around to see Tom standing there. I really hope that gas prices will go down again so I can see Tom and his brother in person again. -30-

Fri Jul 22 8:33PM - OK YLs and OMs, time for a picture diary entry. Haven't done one for a while, so let's go.

A view of Moraine Lake. Unfortunately with vegetation, trees, etc. obscuring the actual view of the lake itself. Still you get an idea of how nice a day it was.

It was good to see Bruce AA3LX after a couple years. He helped with logging and spotting.

I normally hate pictures of myself, but this one, taken by Bruce is not bad at all. In fact I like it. Might use it to replace the one on my home page.

Here's Tom WB3FAE. Thanks to him for the ride out to the park, and the great fellowship today. We had a real ball.

Here's Tom's antenna, blowing or leaning into the wind.

A wide view of our operating table, parked very nicely in the shade of some trees keeping it cool.

A close-up of the greatest rig in the world for someone like me who only operates CW and QRP. That's my opinion along with a lot of other folks as well.

And finally, my 17 foot multi-band vertical which is my choice of portable antennas currently.

You can see it was a beautiful day and a very active day. I made 46 QSOs in 18 states and Ontario on 40 and 30. Tom took 20 and made around 43 QSOs in around 15 states and Canada. I forget his exact figures now. I have enough trouble remembering my own, let alone someone else's. HI There was a lot of QSB, and I lost 3 or so QSOs before completing them. Thanks to all who did work me and Tom. You're very good ops to copy our QRP signals in less than optimum conditions. -30-

Thu Jul 21 9:08PM - Kind of a coincidental QSO tonight, you might say. I worked K8RQX who out of the blue when he heard I was using a KX3, asked me if I do any POTA ops with it. Probably the first time I've ever been asked that on the air. You know my answer was yes, and in fact I'd be doing one tomorrow. To add to the conicidence, his name was Bruce and Tom just told me this evening that our friend Bruce AA3LX would stop by our operation tomorrow. Strange. Almost nothing has changed about the operation info. We are leaving a half hour earlier from here to try to get setup there before it gets too overly hot which it will later. So we may be on the air a little bit earlier. Also Tom has to be home a little earlier so we had to cancel our planned Ponderosa meal. Hope to work you tomorrow. -30-

Wed Jul 20 9:12PM - Another somewhat busy day today even though it was hot in the low 90s. My neighbor's brother helped me trim the big bush in front of my house. It had really gotten out of hand after not being trimmed last year. It took a while, but it looks nice tomorrow. I was going to take before and after pictures, but I didn't think of it. I also did some more yard and sidewalk trimming later in the day. No long walks, just a short one around a couple blocks. The rest inside.

No changes to our POTA plans this Friday, but the info is now on QRZ, the NAQCC maillist, and on the POTA web site. The info on the POTA site is the best place to look as Tom will be updating that pretty close to real time on Friday for you POTA chasers. I don't really do any POTA hunting myself, but like to help Tom give out some QSOs from Moraine State Park. Hope to work you if you are interested. -30-

Tue Jul 19 9:14PM - Not much going on today out of the ordinary. It was a hot, humid one so I limited my outside exercise. I did sit on my front porch quite a bit and did do some yard work late in the afternoon when the yard was in shade, but that was about the extent of it.

Other than that, Tom WB3FAE and I did some planning for a combo parkpedition / POTA event this Friday. We'll be going to Moraine State Park near Butler, and will be using the NAQCC club call of N3AQC. I'm waiting to hear from Tom about..... well got a text from him just as I was typing here. He says we'll try to operate from 11AM to 3PM or 1500-1900Z mostly on 40 and 20 (7030 and 14060), but maybe try 30 and 15 depending. He says to check the POTA web site for more info and updates. Also perhaps later info here in the diary. -30-

Mon Jul 18 9:18PM - A nice day today, and somewhat busy. I made it to Sprankle's today and saw a couple of my girl.....friends who were working today, and stocked up on some milk and a couple other items. It was good walking there and back for the exercise also.

I did some yard and sidewalk work a little later in the day. My daylillies are in full bloom now. As you may know, the flowers on daylilly plants only last one day, but there are so many it looks like they are there a lot longer. I try to pick off the dead flowers every day. Sometimes I count them as I go, and I've been over 100 several times over the years. Those plants are BUSY.

I got an email question today from Tom NT4TC asking about the speeds I normally operate. I decided after I answered him personally, I'd add the question to my FAQs page which I did if you want to see it.

Tonite a POTA station provided my streak QSO, and I also called CQ after that and got an answer from K1NVY in Washington State on 20 meters. -30-

Sun Jul 17 6:55PM - Unless conditions are as bad as they were last Friday, I'll probably be getting in the SST Sprint tonight at 0000Z, so I thought I'd write the diary entry early. Again not too much to report today. I did my weekly laundry as I do every Sunday now. I also double checked some entries in my Excel log. For example if I had the correct zone number for countries among some other things. I went for a walk this afternoon, but it was too humid to walk all that far. I didn't even make it to the park nor did I make it to Sprankle's where I needed to get a couple things and see who of my "girls" were working today. Hopefully I'll do that tomorrow as I haven't been there for a while now. -30-

Sat Jul 16 8:51PM - Not much, if anything, out of the ordinary today. The weather was nice and I went for a good outside walk this evening and sat on a park bench for a while just thinking and enjoying the weather. The bands weren't all that good tonight despite the high SF number. I got a couple QSOs, W4BOC at some POTA site and KB1FGC in CT. The second QSO ran into severe QSB and ended prematurely. -30-

Fri Jul 15 9:07PM - A full day here. I took care of my second half of the month bills and ran them down to the post office where I had to purchase some stamps. I was surprised to find it now costs 60 cents per stamp, another effect of our current high inflation rate under the current administration.

I did some yard work cleaning weeds out from around my rose bushes.

I was involved in some other things I won't bother listing and almost forgot about the SST Sprint. I got to the shack late, and it didn't really matter as conditions were so poor that after listening for a few minutes, I just quit without getting any QSOs.

I went for another walk and sat in the park for a while. I talked with Charlie from WPIT for about 25 minutes while I was there. Sure is nice to have a smart phone. Again I have to thank Jasmine for urging me to get one.

I had a nice rag chew of 30 minutes with N9BSO for my streak QSO this evening. That was on 30 meters.

Now one last chore, walking Roscoe, to close out the day and wonder what the weekend will bring. -30-

Thu Jul 14 8:33PM - To those who celebrate it, I hope you had a Happy Bastille Day today.

I had kind of a busy day, at least this morning. Bruce and I took Roscoe to the groomer and while he was there, I did some shopping and came up with around 65 dollars of food. Prices sure have soared with our current 9 percent inflation rate. It took a while, but the groomer finally called to say Roscoe was ready. He sure looks better now and feels better also with his paw nails trimmed. He hadn't been to the groomer for a while now.

I also did some more sidewalk trimming this afternoon. This evening I went to the park and sat on a bench for maybe a half hour or so. -30-

Wed Jul 13 9:13PM - Got tied up in a computer project and I'm running late, so a short entry tonight. Well, the last couple were long, so this balances things out, I guess. Nothing much to talk about anyway. It was a nice day to be outside watching the cumulus clouds drift by. I did that from the front porch and also a park bench. My QSO came quickly tonight when I worked Pierre VE2PID/W8 via a remote station in MI somewhere. My last QSO with him was exactly one year ago within a few minutes. -30-

Tue Jul 12 6:39PM - OK, here's the entry I promised last night. I went up to get my streak QSO as usual at 0000Z. The bands were pretty good so I decided to check 15 meters. Turn back the clock now to the 1990s. When my web site was new, one of the things I wanted to do was to promote the use of CW by teenage hams. I solicited reports from teenagers who enjoyed and used CW on the ham bands. That feature was a hit for a while, but petered out as teenagers turned more to Internet communications and if they did get ham licenses, they went for phone or the "new fancy" digital modes. Fewer and fewer used CW, and my supply of teenage reports dwindled to NONE, unfortunately. The reports are still here on the web site for anyone who may be interested in what teenagers thought of CW in the 1990s. There are 17 reports there. They are in the CW section, listed on the Teenagers and CW page.

If you go to the page and look at the last entry on the list, you'll see N5NU who was 14 when he wrote the report in 1997. All the reports are very interesting, but his was especially well written. He had a great way of putting things.

OK, segue back to the present now and last night on 15 meters. There was one strong signal showing on the panadapter screen. When I tuned it in and listened, I became very excited when I found it to be Jason N5NU operating from Costa Rica as N5NU/TI2. I answered him, and he sent a partial call. I sent my call again and he came back with K3WWP, is that you, John? or words to that effect. I said yes Jason, it's me. I think he was as excited as I was. We wound up with a 20 minute rag chew. I seldom have rag chews that long with DX stations, but it was virtual solid copy all the way. I was 549 to 569, and he wa 579 to 589.

The last time we worked was in 2000, probably in a contest as he was seriously into contesting then as I was. So we had a lot to get caught up on. We talked about a lot of things. Basically, he is in Costa Rica learning about missionary work along with the Spanish language. He goes to school about 25 hours per week. He'll be there until he completes school next April, then it is off to missionary work in Chile. He doesn't have the best radio setup, but is as active as time permits. He's 39 years old now and married. That kind of made me feel old knowing this teen I knew is now an adult and being very successful in his life's work.

That doesn't happen very often that I run into someone I knew years ago, and it was really a thrill working Jason. I think fate, God, luck, whatever was with us for that QSO, permitting us to talk solidly for that long. That, along with other things is what makes ham radio the great hobby it is.

I'll have to go through my log to see if I've recently worked any of the other 16 teens. At a quick glance I only see one. That was Jeff N1SNB whom I worked several years ago now for a rag chew type QSO and a couple of contest QSOs if memory serves. I do remember Jeff was running some software that IDs CW signals (Skimmer??) and my call popped up on his screen and he gave me a call and we talked for a while.

Wonder who I'll work tonight in about an hour now. -30-

Mon Jul 11 4:52PM - Just a coincidence I wrote yesterday's and today's diary entries at the same time. HI

Let me insert something out of context here. Be sure to check tomorrow's diary entry for info on a very special QSO I had Monday evening after I wrote this entry. Now back to the regular entry.

I just finished uploading my IARU log to ARRL, and thought I'd write the diary entry since I'm sitting here at the computer. Nothing all that much to write about. I did get into the SST Sprint last evening. Conditions were good, but balanced out somewhat by my usual bad noise being present. 28 QSOs not bad, but 17 multipliers on the low side. Good enough for a second place score on the 3830 Contest web site results in the QRP Category. Only a single point higher than the third place score, but that's all it takes. HI

A nice weather day today, but it did get hot later in the afternoon. Before that, I did some yard work, or actually sidewalk work, pulling grass and weeds out of the cracks in the bricks. I also went for a short walk. I was going for a longer one and maybe stop at Sprankle's, but it was already pretty warm. I also did some house cleaning, sweeping the floors and cleaning some furniture. I guess now I'll just rest this old body this evening. Maybe fool around on the bands if the noise is not there and conditions are good. -30-

Sun Jul 10 4:52PM - Since I probably will get in the SST Sprint this evening, I won't have time to write much of a diary entry then. So let's do something now.

