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Site Info

This page is for those of you who are interested in the technical aspects of a web site such as writing the HTML code, browser compatibility, etc. Maybe you wonder why something looks strange to you on your browser. You might find the answer here.

This current version of my site makes extensive use of style sheets. This allows me to make overall changes in appearance to my site by simply editing a style sheet instead of changing the HTML coding on each page. For example, the top row of many of my data tables has a green background. Should I decide to change this to red, all I need do is make a change in my style sheet, changing the color for the class I call .toprow from green to red. That immediately changes the color on the 20-30 pages that use such tables without doing any editing at all to the individual pages.

Should you be using a browser that doesn't support style sheets (they are few and far between now in 2017), you can still see all of the info on my site, but without the different font types, font colors, table background colors, etc. that are controlled by the style sheet. Instead these things will be controlled by your browser defaults. I know the site works perfectly in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers. I can't speak for others since I use nothing but Microsoft browsers here.

To see the site exactly as I intend it to be seen, you should be using a screen resolution of 1600 X 900 with at least High Color (16bit).

In the past I have used the free HTML editors Komodo Edit and HTML-Kit for editing my web site. However now I use Notepad++. I'll leave the following here because Komodo and HTML-Kit are still fine editors. I have tried other editors over the years, but find those two most suitable to my needs. Each has a couple features that the other doesn't, so sometimes I find one works better for me for a certain feature. However I am gradually learning more and more about Komodo and using it more and more exclusively. Notepad++ doesn't have all the features of a dedicated HTML editor, but now that I need to do less editing of my site, it serves me just fine and makes a great general text editor as well.

To upload pages to my web sites, I use FileZilla, a freeware FTP client. I have tried other FTP programs over the years, but found FileZilla the easiest to use.

Sometime ago at the last major format change of the site, I decided that site counters are pretty much a thing of the past on the Internet. So you will no longer see one on my site. I do still keep track of the number of visits to the web site. First because I love anything to do with statistics. Second because it does give me a clue of how changes affect the number of visitors to the site.