K3WWP's Ham Radio Activities

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As you'll note from the dates in the table, the surveys were a short-lived feature of the web site. The end of them coincided with the formation of the NAQCC in October 2004. That increased my ham radio / computer workload to the point where I had to cut back somewhere, and the surveys were one of the victims. While they existed, they turned up some pretty interesting results.

The following table lists all my surveys chronologically with the survey number being a link to the survey results. After you read the results, you can return here by clicking "Surveys" in the menu on the results page.

As you examine these results, keep in mind they only represent the views of those visiting my site and choosing to respond to the survey. In no way can they be taken to represent the views of hams as a whole. (End of disclaimer)

001Visitor Profile11/14/03-01/19/04
003Operating Preferences03/20/04-05/19/04
004Morse Code05/20/04-07/19/04