Here's some more info on my participation in about 3 hours of the IARU HF Championships last evening from about 0000-0130Z and 0300-0430Z. 20 and 15 meters were absolutely jumping with STRONG signals, especially from EU. As I said in yesterday's diary, I could go up and down the bands working stations at will, for the most part using just a single call to them. In that second hour and a half, I added 25 more stations for a total of 57 QSOs from 30 countries. I missed working AF for a contest WAC. I had one on the hook, but he got away without ever getting my call right through his pileup.
I did get these representative countries from the other 5 continents: AS-C4HQ, EU-EW5A, NA-ZF2VE, OC-NH6V, SA-PY2XL.
Totals by continent: AS-1,NA-2,OC-2,SA-1,EU-all the rest-51.
Most distant station-C4HQ at around 5650 miles or so.
By band: 20-27, 15-10
Best country: Poland-6.
I worked several contesting stations I haven't worked in a while now: 9A0HQ, RU1A, OH1F, TM0HQ, DL5YM, HG1S, IR2Q, YL2SM, LY9Y, SN7Q, S50HQ, S57DX. I worked several stations I worked for the first time ever: EW5A, C4HQ, LZ0HQ, EF4HQ, DM5W, IO9HQ, PY2XL, OM2HQ, ZF2VE, SM0HRP, OE0HQ, IR3Z, Z30HQ, DL3JAN, NH6V, WH7T, SN7X, OK4YL, OH2BA, II3WRTC. I think working new stations shows that QRP works better than working the same stations over and over. Why, you ask. Because it is easier copying a call you are familiar with than one that is new to you. A few DX stations have taken the time to tell me that usually once they hear a WEAK partial call with a WW, WP, or similar, they guess it is me, and come back to me instead of some stronger call they are not familiar with. They said it, not me, but it makes sense. I copy partial calls, and often am sure of who it is, just from that with a little help from recognizing certain fists. A fist is just like a voice to those of us who have listened to the Morse language for many years.

I kind of got off track there. Let me see if there is anything else I wanted to talk about in my IARU log. No I don't think so. I do need to update my streak totals on my home page through June though, and I'll do that now. -30-

Sat Jul 9 10:32PM - At 0000Z, as usual, I went up to my shack. I figured it would be a quick streak QSO in the IARU Contest. Well, it was, but it turned out to be EW8A booming in for an easier than expected QSO from a country I hadn't worked in a while. Hmmmm, conditions seemed to be very good, so I tuned around some more and by the time I was through 92 minutes later, I logged 32 stations with most of them coming with a single call and no repeats. Kind of like I was running that mythical KW and beam station I kid about when I work DX so very easily. 29 of the 32 QSOs were with EU on both 20 and 15 which were about equally good. 22 were on 20 and 10 on 15. That has to be the best conditions and easiest DX QSOs I've made in a few years now. I worked Asia in C4HQ on 20. A rough count shows 23 countries worked. I logged on paper as I wan't expecting such a rush of stations, so that count may have to be revised a bit. Haven't had so much fun on the bands for quite a while now, at least in working so much DX so very easily. Hope that's a sign that the bands are really shaping up as the new sunspot cycle really gets going. It's late now, or I'd write more. -30-

Fri Jul 8 8:58AM - The 13 Colonies Event for 2022 is now over as of 0400Z today. It was a lot of fun as it is every year. I managed 46 QSOs this year not counting one dupe of K2H on 40 meters. As I said in yesterday's diary entry, I again missed GB13COL as I do every year. I think for the first time, I got all 13 K2 stations plus WM3PEN on a single band, 40 meters, when I worked K2E at 0203Z last night. I didn't think I was going to get him as he wasn't hearing me for at least a dozen times I called, and he wasn't working anyone else during that time either. Finally, I did get the QSO though. Let me go back a few diary entries now and update a table I presented then.

This year is the earliest I've completed the 13, and I did it early on the Third of July. I've gotten clean sweeps of all 13 every year starting with 2016. Here are the completion dates along with the first and last states worked, and total QSOs on all bands including WM3PEN and TM13COL:
Year Date First Last Tot
2022 3rd   PA    NH   46
2021 6th   SC    RI   42
2020 5th   NH    NJ   25
2019 4th   MA    NH   28
2018 4th   NJ    MA   18
2017 6th   MA    VA   17
2016 7th   RI    NY   16
It is interesting to see the order in which the colonies were worked each year. It varies quite a bit from year to year. Some colonies seem to be very active one year, then not so active the following year. I can't account for that as it would seem to me that the organizers try to have similar amounts of activity from each colony each year. Maybe it's quirks of propagation or the way I'm active in the chase, and so forth. One example is NH. They were everywhere last year, yet very hard to find this year. Anyway here is how they were worked each year:
YEAR    NY   VA   RI   CT   DE   MD   GA   MA   NJ   NC   NH   SC   PA
2022     7    5    4    9   11   12    3    2   10    8   13    6    1
2021     7    9   13    2    6   12   10    5   11    3    4    1    8
2020     7   11    2    8   12    5   10    3   13    4    1    9    6
2019     8    2   12    9    3   11    6    1   10    5   13    4    7
2018     4    7    5    8    3   10    9   13    1   11    2    6   12
2017     9   13    2    5    7   12   11    1   10    8    4    6    3
2016    13   12    1    2   11   10    9    4    5    6    8    7    3
2015                                   1              3         2	
Ave    7.9  8.4  5.6  6.1  7.6 10.3  8.3  4.1  8.6  6.4  6.4  5.6  5.7
Rank     9   11   2t    5    8   13   10    1   12   6t   6t   2t    4
And the totals QSOs including a few dupes with each state for all 8 years listed above.
STATE   NY   VA   RI   CT   DE   MD   GA   MA   NJ   NC   NH   SC   PA   WM3PEN  TM13COL  GB13COL
QSOs    14   16   10   11   16   10   15   16   13   16   13   15   16     12       3        0
And finally the total QSOs per band this year:
160    0
 80    9
 40   14
 30    7
 20   12
 17    2
 15    2
Tot   46
See you all in the 2023 13 Colonies Event, I hope. Now to get off my log and donation for my certificate. -30-

Thu Jul 7 8:23PM - It's getting a little confusing for my old brain in keeping track of the 13Col QSOs and SST QSOs separately on paper, and then putting them into my computer log later, but I've managed to keep it all straight.

I added a couple 13Col band QSOs today - TM13COL on 17M, an easy QSO unlike the one on 20 a couple days ago. First call and a couple repeats and he was logged. Then this evening for my streak QSO also, K2L SC on 30 meters. That brings me to 45 13COL QSOs with only one repeat K2H on 40 meters. All from just tuning the bands, no spotting of any kind. I'd like to make it to 50 QSOs, but not too many left to work. Maybe some on 80 before it ends at midnight tonight. It's been a lot of fun and got me a lot of air time during the day, something I haven't done much of lately. I'll have a wrap-up on the 13Col event in the diary in a couple days.

BTW, still haven't even heard GB13COL. I think the event organizers need to get more activity from GB13COL and maybe some more powerful stations. Not only my opinion. I've heard others express the same feelings. Maybe next year will be better. -30-

Wed Jul 6 9:12PM - An interesting day today which I'm not going to describe except that it had its ups and downs. Let's concentrate on the ups. I continued to chase 13Col stations on different new bands and didn't have much luck during the day. This evening though, I added 3 more in K2C on 30, K2F on 80, and K2E on 30. That makes a total of 44 band-13Col QSOs, breaking what I did last year by 2 so far with another couple days to go. Let's see. I have 8 on 80, 12 on 40, 6 on 30, 10 on 20, 1 on 17, and 2 on 15. Those are just the 13 colony stations. I also have WM3PEN on 80, 40, and 20. Also TM13COL on 20. Hmmm, I need to do some recounting. That totals 43 while the other list shows 44. Some other time, not now. Well, it's later tonight and I had to find the error. HI. I worked K2H twice on 40m which accounts for the difference of 1 in the totals. Now I can rest easier. HI

I also worked EI9JF in the midst of the colony chasing on 20 meters. I guess that does it for this entry. Time to walk Roscoe. -30-

Tue Jul 5 6:05PM - As I texted Mike a little while ago, "David (K3WWP) beat GOLIATH (TM13COL pileup) on 14035 a few minutes ago." It was a struggle, and I must compliment the TM13COL operator. He stuck with stations including me until he landed them. He kept with partial calls until he got the complete correct call pulled out of the pileup. Also compliments to the pileup stations who honored TM13COL by keeping quiet for the most part while he was sticking with someone.

In my case he would send K3MM two or three times and when he got no answer while I was standing by, he went with simply K3 or K3? and I figured it might be me, so I started calling again. The same thing happened again with another tentative call, then back to K3 or K3?. I started calling again, and he got K3WWW. I knew that was me and I sent K3WWP K3WWP 599. He came back with my correct call and TU 73, and for the second year in a row I have 13 colonies plus TM13COL in the log. Now where is the English COL station????

I did some chores today thanks to Bruce helping by driving me here and there. I mailed some checks, did some banking, and went grocery shopping. Bruce had to go to all three places also so that worked out good.

I guess tonight I'll try to find a few more K2 stations on different bands. -30-

Mon Jul 4 7:29PM - I had a quiet Holiday today. I didn't really do much of anything. I did get on the air a couple of times to try to find some 13Col stations on a new band. I found K2G Georgia on 17M and made the QSO on a single call. I'm virtually certain it was John K4BAI at the key. He caught my call easily on the first try and called me by name as he almost always does when we work in a contest or special event. I answered TU JN 599 PA, and we exchanged 73. I found several other K2 stations but none on any new band besides the K2G on 17.

I heard from Mike. He had some problems with his antenna falling or being knocked down and was late starting the chase for the 13Col stations. I think he only has DE so far. I'm sure he'll get a lot more now that the antenna is fixed.

I chased TM13COL on 20 for quite a while yesterday afternoon. He was at a good level to work him, but the pileup was just too full of powerful stations, probably running very QRO power and beams that covered my minimal QRP and dipole signals. Oh well, still have a few days left to get him. Probably won't even hear GB3COL as usual. At least I got the 13 colonies and have 34 13Col QSOs total on various bands.-30-

Sun Jul 3 9:07AM - Regular diary readers know I'm a nut for statistics. Ham radio gives me a lot of opportunities to exercise that nuttiness. I'm going to present some stats from the 13 Colonies event after this important announcement.

I virtually never use any kind of spotting to make contacts. I don't like other folks helping me out. I want to do things for myself. That's true of my life in general. I don't like to ask other folks for help, although as I get older, I do need help with some things I used to do all by myself. In contrast, I love helping other people in any way I can. Of my 100,000 plus QSOs, I've gotten less than 10 from spotting or from a tip from a ham friend. All the others, I've gotten by just tuning around the bands and listening. I don't have anything at all against those who do use spotting. It's just not my way of doing things. End of soapbox comments.

Having said that, if I used spotting, I'm sure I could get all 13 colonies on the first day, but..... As it is, this year is the earliest I've completed the 13, and I did it early on the Third of July. I've gotten clean sweeps of all 13 every year starting with 2016. Here are the completion dates along with the first and last states worked, and total QSOs on all bands including WM3PEN and TM13COL:
Year Date First Last Tot
2022 3rd   PA    NH   28 so far
2021 6th   SC    RI   42
2020 5th   NH    NJ   25
2019 4th   MA    NH   28
2018 4th   NJ    MA   18
2017 6th   MA    VA   17
2016 7th   RI    NY   16
I never have worked GB3COL. Maybe this year since I don't have to look for any of the 13 colonies except to get them on a new band.

It is interesting to see the order in which the colonies were worked each year. It varies quite a bit from year to year. Some colonies seem to be very active one year, then not so active the following year. I can't account for that as it would seem to me that the organizers try to have similar amounts of activity from each colony each year. Maybe it's quirks of propagation or the way I'm active in the chase, and so forth. One example is NH. They were everywhere last year, yet very hard to find this year. Anyway here is how they were worked each year:
YEAR    NY   VA   RI   CT   DE   MD   GA   MA   NJ   NC   NH   SC   PA
2022     7    5    4    9   11   12    3    2   10    8   13    6    1
2021     7    9   13    2    6   12   10    5   11    3    4    1    8
2020     7   11    2    8   12    5   10    3   13    4    1    9    6
2019     8    2   12    9    3   11    6    1   10    5   13    4    7
2018     4    7    5    8    3   10    9   13    1   11    2    6   12
2017     9   13    2    5    7   12   11    1   10    8    4    6    3
2016    13   12    1    2   11   10    9    4    5    6    8    7    3
2015                                   1              3         2	
Ave    7.9  8.4  5.6  6.1  7.6 10.3  8.3  4.1  8.6  6.4  6.4  5.6  5.7
Rank     9   11   2t    5    8   13   10    1   12   6t   6t   2t    4

Sat Jul 2 7:35PM - A most interesting day in the 13 Colonies Event. So far I've got 25 QSOs in the event. I'm trying to work each station on as many different bands as possible. So far I've got 10 on 40, 3 on 30, 9 on 20, and 2 on 15. Most interesting was MD. On 20, K2F had about the biggest pileup I've ever heard, at least for a W/VE station anyway. I tried for about a half hour to break it, but couldn't, so I gave up. I came back later and found K2F now on 40 with still a big pileup but with a difference. This time he was operating split, so I set the KX3 for split, waited till he finished working a station, gave a call, got a WP?. Called again and MD is in the log, leaving NH to complete the 13 colonies. And where is NH? Last year it was everywhere. This year not a trace of a K2K station yet. But a lot of time left to get one. This is really a great event, and the organizers deserve a big pat on the back for a great job.

It's a shame that there are some hams who keep calling while the K2 stations are busy working someone. Also some hams will reply to a query even though their call contains nothing like the query. For example a K2 station will query WP? and many hams will reply even though there is nothing like a WP in their call. Also many hams seem to have no idea what UP or UP1 means and will continue to call right on the K2 station frequency. However the majority of hams in the event are great operators who do everything exactly right, and that makes it a great event.

With the MMC contest tonight, my streak QSO should come quickly, then I'll go search for NH again. -30-

Fri Jul 1 8:29PM - A lot of fun today on the bands chasing the 13 colonies stations. I worked 8 colonies and WM3PEN so far. Worked PA MA GA RI VA SC NY NC. Let's see, that leaves if I can remember, NH CT NJ MD DE. Think that's right. HI. It was easier earlier in the day when the RAC was going on as a lot of hams were in that. I started to get into the SST, then decided to look for colonies instead. After the RAC ended at 0000Z, the big pileups started for the colony stations. Had to struggle to get NC after that, while earlier the other 7 came quite easily with around 3 calls or less each. Lot of fun. A great event. Wonder who will be the elusive last state for me this year? I think NY and VA were two of the last ones in previous years, but I got them already.

I finished a lot of the last of month - first of month things today. I finished logging all the May LoTW and eQSL matches and uploaded all my June QSOs to both today. Also took care of mailing some bills. Oh, and put the June weather records in the computer. Interesting that the monthly maximum, minimum, and mean averages were all three 1.1 degrees above normal. I don't think that ever happened before in all my 62 or so years of records that all three departures were the same. -30-

Thu Jun 30 8:19PM - I forgot about the RAC contest tonight. It used to be one of my favorite contests before it became as big as it is now. I used to do very well in it without all the competition. I guess that is logical and goes without saying. HI. The late Corb K8UCL and I had a friendly competition going in both the RAC contests until he became ill and eventually passed away. I miss him along with a lot of other hams who are now SK. Anyway I just used the RAC to get my streak QSO. Later today at 1300Z the 13 Colonies event starts and I'll be very active in that trying to keep my streak of clean sweeps going.

Otherwise another beautiful day. I sat on the porch for quite a while simply enjoying the day and contemplating how great life is.

I also logged the veries from eQSL and LoTW that came through during May. Still have a lot of LoTW to do. It seems that most all of the SST participants are avid users of both services and provide a lot of work for me to get all their veries logged. -30-

Wed Jun 29 8:43PM - Interesting night on the bands. Well, 20M at least. I had two rag chews with EU stations. First I1YRL, Luc. Next was SM5DYC, Ola. I don't mean 30 minute rag chews, but QSOs with DX that go beyond just 599 TU. I always enjoy those kind of QSOs with DX, although the TU 599 ones are good also.

I did some more work on the web site today. I changed the QRP Rigs page all around. I won't describe the changes here. If you're curious, check out the page.

Mike reminded me tonight that the 13 Colonies event will be starting in a couple days. I hope to make a clean sweep again this year with the 13 Colony stations, WM3PEN and the French and English stations. The English one always seems to avoid me somehow each year. More about that when the event starts.

Not much in the way of non-ham stuff today. It was a nice weather day though. Sunny and temps in the mid 80s with low humidity and somewhat of a breeze. Good enough to swing with Roscoe on the porch swing for a while. -30-

Tue Jun 28 9:27PM - Another of those running late days, so I'll have just a short entry. It was rough getting my QSO tonight. My noise is back full force again plus conditions weren't all that good. I did manage to work Alan WA3ZKI on 40 though. So the streak moves on. Time now to walk Roscoe, so that's it for the diary. -30-

Mon Jun 27 5:50PM - I thought I'd do my diary entry while my laundry is in the dryer. I missed doing it yesterday since I was busy with Mike doing FD. Let's start with some pictures as soon as I get them edited.

Top row: Mike operating, his antenna with a nice sunset in the background.
Middle row: John operating, his antenna.
Bottom row: John shaking hands/paws with Jayden.

Ooops, laundry is dry. Be back after folding and putting it away.

I'm glad you really didn't have to wait. There were other interruptions besides the laundry. Let's talk a bit about FD itself now.

It was rough for various reasons. First I had one cable plugged in wrong between the KX3 and PX3. One of those obvious things that you consistently overlook. Finally I knew I needed another pair of eyes to look at it. Well, Mike looked and found it right away. Maybe it helps to have younger eyes.After that was fixed, everything else was ready to go.

2PM Saturday came and the bands came alive like a big DX contest. There was so much activity, it was hard to fight the bigger dogs with my little puppy station. I was constantly getting beat out by other stations. But I persisted and did work my share of stations, but seldom beating a pileup. I had to wait for a break in the piles. It was pretty much the same way all day Saturday till we gave up around 9PM or so.

Meanwhile Mike was having his problems also. He was just not being heard. I figured he had some kind of antenna problem. However a check of the SWR showed everything OK. But knowing the KX3, the ATU can tune many things besides the antenna and make everything look OK. I've seen it where it will tune up the feedline without tuning the antenna. But that's a long story for another place and time. Basically in that case, bypassing the tuner will reveal the problem. Mike did that, but said the SWR was still good. Fast forward to Sunday. Mike went over his setup again and this time found that one of the jumpers on the ant was set wrong. One jumper was set to 20 as it should have been, but the other was set to 30. As soon as he corrected that, his results greatly improved.

Moral of the story as Sherlock Holmes stated it. When all logical sources are eliminated as the cause of a problem, whatever source still remains has to be the cause, no matter how silly or improbable it is.

We got started on Sunday after breakfast and walking Jayden. It seemed Sunday was still the same as Saturday although the piles were diminished, and it was easier getting QSOs. Still there were fewer station left I hadn't worked on 40, so I headed to 15 and had a ball there. It was fairly well open across the country, but shorter skip was dominant and I worked a lot of nearby stations in states like IL, IN, NC, etc. Mike stuck with 20 after finding virtually nothing on 10, and found it easier to make QSOs with the antenna glitch taken care of.

We went all the way to the bitter end at 2PM. I thought maybe I could make it to 200 QSOs, but fell short at 190 from 39 states and 2 VE provinces. I'm not sure of Mike's totals, but the problem kept them down even though Sunday was better than Saturday.

All in all, forgetting the problems, it was a fun weekend. I had a great time getting acquainted with Jayden, and we became good friends now, I think. He's a great little (big) dog. He does pretty much all the dog things that Roscoe does, but doesn't bark as much as Roscoe. The only real barking all weekend was when I had to get up a couple times during the night. He really let Mike know he thought there was an intruder in the house. That' a good thing in case it ever does happen.

We left for Kittanning around 4PM or so, and visited Wendy's for a meal. It was a surprise the dining room was closed, and we had to do the drive-thru thing. When we paid, we found out a shortage of staff was the reason for the closed dining area. Signs of the times we're living in these days. I think that's enough for this entry. I'll try to get caught up on some other matters in the next few entries. -30-

Sun Jun 26 10:52PM - I really like these weekends spent with Mike doing ham radio, working with trains, and so forth. However, they leave me with a lot of things to get caught up on. For example, I have my weather records, my ham radio logs, and other such things that involve daily records. So I'm going to put off talking about our FD experience for a day or two. Also some other diary matters as well. Hope you understand. -30-

Sat Jun 25 8:49AM - Jayden says "Woof" after we got back from his morning walk. Mike says "Hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight". Jayden thought there was an intruder in the house during the night and did a lot of barking which kept Mike awake.

Here's a picture of me and Jayden from last evening:

More later in the day. -30-

Sat Jun 25 9:32PM - A very difficult day on the bands. Conditions were not all that good, especially on 20, the band that Mike took. He called countless stations without being heard except for 14 stations. I had 40 and things were a little better there, and I got 112 QSOs, but I must have called stations at least 500-600 times to get that many. I told Mike it looked like a big DX contest on 40 with wall to wall stations from 7003 or so up to at least 7070. QSB would bring some stations above the pack, then take them back down again. When someone did call CQ, it was like a pack of hungry lions jumping on some meat thrown to them. My QRP signals were low on the pecking order so I would almost always get beat out for the meat. I did break a pileup now and then, but not often. I had to wait till the pack was satisfied before I got a chance to get the meat. It was quite frustrating, but still in the end it was fun especially in the struggle to get those chunks of meat or QSOs. HI

I was happy that the setup went smoothly this morning after fixing a couple glitches last night. Also happy that my battery held up so well. It only dropped from about 13.1 to 12.9 volts with all those unanswered calls. Now we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Jayden had quite a time last night. Every time I woke up and went to the bathroom, he started barking like crazy. Mike and I think he thought I was an intruder in the house even though he seemed to get used to me during the evening last night. Today he and I grew even closer together so I hope we'll have a quieter night tonight. He is really a great friendly dog. Mike said he weighs around 75 pounds, I think. I went along on the morning walk today but I skipped the 9:00 walk tonight. I'll go again tomorrow morning and we'll do breakfast the same place we did today. -30-

Fri Jun 24 11:45PM - Well, Mike and I just finished watching Casablanca. We paused during the movie to take Jayden our for his 9:00 walk. Before the movie, we set up our antennas for FD and checked them out. All worked well with a couple little glitches that we solved after some thought. So we're pretty much set up for FD tomorrow with some final things to do in the morning.

I got my streak QSO tonight from W2XU up in ME. Before the day changed I also worked AB1T in VT and got a 589. So our setup seems to be working well. More info in tomorrow's diary entry. -30-

Thu Jun 23 - 7:33PM - Mike and I texted back and forth several times today thinking about last minute things for FD. Since this is the first time I'll be going to his place instead of vice-versa, things are somewhat (quite) different. I just hope I don't forget anything and that Mike has all the things there that we use here when he comes down here. HI That sounds complicated, and I guess it is to a certain extent. Looking back though, it's similar to when Mike and I went over to Tom WB3FAE's place for FD a few years ago. We'll be operating from the same tent we worked from then. Mike set it up today, so that's taken care of.

I've come up with a couple more changes for the web site that will simplify my work on it. I often get questions about what I use for logging, so I'm going to add more details about that to the Logs section. Also since there are so many QRP rigs available now and my Rigs page is way behind in keeping up on it, I'm going to do a complete overhaul of that section/page. It won't be until after FD and probably after July Fourth as well.

Right now, it's time to think about getting my streak QSO in about 15 minutes. -30-

Wed Jun 22 8:46PM - I had some other things to get caught up on for the diary, but I'm going to postpone them further to talk about our (Mike and I) FD effort this year.

Those of you who are regular diary readers know that we've done FD from the field, so to speak, for the past several years now. I'm not sure how many, but must be 8 or 9 now if not more. We've done them mainly from two locations, Chicora, PA with Tom WB3FAE and from my QTH here in Kittanning, PA. We've used N3AQC or N3A as calls. This year things are going to be different.

Mike now has a dog and that brought on a change of plans. This year we'll be doing FD from his QTH in Brookville. Also N3A was not available as I waited too long to apply for it, so we are using K3A instead. That way Mike can take care of Jayden without having to look for a dog sitter.

Mike is coming down here to get me around 6PM on Friday and we'll set up our antennas and check them out. Saturday morning more setting up of equipment, eating, walking Jayden, etc. Then we'll join the fray when it starts and try to get in as much operating as possible with breaks for Jayden's needs, and eating as well as sleep. And that's it in a nutshell. Maybe more details in tomorrow's diary.

Today we had a 3 way birthday meal at Texas Roadhouse in Butler, PA with me, Bruce, and his brother Jeff. Kind of strange since our birthdays are all a couple months apart, but the meal was good so I'm not complaining. Also we had a very nice waitress named Steph for Stephanie. I got to chat with her a bit about her name, etc. She and I set up a birthday brownie for Bruce whose birthday was yesterday. -30-

Tue Jun 21 8:38PM - A hot day today, so a lot of time spent indoors in the AC. The high on my remote unit was 91. It's supposed to be hot all week according to some forecasts. We'll see.

I got an email response to my diary entry of yesterday. I'm going to check with the one who responded for permission to post his response in the diary as it may benefit other hams in the same or a similar situation as Tom. Also I'm not sure if he copied the email to Tom or not. If not, I will. Just never got around to doing that today despite getting the email early in the day.

My noise was gone again tonite after being particularly bad last night. I worked KS1I on 40 and had a nice 16 minute QSO. -30-

Mon Jun 20 8:42AM - Yes, AM. Thought I'd update those topics from yesterday's entry.

First the letter from the blind ham, my answer to him, and his response to that.

"Good morning, Mr Shannon.
My name is Tom Castle. I’m a legally blind (newish) amateur radio operator who is just returning to the hobby (I started in 2017 and then quit the same year because of restrictions my QTH placed on me).
I’m absolutely IN LOVE with the idea of QRP, CW and simple wire antennas (necessity). I stumbled across your webpage and have found it to be INCREDIBLY inspiring. But I do have a question if I may ask you…
Being new to CW (I mean really new… I started 2 months ago learning and am currently only able to copy and send at about 10 wpm). Now, following along with your streak, I’ve noticed that search and pounce was an important part of you keeping your streak(s) going. Obviously, that COULD be problematic for me since I’m limited, currently, in my CW proficiency. IE. If I can’t find anyone at my speed to copy, I could just not have anyone to try to QSO with. And calling CQ on QRP seems like playing the lottery a bit.
So, would you have any strategies or suggestions or tips as to how to best attack my ‘problem’? I could certainly sell my KX3 to get a 100w rig (limited funds for sure since I’m disabled) but I’d really rather not do that if possible. I guess I should also mention that I live in a townhome community in NE Florida. So my QTH is still compromised. I am running into an EFHW 63’ sloper that I put up and take down when operating (top end is at 33’).
I’m sorry to bother you but do hope that you have some suggestions. This is DEFINITELY the area I’m most interested in in ham radio. So I’d rather not have to change.
Tom – NT4TC"

My answering email based on what I have generally found to be true in my 59 years of being a CW operator mostly with QRP power levels of 5 watts or less. Of course there are exceptions that I didn't or won't go into.

"Hello Tom, First of all, please address me as John, not Mr. Shannon. Thanks.
I am intrigued with your email. I have never really communicated at any length with a blind ham before, nor any blind person at all for that matter. So it is hard to identify with someone like you who is blind.
The first thing that struck me was the thought that since you are deprived of sight, your other senses like hearing should be stronger and more acute. I've heard that, but don't really know firsthand if it is true or not.
If it is, I wonder if it would be easier to learn and practice Morse Code since it is an audio means of communication. Have you taken much effort to practice Morse on something like the Internet program "Just Learn Morse Code" available at www.justlearnmorsecode.com? Always practice at a couple words per minute faster than you can copy solidly. Being able to copy fast is a very important asset to succeeding with QRP. One reason being that those who are sending fast are generally proficient at copying weak signals. Calling someone who is sending fast is more likely to lead to a QSO than calling someone sending slow.
I don't really see any problems with your setup as you describe it. Sounds like it is not any poorer than what I have here. With the modern receiving equipment around today, most hams can easily pull in QRP signals unless they have a very noisy QTH as I have here.
I don't think switching to higher power is the answer unless you go to a KW transmitter and a big high beam. 100 watts is not that big an increase over five watts. Maybe 2 S Units at most. I've worked a lot of 100 watts stations who are not all that strong, but they copy my QRP easily.
Perhaps I'll mention your situation in my web site diary and see if anyone has any more or better suggestions. With your permission of course.
Keep me informed on your progress.
John K3WWP"

And Tom's response to that:

"Hi, John.
Thanks for replying so quickly!!
There is some truth to the idea of sensory compensation as it relates to blindness. My case is different a little bit, in that, I was not born blind… My blindness was caused by two strokes in 2015. (I’m 50 now). I have experienced some changing in my hearing… unfortunately (especially living with two teenage boys), I’ve also seemingly gained a higher sense of smell! 😊
As for online resources, yes, I’ve been using LCWO online and that definitely is working for me. I’ll look at the site you’ve mentioned too.
I thought that my copy proficiency (or lack thereof) might be a problem having success with QRP and CW. But I am where I am currently and am working on it hard.
KW and beams are definitely not in the picture for me. Simple wire antennas only since I literally have to put them up and down when operating. Which is actually a good thing for keeping me moving and such.
As for your web diary, you certainly have my permission to use my situation. I’m wanting to learn and, as I mentioned, I’m really ONLY interested in CW/QRP operations… in spite of my limitations and my compromised QTH.
Again, thank you for your time. It means a lot!
Tom – NT4TC"

If you have any suggestions for Tom, or just a little encouragement, you can either email me, and I will forward it to him or better yet, use his email from QRZ.com.

As far as the SST last evening, with my noise back, it was rough but good propagation compensated for that and I had my best results in a while with 31 QSOs, good for second place. I debated on counting a 32nd QSO which would have given me first place, but I just wasn't sure he got my info or not, so I didn't count it.

I also talked via phone (not ham radio phone, of course) with my good friend Charlie with whom I worked at WPIT. We like to check up on each other every couple weeks or so. Charlie has traced down another WPIT employee, and we hope to talk to her soon. He is waiting to hear from her. -30-

Sun Jun 19 9:20PM - Everytime I have a bit more than usual material for the diary, I run late and can't use it till the next day or so. That's true. I've got my SST report - the best results in a while despite my noise being back. A nice email from a blind ham I wan't to share with you. A good weather day with a couple nice walks. A call from a WPIT friend, etc. Tune in tomorrow for details. -30-

Sat Jun 18 8:30PM - What's that line from "Jaws". Something like "Heee's Baaack"? Well my noise is back and I feel like the swimmers must have felt when the sharks came back or however it went. I never have watched the movie. It was very disgusting to turn on the rig and see that jagged line on the PX3 and hear the buzz in the KX3 headphones.

Anyway, I'm used to it as far as working with it so I made 5 streak QSOs. 4 in the WV QSO Party and P3X in the AA Contest. Forgot for a minute I forgot P3 was Cyprus in Asia it's been so long since I worked a P3.

It was a good day otherwise. I decided to go down to Sprankle's for the first time in a while and one of my friends was working tonight. I got such a warm feeling when her face lit up when she saw me in her check out line. That made my day.

Happy Fathers Day to all of those to whom it applies in one way or another. Have a great day tomorrow. -30-

Fri Jun 17 8:35PM - Didn't do well in the SST today. Here's a copy of my 3830 soapbox: "17 QSOs my lowest total ever. Only one other time did I fail to make it to 20. The reason, not my noise level, it seems to be cleared up now. The trouble was lack of propagation. Even without my worst noise, sigs were still down in my 3-4 S Unit lower noise. Those whom I did hear were not hearing me all that well. Bottom line though is still a lot of fun. I really love these SST Sprints. As I've said, the time frame is great, most operators are great with minimum exchanges and good procedure, and when the propagation is better than today, they easily copy my weak QRP signals. I must compliment Tom W8TK in particular. He copies my signals easily even though I can barely hear him at times. Must have a super quiet QTH. Other stations also are almost the same way."

That pretty much says it all except conditions must have been poor as well elsewhere since my score is good for second place as of writing this diary entry. K4PQC down in GA had 23 QSOs for first place. Here's a quote from his soapbox: "Bands are very noisy with over S-5 static on 40. Rig: Flex 6600M running 5 watts into a 160 meter horizontal loop at 35 feet." Geez, S5 static is almost a quiet band here. HI. There were 6 entries so far. -30-

Ooops, promised some sunset pix tonight. Almost forgot. Here we go.


Thu Jun 16 8:20PM - Noise still gone! Hooray. 40 and 30 good tonight with a lot of signals well above my now diminished noise level. I worked Dick K4JJW in NC on 30 for almost a half hour talking about the old days. Well isn't that what all us old folks talk about? Dick is 80 and I'm just a couple years behind him.

I did some more work on the web site today. I eliminated the huge Visitors List page with almost 4,000 calls on it and replaced it with a search box to search all my old and current guestbooks. I think that should work well. Oh, oh, looks like maybe a nice sunset. I'm going to check, then come back and finish here. (time passes....) OK, it's now about a half hour later. There was a pretty nice sunset. Also Jasmine just got home from a visit with her friends, and we chatted for a while before she had to go inside. I got a lot of good pictures. Now I've got to pick out the best ones and send them to Jasmine, and maybe post some in the diary tomorrow.

It hit just above 94.5 degrees today which will round off to 95 for my records. The hottest day of the year so far. -30-

Wed Jun 15 8:35PM - Three days in a row now with my worst noise absent. Sure is nice. Conditions were down a bit tonight from last night, but I still managed an easy QSO with Bill NZ0T in MO on 40 meters.

A hot day in our little town today. Let's see, my remote unit shows a high of 93, but another unit showed it a bit higher. We'll have to let the shelter thermometer be the judge when I get my 9PM readings. My body can tell you it was definitely very hot, and the heat index must have been in the low 100s. Well, it is that time of year.

Nothing much else different today except I did skip my outside walks and did all my walking here in the house with the AC. I was going to go out before it got dark and mail a couple checks, but they can wait till tomorrow early morning. -30-

Tue Jun 14 9:22PM - Hey, my noise was gone for the second consecutive day. If the activity on 40 has been the same for the past several days, then the noise was sure masking a lot of signals. There were many signals the past two nights with their whole bodies sticking out of the noise instead of just peeking out the top of their heads. I could even hear the QRPp signals in our NAQCC mW sprint this evening. Wow! -30-

Mon Jun 13 8:48PM - Another rather lackluster day, but the weather was pretty good, something it is not going to be the rest of the week if predictions hold true. Showers and thunderstorms every day with some quite hot weather. I see 96 predicted for Thursday with a heat index of 108. I like it hot, but that's a bit much.

Hey, I didn't hear any of my bad noise this evening. Just the normal noise that I can deal with more easily. Hope it is gone for good and not just on a brief vacation. I got 3 streak QSOs in the form of AB9CA, KY4IE, and VE2SPEED.

I fixed a couple of computer problems today that had been bugging me for a while. I won't go into detail, but One was with AVG AntiTrack, the other with ESET Virus scanner. And that about wraps up the day here. Wonder what tomorrow will bring now. I know what I'm hoping for. We'll see if my hopes/wishes come true. Tune in tomorrow to see. -30-

Sun Jun 12 9:18PM - A good time was had by me in the SST Sprint this evening. A little better score than those of late and currently in 1st place in the QRP Category, but I don't see scores posted yet from a couple of QRPers who should have a better score than mine. Running late, so that's all for this entry. -30-

Sat Jun 11 8:48PM - I had a little fun in the GACW WWSA Contest this evening. Conditions and activity weren't all that good, but I did manage to work 4 stations. I could have had more, but I didn't work any W/VE stations, just DX.

Other than that, still nothing much to write about as not much out of the ordinary happened. Well, my neighbor and I did some shopping for Roscoe. Actually he drove me to the store and I did the shopping. Roscoe is now set with over 2 months of food and treats now. I also had a good walk and sit in the park early this evening. Plus several sits on my front porch. I seem to be doing a lot of sitting lately. Wonder if old age is catching up on me. HI. Well, if so, it's not really funny.

Oh, I did one other thing today. I watched my favorite baseball movie, Field of Dreams. I taped it many years ago, but didn't catch the first part on the tape, and really never did see the first part until today. Actually that part didn't really have a lot to add to what I already knew about the movie, but it is now nice to have seen the full movie. -30-

Fri Jun 10 9:24PM - As usual, late again. Sunset pictures, good conditions, ordering a sub, etc. I worked HB9CVQ on 17 tonight. I thought that was a new band for him, but after checking my computer log, it was not. I have worked Andy on 7 bands though, 80 through 10, except for 40 for some reason. That may be the most bands worked for a DX station. I'll have to check sometime. That's about it for tonight. Oh, not a good showing in the SST this afternoon, only 20 17 340 third place. -30-

Thu Jun 9 9:13PM - Running late again. The bands were good this evening up through 17 meters and I got a QSO each on 20, 17, and 30. I had a great rag chew with W7GTF in Winthrop, WA. Solid copy both ways with QSB.

It was a nice cool day today and I took advantage with a couple good walks.

I also fooled around with an old keyer and got it working. So Mike and I now have two good keyers to assist in calling CQ when we visit the Requin. We often have to do a lot of calling CQs to get QSOs even now that we use the Requin xmtr at 100W so the keyers will help with that. It will also give us more time to chat with the visitors to the sub. -30-

Wed Jun 8 8:41PM - I don't think a lot of hams realize yet that the sun is active enough again to open up the higher bands. In the evenings of late, 20M is quite good but not all that active. The same with 17, but still less activity. My QSO tonight was on 17 with David XE1XR who was going begging for QSOs with a lot of unanswered CQs. I imaging the higher bands are even better during the daylight hours. I just don't seem to find the time to check. Maybe that's true of other hams as well which might explain the lack of a lot of activity.

Otherwise not a lot of things to talk about. I'm busy, but just with a lot of usual activities that I don't like to keep talking about here for fear boredom will set in. For example, today I mowed my back yard lawn and dug grass out of the cracks in my brick areas. Ho hum. At least it was good exercise to keep my old body in shape.

Tomorrow I'm going to ride over to Butler with my neighbor who has some business over there. Then we may also do some shopping and get something to eat. And that closes out another day and diary entry for now. -30-

Tue Jun 7 9:09PM - Another dull day, both weatherwise and activitywise. On WPIT we had a fellow who did a little traffic safety 5 minute spot, and he always ended with something like trafficwise, safetywise, and otherwise. That just popped into my head when I wrote that opening sentence. I wish I could remember exactly how his ending went. He was a very nice man and I was the one who would engineer the spots for him. I probably have a tape of one of his shows here somewhere. I think I'll look for it sometime to see just how that ending went.

The bands were rough tonite with my local noise peaking around maximum and propagation not that great. I managed to work Jose KP4JRS on 20M, then later N5GW in our NAQCC sprint. Neither QSO was easy, but they were good QSOs to keep the streak and my NAQCC Sprint participation going. -30-

Mon Jun 6 8:27PM - Kind of a busy day today but never really accomplished much. HI. I guess we've all had those kind of days. The bands weren't kind tonight although I did finally get my streak QSO after about a quarter hour trying. Called a few strong signals on 20, 30, and 17 and didn't get heard at all. Then I did work Tom N4LSJ in Ohio on 20 meters, but QSB took us out after a couple short rounds. Not really much else to talk about. Oh, Let's see if I held onto 3rd place in QRP in the SST. Yes, only two stations did better than I did. One uses a horizontal 160M loop at 35 feet, much better than I have here. I don't know what the other station uses. OK, guess that's it for tonight. -30-

Sun Jun 5 10:55PM - Yep 10:55PM. It's been a long good day. Mike and I had a great time on the USS Requin helping Art run up the contacts for the Requin in the Museum Ships Weekend Event. Art and ?? had 19 QSOs yesterday and Mike and I added 22 more today. Conditions were pretty good. We worked one other ship station in CA, the USS Hornet. After that we had dinner at Applebee's in the Pittsburgh Mills. Then home here where we worked on and fixed a memory keyer that wouldn't work on the Requin. So the next visit to the Requin, we can save our FISTS and let the keyer call CQ for us. HI.

Then later this evening, it was the SST Sprint. I again logged with pencil and paper, then transferred to GenLog and then to my K3WWP Excel log. Whew. A lot of work, but a lot of fun at the same time. -30-

Sat Jun 4 8:50PM - DX is alive with the sounds of Morse Code. Sing that to "The hills are alive with the sound of music"

Yep, more and more DX is showing up in my log without even really trying for it. I got HA3NU, HI3T, and GB70E very easily this evening in just 6 minutes. I'm going to have to start doing some daytime DXing and see what conditions are like then. 10 and 12 haven't shown much of anything here in the evening. 15 has had some sporadic DX in the evening. 17 has been good evenings as is 20. So probably all those bands are good in the daytime. I'll have to find out.

Well, Mike and I are going to the Requin tomorrow for Museum Ships on the Air Weekend, so maybe we can check there, although we are mainly going to help Art to get some QSOs in the Requin log for the event. We don't have a specific schedule set up so I can't give one here. I do know we'll be running 100 watts since it is a Requin Event and not a QRP or NAQCC event. We will be using the sub call of NY3EC. Bands will probably be 40, 30, and 20. Maybe 15 and 10 should they happen to be open. Frequencies may be near 7040, 10117, 14061 on those three bands, but nothing is set in stone at this point. Just look around for us. Hope to work you. -30-

Fri Jun 3 8:54PM - Here's my soapbox from today's SST Sprint: "I wasn't going to enter today. Then at the last minute I decided to do so. I didn't feel like setting up my laptop, so I grabbed a couple sheets of paper and a pencil and logged on paper like in the old days of ham radio contests BC (Before Computers). My noise wasn't too bad, but propagation wasn't too good. I had trouble getting heard on 20 meters and there wasn't a lot of activity on 40 till the last few minutes. I must say it was fun logging on paper. I might do that more often."

Oh, my results were 24 17 408 Second place QRP Category so far.

Otherwise a quiet day today. So let me post a sunset picture from the ones Jasmine and I took.

OK, it's a little later now, but here are the pictures:

The first picture is one Jasmine took earlier in the sunset. The other I took a little later.

OK, almost bedtime now. CUL -30-

Thu Jun 2 9:12PM - Running late again tonight. I guess that will happen a lot during these summer months. Tonight I was sitting on the front porch with Jasmine and we were taking pictures of a beautiful sunset. Maybe I'll post a picture or two, but not right now. Several other good things happened today, but I don't have time to talk about them now.

I called CQ on 20 this evening and got an answer from Washington State. I wonder when the last time, outside of contests, that I got an answer from Washington. Let's see if I can find out quickly. OK, it's happened 30 times at least. The last time in a contest was 9/19/2013 from W7OM on 20M. Last non-contest time was 7/26/2012 from N7MOB on 20M. Almost 10 years ago. So it doesn't happen often. Overall I have 520 QSOs with Washington State. That's tonight's trivia/stat fact. HI -30-

Wed Jun 1 9:10PM - A great start to the month of June. I had a long visit with Jasmine in which I gave her a graduation present, actually four little presents. We also talked a lot about her future plans and a lot of other things. Later on I had a short talk with an older girl I met just last week.

It was a hot day, the third day in a row the high has been around 90. I really tired out on one longer walk I took in the afternoon heat. I think I'll stick to indoor walking when it's that warm outdoors from now on.

I processed my May weather records into my Excel weather file. It was another above average temperature and precipitation month as a lot of months have been lately. About 2 1/2 degrees above normal temperature and around an inch and a half more rain than normal.

Tonight I watched my favorite John Wayne movie with neighbor Bruce, "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon". As I commented to Bruce, if there is such a thing as perfect movies, that has to be one of them. Everything comes together like a great recipe, the acting, plot, scenery, score, just the right mix of drama and incidental comedy, a great ending, etc.

A quick DX QSO extended the streak this evening, II2WRTC on 20 meters. Took a few tries to get my call right, but he did.

Sounds like I had a pretty good day as I proofread this entry. HI -30-

Tue May 31 9:13PM - Another late day, but really not much to talk about anyway. I did some of my EOM chores today like flipping calendar pages, uploading my May QSOs to LoTW and eQSL, some financial stuff, and other such things. -30-

Mon May 30 8:50PM - Shame on me. I forgot to fly my flag today. I did attend the Memorial Day Parade though. That's some compensation, I guess. Blame it on old age and too many other things on my old mind.

I got a quick streak QSO this evening from VP9UKR on 40M at 0000Z.

Not much else to report. Tomorrow being the end of the month day will be a busy one. In addition to the normal EOM chores, I have a couple more things I want to do. If they turn out good, maybe I'll talk about them here in the diary. -30-

Sun May 29 9:15PM - Running late again tonight because of the SST Sprint. I got 26 QSOs and 17 mults for 442 points and 3rd place for the time being. My noise was very bad again tonight or I would have done better, I think. -30-

Sat May 28 9:21PM - A good day again today like most other days this week. I could write quite a bit about today, but I'm running very late because I fooled around in the WPX Contest after I got my streak QSO and worked 20 contacts. I'll maybe write more later tonight or in tomorrow's entry. -30-

Fri May 27 8:57PM - What an absolutely great day. Remember the Herman's Hermits song, "I'm Into Something Good"? Well my day was similar to that except the day parts in the song were different from the day parts for me today. That's all I have to say about that. Also good was Mike stopping by this evening for a belated birthday celebration. After that I watched and recorded Jasmine's High School Graduation which was streamed on the Internet. Just a great day all around. I also had fun in the SST this afternoon and as of a while ago, I'm in second place in the QRP Category. If tomorrow is half as good, it will be wonderful also. -30-

Thu May 26 8:34PM - Not much to talk about today. It was kind of a gloomy day in many ways.

Thanks to Gust ON6KE for pointing out some errors on my DXCC page in the AWARDS section. I had forgotten to update some stats on that page mainly when I worked my only Andorra station about 6 weeks ago. I think I got it all fixed now. It had been so long since I worked an overall new country, I just forgot about updating some of the stats.

I haven't done a "Why is it that..." in a long time now here in the diary. Let's do one that I have done before, but it maybe needs repeating. Why is it that some station can be booming in here well over S9 and I can't even get as much as a ? out of him (or her) when I call? Is there really such a thing as one-way skip? Or is there some other reason? Even when no one else is calling him, he can't hear me. Yet he seemingly works everyone else who is calling him. It has nothing to do with the location in the world either. I can work much weaker stations from that location easily. What brought this on tonight? Or who? It is FM/OQ3R on 20 meters. Normally I work FM easily no matter who else it is there. Anyone want to give an opinion on the matter? I'm glad it's some country that I don't need at all, but it's still aggravating and frustrating. -30-

Wed May 25 7:46PM - My first day of being a year older and everything feels the same. I had a good day today mainly because of a nice visit with a lady who owns a Bulldog named Bogart (or Bogey) for Humphrey Bogart. We had a discussion of Bogart and his movies and wife Lauren Bacall among other subjects.

I worked some more on my 100,000 QSOs stats. I changed things around on the page, and added s section counting contest and non-contest QSOs. I also added a direct link to the 100,000 QSOs page as you see above.

A beautiful day again and I took advantage of it. The next few days are supposed to be rainy ones now. Ugh!

Time now to get ready to head to the shack for my streak QSO. I would love to get there and find my noise gone, but little chance of that. -30-

Tue May 24 8:51PM - This was a great (birth)day today. I came into the world at 3:21PM on May 24, 19XX. No, I'm not giving the year here on the Internet. At that time every year on my birthday, I like to be with a good friend. Last year it was Mike and Jasmine, two for the price of one. This year it was a little different. No human friends were available at that time, so I spent it with my canine friend, Roscoe. Before that though, I did spend a few minutes with Jasmine when she got home from school. Anyway enough of that.

My noise was strong as usual tonight, but I managed three QSOs, two on 40 - AB9CA and K3LU in OH and MD, one on 17 - VP9/VE3DZ.

I added some more stats to the 100,000 QSOs page in the LOGS section of the web site today. I'm finding it interesting as I compile the stats. I hope you find them interesting as you read them. I still have more stats to compile. I'm going to do them gradually instead of all at once. After all, I'm a year older now. HI But as I told Jasmine today, I really don't feel my age. She said she thought that was because of all the walking I do. She's right, that is a big factor, I'm sure. -30-

Mon May 23 5:36PM - I said I would talk more about QSO # 100,000 in today's diary entry, so here goes. As I worked stations in the SST Sprint, I was mentally counting them down toward the 22nd QSO which would be that # 100,000 overall. As I got close, I found myself getting excited and also nervous thinking about it. I actually became a bit sloppy in sending which is something I virtually never do. I would say normally in a sprint like the SST, I never send anything sloppy. Also I started to send the wrong info a couple times. For example, instead of sending TU JOHN PA which is the standard SST exchange for me, I started to send my call instead. Once I got past the 100,000 QSO mark though, I was back to my normal self and went perfect the rest of the way. I think it is even more of a thrill today, if that's possible. While I think of it, thanks to Gust ON6KE for the email of congrats on the 100,000 QSO mark.

As far as the sprint itself, my noise was bad all the time, yet I made 35 QSOs in 20 SPCs which as of now is good for first place in the QRP Category. Conditions were good allowing a lot of stations to surface up out of my noise on both 40 and 20. There were some that were just at or below my noise that I didn't try to work for fear I couldn't tell if they came back to me or someone else. That's really the worst part of the noise problem. Otherwise I may have hit 40 QSOs.

Today was a good day. The weather was decent and I did my walking and sitting in the park bits. I also saw Jasmine as she came home from school, and we had a nice little chat. I really wanted to catch her as this was one of the last days I'd ever be able to have our short little visit after school, since tomorrow is her last day of high school and she will be off to college in the fall.

I'm working on stats from the 100,000 QSOs and in a few days, I'll try to get them posted in the 100,000 QSOs page in the LOGS section of the web site. I am wondering what my next ham radio goal will be. Maybe getting to 100,000 using just my KN3WWP and K3WWP calls, or maybe just K3WWP?? -30-

Sun May 22 5:11PM - And QSO # 100,000 with John Shannon (K3WWP, etc.) was with N4KS at 0034Z on 40 meters. More in tomorrow's diary entry.

I double checked my totals today and QSO # 100,000 will be QSO # 22 in the SST Sprint this evening, barring some disastrous propagation conditions that keeps me from making at least 22 QSOs. I average over 30+ QSOs and have only failed to make at least 22 QSOs 2 times in 21 sprints. So the SST Sprint scenario is likely to happen tonight. I hope its someone whom I've worked before like John K4BAI as one example. When I get to 21, maybe I'll pick and choose someone or just take someone at random. It should be fun, but then all SST Sprints are fun for me. I still hold the record number of QSOs in the QRP Category with 42, although that should be broken soon by somebody with a bigger QRP station than I have here.

Otherwise today, it turned from Summer in the 90s yesterday to Fall with a high earlier in the day of 78 or so, after which it has fallen to 62 now. I think it was Mark Twain who said about the weather in, I believe, New England, if you don't like it now, just wait a little while and it will be guaranteed to change. That's not the exact quote, but you get the jist of it. Anyway, it applies to Kittanning also, especially recently. -30-

Sat May 21 8:47PM - I got a bit carried away on the bands tonight with very good conditions on 20 and my noise being only intermittent. I made 11 QSOs to make it virtually certain QSO # 100,000 will come in the SST Sprint tomorrow evening if not before then. 8 of the QSOs were in the EA Contest plus W5M, KM5G, and XK0AA. I'm not sure where XK0AA is. Should be in NWT, YT, or Nunavut. Let's see if it's on QRZ. Well, it says not found so I'll have to do more research unless one of you knows offhand and emails me.

OK got to get the 11 QSOs in my log now and also get my weather readings. -30-

Fri May 20 6:05PM - After the great day yesterday, it was a quiet normal day today. It was supposed to be the warmest day of the year so far, but that didn't happen. Instead of a predicted high of 88, it was only around 78 late in the afternoon after being in the low 70s until then.

I had a poor showing in the SST Sprint this afternoon with only 22 QSOs. That's my 3rd lowest total in the 21 SSTs I've entered. So far though, no one has been in the 30s in the QRP category so I guess conditions weren't all that good anywhere. Right now I have 4th place in the category. Still it was a lot of fun and nice that my noise wasn't there for the first 45-50 minutes. It was mainly QSB on 20 and low activity on 40 that hurt me this time. Also it got me 22 QSOs closer to 100,000. I'll probably make it during the SST Sprint Sunday evening guessing I'll make a couple each this evening and tomorrow evening, and make at least 31 QSOs in the Sunday evening SST Sprint. Or if conditions are poor Sunday, then it will be Monday or Tuesday evening. Stay tuned to find out. -30-

Thu May 19 5:07PM - I had a very good day today. Beautiful weather for walking/park sitting. I also stopped in Sprankle's for the first time in a while now and saw a couple of my "girls" there. Also I started up my page here on the site about my 100,000 QSOs. Of course I still haven't reached that mark, but it's close. I hope nothing happens between now and when it happens. Anyway if you want to check it out, it's in the LOGS section, on a 100,000 QSOs page.

The weather remains nice, so there's probably another walk/park sitting coming up this evening for old John. HI. Maybe even another Sprankle's visit. I don't know. Of course then later it's off to the shack to get the streak QSO. See you all tomorrow here in the diary. -30-

Wed May 18 5:47PM - I was up in my shack doing something else this afternoon and thought I'd check to see if my noise was still there in the afternoon. It is, so maybe if it is going to be there all the time now, I might be able to get it checked out with the power company. When it was intermittent, if I contacted them, the odds would be in favor of the noise not being there when they came. I'll have to watch it the next few days and see what happens.

While I had the rig on, I thought I'd see what was on the higher bands. 20 didn't have much. 17 had one or two weak stations. 15 had several stations, and I worked two Germans DD5XX and DJ2DX fairly easily. 12 had nothing. 10 had one weak unID station. Probably had my noise not been there, the station count would have been higher. I'm sure the noise masked quite a few signals. It was nice to work my first EU stations in the afternoon in quite a while. Mainly simply because I haven't been getting on the air in the afternoons.

Next time on the air will be for my streak QSO in a little over a couple hours.

It was a chilly day today, but good for walking and not too bad for some park sitting and thinking. I just got home from the park a few minutes ago. I saw a small shower coming on the radar and figured I didn't need to get wet besides being a little chilly to begin with. HI -30-

Tue May 17 8:55PM - Really nothing out of the ordinary today. It was a bit chilly, but nice for walking and sitting in the park. Good day for thinking about things. Bands were as usual tonight. Very noisy and propagation not that good. Very few stations popped out of my noise. However K4VSV finally did so on 30 and we had a short chat. The 18th QSO we've had over the years. That's pretty much it. -30-

Mon May 16 6:10PM - Look like 4th place in the SST Sprint last night which is about where I figured with my noise being pretty bad. Also propagation seemed down a bit especially on 20 meters and there were fewer than usual stations strong enough to pop out of the noise.

As you see above, I need 67 QSOs to reach the 100,000 mark. If I get 30 in the SST sprints of May 20 and 23, that may mean that sometime in the SST of the 23rd is when 100,000 might be logged. That will put me close to 74,000 QSOs in the 10,150 or so days of the streak at that time also. I think I'll come up with a page of stats for all these landmarks. Maybe sometime in June depending on how nice or not nice the weather is. I don't want to miss any nice weather being outside enjoying it. We have precious few days of good weather around here. -30-

Sun May 15 9:11PM - Running late tonight because of the SST Sprint, so this will be a short entry. Conditions were their usual noisy self tonight and it was rough. My ears are full of QRN right now. I did manage to get 30 QSOs which is kind of a standard goal for these sprints. I figure making a QSO every 2 minutes is a pretty good achievement for my simple QRP station. The 30 QSOs came from 19 multipliers for 570 points which may be good for 3rd or 4th place in the QRP Category. I heard the one fellow who runs QRP with a beam so he'll probably beat me out along with one station in NC with a good contesting setup. After I finish my web site update I'll post my score. -30-

Sat May 14 8:39PM - After the great busy day yesterday, today seemed kind of quiet and I guess it was. I can't think of anything out of the ordinary that I did today.

The bands were noisy tonight, but some of the stronger contest stations broke through my noise. I managed to work RM9I in Asiatic Russia for my streak QSO. I can't remember the last time I worked Asia unless it was in the CQ or ARRL DX Contest in Nov/Feb. I'll have to check later and see out of curiosity. -30-

Fri May 13 8:46PM - Of course as usual a great day when Mike and I get together. Thanks Mike.

Mike arrived about 8:30AM or a little after. We talked a bit, then headed for Pittsburgh. It was an uneventful trip and we didn't get lost as we usually do. HI. We arrived and had to walk all around the Science Center to get to the Requin. When we got there, Art came out to greet us and we went to the radio room. I brought one of my programmable keyers with us so we could automate our CQs. However it wouldn't work with the sub's rig possibly because of incompatability between stereo and mono plugs. So it was manual CQing till we get that figured out.

It went pretty slowly today and we wound up with just 12 QSOs in 3 hours of pretty much continual operating. We use the ship's log and take pictures of it for our personal use. I have yet to transcribe my portion of the log.

At 1:00PM we packed up and headed off to Indiana, PA and the HobbySpeed store. Mike had some questions to ask about his Big Boy locomotive. It was nice to see Brett again, and also Ryan and a couple other employees. We became pretty good friends with them before CoVid struck. Hope that can continue now. After a visit there for a while, it was on to our next stop. Guess what for! Right, to get something to eat. I picked out Hoss's Steak and Sea in Indiana. I'm glad I did, because we had a great meal with a very ample salad bar. Oh, and maybe best of all, a cute waitress named Abby.

Next it was off to our last stop before heading home. Mike is an avid biker and there's a bike shop in Indiana we stop at when we're in that town. I'm not much into biking at all so while Mike talked with two of the employees there, I had fun playing with the two dogs that they have in the shop. After the visit there, we headed back to Kittanning, then Mike headed to Brookville to check on his dog, Jayden.

I went for a walk in the park to complete my Apple Watch activity goals which I did. I sat a while before heading back home. A few other little things and it was time to go to the shack for my streak QSO. I had a long rag chew with Mike AA4MC in VA on 30M. Like the other night, 30 was very stable for the entire 41 minutes of our QSO. It's nice to see 30 that way again after a couple years of very poor propagation on that band. -30-

Thu May 12 8:33PM - Kind of a busy day today. Besides the usual daily chores, I cut the grass in my back yard, went downtown for some shopping and banking where I got a graduation card and gift for Jasmine, sat in the park a few times, and some other things I can't recall now. Must not have been important. HI

Conditions were horrible tonight and I thought maybe Friday the 13th (UTC) might be a jinx preventing me getting my streak QSO. I don't believe in that stuff though, so I continued chasing 9A/UW1GZ on 20 and after maybe 15 tries or so, I finally got him to secure the streak for yet another day and also get another QSO closer to the 100,000 mark. Hopefully tomorrow on the Requin I'll get even a little closer, but I like to have Mike do most of the operating and I do the logging. -30-

Wed May 11 9:03PM - Just got my weather readings. It was 83 today on my "official" thermometer. It sure felt like it and it felt good. I took a couple walks and sat in the park for a while. That made it a good day. It was also good for a couple other reasons. I got to visit with Jasmine after school for a little while today which is always good. She is at a very busy time of life right now and I don't see much of her. I also got my food bank groceries today including a bonus box of vegetables including regular and sweet potatoes, onions, and rutabagas (I think that's what they are. HI). It was such a big box I know I could never eat it all so I shared it with my neighbor.

Then this evening I had a great QSO with K1OV Mike in CT on 30 meters. We had a solid 2X QRP 34 minute QSO and even dropped down to 1 watt for a while and it was still solid copy at that level. So all in all it was a good day.

Remember this Friday Mike and I will be operating from the Requin in Pittsburgh. A rough schedule that we are planning is to operate from around 1400Z to 1730Z alternating every half hour around 7041, 14061, and 10117 in that order starting with 40M at 1400Z. We'll be using the Requin equipment since the operation promotes the Requin and not us or QRP. It will be QRO around 100 watts using the Requin call of NY3EC. I think that covers the info. Any questions? Just ask. -30-

Tue May 10 8:52PM - Another beautiful weather day with a high around 80, no wind, clear sunny skies. Of course I was outside a lot today enjoying it.

A rather quick streak QSO tonight with CT3MD on 20 meters. He had me as W3WWP at first and never did send a corrected call after I sent K3 K3 WWP. So I logged him and then got an insurance QSO from K1ZJA on 40 meters. That's 109 QSOs to go to 100,000 now. -30-

Mon May 9 8:41PM - Perhaps the nicest day of the year today. Beautiful clear skies and bright sunshine. Mild temperatures. Just right for walking and sitting in the park with a touch of shopping thrown in. I did all of that almost to excess today.

My noise was bad tonight, but I managed a fairly easy QSO from ZP/OK2WX on 20 meters. He broke through my noise fairly well. He topped it by an S unit or maybe 2.

BTW there is no rain in the forecast here till Saturday so it should be a good week with Tues-Fri being much like today. -30-

Sun May 8 9:18PM - I hope all those eligible had a great Mother's Day. I'm not eligible, but I did have a nice day nonetheless.

Here's my SST Soapbox, "I had a good score going even with moderate noise, but then at 0050Z my serious noise kicked in and with 9 minutes left to go and needing 7 QSOs to reach 40, I was unable to hear anyone I hadn't already worked because I only needed the weaker stations and lost them in the noise. Oh well, still a lot of fun and 33 QSOs not all that bad with my QRP and indoor antennas." Let's see how many folks have beaten my score so far. I'm in second place to the fellow with the beam and high dipole antennas. I can live with that. HI. -30-

Sat May 7 5:23PM - Another wet gloomy chilly day today. Our total rain over the past couple days has approached 3 inches now. As of now though, it looks like it has come to its end. I hope so anyway. No walks today unless I go this evening.

I did a lot of computer work today along with indoor walking to pass the time. After having some trouble with my Excel K3WWP log, I did a little study and came up with a simpler and better way to count my number of verifications from LoTW, eQSL, and regular QSL cards. Then when I did that, I modified my QSL page here on the web site to reflect updated totals. I also added a category to the stats to count QSOs that have been verified by any of LoTW, eQSL, card, or 2 or 3 of the methods. The total QSOs verified one way or other is 37,079 of 94,146 or 39.4 percent. Now to find something else to pass the time until 0000Z and streak time. Then after that, I think I'll watch the movie about Douglas "Wrong-Way" Corrigan. I haven't seen it in many years now and was always interested in his flying feats including the biggie across the Atlantic Ocean to be one of the first to do it in such a small plane. -30-

Fri May 6 7:46 PM - To quote my SST Soapbox, "It's strange. Sometimes my QRP station acts like it is Superman and I can easily work anyone I hear. Other times it's like Superman with Kryptonite and it takes 3 or 4 calls to get someone if I get them at all. Today it was the Kryptonite version. Also my #1 noise was there part of the time which didn't help things out. I don't think I ever described my station here. I use a KX3/PX3 combo at 5 watts to an attic random wire (80,40) or an attic dipole (20). See k3wwp.com for my web site promoting CW/QRP operation."

That is so true. Sometimes my QRP can pass for a kw/beam station from the ease with which I can work stations. Other times an S9+30DB station can't hear me calling him. Mike thinks some hams have filters in their brains that filter out any signals that are not S9+. Of course there are many reasons for such behavior that I'm not going to go into right now. It's either elating in the first case or discouraging in the second case.

Even with the second case in effect today I did manage 27 QSOs good for third place so far. The first place winner beat me by 4 QSOs and a couple multipliers, but he used a beam and a 60 foot high dipole.

Although it has rained almost the whole day, it was a good day as I got to talk with Jasmine for the first time in a while now.

Oh, here are my total K3WWP QSOs by continent:
Con   QSOs
AF      781
AN       19
AS      600
EU    15986
NA    74367
OC      332
SA     2091
?        11
The question mark is for /MM stations for which I don't know the continent. -30-

Thu May 5 8:26PM - Not much to talk about today. It was just a normal quiet day. The weather was nice and I took advantage with some walks and a couple sittings in the park.

So since I'm nearing 100,000 QSOs, I decided to work on some stats to see how the QSOs were distributed among bands, countries, states, and other ways. Today I did by band. These are just my K3WWP QSOs, not the other calls I've used. There are 94,186 of them in total as of May 5.
Band    QSOs
160     3456
 80    17317
 60       28
 40    34301
 30     4447
 20    16690
 17     1079
 15     9334
 12      421
 10     7073
  6       40
Pretty much as expected with 40, 80, 20 leading the way with 15, 10, 30 next, followed by 160, 17, 12, 6, and 60 bringing up the rear. I think next I'll do it by continents. Thinking about it now, maybe by countries and states might take too much time even though my Excel log can do each one in a matter of a second or two. But transcribing the info here into the diary would take a lot of time. We'll see. -30-

Wed May 4 6:02PM - Well, either the SSTers are not as avid about eQSL as they are about LoTW or they haven't done their April SST QSOs yet for eQSL. I suspect the former. Over 200 LoTW matches yesterday to log, and only 70 eQSLs to log today. That was a relief. HI. Only took maybe a little over an hour today vs. maybe 3+ hours yesterday. I wonder how my LoTW matches stack up overall vs. eQSLs. Let me check. OK it's 24,705 (or 24,706 see yesterday's comment) for LoTW, and 14,422 for eQSL. That's number of QSOs verified for each service. And not to leave them out, I have 9,745 QSOs verified by regular QSL card. That figure might be a little low since I wasn't as thorough checking cards from my early days of ham radio. But it is in the ballpark.

It was kind of non-May today. Kind of dreary, chilly, and breezy. I did manage a couple walks though, but not as long as usual. Hoping for a better day tomorrow. I'd like to get to Sprankle's and see how my friends are doing there. I haven't been there for a while now.

We did go shopping for Roscoe today. We got his flea/tick pills and heartworm pills along with a collection of snacks and breakfasts. Speaking of Roscoe, it's time now for his 4th walk of the day, so I'd better get going. -30-

Tue May 3 7:42PM - Kind of a good day all around, especially for ham radio. I checked and logged all my LoTW matches today. My log shows 24,705 matches while LoTW shows 24,706. So there is a discrepancy of one QSO. I had that one other time in the past and it took a while to figure it out, but I did. I don't know if I want to bother or not this time. Knowing me as a perfectionist, I probably will. HI.

Tomorrow I may tackle the eQSLs. It seems that those who enter the SSTs are avid LoTW users. I bet over 90 percent as a rough estimate of my SST QSOs in April showed up in the LoTW when I uploaded my log a couple days ago. Whew! Tomorrow I'll find out about how avid they are about eQSL.

While doing the LoTW matches today, I found a very nice one. My Andorra station, C31CT is now officially veried for a new overall veried country. I'll update my DXCC table in a day or so, or maybe later tonight. Who knows?

More good ham radio news. Mike and I will be doing a subpedition from the Requin on Friday the thirteenth of this month. That is unless something changes. Art from the sub will let us know if it does. Also we'll be doing Museum Ships on the Air from the Requin the first Saturday in June. Sounds like a lot of fun coming up.

Time to head to the shack now and get my streak QSO. -30-

Mon May 2 9:22PM - Well, I finished up my delayed EOM/FOM work today, and had time left over for a couple of walks and park sittings as well.

The bands were good tonight and my bad noise disappeared after a couple minutes revealing many signals on 40 through 20 meters. I made a couple QSOs on 40 and listened around for a while on the other bands. It was interesting to hear Andy HB9CVQ booming in on 20 meters at S8 to S9. I could have worked him easily but I've worked him so many times I thought I'd let some other folks work him. He really wasn't getting all that many calls though. Maybe a lot of folks felt the same way I did.

Think I'll go walk Roscoe now, then come back and finish updating things here. Bruce is out somewhere tonight, so we won't be watching old TV shows (MASH, Leave it to Beaver, etc.) tonight. -30-

Sun May 1 6:56PM - Wow, here it is May already. It's interesting how the passage of time accelerates as one gets older. I don't really understand the physics behind that, but more and more I believe it is a true phenomenon.

Anyway I'm writing this entry early tonight so I won't have to rush later around the SST Sprint, Roscoe's walk, etc. I did get caught up on a lot of my end of month work today, and now I have some first of the month things left to do which I'll now put off till tomorrow.

It was a rainy day today to start off the month of May. Still I went strolling through the park today in the merry merry month of May as the lyrics from an old song go. I also went down to Sprankle's but none of my girls were working today.

I uploaded my April QSOs (291 of them) to LoTW and eQSL today. Now I've got to log the matches in my K3WWP Excel log. That will be a task that will take some time since I do it manually. Someday maybe I'll write some programming to make the task easier. Meanwhile that will help pass some time until the SST Sprint.

Just as I was about to post this, we had a shower move through that produced a nice rainbow. I got a couple hurried pictures of it that I'll send to Jasmine and also post one here:

Note the features of the rainbow. The main brightest bow, a secondary larger fainter bow, the lighter sky inside the main bow, the darker sky between the two bows, and some faint hard to see extra bows just inside the main bow. Very nice. Wish I'd had more time to take even better pictures. This was actually taken through a somewhat dirty window. -30-

Sat Apr 30 8:07PM - I was lazy today and lax in my end of month duties, so I guess it will be a very busy day tomorrow getting caught up. Oh well, that's what I get. HI

I think maybe right now I'll try to get my April QSOs logged in eQSL and LoTW, so I'll just cut this short here. Nothing much to report anyway. -30-

Fri Apr 29 6:03PM - Horrid conditions for the SST Sprint today. I only made 23 QSOs in 16 multipliers. I was very surprised that so far, that is good for second place in the QRP Category. My horrid conditions were due to my regular noise being present for the full hour in full force. Maybe other folks had the same or worse conditions. Anyway the 23 QSOs put me 23 closer to the 100,000 QSO mark as shown above. Mike is guessing that #100,000 will come in FD. I'm guessing earlier than that. Let's see. There are 9 SST Sprints in May and I've averaged about 32 QSOs in the 15 sprints I've entered so far. That would be 288 QSO in just the sprints in May which would put me way over 100,000. If there were only the sprints I would need to enter 7 to reach the 100K mark. But there are other days as well. Let's say 2 QSOs per non sprint days. Going by that, I would reach 100K on May 23. So that is my guess. Wanna take a shot at it? Just email me with your guess.

Otherwise it was a nice day today. Gradually warming up with some nice clear skies. It was 63 today. I took a couple walks and sat in the park a couple times. Well, about 100 minutes till 0000Z and streak time. Maybe I'll get in another walk? -30-

Thu Apr 28 8:52PM - Not a lot to talk about today. It was kind of a quiet day. The weather started out cold at 30 on my remote unit, but was less cold late in the afternoon as it hit the mid 50s. Not bad for walking or sitting in the park which I did a couple times along with a little shopping.

My bad noise was absent again tonight and I had a couple nice QSOs, one a 2xQRP with N2CI in NJ. The other was with K1ZJA in NC who answered my first 30M CQ. He was using a K4D, the type of rig I used at the QTH of WB3FAE a couple weeks ago. It sounded great, but then, it's an Elecraft so what do you expect.

I was just thinking about when I might hit the 100,000 QSO mark. It shouldn't take that long with the twice weekly SST Sprints, a Requin subpedition, maybe the CQWPX contest at the end of May if I don't have it by then. Anybody reading this want to make a prediction of the day I'll reach the 100K mark? Maybe I'll have a little prize for the one who comes the closest. Not a promise, but we'll see. -30-

Wed Apr 27 9:14PM - A busy day today getting caught up on a ton of correspondence and some other work around the house. It was a cold day so a good day to stay inside. I only went for one walk early this evening and did some shopping while I was out.

The bands were pretty good this evening and my main noise was absent for a happy change. I worked old NAQCC friend Jock N1JI on 30 meters, then called CQ on 40 and got an answer from W1GF up in Maine. -30-

Tue Apr 26 9:03PM - A personal note to start - Happy Birthday Mike!

I had a great 42 minute QSO for my streak QSO tonight with Harry WA1GXC in RI. We are a lot alike in many facets of ham radio and talked about a lot of them. I won't go into details or this diary entry will be as long as our QSO.

The bands were good and my worst noise was absent. Hope it left forever, but I'm sure it was just resting.

As you see near the top of this page, I'm closing in on the 100,000 QSO mark counting all my contacts using K3WWP and several other calls I've used like a second call I got for a few years in Pittsburgh, the NAQCC calls, NY3EC on the Requin, and a few more. Someday I'll count all the QSOs and list them by calls, but not now. -30-

Mon Apr 25 8:48PM - Another preview of summer day today, and I spent a lot of time outside walking, sitting in the park, shopping, sitting on the porch, and working around the outside of the house.

Tonight conditions seemed good on the bands and a lot of signals were overriding my noise. I made three QSOs, one each on 40 (N5DY), 30 (WA1HGJ), 20 (LZ2HR). I chased 9K2NO on 20, but couldn't break the huge pileup he had. Then I heard LZ2HR and got him on my very first call, no repeats. Probably could have gotten the 9K2 station without his pileup since he was about the same strength as LZ2HR. Oh well, I don't need Kuwait although it would have been nice to work another one. -30-

Sun Apr 24 9:18PM - I was going to write this before the SST Sprint when I had more time, but I got distracted with a couple other things. So this will be brief. My noise was there for the SST, but I did manage 36 QSOs which was a moral victory, but only third place in the QRP Category at the moment. That's about all the time for now. See you tomorrow evening. -30-

Sat Apr 23 8:34PM - Well, earlier this week we had Winter with cold temps and s#$w flurries. Then mid week we had spring with moderate temps and flowers blooming. Today it was Summer today with temps in the low 80s and bright warm sunshine. Then in a couple days it may be Autumn with fall like temperatures. No falling leaves though. HI. A full year of seasonal weather in just about ten days. Very interesting and maybe somewhat unique to have four seasons in such a short time. If it wasn't so much work taking so much time, I'd go through my weather records dating back to 1959 to see if there were any similar happenings.

I went out and enjoyed the weather today walking, sitting in the park, doing some outside work around the house, and I just got in from sitting on the porch. Tomorrow is supposed to be similar to today so I may replay my activities.

My noise is still there tonight, but some sort of contest was going on and I quickly worked KR2AA for my streak. I don't know what the contest was but I heard the exchange being RST and serial number so I sent 599 1 and he was satisfied. HI. -30-

Fri Apr 22 8:50PM - My noise was in full force most of the day today. It ruined my SST effort this afternoon to the point I only made 23 QSOs working those stations strong enough to fly above my noise level. There were a lot more right at the noise level that popped in and out, and I suppose a lot more never made it out of the noise. Still it was a lot of fun and a challenge to my skill. I copied a couple stations I would have to give an honest 229 RST if that good.

It was also hard to find a QSO tonight, but fortunately old friend Dan KB6NU in MI was above my noise and we had a solid 25 minute 2X 599 QSO.

Well, got to walk Roscoe shortly and do a bit more site updating, so I'll close now and get my temperature and weather 9:00 readings first. -30-

Thu Apr 21 8:46PM - Except for cutting the grass, today was pretty much like yesterday, so I'm not going to run through it all again in this entry. Also the noise behaved about the same tonight, except I only made one longer QSO instead of two.

Mike did add the following about our tag team efforts. I added it to the contest results page, but will repeat it here also. "We stopped the tag part of tag team contests when we started to have collisions. It got too dangerous. HI HI". -30-

Wed Apr 20 8:41PM - Not much to talk about today. The biggest happening was cutting my grass for the first time this year. It felt good getting the exercise and it looks nice now. It was around 50 degrees which was just about ideal for such work. It was also nice for walking and I did quite a bit of that. A little chilly for park sitting, but I did some nevertheless.

I also worked on my contest results page and am pretty close to finishing it now. I didn't realize Mike and I had done so many contests together either using N3AQC or N3A. We also did many tag team efforts where we both work the same station or try to, using our own calls one after the other. It got the name tag team when we used to both use the same rig and "tagged" each other to switch seats at the key. That got kind of old fast so we now use the same rig but each of us has a keyer and headphones hooked to the single rig. We still call them tag team contests though.

My noise was kind tonight. It didn't start up until I was just about ready to QRT after making two QSOs for the streak. I worked WB8BIL in MI on 30 (kind of short skip) and K2HYD in VA on 40. -30-

Tue Apr 19 8:49PM - A decent day today but still with pesky s#$w flurries and cold temps. Looking forward to Sunday when it is predicted to be a summery 82 degrees. Kind of like Winter, Spring, and Summer wrapped up in just a few days.

When I was getting my walking exercise today, I got to thinking (I think a lot while walking when I'm not praying) that I haven't updated my contest results page in a couple years now. So I devoted some time today to updating and revamping it. It's still a work in progress though as I have some more ideas and data to incorporate into it. One main thing is I'm putting my SST Sprint results on that page rather than here in the diary from now on. Take a look if you're interested in contesting or just curious. -30-

Mon Apr 18 7:03PM - This was a good and busy day. I got a lot accomplished, and I'll tell you about only a couple of things so as hopefully to not be boring. Well, there was one thing that was not so good. We had off and on S#$w flurries all day and the temperature didn't get out of the thirties during the daylight hour. My remote shows a high of 42, but I'm pretty sure that was during the night or very early this morning. The s#$w didn't stick, but it may if it continues after dark.

I got all my second half of the month bills taken care of and took them to the post office. Then I went to the bank to order some new checks. On the way there I ran into Teela from Sprankles who was out sprinkling ice-melt on their sidewalks. That gave us a chance to chat a bit about our Easters and a couple other things. After my business at the bank, I went back to the PO to get a book of Forever stamps.

After I got back home, I took a look at my bed lamp which had developed a bad switch after 60 years or however long I've had it now. I explored some ways of trying to fix it, but none were practical. So I bit the bullet and ordered a new one from Ebay. It should be here in a couple days.

Throughout the rest of the day till now I did some other little things I won't elaborate on.

I think I'll update my SST results table now. I'm holding on to first place in the QRP Category for the latest Sunday evening one. The fellow I thought might beat me out didn't. OK, here goes now:

Date QSOs Mults Score Finish Entries Notes
2/14  33    18   594      4      9
2/21  26    21   546      1     12
2/28  27    20   540      2      9
3/ 7  26    21   546      4     10
3/14  33    26   858      1     13
3/21  36    25   900      1     12
3/25  28    18   504      3      9
3/28  38    25   950      1     13
4/ 1  18    13   234      3     11    Only put in 1/2 hour.
4/ 4  42    29  1218      1     12    All time record QRP Category score among all participants. 
4/ 8   1     1     1     DNE     9    Made one QSO (CT7AUP) from the QTH of WB3FAE with his new K4D. Didn't enter score.
4/11  37    22   814      4     12
4/15  21    15   315      3      9    Plagued with my full force noise.
4/18  36    29  1044      1     10

I'm getting to like these SST Sprints more and more. I'm thinking maybe of trying the CWT Sprints now also. Only thing I don't like is transfering the QSOs from GenLog to my main Excel log. I've got it pretty much down to a system now, but still takes time. Maybe I can refine my system even more and save some more time. I've just got to get un-lazy to work on it. HI -30-

Sun Apr 17 9:17PM - Hope you all had a great and blessed Easter. I did here.

Interesting SST tonight. Very good conditions made it hard for me to beat the QRO stations and I didn't get a lot of QSOs on the first call. I did manage 36 QSOs in 29 multipliers for 1044 points. That's good for first place in the QRP Category for now, but I doubt it will last. I figure one station down in NC if he ran QRP will beat me out. We'll see in a couple days.

Don't have time to write much more, but thanks Mike for confirming the Holy Land Contest was the one in which we didn't get a single QSO. Also he said the year was 2013 when we did our multi-contest run. OK gotta run now to walk Roscoe. -30-

Sat Apr 16 8:21PM - This is often known as the weekend of many contests. Several years ago, Mike and I tried to figure out how many contests we could work that weekend. I think it was 7 if memory serves, and we made contacts in all but one, The Holy Land Contest. That was fun. Maybe Mike will read this and add some comments which I will add to tomorrow's diary entry.

Tonight I just used one of the contests, the MIQP to get my streak QSO from K8QKY.

Otherwise, it was a good day too. My neighbor's brother had Easter dinner today and as usual invited me along. I ate in moderation instead of stuffing myself and that was good. We had turkey instead of the traditional ham since another neighbor gave us a turkey for Christmas I believe, which we didn't use but froze it instead then.

The weather was a bit chilly today, but I got in three walks nonetheless. I sat on a park bench and did some thinking about things and played some games on my iPhone. I thought there might be a nice sunset tonight, but it never really developed all that well, just a few pastel red clouds.

I guess that about covers the day here. -30-